Monday, April 20, 2009

Al, Jan, and Mike

You sure that you're ok with this?" Jan had a more
serious than usual tone and looked deeply into Mike's
blue eyes as she questioned. It had started a month
ago when an on-line friend of Mike's had IM'd Mike but
gotten Jan instead. Jan had monitored, off and on, the
conversations between Mike and Al but had never talked
to Al. Most of the stuff that the guys shared was
about sexual desires but some was non-sexual...,
football, basketball, etc... Jan felt comfortable with
Al and took the opportunity of Mike's absence to let
Al know that she liked him.

It took only few superficial lines back and forth
before Jan and Al were openly flirting. Sometimes
people just connect and Jan really connected with this
friendly guy quickly. Al was about 10 years younger
than Jan, mid thirties, single with a good job, about
6 foot 250 ibs, husky also very hairy . Jan had seen a
nearly naked
picture of Al that he'd sent to Mike a long time ago
when the two guys were first getting well acquainted.
As they chatted more Jan couldn't resist finding that
pic on the desktop and placing it beside the
chat-screen so she could see Al as she IM'd. She now
almost wished she'd let Mike send a pic of her to Al
when he'd asked so Al could be looking at her. But, at
the time she really thought that this was just going
to be Mike's friend and that she wouldn't be more
involved than just observing as Mike shared their
fantasies and adventures with Al.

After about fifteen minutes, leading to more graphic
IM's, Jan decided to put a halt to this episode and
told Al that perhaps he should IM back in an hour or
so when Mike got home. Al must have sensed Jan's
caution and apologized for any line-crossing he might
have done. Jan assured Al that she was equally guilty
and had really enjoyed their session but really needed
to go.

And she did. In fact Jan had left the screen with Al's
picture on the computer after she signed off and,
leaning back a bit in the chair, began to massage her
breasts with one hand while finding her wet clitoris
with the other. As she slowly brought her body to peak
arousal she looked at Al's picture and fantasized
about what it might be like to be with him. She
wondered if he'd like her but deep inside knew that
she was still very appealing. At 5 foot 11 and 160 she
was actually in better shape now than a few years ago.

"I think it's sooo cool." Mike was just finishing
reading the correspondence that Jan had saved. "I'll
bet that Al jacked-off all over his keyboard."

"Well, I really was a little out of line without
talking to you first...," Jan hesitated to check
Mike's reaction knowing that if the situation had been
reversed that she'd likely be a little angry with him,
"but it just sort of happened."

"Really Babe, I'm ok with it...," Mike smiled that
special smile of his and continued, "in fact, I'm
really ok with it Jan. Al and I have talked about
threesomes before and you were the third in almost all
of our fantasies. I think it'd be great if you and Al
continued and got to know each other better."

And they did. In fact at first it seemed that Jan
spent more time on-line with Al than Mike did and most
of the e-mails were now between Al and Jan. But, Mike
seemed to enjoy them all as much as Jan and Al
obviously did. Mike did keep frequently in touch with
Al too and encouraged him at every opportunity.

"Hon...," Mike looked into Jan's pretty green eyes
after they'd just finished having intercourse, "you
know how we used to be at the Orlando Airport to pick
someone up or drop someone off and fantasize about
just picking a flight at random and taking off?"

"Yes, and we ought to just do that someday." Jan
smiled with the thought of being so spontaneous.

"Well, I was just thinking about maybe doing something
just that spontaneous."

"What?" Jan was now very interested in what Mike was

"Well, what if we e-mailed Al and told him we were
going to be at the hotel in the Mobile Airport
tomorrow night and he was welcomed to join us if he
wanted to.? Then, just head on down to Orlando with an
overnight bag and catch the next flight."

"Are you serious?" Jan's mind began to run on
overdrive. "What if he doesn't get the e-mail in time?
What if he doesn't want to really be with us?"

"What-ever...," Mike smiled coyly. "It'd still be a
lot of fun to just do it and let whatever happens,
happen. I'm sure we could have a good time alone in
that hotel room Babe."

So, they got out of bed and made a call to a friend to
take care of the pets for a couple of days, then
packed a few things and in less than three hours were
boarding a plane to Atlanta to connect with one to
Mobile. The room was really nice and the only
disappointment was the fact that no rooms were
available without reservations with a king-sized bed.
So, Mike and Jan laughed as they each thought of
fantasies with three people involving two queen-size

They had just about forgotten that they were really
waiting for a third person and about to get into their
own love-making when they heard the knock on the door.

"Well now..., hope I'm not here at a bad time." Al
grinned sheepishly as he peered into the room over
Jan's shoulder and saw Mike laying on the bed with his
jeans opened at the crotch. "Damn, it's good to
actually see you for real." Al stepped into the room
and grabbed Jan and gave her a very tight hug.

"Oooh, wow," Jan hugged Al back and shut the door
behind him, "and it's good to actually feel you as

"Hey buddy," Mike quickly got out of the bed and moved
to the couple extending his hand, "man, am I glad you
made it. We were about to give up and just fantasize
about you again."

The two men shook hands, then when Al and Jan separated the two men hugged
and mike got the smell of Al arms pits strong and manly he was a
construction worker also when he shake his hand mike put it near his nose
and got the strong hit of foreskin almost like his wife's vagina but
different he was very happy that al was uncut couse he love the smell of
it,since he was in the navy and his roommate jose a Mexican hunky dude who
introduce mike to men's scents one time they bunk together at jose mom's
for his sister wedding and both got drunk jose said to mike he'll take the
bottom of the bed and mike took the top mike got to bed around 3am and jose
a bit later when he got in his feet where in mike's face was a strong
cheese smell that makes mike hard and also awake then in one of those turns
mike got across jose's uncut meat he rub the tip of it was wet and creamy
he took it to his nose and find a pugnet scent that he never got in his
life also to feel another man's member that close jose by now in full
erection he when back and try to put his hand where it was but jose's dick
was right there he hold it was very thick and different that his he was cut
but not that big jose's was 10'' and 4'' round a monster dick, jose turn
and and start to push his hips fuckin' his fist mike by this time moved and
put his nose by jose's dick and peel the skin and got a strong hit by it he
can see also by the light from the window the same creamy stuff around the
shaft he put his tongue and grab some was a cheese strong taste that make
him crazy he start put it more and getting more of jose's meat in his mouth
was so big he put half and then jose start fucking his vigin mouth mike
start beating his own when he taste a salty liquid on his tongue and then
more then was to much a and went to his side of his mouth and then the bed
he could ear jose said yea!yea and the same moment he shoot his load all
over himself then jose turn and when to sleep both knew what happened next
morning just a smile on jose's face and since then mike was getting the
taste of men before he got merried with Jan 7 years ago.

"Well, here we are," Mike sat on one of the beds
across from Al and Jan on the other, "Can't believe
we'd feel a little awkward when we finally got

"No kidding," Al immediately spoke after Mike to
prevent another long silence but unsure what to say

"Well guys," Jan seemed a little more confident and
enjoyed this taking of control, "I don't really see a
need for conversation here." With that she began to
unbutton her blouse and revealed her great breasts to
the two men. Al seized the moment and lowered his
mouth to the breast nearest to him and satisfied a
curiosity he'd had for months. As he savored Jan's
breast with his mouth he reached over and felt of the
other with his hands. Jan continued to undress even
while Al was bringing her such pleasure. She glanced
over at Mike for reassurance and saw him smiling
broadly with his hand stroking his now-exposed
9''uncut think monster.

As soon as Jan had her slacks off she felt Al's hand
going into her panties and finding her wet pussy very
ready. Jan continued by slipping her panties off, then
began to undress her partner. It wasn't long before
they were both naked and exploring every inch of each
other's bodies with tongue, lips, and hands.

Mike couldn't believe how quickly things had happened
but was as excited as he'd ever been before in any
sexual situation. And there'd been a lot of very
exciting situations over the years. He watched as his
Jan savored, and was being savored by, his friend and
continued to stroke his own 7'' hard cock as he

It was as natural as that first hand-shake a few short
moments before for Jan and Al to go from sixty-nine to
completely fucking right in front of Mike.

Mike thought about, and sort of wanted, to join in but
decided to let the couple have this first time alone.
As soon as he saw that Al must be cumming in his
beautiful wife's pussy, and knew that Jan was cumming
as well, Mike did finally move to the bed and give Jan
a very soft passionate kiss on the lips.

"Al, if you'd indulge a friend...," Mike looked at Al
after he and Jan broke their long kiss, "there's
something I've really fantasized about for a long time

"Sure..., ok..., what?" Al moved off of Jan's nice
body and looked a little confused for a second then
smiled, "Oh, yes of course my friend." As Al moved
over to the unoccupied bed Mike began to kiss down
Jan's neck to her breasts. Taking ample time to enjoy
each he continued down her tummy to her clitoris then
to his target. Mike began to lick the juices created
by the recent object of his arousal from Jan's sweet
pussy. Watching the couple he liked so much enjoying
sex together had Al almost instantly getting hard

After Mike slowly brought Jan to another climax while
cleaning her thoroughly he kissed back up to her lips
and expressed his love for her by whispering in her
ear. He then slipped out of the bed and stood in front
of Al who was sitting on the other bed stroking his
uncut cock.

"Ok, one down...," Mike looked at Al for approval,
"and one fantasy to go."

"My pleasure Mike." Al leaned back and offered his
still wet and uncut cock up to Mike.

Mike immediately kneeled down on the floor in front of
Al and began to lick the juices from Al's cock. Jan
moved up on the other bed to allow her a better
vantage point to watch her two men for the evening. It
was just a very natural occurrence for the two men to
slowly get into the sixty-nine position and soon they
were both getting very close to cumming in each
other's mouths.

"Wait...," Mike began to get off of Al and continued,
"I really want to cum in Jan if you don't mind Al."

"Of course not Mike...," Al seemed a little reluctant
to stop what they'd started and come so close to
finishing, "I understand totally." Mike quickly moved
over to the other bed where Jan was already
positioning herself on her knees for Mike to take her
dog-style. She was so wet from watching the show that
it took little effort for Mike's cock to slide into
her nice pussy.

"Hey, buddy...," Mike turned to Al and nodded to Jan,
"You might see if our gal would like more than just me
right now." Al looked hesitant until Jan looked at him
with a huge grin. "Hey good-looking. Bring that nice
cock over here and let me watch you shoot all over

Al moved to the other bed, and as Mike fucked his
beautiful wife from behind, Al began to masturbate by
her face. Jan watched and gave an occasional lick and
suck until she felt Mike begin to cum in her hot
pussy. This put her so close to another climax that
she couldn't resist taking this other cock into her
mouth and sucking it till she felt the first short
squirt, then watching as it continued to squirt it's
juices over her back and the side of her breast. Just
the sight brought another small orgasm to her
now-tired but satisfied, body.

"Ok my friend...," Al looked at Mike, then down at
Mike's wet cock slipping out of Jan's pussy, "Now it's
my turn."


"Just a second" Mike muttered as he climbed over Jan
to get out of the bed.

As he stepped towards the door to answer the knock he
noticed that Al wasn't there. The other bed had the
appearance of someone sleeping in it, but then with
all the activity last night it would anyway. Mike
quickly thought about all the things he, Jan, and Al
had experimented with and remembered falling asleep in
Jan's embrace. He vaguely remembered Al laying down in
the other bed but had no idea when he'd left.

Mike opened the door and saw a hotel employee with a
cart. The smell of the hot coffee was very welcomed
and he knew that Jan would be thrilled with the
assortment of pastries and fruit when she awakened.
"Just a minute and...,"

"No need sir." The young woman interrupted. "The tip
was included in the payment. Have a nice day."

With a nice smile the young lady turned and went down
the hall leaving Mike with the cart. Mike looked at
Jan on the bed as he sipped the coffee. "What a
night..., what a really wonderful night." Mike almost
whispered out loud to himself. "Sure hope Jan feels
the same way when she wakes up...," Mike had a second
of a frown then began smiling as his thoughts
continued, "but then why wouldn't she? Damn was she
very sexy last night. And Al, what a real friend. Had
he not started his flirting with Jan, but in a
considerate way, and had he not been so nice, so
courteous, and hell..., so good looking, this would
never have happened. And most of all Al...," Mike
looked towards the door that Al had left through
sometime during the night, "Thanks for knowing when to
leave and let a happily married couple have their time.

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