Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Her Brother, part 1

I'd been seeing Stephanie (Steph) for nearly 4 months when what I'm about
to tell you happened. We'd met at work and known each other for months
until we finally got together, much to the relief of our mutual friends
who'd had enough of us badly flirting with each other.

I was 25, 5'11" with short brown hair. She had just turned 22, 5'8" with
long dark hair, and a body to die for - slim, athletic, and 34B breasts
which felt like they'd been designed with my hands in mind.

Right from the start, we were completely at ease with each other. We talked
a lot about how we each felt about the other, and that closeness translated
to our sex life, which was fantastic. we'd never been particularly kinky in
bed, because we never really felt the need - not that I hadn't had my share
of fantasies, and they were about to come back and bite me in the ass...

Steph was staying over at my apartment, as she often did - she lived at
home with her parents, and while they had no problem with us sleeping
together, my place was always going to give us more privacy. We'd just
finished having sex, and as I limped to the bathroom to pee, she sat up in
bed, her breasts sheened in perspiration. While I was gone she picked my
laptop up off the floor to check her e-mail (neither of us smoke!). I came
back in and slid back under the covers, sliding down and kissing her
breast, licking slowly across her nipple. She gave a little wriggle of
pleasure, then swore at something on the laptop. I sat up and watched as
she clicked through to the recent documents list to get back what she'd
lost, and as the list of files came up I felt my pulse quicken and my face
blush - would she notice?

She did. "What's this?" she asked, rhetorically, since she went ahead and
clicked on the JPEG file anyway.

Considering what else I had stashed on the laptop, it could have been
worse. Up came a picture of two women, naked. The first was leaning back,
her legs spread pornographically. The second was crawling over her, her
hand between the first girl's legs, two fingers inside her friend's
pussy. Her tongue was pressed against the first girl's nipple - it was your
typical male-fantasy lesbian porn.

Steph clicked her tongue and rolled her eyes, but the smile on her face
told me she wasn't mad - getting turned on by lesbians is hard-wired into
every straight man's brain, and she knew that. She looked sideways at me as
I blushed and tried to disappear under the covers. "Pervert," she smirked,
then she surprised me by pushing her hand under the covers and stroking her
fingers over my limp, sensitive cock, making me squirm.

"Let's see what else you've been hiding," she cooed sexily, wrapping her
fingers around my cock as it started to stiffen. I almost asked her not to
look, knowing the kinds of things she'd find, but somehow my curiosity won
- I wanted to see her reaction. She clicked, and the image changed. A woman
on her knees, her eyes closed as a man stood over, his cock splashing cum
over her face. Steph giggled quietly, her eyes fixed on the screen. She
knew that this one of my fantasies, and had even let me give her a facial a
couple of times, but she never seemed to really enjoy it.

My cock was half-hard in her hand now, which was good going considering it
had been less than ten minutes since the last time I came. She clicked
again, and we both watched the screen as the next image loaded. This time,
a close-up of a girl on her knees between two men, with her lips wrapped
around the tips of both cocks, her hands on their shafts. I bit my lip and
looked at Steph. She mmmmmed quietly, her lips turned up in a smile, and
she crossed her legs under the covers. I took the cue and slid my hand down
between her legs to stroke her pussy.

She clicked again, and now I knew things were going to get interesting -
she'd opened up an image of a woman wearing a strap-on, with a man
squatting over her, the strap-on inside him. Her hand froze on my cock, so
I quickly slipped the tip of my finger into her pussy, hoping to keep her
excited. She stared at the image for long seconds, until finally her hand
began to move on my cock again, and now she seemed to be squeezing harder.

The next image loaded. A man and a woman on their knees in front of another
man, his hard cock inches from the woman's extended tongue. Steph nearly
clicked through to the next image, but I whispered "It's a movie," to her,
and she looked down and noticed the play button that had appeared. She
clicked, and we both watched as the woman wrapped her lips around the hard
tip. She sucked expertly as the other man watched, and I felt Steph squirm
next to me as I pushed my finger deeper into her pussy, along with a second

I knew what was coming next on the video - the question was, did she? I
suppose it should be quite obvious, but as the action continued, and the
woman took her mouth from the cock and guided it with her hand to the other
man, Steph sucked in a deep breath and I felt her pussy contract around my
finger. On the tiny laptop screen, the second man opened his lips and let
the first slide the tip of his cock into his mouth. Steph let out a quiet
gasp and I felt her shudder, her pussy contracting around my fingers as she
orgasmed quietly next to me. Her hand picked up speed on my cock, which
responded by growing harder and thicker, to it's full length of just under
eight inches. I could feel her mini-orgasm subsiding just as the man on the
screen pulled his cock from the second guy's mouth and started shooting
over both man and woman, who smiled happily as cum splashed onto their
faces. This seemed to re-ignite Steph's orgasm, and she curled against me,
sending shudders through my own body. As she came down she slid down and
rested her head on my chest, watching her hand as it flew up and down the
length of my cock. She wriggled her hips and I took the hint, sliding my
fingers from her pussy and putting my arm around her waist. She pressed her
pussy against my hip and rubbed herself against me slowly.

"Do you like that?" she asked quietly. I glanced at the laptop to see the
video clip repeating itself.

"What you're doing, or what we're watching?" I asked, my other hand
carefully pulling away the scrunchie that was holding her hair in a

She shrugged against me and tossed her head, spilling her long hair over my
chest. "Both?" she asked back, her voice almost a whisper.

I just nodded and whispered back. "Yes. I love it. Both."

She moved her body against me, and I felt her stiff nipples stroking
against my side. Our eyes were fixed on the laptop screen as once more the
first man came over both his friends. "And which guy are you?" she asked,
somehow making it sound like she'd asked a perfectly normal question,
except for the fact that we were watching bi porn and her hand was flying
up and down my shaft.

I gulped and slowly pointed at the guy on the receiving end. She murmured
quietly and slowly turned her head up to look at me. "You want cum on your
face, baby?" she asked, purring. I just nodded dumbly. Her eyes narrowed
and her voice took on a commanding tone. "I want cum on MY face," and she
turned back to face my cock.

If that hadn't been enough to make me cum (and it would have been, anyway),
what she did next would have. As I watched she lifted her free hand up to
her face and sucked two fingers into her mouth. Then, without giving me the
chance to object, she slid her hand down between my legs and pushed roughly
between my ass cheeks. Her fingertips quickly found my ass, and just as I
was wondering if I was dreaming, she pushed them up into me.

That did it. My cock throbbed in her hand, I felt my balls contract into my
body, then I let out a loud grunt as cum fired from the tip of my cock. The
first blast nearly went over her head and she flinched as it splattered her
hair. I could see her eyes were screwed shut, ready to receive the next
shot, which soaked her face. She shook her head rapidly, sending drops of
cum over my stomach. Her hand was still stroking hard on my cock, and even
now a short blast of cum would reach her lips, but must of my cum now was
pooling on my stomach.

Finally Steph slowed her stroking, which I silently thanked her for, as my
cock was started to become sensitive after such a powerful orgasm. We both
lay there, breathing heavily. Then she rolled around to face me, gently
slipping her fingers from my ass. We smiled at each other, and I'm sure she
saw the pleasure in my eyes as I watched my cum slowly trickling over her
face, droplets clinging to her hair. She leaned forward slowly, and I must
have shuddered with excitement as her lips touched mine, and I tasted my
own cum - not for the first time, although Steph didn't know that. Then she
slid out of the bed and padded into the bathroom, from where I soon heard
the sound of running water.

Steph was cleaning up, and I thought I should too. I reached out for the
box of tissues beside the bed and grabbed two, and was about to start
wiping up my cum from my body when Steph reappeared in the bathroom
door. To my surprise, my cum was still clinging to her face - and now some
had trickled down over the rest of her body. "Don't," she whispered as she
slid into bed next to me. She gently took the tissues from me and dropped
them on the floor. She leaned close, her wet breasts sticky against my
chest, the smell of my cum filling my senses. She dipped a finger tip into
the pool of cum on my stomach where the tip of my cock lay, spent. "Do you
still want cum on your face baby?" she asked, soothingly.

I just nodded, knowing what she was suggesting. I just lay still and
watched as her fingers scooped up my cum, then her hand came closer until
she pressed those same fingers against my cheek. I hesitated for a moment,
then I moved my head, letting her spread her fingers over every inch of my
face. She slid on top of me, our bodies slipping slickly against each
other. She pushed her hands through my hair and smiled down at me, biting
her lip. I knew that look - she wanted to say something, but was

"What is it?" I whispered, bringing my own hands up into her hair,
massaging what was left of my cum into her dark tresses.

She parted her teeth, freeing her lip. "What if I said I knew a guy you
could do those things with?" Her eyes flickered over to the laptop, still
repeating that video.

I raised one sticky eyebrow. "You'd like me to do that? For you?"

She nodded. "Yeah.. I'd love to see that. And I think I know someone who
might.. help us out." She grew serious. "But you have to swear never to
tell anyone."

Who was I going to tell? I mimicked her seriousness. "Tell me."

She drew in a deep breath. Who was this mystery man? Someone I knew? A
friend of mine? And how would she know he liked guys when I didn't?

Finally she answered. "Jamie."

I just nodded dumbly, even as I was trying to think who she was talking
about. I didn't have any friends named Jamie - did she? There was no-one at

I must have looked ridiculous as my eyes grew wide, my face glistening with
cum, realisation dawning in my mind. "Jamie?! But he's-"

Steph put her finger to my lips and shushed me gently. "I know. But it
would be perfect. And I think he'd do it." She lay her head on my chest and
closed her eyes, and I knew she'd drawn a line under the conversation for
the night.

I lay there in the dark, my eyes open as she slept. I'd just shared some of
my deepest fantasies with my girlfriend, and now she'd offered me this
opportunity. She would watch while I got it on with another guy, and let
him cum over my face. But not just any guy.

Her brother.


I woke up late and had to rush to get ready for work. Steph had the day off
and she watched me through half closed eyes from the bed. Once I'd
showered, shaved, eaten and dressed, I leaned over the bed to kiss her
goodbye, noticing the traces and inhaling the scent of last night's cum on
her cheek.

"Don't forget what I said last night," she said with a wicked smile as I
headed for the door. She needn't have reminded me - I'd been thinking of
little else since I'd woken up that morning, and I knew I'd be thinking
about it all day.

As I made my way to work I replayed last night through my head. My
girlfriend had found out about my bisexual fantasies, and not only had she
been turned on by it, she even thought she could arrange a
threesome... with her own brother.

I didn't know Jamie that well, though of course we'd met more than once. We
were pretty similar physically, and I guess you'd call him handsome. My
thoughts wondered to what he might look like naked, and what it might be
like to get it on with him - in front of his sister. I felt my cock start
to grow, but I'd just arrived at work so for a while I had something to
distract me.

As the day wore on my thoughts turned back to Steph and Jamie. I started to
wonder if I would see them together - that would be something. I'd always
loved reading incest stories. Would Steph be into that? Before last night I
wouldn't have let the idea cross mind, but now I wasn't so sure.

The end of work couldn't come soon enough, and with thoughts of threesomes
and incest rushing through my head, I broke a few traffic laws getting
home. When I opened the front door I heard Steph's voice from the bedroom,
saying "see you later" to someone on the phone. She came out with a nervous
smile on her face, wearing a short summer dress.

She put her arms around me, standing on tiptoes to kiss me. "That was
Jamie," she said, watching me closely for my reaction.

I let my hands wander down her back to her ass. "Oh? And did you ask him?"

She nodded. "He's.. he's coming over. Soon," she barely whispered, and we
both felt a shudder of excitement. I pulled her close to me and left her in
no doubt as to how excited I was at the prospect.

I started to back her into the bedroom, but no sooner did her feet cross
the threshold than the doorbell rang. We both turned and stared at the door
for a moment before she wriggled out of my grasp and made her way quickly
to the door. She opened it wide and Jamie stepped in to be greeted with a
sisterly hug from Steph. He looked over her shoulder at me and we shared
nervous smiles. As soon as he looked away I quickly adjusted my cock in my
pants, trying to make my hard-on a little less obvious.

Steph pointed Jamie in the direction of the living room, and as he made his
way to the couch she backed up against the door, biting her lip and smiling
naughtily at me as she locked the door with a loud, deliberate click. She
moved and headed for the big couch too, and I quickly joined her there,
glad to sit down. Jamie sat on the other side of Steph, and for a while we
went through the normal small talk, but the sexual tension in the room was
overwhelming, and I wasn't all that sure just who the sexual tension was
between - certainly me and Steph, and I could see Jamie looking me over
once or twice... but between brother and sister?

The conversation came to an end, and for a moment everything was awkward
silence. Then Steph patted her knees and, looking straight ahead, spoke.
"Well. I think we should get started," she said, then she pushed herself up
off the couch and stood over me. "Scoot up next to Jamie," she said,
smiling. I did so, and Jamie and I bumped against each other on the
couch. Steph took my place on the couch and wrapped her arms around me from
behind, stroking her hands across my chest. I looked up at Jamie, smiling
nervously, as if I was apologising to him for having to witness his
sister's lewd behaviour - even though we all knew it was about to get a lot

She kissed my ear slowly, then whispered quietly enough that Jamie couldn't
hear, "Touch him." Just to make sure I understood what she was asking, she
slid her hand down between my legs and gently squeezed the thick shaft of
my cock that was throbbing through my pants.

I looked up at Jamie. He was looking back at me, but his eyes also glanced
over my shoulder, and I instinctively knew he was sharing a glance with his
sister. I stretched my fingers at my side and touched his leg with my
fingertips. Jamie didn't move, and I grew bolder, pressing my hand against
the top of his thigh and slowing pushing my hand forward between his
legs. I felt Steph squirm against my back, and felt her stiff nipples even
through her bra, her dress, and my shirt.

I took a deep breath, pushing my ass along the couch to press my cock
harder against Steph's hand as I took the plunge and pressed my own hand
against her brother's crotch. I shuddered - it was a strange feeling. It
was familiar enough - Steph would tell you I jerk off too much - but
totally unfamiliar at the same time. His shaft felt harder than I had
imagined, and the tip of my index finger felt the ridge below the tip of
his cock, which felt as if it flared out much wider than the shaft. Now,
this wasn't the first cock other than my own that I had touched - everyone
experiments when they're young, right? - but it was certainly the biggest.

Behind me, Steph cooed in my ear, whispering a sexy "ooh, yeah," of
encouragement. I glanced up at Jamie, and I saw his eyes flick from over my
shoulder to look at me. Had the excitement in Steph's voice been both for
me, and for her brother? I squeezed my fingers around his bulging shaft,
which stretched his pants tight as my hand moved slowly up and down,
stroking him. Behind me Steph pressed against my back, sliding her other
hand down to my crotch and fumbling delicately at my pants, pulling them
open. Her fingers stroked the thick ridge on my shaft gently through my
boxers, but just for a moment, then her hands moved away and I felt her sit
back against the couch. As my hand continued to squeeze Jamie's cock, I
slowly twisted my body around to look at her.

Steph had a strange look of pleasure and excitement on her face, and her
eyes sparkled. She smiled sympathetically, obviously noticing my
disappointment that she had stopped stimulating me. Then she glanced over
my shoulder and nodded, biting her lip, and I turned back just in time to
watch Jamie move his hands toward my crotch. He showed no hesitation, as I
had, and his deftly pushed into my pants, gathering the material of my
boxers right around my shaft, pulling my cock outward from my body, forcing
me to lean forward, which caused brother and sister to giggle quietly at my

I could see Steph out of the corner of my eye, sitting on the edge of the
sofa, her elbows balanced on her knees, her chin and cheeks cupped in her
hands. Jamie's fingers had worked their way into my boxers and were slowly
wrapping themselves around my cock. With a quick tug, he pulled my cock out
through the front of my boxers, and I felt a shudder of exhibitionist
excitement, to finally be exposing myself to my girlfriend's brother, while
she watched us both. I don't think my cock had ever been so hard than at
that moment, and as Jamie's hand squeezed its way up my shaft, a large drop
of precum oozed from the tip, and we both smiled as Steph mmmmed and licked
her lips noisily. Jamie swabbed his thumb over the tip, then stroked his
hand down my shaft, spreading my precum along my length.

I suddenly realised things were getting a little unequal - I hadn't even
begun to removes Jamie's clothing. I leaned forward, spreading my legs
wider to give my cock more room, and started unbuttoning his pants with
both hands. As soon as I started doing that, Jamie released my cock and
stood, facing me, showing no embarrassment as he pushed his crotch toward
my face.

Almost immediately Steph reached out one hand and wrapped her slim fingers
around my cock, spreading them through my precum, lubricating her hand over
my shaft. I glanced at her as I reached up to open Jamie's pants and she
blushed and lowered as her eyes as I caught her staring at the outline of
her brother's cock. She glanced up and smiled shyly, then nodded at me
encouragingly. Not wanting to disappoint her I practically ripped open
Jamie's pants and tugged them down around his knees, eliciting a giggling
"ooh" from Steph at my eagerness. Looking up I saw Jamie smiling at me as I
ran my hands up and down over his still-covered shaft.

Taking a deep breath, I reached for his hips and started to tug on the
waistband of his boxers. I saw movement out of the corner of my eye and saw
Steph, blushing, staring down at her hand on my cock, forcing herself not
to watch as I pulled Jamie's boxers down, first exposing the smooth, wide
tip, then inch after inch of his shaft, his cock pushing out at an angle
from his body. He was so close that that familiar smell filled my nostrils,
and I had no doubt Steph noticed it too - I felt her shudder and for a
moment her hand gripped almost too tightly around the base of my shaft.

My hands ran slowly back up Jamie's legs, and as I moved one hand around to
touch his ass cheeks, I shuffled forward to the edge of the sofa. I looked
to Steph, and she automatically lifted her head to meet my gaze. The moment
she did that her eyes were drawn to her brother's cock. She drew in a
breath, then she looked up and I caught brother and sister sharing an
unfathomable look. A tense atmosphere seemed to descend, and it felt like
we all crossed a line together, and might yet cross more.

Hoping to break the tension, I finally let my fingers close around Jamie's
shaft. I couldn't stifle a quiet moan of pleasure as I felt his hardness
and hotness against my palm. Steph broke off her gaze with her brother to
watch as I began to take my first official steps toward bisexuality. I
stroked her brother's cock slowly, bending it gently this way and that,
looking at every detail on the shaft, which must have been at least eight
inches long, and so thick that my thumb and forefinger could only just
encircle his girth. While I continued my inspection, Steph busied herself
with pushing my pants and boxer shorts down my legs, her hands running all
over my crotch and ass, then removing my shirt. As my clothes fell to the
floor, I spread my legs wide, sighing with the relief of movement. Steph
must have decided she should finish the job, hesitating for a moment then
slipping her hand between her brother's knees and pulling his pants down in
one quick movement. Blushing madly, she let her hand drop between my legs
to cup my balls as they hung loosely between my spread legs, while my cock,
still rock hard, pointed straight up, the tip spreading precum against my

I let my hand slip down to the base of Jamie's cock, squeezing it gently,
pulling it carefully down towards me. I turned my head toward Steph,
kissing her lips softly, then I whispered, "I'm ready."

She nodded. She was ready too. She waited for me to face Jamie again, then,
with her lips touching my ear, whispered, "Suck his cock."

I didn't have to be told twice - I barely needed to be told once. I pulled
on Jamie's throbbing cock, pointing it at my mouth, looking along my nose
as I began to open my mouth. I felt a little ridiculous at first, but
Steph's reassuring presence overcame that, and I opened wide. Just before
Jamie's cock disappeared from my line of sight, I saw a bead of precum
leaking from the tip and shivered with excitement. I extended my tongue
from between my lips, and the moment my tongue touched that drop, I closed
my lips around the widest part of his tip. I lapped at that thick drop of
precum, smearing it over the roof of my mouth, then swallowing it down, my
throat spasming at the salty taste. Steph drew in a deep breath beside me
and pressed her body against mine. She spoke quietly, but not so quietly
that her brother couldn't hear her. "That's it baby.. suck on his cock.. I
want you to feel the way I do when I suck on you."

I knew how I felt, and I wanted her to know it too. I sucked Jamie's tip
fully into my mouth, holding him there for a second before pulling my mouth
away with a wet pop. With my hand still stroking his shaft, I turned to his
sister and pressed my cheek against hers, whispering to her. "I feel..

She pulled back to look into my eyes and I saw a look of pure lust in hers.
She took my chin in her hand and pulled me to her, kissing me forcefully,
pushing her tongue into my mouth, moaning as she must have taken her first
taste of her brother from my tongue. She broke the kiss as roughly as she
started it, pushing my face back against Jamie's cock. She almost hissed
her command at me: "Keep sucking his cock, slut!" I know Jamie heard, but
he didn't react, except to push his cock against my lips. I happily opened
my mouth again, letting him fuck my mouth. He placed his hands on the back
of my head, and with Steph's hand on my chin, brother and sister fucked my
mouth together.

>From time to time I had to pull my mouth away to catch a breath, and when
I did Jamie would keep thrusting, and Steph would keep guiding my chin, and
I ended up having Jamie's cock rubbed over my face, the wet tip wiping over
my forehead. My eyes were closed but I felt Steph gently release my chin
and my cock. Before I could turn to see what she was doing Jamie had pushed
his cock down and back into my mouth, forcing me to open wide, my tongue
quickly lapping around his shaft. I felt Steph shift and I heard the sound
of material moving, and then she was at my side again, but this time I felt
her flesh pressing against mine - her dress had gone but I knew she was
still clad in her bra and panties. I felt soft material on my leg and
managed to glance down to see her dress, bundled up small and wrapped
around her hand. I felt her grip my shaft through the dress and she
started to jerk me off rapidly once more. Her other arm slid up my back and
caressed my neck.

I felt Jamie shift and moved my head to follow his cock as he swayed on his
feet. I felt a new rhythm from him, and I could hear his breathing
quickening. I squirmed excitedly, knowing his orgasm was close, and that I
was in the firing line. Steph had noticed too, because she pressed herself
tighter against me.

Jamie pulled in a deep breath above me and called out "I'm cumming!" He
spread his feet, unbalancing himself, quickly moving his hand from the back
of my head to his sister's shoulder, and I felt Steph jump, as if the touch
of her brother was a step too far. I quickly slipped my free arm around
her, holding her as she held me, just as Jamie's shaft began to pulse in my
mouth. I quickly pulled my head back, ready to show Steph what she wanted
to see. My hand flew on Jamie's cock in time with Steph's hand on mine.

Jamie's cock flared in my hand and erupted, covering my cheek with cum. My
eyes were fixed on his spewing tip, but I felt Steph struggle momentarily.
Jamie grunted and a second shot of cum hit me right in the face,
splattering noisily across my eyes, nose, and forehead. That pushed me over
the edge, and Steph's hand squeezed hard around me, pumping my cum into her
balled up dress, her voice cooing lustily in my ear, a hard edge to her
voice as she called me a cumslut.

Jamie's hand joined mine around his shaft and he continued to spray me,
covering my lips with streaks of sticky white cum. As our orgasms subsided,
he wiped his softening cock tip across my lips, smearing his juices over my
cheek before stepping back to admire his work with a smile.

I fell back against the couch, licking at my lips, fighting the strange
urge to shake the sticky mess off my face. Instead I turned to look at my
girlfriend, still holding her with my arm, and I saw what had made her
struggle momentarily - slowly running down her cheek was a large drop of
her brother's cum. I smiled and lifted my hand to cup her chin. "You got a
little cum on your face, baby," I said, then we all laughed at how strange
that must have sounded coming from me at that moment.

That broke the tension, and Jamie sat heavily into a chair opposite us. I
leaned into to Steph and for a moment she moved away, but then held her
place as my wet lips touched her cheek, and I began to lick up the line of
cum there. I pulled back and saw what a futile exercise it had been - I had
simply wiped more of her brother's cum onto her cheek, and across the
corner of the mouth. My eyes grew wide, and I'm sure Jamie was watching
closely too, as her tongue darted out and licked her lips clean.

She blushed and smiled shyly at both of us. Once again a slightly awkward
silence descended. Steph wriggled a little on the couch, her legs rubbing
against each other, and I realised that she was only one who hadn't cum
yet. Just as I wondering what I could do about that, she leaned forward
and reached between my legs, giving my soft cock one last squeeze into her
dress before she pulled the flimsy garment away from my lap. Holding it up
by the straps, she looked at the cum stains and licked her lips. With a shy
glance at her brother, and a lusty one at me, she leaned back, turning up
her face and then demurely draped her wet dress over her face.

I oohed quietly, letting her know just how erotic her little show was. I
looked across at her brother to see him blush as I caught his eye, but I
smiled reassuringly and he let his eyes go back to his sister. I saw her
lips part under the dress, and the outline of her tongue flicked out to
taste the material. A shudder went through her body, and I suddenly
realised that by covering her face perhaps she could forget that her
brother was in the room, watching her. That theory seemed to be confirmed
by what she did next.

Slowly, Steph parted her knees, dragging her feet across the carpeted
floor. Her hands, shining with cum, slid down over her covered face,
pushed over her bra-clad breasts, caressed down her stomach and then, with
barely a moment's hesitation, she pushed one hand into her panties. She had
masturbated for me before, but never so shamelessly, never so sensually,
and never so in-front-of-her-brother. Movement caught my eye and I saw
Jamie gently squeezing his limp cock, coaxing the last drops of his cum out
and smearing them over his flaccid shaft. His eyes were fixed on his sister
now, and I licked my lips, taking a drop of his cum into my mouth and
savouring the taste.

A quiet, muffled gasp from Steph drew my attention back to her, and I saw
the outline of her fingers through her panties as she dipped one finger
into her pussy, then back out, stroking her clit with her palm.

I nodded my head at Jamie and made sure he saw as I lifted a finger to my
face and gathered a line of cum from my cheek. Then as he watched closely I
leaned over Steph, placing my hand on her chest, letting her feel the cum
on her skin. She drew in deep breath, arching her back and pushing her
breasts out towards me. As I slid my hand into her bra, bringing her
brother's cum to her nipple, I lowered my face over hers and, taking her by
surprise, I pressed my lips against the outline of hers beneath her
dress. Immediately her hand quickened until it became almost a blur between
her legs, stretching her panties back and forth. Her tongue pushed into my
mouth through her sticky dress. Did she realise that her brother's cum
would be slowly seeping from my face, through that dress and into her

Her other hand fumbled into my lap, finding my cock trying to harden
despite my recent orgasm. As soon as she had a good grip, she squealed,
muffled by my mouth, and her body shuddered in a powerful orgasm, her hips
bucking and humping off the couch into her hand. A wet spot began to spread
across the crotch of her panties, her pussy soaking them with her juices
until her wetness was spreading over the inside of her thighs.

As Steph sank back down on the couch, I pulled my hand out of her bra,
leaving a glistening trail of Jamie's cum on her chest. Her hand slowly
reached up and pulled the sticky material of her dress from her face, and
she turned and smiled at me through half-closed eyes, her face shining with
cum, like mine was. We leaned toward each other and kissed softly, then she
leaned forward and shook out her dress, pulling it over her head and
standing to tug it down over her body, the material sticking against her

She turned to face me, glancing down at my fully recovered cock as she ran
her wet fingers through her hair. Then she held out a hand to me, which I
took, and asked, "Are you ready to fuck me?"

I jumped to my feet, taking my cock in my hand and stroking it for her. She
watched me and smiled, then turned slowly and walked to the bedroom,
passing Jamie, sitting in the chair with his erection in his hand, without
even looking at him. I smiled at him, licking my lips slightly at the sight
of his massive shaft, then stopped in the doorway to the bedroom.

Steph was bending over, showing off her shapely ass through her
dress. Jamie had craned around in the chair to watch, and on impulse I put
my hand on the back of my head and pushed him toward my cock, and he
quickly wrapped his lips around my tip. I could Steph's hands under her
dress, and soon she was tugging her panties down her legs until she stepped
out of them, leaving them on the floor. She turned and gasped to see her
brother sucking me expertly, waiting a moment before she beckoned me over
with a finger. Reluctantly I slipped out of Jamie's mouth and made my way
to the bed, reaching out and flipping up the back of Steph's dress before I
lay back on the bed. She squealed in embarrassment, tugging her dress down
tightly, looking at me chastisingly before climbing on to the bed and
straddling me, quickly pressing her wet pussy against my cock.

As I reached down to guide my cock into her wet cunt, I looked past her and
saw Jamie standing in the doorway, jerking his hard cock in his hand. I
grabbed the back of Steph's dress and pulled it up, exposing her ass again.
She wriggled and reached back to stop me, but I didn't let go and the smile
on Jamie's face told me he was getting a great view of my cock sliding into
his sister's pussy.

Steph shuddered as my shaft filled her. I dug my fingers into her asscheeks
and pulled them apart, and she pushed herself upward, sitting down harder
on my cock and shaking her dress down over her ass again. She began a slow,
rocking bounce, and mmmed quietly at the pleasure she was getting (and

Jamie stepped closer to the bed and my eyes were drawn to him. He bent over
slowly, still watching us, glancing down briefly as he picked up his
sister's panties from the floor where she had left them and slowly wrapped
them around his cock, stroking the still-moist white material over his
shaft, the tip protruding through them. I pushed my hips up, causing Steph
to gasp, then pulled myself back down again, making her fall back along my
length. I ran my hands up over her ass again, exposing her asscheeks. I
nodded at Jamie, and he understood right away, the bed shifting as he
climbed up on the bed behind Steph. He barely hesitated in placing his
hands on the small of her back, and she shuddered, her body going rigid on
top of me. Together, Jamie and I pushed the sticky dress up her body, his
hands massaging her back. As our hands reached her shoulders, Jamie sat up
on his knees and I saw his rigid shaft rub against a cheek of Steph's ass,
and she gasped. He held himself there for just a moment before moving away
as I pulled Steph's dress over her head and down her arms, before dropping
it on the bed.

All that remained to protect Steph's modesty was her bra. Jamie shuffled
around on his knees to squat beside us, while Steph seemed determined not
to acknowledge his presence, but I still saw her eyes cracking open and
glancing at his cock, and she can't have failed to notice that he was
jerking himself off with her panties.

She seemed relieved when I pulled her down against me, perhaps because she
could more easily avoid seeing her brother. I wrapped my arms around her
and unclasped her bra, and she didn't resist. I pushed her up slightly,
just enough to place my hands on her breasts and then pull her bra forward
along her arms. The moment it was free she pressed herself against me, her
hard nipples pushed against my chest. She pressed her cheek against mine,
away from her brother, and I looked up at Jamie stroking himself. I opened
my mouth suggestively and he knelt closer, pushing his cock down until he
could dip the tip between my lips. I thought I could even taste Steph's
juices, no doubt smeared from her panties, along with his own taste.

Jamie's hand started to move quicker on his cock, and I matched him,
thrusting harder into Steph. When his breathing became hard and quick, I
rolled Steph over on to her back. She looked up to see Jamie's cock
stroking close to her face, and she quickly struggled and put her head on
the other side of mine. As I pounded into her, I pushed up and looked at
her face, her eyes screwed up tight with something like disgust. Somehow
this drove me on, and I started slamming my hips against hers, filling her
with every thrust, nearly pulling out completely a moment later. Her
breasts wobbled sexily up and down as we fucked, spreading to either side.

The bed shifted and I turned my head. Jamie had lifted one foot and placed
it by the pillow, now almost straddling us, his hand slapping lewdly
against his shaft. I suddenly knew exactly what I should do, and before she
could protest I had taken Steph's wrist and pulled her hand up to touch
Jamie's cock. To my surprise her fingers quickly tightened around him, even
pushing under her panties to touch the hard flesh. Her only other reaction
was to utter a tiny grunt of revulsion, but it didn't stop her stroking her
brother's cock, quickly, as if wanting to get the humiliation over with.

She didn't have long to wait. With barely a sound Jamie started to cum, and
turned as I was to watch, the first shot landed once again on my face. I
grunted and buried my cock deep inside Steph, shuddering as I started to
unload my balls inside her, and I felt her pussy contracting around me in
orgasm. Together we came, Steph's long fingers stroking down the entire
length of her brother's shaft, bringing fresh splashes of cum exploding
from the tip. Jamie made sure there was some for his sister, too - he
grabbed her wrist and made her aim his cock directly at her breast,
splattering it in hot white cum.

As we all came down from our orgasms, I saw Steph giving two hard squeezes
of Jamie's shaft, forcing the last of his cum out onto her palm, before she
pushed his cock away sharply. I turned to look at her and she lay there,
almost still but for her heavy breathing, her other hand up over her
eyes. I caught Jamie's eye and he nodded his understanding, peeling Steph's
panties from his cock and leaving them by the pillow before leaving the

Steph and I lay there in silence, my cock softening inside her, but she
made no effort to move out from under me. In fact she pushed her hips up
against me as we listened to Jamie collecting his clothes, dressing, then
the sound of the front door opening and closing.

Only now did she turn her face up to look at me. She craned her neck and
kissed my wet lips, her tongue picking up the taste of her brother's cum
and pulling it into her mouth. I found her hand with mine and guided it to
her breast, where we both rubbed Jamie's cum into her skin.


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