Friday, April 17, 2009


I went to the accupuncturist last night. He's a little younger than I am
- maybe by more than ten years. Last time I saw him, I showed him my
dick - to show him where to stick the needle in. You see, he's giving me
accupuncture for some of my prescription boner juice. A trade. But I
had to show him how - or I mean where to inject it. So I just flipped it
out and showed him on my own.

So he and I are pretty tight now. He's NOT gay. But I still love it
when he puts his hands on me. He gives me adjustments, besides the

After that, I called Seth. He lives with his brother, and is never alone
- except last night.

I went in and first of all, asked for a wash cloth to wash my dick
off. I had been wearing my foreskin stretching device and so there was
urine on the head. He washed his mouth out while I washed my dick really
well. I wasn't planning on getting off - but I knew he would want to
suck it for awhile.

We went back into his bedroom and disrobed down to our socks. It was a
little cold in the room, so it felt nice under the covers. We kissed
for awhile, but he knew I was in a hurry to get home, so he went down on
me - started to suck with a passion. I stopped him before I went off,
and told him not tonight. You'll discover why in a few moments.

I asked if he had any lube. He did. It was in the form of hand cream by
the side of his bed that he jacked off with. There was barely enough
left for me to stuff some inside me and for him to lube himslef up well.
But it WAS enough. I jack-knifed my legs up to my shoulders and he stuck
it in. As he got going good, I pulled him down to my face and started
kissing him. In short time, he started to moan and then taking great
gasps, he started to cry out as he spent his load inside me. He was a
wild man!

We lay there for awhile longer, kissing deeply, then I said I had to go.
I drove home. On the freeway, there was an accident, with emergency
vehicles attending. As I went by, I could only see that it was a white
car. I was a little worried.

When I got near to the offramp for home, I pulled off to get a bite to
eat. I called home.

"Hi!" My wife's cheery voice greeted me. I thanked goodness that there
was an accident to mask my getting home later than usual.

"So you're okay. Good"

"Why?" She asked me.

"There was an accident, and all I could see as I went by was the car was
white - like yours."

"Nope! I'm fine! Oh! Will you pick up some milk on the way home?"

"Sure! I'm also gonna get something to eat across the street from the

"Okay. See you when you get here! I love you!" She added.

"Love you too!" Well!?! I do love her. I'm not "in love" with her -
but I love her.

I got home and she was watching TV, as usual. I checked my email, and
then went in to take a shower. I walked by her naked on the way.

"OOO!" She purred. "Are you trying to tell me something?"

"Could be!" I said. I half expected her to join me in the shower, but
she didn't. She waited until I was finished, the took her shower. She
is self conscious of her excess fat. I shaved close before the shower
with my electric shaver, then extra close IN the shower with a razor, to
present a baby-butt smooth face to her. She likes that.

While she was in the shower, i put on our favorite roamantic CD, Rod
Stewart singing the old standards. So when she got out of the shower,
brushed her teeth and threw on a loose robe, I was waiting in the
livingroom, boner sticking straight out under my silk robe. We danced a
few songs and then went into the bedroom.

In there, we lay on the bed and started resuming the kissing we started
as we danced. Our hands found themselves to the right places as she
massaged my dick and balls and I her vaginal parts. After I had
pleasured her for a long time, it was my turn. Since I am not turned on
by women - even my own wife - I have to give myself that shot, and it
gives me a 3-hour boner.

I humped her for awhile - but that's not enough to get me off. I
then stopped - as is my usual practice - to put the heavy duty back
massager on my dick. Usually it takes forever even with that to get me
to the point of no return - where I would throw aside the vibrator and
re-enter my wife. But tonight it was different. In almost no time, I
was ready to cum.

I threw aside the vibrator, not taking time to even shut it off, and
started to ram her with all I had. It was absolutely skyrockets in
flight! I screamed out in blissful sexual release as course after course
of my hot juice shot up into her insides. We both laughed as I gasped
and chugged like a locomotive cumming into the station.

I collapsed on top of her, then slid off and we cuddled for a time - that
means so much to her.

My orgasms can be physically ecstatic, but with her they are usually
emotionally disappointing.

But not last night. As I lay there, I thought of my earlier tryst with
Seth, and felt full.

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