Monday, April 20, 2009

Hayden, Matt, & Star

Hayden was her best friend, but part of her had fallen in love with
him. His brooding blue-green eyes - that didn't ever seem to look at her
quite right - were what attracted her initially. Over time it was his shy
and sensitive demeanor that drew her in.

She could close her eyes and imagine feasting on his amazing lips and
mouth, slowly breathing in his air and replacing it with hers. But Hayden
was with Matt now. She had to bite her tongue instead of meshing it with
his, afraid of where a confession might take them - or not take them.

She often watched them huddle together at parties, sipping wine and
whispering dangerously close to one another. Never did she see them kiss -
Hayden was somewhat reclusive and not one for public displays of affection.
Matt was nearly as beautiful as Hayden, but unfortunately not as sweet or
as privately affectionate. He did care deeply for him though, that was

Once, after a social gathering of this sort, Matt left early to prepare for
an exam the following morning. She and Hayden were left alone to their own
devices. It was late and dreamy, and they were both tipsy. He invited her
to dance slowly to the alternative-folk something that was playing on the
stereo. She willingly pressed her body against his and nuzzled his neck.
She felt the strong desire to kiss it, but did not. He stroked her long
hair that weaved its way to her lower back with his fingertips. Her mind
had drifted away for a moment when she realized that he was having a
reaction to the pressure of her body against him. This surprised her, but
she did not pull away. He simply continued stroking her hair, occasionally
squeezing her back with his thumb and forefinger. She continued smelling
him, feeling him, loving him - thinking that at any moment she might simply
pass out.

And the truth was, Hayden did adore her. She was beautiful in a way that
was amazing but real, and he was very comfortable with her. Her obvious
devotion stirred something in him, and he wondered for a moment about the
things he was missing with Matt. He had never been with a woman, but not
due to lack of opportunity. At times he longed to feel close to her, and
loved holding her. There seemed to be passion between them, though not
exactly sexual, it was a feeling that nagged at him nonetheless. He watched
her eyes want him, and perhaps it was her desire that fueled his interest.

Matt was his lover, and ridiculously sexy, but perhaps not quite the friend
that Star had become. The two men-boys had fun together, and when alone
they usually ended up rolling around in bed or on a sofa until they were
both naked and hard. He could remember only one time being aroused by Star,
and he wasn't sure if that had really entailed anything beyond incidental
stimulation. He ended up masturbating that night, not thinking of anything
any particular, driven solely by his hardness and sensitivity.

This night above most others was unusual. Hayden had just moved into a new
condo, and had his usual select people over for drinks and illicit
conversation. About a dozen people showed, and by eleven or so, things were
lively enough for Matt and Hayden to slip away to the bedroom for a few
minutes of something-or-other.

Star was sitting with Hayden's ex-roommate Marcus who was neither gay and
definitely did not pretend to be. He often hit on her, as he was doing this
night, but it was not at all difficult for her to resist. After a few
moments of polite conversation, she excused herself and sought out the
bathroom. The first level was occupied - and by the sound of it, perhaps by
more than one person. She went to check out the upper level.

The lights in the hallway were out. She struggled to see, and if it were
not for the bedroom door ajar and the soft crack of light seeping through,
she might have been completely blind. As she approached the door, she heard
voices. She then realized where and why the boys had disappeared.
Undoubtedly to christen the new bedroom, she thought.

Unable to help herself, she peeked through the barely open door crack into
the room. Hayden was lying on the bed, shirt unbuttoned. Matt was on his
side next to him, propped up on his elbow facing away from the door. His
finger was teasingly tracing the definition in Hayden's stellar abdomen.
Neither of the men spoke, and seemed content lingering on the moment. Star
was content also. It wasn't everyday she witnessed the object of her desire
and another beautiful man doting on each other so seductively. She was
jealous, but aroused. Hayden looked angelic as always, his dark blonde hair
falling here and there, his eyes sultry and penetrating in the muted light.

A loud bang came intrusively from the bottom of the stairs, as if someone
had fallen over. Apparently this startled their pack of silence and
tension, because Hayden jerked and looked over at the door, and suddenly
sprang out of bed. Caught off guard, Star backed away from the door, but
not in time. She was not even halfway down the hall when his hand caught
the doorknob and it swung open. The lamplight now illuminated the hallway.

"Star," he beckoned. Reluctantly she turned to face him. As always, his
eyes forced her to look at him, even though it was the last thing she
wanted to do.

"Come here", he said quietly, and they moved toward each other a step. She
stared at him, and for a few moments, neither of them spoke. "Do you want
to join us, Star?" he said finally, bringing his voice down another notch.
She pried her eyes from his and sought out the floor. He put his hand on
her arm and she looked up again. He tipped his head toward the door, which
had now swung partially closed again. As she let Hayden guide her into the
room, Matt looked on incredulously.

"Star will be joining us," Hayden spoke softly, making eye contact with
Matt and then with Star. Matt was now lying on his back, looking up at them
slightly miffed or bemused - it was hard to tell which - but said nothing.
He watched the two of him as Hayden led her by hand to the far side of the
bed. Hayden resumed his position, head falling seductively back onto the
pillow, and after a moment, Star took her place opposite Matt. There was
suddenly a tremendous pressure in her chest as though she might burst.

Hayden reached over and began stroking her hair. As she closed her eyes she
nearly fell into him, face first, but caught herself just before the moment
they would've touched. She was now directly facing him on the pillow. Those
eyes that she had wanted for so long, those lashes that had teased her
endlessly called out to her now. She leaned in, and just a moment before
she kissed one, they closed in acceptance. She drew back, and they opened
again, but gingerly. She went in once more, this time pressing her lips to
his, parting both of their mouths ever so slightly. She was unaware of
Matt's feelings or actions - for this one moment, he might as well have
been dead.

She gently put her hand to his face, brushing her thumb over his cheek and
jaw, continuing down his neck to his collarbone. In an almost miming
fashion, she herself began to draw imaginary lines in his chest and stomach
with her fingers, brushing his shirt out of the way in the process. They
found their way to the button on his jeans, where they now slid under his
belt line, reappearing only for a moment to circle his belly button. He
breathed in hard and quick, a near gasp, and as his body stiffened she
stopped and let her hand rest on his abdomen.

"Hayden," she said in a hushed tone. "I just want to look at you." Her
voice came out cracked and desperate. His body relaxed in a way that gave
acceptance, and he exhaled deeply. His chest was now slowly but visibly
beginning to heave. She also noticed that he was beginning to plump
underneath the button fly. Her hand slid back down, unbuttoning him, and
pushing the zipper downward slightly but with intent. Pulling the fabric
apart, the zipper opened further, past the waistband of his shorts, until
he lay exposed - pink and erect halfway through the fly of his boxers. For
the first time, Star was vaguely aware of Matt and his interest in this
little experiment. Her eyes and fingertips lingered longingly in his lower
region for a few moments, although to her, it may as well have been
eternity. Then she turned to kiss him again.

This time her tongue slid into his, softly but very intently. Her hand now
on his collarbone, she felt him quiver slightly underneath her. His hands
began to explore her shoulder and upper arms, and she somehow felt
completely enveloped by them, despite their passiveness. She herself could
do this eternally, just kiss him, if that was all she could have and he
would let her. She placed all of the soft passion she could muster in her
lips and tongue, and stole it back from him again. His skin was soft as she
knew it would be, and his breath without taste, warm and misty.

She caught movement in the corner of her eye. Matt, by now quite aroused
himself, was positioning his body in such a way that she knew he was also
starving. She sensed that he was no doubt planning to suck Hayden, very
soon, right here in front of her. She reluctantly left his mouth only to
watch Matt now tugging at Hayden's jeans, who was responding favorably by
raising his lower half off the bed. His vulnerability was incredibly sweet
and arousing; she and Matt were still fully clothed and neither seemed to
have any intent to change this fact. Hayden seemed timid but comfortable -
she knew he was giving in to them and it was beautiful.

Matt's face closed in on Hayden's torso, kissing his stomach and groin
area, initially neglectful of the one object of his desire. Hayden's mouth
met hers again, simultaneously emitting a mild groan, which gave away
Matt's true intentions now being played out. She glanced down once more to
see Matt's mouth wrapped around Hayden below, and she herself became
immersed in his air again, touching his skin, grabbing at his hair, and
ravishing his mouth. She leaned over him and they locked hands.

His breathing became more exaggerated as did hers, and after a few minutes
she sensed that inevitable, beautiful rhythm change that she had, for so
long, desired to cause. She released the kiss, drawing back in time to
witness him in full orgasmic ecstasy, his lips still parted as if she had
not left them. He moaned and huffed and bit his lower lip. She simply
gasped. At that moment, she wished desperately that he were pumping himself
into her. But alas, Matt took Hayden in completely without a drop to spare.

Matt lay with his head now on Hayden's stomach, arms crossed over it. She
leaned forward, and for a reason not quite clear to her, she touched Matt
gently on the side of his head, and he responded by looking up lazily. She
then leaned over, touching her mouth to his. His lips were slick, and
tasted like Hayden.

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