Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Her Brother, part 3


Since my girlfriend Steph found out about my bisexual fantasies, we've had
two amazing threesomes... with her brother. After the latest time, when
Jamie shot his cum over both of us and Steph licked her brother's cock
clean, she dropped the bombshell that she wanted to watch me fuck my sister,


We didn't talk about what Steph had said the next day, or even the day
after. Maybe it was the way I reacted to it, or maybe Steph just felt she'd
crossed too many lines lately. It didn't matter either way, because less
than a week later Steph and I went down to the beach to take advantage of
the summer sun and the warm water...

We dropped our towels and headed into the sea, me in a pair of shorts and
Steph in a small black bikini that did a lot to accentuate her curves. As we
splashed and grabbed each other, it all started to have an effect on me, and
it wasn't long before Steph noticed.

"Mmmm," she purred in my ear. "Getting a little excited?" She slipped her
hand into my shorts and wrapped her fingers around my cock, tugging and
squeezing gently.

I just smiled and nodded back, then I leant in to kiss her. Just as my lips
touched hers, she swam out of my grip and tutted at me mockingly. "Sorry,
you'll just have to wait until we get home." Then she winked, turned, and
walked out of the sea, her ass swaying provocatively as she bent down to
pick up her towel.

I was left standing waist deep in water, watching the beach, wondering if I
could make it to Steph without anyone spotting the raging erection in my
shorts. The beach was pretty quiet, so I adjusted myself as well as I could
and made a run for it, coming up behind her and grabbing her around the
waist, pressing my cock against her ass.

She leaned back, reaching her arm up over her head and pressing her hand
against the back of my neck as I leaned in to kiss hers. She twisted her
hips, rubbing my cock with her ass.

After a few seconds, she hmmm'd thoughtfully at something. I kept kissing
wetly along her neck, stopping for a moment to whisper, "What?" in her ear.

"Isn't that... Katie?" She moved her head away and nodded in the direction,
but she continued bumping her ass against me, keeping me hard. I looked up
and saw a figure in the distance - a slim girl with slim hips and long
blonde hair, walking along the beach in a tiny sky blue bikini, looking a
little younger than my sister's 17 years. I squinted, trying to make out her
face, until I knew it was Katie.

"Yeah," I said slowly. "I think it is." Then I looked down at Steph to see a
another one of her strange little smiles on her face. I frowned. "What are
you planning...?"

I never got to find out, because Steph turned away from me and waved her arm
high over her head. "Katie!" she called, and the girl turned and shaded her
eyes from the sun as she squinted at us. Then her own arm went up in return
and she started making her way toward us.

"What are you doing?!" I whispered to Steph urgently, pushing myself away
from her, dislodging my cock from between her asscheeks, but keeping my
hands on her waist to keep her between me and my sister.

"Hi guys!" called Katie, once she was within talking distance. We all said
our hellos, then Steph asked Katie if she was here by herself.

Katie nodded her head, shaking her hair over her face, then brushing it away
again with her hand. "Yeah, just came for a quick swim..." she trailed off.

Steph turned to look at me quickly, winking at me while her face was hidden
from Katie. Then she turned back and said, "Well, you can hang out with us,
right?" She turned back to me, this time for Katie's benefit.

"Uh, yeah, of course," I stammered, cursing myself for letting Steph get me
so worked up like this. All I could think about was Steph telling me she
wanted to see me fuck Katie, but with my sister right in front of me I
struggled not to imagine it. Somehow I managed to will my erection down a
little, but then Katie smiled at us, dropped her bag on the sand and bent
over away from us to get out her towel. Steph turned and gave me another
look, this time of wide eyed excitement, then she turned back and openly
stared at Katie's ass as her hand felt its way backwards and grabbed my
softening shaft through my shorts.

My cock immediately leapt back to full attention, and I couldn't help
letting out a gasp. Katie immediately looked around, but Steph was quicker,
moving her hand up to my stomach as if she was just casually brushing her
hand against me. I quickly turned and made myself busy with my towel on the
sand before (I hoped) Katie could notice my arousal.

We all made ourselves comfortable on the sand - at least the girls did. I
had to lie on my front to hide an erection that wasn't ready to quit. I
turned my head and looked first at Steph, then past her at Katie. Her long
blonde hair was splashed across the sand around her head, and as my gaze
went to her face, she licked her dry lips slowly. For a moment I imagined
she was teasing me, but her eyes were shut tight against the strong sun. As
my eyes continued down, to her neck and the top of chest, I caught a
movement in the corner of my eye and found Steph looking at me with one
half-open eye.

As we looked at each other the corners of her mouth crept up into a smile.
Then her lips parted slowly and she mouthed a single word: "Look."

I nodded slowly, and carefully raised myself up on my elbows. Steph kept her
eyes on me, and I took a moment to look at her curvaceous body. Then I took
a breath and turned my attention back to my sister.

She had leant her head back to keep the sun out of her eyes. I followed the
line of her chin, down to the smooth skin of the top of her chest. I
swallowed, feeling my face turn red under Steph's gaze, and took my first
deliberate look at my sister's breasts. Her bikini was little more than two
small triangles held together by strings, and laying on her back there was
perhaps more flesh on display than she knew. As unendowed as she was, her
gentle curves were obvious, and alluring. I licked my lips, not even
realising I'd done it until I saw Steph stifling a giggle.

Just then Katie raised a hand to scratch her nose, and in fear of being
caught peeking I lay back down. Steph had her eyes on me the whole time, and
when I looked back into them I saw she was already planning something. She
stretched, cat-like, then rolled, towards me, onto her front, deliberately
giving me a great view of her cleavage as she did so. Once she was settled
on her front she reached back with her hands and started undoing her bikini
top. At the same time she looked at me and said, loud enough for Katie to
hear, "Do my back?"

I looked at her and blinked, momentarily stumped by what she meant until she
nodded in the direction of a bottle of suncream we'd brought with us.

"Oh, sure," I mumbled. I picked up the bottle and started getting up on my
knees until I saw that Katie had cracked open one eye to see what was going
on. A surreptitious glance down told me that my hard cock was still just
showing through my shorts, but I knew what Steph was expecting of me. And
besides, Katie would still have to look right at my crotch to see anything,
and that would say more about her than me... wouldn't it?

I shook my head clear of speculations and decided to get on with it. I
shuffled toward Steph, then lifted one leg over her, straddling her ass,
steadying myself with one hand on the small of her back. I popped the top
off the suncream bottle, then I had an idea. I held the bottle towards Katie
and said, "Want some, Katie?"

Katie's head snapped up at my voice, as if I'd caught her watching us when
she shouldn't. "Uh, sure," she said, when she saw the suncream, and she
pushed herself up to sit cross-legged next to me, holding out her cupped
hands. Steph turned her head towards Katie and rested her cheek on the back
of her hand.

I had to lean forward a little to hold the bottle over Katie's hands, and
doing that pressed the base of my hard shaft between Steph's asscheeks. I
squeezed the bottle, and I gulped as I considered the imagery; here I was,
squeezing something white and sticky into my sister's hands. I think Steph
was thinking the same thing, because she gently rocked her hips underneath
me, rubbing her ass against my balls and keeping me hard - as if I needed
any help.

Steph's movement made me tighten my grip on the suncream bottle, and it
fired out a blob of suncream past Katie's hands and onto her thigh. My eyes
went to her face, and I saw her look down - but something told me she hadn't
been looking quite at her hands before. Had she been looking somewhere a
little lower, in front of her? I'm sure I flushed red at the thought of her
eyes on my hard cock, but I covered it with an "oops" and hoped she thought
my little accident with the suncream was the only reason I looked

Katie giggled and I felt Steph trembling between my legs with supressed
laughter. "It'll all end up on me anyway," said Katie philosophically, as
she rubbed the cream into her leg with a single finger. I watched her for
just a second longer than was polite before turning my attention, not
entirely completely, to Steph's back.

I squirted suncream up Steph's back, leaving a long white trail that, in my
current horny mood, looked all too familiar. I wedged the bottle into the
sand between Steph and Katie, using the action to look at my sister's
shapely ass while she sat up next to Steph, leaning forward and running her
hands down her slim outstretched legs.

I leant forward and began to rub the cream slowly into Steph's skin. My
hands pushed up her sides, causing her to suck in breath as my fingers
brushed the sides of her breasts. I glanced back to check that Katie wasn't
looking, then forced my hands underneath Steph, who pushed up on her elbows
to let me cup her breasts. I felt her nipples pressing into my palms before
I released her. My hands moved to her shoulders and while I massaged them, I
looked back at my sister. From my position I couldn't see much more than her
back, but as I watched I saw her bring her hands up over her chest, and then
she unmistakably pushed first one hand, and then the other, underneath each
triangle of her bikini, touching her own breasts, covering them with
suncream while I watched.

When she started rubbing her hands together, I knew she was finished. As she
started to lie back down on the sand, I lifted my leg back over Steph and
sat down on my own towel, this time deliberately trying to let Katie see the
hard bulge in my shorts. She didn't disappoint me - before she closed them,
her eyes were drawn to the movement and this time I was sure she saw
everything. A shudder of excitement passed through me, but I kept my cool
and lay down as slowly as I could.

After a while of baking in the sun I started to feel cooler. I put a hand
over my eyes and looked up to see that clouds had rolled in. I opened my
mouth to tell Steph, but stopped myself when I looked and saw that she had
rolled onto her back, with her bare breasts shamelessly on display. Katie
had heard me move and had sat up on her elbows to look at me, apparently
ignoring Steph's nudity completely, so I quickly recovered my thoughts.
"Looks like we should get moving."

Steph finally opened her eyes and sighed, "I think you're right." Then she
held out her hands and I pulled her to her feet. Katie hopped up lithely and
we all started getting our things together. As Steph moved around, it was
all I could do to drag my eyes away from her softly jiggling breasts. She
stuffed her bikini top in to a bag and pulled out a t-shirt, pulling it on
slowly. I couldn't help taking another look, and as I stood and watch her
nipples disappear under the t-shirt, I looked past her and found myself
looking into the eyes of Katie, kneeling to put her towel into her bag. She
looked away quickly and suddenly made herself look a lot busier.

We made our way back to the car and climbed in, Steph in the passenger seat
next to me and Katie sitting behind us, still wearing nothing more than her
bikini. If she had brought any other clothes with her, I hadn't seen them.
As I started the car Steph leaned around her seat.

"Do you want to come back to the apartment Katie?" she asked innocently.

Katie glanced momentarily at my reflection in the rear view mirror. "Uh,
sure," she said, but she didn't quite sound it.

Steph faced forward. Only I could see the smile creeping up at the corner of
her mouth. "You don't need to be back home any time soon, do you?" It was a
question, but not much of one the way she said it. "And we could all
probably use a shower."

I glanced back at Katie. She seemed calm enough, one arm across her chest,
holding her other arm in her hand. "Yeah, get this suncream off me before I
get changed."

And so the car journey continued, idle chat punctuated by not-uncomfortable
silences. Eventually I pulled up outside the apartment and we all bundled
out of the car and inside. Katie went in first, sliding past me in the
narrow corridor while I held the door open. Steph went next, biting her lip
in a sly smile and grabbing at my crotch, giving my cock a lingering squeeze
that made it jump in response. For a moment I started to panic at what she
could be planning, but we were both willing partners in this and I trusted
her to do the right thing. Would "the right thing" end with me sliding my
cock into my sister's young, tight pussy?

By the time I closed the door behind me my cock was thickening in my shorts,
but not yet enough to be on show. Katie had dropped her bag on the couch,
but she was still lingering on her feet as if waiting for permission to sit.
She'd always been too polite, and our family were always affectionately
teasing her about it, usually by calling her "Princess". Steph was near the
door to the bedroom, and she crossed her arms under her breasts as she spoke
to Katie.

"Still want to use the shower Katie?" she said, unfurling one arm and
gesturing behind her, into the bedroom and through to the bathroom.

Katie glanced from Steph, to me, and back to Steph. "Oh, no," she said, with
a wave of her hand, "you guys go first, I can wait."

Steph shook her head and smiled, as if to say she wouldn't hear of it. "It's
a big enough shower, and we just need a quick rinse." I marvelled at the way
she could talk that way and make it sound like the most natural thing in the
world. Before waiting for an answer she spun on her heels and headed through
to the bathroom.

Katie turned to me and I saw a look of confusion flash on her face. I just
did my best noncommital shrug and headed off after Steph. I walked slowly,
and after a few steps I heard Katie's bare feet padding softly on the carpet
as she followed me.

Steph already had the water on, leaning in to play with the taps, her
t-shirt already spotted with water. She turned to us, shaking water from her
hand. "Go ahead, it's ready," she said, impatiently, so I stepped into the
shower, moving under the water to the back of the stall. As I turned around
and started to brush the water over my chest, I watched Katie entering
carefully, her hands gripping the sides of the doorway, pulling herself
inside. The shower was large, with the shower head directly overhead in the
middle, so it was by no means a tight squeeze, but I could feel her
closeness as she leant her head back and let the water cascade down her neck
and chest. She stepped back and began to run her long slim fingers over her
skin, wiping suncream and sand off into the water. Then her head dropped,
her eyes opened and for a moment we held each other's gaze.

A movement at the shower door distracted both of us. Steph was standing in
the door, watching both of us. Without saying a word, she crossed her hands
over her waist, gripping the bottom of her t-shirt. Slowly, so slowly that
Katie would have to realise she was putting on a show, Steph lifted her
shirt. She lifted her breasts with her hands too, until they fell into our
view, bouncing firmly. I could tell from the stiffness of her nipples that
she was as aroused as I was quickly becoming, but at least Katie might
dismiss that as natural. Unfortunately she wouldn't think the same of the
hard-on I was quickly developing under my shorts.

Katie and I moved to make room for Steph, so we were all standing in a
circle around the water. I could see that Steph was showing off, lifting her
arms up as she pulled her fingers through her hair, pushing out her chest so
just her breasts caught the shower's stream. When I looked at Katie I could
see her doing her best to look casual, but also trying very hard not to look
at any part of me or Steph. I was just starting to wonder how much longer we
could all stay in the shower, when Katie crossed one ankle over the other
and bent forward quickly at the waist, spreading her hands down her long
legs. As she stood, I was ready to take advantage of the view down her
bikini top. I looked away before she could notice, but it didn't go unmissed
by Steph, who managed to "accidentally" elbow me in the ribs.

She apologised genuinely, then turned her back to me and pulled her hair
over her shoulder, offering her back to me. I took the hint right away,
pressing my palms and fingertips into her back, causing her to sigh in
pleasure. I glanced quickly at Katie, who was staring intently at her feet.
I think Steph noticed it too, because the next thing she did was to moan,
"That's just perfect..." as I pressed my thumbs into the small of her back.
Her actions were as arousing to me as they were embarrassing to Katie, and I
was thankful that my little sister wasn't looking our way, because she would
have seen my cock making a tent out of my shorts.

Katie turned her back to hide her blushes, but also to hide something else.
While my hands worked on Steph, my eyes stayed fixed on my little sister as
she pushed her hands underneath her bikini top, letting the water wash over
her breasts. She was standing almost side by side with Steph, who was also
watching Katie from the corner of her eye.

"You might as well just take it off Katie," said Steph, startling Katie and
me. Katie looked up at Steph blankly. I stepped closer to Steph, partly to
reassure myself that she knew what she was doing, and partly to let her feel
the tip of my hard cock against her ass. She wriggled herself back against
memjust as Katie glanced back at me. I did my best to look uninterested, to
let her know she was safe with us. It must have worked, because Steph turned
her back to us, bowed her head, and reached up to her neck to untie her
bikini top.

Steph bent forward a little, pushing her asscheeks around my shaft. I slid
my hands over her hips, holding her tight against me, as we both watched
intently as Katie held one arm across her chest, holding her bikini top on
while her other hand slid up behind her back to untie the last knot. Steph
ran her hands up her flat stomach and cupped her breasts, and I watched over
her shoulder as she pressed her thumbs against her nipples.

Katie took half a step back under the water, letting it cascade through her
long hair and down her back. So slowly that I started to wonder if she was
nervous or if she was deliberately teasing me, she lowered her arms, letting
her top fall to the shower floor with a splash by her foot. She looked down,
and I saw her face in profile, and my cock throbbed in my shorts at the fact
that my sister was standing wet and topless in front of me.

Steph spun around in my arms, and for a moment she pressed her breasts
against my chest. I felt her nipples tracing across my skin as she stretched
to kiss me, pushing her tongue between my lips. It wasn't the world's most
passionate kiss, but she didn't stop until Katie turned, her arm covering
her breasts. As Steph broke her kiss, I couldn't help looking at Katie's
body first, with her a face a close second, and I blushed deeply.

Steph rescued us from awkward silence by saying loudly, "Turn around so I
can do your back." I started to turn my back on her but she reached out and
stopped me as I was facing Katie. A quick glance down confirmed that there
was no way my little sister could miss the tent that her brother's cock was
making in his shorts. Steph moved up beside me, one hand on my waist to
steady herself against me while the other massaged up and down my back.

After perhaps half a minute it all began to feel normal again. My eyes never
strayed from Katie for too long while I patiently let Steph rub me down, and
I saw her openly staring at my cock more than once, but when our eyes met
there was no shame. When Katie started to drop the arm that was covering her
breasts, it was a moment before I realised what was happening. Her fingers
were spreading open, and beneath them I saw my first glimpse (since she was
a kid, anyway) of my sister's dark nipples. Before her arm dropped to her
side, she pushed it up under her breasts, cupping them before me,
accentuating their pert youthfulness.

Steph squirmed against me, and I lifted my arm around her shoulders. She
pressed herself against me, my side between her breasts. I looked down and
saw one hard nipple, knowing it's twin was behind my back. I flicked my eyes
up to see that Katie's eyes had followed my own, and I smiled reassuringly
at her. She smiled back.

Steph was watching all of this intently, and now she was going to make the
boldest move of the day. She leant forward, craning her neck to look down.
"Oh look," she said, almost parentally, "he's got himself all excited." Her
free hand, which had been resting at my waist, slid across my stomach and
over the front of my shorts, her fingers squeezing my shaft, making its
outline clear. I stiffened - at least, those parts of me that weren't
already. Steph lifted her knee against the backs of my legs, forcing me to
arch my back to keep my balance, making my hardness even more obvious. I
looked nervously at Katie to see her reaction.

Her mouth was open. Her chest was moving with quick breaths. I knew she knew
I was watching her, but her eyes seemed glued to Steph's hand and to what it
was showing her.

Once again Steph broke the silence. "I guess you really are a tit man," she
said. It was a comment aimed at me, but she made sure it was for Katie's
ears too. Her fingers stroked my shaft steadily through my shorts. "Poor
thing... I think I should take care of it, as it's partly my fault." She
stressed the word "partly" just as she looked up at Katie. I knew what she
meant. My half-naked sister was turning me on, and by now she must know it

"Yes, just have to take care of it..." Steph repeated, whispering. Her hand
slid back up to my stomach, and I took a deep breath. Her fingers pressed
against my flesh, slipping into my shorts. I felt her warm, experienced
fingers wrapping around my shaft. She felt my cock pulse and grinned up at
me. She pulled her hand outward, stretching my shorts until they snapped
down around her wrist. I gasped in a ragged breath as my sister got her
first look at my hard cock.

If Katie had been still before, now she was like a statue. Her wide eyes
were locked on the flared red tip of my cock, Steph's squeezing fingers
making it throb visibly. Katie's hands were pressed flat against her thighs.
Her legs were locked across each other at the ankles, one foot flat on the
floor, the other on her toes. The only movement I could discern was the
rapid rise and fall of my sister's beautiful breasts as she breathed

"Mmm," Steph cooed in my ear, "lovely and hard..." She looked at Katie, then
back at me. "I think Katie likes looking at your beautiful hard cock."

Katie's eyes darted up to Steph, and for a moment I thought the spell had
been broken and Katie was going to run from the stall. But instead Katie
looked away, at the walls, at the floor, her face flushed. Steph's hand
started a slow stroke up and down my cock as she spoke.

"It's okay Katie," she said, like a parent comforting a child, "you can
look." Once again Katie looked at Steph, then at me, for a long few seconds.
Finally, she swallowed and, her breasts still heaving, allowed herself the
guilty pleasure of watching her brother being jerked off.

With Katie back in the game, Steph began her real assault on my cock. Her
hand moved quicker, squeezing with every pull. I saw her lick her lips, and
she began to speak to me.

"Doesn't she have lovely little tits?" she whispered, but loud enough for
both of us. I glanced up to Katie's face, but she was showing no sign of
having heard. I nodded.

"Mmm, I thought so," Steph continued. "I bet you'd love to touch them...
play with them... lick them." I moaned in response, pushing with my hips,
trying to fuck Steph's fingers.

"I bet you'd love her to touch you too. Her fingers, running up and down
your shaft..." She demonstrated, lightly brushing her fingertips over every
inch of my cock, teasing my throbbing tip with her thumb, wiping a drop of
precum into it.

I was getting close, and Steph knew it. Behind me, her hand started tugging
at my shorts, exposing the full length of my shaft and my balls roughly.
"Yeah," she teased, "I can feel it... are you going to cum for your sister?"

"Yes!" I gasped, not even waiting to see Katie's reaction.

Steph tutted. "Now now, we should check with Katie..." She turned her head
up to face Katie and whispered. "Do you want to watch your brother cum for
you, Katie?"

I tore my eyes away from Katie's breasts. Her eyes came up to meet mine, and
for a moment she stopped breathing and swallowed. When she opened her mouth
again, it felt like time stopped. Steph and I held our breaths. Her hand
paused on my cock. Katie took a deep breath.

"Yes," she whispered.

"Oooh yeah!" Steph whispered in responses. Her hand jumped into life,
stroking my cock furiously. Her other hand pushed at the small of my back,
and I stumbled forward. Katie took a step back against the wall of the
shower as I put my hand out past her shoulder to support myself against the
wall. I looked up and stared, through a curtain a water flowing over my
face, into her wide, excited eyes.

I felt my balls contract up into my body, ready to fire. "I'm cumming," I
whispered, and right then Steph slid her hand between my asscheeks and
shoved her finger into my ass. I gasped, my ass clenching down around her
finger, my cock throbbing even harder.

"Grab his balls!" Steph whispered urgently to Katie, and a moment later I
felt my little sister close her fingers around my balls.

"Oh fuck... I'm cumming!" I whispered again, and then I grunted out loud as
the tip of my cock spat a short blast of cum against Katie's stomach.
Steph's finger twisted in my ass, and a second later a massive blast of cum
fired up over Katie's body, splashing in a line of white between her

Katie squealed, and her fingers squeezed my balls. Her other hand flew up
between her breasts, spreading my cum between her fingers, even as my cock
sprayed more across her arm. Then, to everyone's surprise, she started to
giggle uncontrollably. By now my orgasm had flagged only a little, and Steph
was still jerking cum out of my cock and over Katie's thighs, strings of
white over the blue of her bikini bottoms.

My orgasm finally faded along with my hard-on, but my cock was still thick
in Steph's hand. She was grinning wickedly as she squeezed the last drops of
cum out of my shaft, deliberately aiming them at Katie's feet. Katie was
still giggling, squealing each time Steph hit her target. When Steph had had
her fun, she stepped back and coughed deliberately.

"Well," she said, smiling, "I guess we have to wash all that off now." She
held up her hand, spreading her fingers and showing off the strings of cum
that had dripped there. Katied giggled again, and I couldn't help laughing
with her, as I stood under the shower with my shorts around my knees. I
pushed them down and kicked them off on top of Katie's bikini top, then
stepped back out of the water.

Steph and Katie both stepped forward, letting the water splash down over
their breasts. I stood and watched by the door to the stall as my sister and
my girlfriend washed away the traces of my cum. Katie was still spluttering
with giggles, Steph smiling broadly as their hands touched accidentally
under the water.

As the last traces of my cum were washed down Katie's legs, I stepped out of
the shower. I patted myself dry with a towel and almost wrapped it around
my waist automatically, but I decided to see how long the taboo-breaking
could continue. I had to pee, and after a quick glance to check that Steph
and Katie were still showering, I stepped in front of the toilet and started
to relieve myself. I knew they would hear, and a few seconds later I looked
over my shoulder as Steph, quickly followed by Katie, stepped out of the

Steph gave me an inscrutable look and a smile, while Katie decided it was
best to pretend I wasn't there. I shook myself dry and turned around to
Steph, slipping our arms around each other's waists. We both watched while
Katie, apparently oblivious, towelled herself down. Then she picked up the
bikini top she had carried with her from the shower and quickly tied it
around herself, restoring her modesty.

Steph looked up at me, and I could see what she was thinking. The game was
over, for now. I nodded, and she picked up my towel and wrapped it around my


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