Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Her Brother, part 4


Since my girlfriend Steph found out about my bisexual fantasies, we've had
two amazing threesomes... with her brother. After the latest time, when
Jamie shot his cum over both of us and Steph licked her brother's cock
clean, she dropped the bombshell that she wanted to watch me fuck my sister,

Not long after, I found myself in the shower with Steph and Katie, being
jerked off by the former and spraying my cum over the latter...


Almost as soon as we stepped out of the shower and dressed, Katie was making
her excuses and leaving. Of course I was petrified that I'd scared her, that
she'd never speak to me again, but all of those fears were dissolved when
she turned around at the door and gave me the tightest, closest hug I think
I'd ever had from her. Then she stepped back, bit her lip, and gave Steph
the same, before quickly walking out, turning back once to wave.

Steph closed the door gently, then turned and leaned back against it. "So?"
she said, smiling.

I just shook my head and grinned back. "That was... incredible. I can't
believe I just did that!"

Steph walked slowly towards me and slid her hands around my waist. "What?
Shot your cum over your sister?" she whispered, emphasising all the right

I laughed softly, tilting my head down to kiss her. She pressed herself
against me, and to my surprise my cock started to swell up once more,
despite the explosive orgasm I'd been driven to by Steph's touch and the
sight of my sister's half naked body - not to mention her asking me to cum
over her. All these things were rushing through my head, and my cock
throbbed again, bringing murmurs of delight from Steph.

Just then, the ring of the phone interrupted us. Steph slipped away from me
reluctantly, and I went to answer it.

A few minutes later I rejoined Steph, who had stretched out on the bed.
"Remember my cousin Rebecca?" I asked her. She nodded and I continued,
a little redundantly, with "that was her."

"Oh?" asked Steph, waiting for me to fill her in. I sat down on the edge of
the bed.

"Yeah, she's in town for a couple of days and wondered if she could come
over. I invited her over for dinner." Steph just nodded in response - she
didn't know Rebecca that well, but as far as I remembered they had got on
well enough on the one or two occasions they'd met.

We spent the next hour tidying up - Steph teased me by double checking the
bathroom for any splashes of cum the shower had missed - and preparing a
simple dinner.

The doorbell rang, and when I opened it in came Rebecca, stretching up to
hug me. "Hi cuz," she said, using the name she'd always called me. She was a
few years older than me, had babysat me more than once when I was younger,
and still played the grown-up when we met.

She smiled at Steph and they exchanged hellos. She was a little shorter than
Steph, around 5'6", but with her extra curves she probably weighed a little
more. She had particularly ample breasts, which had fuelled plenty of my
masturbatory fantasies growing up. Tonight she was wearing a black sweater,
the straps of a white top just visible over her shoudlers. Down to her knees
was a faded blue denim skirt, and under those was what I assumed was a pair
of tights. On her feet were a pair of expensive-looking black strappy shoes.
Her hair hung across her shoulders in two bunches, which seemed to take a
couple of years off her.

Dinner went by quickly, as we chatted about family and friends, both of us
catching up. By the time we all moved into the living room and sat together
on the couch, me in the middle, I'd lost count of the number of glasses of
wine we'd all had. Rebecca shook her glass at me and smiled, but once I'd
poured what was left in the bottle, it was barely half full.

"Don't worry, we've got another one," I said, and got to my feet, carefully.

Rebecca smiled and patted the back of my leg as I squeezed between her and
the table. "Good boy," she said chirpily, which brought a giggle from Steph.

While I scoured the kitchen for a bottle of wine and the bottle opener, the
unmistable sounds of girly chat filtered through from the living room. I
couldn't make out what was said, just the occasional dirty giggle and one or
two mentions of my name, which made my ears prick up. I suddenly remembered
something from school - Rebecca and I had been at the same one years ago,
separated by a few years of course. There had been a rumour that Rebecca had
been in a threesome with a couple in her class, and the whole event had been
vidoetaped. Having never seen the tape (and assuming that it would have been
passed around everywhere had it existed) I'd always assumed it was a myth -
although I'd never heard of Rebecca denying it either. It gave her quite a
reputation, one that even made it's way through our family. More than once I
caught Rebecca's name being mentioned in hushed tones by my parents.

I shook the idea out of my head and went back to the living room, holding a
newly opened bottle. Before sitting down I topped up Rebecca's glass, then
Steph's, which didn't need it. Then I sat, putting the bottle on the table
and leaning back into the couch. I looked from one girl to the other,
suddenly realising how quiet it had become.

"So," I said slowly, "what were you two just talking about?"

Steph blushed a little and lowered her eyes demurely. I turned to Rebecca to
find her grinning at me, swishing her wine around in her glass. "Oh, we were
just discussing whether size really matters."

I raised my eyebrows slowly and nodded appreciatively. I could almost feel
her openness rubbing off on me. "Interesting... reach any conclusions?" I
said, as if we were having a serious adult discussion.

She shrugged, leaning forward to put her wine on the table. My eyes were
instantly drawn to the cleavage she displayed as her breasts were crushed
against her legs. Then I almost shuddered as I felt Steph's fingers start to
stroke up and down my spine.

Rebecca leaned back, arching her back a little and pushing out her chest.
"Mmm... well, it might not be everything, but every little helps." She
winked at me, slowly. From the corner of my eye I saw Steph tilt her head as
she looked on. Rebecca reached for her glass again, this time sliding
forward over the couch. My eyes were drawn down and I watched as her skirt
slowly rode up her leg, giving just the slightest glimpse of stocking-tops,
and a thin line of exposed flesh before she slid back against the couch. As
she brought the wine glass to her lips she looked at me from the corner of
her eye, and casually said, "Not that you have anything to worry about in
that department, so Steph tells me." As the glass touched her lips, I saw
the corner of her mouth creeping up in a wry smile.

Despite the confidence she'd given me earlier, I blushed hard. Half turning
towards Steph, I mumbled "Oh she did, did she?" I caught Steph's eyes, and
in that instant it seemed like we were both having the same thought... where
was this going?

Rebecca nodded eagerly, bringing my attention back to her. Then she shrugged
and frowned. "I didn't believe her, of course..." she whined, dragging out
the last word.

Steph gasped, half-indignantly, and I realised Rebecca was fictionalising
the conversation.

By now, it was obvious what she expected me to do. But I still felt a pang
of nervousness as I stood up and turned to face Rebecca. "Well," I said, "I
can only think of one way to convince you."

Rebecca did nothing for a moment, and I glanced at Steph. She was just
watching silently, her eyes wide, her legs tucked up underneath her on the
couch. Then Rebecca slowly nodded, smiled, and sat back against the couch,
holding her wine glass expectantly. Clearly, I was meant to do the work
this time.

I rose to her challenge, bringing my hands around to my waist and popping
open the button on my jeans. Rebecca's smile seemed to broaden a little, so
I took hold of the zipper and slowly pulled it down. By this time my cock
was already hardening, and must have been visible to both women. I pushed my
jeans down around my thighs, then slid my hands back up to the waistband of
my boxer shorts. From the corner of my eye, I saw Steph shift and slip
closer to Rebecca on the couch, their shoulders touching, and I turned
slightly more towards my girlfriend.

Taking a breath, I began to push my boxer shorts down. The base of my shaft
came into view, already engorged. Despite the erotic situation and the
feeling of the material slowly sliding down my shaft, I somehow managed to
keep some kind of check on my erection, and when I pulled my boxers down
past the head, my cock sprang forward only slightly, pointing down at around
a 45 degree angle.

Rebecca licked her lips, grinning. "Mmm, I guess you were right," she said,
leaning a little towards Steph. "Though it looks like it could use a little
more attention..." she said, turning back to me. She reached out her hand,
her fingers pushing across my exposed thigh, sliding up slowly until her
fingertips brushed, one after another, against the tip of my cock. I
shivered silently, bringing a purr of pleasure from Rebecca as she wrapped
her fingers around my shaft, her palm pressing up against the head.

I was expecting her just to stroke me, but she leaned forward, not even
hesitating for a moment as she opened her mouth and swabbed her tongue over
the tip of my cock. Her fingers squeezed my cock gently, and I felt precum
rise up through my shaft, her tongue lapping it up. My cock jerked and rose,
quickly forcing Rebecca to move her hand around so she could continue
stroking me. Next to her, Steph moved forward too, her ass on the edge of
the couch, and she reached her hand out and stroked my ass, her fingers
digging in to the flesh in a way she knew turned me on.

Not that she needed to - by now my cock had become a raging hard-on, hot and
red in Rebecca's hand. She'd moved her mouth off again, and just stared
hungrily at my cock while she pumped her fingers up and down, barely able to
make a circle with her thumb and forefinger around my shaft.

Steph didn't even wait to be asked. She leaned forward and wrapped her lips
around my cock. Rebecca was clearly surprised and pleased at Steph's
eagerness, because her eyes widened and she cooed, impressed. She watched
for a moment as Steph expertly slid her mouth up and down my shaft, then
whispered, just loud enough for both of us to hear, "Oh yes... she's a good
little cocksucker, isn't she?"

I shuddered and nodded, and I saw Steph close her eyes and squirm, her mouth
sucking harder on my cock. I stroked one hand through Steph's hair, the
other reaching out for my cousin's shoulder. "You weren't so bad yourself,
cuz," I whispered back, pulling gently on her shoulder, letting her know
what I wanted.

She didn't disappoint me. She leant forward again, this time her lips making
contact with my shaft, and I felt her tongue lapping against me. Steph's
eyes cracked open, and I felt her moan, her tongue vibrating against my
precum-oozing tip. Then she pulled her mouth off me, leaving her fingers
around the base of my shaft, and for a moment there was a glistening trail
of saliva connecting us. I suddenly had the thought that it must be a
mixture of Steph's and Rebecca's, and my cock jerked.

Rebecca's eyes were open the whole time, mostly fixated on Steph. As soon as
my girlfriend gave up my cock, my cousin took her place again, this time
pushing her mouth as far down my shaft as she could, her lips wrapped tight
around my thick shaft, her tongue swabbing around my tip. She was no
deepthroater, but it still felt good, and I told her so, which made Steph
look up and smile wryly at me.

Rebecca slid her mouth back up my shaft again, leaving my shaft glistening
wetly. She smiled toothily at my compliment, the head of my cock resting on
her bottom lip. "Tastes good too," she said, the movement of her lips
vibrating down my cock. Then she leaned forward and to one side, sucking on
one side of my tip, her eyes connecting with Steph's. Steph in turn looked
up at me, and I saw a look of excitement mixed with trepidation in her eyes.
I knew she'd never been with another woman, but we both knew what she was
about to do - something new, but strangely familiar, given the events of the
last few weeks.

I moved both hands simultaneously, one moving to the back of Rebecca's head,
the other reaching further afield for Steph. She needed just a little push
of encouragement, then she leant in and swabbed her tongue across the other
side of my cock. Rebecca pressed closer, and for an instant her lips touched
Steph's tongue - it was like an electric shock passing between all three of
us. As I stood there, my legs probably aching but being ignored by my brain,
I watched as what at first were accidental touches became long licks and
kisses, Steph and Rebecca's tongues fighting for control of my cock. At one
point, Rebecca opened her mouth wide and nearly took my entire head into her
mouth. Steph fought back, and their lips crashed together around me, their
tongues probing out of their mouths and touching.

That was when Rebecca pulled back again, and for moment a glistening string
of precum connected her tongue to my cock. Steph pulled away too, looking
shy, wiping another precum trail off her chin. As both girls sat back and
looked up at me, Rebecca's hand idly stroked my cock, and I suddenly became
aware of how loud I was breathing.

My cousin broke the silence. "I think we should take this into the bedroom,"
she said quietly, releasing my cock and standing, primly straightening her
skirt. Steph got up quietly, seemingly trying not to go unnoticed.

"Oh, right," I said eventually, feeling faintly ridiculous with my pants
around my ankles, my cock flagging slightly from the sudden lack of
stimulation over the past few seconds. "This way," I said, waving a hand at
the bedroom door. Rebecca nodded and smiled, and headed for the door. I
quickly tugged my t-shirt off and stepped out of my pants, feeling that same
little rush I get from being naked - it must be the naturist streak in me.

I gave Steph a "follow me" nod and followed Rebecca. As I reached the
doorway I jumped a little as Steph patted my ass playfully, and I looked
back to see that familiar sheepish smile, as her fingers slipped between my
asscheeks momentarily. Ahead of us, Rebecca stood by the bed, her back to us
as she crossed her arms and pulled her sweater over her head. Without
stopping, her white t-shirt came off, landing on the floor next to her
sweater. She span around quickly, flicking her bunches and making her heavy
chest sway, her breasts barely confined by her bra. Watching her hair made
me think how schoolgirlish it made her look, which sent a twitch along my

She sat down on the bed and slid her way to the middle, propping her head up
against the pilows. "Well?" she said, patting both sides of the bed, "Aren't
you going to join me?"

I didn't hesitate. My cock leading the way, I knelt on the bed beside her
and she quickly wrapped her fingers around me, stroking me lewdly. Steph was
still making her way slowly around the bed as I lay beside my cousin, my
hand stroking slowly up her leg, my lips and tongue starting at her neck and
making their way down.

I felt the bed shift as Steph sat on the other side of Rebecca, and as my
lips made contact with the top of Rebecca's breasts, I opened my eyes and
watched Steph lay down on her side.

My fingers pulled at Rebecca's bra strap, sliding it off her shoulder and
then tugging on it, pulling down one cup. My tongue made it's way down to
her nipple, and at the same moment I felt another hand touching my cock.
Glancing down I saw that Steph had reached over Rebecca, her arm lying over
Rebecca's stomach. The girls' fingers moved over my cock until they found
a position that suited them both, and they stroked me together.

I closed my eyes and moved my hips, pushing my cock between their fingers as
I moaned around Rebecca's nipple. Feeling the bed shift again, I glanced up
long enough to see Steph moving a little closer to Rebecca. Now she was
laying beside her almost as I was, their bodies touching. I slowly let my
hand travel to Rebecca's other breast, the one nearest Steph, and pushed my
fingers into the cup, pushing it down. Rebecca took the hint and shrugged
her shoulder out of the strap. Steph was watching, her eyes wide in the
darkness of the bedroom. I spread two fingers on either side of Rebecca's
nipple, pulling the skin tight and looking up at Steph, giving her a nod in
the direction of my hand.

She understood right away, of course, but there was hesitation in her
actions. Rebecca turned her head away from me and smiled reassuringly at
Steph. Her free hand, which until now had lain by her side, ran up her body
and cupped her breast toward Steph. I let my own hand move away and pushed
it up under Rebecca's skirt, toying with her stocking-tops.

My eyes had barely left Steph's, and I nodded gently when she looked at me.
She nodded back, and I saw her swallow, nervous, before slowly sliding down
beside Rebecca. Her eyes closed slowly as she neared her target, and then
her closed lips touched Rebecca's nipple. Rebecca closed her eyes and leant
her head back, and I sucked harder on her other nipple, flicking my tongue
over it as it hardened in my mouth. Rebecca let her hand drop away, and I
saw it disappear beside her, where it must have been almost between Steph's
legs. For a moment, Rebecca's heavy tit sagged away from Steph's lips, but
without hesitation she released my cock, moving her hand up and pressing her
fingers into the soft flesh, pushing the nipple back into her now open
mouth. With my eyes fixed on her, I saw, for just a moment, the tip of her
tongue wetting Rebecca's nipple. Once again, I was watching Steph's
inhibitions drop away, and it turned me on fiercely. My cock throbbed,
feeling like it had hardened another inch longer between Rebecca's fingers.

Rebecca brushed her other hand over my head, and I glanced up, reluctantly
tearing my eyes away from Steph. She whispered, "it's time we got your
girlfriend naked," and smiled. I grinned and nodded, looking over at Steph
who must have heard, but gave no indication. I reached over and took Steph's
hand, and she started to sit up, licking her lips absently, leaving
Rebecca's wet and shining with her saliva, as was her own face. I sat up and
leaned over Rebecca to kiss Steph, smearing my lips over hers, my tongue
first probing the inside of her mouth, then moving out over her lips,
licking her cheek. From the corner of my eye I saw Rebecca grinning as she
sat up and pulled off her bra.

I leaned back, pulling Steph with me, and Rebecca slid the other way, the
two girls awkwardly stumbling over each other for a moment. Hands wandered
as we sorted it out, but no-one complained. I held Steph and gently lowered
her to the bed between us. She let her hand slide down my chest, then
slowly wrapped her fingers around my cock, just squeezing me rhythmically.

Rebecca was kneeling by Steph's legs, running her hands up and down the
inside of Steph's thighs. "Get her top off," she said, clearly. I nodded and
reached down to pull open the zipper that ran down between Steph's breasts.
I let my other hand rest on one breast, squeezing her in time with her touch
on my cock. I went slowly, and as I began to expose the top of her breasts,
we both heard a whisper from Rebecca. I looked back and saw Rebecca's hands
moving up between Steph's legs, pushing them apart easily. "Mmmm," she
whispered, "Mommy wants to play with your pussy."

I stopped in surprise, the sudden silence surprising Rebecca into looking
up. She blushed, the first sign of shyness I'd seen from her all night. I
quickly sought to reassure her, so I resumed pulling on Steph's zipper and
whispered down to her. "Are you going to be a good girl and let Mommy play
with your pussy?" I asked, grinning. She grinned back, then put her head
forward and bit her lip, looking down at Rebecca as she repled, "Yes Daddy."

Rebecca's eyes seemed to light up, and she pressed her palm hard against the
crotch of Steph's pants. Steph moaned, her head falling back and her hips
rising off the bed to meet Rebecca's touch. I saw an opportunity and moved
forward on my knees, up towards Steph's head. Her hand followed me, and she
pulled my cock down as I pushed my hips toward her face, her lips opening
and wrapping around my tip. I pushed my hand up along my shaft, pushing
precum out and onto Steph's tongue. I quickly finished unzipping her top,
then pushed my hand into her bra, groping her breasts roughly.

She wriggled under me, careful not to let my cock escape her mouth as she
shrugged her way out of her top. I heard another zipper, and looking down I
saw Rebecca slowly opening Steph's pants. Steph was moving her hips, trying
to struggle her way out of her clothes, but Rebecca seemed keen to tease
her, pulling her pants down with the zipper only half-way, making Steph
squirm and moan around my cock in her efforts to get them off.

It didn't take them long. Steph's pants slipped down over her ass and she
kicked them down to her ankles. Rebecca, her work done for the moment, sat
back on her knees and quickly whipped off her skirt, throwing it on the
floor with the rest of our assorted clothing. Steph brought her knees up and
Rebecca knelt forward, her breasts pressed against Steph's knees. Her hands
went around Steph's waist, grasping the waistband of her panties and pulling
them down roughly. She pushed them down to Steph's ankles, bunching them up
with her pants, then pushed Steph's knees apart. Steph quickly got the
message, spreading her legs wide on the bed.

I moaned and squeezed my cock, making it throb against her tongue. I yanked
Steph's bra up over her chest, exposing her breasts, her nipples pointing
up hard at the ceiling. Then, sliding myself in and out of her mouth, I
whispered, "What a little slut... you really want Mommy to play with your
pussy, don't you?"

Her eyes cracked open, and she looked up at me, her cheek pushed out by the
tip of my cock as she nodded eagerly. I looked down to Rebecca, who's
fingers were already stroking between Steph's legs. I caught her eye and
told her, "Finger fuck the little slut."

It didn't even occur to me to wonder if Rebecca liked that kind of talk, but
I needn't have worried. She licked her lips and looked back up at me. "Mmm,
I bet that cock of yours has made her nice and loose." I felt Steph moan,
and looking down I saw her face flushing, even as she was sliding her mouth
faster over my shaft.

I let Steph to do the work as I stretched over her to watch Rebecca at work.
She had straddled one of Steph's legs, pinning her knee to the bed. Her hips
were moving slowly up and down, rubbing her pussy, through her panties,
against Steph. Her hands were slowly moving deeper between Steph's legs, but
I wasn't getting a great view. I pulled back, sliding my cock out of Steph's
mouth, and climbed over her, straddling her chest with my back to her. I
pushed my cock down between her breasts and she reached her hands around to
crush them around my shaft,

I leaned forward, my wet cock slipping easily between Steph's tits, and
looked down to see two of Rebecca's fingers working their way easily into
Steph's pussy.

"Mmm," she purred, "someone's had their cunt stretched by Daddy's big cock!"
Rebecca grinned, Steph shuddered, and I moaned as my cock throbbed. Rebecca
saw and leaned around Steph's leg, sinking her lips over my tip once more,
her cheek stroking against Steph's nipple.

I grabbed my cock and stroked it into Rebecca's mouth, my fist slapping
against Steph's breasts. Rebecca pulled off me, smiling cruelly, whispering
something about not getting me too excited. With her fingers still firmly
buried in Steph's pussy, she lifted Steph's leg with her other hand and
slinked her way back between my girlfriend's legs. I sat there, straddling
Steph, my hips moving back and forth, sliding my cock between Steph's tits
as I watched my cousin intently.

She pulled her fingers slowly from Steph's pussy, then fixed her gaze on me
as she slipped them into her mouth, sucking them clean. Then she shoved her
hands under Steph, grabbing her asscheeks and pushing her hips upward. I saw
what she wanted, and I grabbed Steph's legs behind the knees and pulled her
upward. Looking back on it now, it would have looked ridiculous to anyone
watching, but not to me, not at that moment. And definitely not a few
seconds later, when Rebecca lowered her head between Steph's legs and placed
her mouth over Steph's pussy.

I gasped out, "Oh fuck yes!" My cock throbbed and threatened to explode
right there, but somehow I held back. Under me, Steph literally squealed,
and then I felt her lips and tongue pressing against my asscheek. One
shaking hand left her breast and found my cock, her fingers wrapping around
me tightly. Steph's hips ground against Rebecca's face, and I felt her
breath quickening. As she moved, I briefly saw Rebecca's mouth and chin,
smeared with wetness.

If that wasn't enough to push me over the edge, what happened next was. As
Steph's hips fell to the bed after her orgasm, she pushed her head up,
pressing her lips against my asscheek. Then I felt her tongue probing
between them, lapping wetly right against my asshole. My first thought was
"I can't believe she's doing this," followed closely by "I'm going to cum,"
which I gasped out to both girls.

Rebecca climbed forward, her breasts hanging over Steph's tummy. Steph's
other hand found it's way to the base of my cock, her thumb around my shaft
and her fingers squeezing my balls. Her first hand flew up and down my
shaft, her hands slapping together on each stroke. I looked down to see
Rebecca's eyes fixed intently on my cock, balancing on one hand while she
played with her breasts with the other.

I felt my balls draw up as my orgasm neared, and Steph took the signal to
double her assault, squeezing my cock and swirling her tongue over my ass.
I gasped once, and my cock exploded, sending a splashing fountain of cum
over Rebecca. It streaked across her forehead and into her hair, then
right into her face, the splattering sound of my semen turning me on almost
as much as the sight of her face being bathed. She grinned, open mouthed, as
my cock spat cum into her mouth and over her chin.

When my orgasm finally subsided, I gently moved forward off Steph's face,
hearing her suck in a deep breath under me. I shook and squeezed the last
few drops of cum from my cock and onto Steph's tummy, then swung my leg over
her and more or less collapsed on to the bed next to her.

>From between Steph's legs, Rebecca looked at me and then at Steph, then she
slowly lifted her hands and knees and crawled over Steph, her breasts
swinging, her nipples brushing against Steph's skin. Steph looked up at her,
smiling, her face more than a little flushed. Rebecca licked her lips once,
then said to Steph, "Were you licking his ass just now?"

Steph smiled and closed her eyes, obviously blushing with embarrassment,
though her face could hardly turn any redder. "Yeah," she admittedly

"Mmm," purred Rebecca, lowering herself towards Steph's face, "naughty
girl!" And then she parted and lips and planted them heavily against
Steph's. For a moment Steph seemed to be trying to sink back into the
pillow, but she opened her mouth in return and I watched with a dry mouth as
the girls kissed, my cum slowly spreading from Rebecca's face to Steph's.

Their breathing became quicker, their kissing more frenetic, and I felt my
cock stir as I watched their tongues slipping out of their mouths, licking
at each other's lips, tasting my cum, and, I realised, the wetness that
Rebecca had licked from Steph's pussy.

I felt fingers against my leg, and I looked down to see Rebecca's hand
groping blindly for my limp cock. I'd already cum twice that day (both times
over a female relative, I realised), but it wasn't long until my cock
twitched in response as Rebecca rolled her fingers around under my balls.
She pulled her mouth away from Steph, who just lay there with her eyes
closed and her hands fumbling with Rebecca's breasts.

"Get my panties off," Rebecca commanded, and I nodded and crawled off the
bed and behind the two girls as she went back to wetly kissing my
girlfriend. I squatted on the floor at the end of the bed and looked up
between Rebecca's and Steph's legs. I ran my hands up and down over Steph's
legs, looking at her pussy glistening wetly. Then I leant forward, pushing
my hands up Rebecca's legs now, shuddering at the smooth feeling of her
black stockings, then the feel of her bare skin, and then my fingers were
grasping the waistband of her panties and tugging them down. She
straightened her legs as I leant back, taking her panties with me, then I
left them around her ankles. As I stood, she bent her legs again, bringing
her knees up under Steph's legs, she in turn lifting her legs around Rebecca
in the missionary position. I started to climb back on to the bed, then
stopped and watched and Rebecca started humping Steph, rubbing their pussies
together, slowly at first but getting faster.

I heard gasping, and looked up to see Steph's face while Rebecca bent down
and sucked on her nipples. Her eyes were closed, her mouth hanging open.
Then her eyes cracked open and she looked at me. Her hand moved to the table
by the bed, pulling open the drawer and reaching inside, fumbling for a
moment before withdrawing, a condom between her fingers. She threw it on to
the bed, within reach of me, and with a gasping voice, said "Fuck her."

I didn't need to be told twice. Rebecca didn't even seemed to respond, she
just kept humping away at Steph's pussy faster and faster. I reached for the
condom, bringing my hand into view of Rebecca, who turned from Steph's
breast for a moment. "You don't have to use that," she whispered. I looked
from her to Steph, who nodded. She was obviously taking the pill, like
Steph - the condoms are an insurance policy, and we do away with them if I
don't intend to cum inside her.

I got into position behind Rebecca, who bumped her ass back against my
crotch every time she slid her pussy down against Steph's. I grasped the
base of my cock, squeezing it back up to full size in just a few seconds,
then pushed it down and leaned forward, wiping the tip over Rebecca's wet
pussy before pushing the tip inside her.

She immediately slowed, sliding back against me carefully as my shaft sank
into her pussy. She sucked in a breath as I filled her, and Steph smiled at
me. Then I began withdrawing slowly, moaning as Rebecca squeezed her cunt
around me. When I pushed in again, she started her rhythm on Steph again,
and soon we were all breathing heavily once more.

But it wasn't easy. Too often we'd collide with each other at the wrong end
of a stroke, or my cock would slip from Rebecca's pussy while she was trying
to stimulate Steph. I moved back a little, letting the girls get the fun.
Rebecca turned her head toward me again, and asked, "Ever fuck someone up
the ass?" Steph gasped to indicate her interest in the idea.

I shuddered with excitement and shook my head no - although the reverse
wasn't true. Rebecca tilted her head, my drying cum glistening on her cheek,
and gave me another command. "Fuck my ass, cuz." Then she turned back to
Steph and began to kiss her again, roughly and wetly.

I almost leapt to my feet in my excitement. I positioned myself behind the
girls again, holding my cock and stabbing the tip a little carelessly
between Rebecca's round asscheeks. Steph's hands appeared from under Rebecca
and dug into her cheeks, pulling them apart for me, making Rebecca shudder
and murmur "Oooh, yeah..."

I couldn't quite hold the position, squatting behind the girls. Placing my
hand on Rebecca's back for balance, I stepped forward, planting my feet just
above her hips, my legs rubbing against Steph's which were still gripping
Rebecca between them. Now I had to push my cock almost straight down,
feeling the tip nestle against Rebecca's asshole. I was still wet from her
pussy, and I slid inside her slowly, feeling her open up before me. Soon the
head of my cock was inside her, being squeezed by her tight ring, but she
pushed back against me, wanting more, and I wasn't going to disappoint her.

I pushed on as she pushed back, looking down at Steph's face to see a look
of fascination there as I slid my cock into my cousin's apparently
experienced ass. Rebecca hardly made a sound, just a tiny grunt once when I
pushed a little too hard, but as I continued I felt her ass relax around me.
I pushed aside a brief thought about what I was sliding my cock into, and
just enjoyed the moment as my balls nestled up between her pussy and her

Steph stretched her arm, and her fingers found the base of my cock, one
fingertip stroking lightly around Rebecca's asshole where it met my shaft.
"Oh god," she whispered. "Right inside Mommy's ass." She grinned up at me,
and I shuddered. Rebecca moaned and lifted her head from Steph's breasts to
kiss her, and we all took that as our cue to start moving, me sliding my
cock gently back through Rebecca's ass, and Rebecca rubbing her pussy
against her surrogate "daughter".

After a few strokes, and no complaint from Rebecca, I picked up my pace.
Pretty soon I was pushing and pulling my entire length through her ass twice
a second. She shuddered and murmured, "Ohhh shiiit..." and I hoped I wasn't
hurting her, but then she drawled into a long "yeeeaah" of satisfaction. My
speed transferred through to hers, and I could look down and see Steph
bumping up and down under Rebecca, her eyes glazed over with lust.

I could feel myself getting closer, and soon our thrusts got locked in some
kind of positive feedback loop, me making Rebecca go faster, and she doing
the same to me.

Steph grunted, and I knew we were all getting close. I saw her bite her lip,
then she broke her silence with a shout of "Fuck Mommy's ass!", blushing
with embarrassment as she reminded us all of the little incestuous fantasy
Rebecca had started - and not entirely a fantasy, since she and I are

My response was to pound into Rebecca even harder, and she groaned and
yelled back over her shoulder to me, "Fuck my ass! Fuck it as hard as you
can!" I didn't disappoint her, my thighs slapping against her round
asscheeks with every thrust. Steph looked up into my eyes and whispered,
"Ooh yeah... fuck her how you want to be fucked." I felt myself flush with a
mixture of shame and lust, knowing that Rebecca must have heard her.

After a few more seconds, Rebecca gasped out that she was cumming. I slid
one arm around her waist and held her against me, my cock deep inside her,
while she continued to rub her pussy against Steph. Steph, too, was on the
edge, and I held on to Rebecca tightly as the girls sent each other over
into a shuddering, gasping orgasm.

I grunted as I felt a new sensation - Rebecca's ass convulsing around my
cock. I couldn't take much more of it, so I released her waist and pulled
out of her - a little roughly, apparently, because Rebecca squealed, before
giggling an "ow" and reaching back to rub her ass.

I slapped her asscheek playfully and rolled her off Steph, kneeling over
both girls with my cock in my hand. Rebecca threw an arm around Steph and
said, "Cum over our tits!" which made Steph giggle. Then she reached up and
grabbed my cock, pushing my own hand out of the way. In just a few seconds
she had me exploding, splashing not only both girls' breasts, but their
faces and most of the bed too.

I was now on my third cum of the day, and the pounding assfuck I had just
given Rebecca had left my knees weak. The girls parted as I all but
collapsed onto the bed between them, but once down they came back to my
sides, their wet breasts slippery against my skin. A hand touched my chin as
Rebecca pulled my face to hers, kissing me lazily, pushing my cum into my
mouth with her tongue. As she did so, I felt Steph slide down my body and
swirl her lips and tongue around my stomach and over my cock, licking up my
cum as she squeezed the last drops from me with her hand.

Rebecca broke our kiss and looked down, cooing softly. Steph had got to her
knees, bending over me and sucking on my cock, even though we all knew there
was little hope of me getting hard again tonight. Rebecca reached down to
Steph, weighing her breasts in her hand, then she turned to me and said,
"Look at the little slut, sucking your cock when it's just come straight out
of my ass."

I moaned in response, still getting turned on even if I wasn't capable of
anything. But then I felt Steph freeze, and I looked down to see her looking
back up at us shyly from the corner of her eye. She hadn't been thinking
when she went down on me, and for a moment I thought she was going to drop
my cock in disgust and run to the bathroom. I quickly said, "Too late now,"
and stroked my hand over her head, then having to wipe my fingers on her
shoulder to shift the long hair that was stuck to them with cum.

Steph looked down again, her cheeks still hollowed out as she held my cock
in her mouth. Then she shrugged and mmm'd resignedly, going back to sucking
on my wet cock with a vengeance.

I turned back to Rebecca, kissing her again, until Steph slid back up,
pulling me towards her, her lips momentarily connecting with Rebecca's as
she stole me for a kiss.

Finally satisfied, we lay back together, a girl on either side of me. The
thought crossed my mind that we should have at least taken a shower, but the
girls seemed in no mood to move and I decided to let myself enjoy the
sensation of two wet, sticky bodies next to mine.


Unsurprisingly it was nearly midday before I woke up. My stirring woke Steph
first, and then Rebecca opened her eyes. Both girls were in pretty much the
same position as when we fell asleep, their heads against my chest. Rebecca
giggled as she noticed she'd drooled on me in her sleep, and lapped her
tongue over my nipple.

I turned toward Steph, who leaned over me and kissed me deeply. As she
pulled away again, I noticed traces of my cum still drying on her face, and
her hair sticking up in little spikes where I had shot over her.

"What do you guys say we take a shower?" I asked. Steph nodded and smiled,
but Rebecca looked up from my chest and slid her hand down between my legs,
where my morning hard-on was straining.

"Mmm," she said, disappointed, "I was hoping we can have one more round of
fun before we did that." She wrapped her fingers around my shaft, near the
tip, and stroked me gently, the outline visible under the sheet I had pulled
halfway over us during the night.

"That sounds good to me," I agreed. I let my hands trail down each girl's
back and squeezed their asscheeks. Steph slid her hand over my thigh and
grasped the base of my cock, stroking it in rhythm with Rebecca, and at the
same time she rolled herself onto me, her already wet pussy rubbing against
my hip.

I looked up at her and licked my lips suggestively. She smiled indulgently
and arched her back, pushing her breasts towards my face and lowering her
nipple into my mouth. I trailed my tongue over her breast, tasting traces of
a mix of sweat and cum from the night before. Then a movement on the bed
made me open my eyes, to the sight of Rebecca taking Steph's other nipple
between her lips, my cock throbbing at a display of lesbianism straight out
of almost every man's fantasies.

Rebecca saw me looking at her out of the corner of her eye and pulled her
lips from Steph's breast, a trail of saliva connecting the corner of her
mouth to my girlfriend's nipple for a fraction of a second. Then she smiled
down at me and said, in a half-whisper, "You know... Steph said something
interesting last night."

I let Steph's nipple fall from my own mouth, and she lowered herself back to
my side, her hand still stroking me along with Rebecca. "Oh?" I replied,
"what was that?" I had a feeling I already knew the answer.

Rebecca trailed her free hand over my chest, her fingers tickling my
nipples. "Mmm... something about fucking me the way you want to be fucked?"

I felt my face burn with a blush, and heard Steph purring excitedly next to
me. Those had been almost her exact words as I slid my cock into Rebecca's
asshole the night before. I opened my mouth, trying to think of an answer,
but before anything came to mind Steph had rolled away and opened the drawer
next to the bed, pulling out her dildo - our dildo - and handing it over to

She sat up to receive it, her eyes widening as she held the smooth rubber
dildo, rolling it over in her hands. Then she looked up at us slowly and
raised her eyebrows in a question. Steph and I looked at each other, then
nodded excitedly. It was all the answer Rebecca needed.

She slowly backed her way off the bed, my eyes glued to her swinging
breasts. I wondered what she was doing, but Steph took my mind off that by
sliding herself down my body and taking my cock into her mouth.

Rebecca stood up at the end of the bed and threw the dildo down next to me.
Then she lifted up one leg, placing her foot on the bed, near mine, and
begin to roll her stocking down, and it struck me that stockings are just as
much of a turn on when they're being put on, worn, or taken off.

She had just rolled the first stocking down around her ankle when she looked
up and noticed my curious glance. "Well," she said, smiling, "if you're
going to act the slut you had better look the part."

I shivered in excitement, and Steph squirmed against me as her lips sank
over my shaft. To show Rebecca how willing I was, I began to spread my legs.
She smiled and narrowed her eyes lustfully as she kicked off the stocking
and swapped legs, stripping herself even slower. While she was busy with
that, I reached out for Steph, leaning over to cup her ass with my hand. I
managed to hook my hand around her leg and slid her around, perhaps a little
roughly (she squealed a happy little squeal), so that I could reach between
her legs and rub her wet pussy.

Steph had finished with her stockings, and she stood back, holding one
rolled up stocking in each hand. I smiled at her as I slid a finger into
Steph's pussy, lifting one foot of the bed at the same time. She knelt on
the bed, her legs spread between my ankles, and hooked her stocking over my

I'd never told Steph, but when I was younger I used to like jerking off
while I wore a pair of stockings I stole from my mom - I'm fairly hopeful
that she assumed she'd just lost them somehow. I loved the smooth feeling of
the material on my legs, and I now I was feeling it again, this time as my
cousin slid her stockings up my legs, her hands stroking up my thighs until
her fingers brushed my balls, making my cock throb in my girlfriend's mouth.

Once she had me dressed, she straddled one leg and smiled down at the two of
us. "There now," she said as she stroked a hand through Steph's hair,
"doesn't your slut boyfriend look nice?"

Steph looked up, her mouth still filled with my cock, and mm-hmm'd her
agreement, a sound that I felt vibrating through my cock. Rebecca put her
hand under Steph's chin, keeping her looking up. "Come here," she whispered,
spreading her legs slightly.

For a moment Steph didn't move. Then, cautiously, she let my cock fall from
her mouth. I still had a finger moving gently inside Steph's pussy, but I
took my cock in my free hand and started to stroke myself in anticipation.
Rebecca drew Steph forward, and she got to her knees, her breasts brushing
against my thigh. Then Rebecca shuffled forward and I saw Steph shudder as
her lips touched her first pussy.

Once again Steph seemed to freeze. Rebecca barely seemed to notice as she
began to grind her hips against Steph's face. Her head dropped back slowly,
her eyes closed, breathing heavily through her mouth. I added a second
finger to Steph's pussy, and she started moving her own hips around, giving
me a beautiful view of her asshole just above my fingers.

Her head had started to move too, bobbing up and down as her tongue lapped
against Rebecca. My cock was rock hard, and I stroked myself furiously,
stopping and starting every time I came close to cumming. "Oh fuck," I
moaned, unable to keep silent any longer. "Eat her cunt!"

Rebecca gasped excitedly, opening her eyes just long enough to make eye
contact with me. I remembered something from last night, slipped my fingers
from Steph's pussy and slapped her ass, gently but loudly, and called out,
"Eat Mommy's cunt!"

Steph's reaction surprised both of us. She twisted herself around on to her
back, her ass on the bed level with my chest, her shoulders arching up over
my thighs and her mouth coming up to attack Rebecca's pussy from below.
Rebecca reached back one hand, and I knew she was taking hold of Steph's
hair. All I could see of Steph was her chin and her bottom lip, gulping at
Rebecca's crotch. A few seconds later and Steph's hands had slid between her
own legs, flicking wetly and noisily over her clit.

Neither girl could stand such an assault for long. With a crescendo of gasps
and squeals (muffled from Steph, out loud from Rebecca) both girls shuddered
and came, Steph just a little way behind Rebecca. Rebecca recovered quickly,
moving away to one side, leaving Steph's body heaving against me.

I sat up and took her hands, pulling her up to face me. Her head hung back
limply until I got her up, when she leaned forward and opened her eyes. Her
mouth, chin, and cheeks were smeared in Rebecca's juices, and my cock was
already throbbing as her hand fumbled to find and stroke it. With her back
to Steph, she grimaced and stuck her tongue out in a face of disgust, and I
couldn't help smiling. It was a running joke between us; Steph loved me to
lick her pussy, but I didn't do it often because I'd never enjoyed the
taste. Now she knew how I felt.

Nevertheless, I found myself kissing her, tasting Rebecca on her tongue. I
kept my eyes on Rebecca, who was leaning back, legs spread, feeding our
dildo into her pussy. I broke the kiss with Steph and lay back, pushing her
gently down to take my cock back into her mouth, and we both watched while
Rebecca fucked herself in front of us.

After a minute or two, Rebecca slid the dildo from her pussy, and held it up
where her juices glistened in the light. "Are you ready?" she whispered to
me, reminding what I was being prepared for. Steph sat up beside me, her
hand on my cock, as I nodded to Rebecca.

She quickly knelt between my legs, pushing my legs aside one at a time with
her free hand. "Pull his balls up," she instructed Steph, who quickly
complied. I moved my hips upward, giving Rebecca access, raising my knees
off the bed in the process. Holding the dildo, she lowered her hand down
between my legs, her eyes focused on my most intimate area. Steph, too, was
looking straight down, past my balls which she still held in her hand.

I felt the wet tip of the dildo between my asscheeks, and sucked in a
breath. Rebecca sighed slowly, whispering "oh yeeeaaah..." as she forced the
dildo against the resistance of my asshole. Steph moaned, releasing my balls
and grasping my stiff shaft again.

Pretty soon Rebecca had more than half of the dildo inside me, stretching me
wonderfully. I saw her look up into Steph's face and say, "Why don't you get
on top of Daddy? Let him fuck you."

Steph nodded and turned, a smile on her face. She straddled me with
practised ease, looking back over her shoulder for a second as Rebecca took
my cock in her free hand and guided me into Steph's pussy. "Oh... Daddy..."
she moaned.

"Daddy loves fucking your cunt," I whispered back, although with a dildo
halfway inside me, Steph was going to have to do most of the fucking,
but I knew that wouldn't be a problem for her. She started to ride me
straight away, her breasts bouncing up and down over me.

Rebecca began pushing with the dildo again, and I concentrated on relaxing
myself for her, until she slipped the last of the length inside me. Then,
slowly, she began working it back out of me, only to thrust back in once
more, until she built up a rhythm to match Steph and me.

Steph began to lean down over me, but our lips had barely touched when she
gasped and sat almost straight upright. I looked up at her, concerned, but
she recovered and leaned forward again, putting her lips close to my ear
and whispering, in a shaky voice, "She's licking my ass... my assHOLE..."
The words, which made my cock swell inside her, had barely left her lips
when she shook again, this time looking back over her shouder and almost
yelling, "Oh, don't stop you fucking bitch!"

That dirty talk from Steph was all I could take. I barely had time to call
out that I was cumming, but Rebecca was quick and tugged my cock out of
Steph's pussy. Through the haze of my orgasm, I could feel skin, lips, and
tongue against the tip of my cock as I exploded. Just a few seconds later
Rebecca began to pull the dildo from inside me, and it felt almost like she
had given me a second orgasm on top of the first.

Some indefinable time later, my senses came back to me, and not much had
changed around me. Steph still lay on top of me, her head buried against my
shoulder. I stretched my head up and looked down her back, which was
speckled with drops of white cum. She was raising her ass up and down
slowly, and I caught a glimpse of the top of Rebecca's head, and I moaned as
I realised that she was still working her tongue all over Steph's pussy and

"That was incredible," I said quietly. Steph lifted her head and smiled down
at me. Rebecca appeared from behind her, her lips and chin once again
shining with my cum and Steph's juices. Steph slid aside and Rebecca joined
us in a very wet kiss.

After a minute or so, Rebecca broke away and threw her head back, tossing
her hair over her shoulder. "I... need... to pee," she said,
matter-of-factly, and as she crawled to the edge of the bed I made a quick
lunge for her breast, managing to flick my tongue across her nipple. She
smiled at me and blew me a kiss as she went into the bathroom.

She didn't bother closing the door, and Steph and I could see her clearly
in the bright white light as she wiped herself clean with a wet cloth. Then
she sat down on the toilet and looked up to see us watching her. With a coy
smile, she slowly pushed herself up, knees bent, her hand just above her
pussy, and began to pee, a heavy stream splashing loudly into the water
below. All eyes were on that stream, including hers, her long hair hiding
her face. I'd seen Steph pee before, but such a thing had never been
presented to me like a show, and I was almost taken aback when I realised I
was enjoying watching this.

The sound began to lessen, and then became staccato splashes as she
finished, wiping herself dry and then rejoining us on the bed. Almost
immediately Steph hopped to her feet, announcing "my turn!" while Rebecca
and I kissed and fondled each other - she seemed to like playing with my
cock even though there was no chance of it getting hard within the next

Steph took an identical position to Rebecca, but she pulled her hair over
her shoulder and held it behind her with one hand, the other resting with
her middle fingertip just touching her clit. She bit her lip and kept
glancing up at the two of us, either for encouragement or just to make sure
she was still watching, then, with a little flash of embarrassment and
excitement crossing her face, she began to pee. Rebecca purred quietly, and
I just stared intently at the display.

All too soon it was over, and Steph was rejoining us on the bed, and looking
at me pointedly. When I looked back blankly, she dug her elbow gently into
my ribs and said "Well? It's your turn!"

I couldn't really argue with that. I got to my shaking feet, still not sure
why I was so excited. I stood in front of the bowl, only to be booed by both
girls, Rebecca calling out "Can't see!" I looked over my shoulder to see
them entwined in each other's arms (and legs), and I smiled and moved
around, giving them a side-on view. Looking down, I realised I was still
wearing Rebecca's stockings, and I blushed even more, starting to wonder if
I could really do this in front of the girls.

I didn't really have to worry - I hadn't peed since the evening before, and
I was pretty desperate. My stream came easily, and I made sure to aim into
the water for maximum sound effect. Almost a minute went by and I showed no
signs of stopping, and a glance at the girls saw them giggling at my long
relief. Finally I finished, with a few short bursts, then I dabbed myself
dry and climbed back in, having to wriggle way back in between Steph and

We lay together a little longer, exhausted, until Rebecca heaved a heavy
sigh. "I really should get going," she said, longer over us at the clock on
the table. I started to sit up, but she pushed me back with a hand on my
chest, smiling. She began collecting and putting on her clothing, stopping
only to pat my stockinged leg and say, "You can keep those," to which Steph
smiled broadly.

Rebecca hummed to herself as she got ready, disappearing into the bathroom
with her handbag and returning a moment later with red lipsticked lips. She
came up next to the bed and leant over, kissing us both in turn, long and
slow, leaving the taste of lipstick on our tongues. "You guys were great,"
she beamed, unabashed. Both Steph and I could only look up at her silently.
She made her way to the bedroom door, obviously on her way out.

"Next time I'm in town you'll be the first person I call, cuz."

And then she was gone. Steph and I cuddled together, and while I knew we
both had questions on our minds, we lay there together in a contented


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