Monday, April 20, 2009

Truth or Dare on a Wintry Night

Foolish me. I was the one who suggested the game. There were four of us:
myself, my wife Verna, Steve, and Steve's girlfriend Faye. We had planned
to have a quick dinner at Steve's, then go to the Blue Jackets' game. But
by the time we got to Steve's place, the roads were icing up so badly that
we decided to scrap the game and stay at Steve's.

After a delicious dinner of spaghetti and Caesar salad, Steve herded us all
into his family room and popped a tape into the VCR. It was a video he had
made when he and Faye had vacationed in Jamaica several months earlier.

"Wait till you get a load of Faye." He said proudly. Faye was his latest in
a string of drop-dead-gorgeous girlfriends. She seemed to have a little
more personality than most of her predecessors, and could hold her own in a
conversation if you kept your syllable count in check. She had a little
more in the bosom department too, as the videotape soon graphically

The image on the screen zoomed in on a topless Faye posing suggestively,
then doing a set of jumping jacks as her huge breasts bounced and wobbled
about the screen. Steve hit the slow motion button on the remote so we
could watch each bounce and wobble more carefully.

Faye giggled at our reactions as Verna blushed bright red and I nodded my
head unconsciously in time with each movement of her perfect breasts.

"Whew!" I said when Steve finally stopped the tape. "That was some sight,
all right!"

Verna nudged me lightly with her elbow: her way of telling me to behave
myself. But the memory of Faye's large breasts flopping about so enticingly
on the screen, coupled with the real live Faye sitting opposite me on the
sofa emboldened me.

"How about a game of Truth or Dare?" I suggested, envisioning dares that
would involve Faye putting her breasts on display for us; not particularly
concerned over the fact that all of us would be equal participants in the
game. I just wanted the chance to see those honeys up close in real time.

Verna had to be talked into it, but Steve and Faye agreed
enthusiastically. Steve made a pitcher of Sangria spiked with vodka. He
poured us all a big tumbler of the delicious stuff as we haggled over the
rules for the game.

We finally agreed that each of us would write out five probing questions
and five racy but not obscene dares. We would use a deck of cards to
determine each person's choice. A black card for Truth, a red card for
Dare. If you drew a joker, you could take your pick.

The order of play was determined by each person cutting a card from the
deck. The person with the low card would go first, and on up to the person
with the high card going last.

No one could pass a turn, and lying was a no no.

We wrote out our questions and dares and tore them into strips. Steve put
out two plastic bowls to hold the strips of paper. We each cut one card
from the deck. I drew a jack, Verna an eight, Steve a four, and Faye a
king. I reshuffled the deck, Steve cut it and the game began.

Steve turned up a red card. He fished around in the bowl containing the
dares and pulled out a slip that read, "Moon the person next to you on your

"Oh, gross!" moaned Verna who was beginning to feel the effects of the
vodka-laced Sangria, "That's me!"

Steve is one of the least inhibited persons I know. He jumped up, undid his
fly, pulled his pants down, and waggled his behind at Verna who howled in
laughter and tried to swat him with a rolled up magazine from under the
coffee table.

Now it was Verna's turn. She drew a black card. The question she picked
was, "Have you ever been nude in public? Explain."

She giggled nervously, took a long sip of her Sangria, and said "Only
once. When I was a sophomore in college, I went to Daytona on Spring break
with a group of friends. Hundreds of people were sunbathing on the beach in
the nude. So my friends and I took off our clothes and ran up and down the
beach a few times. I put my clothes back on when I noticed some guys on a
hotel balcony with video cameras pointed at us."

This was all news to me. I wondered what else I would learn about my wife
that she hadn't bothered to tell me before.

I was next. I drew a joker. I had my choice of either Truth or Dare. I
chose Truth for purely pragmatic reasons. If I had chosen a dare that
called for the removal of any garments, that would mean one less
opportunity to see Faye with her top off. My question read, "What is the
kinkiest thing you ever did?"

"Oho!" Hooted Verna, now feeling no pain. "I bet I know the answer to that
one! No fibbing, Carl."

Damn! I found myself wishing that I had chosen a dare instead of being
forced to answer such an embarrassing question. "Oh well." I groaned. "Here
goes. One time not long after we were married, Verna caught me trying on
one of her bras. I just wanted to see what it was like trying to fasten it
behind my back. I could never understand why the damned things were
designed that way. Verna thought I was into cross dressing.

For some reason she got turned on by it. She begged and pleaded with me to
let her dress me up in some of her clothes with makeup and a wig. Then she
insisted that we go to the mall and walk around for a while to see what
kind of reaction I got. I got some stares from both men and women, but I
wasn't sure if it was because I looked like a woman or like a freak.

Anyway, Verna was so turned on by the time we got home that she practically
attacked me.

I'm sure you can imagine the rest. I refused to ever let her talk me into
anything like that again. But every once in a while she brings it up
again. I think that makes her the kinky one, not me." I glowed crimson with

Now it was Faye's turn. She drew a red card. Her dare was one that I had
written. It read. "Take off everything above the waist and leave it off
until your next turn." Things couldn't have worked out more
perfectly. Thankfully Steve or I hadn't drawn this one.

What a dud that would have been. Faye gleefully pulled her sweater over her
head, removed her bra, and stood facing us with her hands clasped behind
her back.

Steve grabbed his camera from a drawer in his home entertainment center. He
took a dozen or so shots of Faye in various poses by herself and one with
Verna and me bracketing her. Then she returned to her seat opposite me,
still topless. I was loving every moment of it.

It was Steve's turn again. He drew a black card. His question was, "Have
you ever been attracted to a member of the same sex? Explain."

Steve turned pale.. He rasped "Uh, yeah, I have, but I'd rather not say any
more if that's all right."

"No fair! You have to explain your answer" Verna insisted. I suspected that
this was one of her questions. I knew from personal experience how
persistent she can be when she sets her mind on something.

To add fuel to the fire, Faye also chimed in, "Come on , baby, it's no big

They kept after him till he finally gave in. He looked like a cornered
animal as he said in a barely audible voice, "I've always been attracted to

I felt my face turning beet red and heard myself gasp. I also realized that
Steve's admission had had a strangely erotic effect on me. I found myself
being turned on by the thought that another man found me sexually
attractive. I had never even entertained the possibility that I might be
the object of another man's desire, or that such a revelation would excite
me in the way that it obviously had.

I expected that Steve's agonized admission would be a party killer, and
turned to ask Verna if she wanted to leave.

Instead, I was surprised to hear her whoop with glee and say "Wow, that's
great! Why didn't you ever say anything to Carl? I'm sure he would have
been happy to play around with you."

"What the hell are you talking about, Verna?" I shouted at her. "What makes
you say that I would do anything with another man? Do you think I'm some
kind of queer or something?"

"Take it easy , baby. I don't think you're a homosexual, any more than I
think that Steve is. I've always secretly thought that all men are more or
less bisexual, and I think that Steve just proved it. And wouldn't you say
that that business with you wearing my bra and getting dressed up in my
clothes was pretty close to the same kind of thing? Can you honestly say
that you haven't ever wondered what it would be like to be with another
man? I know that I've sure wondered what it would be like to watch it. You
can't imagine how many times I've fantasized about it when we've made love,
or when I've pleasured myself when you weren't around."

Maybe the Sangria was getting to me, because I found myself saying that I
had in the past, in a casual way, admired the naked bodies of some other
men in the shower rooms at the spa or at the pool, and had actually gone so
far as to fantasize about doing something with them, but that was all.

"Well doesn't that prove my point, honey? You're not any different than
Steve, he just took the fantasy one step further and focused it on
you. Gosh, honey doesn't that turn you on?"

"Yeah, I guess it does. It just surprised me to hear him say so."

"Sorry, Carl, I didn't mean to put you an the spot. I'm sure glad that
you're all taking it so well. Are you okay with this too, Faye?" He asked
her. I was wondering the same thing since she hadn't said anything since
Carl's admission that he was attracted to me.

"Sure, Baby, I think its really cool. I've felt the same way lots of times,
including tonight with Verna. I really got turned on knowing that she was
staring at my boobies, even more than when you and Carl were staring at
them. I agree with Verna, I think that everyone is bisexual, not just
men. I'd love to see Verna without her clothes on.

"Well, you never know what might happen. Lets continue with the game."

Steve said as he openly ogled Verna.

"Let's add some more dares to the bowl." Verna suggested. She was
definitely getting excited about all the new possibilities that might
present themselves.

Everyone agreed to adding more dares, and we each wrote out eight more
dares and added them to the mix. Verna stirred them all up to get them
thoroughly mixed in, then said.

"It's my turn!"

Verna drew a red card and reached into the bowl of dares. She slowly opened
the paper and read its contents. Then she turned to me and said, "Honey, if
you aren't okay with this I won't do it." Then she handed me the paper.

I took it and slowly turned it over and read it, " Take off all of your
clothes and keep them off for the rest of the evening." It was one that I
had written earlier before things had been ratcheted up a few notches. By
comparison to the ones I had just written, it seemed pretty tame I had been
hoping that Faye would get it, but the idea of Verna being naked in front
of my best friend and the lusty Faye was beginning to really turn me on.

"Go ahead, Sweety, it's pretty harmless fun, and we're among friends" I
said, noticing the hungry looks on the faces of Steve and Faye.

Verna was dressed in a sweater, blouse, blue jeans, a bra, and panties as
well as her favorite pair of toe socks. She stood up and slowly lifted the
sweater over her head and pulled it off. She then took her time and folded
it neatly before putting it on the floor at the end of the sofa. Then she
did the same with her blouse, slowly unbuttoning each button, pulling it
off, folding it, and putting it with her sweater. I could feel the tension
in the room building as Steve and Faye avidly followed her every movement,
and could sense their impatience at her deliberate pace. Next she pulled
off her jeans, did the folding number, and moved on to her socks. She must
have taken a minute to slowly pull them off and add them to her pile of
clothing. I couldn't tell if she was taking her time because she was
embarrassed, or if she was just trying to tantalize us by drawing things
out as long as possible.

Now she was getting down to the nitty gritty of this exercise in
exhibitionism. Which would go first, her bra or her panties? She slowly
reached down and pulled at the top of her bikini undies, slowly pulled them
down an inch or so, then released them and reached behind her to unclasp
her bra. When she had the clasp open, she reached around in front and
cupped her hands over her bra and slowly began to remove it, tantalizing
inch by tantalizing inch until she finally had it all the way off.

Steve and Faye gasped simultaneously as they got their first look at Faye's
lovely breasts. Compared to Faye's huge breasts, Verna's breasts seem
fairly small. They about a C cup, but stand out as firmly as a teenage
girl's. And their best feature is the nipples. The areolas are about two
and a half inches across, and her nipples are extremely puffy, about an
inch long , conical in shape, and slope down to the areolas so that, at the
base they are about half an inch from the outer edges of the areolas. They
are almost a mouthful by themselves.

Verna was clearly enjoying the reaction she was getting from Steve and
Faye. She already knew that I adored her beautiful breasts, but she was
used to my admiration. I could see from the expression on her face that
there might be a lot more of this kind of exhibitionism in her future.

Now there were only her bikini panties remaining. She slowly peeled them
down, turning her back to us as she pulled them past her knees and stepped
out of them.

She didn't waste any time folding them but just tossed them onto the top of
the pile and turned to face us. Strange muffled noises came from Steve and
Faye as they caught sight of her shaved genitals which pouted slightly open
and showed obvious signs of arousal. Only a small wisp of dark highlighted
the lovely bareness of her smooth vagina.

Steve jumped up and said, "We need to take some pictures of this! Is that
okay with you guys?"

"Sure." I said, "How about video? Okay Verna?"

"Why not? We can all get a copy of it can't we?"

"You bet." Steve replied as he headed for his closet to get out his video
camera. He popped in a new cassette and plugged the power cord in, then
pointed the camera at Verna and said, "Action!"

With that, she raised her hands over her head and slowly twisted from side
to side and turned around so that the camera could get her from every
possible angle.

Then she said "You to,. Faye, lets put on a real show."

Faye giggled and jumped up to join Verna. She hadn't replaced her top after
Steve's revelation had changed the tenor of the game, and because her next
turn hadn't come yet..

I had enjoyed the continued sight of her luscious breasts as things had
proceeded to the present turn of events.

Faye gave Verna a big hug, mashing her large breasts against Verna's
smaller set and kissed her on the neck.

"Ooh that's hot." Verna said and nuzzled Faye's neck in return. Then the
two of them released each other and put their arms behind each other's
back, facing the camera.

Verna, who was standing with her right arm around Faye, slowly lifted her
left leg to the side so that the camera would have an unobstructed view of
her gaping bare labias. She then slowly twisted the lifted leg as Steve
zoomed in for close-ups.

"Touch her, Faye." Steve urged her.

"Oh boy, can I?" She shyly asked Verna.

"Go for it ,girl." Verna said. "We want this to be a memorable video, don't

"You bet!" Faye said. Then she very timidly reached over and lightly
touched Verna's right nipple and exclaimed, "Wow, it's so puffy. I just
love it! Can I suck it?"

"Stop asking so many silly questions and just do it!" Verna said dreamily.

With that, Faye bent her head down to Verna's succulent nipple and slowly
took it into her mouth, then began to alternately suck on it and run her
tongue around it as Verna moaned with pleasure. After a few minutes of
this, Verna was beginning to get weak in the knees from pleasure and slowly
sank to the floor. "Time out." She said.

Let's get back to the game and save some of this for later." She then
leaned over and kissed Faye on the lips as she fondled one of Faye's large
breasts, paying special attention to her fully erect nipple. "Your turn,

I had been so entranced with the provocative tableau unfolding in front of
me that I had all but forgotten about the game I hated to see it end, but
Verna's words promised more to come, so I reached out and turned over my
card. It was red. I now had to pull out a dare, and was a little worried
about what might be in store for me.

I fished around in the bowl, reaching down to the bottom hoping that I
would draw one of the earlier more innocuous dares. No such luck.

My dare (Which I knew had been written by Verna, as her handwriting was
unmistakable to me) read, "Strip and let the person of the same sex fondle
your privates for five minutes, then return the favor."

Before I read it out loud to everyone, I said, "Well, I certainly don't
need Verna's approval for this since she's the one who wrote it. Steve,
take a look at this while I take off my clothes."

Steve looked at it, gulped, looked at me and then turned to Verna and
asked, "Define fondle."

"Whatever it means to you is what it means, sweetie."

"I might as well take off my clothes too." Steve said. "Faye, do you really
want to be the only one with any clothes on? You might as well get naked
like the rest of us.

Not one to dawdle, Faye quickly removed the rest of her clothes and tossed
them into a pile next to Verna's. Steve and I just tossed our clothes
wherever we could and then looked at each other. I took a quick look at
Faye's lush dark pubic bush, then I sat back on the sofa and said, "Have at
it, buddy."

Steve hesitantly scooted over on his knees until he was in front of me.

He put a hand on each of my knees, then slowly pulled them apart as wide as
possible. Then he very tentatively reached up to touch my now rampant penis
with the tips of the fingers of his right hand. He slowly took it into his
hand and gently wrapped his fingers around it.

"How do you want to do this, Carl? Do you want to come, or do you just want
me to make you feel good?"

" If I can help it, I don't want to come just yet. " I said, "I want to try
to save that for later. That will heighten my enjoyment of whatever happens

"Do you mind if I suck it?"

"Not at all, but why don't you save that for the last minute so I'm able to
put off coming , if possible. If you suck my for the full five minutes, I
don't have any hope of holding out. Have you ever sucked another man

"No, but I've been sucked by plenty of women and watched tons of porn
films. I'm pretty sure I know how to do it."

Steve then began to slowly and gently masturbate my seven inches of fairly
thick uncut penis. He seemed fascinated with it , particularly as the
foreskin slid up over the head, hiding it, then peek-a-boo'd back out as he
slowly peeled it down. In all the newness of being fondled by my best
friend, I had almost forgotten about Verna and Faye. Verna was playing with
her own swollen nipples while Faye pointed the video camera first at Verna,
then at Steve and me as he continued to slowly stroke me. Steve noticed
that we were being filmed and unconsciously quickened the pace of his

"Whoa, cowboy!" I yelped. "I won't make it if you keep that up. How about
licking my balls while I recover myself a bit."

"Love to." Steve said and lowered his head down to my lap. I leaned back on
the sofa to give him better access and soon felt his tongue caressing my
swollen tingling balls. The wetness of his tongue felt very erotic,
particularly when I let myself realize fully that this was my best friend,
who I had known longer even than I had known Verna, who was avidly licking
my balls and apparently loving every moment of it.

"That's four minutes, you guys. If you're going to suck him, now's the time
to get started." Verna said, her voice quivering as she pinched hard on her
swollen nipples that were now puffier than I had ever seen them.

Faye moved closer to get a better view of the action for the camera, then
said, "Do it, honey. Suck that thing for Faye and Verna."

Steve lifted his head from my now glistening balls and reached up to grasp
my erect penis. He then hungrily lowered his mouth onto it, tightened his
lips and slowly moved his head up and down as his mouth took in most of the
length of my swollen member. It felt so good that I almost came in the
first few seconds as he was doing an expert job of sucking on my
penis. Somehow I managed to hold on and avoid putting an end to the
tremendous sexual tension and pleasure that I had been feeling ever since I
first read my dare.

Faye climbed up onto the sofa next to me and leaned on my left shoulder for
support, saying, "Look up at the camera, sweetie. I want to get a good shot
of you sucking Carl's beautiful cock."

Steve turned bright red at this and shyly looked up at the camera as Faye
recorded for posterity his first ever blow job on another man.

"Time's up, guys. Now it's your turn, Carl. "Verna said. "But first I want
to suck on Faye's nipples for a couple of minutes while you guys get

Hearing this, I almost shot my load. Just the idea of seeing Verna sucking
on another woman's breasts, let alone one as sexy as Faye just about put me
over the edge.

Carl reluctantly withdrew his mouth from my throbbing penis and took the
camera from Faye so he could record Verna sucking on Faye's rock hard

"Come here, baby." Faye said and drew Verna to her huge chest. Verna put
her hand on one of Faye's breasts and took the nipple between her thumb and

She gently squeezed it and rolled it between her fingers.

"Squeeze it harder, baby. The harder the better." Faye moaned." And use
your teeth on the other one. Don't worry about hurting me. I just love it
that way."

Verna practically dove onto Faye's other breast, taking the nipple in her
mouth and worrying it with her lips and teeth. She opened her mouth wide
and sucked in as much of Faye's breast as possible, then wagged her head
from side to side as Faye gasped with pleasure and pulled Verna's head
tightly against her breast. Verna continued to lap, slurp and gnaw at
Faye's nipple for another minute or so as she vigorously twisted and
pinched the other nipple. Faye began to pant and twist herself and suddenly
began to shudder in the throes of a massive orgasm brought on by Verna's
enthusiastic attention to her beautiful breasts.

"Wow, that was really something, girls. I don't know if we can top that."

I said, feeling a bit nervous about what lay ahead of me.

Verna took the camera from Steve as Faye was in no condition to resume her
video duties and said. "Have at him, Carl. I'm going to really enjoy this."

I looked meekly at Steve and he shrugged and said, "Nothing to it, bud,
just go with the flow and I'm sure you'll enjoy it as much as I did." Then
he leaned back on the sofa, opened his legs and said, "I'm all yours."

At first I just scooted over next to Steve on the sofa and cautiously took
hold of his penis with my right hand. Steve's penis is very different from
mine. His is about two inches longer than my seven inches, and not as thick
as mine. He is also circumcised, so I wouldn't be able to find out what a
foreskin feels like sliding down over the head of a penis in my mouth. But
it would have its own sensations which I was about to explore. I asked him
how he wanted it and he said that he would prefer more mouth and less hand,
and not to worry about him coming as he could control himself no matter

"Why don't you start with your hand, then lick my balls, and then, whenever
you are ready, take me into your mouth.

It felt strange to be holding another man's penis in my hand; especially
one so different from my own. It was an interesting feeling that was unlike
any I had ever experienced before. Once I had hold of it, I felt an
obligation to make it feel good, perhaps as a self justification for what I
was doing, so I gripped it a little tighter and started pumping it rather
vigorously. Since Steve had said that he was able to hold back no matter
what, I wasn't worried about over-stimulating him, and he gave no
indication that he was having any control problems.

I then decided that it was time for me to start on his balls, so I got down
on the floor in front of him and began to lick his balls which were about
twice the size of my own. I was so fascinated with the size of his balls
that I wanted to see what they felt like in my hands, so I took them in my
hands and fondled and squeezed them. They were also much hairier than my
balls, so that when I licked them I felt the hairs rasping on my tongue.

I tried to take one of them into my mouth, but they were so large that I
could only manage it by turning one sideways and slurping it in with a
sucking pressure. It was another unfamiliar, yet enjoyable feeling, and I
spent a few seconds enjoying it. but I was really interested in finding out
what that cock would be like in my mouth. Like most men, I'm sure, I had
occasionally wondered what it would be like to be able to suck my own
penis. Now I would be able to experience the next closest thing to it by
taking my friend's penis into my mouth.

At first I just took the head into my mouth. I was surprised at the rubbery
feel of it. I knew what a penis felt like in my hand, but I hadn't
anticipated this feeling of rubberiness in my mouth. I found that I enjoyed
the feeling, and allowed more of his penis into my mouth. At first I just
swirled my tongue around the head, then I began to go up and down on it,
trying to see how much of it I could get into my mouth. With each downward
thrust, I was able to take it just a little bit deeper, so that I was able
to get about three quarters of it into my mouth before I felt a bit of a
gag reflex in my throat. The rubbery feeling of it was still there on the
shaft, but not quite as noticeably as on the head. I began to go up and
down more quickly now that I had, for the moment anyway, reached my maximum
depth of penetration. With each stroke, I would pull my mouth up the spongy
head, swirl my tongue around it, then plunge back down.

I hadn't noticed that Verna was avidly shooting video of me sucking Steve's
rigid cock until she asked me to look up so that she could get a shot of me
similar to the one Faye had taken of Steve when he had sucked my cock. I
looked up at her as Steve's cock slid in and out of my mouth and winked at
her at the top of the upstroke, then returned all of my attention to the
job at hand. All the while I was sliding up and down on his turgid cock,
Steve had his eyes closed and moaned and writhed in pleasure as he seem to
be enjoying my first efforts at giving a blow job.

" Go ahead and come in his mouth, Steve. I want to see you come in my
husband's mouth."

Verna said. "Come on, honey, make him come. I want to see take it in your
mouth and swallow it all. Do that for me, honey. Please."

I looked up at Steve inquiringly and he shrugged and said "Sure, why not.

I can always get it up again. Go ahead, buddy. Make me come."

"Put your finger on his ass hole and push gently into it. That'll make him
come in no time." Verna said to me. Then she took my right hand and put my
middle finger into her pussy which was drenched with her own
juices. "That'll help you slip it in.

I had experimented with anal stimulation a long time ago when I was still
single and used to masturbate at least once daily, so I knew this was a
good suggestion.

I put the well lubricated finger on his ass hole and slowly found the
entrance to it.

Then I slowly slid it in to the first knuckle while I continued to slide my
mouth up and down on his now steel hard cock. " Oh, god that feels good!"
Steve said through clenched teeth. I pushed my finger in further until it
was in as far as it would go. I then pulled it out most of the way and
added my index finger to it and slid them both in as far as they would go.

All this without missing a stroke, and finding to my surprise that my chin
was now nudging against his balls and my upper lip was brushing against his
pubic hairs. He was all the way in and I felt no discomfort or gag reflex.

Steve began to buck his Hips and moan quietly as I continued to deep throat
him and finger his ass hole. Suddenly he arched his back and gasped loudly
as I felt a huge gush of sperm shoot into my mouth and down my throat, It
had a bit of a bitter and salty taste to it, and a somewhat lumpy texture,
similar to having a mouth full of tomato seeds in a viscous sauce. I liked
it. I continued to hungrily suck him for at least another minute without
spilling a drop until he finally put his hand on my head and begged me to
stop. I slowly pulled my mouth up his shaft till I reached the head,
swirled my tongue around it several times, keeping up the suction until I
finally pulled my mouth off of his still swollen penis with a small pop as
the suction was broken.

"Wow, that was great, honey. Come give me a big sloppy kiss. I want to
taste Steve's come in your mouth." Verna pulled my mouth to hers and stuck
her tongue in as deeply as it would go and slurped up as many remnants of
Steve's huge load as possible. Then she turned to Faye and said, "Want a

Verna greedily kissed her and they tongued each other for several minutes,
till Verna pulled away and said. " Whose turn is it now?"

"It's my turn." said Faye, "But I have a suggestion."

"Let's hear it." Said Steve who was beginning to recover his composure.

"Let's throw out the "Truth" slips and just take turns drawing "Dare"

slips. Is that okay with everyone?"

We all happily agreed to Faye's suggestion, and she reached into the bowl
to take out her dare.

"Wow! I like this one." She said.

"What does it say?" said Verna eagerly.

"Listen to this. " Do a sixty nine with a member of the same sex. I think
I'm beginning to see a pattern developing. Verna did you write this one

"Guilty as charged. I figured that one way or another we'd all end up doing
a little bit of everything with everyone. I was really hoping that you or I
would get this one. I'm so glad that you got it."

"Why don't we move this party into the bedroom?" Steve suggested, "I think
everyone will be a lot more comfortable in there."

So we all got up and trooped naked into Steve's bedroom which contained a
huge king-sized bed and a comfortable looking easy chair and ottoman. Steve
suggested that Verna and Faye lie down on the bed in sixty nine position
and he and I would use the chair and ottoman.

Then Steve said, "Go for it ladies."

Faye said, "Fine, but first I want to suck on those titties some more. I
just can't get enough of them. Try one of them , Stevie and you'll see what
I mean."

Steve eagerly went over to the bed and knelt down next to Verna so that his
head was level with her breasts as she sat on the edge of the bed. He
hungrily took one of her nipples in his mouth and sucked and slurped at it
greedily while Faye did the same with the other one. I was beginning to
feel left out when Faye turned to me and said, "Why don't you play with my
pussy and titties while we suck on Verna's titties, Carl? Then everyone
will be in on the act."

I positioned myself behind Faye and reached one hand around to grasp one of
her huge breasts while I reached between her legs to insert my fingers into
her dripping wet pussy. I found the clit and began alternately rubbing it
and plunging my fingers deep inside her pussy as she wiggled and sighed in
response. Suddenly, I felt a hand on my penis and realized that Steve was
slowly stroking me as he continued to suck on Verna's swollen
nipples. Verna meanwhile appeared to be lost in ecstasy as she reveled in
the attention her puffy nipples were receiving. Her nipples are extremely
sensitive, and she just loves to have them sucked. This was the first time,
to my knowledge anyway, that they had received so much attention at one
time, and she was obviously close to orgasm from the intense pleasure of it
when she pulled back and said, "I need to suck on that pussy right now!"

With this, we all stopped what we were doing and Verna and Faye arranged
themselves in sixty nine position. They then began to slowly explore each
other's pussy with their fingers, then with their lips, and finally with
their tongues until at last, they were both licking and sucking furiously
at one another's pussy. Steve had resumed his video camera duties, and was
getting it all on tape for our later enjoyment.

As he did so, I stood slightly behind him and took hold of his still
flaccid penis and began playing with it. He turned to me and asked me to
keep it up, saying that it really felt good. He then told me that sucking
on Verna's puffy nipples had been one of the biggest turn-ons he had ever
experience, remarking on how incredibly puffy and soft they were and how
great her nipple had felt in his mouth. I agreed with him, telling him that
even after being married to her for several years, I still couldn't get
enough of her amazing nipples. I could feel his cock growing harder just
from the thought of Verna's nipples in his mouth.

Verna and Faye were really going at it by now. They were plunging their
fingers into each other, and licking and slurping at the other's pussy in
wild abandon.

Faye began to moan as her orgasm came on suddenly and overpoweringly, and
Verna followed immediately with a series of massive orgasms as Faye's
sounds of pleasure pushed her over the top as well.

They were both coming noisily and continuously for what seemed like several
minutes before they finally collapsed against each other with their faces
buried in each other's sopping wet pussy.

This turned me on so much that I slipped around in front of Steve and took
his now rigid cock into my mouth. He looked down at me in surprise and
asked, "Do you want to do what they just did?" I nodded my assent, and we
both got onto the bed in sixty nine position beside the girls who were
still in a dazed afterglow , oblivious to us for the moment.

We took each other's penis into our mouths simultaneously and started to
slowly suck and stroke them with our mouths. I soon discovered that if I
matched my pace with Steve's sucking motion, it almost felt as though I
were sucking on my own penis instead of Steve's. This thought really turned
me on, and I found myself enjoying the fact as well as the thought of
actually sucking on my friend's penis while he sucked on mine. This was
something that I never would have imagined I would be doing; but here I was
doing it and enjoying it more and more with each mutual stroke.

After the first time sucking on Steve's cock, I found that I had no
difficulty in taking the entire length of it into my mouth and throat, and
I found myself being even more turned on as my nose and upper lip nuzzled
against Steve's curly pubic hairs. Steve was also able to take all of me
into his mouth, and I imagined that my additional girth may have made it
even more difficult for him to get me all the way in than it was for me to
take his cock all the way into my throat till my lips were at the very base
of his cock.

I could feel my larger cock head thrusting against his tonsils and uvula as
it plumbed the depths of his mouth and throat with each downward thrust of
his mouth on my cock. I was really enjoying the combination of stiffness
and rubberyness of his cock in my mouth, and took special pleasure in
tonguing his cock head at the top of each upward stroke, part of me
imagining that it was my own cock head that I was pleasuring.

Steve followed my lead, and paid similar attention to my larger cock head,
swirling his tongue around the head, and sliding his lips over the ridge
separating the head from the shaft. The sensation was almost too
pleasurable to take, but I wanted it to last as long as possible before I
eventually emptied what I knew would be a huge load into his waiting mouth.

I suddenly noticed that someone was giving some attention to my ass hole,
and wondered if Steve was reaching around to finger me as he continued
sucking on my cock. But I soon knew that someone else was doing it when I
felt a soft wetness and realized that someone was gently licking my ass
hole and attempting to insert something into it. At first, I thought that
the object being inserted was a finger, but soon realized that it whatever
it was, it was too large to be a finger.

I could feel something wet and warm being smeared on and into my ass hole,
and suspected that it was probably the juices from an aroused pussy. Once
my ass hole was thoroughly lubricated, the object was again placed at the
opening and slowly inserted. Whatever it was, it had a smooth surface, and
seemed to get larger around the further in it went in until it seemed that
it must be as big around as a baseball bat by the time it was all the way
in. Then it began sliding slowly in and out till it was almost all the way
out, and then back till it was again completely imbedded in my virgin ass
hole. At first there was some pain associated with the steady insertion
into my ass hole, but since whatever it was was very well lubricated, the
pain soon passed and I began to enjoy the incredible feeling of fullness in
my ass.

Neither Steve nor I missed a beat as we continued to suck on each other's
cock while I was being impaled from behind. Suddenly . all of the
stimulation became too much for me and I reached the point of no return at
the very moment that my cock was all the way into Steve's mouth and throat
and the object in my ass hole reached its maximum depth inside my ass. I
suddenly burst forth with a huge load of sperm into Steve's mouth and down
his throat and could feel the muscles of his throat contracting around my
cock head as he attempted to swallow my load. There was so much of it,
however, that I could feel some of it leaking out around the base of my
cock as he continued in his efforts to swallow it all.

"Let me have some of that." I heard Faye say as she pushed Steve's head
away from my still twitching cock and took it into her mouth. She proceeded
to suck and slurp on it until the twitching stopped and she had managed to
suck out every last drop that Steve hadn't managed to get first. "Yummy! I
like the taste of your cum!" Faye said as she licked the last remnants of
my huge load off her lips and fingers. "Can I suck you next?"

"You bet you can, sweetie, and I'll suck Steve." Verna said cheerfully.

"But first we have to get Steve to take the place of this dildo in Carl's
ass hole. I want to see him fuck Carl. And you want him to fuck you too,
don't you baby?" She asked me with a lascivious look on her lovely face..

I pulled my mouth away from Steve's throbbing cock and said "I don't know,
Verna, I might not be able to take him in my ass hole." Granted, his cock
wasn't as big around as mine, but it was still pretty thick, and the
thought of having it shoved up my ass hole, while tempting, was somewhat

"Look at this, honey." Verna said, pulling the unknown object from my ass
hole and holding it in front of my face. I was astonished at what I saw. It
was a huge tapered dildo about ten inches in length, and at least three
inches thick at its thickest point.

That enormous thing had been shoved up my ass hole as far as it would go,
and it had gone in easily with the aid of the lubricating pussy
juices. Compared to it, Steve's cock was downright skinny.

"Geeze! Is that what was in me? I guess if you could get that thing in me,
Steve shouldn't have any problem getting in there. I'm game if you are,

I said, taking him back into my mouth to help him stay hard while he
considered the possibilities.

" I'm all for it." He answered. "Faye and I have used the dildo to get her
ready for anal sex, and it has been easy as pie after that monster has been
up her poop chute. Verna, why don't you slide it back into him for a minute
while he sucks on me to make sure that his ass hole is still stretched when
I put my cock into him. Then I'll take his cherry."

I got into position on my hands and knees at the foot of the bed so that my
ass hole would be at the same level as Steve's cock when he stood behind
me. Verna put her hand to her still wet pussy and scooped out some of her
copious juices to re-lubricate the massive dildo, then she slowly pushed it
back into my waiting ass hole with no difficulty at all until it was again
buried up to the hilt in my ass. Then she worked it slowly in and out
several times before Steve withdrew his cock from my mouth and moved behind

Faye quickly moved to take Steve's place with her hairy pussy spread open
in front of me and said, "You can lick my pussy while Steve fucks you ,
Carl. How would you like that?"

"I'd love it, Faye." I said as I lowered my face to her already drenched
pussy and probed for her opening with my tongue. I had to use my fingers to
part the bushy hair surrounding her fat lipped pussy before I could find
her surprisingly large clit. I slurped her clit into my mouth and began to
suck and lick it enthusiastically.

Meanwhile, Steve had positioned himself behind me and was slowly pulling
the huge dildo out of my ass hole. When it was all the way out, he placed
his cock at my still gaping orifice and slowly inserted himself all the way
into my ass till his balls were touching my own ball sac. His penis was
well lubricated and slid in with no difficulty. I later learned that Verna
had slid her wet pussy down onto his rigid cock and used her pussy juices
to grease him up in preparation for fucking me. I would say that I wish I
had seen that, but I actually did see it later when we all watched the
tape, as Verna was holding the camera while Steve briefly fucked her,
thoughtfully zooming in on his cock sliding all the way in and out of her
eager pussy.

Faye decided that she wanted a little more action, so she scooted herself
under me until she was able to take my still flaccid cock into her mouth
while I continued slurping at her now inverted pussy. Since her movements
were limited by the position she was in, she used her lips and sucking
motions to draw my cock in and out of her mouth, all the while swirling her
tongue around the still tender head, I could feel myself beginning to get
hard under her ministrations.

Meanwhile, Steve had established a fairly slow tempo, pushing his cock in
and out of my now totally relaxed ass hole. On the in stroke, he pushed in
all the way until I could feel his large ball sac swinging against my
own. Then on the out stroke, he pulled back so far that the ridge of his
cock head rubbed across my sphincter, then he pushed himself back in. I was
really beginning to enjoy the sensation of being fucked by my best friend
while his girlfriend hungrily slurped on my now tumescent penis. I was now
even harder than I had been earlier when Steve was sucking me and Verna was
plunging the huge dildo into me.

Faye squirmed out from under me and said, "I want that fat boy inside of me
now that it's good and hard. Let me in there, darlin." She slid back under
me on her knees until her pussy was in position. Then she reached back to
grab my cock and guide it into her wet and surprisingly tight pussy. As she
rocked back and forth, thrusting my cock in and out of her, Steve matched
her rhythm so that as my cock reached its deepest point inside her, his
cock also reached its deepest point inside of me. The feeling of fucking
Faye and being simultaneously fucked by Steve was amazing. The sensations
of pleasure and the erotic idea of it almost overwhelmed me. I didn't know
if I could hold off from coming for very long with all of the stimulation,
both physical and mental of the situation.

Over and above the sensations from Steve grinding his cock into my ass, I
began to notice that Faye's pussy still seemed unusually tight for someone
so obviously stimulated as I knew her to be. I began to suspect that It
wasn't her pussy that I was probing with my throbbing thick cock. So I
asked her, "Faye, is that your pussy I'm fucking? It seems really tight."

"No, sugar," She gasped. You're fucking me in the ass, just like Steve is
fucking your ass. It really feels wonderful. I hope you can keep it up for
a long time. I don't ever want it to end."

The sensation of knowing that I was fucking Faye in the ass gave the whole
experience a new flavor for me. I was doing a lot of things tonight that I
had never done before, and this was just one more. Verna and I had
discussed the possibility of anal sex on occasion, but neither of us had
pushed the subject, so we had never actually done it. And I had never done
it with anyone before Verna, so this was a totally new experience for me. I
wondered if tonight's events would also change that part of the sexual
relationship between Verna and me. I certainly hoped so, because the
feeling of being in Faye's tight little ass was really delicious, and I
imagined that it would be just as satisfying to be impaled in Verna's
pretty behind.

After a few more minutes of Steve thrusting his cock into my ass and Faye
sliding her ass onto my cock, the three of us were obviously all about to
reach our orgasms. Steve came first, letting out a huge roar and pumping
huge gobs of hot cum into my ass. The feeling of his hot goo spurting into
me and filling my ass with its warmth was too much for me.

My sphincter began spasming and my entire body jerked as I was overwhelmed
by an orgasm that seemed to go on and on. I could feel my ejaculate spewing
into Faye's ass as she screamed out in ecstasy and writhed with pleasure
from multiple orgasms that left her in a light swoon of spent pleasure.

As we all lay collapsed in satiated exhaustion with my cock still in Fayes
ass and Steve's cock still imbedded in mine, Verna said," Wow, that was
fantastic. I can't wait to watch it all again on tape. You guys really put
on a great show. Now it's my turn."

Being that we were all obviously totally spent, at least for the moment, I
couldn't imagine what Verna had in mind. Whatever it was, I told myself,
the spirit was definitely willing, but the body was less than weak. I
shouldn't have worried; Verna knew just what to do to get us out of our
momentary torpor.

"Somebody snap out of it and take the camera. " She said. "I want to get
this on tape."

Steve lazily rolled off of my back, his now soft cock sliding slowly out of
my ass, and took the camera from Verna. Verna then scooted back against the
head board of Steve's kingsized bed. She had the huge dildo in one hand and
put the other hand to her smooth shaved pussy. She began to vigorously rub
her clit, continuing for several minutes until her juices were visibly
flowing from her now gaping slit.

She then took the huge dildo and slowly worked it into her pussy until she
had it in as far as it would go. She pumped the dildo in and out of her
pussy until it was coated with her viscous pussy goo. Then she turned to us
and said. "One of you please shove this thing up my ass as far as it will
go. I climbed off of Faye, feeling my somewhat deflated cock pop out of her
ass hole and crawled over to take the dildo from Verna's outstretched hand.

"Shove it in, sweetie." She said with a noticeable quaver in her voice. I
could tell that she was so highly aroused that nothing would stop her from
going through with whatever it was that she had in mind.

I reached my hand to her drenched pussy and scooped enough of her juices
from it to thoroughly slather her ass hole until it was well lubricated. I
then positioned the tip of the huge tool at the opening of her tiny rosebud
ass hole and slowly applied pressure.

She made a few whimpering sounds, and I knew she was probably biting down
on her lower lip in pain, but she bravely insisted that I keep pushing it
into her ass. I managed to get it in several inches, then pulled it back
and shoved it back in, penetrating her ass a little deeper, I continued in
this way for several minutes until the entire length of the dildo was
imbedded into her as up to the protective ring that prevented it from
getting lost inside her.

"Now fuck my ass with it." She moaned. "Let me turn over and lie on my back
so I can watch you fuck my ass with that huge thing!" She was obviously in
a frenzy of sexual arousal by this time, and I knew that we had to make
this a very special experience for her.

By the time she was positioned on her back with the dildo completely inside
her ass, Faye had roused herself and slid up to plant a hot kiss on Verna's
hungry lips. They kissed for a long, slow time, feverishly tonguing each
other's mouth as I slowly worked the dildo in and out of Verna's wriggling
ass. Faye then turned her attention to Verna's breasts, licking and sucking
first one, then the other as Verna gasped and squirmed even more. I
positioned myself so that I was able to maintain the in and out motion of
the dildo into Verna's ass while I leaned down and licked her swollen,
hairless pussy. I knew from countless hours of previous practice exactly
how to get the maximum response out of Verna by licking and biting her
small but highly sensitive clit.

Verna suddenly gasped, "Oh, honey, shove it all the way up my ass and just
leave it there. I'm going to cummmmm!"

I did as she asked, and drove the huge tool all the way in as she suddenly
bucked up, practically throwing me off her now twitching pussy as I fought
to maintain contact with her burning clit. She writhed and moaned for
several intense minutes before the intensity of her multiple orgasms slowly
wound down and she laid with her head back and her eyes closed and sighed
long sighs of ecstasy and completion.

Needless to say, we abandoned the artifice of the Truth or Dare game and
just continued to explore every possibility our foursome had to offer. By
the time we left to go home late on the evening of the following day, there
wasn't an ass hole or pussy that hadn't been fucked by Steve or me more
than once, and it just seemed to get better each time.

Our hockey nights out were abandoned for the remainder of the season in
favor of repeats of our first night together with Steve and Faye, and this
year we couldn't care less that the season has been canceled.

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