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I am a bank Officer in Chennai, I am 34 yrs old, my wife Nirmala 29 yrs, is
a housewife. Nimi is a great wife and has nice sexy body, she is very fair
slim and very free in bed mostly like to be submissive but I like her to be
dominating me. since we got a son we have sex at least twice in a week I
found it very satisfied.

I have a friend newly came to our branch, his name is Arjun he is 23, he
recently married, to chitra 19 yrs, she is a house wife too. They moved
near to us so that both our wives can spend their time and be helpful for
them. Chitra and my wife Nimi became very close.When ever I got out I use
to drop nimi in Arjun's house. Chitra is beautiful and sexy too. Because
they are new and young couples they are very free to talk anything, and
very social.

One evening I went to my uncle's house with my son, I dropped my wife in
Arjun's house. when I went to their house my wife was in the hall talking
to Arjun and chitra was in sleep. On our way back I asked where was chitra,
nimi said when she went they were in bed so she was tired. and reached went
to home. in night nimi was very horny in bed she rubbed her legs on mine
and took off her saree and become nude and pulled my lungi and gripped my
cock and massaged, I asked why she is like that she said, "we are not less
than the young couple", I knew she saw them in bed so she needs sex. that's
is normal. then I got erection and inserted my cock in her pussy and fucked
for 3 to 4 mints that too very slowly and cum inside her, and I laid aside
of her and slept over. But nimi was not seemed to be finished she rolled
over on the bed and kept pillow between her thighs, since I was very tired
I slept quickly.

From that day onwards nimi was short tempered and arguing with me for
everything and looked sad.

when I ask about that she said she was ok. If she see Arjun her face lights
up. So many times I noticed after her wild sex with me, she always chat
with chitra in a whispered voice I never thought different till then.

We use to call them for dinner regularly in one such occasion Nimi was
wearing dark blue saree in a low hip too,I noticed nimi took more care to
Arjun. she took extra care in making tasty foods for Arjun.

and often said Arjun like this and that, she stayed on his right, and kept
on raising her left hand to show the glimpse of her big breasts to him and
she bent front of him then and there the partition of her creamy white
breasts were seen clearly, and placed her hand on the hip and just rubbed
her white hips and smiled at him often and rearranging the saree headpiece
in front of him unwantedly. I was surprised why my disciplined wife does
like this in front of another man. I noticed she bite her lips in front of
him, and said "everything for you, don't delay to taste it" and gave secret

After dinner when they were going out the door I was packing the excess
food for them chitra was helping me. I saw nimi carrying son in hands and
walking slowly with Arjun I dint hear what they spoke but I saw, our son
was pulling his mothers saree head piece, and surprisingly nimi dint stop

the kid carried on and pulled totally the left side. now the big left
breast of my wife was fully exposed.

Arjun saw this and stunned. but nimi dint try to cover her breast, it
seemed she wanted Arjun to see her breast. then, she was smiling at him and
said, "he doesn't fancy to drink milk but always pulls my saree and plays
with the blouse hooks". I saw Arjun came to her and bent down for my son
and kissed him but his cheek was touching her breast, nimi dint move or
react she still pressed it further. he kissed my son and touched her
breast. I cant believe this, but I am not sure weather she did it purposely
or it happened just like that so for our close friendship I kept quiet and
decided to keep an eye on her.

That night my wife was very wild to my knowledge even I cant satisfy
her. then one day I came to home in the noon and heard my wife was talking
on the phone to someone and I stayed back to listed, I heard her voice
saying, "no he has auditing in the office will be back late night," and
asked weather he/she can buy some cookery things for her. I was surprised
because just few days back we purchased a lot and I kept listening her, "
it was boring no one for the company, why don't you come here and have the
lunch?" and continued, "Chitra went to her friends house she called me this
morning, I refused to go", now I knew she was talking to Arjun. so half way
of my suspicion was confirmed I was confused what to do next? I returned
back. After and hour I thought of going to home but I saw Arjun came in an
auto and stooped after our house and looked all around and knocked the
door. He dint see me, I saw my wife's shadow and called him in and closed
the door quickly, I knew something is going to happen, but he is 23 and my
wife is 29 had good sex for more than 8 yrs, what is going on, I decided to
catch them red handed and gave some time and went to the back side of my
house, where nobody can see me, I climbed the stairs and stayed on the
sunshade and peeped in.

I saw my respected wife dressing in our room, I saw her covering her
beautiful big breasts with black blouse, but she dint wear a bra, she has
very fair and waxy skin her breasts were clearly visible through her blouse
even her nipples can be seen. so she wants to seduce Arjun with her
tits?.she came out in a black saree.

I saw Arjun in the hall. she came to the hall in 5 mins. she called him and
took him to the dinning table straight. I saw Arjun's eyes running all over
my wife's beautiful and sexy body and said, "NIMIJI YOU LOOK GREAT RELLY
MUCH WITH HER", he said "YES BUT I LIKE SLIM LADIES," and went near to her
and said, "ESPECIALLY LIKE YOU", I saw my wife is blushing it seems she
likes his comments. then he added, "BUT WHAT TO DO, VASANTH IS LUCKIER THAN
ME", she said, "SO WHAT?", and gave a deep look to him, Arjun seemed
understood her words and went closer to her and said, "AM I LUCKY?", she
replied, "YES YOU ARE", I felt a shivering on my back, because he is
younger than her but when if it is sex then age doesn't matter it
seems. she likes him I cant believe what was happening. I saw nimi leaning
on the wall, she looked damm sexy I have to accept she is so hot looking,
she gave her hands to the wall her hips are nicely seen and her face has a
mysterious look towards him which she use to do when she is feeling
horny. slightly I felt guilty on me if I satisfy her she wont be doing this
with other man, is she going to share the bed with him? no she wont, I
decided to watch them.

She served lunch, really she seemed very happy to serve the food to
him. Then and there their hands touched, nimi enjoyed it. After food they
both took the plates to the kitchen and nimi cleaned Arjun helped her by
that time he was on her back pressing on her ass, she dint move rather she
leaned back, his hands came in between her hips and washed her hands and
pulled her to him she responded, his hands were on her white soft hips and
pressed slightly. nimi leaned on him fully resting her head on his
shoulder, now Arjun kissed nimi on her cheek and bite her ears and
check. her hands were on him clutching his fingers. he moved her head
upwards she turned to him, her beautiful red lips were near to his. slowly
he caught my wife's lower lips into him. at the same time he pulled her
saree headpiece by two fingers slowly removing from her shoulder. Nimi
opened her mouth and kissed him back and her left hand came on his head and
running through his hair. she opened her mouth fully and got his tongue
inside the mouth and started drinking his saliva, their saliva from mouth
was running out and the sound of their kisses echoed on the walls, his
hands was rubbing my wife's hip and massaging it nicely. her hands went
into his hair and held his mouth closer to her. His hands were trying to
pull her saree. she took off the head piece now the black blouse of hers
was clearly visible and the big mounts were raising up and down. his hands
went on them and cupped it and massaged it slowly and gained speed.

nimi was sucking his mouth vigoursouly. then his hands tried to unbutton
her blouse. nimi did it leaving both her white great tits opened and took
his both hands and massaged it. he was playing on her brown nipples. she
turned to him and pressed his head on her boobs, now his mouth was on her
mounts sucking her tits. he sucked it both, she held his head tightly on
her nipples. he sucked, sucked and sucked fully, I can see milk is running
out from his mouth she was guiding him to both the nipples he drank it, at
the same time his hand undressed her. my wife was standing nude in front of
another man, while he was drinking milk from her boobs. his hands were in
between her white, milky, ivory thighs moved apart and cupped her pussy and
rubbed. My wife opened her thighs more widely for him and guided his hand
to the most sacred place of mine. in meantime she unbuttoned his shirt and
pulled his zip, and his trousers and his vest &briefs and made him
nude. His cock was about 9" long and thick double the size of mine. I am
sure she might have waited for this chance for a long time unless she cant
guide him for her wild desires. She rushed to bed with him, she gave her
back on bed and hugged him tightly and kissed him. he kissed on her tummy
and went to her pussy. I could not believe my eyes she enjoyed his mouth on
her most sensetive part. she opened her thighs for him and pressed his head
with her hands. he started eating my wife's hungry and wet pussy, I saw a
happy feeling on her face and she is enjoying his mouth than anything in
the world. she was lifting her hip and rubbing her wet pussy on his
face. He gradually ate the whole pussy it was dripping. she was crying his
name and moaning loudly. she pulled his head and kissed him fully on his
mouth, I can her juices on their mouth. My body was shivering my mind was
blacked out,it seems no one can control them, even me because they were
gone into a great extent. even if I stop, I am sure my wife will go to him
later to fuck him. so let she enjoy her lust. and her wet pussy was
satisfying a cock which is not her husband. Her hand went for his cock and
pulled it, and said, "ARJUN I WANT TO TRY THIS IN MY MOUTH", I was shocked,
my wife wants to suck his cock. even he was surprised, she said, "I saw
chitra was sucking your cock, I saw it through your window for a long time,
please let me do it", I cant believe that my religious wife was begging
some one to suck his cock, now I realised on the other day she was wild in
bed and told she saw them making love.but everything was out of my hands,
this tall sexy man is invading my wife's body I am was sure even he cant my
wife. she was like a puppet in his hand she bent her body to his desire her
body understood his body language and co-operating him, to full fill its
lust. he lifted her head and placed on his lap and guided her head to his
cock, she kissed the head of his cock and, Arjun opened her lips by his
fingers and inserted his big dick into her mouth and slowly pumped it and
shook her head accordingly. now she followed his hands and gave a good
suck. its was big not going fully into her mouth, but she tried hard and
took the full of his cock in to mouth. my wife was sucking the cock
desirably. Arjun was fingering her cunt she still sucked it. he was pumping
his cock he held her head tightly and groaned I knew he is to cum, but my
wife still sucking his cock wildly. it seemed he shot his liquid in her
mouth she raised her head and looked at him, he held her head tightly and
told her to drink it. she swallowed fully, again he insisted her to suck to
get the erection nimi licked and sucked his cock very well as like an
experienced cock sucker. he got the erection, then she took his cock out
and laid on her back and called Arjun to fuck her. Arjun pressed his dick
head on my wife's wet cunt it went half. He was not wearing a condom but
she never bothered she wanted his cock inside her desperately. she should
felt his hardness in the kitchen when he was on her back. She closed her
eyes and hold his hips and biting her lower lips because of pain. Arjun
pressed his huge cock in, it went half. She said" Arjun dear its paining to
me, please do something, don't kill me", he placed his hands on her side
and pulled his big cock outside. he slammed again into her. O it went in
fully, my nimi's pussy should be tared I think. Arjun pumped his cock into
her wet cunt. At last he is fucking my wife, my wife is fucking family
friend. I cant believe this her beautiful, and respected image has gone,
her sexy body was enjoying its lust. she seemed to be very satisfied. She
longed for him and she did it. She was moaning again out of joy, great
pleasure, she was getting a great fuck from a exotic man who she longed for
him. She moaned and shouted,"YES ARJUN YES I LOVE YOU DARLING." His fuck
went rhymatically. Arjun sucked her nipples he sucked and the milk was
bubbling out from his mouth every minute her body was enjoying sex from
him. she cried out of pain he was biting her nipples,they were gone reddish
she told him "DON'T BITE BECAUSE MY HUBBY WILL FIND THIS", he said "don't
worry I will fuck you in a way nobody knows", I was surprised o my wife
wants to hide her fuck. her legs were circled his hips and pulling him into
her. He held her armpits and fucked her harder, faster, harder..harder..and
DEEPS..I AM LUCKY TO FUCK SOMEONE'S WIFE,". she was loving his fuck in her
deep and said, " I saw your big cock fucking chitra, from that day I was
planning to fuck you", he said, "everyone in our office told about your
body is fuckable and I had it", and she sucked his lips and lifted fast her
hips to meet his. every stroke was very fast they were in great fucking
nobody can stop. they have to explode. She was arching back he was pressing
her. she hold his hip tightly with hers and screamed, "Arjun don't stop go
fast.. even faster, fuck my cunt babe yes you can fast.. fast". Her hips
were jerking and bed was screeching this could be the fastest moment of
sex. he asked," Nimi I am cummin shall I cum in or pull out?", I said "No
fuck me fully and come inside I want to feel your juice", and held him
tightly not to pulled out his cock from her. he fucked her fast and
straightened on her, "nimi I am cumming in your cunt..I am filling your
cunt...just receive my juice who you loved to fuck with",. and she said, "O
yes. your juice is filling my pussy I am going to get pregnant",. he held
her till his last drop and both exhausted and lay apart.

After that I went to the office I came in late night, nimi was worried but
I convinced her. in the night I called for sex she came willingly I
started with the game which Arjun started, nimi enjoyed it and sucked my
cock for the first time but when I came in her mouth she took it out. I
fucked her her cunt was very wet and loose for my cock. I asked her about
it she told, "its like that as it was before, but yours is small", I agreed
mine is small for her cunt, just this morning she fucked with Arjun's big

then I fucked her wildly, nimi was surprise about my development.

The next month she missed my periods, and told me she is pregnant. I just
smiled at her. in the noon I came to home without notice. Arjun and my wife
was nude on bed reaching climax and relaxed their sides and discussing
about their baby. Till now they don't know that I saw everything, but they
believes nobody knows and still fuck.

Earlier I have sent about my wife Nirmala who fucked with my best friend
(Slut Wife). they still continue whenever they get time, especially in the
noon times, I kept quiet and just allowed her to enjoy. when I get time I
come and check through the sunshade where I can see our bed room clearly.

no way I can stop them so at least she can satisfy her lust, but she never
hesitates to fuck with me too. I noticed she takes extra care in her
dressing when arjun and chitra comes to our house, mostly in dark colours,
nowadays with red lipstick applied and tight bra and never wear panty and
so socially takes about sex with them, and gives sex advice to chitra. but
chitra never know about her hubby and my wife fuck. she is thinking as a
very close friends.

After my wife Nimi and Arjun's sex encounter I felt very confused to leave
this or to do something. but I kept quiet because my wife seduced arjun.
After some days they came to our house, I noticed Nimi and arjun were
trying to go to kitchen often. I was with chitra watching a cricket match,
we were discussing about our players game, but my ears were on kitchen,
suddenly it went quiet I raised the volume of the t.v and told chitra will
be back now and went around the house.

I saw my wife, in kitchen with arjun, my friend lover. both seemed helping
each other in cooking but they really dint do that he was on her back
pressing on her ass, she pushed her ass back, his hands came in between her
hips pulled her to him, she leaned on him fully, arjun kissed my wife's
lower lips. at the same time he got her tits and massaged it. I dint want
to disturb. I came into the hall. I saw chitra on chair still watching
match doesn't know, we both been cheated by our partners. she is beautiful
too should be good in bed. I got an idea I called my wife she came in to
hall I said I have to buy something from the shop so if you two can do your
cooking while I take chitra out with me suddenly nimi`s face brightened so
I went to the car and drove off. after 10 mins I told chitra that I show
something and we came to the corner of the street and parked my car and
walked to my house. and I made sure chitra should not shout or disturb. she
was confused so we came to the back of my house I held chitra in front of
me and placed my left hand on her left shoulder and closed her mouth with
my right hand. we went near to the window, there is no one in kitchen so we
went to our bedroom. we heard arjun voice,"he took my wife he is going to
fuck her, if anything happens I will kill that bitch and your hubby",. I
knew its about me, Nimi said, "don't say anything about my hubby he is nice
that's why he gave us a chance, don't waste the time". chitra turned to me
I whispered in her ears chitu this is happening so long. she was very
angry. I told don't get angry because they share the bed we been cheated
even if you shout then it will be easier for them to live together and its
a shame for us.I raised chitu to stand on the support on wall so she can
see clearly. both were nude arjun`s head in between nimis thighs yes he is
sucking her cunt.

He was playing on her brown nipples. she pressed his head on her boobs, now
his mouth was on her mounts sucking her tits. he sucked it both, she held
his head tightly on her nipples. he sucked, sucked and sucked fully, she
was guiding him to both the nipples he drank it. now his hands were in
between her white, milky, ivory thighs moved apart and cupped her pussy and
rubbed. My wife opened her thighs more widely for him he started licking
nimi`s wet pussy, I noticed chitra was watching all this slowly I pressed
her back, I felt her lips were rubbing my covered hands, so I further
pressed my hip to her my hardness was exactly on her split of ass. she
pressed me back, I lowered my hand on her front, she turned to me and gave
a deep look and got my hand and placed on her boob I smiled and started
massaging, she kissed me and pulled me to the corner and hugged me tightly
and said fuck me please. o its my lucky day we went to chitra's house, I
undressed her,she is great and young I made myself nude and kissing her on
mouth. she pulled my head and kissed me fully into my mouth, her tongue was
all over my mouth. we drank our juices in the mouth. My body was shivering
and hot.

Her hand went for my cock and pulled it, and said, "are u happy now, they
are cheating us so we do the same, she stroked it twice and kissed the head
of my cock and, took my dick into her mouth and slowly pumped it and shook
her head accordingly. she is a real cock sucker. chitra was sucking the
cock deeply. I fingered her cunt she still sucked it. she was pumping her
head on cock, I shot out my liquid in her mouth she raised her head
and. she swallowed it fully, again she took my cock and licked and sucked
my cock very well I never experienced this much good. she is a super cock
sucker. I got the erection, then she took my cock out and laid on her back
and called me come fuck my cunt. She closed her eyes and hold and pushed me
back. I slammed again into her. yes it is fully went in my friends wife
chitr`s pussy.I pumped my cock into her wet cunt. At last I was happy to
fuck his wife, my wife is fucking her hubby.She was moaning again out of
joy, great pleasure, she was getting a great fuck, She moaned and shouted,
"nice darling you are good then why your wife does like this." we fucked to
our best. I bite her nipples and sucked, we were enjoying a great sex. she
cried out of pain because I was biting her nipples,they were gone reddish
she told him "don't stop it this is the punishment them", I said "yes
darling I will fuck you nicely and hard", her legs were circled my hips and
pulling me into her. He fucked her harder, faster, harder... harder...
and shouted," I love you darling you are my wife"and happy that I paid your
hubby back,". and she sucked my nipples and lifted fastley her hips to meet
my fast fuck. every stroke was very fast we were in great fucking nobody
can stop. She was arching back to me I was pressing her. she held my hip
tightly with hers and screamed, "don't stop go fast.. even faster, fuck my
cunt babe yes you can fast.. fast". Her hips were jerking and bed was
screeching this could be the fastest moment of sex. I was cumming, I said,
then she said "No fuck me fully and come inside I want to feel your juice",
I straightened on her, "chitu I am cumming in your cunt..I am filling your
cunt",. and she said, "O yes. your juice is filling my pussy I am going to
get pregnant",. I pressed her till my last drop and both exhausted and lay
apart. soon next month she was conceived. I just smiled at her. now she is
carrying my babe. I fancy to fuck chitra.

Later my wife caught us on bed. we all compromised.

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