Friday, April 17, 2009


Yo, this shit was off tha chain.
Me (Kenny), my gurl (Patrisha), my boi (Q.), and his gurl (Karma) were
all sittin round playin cards one nite, -tha guys against tha gurlz.
After afew hands, we decided to up tha stakes some. Q suggested we play a
truth or dare round. Everybody was eager at first, all of pickin tha
"truth" over tha "dare" for fear that we might have to do some nasty
shit. That is until certain questions were bein asked that noone wanted
to admit, came along.

Q started off by askin my gurl if she spit or swallowed when she gave me
head. We all laughed at tha question, but Q and Karma was really expectin
to hear a truthful answer. Reluctantly Pat looked over at me for support,
then nodded her head to the second option.

"Eeeeewwwww gurl, you be swallowin that mess?" Karma gagged, as if it
were tha nastiest thought she'd ever heard.

"Well fuck, its MY man hoe!" defended Pat.

"Sheit, Q's MY man too, but I would'nt swallow that nasty motherfucker's
cum if it was laced with Bacardi Rum!" promised Karma.

"You'd be swallowin Kenny's nutt too bitch, if I ever allowed you a
taste." answered Pat, rollin her eyes.

"Doubt it hon." said Karma, rollin hers rite back.
Karma lost tha next hand, and it was Pat that got to ask her a question.

"Have you ever ate another woman out?" asked Pat, referring to a rumor
she had once heard about her gurlfriend a couple years ago.
Tha shocked expression on Karma's face was -priceless.

"Did I ever what?"

"Eat pussy bitch, don't front like you deaf."
Karma looked around tha room nervously, like she was wonderin how Pat
found out. We could all see her tryin to form up a lie.
"Tell tha TRUTH bitch. Don't be a lyin hoe ALL yur life."

Karma looked Pat dead into tha eyes.
"Yeah -it's true, you fat slut." she admitted, painfully.

"I ain't kno' dat, babe." Q said, starin at his gurl like she was a total

"It was years ago,-" explained Karma, before lookin back at my gurl.
"-and I only did it once."

"That we KNOW of..." mumbled Pat, but we all heard her.

"Oh, I'mma get YOU back, bitch." warned Karma.


"Ok." said Karma, her foot kickin eagerly a mileaminute under tha table.
She lost the next hand.
"I'll take the DARE." she said, fearful of another truth.

Q thought carefully, as winner of tha last game, he got to tell her what
to do. Anyone refusin to do a dare had to pay 50dollas to tha other
He smiled at his gurlfriend, mischievously.
"I dare you to grab Pat's titties, and squeeze 'em for one whole minute."
he laffed.

"Fuck that!" my gurl yelled.

"Yo, you haf'ta. If you don't, you own us fitty bucks." warned Q.

Pat looked over at Karma.
"Fuck that! That bitch looks like she might like that shit too much!"

"Fuck you, you fat hoe!" said Karma.

"I'd rather be a hoe than a SPLIT-LICKER, anytime." said Pat, vehemently.

"It's just a game Trish." I encouraged, knowin who'd have to be tha one
to pay tha 50dollas.
When Pat nolonger protested, Karma got up, and grabbed two hefty
handfulls of my gurl's fat titties, squeezin them like she was kneadin

"Bitch, he said TOUCH my titties, not PLAY with them!"

After tha minute was up, Karma moved back to her seat.
"You liked that, didn't you hoe?" Pat smiled. Karma didn't answer. She
merely smiled.

Tha next round I lost, Pat dared me to reach my hand between Q's legs,
and feel his meat until it got hard.

"I ain't tryin to feel that muthafucker's dick!" I protested.

"You HAVE to." warned Karma. Q didn't protest.

"Look at him, he probably already hard just thinkin bout me touchin it."
I said, lookin him ova suspiciously.
Reluctantly, I reached my hand down under tha table. But instead of
grabbin his crotch, I stroked his leg.
Karma looked under tha table.

"He cheatin!" she called.

Pat got up from her seat.
"His dick, NOT his thigh." she ordered.

Slowly I inched up until my hand was feelin his soft pudge. Q still ain't
say anythin. He just sat there, wid a funny look on his face like he was
about to throw up or sumpthin. I was massagin his lump, feelin his limp
dick underneath my fingertips. It was embarrassin. Occasionally, Karma
would reach down to make sure Q wasn't hard. After afew minutes, it
started to stiffen.

"There!" I said, removin my hand.
Karma reached down.

"It's hard." she confirmed, takin her seat.

"You're man's GAY." Pat said, dealin the next hand.

"YUR man's gay!" Karma countered. "HE's the one feelin on my man's dick,

"But your man LIKED IT." Pat countered, smilin superiorly.
Nobody said nothin. Q's dick had grew hard under my massagin fingers. I
was tryin to check out tha length, but I ain't want him thinkin I was
gettin too into it or nothin. It felt kinda nice, and long, -and thick
too. I hadda admit, that I kinda liked touchin it myself.

Tha next hand, Karma lost again. This time, Q dared his gurl to GO DOWN
on Pat. Pat hit tha roof.
"What the fuck!? Yall some nas-tee asses! Yall deserve eachother!" she

"You refusin?" asked Q, laffin.

"Hell YEAH, I'm refusing!" yelled Pat. "I ain't into that lesbian shit!
That's YOUR girlfriend's scene, NOT mine!"

"I ain't no damn lesbian, dammit!" protested Karma.

"What you call eatting another bitch's kootchy?" countered Pat.

"A happy meal!" added Q.

Pat rolled her eyes.
"Trifflin nicca. You just a FREAK!"

Q laffed.
"I juss wanna see Karma eat sum puzzy." he admitted.

"Fuck you, Q." said Karma.

"You kno I'm down wit dat shyt." he said, lickin his lips. "So we gonna
do dis or wat?"

"Hell NO." said Pat, defiantly.

"50bucks." reminded Q, writting it down on a sheet of paper under Pat's

"Get MY motherfucking CHECK BOOK!" Pat yelled.
The next hand I lost.

"I pick TRUTH." I said, pouring myself a drink.

"You and Pat ever have anal sex?" asked Karma.

"Once." I laffed. Pat was mortified.

"Dat shyt's da bomb, ain't it man?" said Q, Karma smacked him on the arm.

"We ain't never had anal sex!" she screamed.

"You ain't da first gal I eva phucked eitha!" he said, suckin his teeth.

"I'd betta be the last one tho!" she snapped, takin another drink.

Karma lost tha next round, and had to show us all how well she gave head
by suckin on a cucumber, inwhich she damn near swallowed completely. I
congratulated Q on his gurl's talents, bringin a nasty look from my gurl
Pat. Pat lost next and had to flash her breats, which she did proudly. I
could see tha look of envy in Q's eyes. Pat's tities were bigger than
Karma's, I knew he considered himself a breasts man. He'd wanted to get
his hands, lips and mouth on my gurl's tits sumpthin bad.
I lost tha next round.

"I pick DARE." I ventured, kno'n dat my gurl would'n pick nothin too
weird for me to do infront of tha others.

She thought for a minnit.
"I dare you to....KISS Q on tha lips for a full minute!" she laffed,
gettin a chuckle out of Karma as well.

"Oh HELL NAW!" protested Q.

"50bucks!" yelled Pat.

"Phuck dat!" continued Q, bringin tears to Karma's eyes. "You think dat
shyt's funny?" he asked her, irritated.

"YOU tried to get me to eat dat bitch's nasty cock!" defended Karma.

"HOE...!" snapped Pat.

"But you ate puzzy b'fo..." explained Q. "...I ain't neva kissed no
muhphuck'n man b'fo!"

"Then this oughta be a brand new experience for you." smiled Pat,

"I ain't kissin no niggah." stated Q.

"Then you owe us each 50bucks." answered Pat.

Q shrugged his shoulders.

"What about you, Kenny?" asked Karma, wiping the happy tears from her
eyes. "You willin to do it?"

"Yeh." I lied, kno'n Q would never let it happen. Why should both of us
have to pay 50bucks?

"See, Kenny's down to do it." smiled Karma, grabbin Q's hand in support.
Q looked over at me, skeptically.

"Dat niggah's lyin!" he said, correctly.

"No he's not." defended Pat. " MY man's not confused about his sexuality.
He KNOWS he's not gay. He can do his dare without fear that it might
threaten his manhood!" supported Patrisha.

"Oh, so since I don't wanna kiss anotha muhphucka, I gotta be in doubt ov
my manhood?" Questioned Q.

"You the only one protesting." countered Pat.

"You did'n do yur dare eitha..." reminded Q, referrin to tha time Pat
refused to let Karma lick her pussy.

"Damn straight." said Pat. "But kissing someone is completely different
from sexing someone!"

"Oral ain't sex." said Q.

"The hell it ain't!" said Pat.

"Oral sex ain't sex." entered Karma.

"Anytime you enter into another person's body, you havin sex!" said Pat.

"Dat ain't wat Clinton said." smiled Q. "Oral sex ain't sex." he

"So let me see you suck Kenny's dick, THEN you tell me oral sex ain't

"You trippin." said Q, gettin angry.

"So yall going to do this or not?" asked Pat, writtin down what Q owed
tha group.

"Yea..." he said, suddenly changin his mind. "...we gonna do it."
I looked over at him in surprize.

"Okay then. One FULL minute. A FRENCH KISS. I'll count the 60 seconds out
loud." said Pat.

Q stood up.
"Letz do dis, niggah." he said, lookin down at me.

I hesitated. I really wasn't tryin to kiss another nigga either.
"50bucks." reminded Karma.

I stood up too. I was'n about to have to pay out 150.00 dollas to
everybody at that table. Q and I avoided lookin eachother in tha eye. We
quickly leaned into eachother, then pressed our lips together.
It felt strange, kissin another nigga onna lips. His lips were alot
softer than I expected. They felt like fat pillows against my own n'shit.

"Hold it!" protested Patrisha, makin us break apart. "I said FRENCH KISS,
not closed mouth kiss!"

"You said KISS!" countered Q.

"She said french kiss, baby." corrected Karma, rubbin Q's arm

Q and I looked at eachother, our eyes pleadin tha same lost case. After
afew seconds, we leaned in again. Our lips met a second time. This time,
we parted our lips, givin tha impression that we were french kissin. It
would've worked too, if Pat hadn't moved in closer and saw that there
was'n any TONGUE ACTION.

"Stop!" she protested again. Q and I broke apart.

"Wat NOW?" he shouted.

"Yall ain't french kissing! Yall just standing there with your mouths
open!" yelled Pat.

"We wuz too french kissin, wuz'n we Karma?" asked Q.
Karma shook her head, hunchin her shoulders.

"I know a french kiss when I see one!" said Pat. "THIS is a french kiss!"
she said, spinnin me around and plantin her mouth on mines.
She snaked her tongue into my mouth, runnin her hands across my scalp
passionately. We kissed hard for a couple seconds, then she pushed me

"That's a french kiss!" she stated, spinin me back around to face Q.
We looked at eachother, then laffed out loud.

"Dat bitch's crazy." he said, lickin his lips nervously. Once tha
laughter died down, we looked back into eachother's faces. "You still
down to do dis?" he asked.

"Yeh..." I said, tastin remince of Pat's lipstick on my lips.

"Then letz do it rite." he said.

We leaned into eachother one last time, our lips lockin together for the
third time. This time, there was no playin, no tricks to be had on either
of our parts. Our lips touched, followed by our tongues. His slid his
between my lips, entering my mouth like an invited guest. I opened up and
let him in. I felt his tongue between my lips, searching for my own
tongue just as Pat's had moments ago. I extended mines, they both met for
the first time, -slithering together like snails.

"Make shure its plenty of tounge." instructed Karma, watching closely.
Q and I parted lips briefly, our tongues still locked together in plain
view outside our mouths, givin tha gurls a show. Tha gurls could easily
see that we were sharin a real kiss. Was'n nothin fake about tha way we
were frenchin NOW.

"Ewwww..." squirmed Pat, sittin up to get a betta view herself.

"45 more seconds." called Karma.
Q's mouth pressed back into mines. He slowly rotated his head to tha
opposite side, drillin his tongue back into my mouth. Instinctively, I
began suckin on the moist muscule, before shovin my own tongue into his
mouth. Surprizin'ly, Q sucked on my tongue too, his lips movin back and
forth, nearly pullin my tongue completely out of my mouth from tha root.
Changin head positions again, I could feel tha abrasivness of his upper
lip against mines. It felt weird kissin anotha nigga for tha first time.
It was different from kissin gurlz. Gurlz was usually very gentle, Q's
kiss was alot firmer. Forceful even.

"25 seconds." yelled Karma.
I surpressed tha urge to moan. I could'n believe how intense this kiss
was gettin, -especially infront of tha gurlz.

Q and me was kissin up a storm. Swoppin spit as if kissin a gurl
-forreal. I could feel my dick startin to react between my legs. Fearful
that onea tha gurlz might see it, I started thinkin about different shit,
tryin to take my mind off what I was doin.
Q broke into 5 or 6 tiny close mouth lips kisses, twistin and turnin head
from side to side before drillin his tongue back into my mouth. I kinda
got tha feelin that he was gettin into it too. It did'n feel like he was
holdin back anythin. He was kissin me as real as I had seen him kiss

"10 seconds."
Our kissin got more desparate. Q was smashin his mouth into mines. Spit
moistened out mouths, causin our lips to slide back and forth easily. I
could taste his spit in my mouth. I could'n tell if tha air I was
breathin was his or mines.

"5, 4, 3, 2, 1...TIME!" yelled Karma.

I was just about to pull back, when Q's hand suddenly clamped around tha
back of my head, trappin me on to his lip lock.

I KNEW what he was doin. I KNEW he continued to kiss me to get at tha
gurlz. To give them what they asked for. I knew he was'n kissin me
because he liked it, or because he was caught up in sumsort of passionate
moment or sumpthin. He was givin them a taste of their own medicine. They
wanted to see us kiss, now they had to deal with the consquences.
I did'n resist. I allowed him to keep frenchin me.

"Mmmm..." I heard him moaned in my mouth, his voice vibrating on my
embedded tongue. His hand tightened on tha back of my neck. I could feel
his fingers massagin my neck muscules as he worked me over with his
I moaned back involuntarily, givin in to his actions. He was a good
kisser, and I found myself seriously gettin turned on by it.

"TIME, I said! TIME!" repeated Karma protestin.
I reached up and grabbed Q around his neck as well, pressing my lips
harder against his as I burrowed into his mouth deeper.

"What the fuck're yall doing?" asked Pat, grabbing at my shirt, tryin to
pull us apart.

Karma grabbed Q. She pulled him in one direction while Pat pulled me in
another. Me and Q struggled to keep kissin, our lips never parting as we
held tightly onto eachother.

"Stop that shit!" called Pat, pullin me harder.

"Cut dat shit out!" screamed Karma, pushin against Q with all her might.

Eventually tha gurlz persistance won out, and they succeeded in breakin
us up. Our mouths finally parted, a long sting of saliva connecting us as
we was dragged apart quickly broke off. Laffin, we resumed our seats
opposite eachotha. Our mouth shinin with eachother's saliva.

"That wasn't funny!" Pat said, smackin me onna back of my head like a
Benny Hill sketch.

"Datz wat'cha git for tryin to git us to do dat homo shyt." laffed Q,
wipin his mouth with his hand.

"What about that lesbian shit you was trying to get me and your
girlfriend to do?" asked Pat, angrily.

"Datz different."

"How's that different?"

"E'rybody likes see'n lesbians phuck." he laffed.

"Whatever." said Pat, lookin me over angrily. "And YOU..." I simply
smiled, leanin over to kiss her soft painted lips. She ducked her head in
the opposite direction. "You not lissing me with someone else on your
lips!" she protested. Q laffed, winkin at me from across tha table. His
wink casued my dick to react. I suddenly saw him inna different light. I
wondered what he was thinkin.

Tha rest of tha game was cancelled by tha gurlz. They had had enuff
playin around after seein their boyfriends gettin into tongue kissin
eachother, -playin or NOT. Appearantly, tha gurl's was'n as secure about
Q's and my manhoods as WE were. We thought it was funny that after makin
such a stink about us not wantin to do the kiss, now they were wishin we
I just hoped Q's and my relationship would'n change after tha kiss. We
were tight buddies before tha game, and I hoped that would continue after
tha game.

Only time would tell, I guess.

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