Monday, April 20, 2009

Bisexual 3sum Part 1

I don't know how well this will come out or how well it'll be received but
I'd like to relate my first all out bisexual 3sum. I'd love to hear from
you how you liked it.

I had met Jeff and Tanya online. They were listed as a bisexually curious
couple looking to explore. We chatted via IM for a few weeks and found we had a
lot of the same concerns and interests. I'm 31 and have had a few bisexual
experiences in the last few years but still prefer women. Ideally I'd love to
find a bi gal and together explore all the possibilities that a bi couple can.
But alas finding a bi gal who also enjoys bi guys is sometimes a tough order
to fill.

But I digress, Jeff & Tanya are a nice couple around the same age as me and
after talking we'd discussed our fantasies as well as finding we also enjoyed
similar movies, music and other non-sexual topics. They had also had a few
3sums in their recent past but were looking for a bi guy to allow Jeff to
explore some of his interests and also it turned Tanya on as well.

We met at a local restaurant/bar half way between us and over a great
dinner really found we had great chemistry together. I have a few extra
pounds on me and they're just an average couple as well. Sorry to those of
you who are reading this and are hoping for a Ken & Barbie story. Tanya is
a very pretty woman, with very alluring eyes, Angelina Jolie lips and a
fantastic rack. Personally I prefer a woman with a little meat on her
because without silicone/saline I have yet to find that in a waif. She also
had a great perfume on, I don't know the name or anything but I love a gal
who smells great. Jeff was a lot like me, just an average guy who was
probably one of the coolest guys to hang out with even in the absence of
our current meeting.

They had hired a babysitter to watch their kids while we had gone to dinner.
We decided to go back to their place and get comfortable. We had to sneak
into the house so as not to get their kids up with the excitement of their
return. Their babysitter is a hot little 19-21 year old with a Jerry Springer
type story. After she left (I know your hoping that she joined the fun too but
they had to keep up appearances) we were having some fun in their home theater
in the basement. We started off with Jeff kissing Tanya and her touching me.
Jeff and I were caressing her body and trying to drive her wild. She unzipped
my pants and was stroking my rock hard cock as she and I were kissing. As we
kissed I could hear Jeff unzip his pants to release his pent up excitement.
My cock was starting to leak precum from kissing Tanya and feeling her
nipples harden. Jeff had pushed up her skirt and was rubbing her pussy through her
panties, getting a bird's eye view of all our fun. He lifted her shirt and
unclasped her bra freeing those great tits of hers. We broke our kissing and
she turned to the side and engulfed his cock as I sucked on her nipples and
squeezed those fantastic tits.

Seeing Jeff's long cock filling her moth was sooo hot, it was like watching
my own personal porno close-up. I reached down and fealt how wet she'd gotten.
Her sexy little panties were absolutely drenched. I could feel her hard
little clitty. I eased my hand around the side of her panties and massaged her
pussy. Her lips were just perfect. Just prominent enough to feel yet soo firm
and pliable. Her clit must've been extended 1" by now. I was rubbing circles
around her clit and alternating sliding my 2 fingers up and down her wet slit
as I kissed up her chest to her neck. I had been told previously that this
was a huge erogenous zone for her.

It was soooo hot kissing her neck seeing her sucking Jeff off soo close by.
I kissed up her neck towards her mouth. She turned towards me a bit keeping
Jeff in her mouth. Her cheeks were bulging out as Jeff thrust between her
succulent lips. As I approached her lips I could see how thick his cock was,
about 7" and glistening with her saliva. She let him slip though her lips and
immediately kissed me. I could taste his cock on her as we kissed. Suddenly I
fealt his cock against both our lips. Our lips parted slightly as his engorged
and slick cockhead slipped between our lips and tongues. She mewed like a
kitten as we both kissed over the head of his cock and I could feel her pussy
spasm around my 2 fingers as it happened.

His cock tasted sooo good and hot. I could feel his heat beat as it throbbed
between our lips. He was fucking both our mouths and she and I were
alternating tonguing each other as well as his precum slicked head.
How do you like so far??? Let me know if I should continue...

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