Monday, April 20, 2009

Business is Good

Part 1: The Day after Christmas

Twas the day after Christmas and all through the shoppe... nothing
was stirring and I was feeling totally bored. I work at a small gift
shoppe owned by my family, it's a nice place located in a strip mall in the
ritzier part of town. We don't carry a lot of returnable-type items so
neither I nor my boss (my pop) expected much business activity, and from a
business point of view, not much is exactly what we got. But, as it turned
out, a great deal of a very different activity came my way, and a most
unexpected late Christmas present.
I was working alone today, as usual, and had been open for a couple
hours with no soul in sight when the door chime sounded and, looking up, I
was delighted to see Olivia walk in. Olivia's a beautiful lady from
Columbia in her early-30s who works at the Hair Salon next door. She's a
gorgeous lady with a healthy frame (not too thin, not too fat), large D-cup
breasts, long black hair, tanned olive skin, and a beautiful face that is
so rarely without a smile, especially when I tell her my stupid really-bad
jokes. She's a major heartbreaker, but, just my luck, she's also happily
married. And speaking of which, Olivia was not alone today. Coming in
with her was her husband Carlos, a tall, handsome guy, muscular, with curly
black hair and, I semi-hate to admit it, an easy-going and friendly
attitude you just couldn't help but like.
Today the two seemed to be in an exceptionally good mood. The two
of them were off today and, they told me, were just wandering around and
were in the neighborhood. With nothing else to do, I gave them the nickel
tour, showing them all the fun stuff we carried (though she worked next
door, Olivia rarely actually came inside). We joked around about a number
of the items in stock and I began to get the feeling Olivia was being
unusually flirtatious. While walking around she picked up a pair of carpet
balls (replicas of ornamented cannon balls used to hold down floor carpets
during the renaissance) and, holding them up, told me how much she liked my
balls. This sent both Olivia and Carlos into giggle-fits and Carlos took
the balls and said something in Spanish which made Olivia laugh so hard she
nearly fell down (and I must say Olivia's sweater bouncing around with
laughter was a truly stirring sight)
I showed them our collection of French bath products and Olivia
took some lavender body mist and sprayed it on her wrist and neck. She
then bent her neck, allowing Carlos to come in for a nice long whiff. He
said it was nice, but then she bent towards me asking me what I thought.
Without a doubt I knew then that she was indeed flirting with me, but
Carlos didn't seem to object, so I thought `What the hell' and bent in for
a sniff. I had to agree with Carlos, she smelled great. We have a bed in
the middle of the shoppe used to display bed linens and pillows. Olivia
stretched out on the sheets and, teddy bear in hand and grin on her lips,
began to suck on her thumb. It was a real effort then not to develop a
serious woody.
Finally we came to the lingerie, hand-stitched cotton nighties from
Brazil, and Olivia immediately zeroes in one the smallest and skimpiest of
them, a frilly sheer white teddy with lots of lace. Taking it off the
hanger, she held it up to her chest and asked us what we thought. Carlos
whistled and said something in Spanish that made Olivia laugh. I decided
it was my turn for a bit of fun and told her that never in my life had I
more wanted to have been born a bra (which was very much true, by the way).
This sent both of them into fits and Carlos actually had to steady himself,
then Olivia did the totally unexpected and asked if she could try the teddy
on. Of course we weren't a clothing store and had no dressing rooms and I
told her that, but Olivia just looked at me with those beautiful brown eyes
and asked "Please?", and Carlos, too, asked me to let her try it on. Well,
I thought about it for a second, looked at the nightie over Olivia's ample
chest, let my imagination do some strolling, it was about time for lunch
anyway, and if they were doing what I thought they were doing, it might
definitely be worth it.
I told them okay, we'll see what we can do. I locked up the front
door, put up the `Out to Lunch' sign, and the three of us headed to the
back room. Fortunately dad and I had spent the previous week cleaning the
room up, so all the boxes and clutter was gone, I even vacuumed. I pointed
Olivia to the small bathroom in the back where she could change, and while
we waited Carlos and I got to talk. Olivia and I had hit it off right away
when we moved the shoppe here, and Olivia had told Carlos every dumb joke I
ever told her. He told me Olivia thought I was very funny and very cute.
I started to tell him that there was nothing between us and I was not
looking to make anything, but he said it was all right. He wasn't jealous
or anything, she was his wife and he knew it was he that she loved,
everything else was just fun. Besides, he said, she was right, I really
was cute.
Before his words could fully register the bathroom door opened and
all the blood left my brain. Olivia stepped out wearing the teddy along
with the high-heel straps on her feet and a pair of lacy white panties and
that was it, her bra laid in the bathroom with the rest of her clothes and
her huge D-cups pressed against the tight material, her large nipples
clearly visible and screaming to be kissed. A smile crossed her perfect
lips as she asked us what we thought, turning around so we could see her
back and the most succulent ass on the planet. I was left completely
speechless, but Carlos took one look at the growing bulge in my pants and
said "I think he likes it.", and Olivia looked at the bulge and laughingly
Carlos walked over to her and slapped her ass, getting a squeal
from Olivia, and saying that she looked great. Olivia wasn't quite sure,
though, and asked me if I thought it was a little too tight around her
breasts. It was a tad small for her oversized tits, but finally I managed
to collect my voice and said they both looked fine to me. She looked at me
with those beautiful, naughty eyes and asked me if I was sure. I looked
over to Carlos who just grinned and nodded to her, telling me to go ahead.
So I came over to Olivia and ran my hand over her tits, telling her they
were perfect. I continued to caress her beautiful breasts through the lacy
material, watching her smile at my touch, feeling their soft pliant warmth,
running my thumb over the large nipples, feeling them start to rise.
Carlos, standing behind her, pulled her hair to the side and began kissing
her neck and left shoulder, pulling the thin string to the side. As he did
that I shifted a bit and, still massaging her tits, moved my other hand to
her ass, feeling the smooth rounded flesh there. Then I leaned in and
began kissing Olivia's neck and right shoulder. Olivia smiled and sighed
at our mutual attentions
Then Olivia turned slightly and kissed her husband's lips, their
mouths opening to suck deep on each others tongues. When their mouths
parted she turned to me and it was my turn to experience Olivia's mouth.
She was a great kisser, her tongue entered my mouth and explored every
niche, and I did my very best to do the same to her. As we continued to
kiss I felt a hand caressing the back of my neck and it took me a second to
realize it wasn't Olivia's. I looked up and saw Carlos right beside us,
grinning as he caressed her ass and my neck. A sudden understanding struck
me as I looked into Carlos' eyes, a strong suspicion that needed only one
small test to confirm. Taking my hand off Olivia's breast, I reached over
and put it on the back of Carlos' jeans, feeling his hard ass through the
denim. He did not pull back or tell me to get off, but instead grinned
even broader while Olivia looked at me and smiled as well.
My suspicions confirmed that Carlos was bi, I took a firmer hold on
his ass and pulled him closer to me. I kissed his wife deeply one more
time then turned and kissed Carlos. Our mouths opened and we sucked in
each others tongues, enjoying each others taste. Even though I had never
really had the opportunity to explore it earlier, I always fancied myself
as being bisexual as well, having never been repulsed by guy-guy action. I
was beginning to think that a threesome was what they were fishing for when
they wanted to try on the nightie, and that was an exciting prospect in and
of itself, especially with Olivia, but I wasn't even considering a bi-sex
threesome, and now that I finally get to experience it I was feeling hotter
than ever.
Carlos and I continued kissing for a minute then returned our
attentions to Olivia, kissing her neck and mouth. Taking both of the
straps in hand, we pulled the teddy down, freeing Olivia's huge, firm
melons. My mouth immediately started watering at the sight and my tongue
roamed down her chest and bathed her right nipple, my mouth covered her
large aereola and I kissed and sucked on her tit. Even as I worked my way
down, Carlos copied me on the left side and was quickly smothering her left
nipple while Olivia sighed deeply, enjoying our mutual attentions
After a minute I felt hands undoing the buttons of my shirt and
realized Carlos was no longer on Olivia's tit. I took a moment to lift her
left breast, appreciating it's very comfortable weight and sucked briefly
on its nipple, then pulled away, helping Carlos remove my shirt and T-shirt
underneath. Then Olivia and I removed Carlos' shirt and Carlos and I
pulled off the nightie from Olivia. Carlos and Olivia ran their hands
through my hairy chest, while I felt through the hair on Carlos' chest and
the smooth roundness of Olivia's all the while alternating deep kisses
between each other. Then it was decided that we should get more
comfortable. Leaning on the wall was a second bed, also used for display,
and currently broken down and stored until the Christmas season officially
ends and we put away the trees. Carlos and I grabbed the comfy full
mattress and set it down on the floor, covering it with a handy sheet.
After that was done I kicked off my shoes and socks and Olivia got
down on her knees and undid my belt and pants. With Carlos beside her, the
two then pulled off my pants and briefs, leaving me completely naked with
my thick 8" cock pointing directly at Olivia. Olivia's mouth watered as I
got on my knees. Reaching out, she took my dick in hand and stroked it
several times, then, leaning in, ran her tongue along its length. I
groaned with delight as she took the balls in her mouth and sucked on them.
As she ran her tongue back up the length, Carlos came around behind me and,
leaning in, began licking the crack of my ass. In front of me Olivia
opened her mouth wide and sucked the head of my cock in, slowly guiding it
in until her lips touched the base. Meanwhile Carlos was in back,
spreading my ass cheeks and flicking his tongue along the asshole. Olivia
sucking my cock, Carlos tonguing my ass, and I was in heaven. I couldn't
believe how good this felt, especially Olivia, I mean, Carlos tongue was
great, better than I ever imagined, but Olivia's expert lips were driving
me crazy. Even without the extra stimulus of Carlos' tongue I could tell
that Olivia was giving me the best blowjob I had ever had in my life.
The two continued their tongue actions for a couple minutes while I
thought desperately of Hulk Hogan (not like THAT [sick freaks]!! Some guys
think baseball, but I prefer pro wrestling) then Carlos moved over to the
front where he pulled my cock out of his wifes mouth and took it in his
own. While her husband sucked my dick, Olivia moved down to suck on my
balls, licking the shaft along the way. He was good, moving his lips up
and down my pole, almost as good as Olivia, and after a bit the two began
alternating, with Olivia on the rod and Carlos on the balls then back
again. The pleasure was unbelievable and just kept getting better, then,
just as I thought I couldn't take it anymore and was about to explode, they
pulled off. After a brief second to collect my head, Olivia and I pulled
Carlos' jeans and boxers off, and his thick 9" of dark meat popped out hard
as a rock and looking me right in the eye. It was a nice thick cock that
made my mouth drool right away. Taking his dick in hand, I began slowly
stroking it, marveling at its warmth and hardness. Never before had I
sucked another mans cock, but right then I knew more than anything that I
wanted to.
I took the head into my mouth, letting my tongue explore around it,
then sucked it in more, enjoying its taste and smoothness and feeling the
veins throb on my lips. Pulling slowly back out, I ran my tongue and lips
down the shaft and licked the balls, laughing a little as the hair tickled
me, then moved back up and took the whole thing back into my mouth. The
taste was fantastic, better than I expected and I kept sucking and working
the shaft in and out of my mouth. Looking up, I saw Carlos and Olivia
kissing deeply while his hands kneaded her wonderful tits. Then looking a
little to the right, I saw that I was mouth level to Olivia's gorgeous
panty-covered pussy and realized that she was the only one in this
threesome that wasn't completely naked. Now that wasn't fair. So,
reaching over, I took hold of her panties and pulled them off, revealing
the sweetest looking bush, neatly trimmed and demanding to be tasted.
Wasting no time, I moved from Carlos' delicious cock and pushed my
tongue into Olivia's cunt, getting a very satisfying gasp from Olivia. It
was incredible, as much as I loved the taste of Carlos' cock, the taste of
a juicy cunt is a little bit better, and Olivia's was the best I've had
yet. She was my first latina and, maybe it was my imagination, but it
seemed to taste exceptionally strong and spicy. I continued to eat her for
a minute, feeling her knees go weak, then I switched back to sucking
Carlos' tool, then back to Olivia. After several turns of this we got
Carlos onto his back with Olivia moving to straddle his face, letting his
tongue do the work on her wonderful cunt, while I turned my full attention
to sucking Carlos' delicious cock. His cock slid in and out of my mouth
quick and hard, and while I held his dick in one hand my other ran down
beneath his balls, running along his ass and finding the hole. I pushed my
finger into his asshole, feeling it slide right in, and was rewarded by
even harder thrusts with his hips.
Olivia was moaning and panting, her breathing hard and ragged as
her husband expertly sucked on her clit and shoved his tongue into her box.
I looked up at her, her face just inches from mine, her eyes unfocusing at
the pleasure of Carlos' tongue, her heavy breasts swaying as she rode his
face. I generously offered her her husbands thick meat, and while she took
it in her mouth I took the time to cup her heavy melons in my hands,
tweaking the nipples. While I played with her tits and kissed her on the
back I felt hungry lips wrap around my dick. I had moved up a bit and now
Olivia had both our dicks in each hand and was alternately sucking on one
and then on the other. Enjoying her skilled mouth, I reached along her
back as far as I could and inserted a finger into her asshole, causing her
to jerk a bit and stiffen as she was hit with a small orgasm and felt her
mouth grip even harder on my cock. I continued pumping my finger in and
out of her ass even as Carlos sucked hungrily on her pussy while she sucked
our cocks. It was a truly wonderful sensation.
But as good as she was at giving blowjobs, I wanted to return to
that task myself. It was my first time giving head, after all, and I
learned from my grandfather long ago that if you're going to start up a job
then you should not only finish the job but you should do the very best job
you can. And while I am absolutely positive he did NOT mean blowjobs, I
very much intended to finish this one. So moving back down I sucked and
licked Carlos' balls and shaft and, prying it out of Olivia's hungry mouth,
sucked the cock into mine. I felt Olivia's weight on my head as I pumped
my mouth up and down on his hard cock and he continued to eat her cunt. My
finger once again found her asshole and worked in and out of it furiously
sending him into a frenzy. Olivia screamed and thrashed as Carlos brought
her off in wave after wave of intense orgasm. I felt Carlos' balls start
to tighten and his breath become more ragged as he lost focus on eating his
wifes cunt and knew he couldn't last much longer. A small part of me
wanted to pull him out, to let him shoot out or to give it to Olivia, but,
as I said, if I was gonna start it I was gonna do it all the way, and the
larger part of my brain said it wanted to know what cum tasted like.
Carlos' started to buck and thrust even harder, his breathing came
out in barks, and then it happened. With one huge thrust that brought his
hips right off the mattress, he came. Blast after blast shot into my
mouth, salty warm fluid covered my tongue and went down my throat, and I
knew right then that it was a taste I could definitely grow to love. The
cum continued to erupt and I started to wonder just how long he'd been
saving this, surely with a smoking hotty like Olivia he couldn't have been
going without sex for THAT long. Finally Carlos' orgasm subsided. With a
smile on my face and a slightly fuller belly, I let go of his deflating
cock and sat up. Definitely a taste I could grow to love.
Olivia took one look at me and began to laugh, pointing at my chin,
some cum had dribbled out of my mouth and onto my chin. I began to wipe it
off but Olivia took my hand, smiling. Extending her tongue, she licked the
cum off my chin then, locking her lips onto mine, cleaned the residual cum
out of my mouth. Carlos, catching his breath and sitting up, started
laughing too, saying that was the best blowjob he had ever gotten from
another guy. I told him that that was the first I ever did and he couldn't
believe it, telling me that I sucked like a fuckin' pro. Only Olivia ever
did better. I grinned, taking that as a true compliment, and told them
both so. Both started laughing.
Then I remembered that I still had a raging hard-on of my own, and
I became very aware of Olivia's hot, curvaceous body still in my arms. A
part of me was thinking about Carlos and his asshole, I had given my first
blowjob after all, and was curious about what actually fucking a guy would
be like. But, on the other hand, there was this gorgeous, hot latina whom
I've only been able to eat a little. As the host of this little party, it
would be rude to not give more attention to her. Carlos grinned and nodded
his head, apparently reading my mind, and said go for it.
Kissing Olivia deeply, our tongues once again exploring each others
mouths, my hands roaming all over her hot, sweating body, I lowered her
down to the mattress. My mouth once again went down to her breasts and
nipples as I opened her legs. My hand roved over her heavy breasts and
down her stomach to her sopping wet bush. I rubbed her clit with my
fingers, smiling at the happy coo that escaped her lips. Bending in, I
took a few seconds to kiss and tongue her clit, then, taking my shaft in
hand, I guided the head to her cunt, stroking the lips several times with
the tip, watching the look of hungry expectation in her eyes. Then,
letting go, pushed it home.
Olivia gave a sharp gasp as my cock filled her cunt and I groaned
as her cunt devoured my rod. The feeling of her pussy was intense; hot and
smooth and surprisingly tight considering her husbands respectable member.
Slowly I started thrusting in and out, building up rhythm, while Olivia
began matching it, thrusting up harder and harder as I thrust it in. Her
breathing increased, becoming more excited as I rammed in and out. Her
heavy tits bounced along to the rhythm and I took one nipple into my mouth,
savoring the taste. Her wild, hot pussy was driving me crazy, it felt so
good fucking this incredible woman. As her actions became more wild she
began talking in Spanish, I had no idea what she was saying but I could
guess it was something along "God, yes, fuck me, fuck me!".
After a couple of minutes of watching us, Carlos decided to get
back in. While I continued fucking his wife, Carlos scooted in behind her
and pulled her up and back into his arms, cupping her tits and kissing her
mouth and neck. I kept fucking her while leaning in to suck first her
mouth, then his, then hers again. Olivia became more wild as wave after
wave of orgasm hit her. Shit, I thought as I rode her hot cunt, it doesn't
take much to get this woman off. As I sucked on their mouths my balls
tightened and my juices boiled and I fought hard to hold off the inevitable
explosion. Pretty soon all my other senses began shutting down and all I
could feel was the incredible heat and pleasure surrounding my cock.
Finally I could fight no more, and with a yell of sheer ecstasy I came. It
was incredible, it felt like every drop that Carlos put in my mouth went
into Olivia's pussy, matched with my own. It was the most intense orgasm
I've ever felt.
Finally, fully spent, sweating and exhausted, I rolled off Olivia.
She laid relaxing in Carlos' arms, smiling and dazed and fully satisfied.
We sat there for several minutes, laughing and collecting ourselves. I
pointed Carlos to the small fridge near the sink where I had several
bottled waters and had a bit of a conversation while we drank them down and
recovered our strength. The two were both bi and open and had been talking
about the possibility of including me in their games since Olivia first met
me, and they were happy they did. We finished the bottles and got dressed
again. I looked at my watch and nearly a full hour had been spent on our
"lunch break". Carlos and Olivia each gave me a deep passionate kiss and
said we'd have to do this again very soon. Carlos picked up the nightie
and handed me a Visa, telling me with a grin that I am one hell of a
salesman. As I saw them out the door I noticed, standing in the Salon
window, Olivia's boss, Marie, giving us what looked like some serious
appraisal. Thinking about it, I was fairly certain she had heard some of
what we did in the back and, looking at her face, I wondered if she was
thinking about checking out me "sales technique". She was about 40-ish,
maybe mid-, shorter than Olivia and just a bit on the heavy side, but not
grossly so, with noticeably smaller breasts and short curly, hair, and, as
I thought about it, I decided that maybe I wouldn't mind it if she did.

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