Monday, April 20, 2009

Business is Good Chapter 2: Marie's Twinge

If the Universe had a total black spot on its regular time-table
it's gotta be Mondays. I don't like Mondays, I never liked Mondays, I
don't know anybody who does like Mondays. But for some reason I got the
feeling that this Monday was gonna be different. It was the Monday after
Christmas, last one of the year, and four days after the best sex I had
ever had in my life.
The parents had gone out of town for New Years on a much-needed
vacation, leaving me in charge of the shoppe (i.e. the only one there). I
hadn't seen Carlos since our bisexual adventure Thursday, but Olivia was at
the Salon all weekend. I'd see her all the time as I passed the window,
and when she'd see me she was always ready with a groin-warming smile and a
wave. Strangely though, she made no mention of what happened last week,
though every once in awhile she'd giggle as her boss Marie looked at me
oddly. I was pretty certain she'd heard the noises of our little
get-together last week, and I half-suspected that Olivia had filled her in
on the "blow-by-blow" details. What Marie was thinking I have no idea.
For the most part Monday had gone as usual, decent sales but
otherwise very quiet. Olivia was at work at the Salon, but aside from a
grin and a wave (and a curious look from Marie), she didn't say anything.
Towards closing time I decided that if I saw her tomorrow I'd see if I
could have a little talk with her and see if she and Carlos would like to
get together with me again for some more fun. Finally closing time came, I
put out the lights, set the alarm, and headed out the door. I was halfway
to my car when I heard my name being called. Marie was in the doorway of
the salon and asking if I could help her with something inside. Marie was
obviously in the process of closing shop herself as the only lights on in
the salon were from the back room. I was a bit curious as to why she
locked the front door when I came in, but when we walked to the back I got
a good idea.
Sitting in a chair in the back was Olivia, groin warming grin in
place. Marie, wearing a nervous grin of her own, told me she heard some
noises through the wall last week and asked Olivia what she and her husband
were doing in there with me. Olivia, seductive smile on her lips, said she
told Marie that while looking at some of my merchandise she pulled a muscle
in her back. As it happened, I knew some good massage techniques and
helped fix the problem and that's what she heard. Then Marie, looking a
little nervous, told me that in that case, she had a little back problem
too. I took a good look at Marie then. She was a fairly small lady, about
5'2" give or take, latina, short, curly black hair, in her mid-forties with
smallish breasts and just a little bit of excess weight. Not as beautiful
as the younger Olivia, but not bad either.
Smiling, I asked Marie how long she'd had this twinge, and she
answered Years, ever since her husband left her. I thought about that for
a second then said that a muscle twinge around that long might be difficult
to fix, but I'd be happy to see what I could do. I went up to Marie,
taking her by the shoulder, massaging her arms and her sides just below her
breasts. I turned her around and massaged her neck, slowly working down
the back to the waist. Massaging her upper hips, I slowly brought her in
until I was brushing her behind with my crotch. I asked her if that felt
any better as I slowly pushed up her sweater and blouse, feeling the flesh
underneath. She told me she was starting to feel something, but the twinge
was still definitely there. So I looked over at Olivia and said I might
need some help with this and asked if she could help. Olivia smiled that
smile, came over, and asked me what she could do. I told her we needed to
massage both sides at once, so I'll massage Marie's back, and she needs to
massage her front.
They both giggled as we got to work. Together Olivia and I pulled
off Marie's sweater, and as I pulled up her blouse a little, massaging her
hips and rubbing my crotch against her butt, Olivia did the same, coming up
and rubbing her crotch against Marie's, subsequently rubbing her breasts
against hers as well. Olivia asked if she was doing it right and I told
her it looked good to me. Laughing, Marie put her hands on Olivia's hips
and helped bring her in. I then told Olivia that Marie might be wearing
too much for the massage to be effective, so Olivia started unbuttoning
Marie's blouse. The blouse came undone and I pulled it off, leaving Marie
in a silky black B-cup bra. I then told Marie that perhaps Olivia needed
less clothes to be effective also, so Marie lifted Olivia's pullover shirt
revealing a white D-cup.
The two women ran their hands over each others bra-covered breasts
while I unsnapped Marie's pants, pushing them down. Marie's panties
matched her bra. Her waist, hips, ass, and thighs had a bit of excess
weight on them, but not too much, likewise I could tell her breasts had
some sag also, but again from what I could see, it didn't look like too
much. Marie bent her head to the side and closed her eyes as I started
kissing her neck, moving to her shoulder as I pushed the bra strap down and
away. As I reached the shoulder Olivia bent down a bit and started kissing
Marie's neck just below the ear. As I worked my mouth down Marie's
shoulder Olivia worked her way down Marie's jaw, then brushed her lips
against Marie's. Their lips met, their mouths opened and their tongues
intermingled in a passionate kiss.
Olivia wrapped her arms around Marie's neck and back, pulling her
in to a tighter kiss while Marie did the same. I pulled back a little to
watch the erotic sight and took the time to remove my shirt and T-shirt.
The women pulled apart a bit, giggled, and looked over at me. I came back
over and took Marie into my arms, kissing her lips and sucking on her
tongue. She kissed me back with equal passion, running her hands over my
chest. I reached around and unsnapped Marie's bra and let Olivia take it
off and fall to the ground. As I expected, they were smallish with dark,
quarter-sized nipples with just a bit of sag, mature but still very tasty.
My hands went around one breast, pinching the nipple. I bent down and
kissed the nipple, sucking on it as Olivia kissed and sucked on the other.
As I moved back up to Marie's lips Olivia worked her way down, kissing
Olivia's stomach. She had just gotten on her knees and reached the crotch
of Marie's panties, sniffing and playfully licking it, making Marie laugh.
When Olivia turned and started tugging on my belt Marie got on her
knees and joined her, working open my pants and pulling them off. They
pulled off my briefs and Marie gasped as she saw my 8" hard cock. She took
the shaft in hand, stroking it as Olivia laughed and tongued my balls. As
Olivia moved her lips up one side of the shaft Marie licked up the other
side. At the head their lips met and for a moment they kissed again,
sucking briefly on each others tongues before returning their attentions to
my cock. Olivia took hold of the shaft with one hand and guided the head
into Marie's mouth, stroking the shaft while Marie sucked on the head. I
groaned in delight at the feel of the two women's lips as Olivia replaced
Marie on the head and Marie sucked on my balls. Then Marie took the head
back into her mouth and sucked hungrily while Olivia licked the shaft.
They kept alternating who got the head into their mouths until I thought
I'd go insane.
Finally I got the two to pull off. Marie helped Olivia pull off
her pants and panties and started sucking on Olivia's large, heavy tits
while I reached into a nearby cabinet and got a convenient blanket and
pillow (why they were there and how I happened to find them on the first
try is anybodies guess). Laying out the blanket and pillow, Olivia and I
helped Marie down. I pulled off Marie's panties, and started kissing down
her legs, along her inner thighs, and finally around her pussy. Marie's
bush was just that, thick and unshaved and saturated with the strong, spicy
juices of her cunt. I kissed around the lips, making Marie squirm, and
when my tongue touched her clit she jumped several inches. Olivia laid
beside her, holding her shoulders and watching me as my mouth closed over
her cunt, and I heard Marie gasp and moan as I stuck my tongue in deep.
The taste was incredible, every bit as good as Olivia's cunt was a
week before. I sucked and nibbled, holding Marie by her hips as Olivia
brushed her heavy tits over Marie's gasping mouth, Marie's tongue flicking
at the big nipples. Marie's back arched and she moaned in ecstasy as I
nibbled her clit and began fingering her asshole. Olivia grinned as she
sucked and nibbled on Marie's tits as Marie sucked on Olivia's between
waves of pleasure. Marie's body bucked and shook, spasming more and more
as I continued to eat her. She moaned and cried out as Olivia continued to
fondle and suck her breasts. My tongue buried itself deep in Marie's cunt
as I moved my finger up into her asshole and I was rewarded with a hearty
scream and a flow of cunt juices as Marie came hard and long. She jerked
and spasmed and finally subsided, a huge satisfied smile on her face.
Olivia came over and bent down, sucking on Marie's juices, and I
watched the younger womans ass as it lifted into the air. Moving behind
Olivia I watched her cheeks part as she continued sucking on Marie's wet
clit, her cunt and ass giving a double invitation to enter. Taking Olivia
by the hips I positioned my cock right on her anus, Olivia looked over at
me and smiled, nodding, then returned her attention to Marie. Needing no
other encouragement, I pushed my cock into her ass. Olivia did a sharp
intake as I pushed my way into her rectum and began slowly fucking her ass.
The feeling was beyond belief, tighter than her pussy, if not quite as
smooth. I pumped in and out of her slowly, reveling in the feel, while
Olivia jerked and bucked unable to do anything except enjoy the feeling of
my cock. While I fucked her ass, Marie snuck up underneath and began
tonguing Olivia's pussy, occasionally flicking upward to where my cock
entered Olivia.
Olivia stiffened, her mouth opening but unable even to yell out as
she was hit with a shattering orgasm. I began to feel my balls tighten,
but knew I didn't want to cum in Olivia's ass, not at this time anyway, so
as her orgasm subsided I pulled out of her ass. Olivia crumpled onto the
blanket, barely conscious. I pulled Marie over to me and kissed her
hungrily, moving to her breasts and nipples. As I sucked and kissed her
tits I slid back laying on the blanket, bringing her on top of me. Right
away Marie took my dick in hand and, positioning it right in her cunt lips,
dropped down onto it. I moaned and thrust up as she jumped up and down on
my dick, riding me like an out-of-control merry-go-round. As she road me I
fondled her breasts, and pulled her down to suck her lips.
By this time Olivia recovered some and joined us again. She
straddled my face, putting her pussy directly on my mouth, and while I
grabbed her lips and began tongue-fucking her, she went to work sucking on
Marie's mouth and breasts. Meanwhile the older woman was having the time
of her life riding me. After several minutes I started getting hotter and
more eager, so, pushing Olivia off, I spun Marie onto the blanket and,
putting her legs on my shoulders, I hammered my meat deep into her cunt.
Again and again I hammered my cock in, listening to the groans and yells of
ecstasy from her. Olivia came up and pulled Marie into her arms, cupping
the older womans breasts and sucking on her neck and lips as I fucked her
harder and faster. Marie thrashed and bucked in Olivia's arms, screaming
in ecstasy as she was hit with a violent orgasm. I began to grunt and
strain to keep from cumming for as long as I could. Finally I could last
no longer, and with one final yell and a powerful thrust deep into her wet
cunt, I came.
Blast after blast filled Marie's pussy, almost as much as I shot
into Olivia just a few short days ago. Once the last of my cum shot out
into Marie the three of us collapsed on the blanket. Olivia and I cuddled
Marie for several minutes while we regained our breath. I asked Marie if
her muscle twinge was still there. She laughed and said it was all better
and kissed me deeply. As we got dressed and headed out Olivia thanked me
for giving Marie something she hadn't had in quite a few years. She kissed
me one last time as we got into our respective cars and said pretty soon
we'll be getting together again. Carlos, she said, was hoping for a chance
to fuck me fully. And as I drove home I thought about Carlos and his thick
cock possibly entering my virgin asshole, and amazingly I felt my dick
starting to stir once again. That, I thought, just might be fun.

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