Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Her Brother, part 2

We must have fallen asleep, because I woke up with Steph's head laying
across my chest. I blinked and looked around, wondering for a moment if I'd
dreamt what had happened that day. But there were Steph's panties, lying on
the bed where her brother Jamie had left them after jerking himself off
with them; her dress, crumpled on the floor, stained with my and Jamie's
cum. And most definitively, as I licked my lips I could detect the salty
taste of Jamie's cum, that he'd sprayed onto my face while his sister
watched - twice.

I stretched my arms out over my head and my legs under the covers, and
Steph stirred and cracked open her eyes. I smiled down and her and said

"Hi," she answered, stretching over me and settling with her elbows on
either side of my head. I couldn't resist glancing down at her breasts,
which brushed against my chest. She noticed and giggled naughtily, then
sighed happily. "So..." she started, a little anxiously, "did you enjoy
your little treat?" She bit her lip and raised her eyebrow provacatively.

I rolled a little and managed to rub her hip with the tip of my cock, which
had already grown hard as I relived our threesome in my mind. "Does that
answer your question?"

She gave me a look of mock disapproval even as she swung one leg over me to
trap my cock between her thighs, and I could start to feel the wetness of
her pussy against my shaft. "It was really hot watching you get a facial,"
she said casually.

I nodded, smiled, and stroked my hands up the backs of her legs. I took a
gamble. "And it was really hot watching you jerk off your brother," I said,
fixing my gaze on her.

She glanced away quickly, guiltily, and just mm-mmd... but it sounded like
a reluctant agreement, and she didn't stop slowly rubbing her pussy against
me. I decided to press the issue, and moved my hands to her asscheeks,
squeezing them firmly. "You know he was jerking off with your panties?"

She shuddered, and I felt her juices start to flow down my shaft. I watched
her force herself to recover, and she lifted her head and looked at me
sternly. "Stop it," she whispered.

I just smiled and shook my head gently. Letting go of one asscheek, I
reached around and between her legs, pulling on the base of my cock,
pushing the tip against her pussy, and she wriggled her hips, engulfing the
head of my shaft in her cunt. Then I brought that hand up between us,
cupping her breast, my fingers teasing her nipple. "And he came on your
tits." Well, just one of them - she had been lying on her back with me on
top, and Jamie beside us.

She closed her eyes and stiffened, turning her head to the side. She
squeezed her legs together, her thighs squeezing my shaft, but she didn't
try to move off me. "Stop it!" she whispered, a little more forcefully this

I wasn't about to stop - I knew Steph too well to think that this wasn't
turning her on, even if she didn't want to admit it. I pushed with my hips,
parting her thighs and sliding an inch inside her. Then I ducked my head
under her and flicked my tongue across her nipple. Glancing up I saw Steph
close her eyes and let her head fall back, her mouth open in a smile. She
sat back, letting my cock fill her, until her ass nearly touched my balls.

"Jamie wanted to fuck you," I told her, reaching back and pushing on her
hips, keeping her pussy filled with my length.

This time she just quivered and shrugged over me, looking down at me. "He
looked more interested in fucking your mouth..." - she trailed her hands up
my chest, her upper arms squeezing her breasts together, then slipped her
finger into my open mouth - " little cumslut." She began shifting her
weight from one knee to the other, fucking me with short, slow movements.

I lapped at her finger and ahhed at her - I had been hoping she would
remember how much it had excited me to be called such a humiliating name.
She slid her finger from between my lips, leaving a cool trail across my
cheek. I licked my lips and said, "Maybe he'll fuck us both."

She kept her eyes locked on mine, but only seemed to acknowledge half of
what I was saying. "Mmmm," she said, cocking her head to the side and
raising one eyebrow, "do you think your ass is wide enough for his big fat

I thought about teasing her about noticing Jamie's cock, but let it go.
Instead I pretended to frown and said, "Mmmm, I don't know... maybe you
should check it for me."

She laughed quietly and lowered herself on to me, pressing her cheek
against mine. I felt her lips against my ear and she whispered, "You want
me to stick my fingers up your ass."

It wasn't a question, but I nodded all the same as she sat up. Then she
gently lifted herself off me, and I was left there, my legs slightly
spread, my cock pointing up at an angle and glistening wetly.

She sat on her knees between my legs, stroking the tops of her legs
demurely, shuffling forward and making me spread my legs wider. In the end
she pushed under my knees, a little roughly, so I quickly got the message
and grabbed my legs to hold them up. It felt pretty undignified, to put it
mildly, but that was actually turning me on so I couldn't complain. Steph
must have noticed, because her eyes twinkled and she shook her head
mockingly, complaining that I was "such a pervert."

I just nodded and grinned. She tutted jokingly, her eyes dropping down to
look between my legs. I shuddered and felt my cock stiffen under the
slightly humiliating examination. She spread her own legs a little, leaning
forward and pushing her hand between them, rubbing her fingers over her
pussy. It was then that I noticed something different in Steph; there was a
new confidence to her actions. I hadn't even realised it before, but she'd
always seemed a little embarrassed even just by being naked. Right now she
was in control, and I think she was starting to enjoy it.

Her hand reappeared from between her legs and she pushed her fingers
between my asscheeks, her fingertips stroking in turn over my asshole. With
each touch she pressed a little harder, until the tip of her middle finger
popped in to my ass, making me shiver and clench down around it. I pulled
my legs up higher in the air and she slid a second wet finger into me,
smiling as she whispered that I was a slut.

I just nodded hungrily in agreement, and she started forcing a third finger
into my tight hole. She shoved and twisted with her fingers, but they were
too wide to go very deep, and I almost had to laugh when I saw that cute,
frustrated look cross her face. She slowly withdrew her fingers, and I
grunted, nearly cumming on the spot as my ass slowly closed.

Steph crawled forward, leaning over me, her breasts hanging temptingly over
my head, so I leant up and sucked on her nipple while I listened to her
rummage in a draw by the bed. Then she dropped back, breaking my contact,
kneeling back between my legs and drawing my attention to the object she
held in her hands.

She was holding the 7" dildo by the base, and her other hand was running up
and down the shaft. I knew she had it of course, but I'd never seen her use
it - and now here she was, about to use it on me. She smiled wickedly as
she carressed the realistic looking toy, then she spread her knees and,
holding it in both hands, pushed the tip into her pussy.

I quickly sat up, gasping a little at some discomfort in my stretched ass,
and reached down to put my hands around hers. Together we slowly fed all 7"
of plastic into her cunt. Her eyes were closed, her mouth hung open, and I
could feel her shuddering, shaking the bed as we filled her. When she
couldn't take any more, we both held the balls at the base of the dildo and
slowly pumped the last inch in and out of her. I leant forward, kissing her
ear and whispered, "This is how I want to hold Jamie when he fucks you."

I had pushed her over the edge. She gasped, pulling the dildo fully inside
her, and shook violently as she came. She still had the presence of mind to
reach around behind me, grabbing my ass and pulling me toward her until the
head of my cock bumped against her tummy, and wriggled a finger inside me.
Leaving one hand on the dildo, I did the same to her, forcing my finger
into her virgin (as far as I knew) ass. Her orgasm seemed to triple, and
she fell forward against me, supporting herself on me as she came.

As her orgasm melted away, I waited for the right time, then started to
pull my finger slowly from her ass, giving her another few seconds of
pleasure. With an almost audible pop her ass squeezed my finger out, but
she didn't remove her finger from inside me. She sat up in front of me,
shaking her long hair out of her face, her breathing hot and
heavy. Together we pulled the dildo out of her pussy, and she let it drop
on the bed, forgotten for a moment.

She slid around next to me, and lifted her free hand and placed it on my
shoulder. "Bend over," she whispered, and pushed me gently on the shoulder.
I willingly leaned forward on to my hands, lifting my ass into the air, her
finger still inside me and her palm pressed against my asscheek. She bent
over me from behind, and I felt her pussy touch my ass, her breasts
squashed against my back. She fumbled on the bed until her hand found the
dildo, gripping it tightly and bringing it behind me. I squirmed as she
started to pull her finger out of me, my cock throbbing between my legs as
I felt her fingertip replaced by the tapering tip of the dildo.

Steph had one knee between mine, and she leaned against my side and her
lips closed on my ear. "This is how *I* want Jamie to fuck *you*," she
whispered, forcefully, repeating my own words back to me, almost
defiantly. She wrapped my arm around me, and her fingers around my shaft,
pumping me slowly as she pushed the dildo into my ass, her own wetness
making it easier, but still stretching me a little painfully.

When the dildo was halfway inside me, she stopped, her hand wriggling the
fake cock gently inside my ass. Her hand was sliding up and down over my
cock, her fingers teasing my tip, spreading the copious amounts of precum I
was producing down my shaft.

She whispered, "Do you like that?", then, almost as an afterthought, she
added, "...bitch?"

My cock jerked in her hand, and she squealed happily as I filled her palm
with precum. She slapped her hand up against my stomach, smearing it up
over my chest, her fingers flicking across my nipples. Her other hand
twisted the dildo inside my ass, and I grunted loudly as it slid a little

Then her hand returned to the head of my cock, squeezing around just the
tip, and she began to pull the dildo backwards. My ass squeezed down around
it, and it felt like she was pulling me back with it. When the tip was
nearly out, the tightness of my ass started to force the dildo back out in
to her hand, but she pushed back, forcing the whole length back inside me
in just a few seconds. From there she really started to fuck me, long, slow
thrusts that alternately filled me and emptied me.

My balls started to pull up into me in preparation, and Steph felt my shaft
hardening that little bit more. "Are you going to cum for me, bitch?" she
whispered, and I nodded. Her hand worked harder on my cock tip, squeezing
and stroking, her wet fingers smacking noisily on me. She started a chant
of "Bitch... slut... bitch..." in my ear as I came, my cock flaring and
blasting hot white cum against her palm. I felt it splashing up against my
stomach, and saw it dripping down on to the bed.

Steph pulled the dildo roughly out of my ass, pulling my asscheeks apart
with her hand so she could watch my ass slowly closing. My cock jerked
again and it felt like she'd completely drained me of cum. I felt her move
back, her fingertips stroking over my softening shaft, and I gently lowered
myself on to my side, careful to avoid aggravating the dull pain in my
ass. I looked up at Steph kneeling over me, as she lifted her hand to her
face and smeared my cum over her lips and chin, then down her slim neck and
between her breasts. I licked my lips and she lay down beside me, and we
shared my cum in a kiss.

I broke the kiss and looked her in the eye. "I want Jamie to fuck me," I
whispered, surprising myself with my forwardness.

She smiled back at me and ran her sticky fingers through my short hair. "I
know," she whispered, and closed her eyes to sleep.

And although I didn't say it, I knew she knew something else - that I
wanted to see Jamie fuck her, too.


An opportunity arose sooner than I thought. That weekend, we were invited
to Steph's parents' place for dinner, and Jamie was there too. At the end
of the evening Steph invited Jamie back to our place, and suddenly the
sexual tension that had been bubbling under rose to the surface. The car
journey was nearly silent, and then we were all inside, and Steph hung back
to lock the door with a loud click.

She walked slowly behind me, stepping up on tiptoes to put her chin on my
shoulder. She giggled naughtily and whispered, "So... do you boys want to
have some fun?" She knew she didn't need to hear the answer, and her hands
slid around my waist and squeezed the outline of my rapidly hardening cock.
Jamie just stood in front of us and watched as Steph skillfully unzipped me
and pushed my pants down, then tugged my boxer shorts open and wrapped her
other hand around my shaft, stroking, squeezing and twisting it back and
forth for her brother to see.

Jamie didn't waste any time either. He stepped forward and slid his hand
down alongside his sister's, their fingers locking together around my
shaft. I pushed my hips forward, thrusting my cock through their
fingers. Behind me, Steph's other hand was tugging down my boxer shorts,
and I shuddered as my ass was exposed.

I didn't stay idle for long. I fumbled open Jamie's pants and tugged them
down, his fully hard cock springing forward as his boxers came down. He
shuffled closer and pushed the head of the his cock against mine. His cock
slipped to one side and his shaft rubbed against Steph's fingers, but she
didn't seem to react. Her hand continued to stroke up and down my shaft
along with Jamie.

>From over my shoulder, Steph spoke to her brother. "Jamiiie?" she said, in
her best little-girl-wants-something voice.

Jamie looked up from his stroking and said a casual "Yeah?"

"We were wondering..." started Steph, then from the corner of my eye I saw
her blush and smile. "I want you to fuck him."

Now I blushed, and I stared down at Jamie's and my cocks rubbing against
each other. Jamie spoke to Steph like I wasn't there. "Hmm.. you think he
can take my cock in his ass?"

I shuddered and drew in a deep breath, growing more excited to hear myself
being talked about that way. I felt Steph shrug over my shoulder. "He
didn't complain when I made him my bitch with a dildo last week." Then she
giggled naughtily. "Did you honey?"

I smiled and glanced up to look at Jamie. "Nope," I answered, quietly.

Steph pushed herself away from me, her fingers disentangling from Jamie's
around my cock. "Well, what are we waiting for?" she said, and then she was
walking into the bedroom, with Jamie and I turning to watch her as she
pulled her sweater and t-shirt off in one go. She dropped them on the
floor, then sat on the edge of the bed in just her jeans and bra, her legs
crossed. She smiled invitingly, and Jamie and I quickly separated and
pushed off the rest of our clothes, before entering the bedroom, with our
erections pointing the way.

I got there first, standing in front of Steph and guiding my cock towards
her mouth. She opened her lips and slid them around my shaft, her tongue
flicking around the tip. I reached down and pushed my hand into her bra,
pulling her breast out and squeezing it. She hummed pleasurably around my
cock, and I stroked her nipple with my fingertips. Jamie stood next to me,
stroking his cock just a few inches from his sister's face. Steph's eyes
were attracted to the movement, and she looked unashamedly at her brother's

She leaned back, away from my hand and pulling her mouth off my cock. One
tit remained exposed, but far from covering herself up, she started to
unzip her jeans. We both stood and watched her, and when she had her jeans
around her knees, she looked at us both with mock annoyance. "Well? Come
on, I want to watch you fuck." She seemed to take great pleasure in
pronouncing the last word.

I hesitated only a moment before I started climbing on to the bed. Jamie
looked like he'd forgotten something, and I was about to ask him what he
was looking for when Steph seemed to read his mind. She opened a drawer and
took out one of our condoms. She twisted herself onto her knees and
shuffled forward, looking half-ridiculous and half-sexy with her jeans
around her knees and one breast hanging out of her bra.

As I sat on the bed and waited, Jamie reached out to take the condom, but
Steph pulled her hand away. He frowned a moment, and I wondered if she
might do what I hoped she would. She unwrapped the condom carefully,
holding it between finger and thumb. Slowly she looked over her shoulder at
me and winked, and I noticed a blush spreading over her cheeks. Turning
back to her brother, she lifted her hands and, with a barely noticeable
gasp of breath, held the condom over his tip and stroked her clenched fist
down his shaft, leaving the condom fitted on him perfectly. I stared
lustfully at the sight of my girlfriend willingly stroking her brother's
cock, and when I looked up I saw Jamie watching his sister the same way.

Her job done, Steph quickly scooted back along the bed, leaning back and
kicking her jeans off her legs. She smiled at me and beckoned me with her
finger, and I took that as my cue. Getting on to my knees, I crawled over
to her until I was hovering over her on all fours, my legs straddling one
of hers. She lifted her hips and I felt her pussy leave a trail of wetness
against my leg, and my cock was pressed between my belly and her hip.

I felt the bed move, and I knew Jamie was now kneeling behind me. Steph
craned up over my shoulder, then she twisted herself around until she was
sitting under me, her breasts and one arm draped across my back. I heard
her open something, then her other hand was sliding under my belly, her
slick fingers stroking down my shaft, leaving me coated in some slimy
lubricant. I silently thanked her for that, and I relaxed, spreading my
legs a little wider as her fingers ran over my balls. Then her fingertips
were touching my asshole, spreading it open, wetting it with the
lubricant. She teased me with her fingers, sliding them one after the other
into my ass, each one a little deeper than the last. My cock was throbbing
between us, and dripping pre-cum onto her body.

She finally decided I was ready, and pressed two straight fingers up
against my asshole. She looked down at me and said, in a commanding tone,
"Tell him to fuck you." Then she spread her two fingers, pushing apart my
asscheeks and exposing my asshole to Jamie.

I looked up over my shoulder, first at sister, then at brother. "Fuck me,"
I whispered, in my best demanding tone. The bed shifted again as Jamie
moved closer, and I felt his hand on my asscheek. Steph lowered herself
back under me again, but she didn't move her hand, and as I felt the tip of
Jamie's cock slipping against my asshole, I knew that he was pushing his
cock between his sister's fingers. I shuddered with ecstasy, and pushed my
ass back, moaning as I spread around his wide tip and took him inside
me. Steph gasped happily, and I looked down to see her smiling up at me. I
felt her fingers slip away, stroking against her brother's shaft for one
last moment before I felt those same slick fingers enclosing my own shaft.

Jamie started pushing, and my ass slowly stretched around his widening
shaft. I grunted in discomfort, and he slowed down a little, giving my ass
time to adjust. It wasn't long before I felt his hips against my ass, and
he wriggled the last inch of his cock inside me. Steph's hand slid from my
shaft for a moment and wrapped around both pairs of balls, massaging them
together for a few seconds before she returned to stroking me. She looked
at me and licked her lips. "How does it feel?"

I opened my eyes slowly and looked down at her. "It hurts... a little. But
it feels good," I whispered, and she smiled.

Jamie started pulling back, and my ass instinctively squeezed down around
him, trying to push him back out of me. Under me Steph wriggled, getting
both her legs between mine, then fumbling with her panties with her free
hand, tugging down around her thighs. She stretched her head up and grabbed
a pillow from the top of bed, and I took the opportunity to lean down and
lick her exposed nipple, while my hand squeezed her other breast, still
trapped inside her bra. With a little fumbling and twisting, we managed
between us to put the pillow under her ass, and I felt her wet pussy
rubbing over the tip of my cock.

As Jamie started to push his length back inside me, I moved forward on top
of Steph, her pussy opening invitingly for my shaft. After a few moments,
Jamie and I got into rhythm, him fucking me as I fucked his sister. Steph's
eyes were closed and she moaned encouragingly as I kissed along her neck,
and I knew Jamie would be watching the look of ecstasy on his sister's
face. She quietly moaned, "Ohh... fuck me!" and I felt Jamie's cock throb
in my ass just as mine did the same in Steph's pussy. I started to wonder
whether Steph was only talking to me when she said that.

Steph started wriggling under me, and for a moment I thought she was going
to cum. When I looked at her, there was a look of frustration on her
face. I looked at her questioningly and she blushed, bringing her hand up
to her face. "Umm..." she said, hesitantly, "I can't get my panties off." I
looked down and saw that with her legs trapped between mine, and with
Jamie's on the bed too, there was no way she could remove her underwear by
herself. I started to crack into laughter, and soon we were all giggling,
and sending quivers of pleasure through each other's bodies. As it passed,
I looked over my shoulder and caught Jamie's eye, then indicated behind

He got the message right away, and smiled. He leaned back a little, careful
not to pull his cock out of me, and I felt his hand run over my
balls. Steph shuddered, and I knew that she'd felt his touch between her
legs too. Then he was tugging his sister's panties down, and with some
kicking and squirming, she finally got them around just one slim ankle, and
was able to pull her legs out from underneath us and spread them on either
side of us. Her feet touched Jamie's sides, and I shuddered slightly as I
saw him take hold of her ankles. As she relaxed I felt myself slide
forward, my weight forcing my cock deeper into her warm, wet cunt.

She moaned ecstatically, and then it was my turn as Jamie leaned against me
and filled me with his long thick shaft. He started to pull out as soon as
he bottomed out, and I started to pull back with him, but Steph quickly
leant up on her elbows and called, "Wait!" We both stopped immediately,
then she leaned back, craning her neck and stretching her arm out to a
table by the bed. I lowered my mouth to her nipple again, but watched her
as she picked up a mirror and held it out to Jamie. "I have to see what it
looks like," she said to him, smiling bashfully.

Jamie nodded and held the mirror behind us as Steph and I lay cheek to
cheek, giving him directions until we saw everything. Jamie's cock buried
between my spread asscheeks, the base of my own thick shaft, with Steph's
pussy stretched around it. Just above that, two pairs of balls swung
against each other. Steph turned her face toward mine and I looked into her
eyes as she brushed her hand against my cheek. "That is so... fucking hot,"
she whispered, and I nodded in agreement and kissed her passionately.

She broke the kiss too soon and looked over my shoulder, making sure she
had Jamie's attention. "So," she said, casually, "are you guys ready to
cum?" She licked her lips and smiled.

"Fuck yeah!" yelled Jamie, and started pulling out of me, only to shove
back in harder than ever moments later. I grunted in pain, but my cock
responded by swelling up inside Steph, and she gasped in response. I knew I
wouldn't be able to hold out much longer, and I'm sure Steph knew it too,
but when Jamie's balls started to slap against mine, it pushed me over the
edge. I throbbed inside Steph, my balls contracting up into my body, ready
to fire my cum. Steph reached down with both hands, struggling to pull me
out of her. She wrapped her fingers around my cock, my shaft in the palm
of her hand, just as my first blast of cum streaked up along her arm.

She squealed happily and stroked me furiously, and my cock rewarded her
with more shots of thick white cum, splattering over her chest. My ass
clenched tight around Jamie's cock, making me cum even harder, but he
didn't let up with his fucking. Even while my orgasm faded and I slowly
collapsed on Steph, his balls were still slapping against mine, his cock
still forcing my ass open with each thrust. "Almost there..." he whispered,
as if I couldn't tell by the way his cock throbbed inside me.

An idea suddenly popped into my head, and I grinned. Steph noticed it and
looked at me questioningly, but I just kissed her forehead and whispered,
"Trust me." Twisting back to look at Jamie over my shoulder, I called out
"Cum over both of us!" and before Steph had gasped in surprise, he'd
responded with a wild "Yeah!" and was pulling his cock out of me, making me
grunt in pain. Steph dildoing me last night had prepared me somewhat, but
even that wasn't as big as Jamie, and right now he was as hard as I'd ever
seen him as he tugged off the condom and dropped it on the bed.

Jamie made his way quickly to the end of the bed, standing with his legs
spread and his hips pushed out, neither wanting nor needing to touch his
cock yet. As I helped the still slightly shocked Steph up, I glanced over
and saw a thick trickle of precum dripping under his shaft. Steph complied
as I helped to sit at the end of the bed, then I took her hand and lifted
it to Jamie's shaft. She turned to look at me with wide eyes, and started
to whisper "N-" but before she could say anything I locked my lips against
hers and moaned as she hesitantly lapped her tongue against mine. My hand
trailed over her tummy and between her legs, which she readily spread, and
soon I had two fingers twisting and spreading inside her. I cracked open my
eyes as we kissed, and her hand was floating shakily close to Jamie's cock,
but as I watched he stepped forward and pushed himself between her fingers.

The moment her fingers instictively closed around her brother's cock, Jamie
came. His tip was like a fountain, showering us with wide, white splashes
of cum, first falling over our faces, smearing into our mouths as we
kissed. I pushed my fingers as hard as I could into Steph, and she
shuddered violently, her pussy clamping down and almost sucking my fingers
into her as she came. I heard and saw Jamie's cum hit Steph's neck and the
top of chest, and I opened one sticky eye again to confirm my
suspicion. Sure enough, Steph was greedily aiming her brother's spurting
cock at herself. I wasn't going to deny her her incestuous reward, but I
leant closer and pushed my hand over her shoulders, roughly shoving off her
bra and exposing her tits just as Jamie shot his last few spurts over his
sister, her hard nipples poking up through puddles of her brother's cum.

We all remained in place for what seemed like hours, but must have been
just seconds. I gently pulled my fingers from Steph's pussy as I licked my
lips clean of Jamie's cum. Jamie stood in front of us, his cock softening
between Steph's fingers, her grip relaxing but never letting go of him.

She turned her head slowly towards me, and shakily rested her head on my
shoulder. I whispered "Hey," and her eyes cracked open, blinking away the
slight sting of cum. "You should clean him off," I whispered, and for just
a moment I thought Steph would erupt with anger at the suggestion. But she
just stared up at me with glassy eyes, then tiredly separated herself from
me and leaned forward.

I felt a pang of guilt at the way she was acting, as if I'd cast a spell on
her and all she could do was obey. I let it pass and enjoyed the moment as
she let her hand fall from her brother's cock and opened her mouth wide
around it, the shaft not even touching her lips until she had almost his
entire soft cock inside her mouth. Her cheeks hollowed as she sucked. I
looked up at Jamie and he seemed as dazed as his sister. After a few
seconds her hands came up again and pushed at Jamie's hips, and he stood
back. As his cock fell from between Steph's lips, she leaned forward,
extending the moment for a second more, then her tongue followed him out of
her mouth, tasting his tip.

Then when contact was lost, her eyes dropped to the floor, she wiped the
back of her hand across her mouth, and lay down slowly on the bed on her
side. I watched her, while Jamie stood awkwardly for a while before he
headed slowly back to the living room. I lay beside Steph and cuddled her,
wondering what was going through her head. Just like our first threesome,
we lay there listening to Jamie getting dressed and finally leaving. That
was my queue.

I took a deep breath and spoke. "That was the hottest thing I've ever

Steph wriggled back against me. "Mm-mm," she hummed, in what I assumed was
agreement. "I'd bet it'd be hotter if he fucked me." I blinked in surprise
and she rolled over to face me, a naughty grin all over her shining wet
face. I couldn't hold back a smile, and I pressed myself against her and
tried to kiss her, but she stopped me with a finger to my lips.

"There's just one, *tiny* condition."


She trailed her finger off my lips. "I want to watch you fuck Katie."

I must have stared at her with my jaw dropped for a full minute. Finally
she gave up waiting for a response and slinked past me to go to the

I rolled on to my back and stared up at the ceiling. If I'd thought I was
shocked when Steph first mentioned a threesome with her brother, it was
nothing compared to this. She wanted to watch me fuck Katie.

My sister.


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