Monday, April 20, 2009

Hayden, Matt, & Star 2

Matt lay with his head now on Hayden's stomach, arms crossed underneath
him. She leaned forward, and for a reason not quite clear to her, she
touched Matt gently on the side of his head, and he responded by looking up
lazily. She then leaned over, touching her mouth to his. His lips were
slick, and tasted like Hayden.

Part 2

She placed her hand under his chin, and leaning back, cocked her head to
one side. She took a long moment to examine him. God, he IS beautiful, she
thought. She guessed he was of some Mexican or American Indian descent. His
hair was black and shiny, a bit longer around the top and sides, falling at
varying degrees of dishevel. Knowing Matt, she figured it was kept that way
for effect despite the great annoyance of constantly trying to free it from
his eyes. Actually, Matt looked a quite a bit like Keanu Reeves with a much
better tan.

"Don't get any ideas," he spoke up suddenly, jerking away from her
touch. "I really hope your not one of those people who think that a gay man
is one good woman away from being straight." He lay down on Hayden's torso
again, turning his head away from her.

Hayden had been dosing, but now looked up at Star, who appeared
distressed. "Guys, let's not overanalyze this, okay?" He himself sounded
irritated, but it didn't seem to be directed at anyone in particular. "Well
now...Matt, what about you? I'm sure we can think of more interesting
things to do that argue about this." Matt grunted and squirmed a little,
trying to be aloof but clearly not suffering from an entire loss of

"Maybe I should leave." Star pouted, looking at Matt then at Hayden for
some acknowledgement. Suddenly she realized how new all of this was. She
was used to being in control of situations, and this was not at all what
she was used to. She didn't want to take her eyes off Hayden for anything,
but there was pride to consider. When you are used to being the object of
sexual desire, becoming an afterthought can be a little disconcerting.

"I don't think that's necessary. We're all in this together, now, and we
don't want her to leave, right?" His emphasis was clearly directly at Matt,
who emitted another grunt in response. "Oh, come here, you. You worry far
too much...."

Matt seemed to momentarily forget about Star, as he slowly dragged his body
over Hayden as she looked on. They fell into a deep kiss, open and
undemanding. Matt's lips looked really soft and chewy. As if reading her
mind, Hayden bit his boyfriend's upper lip, inciting a groan. They wrapped
their arms around each other, and Hayden began working his fingers around
Matt's lower back, falling deeper yet into the kiss. Matt's body responded
forcefully by pressing harder into Hayden, both boys now moaning with
little or no inhibition. Star was getting excited again, feeling herself
begin the telltale tingle of wanting, but still felt a little
unsure. Something told her that she SHOULD leave, but her eyes were fixated
on them, writhing and moaning with an intensity that seemed to swell and
increase with every rhythm. She wondered what calamity it would take for
someone to rip her eyes away from Hayden's naked flesh, Matt or no Matt.

Hayden moved his hands between them, Matt lifting up slightly to allow his
boyfriend access to his zipper, now barely containing the package
within. The boys rolled over onto their sides, Hayden still tugging at
Matt's clothing. His breaths were coming heavy and sparse now, scattered
between attempts to get his boyfriend's jeans off and running his hand
along Matt's now partially exposed erection. The kissing and groping
continued for some time, unfettered. She wondered if her presence was a
stimulant at all or just irrelevant. For Matt at least, she guessed the

Eventually, Matt lifted his body off the bed and finished removing his
jeans and shirt. He opened a drawer on the nearby nightstand. Star wasn't
sure what he was retrieving, but she suspected she would know soon
enough. Matt rolled Hayden onto his side so he was now facing away from him
and toward Star. She lay down next to him, her face and mouth inches from
his. His eyes half-closed and dreamy, he opened his arms to her in an offer
of embrace, and she fell into them effortlessly while Matt went to work on
him, somewhere vaguely in her dreams, a million miles away.

She noticed nothing except Hayden's eyes looking at her, and she brought
her hand to his face - touching his ear and neck, then brushing her
fingertips through the hair near the nape. Hayden had the kind of mouth
that looked as if it was made for kissing -- a strong jaw with full, soft
lips. She drew his face into hers, feeling his breath against her mouth and
neck. She was teasing herself, her body slowly falling into the same
rhythmical pattern as the boys.

Matt tucked his forehead against the back of Hayden's neck, as Star
continued to trace the various outlines of his face with her
fingertips. Hayden and Matt gasped at nearly the same time, and Hayden
closed his eyes and leaned back into Matt, lips slightly parted. Star was
now aware of that they were not just moving together - they WERE
together. Apparently Matt had entered his lover from behind and was now
pumping himself into him. They were alternating grunts and moans, as Hayden
continued to hold her close to him. He took her hand in his, his own
shaking a bit, their fingers meshing. He moved her hand to his erection,
which she willingly grasp, moving her thumb across the soft underside.

Unable to resist any longer, she thrust her mouth on his, sucking out all
the air she get, and releasing only momentarily before going back in
again. She continued stroking his perfect, smooth erection for several
minutes, while Matt continued pressing into him, each thrust bringing a
beautiful pinched look of ecstasy to Hayden's face. She could swear she
felt every ache of his body, every tension, and every breathless
sensation. Looking at him this way was nothing less than ethereal. The
intensity was so infectious, at that very moment she almost wished she were
a man.

Matt suddenly groaned louder, issuing his boyfriend's name, which came out
pained and course, not much above a whisper. The boys writhing then slowly
came to a halt, Star still lingering in the moment as she continued
stroking and kissing Hayden softly, not wanting to let go. But after a few
moments he pulled away, falling back into Matt, both catching their
breath. He turned to face his lover, and they were engaged again in a
passionate kiss. She simply stared at them now, insatiable as ever, hoping
against hope that she somehow had whatever it would take to bring Hayden to
the point of ecstasy again and again, as Matt had done. Her obsession was
her undoing, and she scarcely knew what she was getting into.

A few minutes later Matt got up and went to get a towel. He gave it to
Hayden, then went to take a shower. Star decides to use these circumstances
to her advantage. She curled up next to him after he had cleaned up a bit,
and he offered her an arm as they lay on their backs.

"I'm not sure quite what to make of all this." He shifted slightly as she
curled in closer.

"It's like the Nine Inch Nails song - you know, I just want something I can
never have." She sighed but smiled as she looked over at him. He was
staring at the ceiling.

"So what's next? I've never been a woman, not like that. I think that I
would really like to be with you, if for no other reason than that your
obvious desire is painful to watch," he snickered. "But I guess that's up
to Matt." Star looked a little pained. "Well, wait. I didn't mean it like
that - I think you're beautiful and I love you as a friend but I honestly
wouldn't have thought much of it until you expressed interest in me. And it
does turn me on that you want me, which I definitely felt before tonight."

Star was thoughtful. "I know now that I want you more than
anything, but I can't let that happen with someone else around. It's more
than that to me...when I truly want someone it's a passion that swells
inside of me, and I just long to make them a part of me and for me to be a
part of them. It's not as easy as all that. I love watching you and Matt
together, and I loved what we did. However, if you and I are ever to come
together in the same way, it has to be one-on-one. I love you too much to
have you any other way. And I don't know how many times I could do this
before it started getting really painful. It's kind of painful already."

Hayden sighed, a little stunned. "Matt would never to agree to that."

"I don't blame him, really. I understand. I guess we'll just see what

Hayden leaned over and kissed her. She closed her eyes, parted her lips and
let his breath enter her. Matt walked in donning nothing but a towel and
wet shaggy hair. He looked at them scornfully, grabbed his clothes, and
left the room.

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