Friday, April 10, 2009

Two Bi Two Curious, Pt 1

We went back to the hotel room. Walking softly like two school boys
sneaking off behind the barn. Only it wasn't to smoke stolen cigarettes.
The door to my room clicked shut with a resolve that neither one of us
really had. I looked at Jim. He stood in the room looking at the maid up
beds. It was obvious he hadn't done this before either.

"You want something to drink?" I asked trying to break the ice.

"Nah," he mumbled.

I could tell that he was not sure what to do next. "She know where you
are?" I knew the answer but I was trying to get him to say anything.

"Nah," he said. "I told her that I had a late meeting." Jim began to pace
the length of the room.

I moved around him and sat on the edge of the bed. "If you don't want to
do any..." I let the question drift between us.

"It's just that I never..." And Jim let it drift back. "I mean, I want to
find out, its just that know...never tried it before for real. I
mean, I always wanted to but I never got the chance before." There was
still real reservation in Jim's voice.

I patted the edge of the bed beside me, "Just sit and relax for a minute."
I thought about asking a hundred different questions like, 'Do you like to
masturbate?' or 'Does your wife give good head?' I finally decided that
actions would speak louder than words. I placed my hands on Jim's
shoulders, pivoted him away from me, and began to massage his shoulders.

He stiffened at my first touch but then slowly began to relax. I worked
his shoulders, massaging deeply into his tight muscles. Ever so slowly
Jim's shoulders began to fall loose in my hands. Taking my cue I pushed
him slightly forward and worked fingers and thumbs down either side of his

"Mmmmm, thats good. Been a long time since Melissa rubbed my back." Jim
sighed, "She is too delicate. You got strong hands, feels good...what a
man likes."

Jim was really beginning to relax, soften under my touch. "It would be
easier if you took your shirt off. Then I could really work your lower
back." Jim stiffened again and turned to look at me. He was still not

Being careful not to move too quickly I began to unbutton my shirt. When
the last button was undone I pulled the tails from the waistband of my
pants and let it fall from my shoulders. Slowly I reached up and began to
unbutton Jim's shirt. He didn't try to stop me.

Unbuttoning the last of Jim's shirt I slowly pulled it from beneath his
belted jeans. Lightly I ran my fingertips back up to his collar and opened
the shirt across his shoulders. Jim shivered slightly at my touch. I
pushed his shirt off his shoulders and he let it fall behind him.
We sat quietly for a minute just looking at each other's bare chest.

Tentatively Jim reached out and placed the palm of his hand over my right
nipple. I might have flinched a little at his touch but not enough to
scare him away. "I always wondered," Jim said in a quiet voice, "what
another man's breast felt like." Slowly he began to rub my nipple, letting
it trace unseen patterns into the palm of his hand.

I could feel myself begin to blush. The heat started in my face and
quickly descended to my groin. This was the first time that I was being
man-handled and I found the I liked it. Leaning into Jim's now assertive
touch I carefully began to unbuckle my belt. Jim's attention was diverted
for a moment but he went back to my nipple. As I unbuttoned my pants Jim
moved his attention to my left nipple, this time touching it outright with
strong fingers.

Jim gave out a soft laugh, "I never thought a guys nipples could get so

I smiled and said, "It feels good...being touched like that." I slowly
unzipped my fly and pealed my pants open showing the top of my BVDs.

Jim stopped, pulling his hand away. He looked pensive for a moment then
smiled a broad smile, "Briefs at least...I can't stand boxers...But give me
my Jockeys, please."

It was my turn to laugh. Leaving Jim sitting on the edge of the bed I
stood up and let my pants fall down around my ankles. I stepped out of
them and walked around to the side of the bed. Jim turned to watch. His
eyes were now fixed on the front of my shorts.

"If you lay down on your stomach here I will do a real job on your back. I
pointed to the head of the bed. "But you have to at least take off your
pants. I can't do it right if I have to fight with your belt."

I could tell this was Jim's moment of personal truth. He stood up from the
bed with his back to me and just stood there. I could almost hear the
questions he was asking himself. Then slowly as if mezmerized Jim
unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned his 501's and let them slide down.
Resolutely he turned and I could see that he too was beginning to blush.
Right down to the expanding front of his white Jockey shorts.

"Crawl on up here and let my magic fingers so their stuff." Again I patted
on the bed.

Jim obliged, crawling up and stretching out on his stomach. I started
again on his shoulders, working them hard, wearing the knots down. Then I
moved down each arm until I had carefully kneaded the lenght of each

Jim mumbled, "Melissa never did it like that."

I moved back to his shoulders, paused a minute and said, "There are a lot
of things that Melissa has never done." I proceeded again down the length
of his spine and stopped just at the elastic of his briefs. Moving to the
foot of the bed I began to work first on one foot and then the other. Jim
was tight and ticklish at first but he began to settle and relax.

"Oh man," Jim murmered, "Where'd you learn to do this?"

Kneeling now on the end of the bed, facing toward the head, I firmly began
work the insteps of Jim's feet in unison, one in each hand. As I found
that particularly sweet spot I could feel Jim shudder.

"This is great," Jim repeated softly.

As I began to move up to his ankles I began to softly spread Jim's legs.
As I stroked the length of his calves I let my knees press against his now
sensitive feet. When I got to the back of his knees Jim gave out a soft
moan. Again I spread his legs ever so slightly and turned my attention to
his lower thighs. I open-hand massaged one and then the other. Working
his large leg muscles back and forth, then rubbing them from the line of
his briefs to the shallow indentation at the back of his knees.

Insinuating myself further up between Jim's legs our knees now touched.
Jim continued his small moans. From the back of his knees I ran my open
hands up the length of his thighs, around to his hips and up the the center
of his lower back. Pressing down with the heels of my hands I began to
rythmically circle Jim's lower back. In ever increasing circles I began to
move over his hips and then on to the tops of his gluts. They were tight,
squeezed together. I stopped.

Jim's breath caught and I heard a whispered, "Please..."

Slowly, with open hands, I began to rub large circles from the center of
his back to the tops of his now spread thighs. With each turn Jim relaxed
a little more. Deliberately I let my thumbs trace the line of Jim's
briefs. First across the back of his thighs then slowly across the soft
fabric up the widening space between his relaxed gluts. When I paused to
let my thumb rest where I knew his anus was I received an extended moan for
my efforts.

Letting the moment drift away I simply left my hands resting on Jim's now
quivering bottom.

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