Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Her Brother, part 5a


Since my girlfriend Steph found out about my bisexual fantasies, we've had
two amazing threesomes... with her brother. After the latest time, when
Jamie shot his cum over both of us and Steph licked her brother's cock
clean, she dropped the bombshell that she wanted to watch me fuck my sister,

Not long after, I found myself in the shower with Steph and Katie, being
jerked off by the former and spraying my cum over the latter... and that
very same night, Steph got to have her first experiences with a woman when
my cousin Rebecca came to visit (and, as it turned out, stay the night).

AUTHOR'S NOTE: For those who can't wait for the incestuous stuff, skip down
to about halfway!

For the next couple of weeks, things were pretty much normal in our lives.
Every now and then I'd get so horny that I practically begged Steph to fuck
my ass with her dildo, which she was always happy to do. She loved fucking
me with it while I lay back on the bed, my legs in the air, and she would
squeal with excitement as she jerked me off, making my cum shoot all over my

I'd also started paying more attention to Steph's ass - although I hadn't
said so, I had wanted to fuck her that way ever since I did it to my cousin
Rebecca while she lay on top of Steph. More and more often, I would slip a
finger or two into Steph's ass while we were in bed, and she would squirm
excitedly, calling me "daddy" while she did it - something she'd been doing
a lot since Rebecca's visit.

One Friday at work, Steph called me up. It was about an hour until the end
of the working day.

"Hi," came her voice, quiet and breathy.

"Hi," I answered, "are you okay?"

I heard a low moaning from the other end of the phone. "I wanted to tell you
that I have a surprise for you." I heard the sound of skin against bedsheets
from the other end of the phone.

"Mmmm?" I said, keeping my voice low in the office.

"Mmmm-hmmm," came her reply. "A very sexy surprise. I got all horny thinking
about it, so I just had to get my dildo out and f..." - she drew out the F,
teasingly, "...fuck myself with it!"

I didn't need to think what to do. "I'll be right there," I whispered, then
slammed down the phone, announced that I was leaving to my colleagues, and
practically ran from the building. I was lucky not to pass anyone on the way
to my car, or they would have seen the rock hard bulge I had grown in my


I was lucky not to get pulled over in my haste to get home. I burst into the
apartment and the first thing I saw was Steph's dress in a crumpled heap on
the floor. The bedroom door was open, so I scooped up the dress in my hand
and slowly entered, wondering what could be awaiting me.

"Hi," said Steph. She was kneeling on the bed, facing me. On her legs where
a pair of black stockings. Her breasts were held by her sexiest black bra.
But my eyes barely had time to skim over her body before they were drawn to
her hands, both in front of her crotch.

Between her legs was a 6" black strap-on dildo.

I gulped, suddenly dry-mouthed, staring at the enormous cock my girlfriend
was wearing. She had both her hands wrapped around it, one at the base and
the other next to it, but there was still almost a third of the length

"What do you think?" she asked out loud, licking her lips.

"It's... huge," was the best response I could come up with.

"Strip," she commanded, a wicked looking lop-sided grin on her face.

Needless to say, she didn't have to tell me twice. I almost tore my clothes
off, my rock hard cock springing free and eliciting a hum of excitement from
Steph. She beckoned me with a finger, her other hand still stroking up and
down the dildo. I climbed on to the bed, my cock swinging stiffly between my
legs as I crawled towards Steph, my eyes locked on the cock that protruded
lewdly from between her legs.

She looked down at me, her eyes narrowing as I looked up, my eyes first
taking in her breasts, her nipples already hard without even being touched.

"Suck it," she whispered, and I reached up to grasp the dildo. She moved her
hands around behind her back and unclasped her bra as my fingers wrapped
around the soft rubber shaft. My fingers slipped down the realistically
shaft - Steph had already coated it with some kind of lube, but I could tell
it wasn't the kind we usually used. I shuddered, my cock throbbing as I
to think of the reason she had used so much lube.

I moved my head forward, pulling the dildo towards me, making Steph take two
faltering steps on the bed. Her second step pushed the bulging tip of the
dildo between my lips, and I opened my mouth wide to accept it.

With a little surprise, I realised it was actually strawberry flavoured - or
at least the lube was. I shuddered and felt myself blush - Steph had known
I'd be unable to resist sucking on her new cock. She pushed her fingers
through my hair as mine wrapped around my own aching cock. I heard her moan
with excitement as I started to stroke myself slowly.

I slid my free hand up the back of Steph's legs and cupped her asscheek. I
felt her shudder, then her hips began to move, thrusting slowly towards me.
I stopped moving my head, and she started to slide her dildo back and forth
between my lips, fucking my mouth.

At one point she pushed a little too hard, and I jerked my head back with a
cough. She looked down at me apologetically, stroking my head and whispering
"sorry." I smiled back and wrapped my lips back around the plastic shaft
eagerly, and she restarted her humping motion, just a little more gently
than before. Somehow that little incident brought back to me just what I was
doing - and how slutty I felt doing it.

I suddenly had to release my cock from my grasp - I wasn't ready to cum just
yet, not before Steph had really got to use her new toy. Instead I let my
hand travel up to join the other at her ass, leaving a trail of cooling
precum on Steph's skin. I took firm hold of her ass, a cheek in each hand,
spreading them apart and letting the cool air breeze over her exposed
asshole, making her gasp.

She slowly pushed her ass back, pulling the slick dildo from my mouth. She
got down on her knees, mirroring my position, her hands sliding over my
thighs. My own hands stayed holding her ass, so I had to lean forward,
putting my head in front of her chest. I put out my tongue and found her
hard nipple with it, my nose and lips pressing against her soft flesh.

Steph's hands slid around behind me without touching my cock, which I
silently thanked her for - the slightest touch just at that moment would
have sent cum exploding from the tip. She held my asscheeks like I held
hers, then she began to pull herself up, urging me up with her. I kept my
head down at her breasts, sucking in a deep breath as the dildo between her
legs slid alongside my cock, managing somehow to put off my impending

"Ohh yes," she moaned softly as her hands moved up and down over my
asscheeks. "That's a good boy," she continued, seemingly finding her voice
after we'd been silent for so long. Her hands started moving up my back,
spreading my asscheeks open one last time before she moved her fingers into
my hair, pressing my face between her breasts. "Mmmm..." came her whispering
voice, "suck mommy's tits!"

Before I had a chance to answer, she pushed herself up on her knees,
pressed her body against mine and slid back down, forcing my cock down and
under her, sliding up between her asscheeks. I shuddered and pushed her
asscheeks together, squeezing my cock between them. I looked up at Steph
from between breasts glistening with my saliva.

"God, I love your tits so much mom," I moaned.

"Oh yesss," she hissed, mussing my hair in her hands as I lowered my lips
back to her wet nipple. She moved her ass against my cock, making me grunt
from a mixture of painful discomfort and near-orgasmic pleasure. "Mmmm," she
whispered in response, "mommy's little boy has such a big dick!"

I pushed forward with my hips, my cock leaking precum as the tip probed
against Steph's warm, inviting asshole. Her own "cock" slipped back and
forth against my chest, leaving a trail of slick lube on my skin.

"It's all yours, mommy..." I whispered, reaching further around her ass,
pressing my fingers against my shaft. She sighed and shook, grinding her ass
down slowly, my hard tip forcing it's way against the resistance of her
tight asshole. Then everything seemed to slow down, and for what felt like
many minutes we slowly moved together. I felt the ring of Steph's ass
stretching around my cock, getting tighter and tighter as my tip moved into

At long last, and with a squeal from Steph, her ass reached the widest point
of the tip of the cock. I felt her ring tighten again, pulling my tip into
her and gripping around my shaft. I concentrated on my cock, making the tip
throb inside her, and her breathing quickened. I looked up and her eyes were
closed, her mouth hanging open.

Then it was my turn to gasp as she made her asshole clench around my shaft.
Again we stayed like this for minutes, each stimulating the other with just
the tiniest movements of our bodies.

Eventually I decided to break the silence. "How does that feel, bitch?" I
asked her out loud, knowing she'd love the name calling. Sure enough, a wide
smile broke out on her face.

"Ahh," she moaned, stutteringly, then she opened her eyes and looked down at
me. "You'll find out soon." Then her eyes closed once more, a strange look
passed across her face, and I felt her asshole clench hard around my cock,
forcing me out of her.

As my cock popped out of her ass, she gasped, sighed, and her face turned
bright red in embarrassment. She later told me that pushing my cock out like
that had felt like she was - to be indelicate for a moment - just like
taking a shit in front of me. I surprised myself by finding the statement a
turn on, but that's a different story.

Steph carefully got to her feet, putting a hand on my shoulder to steady
herself. She put her hands on her hips and looked down at me, humming to
herself. "Hmm... you need to dress up." She dropped to her knees and bent
over away from me, opening the drawer at the side of the bed. I sat watching
her, my fingers wrapped around my cock as I watched the strap-on dildo
swaying around under her.

The straps went around her waist and around the tops of her legs, just above
her stockings, leaving her ass exposed. I took my opportunity and knelt
forward, putting my hands on her ass to support myself, spreading them wide
and pushing my tongue up between them, wriggling it against her asshole.

She shuddered and gyrated her ass back against my face. "Oh god, you dirty
little slut," she moaned, making me moan in response between her asscheeks.
With a reluctant grunt she pulled herself away, spinning and sitting down in
front of me so quickly that the end of the strap-on slapped against my face
as it swung, making us both burst into laughter.

It took a minute or two to compose ourselves, then she took a deep breath
and fixed me with her gaze. She held her hand out, holding crumpled in it
the pair of stockings that my cousin Rebecca had left with us.

I started to sit back to put them on, but Steph stopped me with a shake of
her head. She patted the bed in front of me. "Get on all fours," she said,
in a commanding tone of voice. I obeyed, happily, then watched her over my
shoulder as she moved around behind and beside me.

With the dildo still swinging, a little ridicuously, between her legs, Steph
started to run her hands quickly over my body, paying particular attention
to my ass and crotch. She shuffled closer to me on the bed, and I felt her
stockinged legs swished against my asscheek as her fingers wrapped tightly
around my shaft, stroking me with the stocking that she held in that hand. I
very nearly came right there, but then her other hand was on my leg and she
said, in that same commanding tone of voice, "lift."

Once again I obeyed, balancing on my hands and remaining knee as I stretched
my leg out behind me. She let go of my cock as if discarding a toy,
shuffling on her knees and spreading her hands along my leg. She started to
hum a little tune, which added to my position made me blush in humiliation -
not that my cock was complaining.

She held my ankle in one hand and hooked the toe of the stockings over my
foot, then began spreading her hands down up my leg, sheathing me in the
soft, sexy material. She guided my leg back down the bed, then with a gentle
touch had me lift my other leg to repeat the procedure.

This time when her hand finished sliding up my leg, she slid higher, Her
fingertips cupped my balls and her thumb pressed between my asscheeks. I
pushed back, relaxing and letting the tip of her thumb push into my ass.

I couldn't help gasping out, "Oh fuck yes!" which made Steph laugh evilly.
"You like that baby? You want some more?" she cooed. "Do you want this" -
she slapped her dildo against my asscheek as she twisted her thumb inside me
- "up your ass, bitch?"

There isn't much that turns me on as much as being called a bitch, except
being called a slut. Steph knew it, but I showed her anyway, sucking in a
breath and squirming against her hand. My cock throbbed up against my belly,
and without looking back at her, I said out loud, "Yeah, give it to me... I
want your cock in my ass, mommy. Fuck me."

I knew Steph would be equally turned on by my dirty talk. I felt her move
around me on the bed, pulling her hand away from my ass and gripping my
asscheek with it. She slid the dildo back and forth between my asscheeks a
few times, whispering about how I'd been a naughty boy, and how mommy was
going to give me what I deserved. She drew all the way back, and then I felt
the tip of the dildo, covered in a condom to save washing it later, pushing
into my ass.

"Oh yeah," I moaned quietly, reaching back one hand to spread my asscheeks

"Ooh, it's going right in," whispered Steph as she pushed with her hips,
shuddering with the effort of stretching open my tight ass. For a while we
were silent, our heaving breaths the only sound in the room. Then I gave a
little grunt as Steph pushed deeper, so she stopped, and I felt her legs
spread wider on the bed. The sound of her breathing came closer as she leant
over me and began to pull back.

"I'm ready to fuck you now," she whispered, as I gritted my teeth against
the feeling in my ass, trying my best not to push back to get her dildo
deeper inside me. I felt myself stretch outwards, my anus gripping tightly,
but I managed to pull myself forward and up along Steph's phallus.

She kept going until I felt my ass clench tight around the slight narrowing
of her dildo, just under the head. She paused for less than a second, before
pushing forward again with her hips, barely giving me time to push back
before the dildo was as deep, maybe even deeper, than it had been a moment

As the strokes continued, I felt my ass begin to relax, and Steph was able
to pick up the pace until she was well and truly fucking me, pulling out and
pushing in almost once every second.

"Oh yeah, we're really fucking now baby," Steph whispered, echoing my own

Between panting breaths, I managed to reply, "Yeah mom... fuck my tight

>From then on it became an exchange of gasped pleadings, sultry compliments,
and erotically charged abuse. "Fuck me harder mommy"/"You love this, don't
you, you little slut?"/"I'm so fucking hard..."/"Take my fucking cock in
your ass, bitch!"

Soon I felt Steph's thighs brushing against my asscheeks with every thrust,
and then brushing became slapping and she probed deeper inside me. There was
less discomfort than I had expected, or perhaps it was drowned out by the
incredible arousal I was feeling from being anally penetrated by my lover.

With her fingers digging into the flesh of my asscheeks, Steph was standing
up straight behind me, her hips doing all the work. "You're fucking loving
this, aren't you?" she said, doing her best to humiliate me. It was working,
and it was turning me on, and I told her so. "I knew it... you love mommy
shoving her cock in your ass, fucking you," she said. I nodded and she
continued, faking a grunt of disgust. "I bet you want me to play with your
dick too, you fucking pervert."

I certainly did. "Fuck yes... please mommy," I moaned, pleadingly. I felt
Steph lean down over me, her breasts sticking against my back from our
sweat. Her hands felt their way under me eagerly, but she kept up the
disgusted act. "Dirty little bitch... I can't believe you're making mommy
do this," she sighed as her hands wrapped easily around my rock hard shaft,
stroking me just the way I liked it.

"I'm sorry mom... just fuck me a little more... I'm getting close..." I
moaned, not exaggerating in the slightest. I'd almost cum as soon as Steph's
fingers touched my cock, and only my determination to cum over Steph, as
was becoming tradition, had stopped me.

Thankfully we shared that understanding, and she let go of my cock, placing
her hands back on my asscheeks and slowly pushing me forward. I in turn
tried to pull myself forward, slowly freeing myself of inch after inch of
plastic cock, until only the wide tip was left.

"Okay?" she whispered, as if careful not to break the roles we'd built up
for ourselves over the last ecstatic hour. I nodded and bit my lip, and she
pulled back, one swift movement, wrenching the dildo from my ass. I gasped
out loud at the strangely familiar feeling, muttering "Oh shit", so sure was
I that I had just messed myself. But when I turned over on the bed, all I
saw was my beautiful girlfriend/"mommy", sitting up on the bed with her legs
spread, feet firmly planted on the covers and knees raised.

She had the base of her thick dildo in her hand, her other hand behind her
to steady herself. Her eyes locked with mine, and she licked lips before
speaking. "Come and sit on mommy's cock, baby," she said, eyes half-shut

The only thing that stopped me leaping to my feet was my poor stretched ass.
Instead I clambered up carefully, stepping over Steph. She kept her eyes on
me the whole time as I bent my legs and lowered myself. As my cock came
within range, she opened her mouth and extended her long tongue, lapping up
along the pulsing length of my shaft. As I felt the tip of that dildo once
again spreading open my ass, Steph lowered her head and engulfed the tip of
my cock, making me freeze in position. But then her hands reached up to
grab my asscheeks, pulling me down and reluctantly out of her mouth, looking
up with a smile and licking her lips, the taste of my precum undoubtedly
fresh on her tongue.

I closed my eyes and continued lowering myself, surprised at how easily my
ass accepted Steph's shaft. Steph shifted on the bed, making me grunt in
discomfort, but she quickly stilled as I felt her chest come forward and
press against my shaft. I looked down to see my cock pointing up between her
breasts, and almost automatically I reached down and pushed her breasts
around my shaft.

"Mmmm, are you gonna fuck mommy's tits while she fucks your ass?" she
purred, eliciting a shudder of excitement from me. By now I was almost two
thirds of the way down, and Steph's hands moved from my asscheeks to my
thighs, now pushing down instead of pulling. I squatted down, taking the
last couple of inches in one movement, my feet firmly planted on either side
of Steph's body, my ass resting against her uplifted thighs. My cock had
slipped from between Steph's breasts, but I kept hands on them, kneading
them between my fingers.

At some unseen signal, we both began to move. Steph pulled her ass down into
the bed as I began to push myself up. My cock pushed it's way back between
her breasts, as my tip broke through the top of her cleavage, she dropped
her head and lapped over my tip, pushing out a mouthful of saliva, and as I
lowered myself back down my cock left a lubricating trail between her

"Aw fuck," I gasped as she pushed her shaft deep inside my ass again, "jerk
me off, slut," I half-begged, half-commanded. Steph's hands grasped my cock,
her fingers interlocking, her thumbs up so she could press my shaft against
her chest, her elbows sticking out to the sides. As her hands began to work
their magic, flying up and down my shaft in perfect rhythm, I increased my
own speed, bouncing up and down in her lap, fucking myself with the dildo
that protruded from between Steph's legs.

"Cum for mommy bitch," she purred. "Cum for me slut!" I moaned, getting
hotter and hotter with every second. Steph's words turned into a string of
degrading, humiliating terms. "Bitch! Slut! Whore!" she started shouting,
and I replied, more coherently, "I'm going to cum over your face... your
fucking tits..."

"Shower mommy in your cum!" she squealed. "I'm your slut... your cunt..."

That was a new one on me. I'd never even heard Steph use the word cunt at
all, let alone using it to describe herself. It was the final straw, and I
felt my balls rise up into my body, ready to fire. "I'm cumming... you
fucking cunt..."

Steph looked up and grinned, her hands still flying on my cock, her eyes
closing a moment later as the first fountain of cum erupted from me, seeming
to arc up in slow motion before splattering down in a long streak that
covered her from forehead to chin. I felt the dildo's hard shaft in my ass
as my muscles clenched around it, making the next shot even bigger,
streaking through my girlfriend's hair as she twisted her head back and
forth, in the throes of her own near-silent orgasm.

Even when I was completely spent, Steph was still quivering under me. When
she finally finished cumming, we sat there catching our breath for what
seemed like hours. Then, eventually, silently, I pulled myself up off the
strap-on, while Steph watched it being pulled out of my ass with a smile on
her face. She murmured something about being surprised that I could take it
as she pulled the condom off the dildo and put everything away. At last we
crawled into bed together and fell asleep in each other's arms.


A few days later, Katie called me up. We'd spoken a few times since what was
becoming known between Steph and I as "the shower incident" - when Steph had
masturbated me in front of, and over, my younger sister - but it hadn't been
mentioned again.

She was having trouble with her laptop and wanted me to take a look at it.
As it's my field I tend to get all the family's "support calls", but I was
more than happy to help. I told her to bring it over later that day.

Half an hour later Katie arrived at my doorstep, wearing jeans, sneakers,
and a white sweater.

"Hey bro!" she said cheerily, and I leant forward to give her a hug that
somehow became a kiss on the cheek. I'm pretty sure she looked down and
blushed, then distracted herself by pulling off her backpack and handing it
to me, along with a verbal description of what the problem was. It sounded
like something I could fix quickly, so I invited her in to wait.

Steph had heard our voices and came through from the kitchen. She and Katie
said their hellos and Steph invited her to sit on the couch. I told the
girls I needed to hook Katie's laptop up to mine, and excused myself to the

While I worked I could hear Steph and Katie chatting in the other room. I
couldn't make out words but I could tell that what started out as polite
conversation was turning into girly chat, interspersed with whispers, gasps,
and giggles - not to mention liberal use of my name.

I finished up with Katie's laptop and shut it down to pack it back into her
backpack. As I stood and headed back to the living room, I heard shushing
and whispers of "He's coming!". I stepped out of the bedroom expecting the
girls to have just finished talking about me.

My jaw literally fell open as I took in the sight before me. Sitting at
either end of the couch were my sister and girlfriend, just as I had left
them - but both, now, were topless. Steph's t-shirt and bra were on the
floor, but Katie still held her bra in her hands, the straps hanging loosely
around her elbows.

For a split second there was silence as I stared openly and alternately at
my sister's breasts, then Steph's. From the hoots of laughter that followed
from the girls, that must have been the reaction they were expecting to get
from me. Katie threw her arms back around herself, pulling her bra back up
her arms to cover herself, but Steph stayed as she was, convulsing with

I started to laugh too, partly because it was funny but also because I felt
like I had to defuse such a sexual situation.

"You should have seen the look on your face!" Steph crowed, and I threw a
fake scowl in her direction. I made my way over to the couch, stepping past
Steph and dropping down on to the couch between the girls, glancing quickly
at Katie beside me, still holding her bra over her breasts.

"Nothing I haven't seen before," I shrugged, feigning nonchalance, but
deliberately referring back to the last time I'd seen Katie semi-naked.

Steph slapped her hand against my knee, then ran her fingers up my thigh
until she found what she already knew was there - the head of my rapidly
englargening shaft straining against the leg of my pants. "Yeah," she said,
thoughtfully, "you got a hard-on *last* time you saw Katie's tits, too, as I

I felt my face start to flush, although most of my blood was gathering lower
down. I bit my lip, keeping my eyes on Steph. She smiled wickedly back at
me, then quickly flicked her eyes past me at Katie, as if trying to draw my
attention to my something.

I turned my head almost automatically, even though I was embarrassed to once
again find myself aroused in the presence of my sister. Katie was laying
back a little in the corner of the couch, one arm by her side, the other
still holding her bra in place over her breasts. As my eyes slowly came up
to her face, I saw she was smiling shyly back at me. She could only hold my
gaze for a few seconds, but when she was looked away, her eyes tellingly
drifted down to Steph's hand at my crotch.

A tut from Steph drew my attention back to her. "I guess I'm going to have
to care of you again," she sighed wearily. Then she looked up and over at
Katie, her hand still squeezing slowly around my cock, the head and shaft
distinguishable and easily visible as a throbbing bulge in the leg of my
jeans. "If that's okay with you, Katie?" she added, her eyebrows raised in
question, but there was little risk that she was going to stop now.

I turned back to Katie, who kept her eyes on Steph. I could see her face
visibly flushing, but she did her best to act cool, shrugging her shoulders
against the back of the couch and replying with a non-commital "mmm, no."

Steph grinned and squirmed closer to me on the couch, her bare breasts
pressing against my arm. She slowly moved her fingers over me, unbuttoning
and unzipping my pants, but keeping at least one fingertip stroking against
my shaft at all times.

I knew Katie was watching intently, but I couldn't quite bring myself to
look at my sister just yet. From the corner of my eye I saw her sit forward,
take a sip of her glass of water, then sit back, one arm across her breasts
the whole time, holding up her unclasped bra.

By now I was completely unzipped, with just my boxer shorts keeping Katie's
presence from tipping over into incestuous voyeurism, but Steph wasn't
going to let that line stay uncrossed for long. She slid off the couch and
on to her knees, shuffling between my feet and reaching up to grasp my
pants and boxers in the front, her fingertips grazing the tip of my cock. I
hurriedly lifted my hips, doing my best to pretend my sister wasn't there,
yet immensely aroused by her presence. I certainly couldn't help noticing,
out of the corner of my eye, that she leaned forwardly slightly just at
that moment.

Steph gave one tug and exposed me, all but my balls now visible to my
sister. There was a quiet but definite exhalation of air from Katie, but
Steph was already moving her hands around to finish the job, tugging my
pants down to my knees where I could sink my ass back down on the couch and
kick my clothes down to my knees, frantically pulling my shirt over my head
at the same time.

I barely had a chance to kick everything off my feet before Steph was
shuffling forward on her knees and running the palms of her hands against
the sides of my cock. "Mmm, there we go, that's so much better," she
murmured, throwing in a bit of motherly concern into her voice, though I
knew that part, at least, would go over Katie's head. Steph wrapped one hand
around my shaft and pointed it partway towards Katie.

"What do you think, Katie?" she asked, her voice at a normal level and
sounding natural, as if she wanted an opinion on a pair of shoes.

I could actually hear Katie gulp and take a breath, before she cleared her
throat to answer, in a half-whisper. "It's... pretty big."

Steph looked up from her place on her knees. "Mmmm, yeah it is," she purred,
her eyes drifting back from Katie to her hand on my shaft. She wrapped her
other hand around it, both hands not quite able to conceal the full length,
and squeezed, making the tip swell.

"You wanna touch it?" Steph whispered, this time unable to conceal her
own excitement. I moaned and my cock jerked in her hands, precum oozing from
the tip and dripping down her fingers.

I looked up at Katie, too eager to see her response to avoid looking at her
any longer. She was biting her lower lip, her eyes fixed on my cock at
first, but when she realised I was looking at her she met my gaze. She held
that look for a long time, and I think both of us were preparing ourselves
to cross the line into incest once again - and to go further than we had

Finally she tore her eyes away from me and looked down at Steph, who hadn't
stopped stroking my shaft with both hands. Katie smiled shyly as she nodded,
eagerly. Steph grinned happily and took her left hand away, leaving the
upper half of my shaft uncovered for Katie, who shifted on the couch next to
me, lifting one foot off the floor and tucking it under herself, turning
towards me. Slowly, hesitantly, she reached out her hand, leaning forward
and closing her thumb and forefinger around the end of my shaft, just below
the tip.

I moaned and shuddered, my cock throbbing and pumping out precum, which
flowed thickly onto her thumb. She made a strange, quiet squeak, and I
glanced at her face to see her smiling in rapt fascination. From the corner
of my eye I saw that Steph was also looking at her, and my girlfriend and I
shared a quick conspiratorial glance.

"Yeah, that's it," whispered Steph, as Katie started to move her thumb and
finger up and down in short, quick strokes. The rest of her fingers were
held delicately away from my shaft - until Steph reached her left hand back
up and wrapped it around Katie's, pressing her hot fingers around my shaft.

While their three hands stroked my shaft, Katie's other hand was trapped
between her side and the back of the couch. She wormed it free and draped it
over the back of the couch, behind my head. Quite consciously, I mirrored
her movement, but moved my own arm around my sister, placing my palm against
her naked back. I was rewarded with a shy smile, and she leaned a little
closer, her clothed knee pressing against my naked thigh, and her bra
hanging revealingly forward off her body.

I saw Steph's mischevious eyes looking at my sister's chest, and the bra
that was barely keeping her decent. I decided it was time to take the
initiative for myself, and twisted towards my sister, bringing my other hand
up across her shoulder, hooking her bra strap over my finger.

"Can I take this off?" I said, low but loud enough for Steph to hear. She
sat up a little straighter and moved in a little closer between my legs, her
hands slipping off my shaft to squeeze my balls. Katie looked into my eyes,
our faces just a few inches apart. I could feel her quick breath on my lips,
and her head bobbed in front of me, betraying the movement of her hand
around my cock. Then she licked her lips, hesitated, and nodded her head.

I didn't waste any time. I pulled her bra strap off her shoulder and let it
slip forward. I glanced down and saw one hard nipple exposed. Katie herself
brought her arm from the back of the couch and slipped off the other strap,
leaving both her small young breasts bare. She hadn't been able to take her
hand away from my shaft, though, and her bra was left hanging from her
wrist, the soft material doing nothing to lower my arousal as it brushed
against my thigh

I stared openly at Katie's breasts, licking my lips and thinking back to the
last time I had seen them - when Steph had jerked me off until I came on my
sister's chest.

I dragged myself back to the present - which wasn't hard - and started
moving my hand towards Katie again, my fingers spread, palm open, my intent
obvious. Katie didn't move away - in fact I think she moved herself a little
closer - as my fingertips came in contact with the soft flesh of her breast.
She gasped and shuddered, arching her back and forcing her stiff little
nipple against my palm. Her hand started to speed up on my cock,
rhythmically squeezing her fingers around my shaft.

I pushed against Katie's back with the palm of my hand and sat back into the
couch, pulling her with me, one breast crushed in the palm of my other hand,
the other brushing up and down against my chest as her hand pumped on my
cock. Our faces were barely an inch apart now, and all I could hear was our

I licked my lips suggestively, then without waiting for permission I lifted
my head and pressed my lips against hers, fully expecting to be pushed away,
but knowing I had to take that risk. To my pleasure she didn't resist, and
instead I felt her lips part under mine. I forced my tongue between them,
somehow feeling I'd broken an even bigger taboo than letting my sister jerk
me off, or playing with her tits.

>From somewhere in front of me, I heard Steph call out, "Oh god, that's so
fucking hot!" followed by the sound of a zipper, but nothing was going to
turn my attention from french kissing my sister.

Soon our mouths were open wide, our tongues slurping wetly in each other's
mouths. My cock was aching for release, my hips bouncing up and down against
the couch, trying to fuck my sister's hand faster than she could stroke it.

Finally I could take no more. I broke the kiss, trails of saliva breaking
between our lips. I pushed against Katie's chest, still squeezing her small,
firm tits, guiding her back off me.

"I'm gonna cum on you," I said, so confidently that I don't think Katie
could have said no even if she'd wanted to. But she nodded, leaning back
into the corner of the couch, spreading her denim clad legs on either side
of me as I knelt up on the couch. I felt Steph's hand leave my balls, and I
looked down long enough to see her kneeling on the floor, her jeans open and
one hand inside her panties.

I turned my attention back to Katie and she twisted her hand around on my
cock, opening her fingers and gripping my shaft again, this time with my
shaft running along her palm, her long fingers pressed against the shaft,
her fingertips almost reaching my balls. I knelt closely over her, my precum
smeared tip rubbing against her belly.

I put one hand up on to her shoulder, and pushed the other under her ass. I
felt Steph's breasts against my hip as she reached out for Katie's other
hand and slapped it onto my asscheek, my sister's fingers excitedly digging
into my flesh. Steph's hand moved to my other asscheek, and between them
they spread me wide, exposing my asshole and sending shudders through my
body. I could feel the girls' fingers touching as Steph forced her fingertip
into my ass, and I guessed that Katie must have known what was happening.

It was enough to send me over the edge. I closed my eyes and locked lips
with my sister again, moaning into her mouth as we sucked noisily on each
other's tongues. Her hand was flying erratically over my cock as it swelled
in her palm,

The first volley of cum erupted from my cock just as Steph's hand joined
Katie's on my shaft. I almost saw stars from the intensity, but I managed to
keep my eyes open just long enough to see Katie's mouth opening in shock as
my hot watery cum streaked across her lips. As I shot again, I pressed my
lips against Katie's, forcing my cum into her mouth and sharing it with her.
We both jumped a little as we felt my cum splashing up against both our
chins. Even I was surprised at the power of my orgasm.

We continued to kiss as my cock continued to spray Katie's body with my cum.
Steph later told me that she was behind us frigging herself to orgasm, but
she didn't mind that we didn't notice. Finally I collapsed on top of my
sister, my softening cock pressing into her crotch, leaving spots of cum on
her jeans.

Katie wrapped her arms around me and we lay there for what seem like ages,
catching our breath. Finally I pulled myself up over Katie, both of us
wincing and laughing at the feeling of the sticky trail of cum that was
gluing us together. I looked down between us to see her small body
glistening with my cum, and I reached a hand down to grope her breast.

"That was incredible," I whispered, looking back up into her eyes.

Katie bit her lip and just smiled back at me, her arms still around my neck.
Finally she found her voice. "I need to get cleaned up..." she said weakly,
but making no move to get out from under me. That was when Steph piped up,
standing next to us with her jeans opened and her panties pushed down,
almost exposing pussy.

"Don't worry Katie," she said, taking Katie's hand and guiding her out from
under me, leaving me to struggle to my feet, my limp cock dripping cum down
my leg. "We'll take care of that."

Katie's eyes widened and she turned to me, a question on her face. But Steph
was already leading my sister into the darkened bedroom.


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