Monday, April 20, 2009

A Valentine Toy

Chapter 1

Steve returned from a day at the beach feeling pretty horny. It may have
been the babes in those throng suits displaying their wares or those guys
wearing speedo swim suits rather than cut-offs. Whichever his crotch was
humming so he headed for the adult store just around the corner from his

When he entered the video section he spotted her. The babe he had admired
in the lobby of his building. The brunette with the beautiful round ass and
great legs both now revealed by the tight mini-skirt she was wearing.

He noticed she was in the section containing gay and bisexual material and
he wondered about her sexual preferences. Right now he was horny enough
that the vision of that well turned ass had him starting to harden in his

What the hell, its worth a shot he thought.

He picked up a title that he knew was really hot, walked up next to her,
extending the cassette in front of her and said,

"If I could suggest you might find this one really enjoyable on a cold
winter night."

She looked at the cover, smiled at him and said, "But its hot as hell out
there today."

He replied, "You could always turn up the A/C."

She laughed as she glanced down at the floor and he suspected she had
noticed the lump in his shorts and his suspicion was confirmed when she
looked up and said,

"I would do just that if I had someone to snuggle with."

"May I volunteer?" Steve said.

"Offer accepted" she replied and said "Your place or mine?"

"Make it mine ASAP, and permit me to introduce myself, Steve Sevier," he
said as he extended his hand.

"Nice to meet you Steve Sevier, I'm Nancy Valentine, and where might your
place be?" she asked.

"The penthouse of your building," Steve replied.

She looked a little surprised but quickly handed the cassette to him and
said, "Are you going to check-out this hot title?"

"You bet I am!" Steve replied, thinking a hot title for a hot babe.

He had just undressed and put on his robe when the doorbell rang. When he
opened it there was Nancy, still in the miniskirt but now wearing a tight T
shirt without a bra. Steve wasted little time inviting her into the living
room where a huge sofa faced the big screen TV that had the video paused at
the title frame. He invited her to sit and he sat down next to her. When
she sat down, he thought he got a glimpse of her beaver .. no panties and
ready for action he thought.

Grabing the remote he turned to her and said, "Shall we?"

Nancy replied, "Let it roll."

As the action began on the screen Steve's manhood began to rise from within
the folds of his robe. As the head of his 7" thickcut cock appeared, Nancy
looked down from the screen and smiled as she shifted to face him. As the
robe fell away exposing its full length Nancy slowly bent over and kissed
the pulsing head. Steve placed his hand on the back of her neck as he
raised his hips and without hesitation Nancy took the full length into her

As he thrusted upward Nancy caressed his balls and it wasn't long before
Steve said, "Let's save this for round 2, I want to taste you now."

Nancy reclined on the sofa as Steve rose to remove his robe, his cock now
standing at attention, pulsing to his heartbeat. Nancy pulled her T-shirt
off to reveal nicely tanned semiorbs, very firm with nipples starting to
harden. When he pushed her skirt up, and he didn't have to push very far,
he saw a neatly shaved pussy with a large clit, surrounded by beautiful
pink lips. He slipped her skirt off before lying next to her on the sofa
and then began to kiss her, starting with her parted lips and proceeding to
her tits, where he lingered, before continuing on to her navel, the inside
of her thighs, and finally her seat of pleasure. He titillated her clit
until Nancy began to writhe and then he inserted his tongue deep into her
cunt. Now her hips were churning and she voiced soft sighs as his tongue
probed deeper into her love nest.

After she climaxed twice under the assault of Steve's tongue, Nancy said,
"Come on guy give me that cock," at which point Steve stood long enough for
her to see his poised sword and then he pressed her legs up and apart as he
plunged his hot member into her wet cunt.

Nancy grunted a little with his first thrust but they were soon moving in
unison, moaning and kissing as they fucked themselves into a frenzy.

Nancy clawed at his back and kept repeating, "Fuck me deep, baby," and he
obliged by thrusting with all his might.

As his scrotum tightened he felt her begin to raise her ass and heard her
moan, "Oh baby I'm coming, I'm yours," just as his cock squirted the
biggest and hottest load of gizzum he could remember.

They embraced in a long and passionate kiss but when his cock began to
soften he slipped down between her legs to enjoy the cream pie he had just
deposited. Nancy reached down to cradle his head and pressed it firmly into
her pussy.

They were both exhausted but continued to embrace and caress each other's
genitals until Nancy said, "Can I shower now?" and Steve replied "Can we
shower now?"

After showering they sat and talked for another hour or so before they
resumed their sexual exercise. Nancy learned that Steve was a noted sci-fi
author under a pen name she immediatedly recognized, divorced from a former
model, and financilly well off. Nancy was the widow of a test pilot killed
two years before in the crash of a new aircraft. Steve learned that she now
worked as a receptonist for a local ob/gyn and had two grown children,
Vince, age 20, varsity halfback on scholarship at the state university, and
Vicki, age 18, an aspiring model with a local agency.

When they started up again Nancy was less passive. After pushing Steve down
on the sofa she sucked his cock to a full erection and then proceeded to
mount him. She set a slow even tempo, rising and falling on his proud
member while thrusting her breasts forward for Steve to caress as she
enjoyed herself.

Their tempo increased as they climaxed together and then she leaned forward
whispering in his ear, "I love camping on your peg, but next time let me
entertain you at my place."

Chapter 2

A week after their first steamy encounter at Steve's place, Nancy invited
him down to her apartment after he had returned from a business trip. When
he asked if there would be other guests and inquired whether to dress
formal or casual, Nancy replied that while she didn't expect anyone else,
she never knew when Vince might pop-in from school. Vicki she assured would
be staying for a week or more with a friend. Regarding dress, she simply
said, "Don't wear anything that would be too hard to take off.."

Steve came in shorts and a loose fitting warmup shirt. He wondered if he
had under dressed when he saw a candlelit table set with a silver service
and fine china, but he knew he was ok when he saw Nancy was wearing a filmy
negligee with nothing on underneath.

He took Nancy in his arms, grabbing her buns with his hands, and pressing
her tightly against his rising penis.

She responded by thrusting her hips against him and saying, "Shall we eat

Steve replied, "That depends what's on the menu?"

Nancy smiled and said, "Nothing that can't be reheated."

They went into the bedroom where Nancy said, "Shall the first course be a
hot DVD?"

To which Steve answered, "But of course."

When Nancy keyed the remote a scene popped on the screen showing a sex orgy
of young people.

Nancy said, "Oh damn, that's from one of Vince's parties" as she hit the
stop button.

Steve protested, "No, No, lets watch it. It looks really hot."

Nancy relented and started the show rolling again. Steve saw a young Adonis
with blond hair and a 8 inch cut cock who started fucking a monster of a
man, who was simultaneously getting head from a striking young blondhaired
women seated on a hassock in front of him. The resemblance between Nancy
and the young woman was unmistakable, except for the hair color.

Steve looked at Nancy and said, "Are those your kids?"

Nancy hit the stop button again and replied somewhat embarrassed, "Yes,
they are."

Steve sensed her feelings and said, "What the hell, they aren't doing
anything we wouldn't do, are they?

Nancy chuckled and said, "That's true."

She then lay back on the bed, pulling Steve down on top of her. For the
next hour they fucked, sucked, kissed and drank of each other's cum until
Nancy suggested that the sex had been a wonderful aperitif but now she was
ready for some cooked food. Steve resigned himself to the inevitable and
they sat down, both in the nude, to a meal of seafood with pasta and a
garden salad, served with a white wine. When Nancy cleared the dishes and
stood rinsing them at the sink, Steve admired her beautiful ass and his
cock came to attention. He quietly came up behind her and slipped his cock
between her legs.

She spun around and said, "You horny old man, doesn't that member ever get

"Not around you baby, " he answered.

He penetrated her and was pumping away when the kitchen door swung open and
there stood Vince, who stammered, "Oops, excuse me."

Nancy said, "Oh stop it. Come in and meet Steve Sevier."

Vince smiled, approached with outstretch hand, and eyed Steve's now sagging
cock. In fact, he couldn't take his eyes off Steve's cock as he shook his
hand very warmly. The longer he held Steve's hand Steve's cock reversed
field and began to harden. The harder it got the harder Vince stared until
the fully erect member was now beginning to throb. It was then that Vince
quickly dropped to his knees and took Steve's cock into his mouth. As Vince
licked the head Steve gave Nancy a quizzical look. He didn't know how to
gauge her reaction but her next words told him a lot.

Nancy said, "Lets go in the bedroom boys, where we can get comfortable."

Nancy said, "Lie down on the bed honey and let the Valentines have some fun
with you."

Steve did as he was told and Nancy climbed on the bed to plant her wet
pussy smack on his face while Vince resumed giving Steve a head and hand
job. Steve had the feeling that he was not the first man to experience the
Valentine treatment.

Nancy and Vince worked together flawlessly and Nancy said, "Suck my man
good Vince, and save me the snoball."

Vince was a real master at giving oral pleasure and Nancy was a great

"Suck it hard honey, make him cum" she almost screamed as she pressed her
cunt down hard on Steve's face.

When Steve came it was an explosion but Vince didn't wince, taking the
whole load in his mouth and pumping the shaft to milk out the last drop. He
then rose and Nancy leaned forward to take his sticky white kiss. They
embraced, tonguing each other and Steve saw his cum dripping off their

When they parted Steve said to the smiling pair, "Well, what do we do for
an encore?"

Vince said, "Encore my ass, we're just getting started."

Nancy chimed in "Steve, you have no idea how much fun we are going to have
this evening."

With that she lay down on the bed and said, "Now its my turn."

She pulled Steve down on her and said, "Fuck me with that wet cock."

As Steve pumped his cock a few times and then slapped it a against Nancy's
pubic mound to get it ready for the next round he saw Nancy take the head
of Vince's 8 inches in her mouth and begin to lustily draw on it. If Steve
hadn't seen it he wouldn't have believed it.

About the time Steve dropped his third, or was it fourth, load of the night
into Nancy's pussy, Vince moaned and said, "Mom, I'm coming."

Nancy didn't pause. She kept right on sucking his cock and pulled Steve
deeper into her pussy. When she had drawn the last drop from Vince's cock
she pulled Steve to her and kissed him to deposit Vince's snoball in his
mouth. As if part of a carnal choreography, Vince came around the bed to
spread Nancy's legs and retrieve Steve's cream pie from his mother's cunt.

They then laid on the floor in front of the TV watching the whole of
Vince's sex party DVD as Vince gave a narrative description of the sexual
tendencies and preferences of each of the actors. Steve found himself in an
almost permanent state of erection with precum dripping from it only
briefly before Vince or Nancy would delicately clean the head of his cock
with their tongue.

For the rest of the night they engaged in a variety of connections. Steve
learned that both Nancy and Vince enjoyed being the recipients of anal
penetration and Steve had to admit that Vince's cock had a musk odor and
truly masculine taste.

It was nearly dawn when Steve begged to go due to an early business
appointment that day and both Vince and Nancy saw him to the door. As they
said their goodbyes Vince gave Steve's cock a final caress and Nancy pulled
him close to whisper in his ear, "Next time we'll have to get Vicki

Steve thought to himself, "I don't know what I've gotten myself into but
I'm damn sure not about to stop now."

Chapter 3

Nancy called in a couple of days to tell Steve that Vicki was home and
inquired if he could make it a foursome that evening.

When Steve inquired if there were any special preparations required Nancy
said, "Yea, take a good crap before you come down."

Steve thought to himself, "I'm not so sure I'm ready for that," however, he
did as he was told and then headed for Nancy's apartment.

Vince met him at the door wearing his birthday suit with his 8 inch tool at
parade rest. Over on the sofa Nancy was wearing a strap-on and she was
fucking Vicki's ass.

Vicki was moaning, "Oh mom, fuck me good."

Nancy sure was doing that, pounding away on her daughter's ass while
cupping her tits. Vicki in turn was fingering herself with her eyes closed
and her head thrown back.

I looked at Vince who shrugged his shoulders and said, "They do it to each
other all the time. I hardly get any pussy from them."

When Vince saw Steve's cock rising he dropped to his knees and began to
suck for all he was worth. He had a miraculous tongue and stroked Steve's
shaft in unison with inhaling the precum.

He finished Steve off about the time Vicki came and screamed, "Save the
snoball for me."

She ran over to Vince and kissed him to share Steve's cum.

Turning to Steve she said, "That tasted good and I'm pleased to meet you
Steve. Do you want to fuck me tonight?"

Steve was somewhat surprised and looked over at Nancy who was laughing as
she removed the strap-on.

She said, "I didn't raise a shrinking violet."

Vicki was now fondling Steve's cock and saying, "But first you have to let
me clean up your bush."

"Clean up my bush .... how do you mean?" Steve inquired.

Vicki said, "I want to shave off that unsightly hair before you fuck me,
othewise I won't let you do it to me."

When Steve said, "OK, if that's what it takes to get in your cunt, go

Vicki disappeared for a few minutes but returned with a can of foam and a
straight razor. The name "Bobbit" flashed through his mind but when she
knelt down between his legs and began to apply the foam it had a sweet

He asked her, "Is that shaving cream?"

To which she replied, "No, this is tastier to clean up after I've

As she began to work, her touch on Steve's dick made it rise until Vicki
had to push it aside as she did her thing. She then encouraged him to raise
his hips so she could shave his ass hairs and when she finished, wiping the
blade on a towel, she proceeded to lick Steve's entire pubic area, giving
special attention to his shaft that was now pulsing with his
heartbeat. Vicki then went down into his slit to rim him and then slipped
her finger into his manhole while returning to suck his cock.

By now Steve was ready to sink his dick into her but she hesitated saying,
"There is one more requirement before you can fuck me."

When Steve begged to know Vicki said, "You have to let Vince fuck you

Steve looked over to where Nancy was giving Vince a slow hand job, priming
his cock as if it needed any help to reach it's full 8 inches.

When Steve heisitated Vicki said, "Darling, don't be afraid, I'll prep you
and you can eat my pussy while Vince enjoys your ass."

"With that Vicki said, "Turn over darling," as she grabbed a butt plug to
apply cream to it and then daubed the cream on his manhole.

When she slowly began to insert the plug Steve's sphincter tightened and
Vicki said, "Relax honey it will go easier if you do and soon you'll have
your cock inside me."

Again Steve did as he was told and he could feel the plug slide into his
recturm. There was a brief pain as it entered but when Nancy came over and
began to suck his cock Steve's mind began a pleasure trip unlike he had
ever experienced. He felt the cold plug being withdrawn but quickly
replaced by the warmth of Vince's dick.

As he felt the warmth slowly ease deeper into his body Vicki sat down in
front of him and said, "Get my pussy ready with your tongue."

As he nuzzled her shaved pussy her clitoris began to grow far beyond the
size of any he had seen before. In fact, it became like a small cock rising
from within her cunt. He took it in his mouth and Vicki began to writhe and
moan. Steve was now fully occupied sexually. He was being fucked, sucked,
and he was preparing the most amazing cunt he had ever seen for his
impending entry.

Vicki, soon said, "Fuck me darling."

His cock was ready as Nancy pulled aside and Steve rose to enter Vicki. Her
pussy was nice and tight even though her cunt juices were flowing
abundantly. Vince however stayed fully engaged and soon the two bisexual
men were thrusting in unison, each moaning with delight and Nancy lying
beside them on the bed smiling and using the butt plug to fuck herself. She
was pleased to see her children enjoying the new Valentine toy she had
brought for them.

The sex play continued well into the night, Nancy sucking Vince, while he
ate Vicki's pussy and she sucked Steve's cock. Then they reversed with
Vince eating his mother's pussy while Nancy sucked Steve who rimmed Vicki.

When that matchup was finished in a flood of cum Vicki said, "Ok Steve, you
have performed admirably, now I want you to fuck my ass."

Steve said," I thought your pussy was great."

Nancy interjected, "If you thought her pussy was good you'll love her tight

Again Steve did as he was told, lathered his cock and fingers to be
inserted one at a time into Vicki's tight little ass. Soon he was fisting
her and she was asking for more and pleading for him to use his
cock. Meanwhile, Vince's cock was pounding Nancy's ass. It was anal all the
way with the women kissing and fondling each other's breasts.

After the two men dropped their loads in the women's asses the girls
insisted that the boys clean the cum out of their asses. So it was Steve
tonguing Nancy's asshole and Vince cleaning out his sister's shute. Each
massaged the pussy while working their tongues into the dripping assholes
and before long the girls were begging to be screwed again. So Steve
mounted Nancy doggy fashion and Vince did the same to his sister.

Steve looked over at Vince and said, "How long have you been fucking your

Vince's smiled and replied, " Ever since she had peach fuzz on her crotch.

Nancy again spoke up, "I only had a two-bedroom apartment so they had to
bunk together and you can well imagine what two healthy, horny teenagers
would get into."

"Did you know it?" Steve asked.

Vince then piped up, "Sure she knew it, we came home from school one
afternoon and found some guy balling our mom on the living room sofa. They
didn't even slow down when we came in so Vicki and I thought what the hell,
why not join in. It was out first foresome, Steve and you won't be our

Steve believed every word and knew he would join the fabulous Valentines
again to make a foursome, whenever they called.

Thats All He Wrote

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