Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Starfucks Coffee

I noticed her coming into my coffee shop about two months or so
ago. She always ordered the same thing: grande latte with a little bit of
cinnamon. Usually she wore a black skirt, white button down blouse, black
stockings with 40's-style seams up the back, and pumps. Her strawberry
blonde hair was frequently up, and her makeup was always striking. She was
a very pretty lady, one of the many beautiful women that came into my shop
every day. One of the many women I would think about when I went home.

One hectic Friday she came in at her usual time just as the stupid espresso
machine decided to brake. I tried to explain what was going on and she did
something that got me hard as a rock and made me stammer out the poorest of
an apology. She flounced. She tossed her head and hair around and hmmphed
at me. What a turn on! I don't remember what I said to her after that,
but she flounced a few more times and left. After work I went home and
jerked off, thinking of what my pretty, sexy, flouncer wore under that nice
business attire. In my dreams it was always black silk thigh highs, the
black band of the thigh highs stopping just a few inches below her ginger
haired cunt. In my fantasies what did she wear under her button down
shirt? A barely there black lace demi cup bra, with her sweet cream skin
spilling out of the top. Her freckles would form a connect-the-dots
pattern that would point to her hard nipples.

She still came into my shop every morning, and every morning I
hoped to see her flounce again. No such luck. But I did always get a
smile and a good morning. I made a habit of learning her name and saying
to her, "Good morning, Eden." That was the extent of our relationship.
Good mornings, a smile and a quick pour of coffee. Oh, and my continued
fantasies of her in my head.


The town I live in is a pretty large city, population is just under
500,000, but for some reason we have only one decent Adult shop. By decent
I mean, bright, cheery and a wide selection of honest-to-goodness porn and
fuck toys. Not the cheesy liquor store with spank mags behind the counter.

So one lonely Friday night I was perusing the shop and was trying to figure
out if Happy Penis Massage Cream was really worth the $10.00 price tag or
not when a very sexy voice whispered to me, "Do you use that often?"

Oh fuck me; it's Miss. Grande Latte herself, Eden.

"Um ah, um, no, maybe..." I said, flustered. I was very surprised
to see her.

"Well, my boyfriend and I have been dying to try it out for a while
now," she said, "Would you like to join us?"

"I would love to," was the only sane reply I could make. Pass up a
chance to do anything with my fantasy girl? I could never live with

"Do you like boys too?" She asked me glancing at the video box in
my hand. Two men and a woman stared back at her knowingly.

"I like sex, with who ever is handy."

"Oh, we will have a good time then..." she said, running a
fingernail down my arm.

I bought the porn and the cream and Eden bought a rather interesting bright
green silicon vibrator from Germany. Outside we exchanged directions and
cell numbers. She winked at me as she drove away. I hopped into my car and
hit the drug store. Laden with beer and a hopeful amount of condoms, I
headed to Eden's house.

Part II: Eden's Garden

Eden's house was a nicely maintained Craftsmen style, with a
manicured lawn. In this part of town the houses all have large yards. Hers
was no exception. She also had really old really huge eucalyptus trees
surrounding her property. I felt a bit nervous standing on her porch,
holding a bag of beer. The condoms I had stashed in my pants pocket. I
didn't want to seem too eager.

Eden answered in stockings, her white button down top half undone.

I got a very warm hug and my ear was licked. I inhaled sharply, her perfume
engulfed my head.

"Welcome to Eden's Garden," she said, grinning.

"Mmm, peach perfume, my favorite." I said, leaning in for another

"Follow me," she said, taking the beers from me, handing me one and
dropped the rest in the fridge. The she led me to the backyard.

"What a lovely garden you have." I told her.

"Just wait." She replied, pulling me further into the yard.

The yard was bordered by tall juniper bushes, red brick walls and
creeping vines that smelled like jasmine bordered the garden. The red
brick path ended and a thick carpet of grass took over. Raised flowerbeds
broke up the lawn, circling and twining in a Celtic cross pattern. In the
center sat a lit and steaming Jacuzzi, ringed with lounge chairs and

Seated on the edge of the Jacuzzi with his legs in the water was a man,
about 6 feet tall, athletic build, with dark brown hair and a neatly
trimmed goatee. My stomach tightened. He looked like a god lounging up
there. He rose to greet us, and I saw that he was nude and had a nice cock
hanging between his legs.

"Hello and welcome. I'm Pan." He said as he shook my hand,

"Hello," I said back, smiling. Pan and Eden... This is going to be
fun, I thought to myself.

"We have two rules here in Eden's Garden," Pan said, "Number one;
no clothes outside and number two; do what feels good."

"Sounds good to me," I said turning to Eden, who was already

Her soft read hair was already down around her shoulders as she unbuttoned
the rest of her shirt, opening it to show me her tits. Creamy skin with
the freckles and moles I often dreamed of and, bonus! Both her nipples
were pierced with captured obsidian balls. Looking down, I stared hungrily
at her neatly trimmed ginger pubic hair. I walked up to her, my mouth
watering for a taste. The grass was wet, soaking the knees of my pants as I
kneeled in front of her. I brought my hands up either side of her leg,
feeling the warm taut flesh trapped inside her thigh high stockings. My
fingers curved into the elastic band and I slowly pulled them off her sweet
legs. Down, down, past her calves, down to her small ankles. I looked up
into her eyes and she daintily lifted her foot so I could remove the
stocking. My hands moved up her leg to frame her perfectly curved hips and
sweet round ass for a long moment. I moved my hand to her other side and
brushed across her pubic mound and down the leg still restrained by silk.
Her other stocking soon joined the one laying abandoned in the grass.

I stood, looking at Eden the whole time. She helped me unbutton my
shirt, her fingers light and quick against the buttons. I'm a big guy,
nearly six and half feet, and around 300 pounds. With my shirt off you can
see the tattoos I so carefully hide at work. Eden squealed, seeing the
tats and my own nipple rings. Her fingers hooked into each ring, pulling
until she heard my sharp intake of breath. Suddenly I felt arms sliding
around my waist. I glanced down to see Pan's hands unbuckling my belt. Eden
slid my belt out of its loops, rubbing the ends of it down my fly as Pan
dragged my zipper down. I grunted softly, my hips pushed up into the
teasing touch. Eden giggled and backed off. Pan hooked his fingers into my
waistband and dragged my pants down, taking my boxers with it. My cock
caught on the elastic for a moment and I gasped, feeling it rebound up to
smack into my stomach. I kicked off my shoes and stepped out of boxers and
pants, my cock bobbing in front of me.

They took me in their arms, soft, sweet Eden in front, muscled Pan
behind me. I felt Pan's cock getting harder and pushing against my ass. I
reached behind me and encircled it with my hand, feeling its girth. My
other hand was rubbing Eden's back and sweet round bum while I licked a wet
stripe up her neck to her ear.

"What a good find you made Eden," Pan said.

"I was thinking the very same thing myself." Eden purred.

"Mmmmm, so was I. Let's move to the Jacuzzi," I said.

Breaking our embrace, Eden and I climbed into the Jacuzzi. Pan sat on the
edge again, his legs parted and his thick fat cock pointing straight up at
us. I ran my hand up his thighs, feeling his hair prickle under my
hands. I felt Eden's fingers card though my hair, urging me forward. I
wetted my lips, and leaned my head down, sucking his cock into my mouth.
Warm and salty, his soft head slipped past my lips as my hand surrounded
the base of his prick. Slowly I slid my hand up and down his cock while my
mouth and tongue worked up a good bit of lube. Eden's hand rested on the
back of my head, pushing slightly, encouraging me to take him all the way
down my throat. I pulled back, sucking a breath in. I popped his cock out
of my mouth and without a second's hesitation Eden's mouth replaced mine.
Up and down her mouth went on Pan's thick cock. Soon we were trading it
back and forth, our tongues going from each other's mouths to his cock and
back again. I glanced up at Pan's face. His head was back, his eyes closed
in ecstasy. I nudged Eden out of the way, sucking his cock in deep. His
thighs twitched as I managed to get him down my throat. Against my fingers,
I felt his balls start to tense. He moaned, his hands joining Eden's in my
hair, pressing me deeper. With a great twitch the first spurt of come hit
my tongue, and as I swallowed, a moan of my own buzzing around his cock.
Four fat spurts of come later and my hand milked the last drops of come out
of his cock.

I turned to Eden and share what's left of his load in a deep kiss. While
we are kissing, her hand snaked down my stomach and wrapped around my cock.
My hands moved from kneading her back to squeezing her beautiful tits.
Soon her legs were wrapped around my waist. I moved my mouth down from hers
and start sucking her nipples, my tongue flicking the rings up and down.

"Eat my pussy; I'm so ready for your tongue!" she panted into my
ear, her teeth nipping at me.

I climbed out of the Jacuzzi; her legs still wrapped around my waist, and
laid her down on the lounge seat nearest us. I started with her earlobes,
blowing, sucking, licking, nibbling on them. My mouth took a path down her
neck, past her shoulders to her nipples. I sucked on one, then the
other. While my tongue circled around her rosy areolas I slid a finger
along her outer labia, felt how wet she was. Then I worked two fingers up
into her and kissed a line down her belly. Slowly I curved my fingers up,
looking for her G Spot. Then my mouth blew a bit of air over her clit. My
tongue darted out for a quick lick. Eden reached down and twined her
fingers into my hair, pulling me down onto her slick pussy guiding my face
to what made her feel good. My tongue slid up and down her hard clit while
my fingers pushed in and out of her. I felt her thighs clench so I sped
up, just a little.

"MMMMmmmm, oh, perfect, keep doing that..." Eden moaned.

I looked over to see what Pan was doing. He sat next to us, his hand
slowly stroking his cock renewed. His teeth were very white when he smiled
at us.

"Make her come, make her gush, she's close now." Pan told me.

I kept at what I was doing and, suddenly, Eden's body tensed up from top to
bottom and I could feel, and taste, her pussy gushing with come, squirting
all over my mouth, running off my chin. I kept the fingers moving in and
out of her, helping her along to another orgasm, and another. Then a
fourth and a fifth. After that I stopped counting.

I started to slow my mouth and fingers. Eden's body slowly stopped
quivering. I pulled my hand out of her sopping wet pussy and pushed them
into her mouth so she could lick them clean. Eden rolled over onto her
hands and knees, showing me her black tattoo that followed the curve of her
ass. She looked over her should at me, her eyes glittering.

"Fuck me," she said, "fuck me now."

How could I resist an invitation like that? The table next to us was
scattered with condoms. I opened one up quickly, slipping it over my
impatient cock. My hands shook a bit as I kneeled behind her and pushed my
cock into her eager pussy, hard, all the way to the hilt. Pan somehow
managed to climb under her, his mouth sliding down to where I'm thrusting
hard. Meanwhile Eden gobbled down his cock while he started licking her
pussy. I felt his tongue flickering across me. I grabbed her hips hard and
thrust into her as brutally as I could. Eden's pale skin was flushed, her
hips moving while she pushed back into my thrusts.

"I'm going to come!" I told her.

"Do it!" She told me, putting Pan's cock back into her mouth.

That's all the encouragement I needed and I pushed one last time into her
and started shooting my load. Suddenly Eden's body tensed up again and she
came too. Her body shook under mine, noises dribbling around Pan's cock as
she moaned. Pan gasped beneath us, and I pulled my cock out of her to
watch Pan's shoot his load all over her eager face and lips.

"Poor girl," I told her, "Let me help you with that."

I moved over and started licking the come off of her face, kissing her
hard, as her hand slid down, jerking the last few drops of come out of me.

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