Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Thanksgiving Trip

I wasn't really looking forward to heading back to my hometown for
Thanksgiving. It usually ends up being more of a hassle than a vacation.
Mom's cooking was calling my name though, so I made the trip and arrived the
day before Thanksgiving.

After saying hello to the family I started getting restless. There is only
one bar worth going to in my hometown so I headed there. It was pretty
crowded and I spent the first several minutes just trying to get to the bar
and order a much needed drink. As I finally positioned myself on the rail,
I heard my name being called. I looked over and saw a girl I used to date,
Stephanie, waving at me. It had been a few years since I had seen her but
she looked as great as ever. She is a bout 5'7 and curves in all the right
places. Her tits are the softest, most beautiful things I ever saw. When I
think of her I always think about those big fucking tits. I made my way
over to her and she stood to give me a hug. She was just wearing a tshirt
and jeans but those tits were big and hanging just the way I like with a
little natural sag. When we hugged I felt them pressed against me and
instantly felt my dick start to stir. I thought back to all of the fun we
had. She was such a good slut wen we dated. She was the first girl that
let me fuck her in ass, and my cock was the first to enter that hole. She
would suck my dick everyday. I would meet her at her parents house and she
would be sitting on her bed with her legs spread when I walked into her room
and tell me to start licking her pussy immediately. Her favorite thing was
for me to blow my nut all over her face. I think 90% of the time when we
fucked she asked me to cum on her face. And her pussy was just awesome.
Always wet, always tasted so good.

As I started to mentally plan on fucking Stephanie that night, she
introduced me to the guy sitting next to her, her boyfriend Dan. "Dan, this
is John...he was my boyfriend for about a year back in the old days." It
was really only five years ago but I was okay with introduction. It was
alot better then, "This is John and he fucked me about a thousand times and
came all over me before we started dating" would have sounded.

The three of us sat and drank for a couple of hours. Stephanie and I got
caught up on eachothers lives and Dan turned out to be a really cool guy.
Once when Stephanie left us to go the bathroom Dan said, "I've heard your
name a couple times since Stephanie and I started dating so I'm glad I
finally got to meet you. Stephanie is great isn't she?" I agreed and then
he said, "You miss fucking her?" I smiled and while I was a bit surprised
by the question I wasn't going to lie to the guy. Just as I was about to
tell him that yeah, I did love fucking his girl, Stephanie returned from the
bathroom. I decided I needed to piss so I got up and went. On my way back
to the bar Stephanie and Dan were walking toward me and said that they
settled up on the tab and asked me if I wanted to go back to her place and
have a few more drinks. I told them it sounded like a plan to me and
followed them back to Dan's place. We were in the kitchen and just started
our second round of drinks when I had to take another leak. Dan told me
where the bathroom was and after I finished pissing I looked at myself in
teh mirror and decided it was time for me to go home. I walked back to the
kitchen and Dan was sitting on the counter with Stephanie standing with her
back to him but leaning between his legs. Dan had his arms around Stephanie
and I was just about to thank them for the drinks and taking care of the tab
when Dan said, "Hey John, how much do you miss these tits?" With that, he
lifted Stephanie's shirt and pulled her big tits free from her bra so they
were out for me to admire. Her nipples were pierced and they looked as
beautiful as I remembered. She was standing there smiling at me and
obviously enjoying the whole thing. She was always a little freak. I said
to Dan, "Man, I love those tits and I do miss them. They are the greatest
pair I have ever had my hands on." He said, "Well, if you want to get to
know them again, come a little closer." I stepped forward in front of
Stephanie and she placed my hands on her tits. Dan was smiling and nodding
his head at me from behind her. He started kissing her ear and he whispered
something to her that I didn't catch. Stephanie then started feeling my
hard cock through my pants and slowly knelt in front of me. I was now
pretty much face to face with Dan as his girlfriend knelt between us and
took my cock out of my pants. Her lips were wrapped around it the minute it
was free. Dan slowly eased himself down from the counter and came around to
stand right next to me. He had been rubbing his dick through his pants and
now he unbuttoned his pants and pulled out his dick. As he pulled on it it
grew harder and bigger. My cock is about 6.5 inches and pretty thick but he
had at least 2 inches on me and his cock looked thicker. By this time both
Dan and I had our pants around our ankles, standing in the kitchen, his
girlfriend (my former girlfriend) kneeling between us. Dan was standing
right next to me and Stephanie turned her attention to his big cock. With
one cock in each hand, Stephanie put her mouth around Dan's and started
sucking. The whole scene was great and I liked watching Stephanie suck
another cock. She started alternating between me and Dan and on a turn here
she had me in her mouth and Dan was getting his tugged on, he suggested we
move into the living room. As he helped Stephanie to her feet they started
kissing. I started to think, my dick was just in her mouth...I guess he
doesn't care, then again it is his girlfriend who is sucking me off so he
must not have too many hang ups.

We walked into the living room and Stephanie took her pants off and got on
the couch. She had shaved her pussy bald and I could see it gleaming. She
spread her legs and then her pussy lips and asked me to eat her out. I
looked at Dan who still had that smile on his face and he said, "Do it man,
she still tastes great." So I got on my knees and started licking her
pussy. She put her legs over my shoulders and put both hands on top of my
head. I started out by shoving my tongue as far inside her as I could.
Then I started licking up and down her slit and playing with her clit. She
was moaning and when I looked up at her she had Dan' s cock in her mouth.
He was standing at the edge of the couch cock level her face. She pulled
his cock out of her mouth and said, "John, lick my asshole too, your dick
will be going in there soon and I want it to be wet." I loved the sound of
that so I started licking her asshole and getting it nice and ready for my
cock. I returned to her pussy and within a minute she was moaning and
squirming and I watched her spit out Dan's cock and bite her lip as she
pressed my face against her pussy while making those sounds she makes when
she is coming. I forgot how much I loved to make her have an orgasm. She
has that ability to make you feel like 'The Man' when she cums. Plus she
always rubs her pussy up and down your face after she cums, which I love.

After she released my head from her grasp, she looked at Dan and said, "You
know what I want." They must have discussed this because he nodded and
pulled her off the couch. He said, "John, have a seat and I am Stephanie is
going to sit on your cock while I lick her clit. You cool with that?" I
said yes, without really thinking about it or the fact that his tongue would
be awfully close to my cock. I sat down and Stephanie turned around with
her plump ass in my face. She straddled my legs and lowered her pussy down
onto my cock. She leaned back on me and raised her arms and reached back to
rest them around the back of my neck. I was playing with her tits and I had
a good view of Dan as he readied himself in front of us. He knelt down and
started licking her clit. I could feel hime lifting and spreading her pussy
aprt at the top and I could feel his tongue every once in awhile brush the
bottom side of my dick. Stephanie was moving around a bit and after about
two minutes my dick popped out of her pussy and was leaning against Dan's
forehead. I didn't know what to say or do but he just grabbed my cock and
slid it back inside Stephanie like it the natural thing to do. She turned
her head to look at me and smiled. We started kissing and I remembered that
this guys cock was in her mouth. But I didn't care. I looked down at Dan
and he was watching us. I saw him back away for a second and smile. Then I
felt his tongue on my balls and lick up the bottom of my dick and stop at
Stephanie's clit. Just to see what happens, I shifted a little and
'accidentally' slid my dick out of Stephanie's cunt. Dan swallowed it right
away like he was waiting to suck my cock all night. After only about 20
seconds of my first man blowjob, Stephanie took hold of my cock and leaned
forward. "Put it in my ass", she said and I slowly pressed my swollen head
against her asshole until it popped in and she sat down on the rest of my
dick. Dan stood up and raised her legs and slid his cock in Stephanie's
pussy. I had seen DP's in porn and now I was participating in my first one.
I could feel Dan's big dick slid in and out of Steaphie's pussy and that
rubbing feeling was starting to bring me to the edge. I told them both that
I was about to cum and Dan pulled out of Stephanie. He then helped her up
off of me and I stood up. They both sat down on the couch and Stephanie
said, "We want you to shoot your cum all over both of us." They were cheek
to cheek sitting in front of me and they were both playing with themselves
as I beat my cock in front of their faces. Stephanie started to lean back
and I saw she was rubbing her pussy hard and fast and she told me she was
about to cum too. It was all I could take when i heard her start to moan
and I aimed my shot right at her. The first shot hit her right in the face
and Dan leaned over and took the second one in his mouth. Then he closed
his mouth around my cock and sucked me until my knees buckled and I had to
pull out of his mouth. I couldn't believe I just had my dick in another
guys mouth. As I was coming out of my orgasm fog, I saw Dan licking my nut
off of his girlfriends face. he stood and his dick looked like it was about
to burst. He grabbed it and turned to Stephanie who waited for another face
bath. I walked around to his left, since he was beating furiously with his
right, for a better view. Although I was a little nervous about all the Bi
activity I had just participated in (on the receiving end), I wanted to do
something for this guy since he was so cool and I was feeling so sexually
free. So as he was jerking in front of Stephanie's face, I reached under
and started lightly playing with his heavy balls. He looked at me and
smiled some more and after about 10 seconds blew a huge load right in
Stephanie's open mouth. I watched her swallow it. Then she stood up and
told me how much she had wanted to do that and kissed me and put her tongue
in my mouth. I could taste the cum she had just swallowed but I didn't

I'll never miss another Thanksgiving in my hometown.

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