Friday, April 10, 2009

Strip Poker Beginner

My wife and I had a large party at our home one night, with loud music,
dancing, drinking and a lot of flirting between couples. There were a lot of
people, mostly married, and all went well. I was pretty high and feeling good
by the end of the night, and hated to see everyone go. I was also very horny.
Anyway, you know how there is always a straggler, well we got ours. As we
said goodnight to what we thought was our last guest, we closed the door,
turned around and found that we had one guest left.
His name was Al and we joined him at the table to talk and find out what his
plans were. It turned out that he was a pretty cool guy and we all started to
talk and laugh and drink more beer. We started to play Poker but soon all the
money had changed hands but we wanted to continue to play. My wife was kinda
tipsy otherwise she would never have been so bold. I don't now if she was
joking or just trying to find out how I would react, but she said "I have
never seen two men naked before, lets play strip poker." I thought Al would
head for the door but he said "sure, I'm gonna win anyway. And I wanted to
see just how far she would go.
A few beers later, and totally naked I was sitting there in front of my
giggling wife and some guy we just met drunk with nothing to hide my erection
but a cold beer. My wife then offered me a chance to win back some of my
clothes. She said if I win the next hand I can pick up an article of clothes.
If I lost I had to do as the winner asked. I was getting excited and agreed.
She was on a winning streak, She one again. Now Al was down to his boxers and
I had to do as she asked. She said she wanted to watch me crawl on my hands
and knees across the room and back. It was weird and my nerves were bunching
up in my stomach, but I did it. She said to Al, "Look at that hard dick
swinging between his legs, and the firm ass in the air. Your next!" And she
dealt the cards. She won again, and once again she asked me to crawl across
the room and back. But this time she had Al remove his last garment of
clothes and climb onto my back. There I was, crawling totally naked across
the room with a naked man on my back. She must have loved it. I could feel
his ass, his balls and his dick all at the same time massaging my back. "Slap
that ass Al" she demanded. And as I carried him on my back towards her, he
just kept slapping my ass.
We got back to the table, got up and had another beer. My wife was teasing
us pointing out that we were both hard, and it was true, both our dicks were
standing straight up. I decided to change the game a little and suggested
Lowest card loses. And that the next loser gets blindfolded, and the
following loser would take commands. The final winner would be in control for
the night. We never did this before, but we were in for a threesome.
Well, I lost again. My wife escorted me to the couch, laid me back, and put
a blind fold on me. My dick got swollen with anticipation, I new she wanted
to have sex with two men and I was ready. I listened but all I could hear was
whispers, the cards shuffle, more whispers, and a giggle. Then I could hear
someone approach. I felt hand massaging my legs and spread them open. Then I
could feel a hand wrap around my dick a start stroking it. I was already
about to explode! Then the warmth and wetness of a mouth surrounded my dick.
Up and down slapping and sucking. Stroking and tickling my balls. A flash
came into my mind and I wondered if Al was jerking off watching. But I didn't
care, I was lost in ecstasy, it felt soo good. I could hear my wife moan,
then another pair of hands began to rub my chest. I was about to cum when my
wife pulled the blindfold off. She was behind Al, reaching over him and
rubbing my chest. She said "look baby, look at him suck your dick" This was
the first time I ever had my dick in a mans mouth and I couldn't believe it!
I was so close to cumming when she pulled him back. I said "please don't
stop, I need it" She laid him down on the floor in front of me a began to
stroke his dick. She put it in her mouth and got it all wet and slippery.
Then she said" I want to see you do it" I hesitated for a second but my sex
drive overwhelmed me. I got down there next to my wife and we shared his
dick. She stroked it right into my mouth. It took me a little while, but then
I got a rhythm. I sucked him just as I wanted to be sucked. I knew what my
wife wanted now, so I just went for it. I moved my body over so we were in a
sixty-nine position and put my dick in his mouth. My wife got up and sat on
the couch to watch so I began to give her a show. I moved my hand up and down
his dick and moved my head to the side to give her a good view of his big
dick. Then I swallowed it whole. I could feel his balls touch my nose, and
his dick pulse in my mouth. Then it happened, I began to cum In his mouth. I
came so hard it was impossible for me to keep his dick in my mouth and moan
as loud as I did. I was actually fucking his face and stroking his dick. Now
Al started cumming. He shot his load all over my chest and hands and I
continued to stroke it and rub his cum all over his body.
We rolled over to catch our breath. We all returned to the table. Poured a
beer. And decided on a new game to play.

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