Friday, April 10, 2009


Cath and I have been good friends for about 15 years. At one time me and my
first husband and her and her former boyfriend all worked together as
computer programmers at the same company. First my marriage ended and then
her relationship did too. We were there for each other, cried on each others
shoulders and went out and got drunk together to forget about our rotten

We are almost the same age, colouring and build and have been mistaken for
sisters. Both natural blondes, both curvy and both like our men younger than
us and VERY energetic.

In all that time, although we had been swimming, to the gym and sailing and
had seen each other naked many times, the idea of sex with each other had
never remotely crossed our minds. Yet when it happened, it seemed the most
natural thing in the world.

It was a warm midsummer day. Cath and I had seen each other a few days
earlier and discovered we had both booked time off work in the coming week.
I had to get my car serviced and wanted to do some gardening while the
weather was good while Cath was having some work done around her house. The
garage that does my car is a mile or so from Cath's house, so I slung my
bike on the car rack and cycled round to see her while the car was being

When I arrived at her house, there was a stack of paving bricks in the drive
and a heap of sand and other building materials but no sign of any work
being done. I walked around the side of the house and found Cath on the
patio and she wasn't alone. The hunky guy with her was presumably the
builder but he wasn't doing any building other than towards a gigantic
orgasm. He was blond and muscular and very well built in the cock
department. That 9 inch length was buried in Cath's mouth and one hand was
massaging his balls. She was naked from the waist down and her other hand
was giving her pussy a good frigging.

They were far too busy to notice me, and I dived back out of site with
embarassment. Standing there, I had to catch my breath and realised with a
flush that what I had seen was very arousing.

Turning my head a little I could see that Cath had turned around to bend
over her chair and that big cock was now buried in her and moving in and out
rapidly. Without realising, my hand was inside my shorts and I came quickly.
They were still busy and I decided to go for a cooling ride around the
block. In fact I did two circuits before I saw that the guy was back at work
on Cath's driveway.

As I rode in he said to me 'I think your friend is in the shower'.

'Don't worry', I said 'I've known her long enough to walk right in'.

I could hear the downstairs shower running when I walked in. 'Cath' I called
' It's Jen'. The shower stopped and she stuck her head round the door.
'Make yourself a coffee - I'll be a few minutes' she said. When she came
out, still wrapped in a towel, I was on the patio and watching the builder
lay a new pathway down the side of the house. 'Nice. isn't it' she said. I
wondered if she meant the pathway or the builder. He looked up and smiled at
us. Cath smiled back and blushed a little.

For a while we talked about what we'd been doing at work and at home. I've
re-married but my second husband has to go away a lot. I get a little bored
and frustrated and sometimes end up surfing the net to find some sexually
exciting material.

When the builder disappeared to the front of the house to get some more
materials, I said 'Cath, I have a confession to make'.

She blushed again. 'Oh' she said ' you saw me with Sean'.

'Well, as a matter of fact I did, but that wasn't what I was going to say'.

'What ws it then' she asked.

'I think I might be turning bi - I've been surfing lesbian stuff on the Net
and it really turns me on. Then when I saw you two together, I didn't just
want some of what you were getting, I wanted you too'.

She was silent for a moment. Then she said 'Don't be embarassed Jen, I've
had fantasies for years about you and I together, but I would never ever
have told you if you hadn't said that'.

We were only sitting a foot or two apart. I leaned forward and kissed her
gently on the lips. She responded, and she took my hand and placed it on her

'Shouldn't we go inside' I said. Cath led me upstairs to her bedroom. She
closed the door, dropped the towel and put her arms around me. I could feel
the heat of her body through my t-shirt and shorts. She pulled my t- over my
head and I wriggled out of my shorts and underwear.

We kissed and I felt Cath's hands caress my breasts and slide downwards to
my pussy. Her middle finger fluttered over my clit and I moaned with
pleasure. I wanted to give her pleasure so much, and gently pushed her
towards the bed, She lay down, pulled me towards her and opened her legs
wide. I knelt between her legs and explored her wide open slit. She was
glistening wet and literally oozing juices. I stroked the channel between
her clit and her vagina and she arched her back, begging for more intimate
caresses. I could wait no longer and buried my face between her legs. My
tongue lapped her honey and explored her clit, trying to find her most
sensitive spot.

Meanwhile I could feel a trickle of my own juices down the inside of my
thigh. With one hand, I helped Cath towards her climax by probing her with
one, then two fingers. My other hand was on myself, rubbing my clit hard.
Cath reached back to her bedside table and handed me a vibrator. It was big
and black and cock shaped and had a sort of flexible section in the middle.
I gave her a little break from clitoral stimulation and sat up. She hadn't
yet orgasmed but was very close.

I wanted to tease her a little, so I turned on the vibrator and caressed
myself with it, opening my legs so Cath could see exactly what turned me on
the most. She took over, running it all over my soaking slit and hovering
over my cunt entrance. 'Put it inside me, please' I begged her. She smiled
and pushed it an inch or so into me, just the cock head part of it. It was
so good and I wanted it all, but she wasn't willing to give me that just
yet. She pushed it a little further, up to the flexible section and flicked
a switch which changed the motion of it. It now seemed to be wriggling
inside me, massaging around and around my vaginal walls. In Cath's guiding
hands she could make it feel almost like a real cock. It was made of a
material that wasn't hard and shiny, but slightly soft and flexible.

She could tell I was really close, so she plunged it in even further and
applied her flicking tongue to my clit. It was all I had ever fantasised
about, I had a shattering climax, my cunt pulsing and contracting, pushing
the vibrator out. I just lay there panting for a few moments, clutching my
pussy and feeling all the muscles tense and relax.

But Cath hadn't climaxed yet and she wanted it badly. She knelt above me,
putting her pussy near to my mouth and I licked her again. She was even
wetter and tasted wonderful. 'Use it all on me Jen' she begged. 'You just
wait' I smiled at her, pushing her away a little so I could sit up again.

I was already starting to get aroused again, something that doesn't happen
with my husband, mostly we just go to sleep in a few moments after sex and
never get around to multiple orgasms. I got into a sixtynine position with
her underneath. slid the vibrator into her and was about to go down on her
again, when out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a movement in the
doorway. Sean was standing there. He had stripped off and was masturbating
as he watched us.

'Why don't you come on in' I said. He stood in front of me and I licked his
huge erection. He was already jizzing a little, and his pre-cum was a salty
different taste to Cath, yet I realised I could taste his semen in her
juices from their earlier encounter. The thought of it made me shudder with

Cath reached up to hold his shaft as I sucked his cock-head. I was thrusting
the vibrator in and out as well as its own movement and she was clearly
about to cum, but I wouldn't let that happen just yet.

'Fuck me - pleeeaaase' I pleaded with Sean.

He was only too delighted to oblige and moved around behind me. I felt his
hands part me and his cock entered me, It felt bigger than the vibrator and
oh, did he use it well. Slowly, fast, teasing me with his hands, withdrawing
and rubbing my slit with its full length. I climaxed a second time, but he
wasn't ready to cum. He withdrew from me, and Cath and I changed places. Now
his dick was in her from behand and I was laying underneath them, able to
see everything. I used my tongue and fingers to help her to a great orgasm,
She was groaning so hard, all the neighbours must have heard us! Sean
withdrew and shot his load all over her pussy and pubic hair, and I licked
it off, loving the taste.

Both Cath and I licked his cock and balls clean, but we were all sweating
with our exertions, so a shower was needed to get us all clean. Cath's
upstairs shower is huge - a real 'wet room' with several shower heads. It
took us a while because we weren't done with the fun.

'Wash me all over Jen - I've fantasised so often about this and what we
would do' begged Cath.

How could I refuse? Shower sex was my favourite fantasy too.

'Help me Sean' I said.

'Oh yeah' he said, his soapy hands all over Cath's big firm breasts and his
cock standing to attention once again. 'Let's make him cum again' said Cath,
so we used wet soapy hands to jack him off, also rubbing our shower-gelled
pussies against his hardness and giving each other some serious attention
too with fingers in cunts and on clits giving each other yet more orgasms.

'I'm not going to have any energy for more work' Sean said. ''So come back
tomorrow' we chorused happily. And I'm pleased to say he did!

Cath and I had several more sessions with Sean before he finally finished
the work at her place, and Monday evenings are now regular for her and I. We
dutifully go to the gym and sauna, sneaking opportunities to give each other
some pleasure without being noticed. Then we go back to her place for a
glass or two of wine and more energetic pursuits in the bedroom. We have
built up a good collection of vibrators and dildoes, but what we like best
is when Sean joins us for an hour or two.

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