Friday, April 17, 2009

"The Four of Us" Begginings Chapter 4 & 5

I don't really know how much you know about my relationship with Marie, I
guess you call her Sissy. Well it was pretty intense, and I missed her in
my life. When she called that day I was very pleased.

Maybe I should tell you a little about who I am. I'm a thirty-six year old
single gay mother, of ten year old Nadine. Marie had been sitting for
Nadine since she was almost three. We started a sexual relationship a year
or so after she began to sit for me. Marie had gone off to college last
year, and our relationship was on hold, even though we stayed in touch by
phone. After the first call, she called back a few days later to ask me if
I needed a new baby sitter. She told me that Debbie her sister might be
available. She briefly told me about Debbie's, as she called it, "coming of
age." I of course knew what she was talking about. Marie and I, if nothing
else, were completely frank about our relationship. I invited the both of
them over the following evening. I had met Debbie very briefly some years
before, when she sat one evening with Marie. I had no strong impression of
her, except she was a prepubescent, slightly overweight pretty little
girl. Thinking that she was now over sixteen was startling.

I guess it's of some importance to tell you that it was I who initiated
Marie into a sexual relationship. Don't misunderstand, she was very
available, but it was I who was the teacher, and she was a superb pupil and
lover. To think that she was bringing her sister to me was an extraordinary
act of giving. I don't mind telling you I was thrilled and excited.

They were to be here at about eight. Nadine was finished with her bath, and
was reading. She was delighted that she was going to see Marie before she
went to bed. The fact that she was going to see her again sister was a
double treat.

Just at about eight I heard them walking up the walkway. I was there just
as they rang the bell. I don't mind telling you my heart was racing. I
pulled the door open, and there they were. Marie almost jumped into my
arms. Understandably, her sister held back, and stood watching us on the
door landing. I broke away from Marie, and drew my attention to her sister,
as I ushered them into the house.

Marie looked just great, but of course now my attention was on her
sister. I would have guessed her age at fifteen; sixteen would be
stretching it. I think she looked younger, because of a certain amount of
baby fat, not that she wasn't pretty, she certainly was. She had that early
adolescent roundness, sort of unformed face and body. She was however well
developed, with a generous well-shaped full body. She had lustrous long
dark hair like her sister, with her sister's full lips and dark large
eyes. They had a real sisterly resemblance, and why not?

While I'm describing Debbie, I realize that you have no idea what I look
like. I'm taller than either Debbie or Marie by I guess, three to four
inches, and I'm five ft eight inches. I'm slender in all respects. My
breasts are well formed but small. I have a nice butt. I keep in good shape
working out and seriously using our own pool. My hair is a curly light
brown, with streaks of natural reddish blonde, especially in the summer. My
mouth is wide. I have a slightly pug nose, with lots of freckles, much more
so in the summer.

As to relationships, I was married for over four years to a very lovely
guy. My sexual orientation had not fully formed at that point. To make it
clear, I had any number of relationships with woman especially in
college. Not a lot with men. I did know somewhere, that my female
encounters were sexually more fulfilling than with men. I thought I might
grow out of it. Can you believe it! Anyway as you now know, I grew into it!

We chatted just a little in the living room. Marie went up to see Nadine. I
heard a squeal of delight from Nadine as Marie went into her bedroom.
Debbie looked a little nervous alone now with just me. We made the usual
small talk. She seemed to relax more. It was clear from talking to her that
she was bright and mature. That was of prime importance as far as sitting
for me, and taking care of Nadine. Everything else, no matter how important
was secondary to that.

Marie had asked me first if I thought it was all right to give Debbie some
background into our relationship. I completely trusted Marie's discretion
on how much detail she would get into. She was clear with me that she
wanted Debbie to have the same kind of advantages a relationship with me
had given her. I admit I was flattered. There coming here tonight indicated
that Debbie had been filled in, and most important of all, wanted to be
here. I must say I was extremely interested in starting another journey.

I thought this might be a good time for some very straight talk. I told
Debbie point blank; that what I needed from her was total honesty about her
feelings. I told her she would get the same from me. I made sure she
understood I meant her sexual feelings. The rest of her life was her
business to share, or not share as she saw fit. I asked her if she
understood what I meant. She looked at me squarely, and told me she
understood. Perfectly. I also made certain that she knew, what went on
between us was strictly for us, and would not be shared with anyone, unless
we both agreed. Marie had filled me in on what had been going on in their
relationship, so I told Debbie that I was aware of what had gone on in the
last few days. I congratulated her on her good fortune. She replied by
telling me that it made it easier for her that you and Sissy had talked
first. She wanted me to know that she had heard from Sissy how wonderful I
had been to her, and how important I was to her. The idea that she would
now have that pleasure was almost too much to believe. As a mater of fact
she told me that the last few days were like a dream. A wonderful one to be
sure, but still it was almost too tremendous to believe. I was charmed by
her adolescent enthusiasm. I told her that that was the sweetest thing I
ever heard. She seemed much more relaxed now.

I took her up to meet Nadine, who was all involved with Marie at that
point, but seemed excited to have Marie's sister as a sitter. Marie said
she was almost finished, and much to Nadine's protest would be down in a
few minutes. We went back downstairs.

I asked her if she could sit on Thursday evening. She said she could. I
wanted to know if overnights were ok? She assured me they would be fine as
long as I spoke to her Mom. Of course her Mom knew that Marie had sat for
me for a long time, so I thought all that would be easy. We decided that on
the first night, it might be a good idea if Marie, (I think I should call
her Sissy now) came along. We decided she could come over after Nadine was
asleep, and just before I come home. I was just going out for supper with a
friend, so I wouldn't be very late.

The next Thursday evening, I greeted Debbie promptly at the agreed time. I
must tell you I was extremely excited in anticipation of what I hoped would
be a very interesting new adventure. Debbie was dressed in a light yellow
cotton jumper and sandals. She looked adorable. I'm so used to seeing jeans
and teens, that a jumper on a sixteen-year-old was already unusual. She
seemed reasonable relaxed. No more uptight that any teenager arriving to
sit at a house with a kid and family they really don't know. I thought
Debbie was pretty poised, considering the other part of the plans that
evening. Nadine was immediately comfortable. I got a kiss goodnight and off
I went.

When I got home a few hours later, I could see Sissy's car parked on the
street. I could see the glow of the television and a small light from the
living room window. I let myself in. They were on the big couch watching
something or other. Debbie had her head in Sissy's lap, and Sissy was
stroking her forehead. I could hear them talking quietly to themselves,
under the sounds of the television program. They looked so adorable. I
slipped back into the hall, and made some conspicuous sounds of coming
in. I didn't want to startle them.

I greeted them cheerfully. They both smiled. We went through the usual
debriefing on how things had gone. Apparently they went well. Nadine had
been asleep for at least an hour. I told them I would go upstairs to check
on Nadine and change.

I know it sounds silly but I had been thinking about what I would wear that
first evening since we had made the arrangements. I knew what looked good
on me, yet I didn't want to be too obvious, at the same time this was a
strange kind of seduction of course, Debbie knew why she was here. Yet I
still had trouble figuring out what would be the best way to dress.

Nadine was sound asleep. When she entered that deep breathing sleep, a
canon could not wake her up. That was reassuring. I decided on a lounging
outfit, I rarely if ever wore. It was a matching mauve silk top and pants
bottom, with few buttons and a built in sash holding the bottom on. It
really was meant for lounging around with close friends or lovers. It was
pretty transparent. I put it on with no underwear or bra. I must admit I
was worried if it looked too seductive. I also considered if we should
smoke a little grass to calm us down. I admit I would have loved to, but
was concerned if Debbie would want to, or if she might not have the desired
reaction. I also hadn't worked it out with Sissy if she would stay or
not. I decided it would be their decision.

I needn't have concerned myself about the outfit. They were beside
themselves with compliments. They were so sweet and direct. Certainly one
of the reasons I found my relationship with Sissy so attractive for those
few years. The thought of continuing with her younger sister began to get
me somewhat aroused. Up to this point, I think I was to worried about the
little details to even let my sexual fantasies about the near future take
hold, except for brief moments, when I envisioned that slightly plump
nubile girl before me.

Sissy clicked off the TV. They said they were just whiling away the time
till I got home. They told me straight out, they were both a little
nervous. Again I adored their straightness and told them so. I asked Sissy
if she wanted to stay for a while, the whole evening, or if she and Debbie
had talked about it. They said they had a little, and thought I would tell
them what to do. "Ok," I said. " You two decide what would make you both
the most comfortable. I think Debbie should have a veto about this. Also I
was thinking that maybe a little grass might help us all relax a little,
but I want you both to decide together. Believe me I would be happy with
any way you go. I'll get my room ready, and you can tell me what you want
to do when you come up, ok?"

They both nodded in agreement, and I went upstairs. My bedroom suite was
down a long hall from Nadine's wing, so privacy was assured. There was an
inter-com between the two bedrooms, so I could hear Nadine if she waked and
called, a very unlikely event.

I peed again. Brushed my teeth. Sure signs that I was nervous. Put the
answering machine on silent pickup. I slipped the comforter off the bed,
and put down a lighter one. I lowered the dimmers to where you could see
clearly, but yet it looked pretty romantic. I thought candles would be to
hokey, even though I admit, I thought of it.

I heard them padding up the stairs. Debbie was clearly impressed with the
bedroom. In many ways it was like a comfortable living room with a king
size bed. "Wow, this is great". She said with unabashed enthusiasm. Sissy
spoke for them both. "Well we both admit that we're torn between my
staying, and joining in, and believe me that's what I would like to do this
first time, and letting Debbie be on her own. So here's what we decided. We
both thought it would be a good idea for me to stay, not only to make it
easier for Debbie, but I thought we could show her things that she can
watch, and maybe it would not only be easier the first time, but be even
more fun. We kind of thought the grass would be a good idea, but just a
little, so we don't get too wrecked. Debbie's tried it before, but only got
stoned for the first time a few days ago. She'd like to try it again. Right
Debbie?" Debbie agreed with a broad smile. I thought their thinking was
right on and told them so. "Well let's start kids."

The bedroom couch was a sectional that formed a chaise lounge on the left
side. It was very deep, with a lovely soft feeling fabric, with down back
pillows. I told Debbie that she was the honored guest and should have the
chaise. I sat next to her, and Sissy sat on the floor in front, leaning on
the couch. I opened a small silver box on the little side table and took
out a joint of Thai White Tiger. I knew it was strong, but it was very
smooth with little after effects. Everybody chatted about nothing in
particular. It had a nervous edge, which I understood of course. I hoped
the joint would calm things down, but not too down. I lit up, and passed it
to Sissy. Debbie was watching intently, as both of us took a drag. She
inhaled just the right amount of smoke and air. She obviously was a quick
learner. We passed it around slowly, talking quietly, about nothing of
importance. "Girls, when we finish this, go into the dressing room. Sissy
knows where it is. Make yourselves comfortable. There are robes hanging
up. You'll see them. If you have to freshen up this is the time to do it,

I stood up with them. Sissy stood up next to me. She turned and embraced
me. Her arms were wrapped around me. She moved her pelvis into mine, moved
her hand to my butt and pressed me into her. I was feeling the effect of
the grass, but not that strongly yet. Sissy surprised me by her move. Then
it hit me. She was not only taking the lead, but was clearly showing me her
loving affection and desire. I reciprocated, and held her tight. We
kissed. It was terrific. It was what was needed. Debbie couldn't help but
see our love for each other. As we moved apart, I could see Debbie watching
with a sweet smile. "You ok? How do you feel?" I asked. "It was nice seeing
you and Sissy so together. That made me feel really good. This pot is
really something. I feel like I'm in a soft glow. I love it, and I think
I'm going to love you." Her face was a little flushed. Just from her young
direct words, I knew she was nicely stoned. "Debbie, that is really so
loving of you, so open. I'm so glad you and Sissy are here." I moved toward
her and gave her a big hug. I didn't want it to be anything but warm, but
not too warm. She returned the embrace. I gave her a quick peck and sent
them to get ready.

I walked to the head of the chaise, and pressed a button. A motor hummed
and the chaise raised up to massage table height, leaving the arm, where it
was. From a draw built into the skirt, I removed a thick cotton sheet, a
cotton velour throw and spread them out, and tucked them in. I also pulled
out a tray of various oils. I pointed a little infrared light at the
bottles to keep them warm.

I lowered the lights a bit more to what I thought was just the right level
for an Erotic Jin Shin Jyutsu Massage. This is the technique that I had
taught Sissy for over a year. While she certainly, wasn't a master as I
was, she had a natural feel and gift for giving this extraordinary
massage. I had studied with my Master for over two years, and I was still

I could hear a little light laughter and talking coming from the
bathroom. A few moments later they both appeared. " How are you both
doing?" I asked. Debbie answered. "Wow, am I going to get up on that? Will
I be getting a massage? I'm feeling terrific, much more relaxed than
before. You were right. Boy, I loved what Sissy does with her hands, and
she told me she learned everything from you. I can hardly wait. Should I
get up on it now?" Debbie was all wound up, I could see. I nodded yes, and
put my finger to my lips to quiet her a little. Sissy was standing behind
her with a broad knowing smile. " Should I take my robe off?" Debbie
asked. "Of course I should. Maybe I am a little nervous." Debbie had
answered her own question. Sissy moved forward and held her tight, turned
her around, and removed her robe. Her body was stunning to me. It was so
fresh, so desirable. She had her baby fat of course. It was most apparent
in her little belly. Her hips were full, very womanly. She had full, but
the very erect breasts of a young teenager, with small raspberry sized
nipples and small aureole of the same color. Pert is an overused word, but
it perfectly described her breasts, whose nipples were already clearly
erect. She had lustrous public hair completely untrimmed, with a little
shaft of hair climbing towards her belly button. Her ass matched her
breasts in form. Firm, yet rounded. Her skin was very white under where her
clothing would be. So white that you could clearly see blue veins on her
lovely white breasts. Her long dark black hair only accentuated her light
coloring. Her thighs were also full, the legs and calves shapely. The whole
impression was one of pre ripened sensual fullness. I admit I was very
aroused by what I saw. Sissy saw me staring. I turned to her, and
nodded. Sissy nodded back.

As I helped Debbie up on the massage platform, Sissy smiled at me and
said, "was I right? I told you she was delectable, and not only that, she's
the best sister in the world." She bent over and kissed Debbie on her
shoulder. "Thanks Sis." Debbie said with a little laugh. "I'm feeling much
more relaxed now that I'm lying down. This is so comfortable. I love
it. "Debbie, is the room temperature ok? I can change it if you want, or
drape something on you." "Arlene, it's perfect, and so is the whole room
and having you and Sissy next to me."

I knew she was somewhat stoned. I thought I should give Debbie some sense
of what was going to happen. "Debbie there are just a few things I want you
to know. I think your going to love what's going to happen, but it's
important for you to know that you can stop whenever you want. Also, if
either Sissy or I are doing something that you don't like or it hurts, or
even tickles, you just say something and we can change it. Now, another
really important thing, what were going to do, is to erotically sensitize
your whole body in a way it never has before. I know that you, Sissy and
Bobby have done all sorts of wonderful things, and I'm sure Sissy has
taught you a great deal, but this is different. This is very much like a
long seduction of your body. Do you know what fore play is?" She whispered
that she did. "Well good. Because this is going to feel like a long period
of fore play. Sometimes I'll take you, (maybe I should say we), right up to
the edge of an orgasm, and you may want me to go all the way, but I won't.
This is not going to be a way of teasing you, it's just a way of prolonging
and disciplining you so you learn that you can control your orgasms. If you
feel you absolutely have to come, you just tell me that, and I have a way
of letting you release something of an orgasm, which will be just enough to
release some pent up sexual energy, but will still leave you filled with
desire. I want you to know that just seeing you before me, and thinking
about tonight with you and Sissy has made me feel very turned on. I hope
that you're feeling nice and relaxed. Alright, are you ready to begin?"
Debbie lifted her head from the platform turned to me and said, "Arlene, I
think I feel sort of like you. I really want you and Sissy to start, and I
understand what you said. I can hardly wait." Then she lay her head down. I
nodded to Sissy. We oiled are hands and started.

Each of us was working using standard massage techniques, just to calm her
down, and to let her get used to the feel of our hands, using both light
and heavy pressure. We did this for some time, until I could tell from her
breathing that she was in a nice relaxed state. I glanced at Sissy, and
whispered, "ok."

We now shifted positions. Sissy began to work on Debbie's ears. The whole
ear, then the lobes and then around the opening. I meanwhile, was now very
lightly stroking her butt using both hands. I was moving right into her
crack, but avoiding her ass hole. I could see her attempt to open herself
up to my stroking fingertips. I was alternating very soft teasing strokes,
with powerful kneading pushes into her butt and lower vertebrae. Sissy was
stroking and pulling her ears. I motioned for Sissy to work on her
feet.. She moved to the bottom of the platform, never letting her
fingertips leave her sisters body. Sissy moved to my side. She began to
work on her sister's feet, muscle by muscle. I moved to the back of her
knees. Then began a stroking motion up and down the back of her legs. I
settled on to her plump thighs. The moment a began to work there, she
opened her legs to give me easier access. I began to move from her inner
thighs, right up to the crack of her ass. I was doing this with both hands
as Sissy continued to work on her feet. She was murmuring how good it felt,
over and over. Sissy moved one of her legs apart now, and I could clearly
see her thick public hair and pussy. Her pubic hair came right up to her
lips, which were thick. It also revealed the deep pink of the inside of her
inner lips and vagina . It seemed she had become quite moist. I pulled her
cheeks apart and began to make very gentle circles around her little ass
hole. She exclaimed, "Oh my God. That is so good, I can't believe it."
Sissy was now on her other foot. I could see her ass hole open and contract
as I circled it. The flesh was just a little darker raspberry color of her
nipples and aureoles. I now began stroking the very top of her thigh, where
it met her pussy, on both sides. She was now trying to spread her legs as
wide as she could, to allow me entry, but I avoided touching her inner
lips. I stayed between her ass hole and her outer lip's. I moved Sissy to
take my place, and we seamlessly changed places.

Debbie was now breathing very hard, and without realizing it, trying to
capture Sissy's fingers in her pussy. I thought maybe we should slow down,
and allow Debbie to relax for a while. I also wanted to sensitize her whole
body, and not just her specifically sexually sensitive areas. I signaled
Sissy, and we shifted places again. I stayed at Debbie's feet and Sissy at
her head. We maintained hand contact with her body, but now we started the
most delicate brushing and stroking of her entire back portion of her
body. We used extremely fine oil for this. We were trying for a sublime
experience. Generally sexual, but not specifically directed to any on part
of her body. We continued this for sometime, until her breathing became
deep and steady.

We then had her turn over. We helped her so it would feel effortless to
her. We continued the same delicate stroking, again avoiding her genitals,
nipples and aureole. Other than that, no part was left untouched. Even
though we were not specifically arousing her, her nipples were indeed
erect, with goose bumps on her areole. Her genital lips were puffy and
open, revealing her pink moist vaginal opening. The hood of her clitoris
had pulled back slightly, from her excitement to reveal the very tip of her
little wet clit. Her skin was flushed, especially her chest and face. It
was immensely tempting to see her deeply turned on body.

We continued this for some time. I nodded to Sissy, and together we began
to move very slowly to her most sensitive places, continuing the very light
touches. Her breathing began to deepen and quicken. I was now working on
her inner thighs moving right up to her outer lips. I began to make circles
around her clitoral hood, as Sissy made the very same circles on her
aureole, around each of her deep raspberry colored nipples. I made my
circle even smaller, as Sissy began to decrease her circle till she was
just touching the outer part of her nipple. Instead of touching her
clitoris, I began my circle all around her inner lips and the opening to
her vagina. As we were doing this I could see her vagina contract and open
a little, with additional moisture form at the opening. Sissy had started
little circles on Debbie's lips, but continued with her nipple. Debbie was
now gently moaning with each breath. I gently moved her knees up and her
legs apart. She assumed this very open position with barely any direction
on my part. I continued on her pussy, but reached down to circle her little
anus, making the circle ever tighter. Even her ass hole was contracting and
opening to my gentle touch. We continued for some time with just the
smallest variation. Debbie was now producing enough of her own juices to
fill my nostrils with her lovely aroma. I was also not immune to being
deeply turned on by Debbie's powerful arousal. Sissy's robe had loosened,
and I could look up to see Sissy's own excitement in her flushed face and
hardened nipples. I thought the moment had come. I caught Sissy's eye.
Sissy bent down, and began to lick Debbie's lips, in those same circles.
Debbie's tongue came out and Sissy began to circle it also. I took my index
finger and continued to make circles as I very slowly wormed my finger into
her vagina. She was now moving her hips in little circles to encourage my
probing circling finger. I then moved my oiled other finger right around
the very rim of her little anus, at the very same speed. I looked up to see
that Sissy now had Debbie's nipple in her lips, and I knew the tip of her
tongue was making those same tiny circles. Debbie was in a state of
powerful arousal I knew I could bring her off at any moment. I just didn't
want her to come yet, not until I wanted her too.

I needed to say something at this point. I slowed down just a little. Sissy
did the same. "Listen my darling. You're the one who is going to control
your own body now. I can make this wonderful feeling last a lot longer if
you want. If you want to have a little come, just to relieve yourself, I
know how we can do that. I'm going to go deep inside you. It's going to
give you an incredible feeling. You might even feel like you have to
pee. Don't worry about that at all. If you have to do, you just go right
ahead. It will be just fine. The most important thing is for your pleasure
to be full and complete, so again, I can give you a little orgasm now, then
work our way up again. Or we can just continue as we have, with us getting
you higher and higher, until you just simply have to have it. Ok you just
tell me what you would like, and when you would like it. Alright my
darling." We were continuing our movements. When Debbie, in barely a
whisper said, " I think I need something very soon. I'm afraid I'm just
going to come at any moment. Maybe I can try just a little bit now. Oh my
God, this is so incredible, I don't want it to ever end, but I need a
little something now. Please, just a little, ok?" `Ok, my darling, just
relax. I'll do you." I moved from her anus to her clit. I wet my finger on
the way up. I started to circle her little erect clit. She started to come
almost immediately. I let her have a few deep spasms. I could feel her
vagina convulsing on my inserted finger. When I thought she had enough to
relieve herself yet is still ready to continue I stopped manipulating her
clit and vagina, and simply pressed down with a fair amount of force on her
clit. Her orgasm came to an almost immediate halt. I could feel a few
quivers on my finger, then it was over.

"Thanks. I just had to do that. I don't think I could have gone any
further. Your right, I still feel pretty turned on. Arlene, Sissy, thanks
for being so terrific. I just need to take a little break." Debbie said
this with such a loving, sweet voice, I just had to reach down and hug and
kiss her. Sissy and I continued to stay in physical contact with her, but
we did nothing overtly sexual for a few minutes. I covered Debbie with a
soft light blanket, and raised her head up. I asked her if she still felt
stoned. She told us that she didn't think so. "Do you want a little more
Debbie? Because I think I'll light another one. I think I might enjoy a few
drags. Sissy, how about you?" Debbie and Sissy indicated they did. I lit
up, and passed it around. Both of them sucked in the aromatic smoke, held
it for a long time and exhaled together. They both laughed at the
synchronization of their smoking. We kidded around a little. I knew it was
the grass. I was a little concerned that the mood might be lost. I needn't
have. Sissy bent down and gave Debbie a deep kiss, which she heavily
reciprocated. I let them break off, then lowered Debbie's head, and made
sure she was comfortable. Her lips were puffy from being kissed. Her face
was flushed. She had that slight smile of being nicely stoned. I was also
feeling the delightful effects. Sissy had not bothered to tie her robe, and
she was delectable. Her body was more delicate than her sisters. Slimmer,
but shapely. Her breasts were much smaller. Her breasts reminded me of
young Nubian woman I had once seen in a National Geographic Magazine. They
were almost perfect cones. I of course knew they were firm, and extremely
sensitive. Her nipples were larger than Debbie's, and of a darkish
tan. They were engorged, and very tempting. We looked at each other and
smiled. We both reached down and began to fondle Debbie through the light
blanket. We quickly worked are ways all over her body, then I slowly drew
the blanket off. Without a word Debbie spread her legs apart. Without
preliminaries, I began to stroke all along her inner lips, up and around
her hood, then back toward her anus. I was using just a little oil, but I
was picking up her own juices and spreading them over her pussy. I heard
Debbie begin to repeat, "please Arlene, please Arlene, go in, go inside,
please Arlene." I inserted my two fingers slowly into her. She was moving
her pelvis up to my probing fingers. I could see that Sissy was sucking on
one of her nipples, and squeezing the other. I moved up as far as I could
go, until I was touching her womb. I then moved towards her public bone
until I was against the top of her vagina. I began to massage and probe
that area. With my other fingers I pulled her clitoral hood apart, fully
revealing her little erect button. Lighter than the pink moist flesh in
which it was imbedded. It glistened like a little pearl. I bent down and
just barely touched it with the tip of my tongue. I could immediately taste
and smell her delicious liquid, which by now was even running down my
hand. I continued to actually massage her entire vagina. When I felt her
moving towards orgasm I simply slowed my pace. I could tell that Sissy was
feeling the exact same reactions, and was also pacing her responses. Debbie
was moaning in rhythm to my deep probes. I thought the moment was near, I
moved another finger into her wide-open vagina, took her entire clitoris
into my mouth, and both began to suck it and tongue it. It was an amazingly
live little piece of nerve endings. I felt Debbie's hand on the back of my
head, and her hand on my wrist, as she moved me faster and faster. She was
now really throwing her hips up and down and in circles, as though to make
certain that every part of her inner self was touched and probed. I then
reached down, just when I thought she was on the very threshold and stuck
my wet pinkie into her anus. That did it. I heard an animal like scream and
she began to come in a tremendous series of convulsions and spasms. I could
feel her vagina close tightly on my fingers, release them and grab them
again. Her liquid discharge was incredible. Those same spasms closed
tightly on my probing pinkie. I stopped moving my hand except for one
finger that continued to stroke the forward portion of her vagina. As soon
as Debbie could catch her breath, I saw Sissy begin to kiss her with such
tenderness; it brought tears to my eyes.

I could still feel her little after-waves in my fingers, and see the
muscles of her thighs vibrate. She was slowly coming out of it. I gently
began to remove my fingers. I picked up a towel, and began to pat her pussy
dry. Both her inner thighs were shiny and her black pubic hair was matted
with her juices. As I dried her, Debbie quivered. Her nipples were still
absolutely rigid, and surrounded by goose bumps. Her lips were puffy from
Sissy's kisses. "Debbie, my darling, how are you feeling?" Her eyes
fluttered open, and she smiled broadly. Her puffy wide mouth was
delectable. "Arlene, that was beyond anything I can even say. I've never
felt anything like that. It was beyond belief. I'll be your baby sitter
forever." We all laughed. "Only now I just have to close my eyes. I feel
like I can't stay awake a moment longer. I just want to thank you Sissy for
introducing me to Arlene."

And with those words she closed her eyes and was fast asleep in an
instant. I lowered the platform, so it assumed its chaise lounge height. I
slipped a small cushion under Debbie's head, and covered her with a light
blanket. I was relieved that Debbie's folks assumed that she was sleeping
at her sisters. This plan was going to work out even better than it had
with Sissy. We often had to rush our lovemaking to get her home at a
reasonable hour. I moved over to Sissy, took her hand, as we moved over to
my bed. We were both so intensely turned on by the events of the last hour
or so, that we just needed to quickly relieve each other. That we did
delightfully, and we both slipped into sleep.

5. Libby

That weekend at the shore, was absolutely my sexual awakening. I'll always
be grateful to Debbie for introducing me to a world that I could only
fantasize about in the most limited way. Even without Debbie, bringing
myself off took on a new dimension of gratification.

I was dying for her to reintroduce me to Sissy in a new sexual way. My
fantasies were filled with thoughts of Bobby, Debbie and Sissy. Arlene
remained a powerful idea, but since I had never met her, her presence in my
sexual dreams was strong, but indistinct.

Debbie's trust in me was complete. There was no question about that. If she
was going to share her sexual world with me, I knew she had to completely
trust me. She told me that she had spoken to Arlene about me, but Arlene
didn't know that Debbie had told me everything that was going on. She had
talked to her sister, and we agreed that we would meet at her house Friday
night. She told me she had only told her sister about the two of us, and
not about them or Arlene.

We met at a coffee- house around the corner from Sissy's new apartment. Of
course I had known Sissy for a long time. Actually as long as I had known
Debbie, but when you're a kid, a more than a two-year age difference seemed
like a big gulf. I liked Sissy a lot. She seemed always interested in me,
and could not have been friendlier. But I can't say I really knew her, if
you know what I mean?

When Sissy got her own apartment, it was a big deal at The Lanza's. Of
course she had a roommate, and came home on most weekends. Sissy was going
to the local college, and since she had a part time job, and wasn't going
away to school. It seemed this was the family compromise.

I admit I was feeling a little shy seeing Sissy after knowing that Debbie
had confided in her about us. I needn't have been. Sissy was so warm and
nice, when we all met, that I soon forgot about any shyness I might have
been feeling. I was looking at Sissy with new eyes late that afternoon. Now
I saw a very beautiful young woman. In many ways a taller, slenderer, older
Debbie. Her hair was not as dark, and it was shorter. Her features were
more formed. They both had wide mouths and full lips. The very clear
difference was an unmistakable gap in Sissy's front teeth. I always thought
of an Italian Carly Simon when I saw her.

There was no question, Sissy was looking and talking to me with a new
warmth and interest. I felt flattered. Of course I knew it was because of
what Debbie had confided in her about our relationship. At the same time, I
now understood a great deal about Sissy's relationship with Debbie, which I
have to tell you made seeing them together across from me in that booth,
rather exciting. I knew we were going to rent a video and order a pizza
sent up. At this point, I think Debbie was reacquainting Sissy with me, and
visa versa. Also Sissy told us she wanted to make certain that her roommate
had a chance to come home to a quiet house, shower and relax. Until that
moment, I hadn't realized that Sissy's roommate was going to be there. I
was somewhat taken a back knowing that there was going to be a fourth
person who I didn't know. I finally asked Sissy who her roommate was. She
immediately sensed my concern. She told me her name was Angela, but
everyone called her Angie, and they had known and been involved with each
other for three years. Of course I understood what "involved" meant, and
Sissy knew that I knew. She apologized for not having told me, and went on
to paint a picture of her friend that was intriguing. It seems she was
completely gay, and had always been. Sissy told me her parents came from
Sicily, and basically disowned her when she told them. Anyway, Sissy said
she had told her just a little about me, and I needn't worry about
anything, that Angie was just great and completely cool. She also told me
that she was great looking too. We chatted for awhile about nothing in
particular, when Sissy asked me if I had ever seen a triple x video. For a
moment I wasn't certain what she had asked me. I knew what triple x mean't,
but I thought she had given me the title of a film I never heard of. She
must have seen my blank face, because she tried to be more direct. "You
know what I mean don't you? A really hot video, very sexy. Have you ever
seen anything like that?" I told her I knew what she meant, but I hadn't, I
was sorry to say. I told her I was very curious though, but I never had the
chance. She wanted to know how I felt if we all watched one tonight? I must
admit that the whole idea was thrilling. I told them both that I would love
too. I asked Debbie if she had ever seen one. She admitted that she hadn't
either, but was also very interested. We both sort of got the giggles
talking about it, which I know, was from being both excited and
anxious. Sissy told us that Angie had rented it, because she really didn't
have the nerve to face the clerk. The name of the video was, "San Francisco
Girl Love". She admitted that she had peeked at it a little, because she
didn't want us to be grossed out if it was awful, but she thought it was
pretty good. I thought, if they had actually done something as direct as
renting a sexy video, this could be a very interesting night. We talked for
a while. I wanted to ask Sissy something about the video, but I was simply
to shy to ask. My heart was racing by the time we finished our coffee, and
it wasn't the caffeine.

We walked towards Sissy's apartment building. It was a nice neighborhood.
Even though it was just on the other side of town from where we lived, I
had hardly ever been to this area before, except to drive through to get to
the Interstate. It was a real college area. The low apartment buildings
were mostly for junior faculty, and students who could afford to live away
from the dorms.

We stopped and ordered the pizza. We told them to deliver it at eight
o'clock. We stopped at a convenience store and got some cookies, candy, and
two quarts of ice cream. I was sort of amazed that everyone wanted the same
pizza, (sausage) and flavor of ice cream, (chocolate and Cherry Garcia). I
thought that this was a great sign.

We arrived at the apartment house, and Sissy rang up, I guess to give Angie
fair warning. The buzzer rang almost immediately. We walked up to the
second floor. The door was open at the end of the long hall. I saw a small
slender, very dark smiling figure. She was wearing a long multi-colored
skirt, and gold colored blouse. She was barefoot. She was wearing the most
beautiful beaded necklace I have ever seen. Her perfect small ears had long
earring, of the same beads. Her toenails were polished in a dark red. Her
hair was lustrous black. It was long and pulled back into a kind of
ponytail. I found her dazzling.

She welcomed us with real warmth. The apartment was larger than I thought
students would be living in. You walked through a little foyer, into a
large living room. The widows looked out on trees and the sky. The bedroom
was to the right down a short hall that also led to the bathroom. They
actually had an almost eat in kitchen. I was stunned to find a lot of the
furniture that I knew from the Lanza house, furniture that I had also grown
up with. So, here is where that furniture had gone last fall when they had
remodeled. I thought the place looked great, and told them so. They seemed
quite pleased. We joked about the recycling of the couches and chairs.
Sissy even got the thick pile rug from her dad's den.

We put the stuff away, kicked off our shoes, and relaxed. Angie put on some
music. I could hardly keep my eyes off her. It was apparent that she had
nothing on under her gold blouse. She was at the most five feet, but she
was perfectly proportioned. She had large liquid brown eyes. If I hadn't
known otherwise, she was what I thought a beautiful Gypsy girl would look
like. We all plopped down, except Sissy. Debbie and I were on the couch,
with Angie sort of at our feet on the rug. Sissy was off somewhere. I was
so absolutely taken with Angie. I knew that my face was flushed. I was
looking down at her. I could see her breasts as her blouse moved away
slightly. Her nipples were completely dark.

I heard the toilet flush, and Sissy walked in asking if we wanted something
to drink. She said she was opening some cold white wine, and was that ok?
We all agreed that would be great. Off she went. Angie reached for a box on
the coffee table, and opened it. I knew right away that the twisted white
sticks inside were grass. "Want to share a joint? Angie asked lightly, as
though she was asking if we wanted some M&Ms. Debbie looked at me
closely. I nodded ok. Debbie grinned.

I was a wreck. I had never really tried grass before. I had been around it
a few times in the park after school, but had never tried it. I had wanted
to, but I never really had the chance. Well here it was and I was a nervous
wreck about it. I decided that I didn't have to be Miss Cool. So I simply
told Angie that I never tried it before, but had always wanted to, and I
hoped she would show me how. Sissy came in with the wine and glasses, and
sat down on the floor on the other side of the coffee table. She had
overheard what I had said. Everybody helped in giving me lessons in
learning how to inhale. We were all getting hysterical with my sputtering
and coughing. With a lot of patience, wasted smoke and a dry throat, made
better by the cold wine, I stopped asking what it was going to feel
like. When I was looking at Angie, and she returned my look, I had a
feeling that I desperately wanted to merge myself into her. I was almost
dizzy with this feeling. I knew in a flash that I was stoned. I told
everyone, that I now knew what they meant, and I wouldn't bother them about
it again. They all wanted to know if I was all right. I assured them that
"I was tremendous". Everyone seemed reassured and laughed. Angie was
looking at me and I was feeling a tremendous pull towards her. She nodded
at me, and asked me if I wanted to dance. Up until that moment, I hadn't
even noticed the music. The sound fell into my ears, and became a lovely
slow beat with delicious sounding violins and horns. Angie slowly got up. I
realized that the sun had gone down, and only a rosy afterglow lit the
room. She looked at me, and reached down and took my hands in hers.

I got up; Angie took me in her arms. My head went immediately to her
shoulder. I loved the way she smelled. I was in heaven. We swayed to the
music, and took some small steps. My lips were against her neck. I thought
I could feel her heart beating through my lips. I opened my eyes and I saw
Sissy and Debbie dancing also. We were all barely moving, just sort of
holding and swaying and slowly sliding along. I felt Angie's hand move down
my back and shoulder, until she was holding my butt. I loved the feeling of
her out stretched hands on me. She started to exert pressure on my ass.
Pushing my pussy towards her. I knew what she was doing. She moved hers
into mine. I didn't need any encouragement. From almost the moment I heard
about Angie, in the coffee shop, I was interested. It increased when I saw
her. I knew something might happen when I saw the grass. I returned her
movements. I tentatively moved my hands down to her ass. She whispered to
me that she wanted me do be there. By now I was terrible excited. I was so
sensitized, that I thought I could feel her nipples on my own breasts. I
could hear myself breathing in this fast shallow way. My heart was
pounding. I could feel Angie's finger move into the crack of my ass. I was
almost overcome with excitement. Then the buzzer sounded. I almost jumped
out of my skin. Everybody laughed. It was the pizza delivery.

Sissy went downstairs to get the pizza. The apartment reeked too much of
grass, to allow anyone to even stand by the open door.

I was famished. At that time, I didn't understand what grass did to your
appetite. We dug into the pizza. With great reluctance, we saved the ice
cream for later.

I of course knew I was quite stoned, and the break allowed me to savor the
feelings. The pizza, was the best I had ever eaten. I had never tasted wine
as good as this. Well you get the picture. I was still feeling pretty
aroused from my little dance with Angie. As a mater of fact, I was a little
concerned about staining my jeans. That's how excited I had become while
dancing. I guess I was also worried about how we could ever get back in the
mood. That turned out to be easy. Angie lit up another joint. We passed it
around again.

The conversation turned to boys. The only one who could talk with any
experience was Sissy. In actual fact, aside from some pathetic groping
around with Andy Selden, (who we knew, because he lived just across the
street from them) when she was about fourteen or fifteen, Bobby was her
only experience. Sissy talked about how inexperienced they were, and how
they kind of taught each other. She admitted that she had learned a lot
from a book called "The Joy of Sex. She also told us about an older woman
who had a great influence on her sexual development. She never went in to
any description of the woman, but it was very clear, she was very important
to her. What she learned from her, she practiced on Bobby. Angie's only
experience was some necking and kissing, which she hated. She admitted, she
wondered what it might feel like to have a guy's penis inside her, but not
enough to try to achieve it. Debbie of course had screwed Bobby. I was at
this point extremely jealous of that fact. I was basically in the same
position as Angie. Not really anything to speak of. I was extremely
interested to know exactly what it felt like to have a guy inside me, but I
think for Angie's sake we stayed away from speaking in a very positive way
about being interested in guys. The talk sort of drifted off.

Angie got up to put on different music, even slower. She walked over to
Sissy, and they began to dance. They were really kind of making out
standing up. I was very envious. I knew it was ridiculous, but I simply
couldn't help it. Debbie stood up, reached down and pulled me up. We
started to dance. We were also dancing as close as we could get. I actually
felt a great deal more open with Debbie, so I was more relaxed. Before I
knew it, we were kissing, then very heatedly and deeply. I was taken by
surprise, but I strongly returned her kiss. Just as I was really getting
into it, I felt a tap on my shoulder. It was Angie. Sissy was beckoning
Debbie to come to her. Angie held me, and we continued the dancing until
the record ended. Feeling Angie's body next to mine was almost more than I
could stand. Aside from feeling her hot cheek on mine, she often moved her
leg between mine. I had an almost overwhelming desire to rub my clitoris on
her leg to relieve myself. Even the smell of her shampoo-perfumed hair was
almost overpowering.

I don't mind telling you by now I was extremely turned on sexually, and
still pleasantly high from the grass. Angie began to lick my neck. I
started to shiver with an almost uncontrollable desire for her to touch me
everywhere. My legs were actually shaking and weak. Before I almost fainted
from the powerful feelings, Sissy broke the spell, and asked us if we
wanted to see the video. We all agreed we did.

I must admit, I was feeling very apprehensive about the video. In my state,
I guess I was afraid of my reaction. What that meant? I wasn't certain. I
knew my jeans were wet from my flow. I could feel it. I tried to pull
myself together. I leaned against the wall for support.

Angie wanted to open the sleeper couch, so we could all sprawl out on
it. We helped her open it, and moved the coffee table. Angie got some
pillows and a comforter from a closet, and we all helped make the bed. The
TV and the VCR were directly across from the foot of the bed on a console
table. Sissy got some votive candles from the kitchen, placed them around
the room, and lit them. This left only a small lamp lit, on the console.
The room looked enchanting. I had never seen anything like it before,
except once in a movie.

I was in a very odd state. I knew it was mostly the grass, yet I found
myself in a strange place. On one hand, I felt an incredible intensity of
sensory feelings. My sight seemed sharper. That really doesn't really
explain it. I guess I should try to tell you what was going on in my
head. Everything about the room seemed so beautiful. The candlelight was so
lovely. Everyone's face took on a strange golden glow from the candles. I
was all involved with Angie's lips, which looked so luscious, that I
actually felt an almost overpowering urge to taste, and kiss them. Sissy,
Debbie and especially Angie's eyes seemed to glow warmly in the light. As I
said, I was having this strong sexual response. My heart was pounding, and
I could actually feel it in my vagina. I needed some release. I think if I
was alone, I would immediately have tried to bring myself off. Just the
simple movement of my body in my clothes, made me shudder with pleasure. It
was all feeling much too much. The funny thing was that at the very same
time, a part of me felt completely detached, as though I was a spectator at
this strange event. I kept going back and forth. I was completely focused
now on the skin just behind Angie's ear. I wanted to kiss her there. It was
such a powerful urge. Just then I heard Debbie say, "Come on Libby,
everybody. Let's get on the bed." I was now snapped completely back.

We got on the bed, and Sissy slipped the tape in, and came back to the bed
with the remote. We all took a pillow and got comfortable. My head was on
Angie's lap. Debbie was next to me. Sissy started the tape. I could see it
was going to be a series of scenes, from the first episode. The format was
an off screen woman interviewer, taking and setting up the scene. The girls
seemed to be in their early twenties or younger. They were very real
looking. Not at all hard or cheap looking, or anything like that. They were
sort of attractive, but not what you call beautiful. One was slender, with
dark short curly hair, the other fuller, with long light hair, in a
ponytail. They both were wearing shorts, and high heels, which I remember
thinking was kind of odd.

The off screen voice asked them about themselves. They claimed that they
knew each other casually from an exercise class, and were very interested
in each other. They continue to talk some more, but this story is hard to
believe. Anyway the off screen woman, tells them they should simply pretend
they are "going to try to get it on with each other," and pretend that
they're alone. All of this is pretty unbelievable, but they do start to
make out on the couch. Pretty soon they are removing each other clothing,
and really touching and kissing each other in a very hot way. At the
beginning, we were all making funny comments about the dialogue. All of
this I realize is coming out of our nervousness and the pot. Knowing that
everyone seems rather anxious makes me feel a lot better. As a mater of
fact, I feel an upswelling of love for everyone.

Now we've all become very quiet as the action heats up. I must say, all of
this is definitely having its effect on me. Debbie bends down and asks me
quietly if I find it interesting. It must be the joint, because I boldly
tell her that, "Interesting! I find it so exciting. I can hardly breathe."
This is completely true, because I'm so turned on, that I find I'm very
flushed and hot, and I'm actually panting. It's as though I can't quite
catch my breath. Debbie admits that she also is very "affected". Angie is
stroking my forehead. She tells me that I'm very warm. As though, I don't
know that. Her fingers on my forehead are so wonderful, that I don't want
her to stop. I pretend that her fingers at my hairline are between my
legs. Meanwhile the on screen action is very interesting to me. One of the
girls is licking and sucking the others pussy, and the other one is doing
the same. They are both moaning and breathing very hard. I think this part
seems very real I realize that Angie is bending down over my face. I want
her to kiss me desperately. I lift my head up toward her. She crushes my
lips, and thrusts her tongue into my mouth, and moves it around just like
the girls on the screen. I kiss her back, and try to suck her tongue. I
can't quite catch my breath. We break apart. I notice that Sissy has her
hand on Debbie's breast, and is pulling at her nipple through her blouse
and bra. Debbie has loosened her sister's buttons, and has her hand between
her legs. She is watching the screen intently. The scene on the video ends
as both girls come nosily. By now I'm simply undone. My heart is jumping
out of my mouth, which is completely dry; I'm amazed that I can even kiss
Angie. I'm feeling sensations in my pussy that are completely new. It's as
though my outer lips have become so swollen that they are pulling me open,
and I `m so wet, that I can actually smell myself. I'm embarrassed that I
will stain the comforter. All these feelings are tumbling around in my
head. Angie is playing with my ear. The sensation is incredible. I could
swear that she is pretending that my ear is my pussy. For a moment, I think
it is. I'm startled as Sissy gets off the bed. I'm snapped back to reality.

She walks over, and stops the video. I look around the room, which is
incredibly romantic looking with all the candles glowing. She says, " I
think we need to get more comfortable, at least I have too. What about you
guys? How're you doing?" She slips her top off over her head. She has no
bra on, and her breasts are lovely, even better than the girls on the
video. Her nipples seem enlarged. Angie leans down, and asks me quietly if
I want to get undressed. She asks me in such a natural way. I answer "only
if we all do". I know with that answer, there is no turning back. I didn't
at all feel pushed. I want to see everyone, and I want to be seen. I feel
extremely open to anything. Debbie moves towards the foot of the bed. I
loosen the buttons on my jeans. Debbie pulls them down. I lift my butt, to
help her. My panties are coming off with my jeans. For a moment, I'm
embarrassed. I grab them and hold them up. I feel the cool air on my legs
and the wetness between my legs. Angie tells me to sit up a bit. She
reaches under my top, and unhooks my bra. "Lift up you arms a sec". I do,
and she peels my top up and off. Automatically, I hold my bra up to my
breasts. I feel Angie moving behind me. I turn around, and she's
unbuttoning her blouse. In a moment, it's off. I can see her dark nipples
under her sheer bra. She reaches behind herself, and unhooks it. I realize
I'm holding my breath. I'm transfixed, waiting for Angie to reveal
herself. My eyes move upwards for a glance at her face. She is looking
directly at me, with a slight smile. Another wave of shyness hits me. I
feel the heat in my face. I feel ridiculous holding my bra up to my
breasts, yet I'm paralyzed with shyness. Angie is looking directly at
me. "Together, ok?" I nod in agreement. "Now", she says. We both lower are
bras. The shyness evaporates, replaced by another powerful wave of
desire. I'm simply stunned by Angie's breasts. Her nipples and aureoles are
similar to mine. They form an almost perfect small cone on her small
breasts. It's hard to tell where the nipple ends and the aureole begins.
They are clearly erect. What is so striking to me though, is that they are
almost black. I'm aware that my nipples are also erect. I can feel the air
on them. Every sensation is extremely heightened. I look at Angie directly.
"They're beautiful. I love the way they look." I hear myself say.
"Thanks. I want you to touch them." Angie whispers. She reaches over and
takes my hand, and places it directly on her breast. I hear her inhale
sharply as I touch her. Her hand is hot on mine. Her nipple is amazingly
hard and alive. I circle it with my open palm. I'm looking at her other
breast. I can't believe how dark her nipple's are. It makes everything even
more erotic. It seems so unfamiliar, so completely somebody else. She takes
my other hand and places it on the other breast. She closes her eyes and
lies back on the pillow. I begin to use the tips of my fingers. All I do is
think of what I would like at this moment, and let my fingers follow.
Angie's mouth is open and she is taking little breaths in time to my moving
fingertips. As I gently pull her nipples, her lips form an o. She sucks in
air with a little whistling sound. When I squeeze them, she quietly
whimpers. I roll them between my index finger and thumb. She hisses,
"yessssss". She reaches up and pulls my head down towards her now raised
breasts. She's moaning, "pleeeease, pleeeeeease." I open my mouth and take
the whole nipple and aureole in my mouth. I suck and massage it with my
tongue. It's alive and slightly salty. I'm having trouble breathing through
my nose. I have to open my lips slightly to take more air. I'm slightly
dizzy. I need to lie down. I release Angie's nipple with a slight pop. The
sound makes me smile, then I begin to laugh. Angie has heard it and joins
me. We are both quietly laughing, almost to our selves. I'm panting for
air. I am so flushed; my whole body feels hot and over sensitized. I have
never felt this way before. I know that part of it is the grass, but I'm
also so turned on I can hardly stand it. I can actually feel the blood
engorged somehow in my labia. I can feel my pulse race in my vagina. I know
the lips of my pussy are thick. I can feel the thickness pulling my lips
apart. All of this is racing through my brain. I look over and Sissy and
Debbie are both watching me intently. They are both naked. I'm stunned with
how beautiful they are. Lit from the back and side. They are like
extraordinary sculpted figures. Except they are the most alive bodies, I've
ever seen.

"You ok?" Sissy asks me. "I'm not sure. I think I'm ok. I just felt so
strange. I've never felt anything like this, ever. I know it has a lot to
do with the grass, but I can't believe how odd I feel." "Well you look ok,
just warm. Are you feeling faint or sick?" Sissy is looking concerned. "Oh
no Sissy, it's just strange and exciting. I have so many strong feelings
pulling me in so many directions it's hard to keep my head up." "Well,
Libby, you just lie back and relax. " Debbie reaches over and puts a small
pillow down and settles me back on the bed. It feels great to be lying down
without having to do anything. Angie begins to caress my forehead again.
Her hand now feels cool and calming. I'm still feeling tremendously sexual,
but the simple act of detaching, lets me catch my breath. I realize that my
breathing is now much more relaxed. I feel I need to encourage and reassure
everyone. "Angie, I love that, it feels so good. Sissy, Debbie, thanks for
being so sweet. I'm ok. I just needed to catch my breath. I'm really
feeling great, just different than I've ever felt before. I know it's the
grass and the new experience." I quickly realized that I had an almost
compulsion to keep talking somehow. It seemed to bring me calm. I had so
many thoughts racing through my mind. I needed to let it come out as
directly as I could. "Look, all of you, I just need to tell you that I'm, I
guess you figured it out by now, " (I said with a laugh) "that I'm very
stoned. Don't get me wrong, or worry, I love the way I feel. I feel so
alive, so turned on, I can hardly believe it. Every touch is so amazing.
Believe me this is like nothing I've ever felt before. It's all I can do to
stop myself from touching myself. Is this normal?" Angie immediately
answered. "Completely normal. Just don't worry about it, at all. Just relax
and put yourself in our hands." She said this with a reassuring voice and
smile, and Debbie and Sissy chimed in with their agreement. I felt a lot
calmer letting them know how I felt.

Sissy leaned over and asked me if I was warm enough. I assured her I
was. "Ok sweet Libby, you just put yourself in our hands. Where going to
take you on a trip that your going to remember forever. You don't have to
worry about bringing yourself off at all. Were going to bring you to a
place you've never been before. You're going to adore it. You're still
going to be completely in charge. You can stop, or slow down whatever is
happening. You just don't need to worry at all. All you have to do is be
ready to receive the greatest pleasure you've ever felt. Are you ready?"
All of this was said with such sincerity and warmth. Sissy had both her
hands on my shoulders, while Angie was gently brushing my forehead with her
fingertips. I felt this enormous feeling of warmth and comfort combined
with my love for the three of them. Debbie, was sitting cross-legged at my

Through all of this, my powerful sexual excitement was like a turbulent
sea, which I barely could keep my head up in. Sissy's words and both their
touches, certainly helped in calming me down and at the same time it even
increased my anticipation of even more pleasure to come. It was all
becoming heavenly.

All my senses were operating at such a high level, that every touch, smell,
sound and sight were in themselves something you could loose yourself in. I
knew that I was producing a great deal of wetness. Not only, could I feel
it, I could smell my own familiar odor. As I was lying back on Angie's lap,
I was certain I could smell hers. Debbie was right at my side sitting
cross-legged. A quick glance revealed her wide-open pussy. It was clearly
moist, and I was certain I could smell her also. As Sissy was leaning over
me, I was aware of her individual perfume. I wasn't certain if it was her
body or her hair. The light was very golden and indirect. I was so aware
that the most delectable skin surrounded me. I deeply felt that every inch
of my body and my friends were super sensitive to every sensation. My
nipples felt like they had never been this extended before. They felt so
sensitive that I could actually feel the movement of air passing them. I
didn't know how long I could last in this strange wondrous state. Angie's
finger had moved from my forehead to my lips, and broke my thoughts.

Angie had started to stroke my lips, paying the most attention to the
corner of my mouth. Sissy was massaging my feet. She was focusing her
fingers between my toes. Debbie had reached over me, and was lightly
rubbing my arms. Her breasts were moving across mine with each stroke. All
of this was incredible, yet I still desperately needed some release. I
realized that I was holding my hands in a tight ball, just to prevent
myself from touching my pussy. At least I had stopped panting. I looked
down at Sissy at my feet. For a moment, I caught her eye. All I could do
was mouth the word "please". She looked at me and nodded slightly. She
began to lightly run both hands up my legs. I opened my thighs. Her thumbs
came as far as the junction of my thighs and pussy. She was making circles
in the little soft hollow on each side of my pussy. With each stroke, my
legs became further apart. Sissy was moving on her knees between my
outstretched legs. Debbie bent down and began to lick my nipples. Each
touch of her tongue, send an electric shock right to my groin. I couldn't
stand the light sensation. I pulled her head down on my breast, and placed
my nipple in her mouth. She understood, and immediately began to suck on my
nipple, then bite it gently. I could feel Sissy's breath between my legs. I
knew what was going to follow. I already was thrusting my hips upward to
try to reach Sissy's mouth, even without seeing exactly where she was.
Angie was now thrusting her finger into my mouth. I was sucking it, as I
wanted Debbie to suckle me. Finally Angie withdrew her finger and crushed
my lips with her mouth, and shot her tongue into me. Just then, I felt
Sissy's breath directly on my pussy. Her tongue followed as it licked up
the inside lips of my pussy. With her finger's I felt her gently pull my
lips open. I was helping her by opening my legs as far as I could. She then
spit on my slit and began to rub her saliva around my clit. I felt her lips
envelop my clitoral hood and she began to suck and tongue me. Her finger
entered me. That did it. I started to come. I felt my hips rise from the
bed. They were bucking uncontrollably. I grabbed Sissy's hand, and pulled
her finger's into me as far as I could thrust them. I was holding the back
of her head on my pussy. I was in a state that I can barely describe.
Nothing had prepared me for the power of the orgasms I was having. I knew I
was yelling something, but I simply don't know what. I could feel
convulsions start deep within me and end in a shuttering of my thighs. This
was much more intense than any orgasm I had ever experienced. I had this
desperate feeling that I needed every opening of my body penetrated to
bring me some kind of sublime release. God knows my partners were certainly
trying. While Angie's tongue and lips sucked and twisted around my own
tongue, Debbie's was sucking and biting my nipples. I became aware of the
sounds of a kind of grunting, as all of them gasped for air through their
enveloped mouths and noses. I could smell everyone's body. Sweet sweat and
vaginal wetness, all were mingling in some sublime odor.

Finally, the waves started to recede.

Angie continued to hold and kiss me lightly. I was trying to catch my
breath at the same time. I could feel Sissy's cheek resting on my inner
thigh, and Debbie nuzzling my neck. I felt a sublime sense of well being
and a powerful love for the three of them.

I was sort of drifting along in my own post orgasm reverie. Some time had
past, when it occurred to me that they had not had the pleasure of the
release that I had just experienced.

"Well what do you think?" Angie whispered in my ear. "Think? I'm beyond
thinking." I replied.

I glanced over to see Debbie straddling Sissy backwards, and looking at me
with a sweet knowing smile. Sissy's knees were raised, and her leg's were
apart. I could see her left hand playing with her obviously wet pussy. I
felt I was in a dream. Debbie bent down and I'm certain placed her mouth
at her sisters wide-open mound. I couldn't see exactly what was happening
because of Debbie's hair, but Sissy had reached over and was holding the
back of her sisters head, and her hips were moving at the same speed as
Debbie was moving over Sissy's face. They had both begun to almost hum in
time to their thrusting hips. I was transfixed watching what I was certain
was going to be both of them sliding into a convulsive orgasm. I became
aware of the movement of Angie's hand moving at her own pussy at the same
speed. I quickly moved down from where I lay, and got between her wide-open
legs. I knew I desperately wanted to give her the pleasure they had given
me. I quickly moved Angie's wet fingers from inside herself and moved my
own deep within her without hardly missing a beat of her own rhythm. I bent
over and began to suck on her clitoral hood while I tried to find her clit
with my tongue. As I found the little erect nubbin. I could feel the walls
of Angie's vagina tightening on my thrusting fingers. She was pouring out
the sweetest juices, which by now were running along my wrist. She was now
holding my hair. I was trying to breathe through my nose, which was being
pushed into the bone above her pussy. I was gasping for air as I realized
that she was going to come. Her vagina was grasping at my fingers as I
moved them in and up as fast as I could. I was sucking and moving the tip
of my tongue on her clit. She was thrusting her hips. I felt as though she
was pushing me into herself, when she started to scream and thrust in an
even more powerful way. She pulled me away by my hair and held my hand deep
inside herself. I could feel the deep convulsions inside her turn to small
after shocks then almost cease then start over again in much smaller
shudders. I could feel her grip on my hair loosen. She placed her hand on
mine, and very slowly removed my wet finger's from her still occasionally
fluttering vagina.

I looked up to see Sissy and Debbie watching with hooded eyes and slight
sleepy smiles. They were in each other's arms. Angie was mouthing "thank
you". I crawled up to be with her. We held on to each other, and slipped
under the comforter. "You know, there's a friend of ours named Arlene, who
I think you would really love." Angie murmured.

The last thing I remember was Sissy and Debbie kissing me before they
moved into the bedroom.

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