Monday, April 20, 2009

Dave and Dot

I am a 37 year old male, and live in Orange County,
CA, which is about an hour away by plane. They sent
me naked pics of themselves, and they were both really
hot looking. They said they might be coming to O.C.,
and this is my fantasy about what will happen.

It is 9 p.m., and I am wearing blue jeans and a
purple t-shirt. The doorbell rings, and I already get
a hard-on. My landlord, a 50ish woman from Bulgaria,
opens the door. Dot asks, "Is August home?" I am
afraid my landlord will see my hard-on, so I yell from
my room, "Hi. You can come back here!" They walk back
to my room, and we give each other hugs. They feel
my hard state as we hug.

"How was your flight?" I ask. "It was very
nice," Dave says. Dot says, "We were so excited about
meeting you. We're going to Disneyland tomorrow. Do
you want to come with?" "Sure, if you're paying for
it," I respond, and we all laugh. Dave says, "Sure,
don't worry about it. We're grateful that you're
letting us stay with you." I say, "Sure. I hope my
single bed is large enough for the three of us." Dot
says, "Oh, that's fine. We'll just have to snuggle up
really closely to each other." "Or on top of each
other," says Dave.

I ask, "Do you want to watch a video to get in
the mood?" Dave says, "I see you're hard already.
You don't need a video." I notice that he has a
hard-on too. "You too. How about you Dot? Is your
pussy wet? Are your nipples hard?" She responds,
"Yeah on both counts. Let's watch the video. We have
plenty of time to fuck our brains out." I then get
even harder, which I didn't think was possible.

I put in the video, "Tushy Girls Slumber Party, "
one of my favorites. Alisha Klass is so hot. It has
lots of girl-girl ass licking and boy-girl multiple
butt fucking. After about twenty minutes of it, I
unzip my jeans and pull them and my underwear down,
freeing my cock, and start to jerk off. Dave sees me,
and does the same. Dot puts her right hand in her
pants, and starts to masturbate as well. After it was
over, Dave says, "Okay, let's get started."

I reach over to Dot, and give her a deep French
kiss, and she kisses me back. Then I French Dave.
For about five minutes, we continue kissing each
other. I grab Dave's cock, and start to give him a
hand job. Dot pulls off her shirt and unhooks her
bra, freeing her beautiful tits. I start sucking on
her right nipple, and Dave does her left. After
another five minutes, Dot says "I want to see you boys
blow each other." I respond, "I thought you'd never
ask." Dave and I get into a 69 position and start
sucking each other off. Dot pulls off her pants and
panties, revealing her hairy pussy. I take my right
hand, and start to rub her pussy.

Then Dot gets behind me and starts eating my ass
out, as I suck her husband's cock. It was so hot!
"Dot," I ask, "Can I eat your pussy?" "I thought
you'd never ask." She lays on her back, and pulls her
pussy lips apart. I start eating out her pussy, and
Dave starts eating out my ass. After about ten
minutes of this, she starts to come, shaking all over.
"Oh fuck!" she exclaims. I respond, "That's a good
idea," and they laugh.

I go to the bathroom and get two condoms, and
Dave and I put them on. Then I lay on my back with my
cock sticking up. Dot squats over me, and lowers her
cunt onto my cock. We start fucking. Then Dave gets
behind me and inserts his cock into my ass. We fuck
for hours. Finally, I exclaim, "I'm gonna cum!" I
spew my cum into the condom. About a minute later,
Dave comes, and I feel his condom filling up in my

We pull out of each other, and all turn to our
side to rest. It was now 12:35 a.m., and I put on the
t.v. to watch my favorite show "Late Night With Conan
O'Brien." Milla Jovovitch is the guest, who I find
very hot. I've been a fan ever since a few years ago
when she appeared on the cover of the magazine "Dazed
and Confused." Her hands were behind her head
revealing her hairy armpits. I thought it was so
hot. I only wish she could make better movies.

After the show, I start to fondle Dave's soft
dick, and he does mine. Dot starts to masturbate
again. Dave starts eating out her pussy, and I eat
out his ass. Pretty soon, she comes again.

Then Dot says, "I have to pee." "Sure," I respond,
"If you let me watch." "Sure, no problem."
Fortunately I have a bathroom in my bedroom, so she
could walk there naked. I watch her ass as she walks
away. She sits on the bowl, sitting up so I can see
everything. She lets her piss stream out, as Dave and
I watch. I take my hands and cup them together under
her cunt, and take her piss to my mouth, drinking it.
"August," she says, "You are a freak!" I laugh.

"I have to go too now," I say. "Sure," she says.
"Why don't you pee on me?" Dave says, "Yeah, let's
both do it." She steps into the bath and lays down,
and we stand over her. We aim our dicks at her body
and face, and let our piss out, drenching her. Then
we all take a shower together, much longer than is

I'm looking forward to Disneyland the next day, as
I haven't been there for over a year. I hope Dot
flashes her tits for the camera at "Splash Mountain"
(a.k.a. "Flash Mountain.") Mainly I'm looking forward
to our next sex session. This should be a fun and hot
few days.

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