Friday, April 10, 2009

Two-Bi-Two Curious Pt 2

Letting the moment drift away I simply left my hands
resting on Jim's now
quivering bottom.

Jim's breathing slowed. I slowly leaned forward,
letting my open hands slide up the length of him.
When I reached the crest of his shoulders I gently
lowered my self on to his smooth back. I could feel
some subtle electric current cross between us as I let
my entire weight settle on his prone form.

I drew deep the soap clean scent from the nape of his
neck. I let my hands trace out the lengths of his
arms. I could feel my hard nipples pressed against
Jim's strong back. When I let escape a slight murmur
of comfort I was rewarded by a subtle hip-grind in
return. From his slight movement I could tell Jim
felt my stiffening penis nestled between his strong
gluts. Briefs might cover a great deal but they
didn't hide much.

Clasping his right wrist, directing his outstretched
arm up over his head I whispered, "Just relax and go
with me for a second." I cupped the point of his left
hip with my free hand and executed a perfect roll. We
ended up centered on the queen size bed, each on our
right side, nestled together like spoons. I let my
free left arm relax, neither holding nor hugging. Jim
let out a soft giggle.

We lay together together just breathing, feeing the
movement of the other body against our own.

"I always thought it would be hard and quick,"
whispered Jim. "I never thought it would be slow and
easy." He took my left hand and pressed it to his
breast. Directing my fingers he showed me his desire,
how he wanted to be touched, with full appreciative
caresses. Letting his now hard nipple roll and slide
beneath my open hand.

The longer we lay together the more erect my penis
became. I was sure that Jim was aware as I pressed
against him. As if reading my mind Jim gave another
hip-grind acknowledgment. It was my turn to giggle.

Feeling emboldened by the intoxication of our
closeness and the clear signals being sent I let my
free hand wander from the slow heaving of Jim's
breast. Finger tip tracing my way down the middle of
his abdomen, across his navel, I stopped at the slight
fur above the waist band of his Jockey briefs. I
placed my open hand fully against his lower abdomen
and pulled him firmly to me. There would be no
mistaking my hardened penis now pressed firmly against
his lower back.

Meticulously I slipped my little finger beneath the
elastic band of his shorts. I relished his soft
course pubic hair. I delighted in Jim's involuntary
intake of breath as I first laid a hand in the
sensitive region above his manhood. Teasing and
tempting I slipped my hand to trace with light touch
finger tips the line between his abdomen and the tops
of his thighs. Pressing firmly at that delicate
point, letting the electricity flow from my fingers to
his inner desire.

Jim leaned back against me, lifting his left leg,
giving me permission. Allowing me free access. I
slid my open hand again through his pubic hair and let
his now hard penis drag across the back of my hand. I
could feel Jim's heart pounding in his chest.
Withdrawing my hand slightly I let the tips of my
fingers find the hot hardness of Jim's erect penis.
Following the natural curve I encircled Jim's stiff
member in my fist and squeezed softly. Jim's body
began to rise off the bed as each of his muscles in
turn began to flex and tighten.

Through broken breaths Jim could only repeat, "Oh. Oh
my... Ohhhhhhhh."

The soft hot skin of Jim's penis, laying across my
hand, mesmerized me. I could not let it go. It was
perfect. Strong. Long. Full. Pulsating. I had so
long dreamt of this moment. Now there was truth. The
complete truth of Jim's perfect erect manhood and I
held it in my hand. I was entranced.

Ever so slowly I loosened my grip enough to let Jim
begin to slide through my clasping hand. Down to the
base, pressing against his testicles. Then ever so
slowly, letting the line and feel of his engorged
penis show me, so slowly, up, teach me, to the top,
until the slight gathering of foreskin kisses over the
tip of his purple glans. Then full truth again, down
to the bottom, slowly.

I can feel within me a growing hunger, an addiction.
As I repeat the long hand journey from abdomen to tip
and back again I feel my desires well up inside me.
My most secret fires begin to burn brightly. My
anxious, selfish wanton desires begin to lift me up.
Every muscle begins to tighten with anticipation. My
penis, hard from my first touch, throbs. A spreading
spot of ejaculate shows clearly on my tented briefs.

As I withdraw my hand Jim is visibly let down.
Reassuringly I again pull him close, his hip tight to
my throbbing hidden member. Again I place my open
hand on his bare chest. Lightly pressing, holding him
close. Waiting for our collective gasping breathing
to subside.

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