Friday, April 10, 2009


Fred didn't use a washcloth, only his hands, to apply the
Olay Body Wash over Tom's back. The Olay not only smelled
good, it had a sensual, smooth slippery feel to it that made
Fred feel elegant to use it.
Tom turned slightly and said over his shoulder, "You have
nice gentle hands."
"Thank you," was all Fred said and continued
washing Tom's back and then reached around to find and touch
his nipples. They were small and hard and Fred knew the
exquisite feeling of having his nipples massaged. He hoped
Tom's nipples were as sensitive as his as he wanted Tom to
become as excited as he felt.
Reaching around Tom made Fred move closer and now
he was actually holding him in his arms and his erect cock
was lightly touching Tom's ass. Fred moved slightly up and
down, liking the feeling of his cock sliding up and down
Tom's ass crack. His hands reached down and began washing
Tom's stomach and then moved back around and began massaging
his ass cheeks.
He had already washed Tom's arms and chest although he
knew Tom had showered only hours before. This wasn't a
shower to get clean but a shower to get excited. It was the
first Tome either of them had been naked together and they
thought a shower would be a good icebreaker. Their wife and
girlfriend agreed.
Tom and Laura made a strange couple. Tom was
English and this was his first marriage. Fred and Carol
thought Tom had married Laura only to stay in the U.S. The
marriage was Laura's second and although she claimed it was
a warm relationship, it was not. During the past few years
they had no sexual contact and Tom frankly admitted to her
that he masturbated for relief. Based on various
conversations and stories of boarding school, they had come
to the conclusion that Tom had many homosexual experiences
and probably wanted to have them now.
Fred and Carol enjoyed Laura's company more than Tom. His
English mannerism made him appear odd to them. On the other
hand, Laura was friendly and fun and absolutely top heavy
with the biggest breasts either had seen. Each of them
separately and together had tried to bed Laura but so far
Laura had shown little interest beyond a few kisses.
Although Fred and Carol were primarily heterosexual they
both enjoyed the excitement of having sex with their own
gender. Thus far it had seemed to be more the thrill of a
taboo subject rather than a love of their own sex.
One day while the four were having lunch Fred steered Tom
into talking again about his boarding school days in
England. Tom readily admitted that "servicing" the older
boys was part of their culture. He talked on and on about
it and how he was forced into it from the first day and as
he progressed in grades how he eventually became the
recipient of other young boy's attention.
Fred asked him if he wanted to relive those years
and at first he denied it but with the help of Carol and
Laura, Tom finally admitted that he enjoyed the sexual
pleasure of both giving and receiving oral pleasure. It was
amazing how open and honest he was about his past.
Another bottle of wine and continual questioning
and prodding from the three of them led Tom into being just
as honest on his present situation. "Yes" he would like to
have a male lover but the fear of being caught and disease
made him too cautious.
"What about me?" Fred asked.
"Oh no, you're teasing me now. I seriously doubt you'd be
interested. You're too straight."
"Oh quite the contrary, Tom. I've thoroughly enjoyed my
sexual relationships with men before. I find it exciting."
It didn't take long before Tom and Fred were actually
talking about meeting for sex. Amazing as it seemed, the
wives let the subject go on as though the men were
discussing baseball or a new movie. They talked about
what they enjoyed and felt and both discovered that
foreplay was important to them. Tom said that just giving
or receiving a "blowjob" didn't interest him. That part
of his school years disgusted him. He never really
enjoyed it until he and his best friend began "servicing"
each other. The luncheon conversation eventually led to
Tom's house and their shower together.
Fred turned Tom to face him and leaned forward slightly.
Tom raised his head and closed his eyes, inviting Fred's
kiss. It was a soft kiss as they both enjoyed the feel of
the other's lips on theirs. After a few moments Fred's
tongue reached out and lightly traced the outline of Tom's
lips. Tom responded by opening his mouth, inviting Fred's
tongue inside his hot, wet mouth. They stood for minutes
exploring and tasting each other while their sexual
excitement built.
Sliding slowly down Tom's body, Fred kissed and sucked
on Tom's little nipples and then ended up on his knees
facing Tom's hard, erect cock. It was delightfully big and
full and without a moment's hesitation Fred let it slip into
his mouth.
"Oh god, that's wonderful," Tom hoarsely breathed.
It felt so good for Fred to have this opportunity to suck
a cock again. It had been years and he enjoyed the
sensation of giving pleasure to another man. He didn't
consider himself an expert cocksucker but just did what
seemed naturally and what he enjoyed having done to him.
"Fred, I am so hot to cum. Shall I tell you when?"
Fred stopped and looked up. "Cum whenever, darling. I
want to taste you."
Seconds later Tom groaned and shot his cum into Fred's
mouth. Fred almost forgot how good it tasted. He held it
in his mouth, savoring the taste and feel, and then
swallowed. By massaging Tom's balls and sucking and
licking, Fred managed to coax more cum from Tom, which he
again rolled around in his mouth before swallowing.
Fred stood up and held Tom as Tom breathed heavily from
his orgasm.
"You next, Fred. Would you mind buggering me?"
"Up the ass?"
"My pleasure."
"Perhaps best we go into the bedroom. It'll be more
They took turns drying each other off and before leaving
Tom found a jar of Vaseline and a towel and took them with
him. When they reached the bedroom they discovered it
inhabited by their totally naked wives with Laura sprawled
face up on the bed and Carol lying between her legs licking
her from one orgasm to another.
"Sorry," Tom said. "We'll use the guest room."
Looking at them with a faraway look in her eyes, Laura
said, "Oh honey, I keep cumming. Carol won't let me stop."
"You're certainly lucky, Bunny. Fred made me cum just
once and it was marvelous. Now it's his turn."
Reaching the guest room, Tom and Fred fell into each
other's arm and began kissing again.
"It's so easy making love to you. No worries; no
concerns. I've been searching for this for a long Tome."
"Me too, Tom. Having you nearby is going to make all of
us happy lovers."
Gradually they found themselves lying on the bed, kissing
and stroking each other. Tom's cock began to recover itself
and it was already more than halfway hard. Tom laid back.
"I am so hot for you. Please apply some Vaseline and then
fuck me."
"My pleasure, baby."
Tom was on his back with his legs spread and raised. Fred
slowly smoothed Vaseline on Tom's ass and let his finger
penetrate him. He would happy to see the look of pleasure
on Tom's face as his ass was massaged and stretched. Fred
couldn't wait any longer so he quickly put Vaseline on his
own hard cock and then readied himself between Tom's legs.
His cock seemed to have it's own radar and was soon nudging
Tom's ass. Finding the right position for his cock, Fred
began to force his way in. In the meanTome Tom placed his
legs on Fred's shoulders so his ass was raised and even more
ready and able to be fucked.
"Ohh, you're tight, baby. Mmmm."
Tom said nothing but pushed back, opening his ass more to
Fred's hard cock. Slowly but steadily Fred felt his cock
slipping into Tom's tight hot ass. It felt incredible. He
didn't want to hurt Tom so occasionally he would stop, back
out, and then push more in. It took several minutes before
he felt his pelvis and balls hard up again Tom. He leaned
forward and began kissing him. Tom's mouth was open and he
began sucking on Fred's tongue.
Fred took an instant to evaluate the erotic position he
was in of kissing Tom and having his cock up his friend's
ass. Then he began slowly fucking him. Tom reached up,
grabbed Fred's nipples and began firmly massaging them.
Fred thought he would explode then and there. His nipples
were hard, large and extremely sensitive. He couldn't
remember if he had told Tom about them but at the moment he
was doing exactly the right thing, squeezing and massaging
them, exciting Fred to new heights of passion.
"Damn, you are good. My cock is hard again and I think
I'll cum again."
"Oh shit, baby, you aren't going to cum again until I fuck
you and cum in your ass. And I think I'm cumming now.
Fred hadn't been fucking Tom more than a minute before his
balls tightened and he began shooting his load up Tom's ass.
While his cock was up Tom's ass he still slowly fucked him,
using the movements to drain more and more of his cum.
Finally Tom released his nipples and Fred leaned forward and
kissed Tom on the mouth.
"Tell me, lover, who was in charge just now? Were you
fucking me or was I using you for my pleasure?"
"Doesn't matter, baby. We both got what we wanted."

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