Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Strange version of Sex ED

We had been playing cards, board games, and party games as a group since
Wilbur and I bought our house. I was nervous about moving about moving out
of town, not into the country but close to it. Kay and Roger were our only
neighbors that lived near by. Both our houses were built for two old
spinsters a hundred years ago. They designed by some almost famous
architect, thats why Wilbur had to have it, he's an architect to. The house
is nice with a big back yard with a barn next open fields that have been
fallow for years.

Wilbur says I'm being blonde again when go on like that. Anyway, we were
playing cards that night and drinking. We all got to talking kinda dirty
the more we drank. You know flirting and talking sex and things. We were
tell story's about when we were young and single. Kay told about the time
she played truth or dare in camp. Roger and Wilbur told us they had played
strip poker in college. They were pledging a fraternity and had to play in
the park down the block till one man won all and everybody else had to walk
naked back to the frat house.

Kay and I started giggling at the thought of Roger and Wilbur naked ducking
behind bushes and cars trying to get home. I kept laughing till Wilbur got
a little mad and said "at least we weren't chickens". I knew what he
meant. The third day after we moved in Wilbur tried to get me to have sex
out in the barn. "a roll in the hay". I couldn't take my clothes off in
front of that horse the old women left when the took her to the home. We
had a fight that night and slept in the barn saying I was a prude. I was
raised in a catholic and was told "the devil dances naked in sin". I even
showered in the dark till I was 14. We made up the next day be he was never
the same, now he spends a lot of time out there working in the barn and
talking to that darned horse.

"I'm not a chicken" I said.

"Oh, Carol you wouldn't moon yourself alone in a mirror." Kay said with a

"I'd do anything you would." I said a little drunk.

"Sure Carol and I'm the King Of Siam." Roger said. Then everybody laughed.

"I will too." I said and stomped my foot.

"Have you ever played strip poker or truth or dare?" Kay asked me.

"No." I said sheepishly and lowered my eyes.

"You were chicken." Wilbur said and flapped his "wings"

"I'm Not Chicken!" I was sorry the moment said it. It must have been the

"OK, we'll play both at once. Low hand loses then it's truth or dare, or
take off a piece of your clothes."

Now I'd done it. If I back out now I'll never hear the end of it but could
I really go through with it?

"Give me another drink,turn the lights down and deal." I finally said.

Roger got the drinks and Kay dealt the cards. Wilbur sat there staring at
me like he had never seen me before. Maybe he had meet this me before and
neither had I. Of course everybody took of socks and shoes one at a time,
dragging as much as possible only when we got down low did we start talking
about secrets and fantasies.

Kay lost "Truth"

I asked "What was your worse dare at camp?"

Kay "I had to kiss a girl."

Roger lost "Dare"

Wilbur said with a chuckled "Go out to the barn and back in your shorts,
its a full moon nobody will see you."

When Roger came back in the play continued. I noticed the cool night air
had done nice things for Rogers shorts.

I lost "Truth."

Kay "Do you enjoy sex?"

I lowered my eyes.

Wilbur said "Answer the question Carol. I'm curios myself."

"Yes I enjoy sex." My face turned red.

Roger lost "I better say truth this time."

Now I can make them embarrassed "Do you kiss Kay down there?"

Kay answered for him "Why do think I made him grow that mustache."

Wilbur lost next and took off his pants. He was down to shorts now and you
could see how much he was enjoying the game. Kay broke the ice the next
hand when she lost and took off her panties. She slid them off under the
table and through them in the pot. I knew then it would go all the way. I
lost next and did the same. Now we all had only one piece each and then
we'd be naked.

"What happens when we run out of clothes? I've never played before
remember." I asked

"Then it's only dares!" Said Wilbur

Roger shot Wilbur a look and dealt the cards.

Roger won Wilbur's shorts, but he took Kay's lead and did it under the
table. We all knew he was naked and hard. It was hilarious. Roger lost his
shorts to Kay but he pulled the same trick as every body else. When Wilbur
got Kay's bra the table went silent. I got a shiver looking at her
beautiful breast and hard nipples. Wilbur just stared till Roger broke the

"Shes beautiful isn't she?. What do you think? Wilbur? Carol?"

I said "Truth"

Wilbur said "Dare"

We all laughed. Kay dealt the cards and we played on. Roger lost to me this
time and had to take a dare. Thats the rules. Thats what they told me
wasn't it. The only men I had seen naked were my husband and my little
brother but I still can't believe what I said next.

"Stand up and play with yourself."

When he did I know why Kay put up with him. He was bigger than Wilbur by at
least an inch both ways and Wilbur is bigger than average according to
Cosmopolitan Magazine. I lost my bra next and Wilbur bragged about my
figure while I got over my blushing. Roger won and made Wilbur do the same
thing he had. Wilbur beat Roger and got even in spades.

"Show us why Kay made you grow that mustache. Kay would you mind?"

"Not at all. I like putting ole Rog' in his place. Down boy. Come to

Roger got on his knees and crawled between her legs. Wilbur and I watched
in a trance as she grabbed his head pulled him in. She moaned and shook as
she came it was wonderful. Wilbur had been trying to get me to try oral sex
but I had not let him yet and I had my doubts about kissing his pecker. I
had to ask.

"How does it feel?"

Kay barked "Roger. Show her how it feels."

Roger looked at Wilbur who just nodded his head. I could not move as he
pulled my legs open and kissed my thighs ever so lightly. He kissed my lips
and sent shivers through my whole body. I felt his tongue exploring the
folds, nooks, and crevices. My eyes fogged over and I came. When the world
cleared again all three were looking at me and smiling.

Wilbur "See Carol I told you you would like it."

Kay "Oh, she liked it alright. She loved it. Roger has a talented mouth."

Wilbur asked "Would try it with me now darling?"

"I don't know how."

"Look kids here is how it is. Roger likes to be Cuckolded; I'm his Mistress
and command him to do nasty things. He's a punk. I wear leather and spank
him. He gets off on being used. Big, strong, bossy, Roger likes to dressed
like a little girl and used like a two dollar whore. You've shown her you
could please a woman now lets see how you please a man."

"Honey I don't know I've never done that before. Don't make me. Please,

When he said Mistress Kay knew what her husband wanted and strapped his
naked bottom with a belt and said.

"Roger suck Wilbur's cock."

He hesitated. Kay gave him another smack.

"Your Mistress gave you an order and you didn't comply. You will regret
that now suck his cock you! From now on you will service Carol and
Wilbur. You may use him anywhere, anytime, and specially any way you want
to. {to Roger} If they say it you do it or else. Entertain us while I think
of a good punishment."

Kay and I both got down watched Roger give in to his Mistress. He sucked
Wilbur's dick with a passion. The more he did it the more he liked it and
the more he took down his throat. Kay grabbed his head and forced him down
deeper still. Tears welled up in his eyes and I thought he was
chocking. When his cum shot all over my feet I knew just how perverted he

Kay"Look, he likes cock. The punk came. Lick it off her feet you piece of

Which he did quickly and went back to sucking cock again. Kay cuddled up
with me on the couch and we watched Roger nurse on hard dick. I was hot
still and keep looking at Kay's dark hard nipples.

"Carol your going to like playing Adult games. I've seen hot and flustered
you get sometimes with Wilbur out in the barn so much and you in the prime
of your sexual life. Now if you need relief use Roger. Of course now we'll
have to share."

"Kay, did you like kissing that girl at camp?"

"Carol honey I never told you where I kissed her. It wasn't on the
mouth. Wilbur why don't you screw Roger's ass for him while I teach Carol
what I learned in camp. Then there are no more virgins here."

Roger bent over the chair with out a word. He did know his place
now. Wilbur put hand lotion on his manhood and slowly put it up Rogers
butt. Kay and I watched for moment and petted each other. I bent my head
sucked her nipple between my lips. I ran my tongue over the tip and both of
us felt the electricity. We kissed and her tongue parted my lips. How could
I have not tried this before. I love my husband but this was more tender
and passionate than I had ever known. I could feel the heat of her breath
on my skin. Lust overtook me and I came. Just from her touch I came and I
knew I would do anything she asked me to. I knew how Roger felt and it
scared me. Was I like Roger down deep. Would I lower myself like he did and
whore myself for her pleasure and mine? Yes. Yes I would do anything she
asked, anything. I looked up at the beautiful Mistress Kay and said.

"I see why Roger would do anything to please you. He's lucky to have you as
his Mistress."

"Do you really think so darling?" She asked. "Would you like to join him?"

"Yes. I would love to please you like he did."

"You want to please me like he does?"

"Yes I will do anything you want to please you."

"On your knees Cunt and eat me."

I shivered when she called me cunt, it made me feel so nasty. I put my face
in her crotch and did what roger had done to me. I must have done something
right because she was wet in seconds. Kay must have been hitting her stride
because her language got courser as she got hotter.

"Damn it I want a dick. I want a new dick. I want a dick in my mouth while
you eat me. Wilbur have you come yet?"

"No, I can't I need to pee first."

"Roger! Mistress wants to suck Wilbur get him ready for me. Don't worry
you'll get to drink some cum later I promise."

Roger said "Please come with me Master and I'll clean you up for my

"He's your Master. Clean him."


"Use that tongue bitch. Take it in you damn mouth and lick it clean."

I could not believe my ears, sweet Kay telling him to lick Wilbur clean
after he had screwed his butt. She was something else. I licked her
clitoris with the tip off my tongue. Roger didn't even complain this time
and went to work on Wilbur's now limp pecker. Wilbur broke in.

"This is great Kay but I still need to tinkle."

Kay "So."

Wilbur "So?"

Kay "So pee."

Roger still had his mouth on his pecker but he didn't move.

Kay "Roger!"

Roger looked up at Wilbur and begged. "Please pee for my Mistress. Pee for
me..... Master."

I looked over at the boys for a moment to see this for myself. I had never
heard of anything like it. Roger begged him to pee in his mouth it was so
depraved but it made me so horny thinking about it. I watched the muscles
in his throat move as he swallowed.

Kay "Carol are you sure? Once you surrender you can never go back."

"I'm not sure but I'm willing."

Kay "CUNT, eat my pussy."

I shivered when she called me cunt. I don't know why it just made me feel
sexy.I licked her for no more than a minute or to when she said.

"Heres you reward."

The first spurt hit my tongue. She was peeing. Peeing in my face and making
my drink it. I tried to pull away. She stopped peeing and slapped me in the

"You never stop till licking my pussy unless I tell you to. Now start all
over again this time if you miss a drop you'll share Rogers punishment."

I wasn't sure what that meant but I put my mouth over her pee-hole and
tried to do as I was told. I drank most of it but I let some dribble on the
floor. She made me lick it off the linoleum.

Kay "Show time! Wilbur you and I are going to fuck while our slaves put on
a show for us. Come with me slaves."

We followed them naked out side and then into the barn.

"Wilbur you have some rope around here?"

"Yes over there by the saddle stand." Wilbur said and pointed in the

"Roger, Tie Carol over the saddle stand. Tie her feet to opposite legs of
the stand."

I was spread eagle over the saddle stand legs wide open for everybody to
see. It was so humiliating but I could help my self, I came again.

Kay "Look the bitch came so hard it running down her legs. Let the show
begin. Carol you will watch me give your husband the fucking you were
afraid to, till now. Roger you seem to like sucking dick didn't you?"

He lowered his eyes "Yes Mistress."

Kay "Yes mistress what?"

Roger "Yes Mistress I liked sucking dick."

Kay stunned all of us with her next command.

"Good lets see what you do with a BIG one. I want you suck the horse."

Roger "Kay honey now wait a minute."

Kay exploded. She grabbed Rogers balls and twisted them half way
around. Roger cried out but didn't fight her at all.

"When you speak you say Mistress, Master, or yes that is all. You were
going to get him hard for Carol to fuck. Thats the other reason shes tied
to the saddle stand. Now your going to suck him off and swallow his cum
while another man fucks your wife and watches. Carol will have to wait till
next time. If you do a good job I'll let Carol suck you off when we get
back to the house."

Tears streamed down his face but his dick was hard as steel. He got on his
knees under the horse and stroked him to an erection. It was huge. How
could I have taken that? Fully erect it was all most two feet long and the
head flared outwardly. He pulled it to his mouth and licked the head like a
snow cone. Up and down, back and forth it must have tasted good. I was
thinking about a horses dick what had come over me? LUST! That must be what
made me almost envy Roger his punishment. Mistress said I could have his
cum to drink. I was cuming again at the very thought of it.

Wilbur must have been enjoying himself. He was laying on his desk with a
good view of Roger and me, Kay was riding him and rubbing her tits in his
face every few seconds. I thought she'd fall off the way she was going at
it, she was a mad woman.

Roger finally got what he was working for, cum. I never would have believed
so much cum could come out of any penis, I sure it was at least a quart. He
did his best to swallow but no one could have kept up with the flow pulsing
for that huge cock. He finally feel back in the straw and collapsed. Kay
grabbed her nipples and twisted them hard. From the way she shook I new she
was having a tremendous orgasm. It was beautiful to see.

When she finally quit cuming and calmed down she said.

"Roger untie Carol. Carol you better use the hose in the backyard on Roger
before we let him in the house. I going to take a shower. Wilbur would you
like to join me?"

Wilbur "I'd love to but I need to take care of a couple things out here
first. If you'll start the water I'll join you in a few minutes."

Kay "OK, Carol when you've hosed him down I want you to suck him off. Then
you two can come back in the house. We will need toweled off when we get
out of the shower so be quick about it."

I helped Roger outside and washed him off with the garden hose. Kay went
in the house and warmed the water for the shower she was going to take with
my husband. I got on my knees and took Rogers dick in my mouth. I liked it!
All these years Wilbur tried to get me to do it and I would get mad. I was
stupid. A dick feels good in my mouth I couldn't wait to show Wilbur he was

Poor Roger didn't last a full minute before he shot his cum in my mouth. It
tasted salty and good. Then he pulled me up and French kissed me sharing
his cum.

I stuck my my head in the barn told Wilbur we were going in the house. He
was rubbing down that darned horse and talking to him. You know things like
"did you have fun?" "was it good for you too?" "Roger sucks a mean dick
don't he boy? Him and that horse. I was half way back to the house when I
thought I heard a strange voice say.

"He's not as good as you Wilbur."

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