Monday, April 20, 2009

Turning 40, Turning Straight

A thrilling life was fine for some people. Joe was content to
be...content. At age 40 he was tall, with thinning brown hair and a great
if slightly aging body, and in a longterm relationship with a passionate,
hunky Cuban stud, someone to make him feel good and secure and wash his
pain away.

Then one day it all fell apart.

Armando and Joe had first met in their junior year at Dartmouth. They
were both deeply closeted but one night after a keg party to end all keg
parties, they drank so much that they both almost passed out. A third
student, a blonde frat jock, took them up to his room and, having had a
few drinks himself, began yanking their clothes off and fondling their
naked bodies. Joe stirred long enough to feel a warm mouth engulfing his
7 hard inches and he finally knew what he'd been missing. When Armando
began to wake up, Joe pulled Armando's taut thighs over his head, and
Armando slapped Joe's cheeks with a 9-inch, uncut hog while drunkenly
whispering on the best way to give head. Then Armando stripped the frat
jock of his tight jeans and swallowed him to the root. By morning Joe had
lost his cherry from both ends and was unable to walk for reasons which
had nothing to do with alcoholism.

Armando and Joe stayed in contact as fuck buddies, Armando lovingly
teaching Joe every aching secret pleasure of a man's body. After
graduation they parted ways until a few years later, when they met up in
New York City at a friend's wedding. Again Armando seduced Joe, and Joe
so wanted, needed the touch, the scent of intimacy and affection. They
began dating, and moved in together a few months later.

"I thought you were the model couple. Seriously."

Joe's big hazel eyes welled up with tears as he stared at his best
friend, Carol.

"So did I."

Joe had just finished recounting the part where, one day after he turned
40, Armando told him that he wanted to have kids and since adoption was
such a mess and surrogacy was an even bigger chore, Armando was just
going to marry some random bitch and knock her up. Passing on the family
name was more important to Armando than being proud of himself or being
in a loving relationship. Joe was devastated. Only after months and
months of therapy and time alone had he even come close to getting over
the betrayal. He didn't know if he could ever love a man again.

Carol was a petite woman in her mid 30's with short red hair and a
curvaceous figure. She had just gotten divorced and was sick of men.
Carol and Joe worked together at a publishing firm and spent a lot of
days fighting office politics and a lot of nights watching old movies and
eating ice cream. Carol always looked at Joe with such pure love. She
didn't think Joe noticed, but he did.

One night Carol and Joe were out at a straight nightclub, as Joe had had
his fill of cheap fucks with men he didn't know.� He planned to just have
fun and get a few drinks, and watch Carol meet a man she deserved. Carol
went off with a bald black guy, very studly, very pierced, and as he
persuaded Carol to grind against his massive package, Joe was surprised
at his reaction. He was turned on, but he was also jealous...of the guy!
Carol reacted in such a base, vulgar way, she opened herself up, in ways
that Joe had only seen her do with him.

At that second a buxom blonde, probably not even 25, asked Joe for a
dance. He complied. He was a great dancer, if a little out of practice.
He was so immaculately groomed and clothed that after a few moments she
whispered "are you a queer?" in his ear.

He nodded, tensing up.

To his surprise, she licked his ear, all the way down to his lobe, which
she then suckled.

"I just LOVE turning gay guys straight. I can do it too."

With that she squeezed Joe's bulge. Both of them moaned, he in shock and
she at how ample the package was.

The girl, whose name was apparently Pammy or Tammy, grabbed the back of
Joe's head and pulled him in to a passionate kiss. He held off at first,
but then she just kept on ramming her tongue against his lips. Finally,
he conceded delicious defeat, and she raped his teeth and gums with her
long tongue. She was all over him at this point, untucking and yanking
off his shirt before he could stop her.

They were beginning to draw a crowd, so he tried to leave. She was right
behind him.

Finally she pushed him into the club's alleyway.

"I'm not straight!"

Pammy smirked as she pulled down the straps of her mini-black dress.

"Some parts of you are."

Much to his embarrassment, he was very clearly erect. He had a thick
cock, almost the size of a Coke can, but he was so used to bottoming that
he'd never thought of it as something anyone would be interested in.

Pammy sank to her knees and showed just how interested she was. Before he
could stop her, she had tugged down his tight jeans (he hated underwear)
leaving his bare thighs and hips and cock to be assaulted by the scrape
of the brick wall and the cool nip of the night breeze. His own nips were
erect and straining his thick coating of chest fur. He pinched them as he
watched his new lover go down on him better than most men had. A helluva
lot better than Armando had. He wrapped his hands in her hair, tearing
away the ribbon and letting her long yellow locks flow freely against his

When he was so close to cumming that his eyes were about to pop out of
his head, Pammy removed herself from his organ, smirking at how huge and
angry his erection looked.

"Still gay?"

Joe glared at her.

"You fucking cunt..."

Pammy giggled.

"Yeah, I guess that's one thing we have in common."

She threw herself against the brick wall, her perfect, muscled ass
glowing in the streetlight and moonlight, her legs spread. She was fully
nude by now. She bent enough to expose her smooth cunt. With her help,
Joe found the tight hole and shoved inside. Both groaned from the sheer
bliss...Joe from his first time in a woman's twat and Pammy from having
the thickest dong of her life lodged inside her center.

He began to thrust, slowly at first to get his bearings, then hard,
rough, fucking her into the wall.

"You like that, WHORE?"

Pammy purred as she pushed back against his low-hangers.

"You bet, FAG."

He cupped her huge silicone breasts in his hands and roughly pinched the
fleshy pink nipples. She screamed as she thrust three fingers in and out
of her pussy. She was milking him dry. He knew he had to come, and even
though he never wanted this to end, it did. Their bodies conjoined in the
final moment of copulation, he exploded, his first ever heterosexual
orgasm roaring out of his cock and oozing into her cunt and down her

She somewhat gracefully pulled herself off of him, as both gasped for
breath. To his surprise, she placed her pussy-laden fingers against his
lips. To her surprise, he sucked them in, savoring a woman's juices for
the first time in his life.

They parted with a loving kiss, not bothering to exchange numbers. This
was just raw sex, and they knew it. Joe had never known women would go
for that. He'd shut himself off from so much animal lust in his attempts
to be Mr. Submissive, Mr. Model Homosexual, Mr. Boring.

A few days later Joe called an intern into his office. The intern, a cute
young Puerto Rican twink just out of high school, had made some mistakes
and was close to being fired. Pedro thought he was out the door, but
Joe's real reason for the meeting was Pedro's backdoor. Soon both men
were nude from the waist down as Joe fucked Pedro's luscious brown bottom
against his cherry wood desk. Joe had always beat off to the thought of
Pedro but they had both been bottoms...until that night with Pammy. As
Joe roughly plowed his way home in Pedro's gorgeous bubble butt, he
pictured brutalizing Armando this way, and finally being the top.

A few weeks passed and Joe was alone again. He did enjoy men, but kept
thinking about women. To his surprise, he kept thinking about one in

Carol. His best friend.

He had decided. He was going to call her after work, and ask her for a

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