Monday, April 20, 2009

Trip To Paris

This story happened many years ago when I was serving in the Air Force
stationed in France. I was almost 20 and arrived at Laon Air Base after
spending a year in Germany. The base was only 90 miles northeast of Paris
which made Paris our big weekend destination.

Shortly after being transferred to Laon I made friends with another airman
in my squadron. His name was Lazar. Everyone called each other by their
last names, rarely using first names, so he was just Lazar and I was
Lawrence. Lazar had recently re-enlisted for a second hitch so that he
could get stationed in Europe. He was still in his early 20's. Since we
were both new to France we were anxious to see Paris. We both put in for
weekend passes which were approved. Unless you were on duty for the
weekend passes were pretty much granted automatically.

We both got off work early on Friday and hopped the bus to the town of Laon
to catch the Paris Nord express, a short 90 minute train ride into the big
city. I was excited as our train rolled into Gare du Nord in Paris. The
ultimate destination for any GI coming to Paris in those days was Pigalle,
the red light district for most of the military. Our buddies back at the
base had advised us on where to go and how to get there. It was a short
ride on the Metro from the train station to Place Pigalle.

As we came out of the underground a middle-aged hooker shouted at us.

"Suckee fuckee GI? I make good love." Welcome to Paris. It wasn't
difficult to find whores. It was probably more difficult to avoid them.
We weren't ready to settle for a cheap old whore while our wallets were
full. We walked to nearby Place Blanche, near the Moulon Rouge, down a
side street, and finally to a small hotel we had heard about. It was cheap
and clean. The bathroom was down the hall but we were use to that from
living in the barracks. The room had two full beds, a sink, and a bidet.

After stashing our overnight bags we headed back on to the street. The
Metro was very easy to use and we found our way to the Champs Elysees. An
armed forces cafeteria was located just off the Champs so we had burgers
for dinner. Money was always in short supply for us GI's, so we tried to
eat cheap and save our dollars for beer and broads. After wondering around
the famous avenue we caught the Metro back to Pigalle.

It was later now and more "working girls" were on the street. We tried a
few bars until finding one that was GI friendly. That means with no bar
girls who tried to fish you for watered down drinks without providing any
sex. As we walked into one place a whore grabbed me by the crotch as I
walked by, something that never happened to me before, which made my
stomach do flip flops. The dive we finally settled on was called the
Nebraska Bar. It was one of a group of bars where GI's hung out. The
others included the Canada Bar, The Happy Landing, and The Blue Train.

As the night wore on, Lazar and I both gave in to temptation and found
hookers. The first one I found was very pretty and for $7 I got laid. It
only took 10 minutes. We didn't even get undressed. Slam bang thank you
mam. That didn't stop our hormones from surging. A little later I was off
again, this time finding a slightly older hooker who offered "suckee
fuckee" for $6. It was my first blow job. The sensation was wonderful
while it lasted. My "girlfriend" stopped giving me the "suckee" part of
the bargain, straddled me, and finished off the "fuckee" part. It was
better than the first one, but again we didn't undress and it was over in a

As the night grew later I met back up with Lazar at the Blue Train. We
both bragged about our exploits. I think we were both ready for more (I
sure was) but this frantic activity plus buying beer was depleting our
meager financial resources at an alarming rate. With another night to
spend in Paris we decided to go back to the hotel to save enough money for
food and beer until we got back to the air base. Neither of us had enough
money left for sex.

Back in the hotel room we were both too keyed up to go to sleep. In GI
fashion we had both stripped down to our under shorts and T-shirts, he on
one bed and me on another. Our conversation kept coming back to our sexual

"Did you get a blow job?" Lazar asked.

"Yea...well, part of a blow job. You know, suckee fuckee. So kind of half
a blow job."

"How did you like it? Man, the one whore I was with could sure suck a

"It was great but I wouldn't have lasted very long with the way she was
going. I'd have liked to make it last for hours."

"Fuck, I wish I had more money. It's going to be a bitch sitting around in
those bars tomorrow night with those whores coming on to us and no money to
get laid."

Lazar was right. It was going to be a bitch.

"You know you could get all the blow jobs you wanted without it costing a
dime if you found a guy who would trade blow jobs with you" Lazar said

I scoffed at him "Yea, find a queer and have a ball". I said this with a
laugh. I didn't think he was serious.

"Sure. Think about it. Men have mouths just like women do. We don't have
cunts, but we have the same equipment for blow jobs. Consider how much
money we spent on getting laid. You could have saved all that if you had a
suck buddy."

"Yea, sure" I laughed. I noticed that Lazar was smiling, but he wasn't
laughing. And he was gently stroking his dick which was bulging in his
shorts. That is when I realized that Lazar might not be joking. My
stomach did a little flip flop.

"Just think about it. Getting a blow job for nothing. Man, the one I had
tonight was great. I want more." After a brief pause he said quietly
"What do you think?"

My stomach was in my throat now and I could hardly talk. Lazar was
serious. His dick was now poking out of his shorts, his hand stroking ever
so slowly.

"Get serious man" I croaked, "we'd end up with DD's." A DD was a
dishonorable discharge. Any queer caught in the service was going to get a
DD or a BCD (bad conduct discharge).

"Hey, nobody is going to get caught. We're in a hotel in Paris, not the

"No man. I'm not queer."

"Neither of us is queer asshole. We're just horny. This is about getting
a free blow job, not about liking boys. I can tell you're interested
Lawrence, you're dick is as hard as a post."

It was true. My cock was hard and tenting my shorts.

"No man. If you got your cock in my mouth you'd tell somebody."

"No way Lawrence. If word got out we would both get DD's, no matter who
was doing the sucking and who was the suckee."

"I couldn't do it. You're a good troop and all that, but once you got your
rocks off you wouldn't come near my dick."

"Sure I would. Honest. You can trust me."

"Not good enough."

Lazar sat there, slowly stroking. I thought he was out of arguments but I
was wrong.

"How about this Lawrence. I'll give you all the rest of the money in my
wallet. No money left for food or beer. You keep the money. When I blow
you, you give the money back. We're here for another day. You know I gota
eat and I'll want beer. It's a perfect solution."

And it was a perfect solution. I couldn't think of a reason why it
shouldn't work. It was that bit of extra insurance which closed the deal.

"OK" I nodded, barely speaking the words. I was so keyed up I could hardly
talk. The deal was done. My eyes were on Lazar's hard cock and I was
thinking what have I got myself into.

"Great. Fucking great." Lazar said with a big smile. He slipped his
fingers into the elastic of his shorts and slid them off. Now he was nude
from the waist down. He looked at me for another second and then pulled
his T-shirt off and laid back on the bed.

I hesitated to move. Maybe as a delaying tactic, I took time to take off
my shorts and then the T-shirt. Now we were both nude. Ever so softly
Lazar said "OK, come on. Let's get started. It's not going to bite you."

Oh my goodness. I had never been so excited in my life. My heart was in
my throat. I sat at the foot of Lazar's bed looking up between his legs.
There was his hard cock and his large set of balls. I slowly slid closer,
now with my head at about knee level but then I froze.

"Come on Lawrence. Don't chicken out on me now. Think of the blow job
I'll give you. Man, I'm horny. Get started" he pleaded.

I edged closer, my mouth now over his cock. I didn't know if I could
actually do it. It was taking a great deal of effort to force myself to
open my mouth and take his dick inside. I tried once, then again, and yet

"Do it Lawrence. Please. We're so close. Don't back out now" and even
softer "take it in your mouth, go ahead, take it in your mouth".

For the fourth time I tried and finally got it inside. I held his dick in
my right hand and my mouth was wide open, so it was inside but it wasn't
really touching my mouth. Slowly, reluctantly, I finally closed my lips
around the hard shaft. My tongue came into contact with his dick now by
accident. At first I pulled my tongue back, but then I let it slide around
his cock to lubricate it with my spit. I moved my mouth up and down on the
shaft slowly, gradually finding my way. The taste of his skin along with
the taste of his earlier sexual escapades filled my mouth. As it slide
deep into my mouth my nose brushed through his hair. It smelled of crotch,
heavy with the sweat of a long day of work and sex. With my mouth full of
his meat I had to breath deeply through my nose, pulling in his musk, while
tasting his flesh.

"Oh yeah Lawrence. You're getting the hang of it now. You're doing good.
Just a little faster."

Responding to his urging I slipped up and down on his cock. As my pace
increased his dick sank deeper into my mouth, pushing against my throat, my
nose buried deep into his bush. My heart was racing. My dick had never
been harder. My senses were flooded with erotic input. The smell, the
taste, the feel of his hard pulsing cock, his hair tickling my nose and
lips, the sounds of my sucking and slippery friction and his moans. Yes,
suddenly I noticed that he was moaning and that made me move even faster up
and down on his dick.

I began to rub my tongue under the head of his cock as I reached the top on
my stroke, then tried to rub it along the shaft as much as possible during
the rest of the stroke responding to Lazar's moans. If he moaned more I
did more of whatever seemed to be pleasing him. It was hard to get started
but now I was fully involved in my task.

Along with all the other sensations, suddenly I found a new taste and feel.
A new slickness centered in a thick glob in my mouth, a slightly salty
taste, and finally a new smell. It took a few seconds to register. It
smelled like cum.

"Oh, whoa...slow up Lawrence...ohhh, man, easy...just suck it nice and
easy." I realized that Lazar had cum and I didn't know what to do. It
didn't occur to me that I'd end up with a wade of cum in my mouth. I
wanted to get rid of it but Lazar wanted me to keep gently sucking while he
had the feeling. I tried to accommodate, but when I accidentally swallowed
some of the cum I coughed and ended up with cum and spit all over my lips
and mouth. I crawled over to the bidet and spit until I couldn't spit

"Easy Lawrence. It isn't poison ya know" Lazar said in an almost teasing
tone. He had a smile on his face and a slightly far away look in his eyes.
"That was nice. You did a good job...for a rookie cock sucker" he laughed.
"You'll get even better."

"I'm not sure there will be a next time" I said, still trying to remove the
taste of Lazar's cum from my mouth.

"Oh, I think there will." Said Lazar as he stared at my rock hard cock.
"Looks like it gets you excited. It sure got me going."

"Yea, and now its my turn to get a blow job".

"Easy now. Give me some time to recover. I'm not going to blow you until
I'm horny again. Just relax here on the bed while I catch my breath."

I laid down beside Lazar, both of us squirming to make room on the one bed
for both of us. Somehow we managed to keep from touching each other and
from falling off the bed.

"Just how long is it going to take before your ready to settle your part of
the bargain?"

"Hey, this is the third time I've cum tonight. Give me a break. It might
help if you play with me a little, otherwise you might have to wait for

My hand gently grabbed his limp cock. I was so hot at this point I would
do whatever it took to get him set for my blow job. Slowly I stroked it up
and down then used my finger tips to tickle along the head and up and down
the shaft. This went on for 15 or 20 minutes without much of a result. In
the mean time my cock was still rock hard.

"What might work is if you sucked on it a little. Let it get hard in your
mouth. That would be hot for me. Otherwise we might be here all night."

"I already gave you a blow job."

"Sure, so what's the big deal. This will speed things along...and it looks
like you need to cum bad."

I figured "what the hell". There wasn't anything I could do to erase what
had already been done and I sure needed to get off. Reversing position, I
found myself staring at his limp cock, only inches from my lips. It didn't
take 4 tries this time. I began to gently suck on his limp dick It felt so
different from his pulsing rock hard prick. It was kind of fun to play
with this much smaller member in my mouth, sucking, stocking with my
tongue, using my lips to slide along the soft shaft. Again I could smell
his crotch. It wasn't pleasant but I didn't find it unpleasant either. It
was a smell I was familiar with but one I had never thought of as erotic.
Now it was a little.

His shaft began to feel more rigid. Still not hard but not as limp as it
was. I continued to play, not really minding that it was taking awhile to
get him hard. The first time was such an overwhelming experience that it
was more than I could take in at once. Now I had time to explore, to
experience, to enjoy. The feel of it, the smell of it, the excitement of
doing it were more fun than I had ever imagined. It was almost a surprise
when I felt Lazar take my cock in his mouth. By now he was fully erect and
I was focusing my activity toward serious stimulation, sucking, moving my
clinging lips up and down his shaft. It didn't occur to me to stop now
that Lazar was paying back my first blow job.

My dick had been hard for what seemed like hours. You would think I would
have cum in seconds. Strangely I didn't. My concentration was so intent
on Lazar's cock that I couldn't focus on my own orgasm. Lazar seemed to be
doing a good job, but my whole being seemed to be centered on the throbbing
member sliding in and out of my mouth. Lazar suddenly shifted his
position, rolling on top of me. Now his cock was above me thrusting down
into my mouth. It was all I could do to take his frantic lunges, sucking
as well as I could, seeing his balls rising and falling toward my face. He
continued to suck me but it was as if I was split into two bodies, the one
that was getting sucked which seemed far away, and the body that was
getting its face fucked which took up 95% of my awareness.

Lazar's thrusts became more frantic. I reach around his back and held on
to his humping body, taking as much of his cock in his mouth as I could.
At some point he stopped sucking me, now totally taken over in his own
passion. Finally he plunged his cock deep into my mouth, blocking my
throat, and moaned loudly.

" shit." Again I felt and tasted his thick cum. He
didn't move, letting his cock rest in my mouth, not wanting to leave the
wet warm pocket of pleasure. I was pinned with a mouthful of cock and cum.
It was impossible not to taste its saltiness, to feel its slickness, or
avoid swallowing part of the wad. Finally I patted his ass and he got the
message and rolled off of me.

I attempted to spit out the remainder of his cum in the bidet but there
wasn't much left to get rid of. It had thinned in my saliva or had gone
down my throat or was smeared on my face or lips.

"Here" Lazar said handing me a towel, "get the cum off your face Lawrence.
Man, I tried to give you a blow job but you just wouldn't let go of my
dick. You did a great job boy. Super blow job. But sorry you didn't cum.
I'm wasted way I can do it again."

I looked at my still rock hard cock wondering what went wrong. He had my
cock in his mouth but somehow I had blown him twice to completion and I
hadn't got off.

"Hey, come here. On the bed. We'll take care of that boner".

I climbed back on the bed next to Lazar.

"Here, turn on your side toward the wall"

I did as he suggested. Lazar slid up behind me in a spoon position. It
felt kind of strange having another guy that close to me but after what we
had done I didn't pull away. He reached around and took my cock in his
hands and began to stroke. His body pressed closer to mine as he stroked
faster. I could feel his soft cock squished against the checks of my ass.
His stroking felt good and it didn't take long before I came. Boy did I
cum. Spurt after spurt shot across the gap between the bed and the wall.
It wasn't a blow job, but I'd take it. It still was wonderful.

By now it was quite late and we both were ready to sleep. I went back to
my bed and we were both quickly sleeping. It was a restless sleep for me.
I kept stirred between sleep and into a half sleep half awake dreamy state,
my mind locked onto the sexy events of the evening. Not on what I did with
the whores, but on the deeply affecting replay of me giving Lazar blow
jobs. My dick was immediately rock hard and there seemed to be nothing I
could do to divert my intense focus on those acts except jerk off. Only a
few strokes were necessary to get me off and then I could return to sleep.
A couple of hours later I'd be half awake again with a hardon. There is
nothing so obsessive as the sexual drive of a 19 year old.

I awoke late the next morning. The sounds of Paris traffic drifted in from
the outside. Within seconds my mind was back on what had happened in this
room. Did it really happen? Could I really have done such things? Of
course I knew it was true but it seemed more like a wet dream than
something that happened in reality. My dick was hard again just thinking
about it.

Lazar began to stir too. A few groans from his side of the room announced
his emergence from slumber. He laid still for a few minutes and then
rolled over and looked at me through half open eyes.

"Man, what a night. You still alive over there?"

"Oh yeah. What do the frogs put in their beer anyway?" But he knew I
wasn't thinking about a hangover from French beer. It was a weak attempt
to not talk about what was on both our minds. He just stared at me for a
minute or two.

"Don't talk to me about hangovers. You're still thinking about sucking
cock" he said as he threw back the covers, got out of bed, and stepped over
to the bidet to take a piss. "I bet you got a boner just thinking about

I don't know how Lazar finished the piss. When he turned toward me from
the bidet his dick was already half hard. He was still nude having gone to
sleep without putting his underwear back on. He stepped over to my bed.
"You got a rod on don't you?" He said this as he tossed back my covers.
Sure enough I had a hardon again. "Yeah, my dicks hard thinking of you
finally giving me a whole blow job."

"Yeah, I bet" Lazar said as he moved closer to me, his dick now at full
attention and poking toward my face. "I think what's turning you on is the
thought of doing the dirty last night, or doing it again this morning."

"Hey, you still owe me Lazar" I said as I shifted a little back from his
intimidating pose over my bed. Even then I hadn't come to grips with the
thrill I had received in giving him a blow job. It was important to my ego
to not have my acts be any queerer than Lazar's. As far as I was ready to
admit was that we were two straight guys saving money on sex.

He leaned over me, moving his cock within inches of my face, and suddenly
his hand was applying gentle but firm pressure on the back of my head
pulling my mouth against his hot meat as he said "put it on my account."

I hesitated for an instant, even trying to resist the push of his hand, but
a thrill seemed to shoot through me all the way to the pit of my stomach
and on to the tip of my dick. Certainly I should have resisted more but
the desire to experience doing it again was overwhelming. My mouth opened
and was immediately filled with his straining cock. He kept the gentle
pressure on the back of my head but he knew from the enthusiastic reception
in my mouth that it wasn't needed. It was if a dam of my inhibitions gave
way. Truly for the time I let the facade of how I wished people to see me
be cast aside so my native passion had full rein.

My mouth couldn't get enough of Lazar's cock. I couldn't get enough of
Lazar's cock. It was my master. I sucked it, licked it, took it so deep
that my nose was buried in his hair, breathing in his musk, even allowed it
to slip from between my wet lips to give it a kiss on the head. Lazar
immediately pushed it back into my ready mouth and started thrusting as if
my mouth was one of those French whore's cunts from last night.

He took control, rolling me on my back and pushing pillows behind my back
and neck. I felt his weight as he swung his leg over me and came to rest
with his knees on my upper arms and shoulders. He leaned into me, again
filling my mouth with his cock, and began fucking my face. Animal like
thrusts pushed that cock deep into my mouth and throat. Lazar's dominate
position left me incapable of moving away from this humping. I was pinned,
unable to resist, and at the mercy of his sexual need. I moaned. I
couldn't believe it. Was that me moaning? Not in pain. Not in
humiliation. They were moans of pleasure. I was so overcome with pleasure
that I couldn't hide it if I wanted too. It was if I had been ignoring my
body's needs since puberty and endorphins were now being pumped into my
body with each thrust of that wonderful cock.

Now Lazar was moaning, louder than me, as his humping took on a frantic
rhythm. I recognized the taste of his cum, now a familiar and pleasant
flavor, as he thrust his cock deep into my mouth and released his load. It
spurted down my throat which had been forced open by the head of his dick.
We held this position briefly, too briefly for me, as he gained control of
himself. It was with a sense of loss that I felt his softening cock slide
from my lips. Lazar sat down on his bed and looked back at me. "Look at
that raging hardon. You loved getting my cock in your mouth again." I
suddenly began to feel humiliated, unable to meet his eyes. "Hey, don't be
embarrassed. We both went into this looking to get more sex for our
money. I sure got what I wanted...and then some. By the looks of that
dick, you got a whole lot out of it too. Hell, by the sound of those moans
you might of enjoyed it more than me. Well, at least as much anyway."

My eyes were on the floor, unable to look at Lazar, and I couldn't think of
a thing to say. I wanted to defend my manhood, make some connection to our
deal to give each other head, but my performance left no doubt of what I
liked. Involuntarily I gave a shiver as I curled into the fetal position.

He sat on the bed next to me, put his hand on my shoulder and began talking
softly. "Don't take it so hard Lawrence. Some guys like to get their
cocks sucked and some guys just love to suck'm. You should be happy you
found a guy with a cock that likes sucking. You know I can't say a word
about it. Nobody knows but you and me. You'll get to do it some more
while keeping it a secret. Think of the bright side...more sex, just the
way you like it with no risk of letting the cat out of the bag. How long
you been looking for a cock to suck anyway?"

"I haven't been looking, really I haven't."

"Sure" but he didn't sound sure at all. "Whatever you say. It's our
secret. Relax and lets make the most of it. This is probably the biggest
secret anyone's ever let me in on. Thanks for thinking enough of me to
share something so intimate. This sure makes us special buddies."

His words soothed my degraded ego a little. I'm not sure I would have
chosen Lazar to keep a personal secret of this magnitude but circumstances
sometimes determine who our close friends will be. Lazar had one attribute
which I couldn't get enough of and that was between his legs.

"Come on. Get dressed and lets see what Paris has to offer. The City of
Lights is waiting for us."

Day 2

It was one of those early fall days in Paris. A deep blue sky, warm
temperature but not too warm, and all the frogs back from their August
vacations. A perfect day for exploring one of the worlds great cities.
The Metro allowed us to move quickly and cheaply around Paris. First it
was back to the Champs Elysees, the center of the action. We found the
underground walkway to the Arc de Triomphe, saw the French unknown
soldier's grave, went to the top of the Arc for a great view down the
Champs and around Paris. After the Arc we grabbed a jambon (ham sandwich)
for lunch and trekked toward the Eiffel Tower.

We horsed around as we walked toward the tower. Seeing this famous city on
such a beautiful day had us both almost giddy with excitement. At one
point Lazar put his arm around my shoulders and an instant later was
applying pressure to the back of my neck. It was a reminder of his
dominance of me that morning as well as my submission to his desires. He
quickly removed his arm and we both laughed. His laugh was almost that of
a bully who knew he had the upper hand. Mine was out of self
consciousness. I felt weak in giving in so easily but at the same time my
stomach had butterflies.

A few francs took care of our admission to the Eiffel Tower. As we entered
the small elevator that goes to the very top of the tower, Lazar took the
spot against the back wall facing forward. I ended up in front of Lazar as
people filled the car. Bodies seemed to be pressing in from all sides in
the crowded elevator, but I felt the most pressure from my back. Lazar was
pressing against me. It dawned on me that a hard lump was firmly against
me butt. Lazar was using the close quarters to rub his cock against my
ass, albeit separated by a couple of layers of clothing. With bodies
pressing on all sides it was impossible for me to move away. The elevator
groaned on toward the top and Lazar continued to grind away at my butt. It
was embarrassing but I could feel my dick involuntarily responding to this
flirtation. By the time we reached the top I was squirming to reposition
my privates so they weren't obvious. Lazar laughed quietly as he noticed
my gyrations.

With such a clear day the view from the top was spectacular. Peering from
the tower gave my mind something to distract it from generating sexual
energy so my dick again became unnoticeable in my jeans.

After the tower we walked along the Left Bank past the numerous book seller
stalls. It was one wonderful sight after another. Finally we crossed to
the Ile de la Cite and visited Notre Dame.

"Let's hope we don't get struck by lightning going in this place" whispered
Lazar as we entered the great cathedral. I guess we are all sinners but
after what we had done maybe we could be at the top of the list for
retribution. Even with that passing thought we were awed by the medieval

"If I hadn't come along you might be trying to blow Quasimoto" Lazar

"Give it a rest dip shit. Just look at this place." One of the good parts
of being in the service is seeing the world. Most of the real travel I had
done was due to the Air Force and this certainly matched my greatest

After Ile de la Cite it was back to the right bank, Place de la Concorde,
and back up the Champs. It had been an exciting day, even if I forgot
about how it started, and we were ready to grab some chow. At that point
in my life beer was more important than food. In order to conserve our
meager resources for spending at a bar, we returned to the armed forces
cafeteria just off the Champs near the FDR Metro stop.

"Next time we come to Paris together we'll eat some of the Frenchies food"
said Lazar as we ate our burgers. "We'll eat well when we haven't wasted
our money on whores."

Lazar kept reminding me of our arrangement of the previous night. He
didn't let it rest. Now it seemed that he figured that we would continue
our special activities into the future. Last night was fun I had to admit
to myself, but I hadn't thought about repeating the experience. When
Lazar's comments made me briefly reflect on the idea my cock leaped to

"So, what did you think of Paris today?" I quickly tried to change the
subject and stem the growing presence in my pants.

"Cool. And there's a lot more to see. We'll have to save that for the
next time we're here. Hey, a great city and plenty of free sex...what
could be better?"

There was no changing the subject with Lazar. Even after we returned to
Montmartre and the bars on Pigalle he kept reminding me of our escapades in
a dozen different ways, some subtle while others went directly to the

"These working girls are wasting their time on us tonight". We were
drinking beer in the Blue Train as Lazar made yet another oblique reference
to his expectation for the night. The Blue Train wasn't a big hooker bar
but there were plenty of them coming in and out. Occasionally they would
stop by to flirt up some business.

The night before these come ons stirred my loins and were difficult to
resist. I was an easy mark until my money ran low. Sex was still a fairly
new experience for me and the ready access to pussy was impossible to
ignore. Tonight was different. At first I thought it was the lack of
ready cash, but there was something else that was protecting me. The
anticipation of what might happen when we returned to our hotel room gave a
focal point for my sexual day dreams. What might happen there trumped what
wasn't going to happen with the whores. Lazar wouldn't let me forget so he
helped make it easy to fend off the girls.

Between the great flood of sexual business being conducted around us and
Lazar's sexual banter, my erotic desires were brought to a simmer. My mind
continuously played back scenes from the previous night. It was difficult
to think of anything else. My dick was hard.

"Hey Lawrence, wake up! Are you with me boy? I'm talking and you're eyes
are glassed over. We haven't had that much beer."

"I'm sorry. I must have been thinking of something else."

"Oh I know what you were thinking of. Something stiff and hot."

"Fuck you Lazar. Shut up." I coughed, choking on my beer at what he said
out loud in a public place.

"Don't sweat it. Nobodies paying attention to us with all the whores
around" he scoffed. "I notice you didn't deny it" he finished with a
leering smile.

"Come on. Keep what's private private." I couldn't think of anything else
to say. My dick was hard and I couldn't do anything about it. What he
said had hit the mark. I wouldn't have liked it if he said it in private.
In public I felt like I was being exposed. It was very humiliating to me.

Lazar chugged down his beer and turned to me on his bar stool. "I think
it's time to go back to the hotel." After a pause he asked "you ready?"
with a look in his eye that communicated this question on two levels. I
answered yes to both.

We didn't say a word as we walked back to the hotel. The sexual tension
was electric between us. We were heading back with money in our pockets
which told it all. Only one thing short of a fire could get us out of a
bar on a Saturday night when we could still afford beer.

Once the door was closed to our room Lazar turned and smiled at me. It was
more a leer than a smile with his eyes hooded with lust.

"I've been waiting to get you back here ever since we left this morning
Lawrence. You too...I can tell. You're hot for some more of my cock.
Come and get it babe, I want to whitewash your tonsils."

It was humiliating, what he said to me. I didn't like it and wanted to
bark something back at him, a denial, a curse, something, but I couldn't
form words. My heart was pounding, my mouth was dry and at the same time I
was salivating. The compulsion to move forward, to do it again, to get his
cock in my mouth, was overwhelming. It was never far from my mind all day.
And Lazar kept stoking the flames with his little comments. If I resisted
I might never get the opportunity again. I was hot for his dick and
couldn't stop.

He looked down at me as I came to rest on my knees in front of him. My
hands reached for his zipper, shaking with excitement. As it slid down my
hand reached inside for that wonderful instrument. The feel of it, even
covered by his under shorts, caused an involuntary sigh to escape my lips.

"Undo the belt first. Take your time pervert. We got all night" he said
as he grinned down at my depravity.

It was an awful thing to say, but I couldn't stop. I'm not a pervert I
thought but didn't say it out loud. I was too busy trying to get his pants
down. It was so close, just under a thin layer of cloth. No child tore
into his presents at Christmas with more enthusiasm.

Finally it was loose, exposed and an inch or two from my lips. Lazar's
pants were around his ankles, the shirttail dangling on each side of his
hard cock. Before I could take him into my mouth, Lazar pulled back
slightly causing me a moment of panic. He isn't taking it away is he? I
thought. He laughed softly at the worried look on my face, then lightly
smacked my cheeks with his hard cock, teasing me by running it across my
lips. Like a kitten entranced by a swaying piece of yarn my eyes followed
its movements. I glanced up at him, my eyes pleading.

"Boy do you want it bad. What a fairy you turned out to be."

He pushed his cock between my lips before I could protest being called a
fairy. The excitement of finally gaining his cock caused the fairy remark
to be ignored instantly. My mouth took him fully, sucking him in. I had
what I wanted and was intent on enjoying it completely.

Now that I was reunited with this most amazing thing I began to slowly
explore its every feature, reacquainting myself with its wonders. My
tongue moved over each bump, vein, crevasse, and slit. That familiar musky
smell was there again as my nose sunk into his pubic hair. It's
intoxicating fragrance almost made me swoon. Given no interruption I might
have been on my knees all night making love to his cock.

"Slow up there pervert. Get your cloths off and lets get comfortable on
the bed" Lazar said as he slid his meat from my clutching lips. He was
already pulling his arms out of his shirt.

By the time I had stripped myself bare he was lying nude on the bed, his
legs slightly spread with a beautiful hardon. I moved between his legs and
after a brief glance toward his face my lips returned to his cock. My
obsession with his rock hard manhood unleashed a lust which seemed to
control my body. With no conscious thought my lips gave a series of
kisses, first to the head, then around the shaft, before sucking its hard
flesh back into my hungry mouth.

"Oh go baby. Do it. Suck me" Lazar whispered, urging me on. Urging
wasn't something that I needed. I was completely lost in my lust, sucking,
licking, kissing his cock. This intense teasing was getting to him. "Quit
fucking around. Suck me fagot." His sharp words penetrated my lustful
haze. I quickly took him fully back into my mouth and began a rhythmic
stroking with my bobbing head. Up and down, back and forth, in and out.

"Faster baby, do it faster. Take it deep sissy."

My head bobbed quicker, responding to his desires. Suddenly I felt his
hands in my hair as a thrust from his hips propelled the hard cock deep
into my mouth and into my throat. I felt his cum shoot down my gullet as
he moaned loudly. He continued to hold me tight as I struggled to breath,
his cum filling my mouth. Finally he relaxed his grip. I sucked in air
through my nose as I simultaneously slurped down his seed. As I released
him from my mouth I saw a creamy drop seep from his pee hole and roll
slowly over the rosy head. My tongue instinctively caught the salty drop,
pulling it to my lips, as I planted a final gentle kiss to this object of
my passion.

"Enough Lawrence. Let me rest. You haven't sucked me dry yet but I need
some time to recharge the batteries." He patted the bed next to him so I
moved beside him, my cock rock hard and poking toward the ceiling. "You're
certainly raring to go. That cock sucking really turns you on?"

He paused, waiting for a response. "Hey queer, I'm talking to you. You
getting your jollies from sucking my dick?"

"Come on Lazar, this was an agreement between us...remember. We're just
helping each other save money." It was a lame answer after what I'd just
done, but I still needed to hang onto a straight image of myself. I didn't
know a single gay person and being queer couldn't be more humiliating in my
mind. "You sucked my dick last night!"

"Oh yeah, we had an agreement all right and I was ready to do my part. But
you can't ignore what you've done Lawrence. I didn't want to do it, but I
had to do it to get a blow job in return. You couldn't get enough. You
wouldn't even turn loose of my dick when I started sucking you. Let's see,
you've given me 4 blow jobs so far and I barely got started on 1...and
you're not even requiring one in return anymore. Man, the way you tore
into me just now leaves no doubt who's the queer here. You even kissed the
fucking thing. That sure wasn't part of the bargain. And man, you licked
my cum off and smacked your lips. If that ain't something a pansy would do
I don't know what is."

There was nothing I could say. Everything he said had happened. How could
I have been so lost in the moment to have kissed his dick? Not once but
several times. Last night his cum made me gag. Now I was licking off the
last drop. I curled up facing the wall in shame.

"Got nothing to say to that? Don't take it so hard. We're still buddies
and I'd be the last one to say anything that would screw up a great deal
like this. I got me a cock sucker all to myself. You don't have to say it
but I know you like doing it. Hell, you love doing it...that's plane to
see. You sure you never did this before?"

"Fuck no. Really, I never even considered it."

"Well you sure are a fast learner. Seems like we've tapped into a side of
you that was waiting to be unleashed." Then in a softer voice "who knows
what else you might learn about yourself."

We laid there quietly for awhile, me still facing the wall with a dick that
was only slightly softer than it had been earlier. I felt Lazar get up and
heard him running water in the sink washing his hands. Then he was back
beside me on the bed.

He moved against me, his arm coming across my waist, his wet soapy hand
taking hold of my dick. "Time for you to have some fun" he said softly as
his hand began to stroke my cock very slowly.

The warm slickness quickly brought me back to a full erection. His movement
shifted from stroking to gently teasing my cock by running his fingers
along the shaft. My body fell into an erotic tension, my mind willing him
to keep going. His body moved closer, now pressing against my back. I
could feel his cock, now hard again, poking against my ass. My every nerve
was hyper sensitive feeling each touch and ounce of pressure. His cock
felt warm and wet against my ass cheeks as Lazar began to grind against me.
My mind was primarily focused on his gentle touch on my dick with the rest
of the sensations providing pleasant background music.

Oh how wonderful it was. The pleasure of his slow ministrations, the
warmth of his body against mine, his hips transmitting his passion with
each grind against me. At some point I noticed that his cock had slipped
between my cheeks and was gliding up and down in my butt crack. It had the
same slickness of his slow moving hand on my cock. Without thinking I
nudged my body even harder against him. He seemed to take this as a sign,
for then he whispered "you're liking this a whole lot babe, I can tell.
Here, roll on your stomach" as he moved away, guiding me into the space he

Suddenly he straddling my body and pushing his slick cock against my ass

"Hey Lazar, what the fuck are you doing?" I almost shouted in shock while
trying to get up. My flat prone position gave me no purchase in trying to
move his weight off my back. All I could do was squirm.

"Lay still you queer. This is what you were born to do so relax and enjoy
it" he whispered. His voice had an edge to it, almost quivering with

The slickness of his cock allowed him to gain partial entry into my ass
hole. My frantic squirming added little to my defense. I decided to
gather myself for one large lurch to throw him off my back. First I
stopped my squirming and tried to move my knees and arms into their best
position for the attempt and then took a big breath in preparation. As I
relaxed my body with the large intake of breath my ass must have relaxed
too. With a burning pain I felt his hard cock slide into my bowels.
Lazar's full weight now pressed down on me as he completed his conquest by
sinking his shaft to the hilt. There was nothing I could do to move him

"Oh yeah! Now we'll have some fun pansy. I should get to pop your cherry
since I'm the one that first got you on your knees" he laughed as he began
fucking me.

"God damn you Lazar. Wait till I get up from here."

"What you going to do, tell the Air Police how big a fairy you are?"

Tears swelled in my eyes, both in shame and from the pain of penetration.
Each stroke seemed to burn a little more than the last. Gritting my teeth
I decided to endure it until it was over. Another man putting me in such a
helpless position was so humiliating. How could I look anyone in the eye

Strangely, as he continued to dominate me with his fucking, I still had a
hardon. When I realized that I was still erect a sick feeling crept into
my stomach. I couldn't understand why such a degrading act didn't shrivel
my cock. Despite the pain in my bottom and my unmanly position, there was
something exciting about being helplessly screwed by another man. I didn't
want to admit it to myself, but I feared that it was true.

Gradually the pain began to ebb. His thrusts continued in a steady rhythm,
showing no sign of reaching a climax. I was finally able to relax a bit,
easing the tight grip of my jaws. As the fucking went on I started to
faintly feel a pleasant sensation. With each thrust a slight stab of
feeling ran through my crotch. Rather than focus on the pain I began to
concentrate on that pleasant tingling. As his cock slammed home the
feeling seemed to run from deep within my bowels to the head of my dick.

At this point Lazar slightly shifted his position, altering the angle of
his penetration, and bringing his hardon in more direct contact with this
center of sensation. A jolt of pleasure shot up my cock like a shock of
electricity. Each of his thrusts generated another erotic shock And they
seemed to be getting stronger. Involuntarily I let out a moan.


"Now you're getting into it. Tell me you're not a queer" he whispered in
an 'I told you so' manner.

His fucking became faster, driving my new found hot spot to an even higher
level of sensation. It was like having to piss and having an orgasm at the
same time without being able to do either. My ass squirmed, trying to get
even more of this wonderful torture. The feeling built even further. I
would have sworn that I was cumming, but it went on and on.

"Oh Lazar, fuck me more, fuck me faster...ooooh." Now I was pleading for
more and I didn't care what he thought of me, just give me more pleasure.

My squirming caused my cock to rub on the bed. I realized this was going
to cause me to cum for real so I froze, trying to keep the pleasure going.
His rapid screwing however, now reaching a fever pitch, driving me over the
edge. My cum flooded from my cock in the most incredible orgasm of my
short life.

"Ahhhh, here I cum" Lazar moaned, and the feel of his seed warming my
bowels was added to the wonderful sensations that had overwhelmed me. The
intensive pleasurable sensation lingered far longer than a normal orgasm,
gradually waning but ever so slowly.

"Wow, you sure got into it after a slow start" sighed Lazar, "begging for
it. You're one hot ass homo" he said with a gentle slap on my behind. As
I moved he saw the mess on his bed, the cum smeared equally on his sheet
and on my lower belly. "Holy fuck Lawrence, what the fuck did you do to my
bed? Get your queer ass over to the sink and get back here with a towel to
clean up your mess."

I moved to the sink gingerly, walking tenderly due to soreness in my ass.
First I cleaned off my messy tummy and then returned to the bed with the

"Look at you walk. Got a sore butt from all that cavorting? I guess
that's one of the risks of being a queer slut" he smirked.

As I wiped the wet sheet I felt drops of something slowly rolling down my
thighs. It was with horror that I realized that the drops were Lazar's
cum, seeping out of my ass and leaving a trail across my thighs. I whipped
the towel between my legs to control the growing mess.

"Man, are you a sight. You sucked up so much cum it's running out of you.
God are you disgusting. Get the fuck in your own bed. I've had enough of
you for now."

I crawled into my bed feeling absolutely degraded. Lazar was right. There
wasn't any lower that I could sink. Queer, depraved, a fagot, I'd proved
to be all that and more. All this weighed on my mind as well as the
depression that seems to set in after you shoot your wad. I mentally beat
myself up for allowing myself to be talked into this arrangement and then
for going so far with it.

Unable to sleep with all this on my mind, I lay there for a couple of hours
wondering how I could have made it turn out some other way through better
decisions. As I mentally replayed all that had happened for the fiftieth
time something else began to happen. All those terrible things which had
been torturing my mind started to seem erotic and less terrible. And the
more I thought the more exciting they became. My dick was hard again and I
began wondering when Lazar would be ready for some more fun.

In the quiet dark room my ears were now tuned for any stirring from his
bed. My heart was pounding, my mouth was dry, wondering when he would call
me. Unable to wait I slowly got up from the bed and tip toed across the
room. The deep and steady breathing of sleep was all that I heard. No
matter, I pulled back the sheet and gently slid in beside his warm body. I
slipped my hand down to his cock, taking the limp beauty into my shaking
hand. Slowly kneading it I noticed that Lazar's breathing was now quiet,
perhaps tense. Then I felt his cock grow in my hand, such an exciting and
wonderful feeling.

Finally I felt Lazar's hand on my shoulder gently pushing me down beneath
the sheet. Our weekend in Paris was swiftly coming to an end, but not
quite yet. Then it would be back to the regimented life at the air base
with no more of his lovely cock to suck. But there would be other weekends
in Paris and I would make the most of every minute of every trip.

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