Friday, April 17, 2009

"The Four of Us" Begginings Chapter 3

I thought that it must have been a dream. As I lay they're for a few
moments in that space between sleep and wakefulness. Sunlight was pouring
through the window. With a rush of feelings, Sissy's hands on my body came
back. For a moment I thought I was having one of my "sex" dreams. My God!
This happened. I was overcome with such feelings for Sissy. I wanted to
rush to her side, but then a little ripple of self-consciousness hit
me. Maybe Sissy would prefer if I didn't say anything at all, or not make
such a big deal out of it. I decided on the middle course. I gently knocked
on Sissy's door. I heard her say "come in" right away. She was on the other
side of the room, and turned as I entered. She had a big sweet grin. I
needn't have been concerned.

"Well little sister, I'll bet we both got a good nights sleep. Deb, I was
just getting you some books that I think you'll treasure as much as I do. I
want you to know that last night was like a dream come true. Watching you
develop the way you are, I was concerned that maybe some other areas were
lagging behind. That's what happened to me, and I didn't want it to happen
to you. Come sit down beside me, I'll show them to you."

As I sat down next to Sissy I asked her if she had "taken care of herself"
as well as she had taken care of me. We both started to laugh at my

"Not too bad". She replied, "but I bet not quite up to the way you were
taken care of." I laughed and agreed with her, and thanked her again for
the extraordinary gift she had given me. She promised me it was a gift that
kept on giving. We laughed over that too. She explained how she had found
the books and wanted me to look at them but always make sure she was
around, so I could return them to her. I didn't know about the hiding place
at that point.

"Well Deb, which one do you want to see first?" I told her maybe the
Lesbian one, since maybe we can get some tips for ourselves. I admit that I
was slightly uncomfortable wanting to see that first, but I did. We looked
at it quietly together. I was astounded by the possibilities. I told her
so. "God, Sissy we hardly scratched the surface. I would love to try some
of these things with you. Boy would I love you to do it with me. What have
I been missing? It's incredible. You're so lucky. You have Bobby, and what
about a girlfriend?" I was even slightly shocked by the boldness of my
question. "Well I think I am lucky to have it both. I'm what's called
Bi-sexual. You'll see it in the books. I love it from both sexes. I think
you do too. I don't know for sure, of course, anyway, do you remember Jenny
Ryan? Well we had a really intense sexual relationship when I was about
your age. I still see her now and again. She's away at College. There is
one other person, this one you've got to swear to never breathe a word,
Ok?" I agreed and even crossed myself.

" Do you remember Arlene Sternich, Nadine's mom. I baby sat for her for
over two years. Well, I have to tell you I learned an incredible amount
from her, believe me. She's a great person. I adore her. She taught me a
lot about massage. I'd love to try that on you. You would be a great
subject. Its called erotic massage and I'm telling you it's fantastic!
Anyway, I still see her. So you see, I think I'm pretty lucky."

We continued to browse through both books. Just reading and looking was
even getting me sort of turned on. I was concerned if that was normal?
Sissy reassured me it was completely natural, and that was one of the best
reasons to have an older sister help lead the way. I could not have agreed
more. Sissy wanted to know if I was still a virgin? I was astounded that
she had to ask. She explained that actually a lot of girls my age were
still officially virgins because they had never been with a guy, but your
hymen my be open from all the sports and movements girls do nowadays, and
also from inserting thing up your vagina. I told her I really wasn't sure.
There was definitely no guy, but I sometimes sort of fool around with my
hairbrush handle. At that we both got hysterical. Debbie wanted to look. I
asked her if she was serious? "Absolutely."

"I guess you are serious. It won't hurt will it?" She held my hand
reassuringly. "Of course not. Don't be silly. Wait just a sec I'm going to
get something from the bathroom." Sissy left for a few moments and came
back with a tube, which she told me was lubricant. Not like Vaseline, or
anything greasy. Which she told me you weren't supposed to use in your
vagina. I was learning a lot of new things. I must say. She had me lie back
with my legs spread apart. "This'll take just a second. Just relax." I
could feel her fingers probing inside. I must say she was extremely gentle
and I certainly didn't mind. Come to think of it, as a mater of fact, it
kind of felt good. Before I could get used to it. Out she came with a big
smile. "Well, I don't know if it was your gymnastics or you hairbrush, but
you are wide open. You lucky girl."

Well I was very pleased with myself for some reason. As though I'd not only
accomplished something, but learned something also.

What I really was interested in now, was how we were going to do some of
the things in the book. "Which book Debbie? You tell me. We can start with
the two of us. Then maybe we can bring in Bobby if you want. What do you
think of that?" Wow! What an idea. I was thrilled to hear my choices. I had
always had something of a crush on Bobby. He always was very sweet to
me. Really paid attention to me. We sometimes talked while he waited to
pickup Sissy. Bobby definitely played a big part in my erotic dreams. Sissy
interrupted my reverie; by telling me that maybe we could start that very
night, and then take it from there. To say I was excited would be an
understatement. We talked some more about how might include Bobby. Sissy
said she had some ideas, but wanted to run them past Bobby. She assured me
I needn't worry about anything, that she would be completely discreet. I
wasn't certain what she meant exactly, but I trusted her completely, and
frankly I was so interested that I would have agreed to almost anything. It
was so odd, I was moving from some shyness about anything to do with Bobby,
to a really strong pull to do something. "Ok, Debbie that's great. I'll be
seeing Bobby late this morning. I'll talk to him, and then we can talk it
through tonight when we have our second lesson. How does that sound?" I
immediately told her. "Great! I've never looked forward to a lesson before
like this." We both agreed.

I had been over to a friend's house watching a movie on video. I can't even
remember what I was watching I was so distracted by my rising
expectations. I was mainly focused on how quickly I could leave Andrea's
house, without hurting her feelings. Finally I said good night and rushed

It was perfect timing, just as I walked up the block towards the house; I
could see Sissy pull into the driveway. She beat me by a few minutes. I
calmed down a little. I tried to walk a little more slowly. My heart was
pounding, and my mouth was parched. Mom and Dad were going to be visiting
Aunt Edith's and Uncle Ernie's for their twenty fifth-anniversary
party. Mom told me she would leave us supper, to be microwaved. As a mater
of fact Mom had done a big shopping, just to make certain that we would not
starve over the weekend.

Sissy heard me come in, and yelled down the stairs that she was going to
take a shower. I told her I would zap our supper and set it out. Sissy came
down in her lavender ribbed terry bathrobe, with her curly dark brown hair
wrapped in a towel. We sat down to eat. Sissy never said a word. I was
dying to know if she had spoken to Bobby. Finally I couldn't stand it any
longer, and said. "Wellllllll"?! Sissy laughed and apologized. "I'm sorry,
I was just teasing you a little. I know your dying to hear what
happened. Well he was very sympathetic. He really likes you. And get
this. He told me not only that, but he finds you very attractive. What do
you think of that?" "God, Sissy that's great. Tell me everything. Don't
leave out a thing." Sissy put down her fork and continued. " He told me,
that in the last year or so, he had really been aware of you as someone he
was attracted to, but because he was seeing me, and the age thing, it was
clearly not a possibility. So he was very interested. He has only one
request though, or maybe I should say condition. To begin with, he just
wants you to watch. Not hidden or anything, but not where he can see
you. He thinks he might be too nervous if he saw the both of us
together. He just wants us to work it out. He would love to go along with
us, if we can start that way. I think he was very pleased to be asked. Well
Debbie what do you think?" I was delighted. "Sissy that's great. Really
great. Do you have any ideas?

Sissy had quite a few. She admitted that she wasn't being completely
straight with me about Bobby. She told me she thought that by somehow
including me with Bobby, she would be able to have Bobby stay with her at
our house if Mom and Dad were away, even during the day when they were both
at work. I told her I would never have had any objection to her having
Bobby over. Maybe a little jealous, but really ok with the idea. We agreed
that it seemed to be a great idea no mater how it came about. Sissy's idea
was for them to use my folk's bedroom, because there simply wasn't enough
room in our bedrooms. She thought we should bring the Japanese Screen that
was in the living room, upstairs to their bedroom. I could easily be hidden
from view behind it, but could clearly see out from the where the panels
were attached. I thought it was a great solution. We finished supper and
cleaned up. I went upstairs for a bath. I was trying to be cool and
collected, but I tell you I was in a completely anxious state. I didn't
fool Sissy. She told me to relax, and have a delicious bath, take as long
as I wanted She would get our folks room ready for us. I was too nervous to
ask what it meant to "get the room ready for us."

I put on my best nightgown. Now best doesn't mean exactly elegant, but it
was the best I had. It was the first "adult" sleep ware I had ever
received. It was a gift from my Grandma for my sixteenth birthday. It was a
light yellow silk. It looked very Chinese. I walked into their bedroom. I
was stunned to find that Sissy had lit votive candles in paper plates all
over the room. It was really beautiful and very romantic. I had seen this
in movies, but never in real life. Sissy had put on one of my Mom's silk
robes, and had dried and brushed out her hair. She was standing by the big
king-size bed, grinning. "Well Debbie, don't you look beautiful. " She
really meant it. And the truth was, that's how I felt. She reached out and
took both hands, then leaned over and gently kissed me. It was certainly no
"French Kiss", but it sure wasn't a sisterly one either. It felt great, and
I started to feel my heart beating. Sissy had me sit down on a little
upholstered chair near the bed. She wanted to know if I had ever smoked
grass, and if I wanted to? I told her that I had tried twice, but could
never really inhale and had never been stoned. "Well Debbie, would you like
me to teach you how?" Well of course I agreed. I was dying to try it. She
set about to show me everything she would do, like rolling the joint.
Things like that, and what I might feel, and even how to inhale. This was
much better than the other few times, which were hurried and a complete
failure. She had placed a big ashtray on the night table. She sat crossed
legged on the side of the bed, and I pulled my chair close. She lit up. She
again showed me how to inhale with lots of air and how to hold it. I tried,
and after a few sputtering coughs, managed to hold the smoke in most of the
time. I remember thinking to my self this isn't going to work, though I
liked the smell and the taste of the grass. I was looking at the pattern on
the bedspread, thinking that I had never really seen how beautiful it was
before. I was simply amazed how intricate and lovely the pattern was. I was
following it, when I came to Sissy's knee. There in the silk I could see
another pattern hidden. I was closely involved with this, when with a fast
beating heart, I realized, this is it! I looked up to see Sissy's shining
face. She had the sweetest smile I ever remembered seeing. I was almost
overcome by love and gratitude. "Feeling good Debbie"? She whispered.
"Never ever better". I answered with a sigh. She handed me the joint again
and I took in a long deep drag. I was very pleased I was able to hold it,
as I passed it over to Sissy. By now, I knew I was quite stoned; yet I
loved the heightened feelings. I of course knew that some kind of sexual
thing was the real point of our night together, and believe me it was very
much on my mind. Still, just feeling the effects of the grass certainly in
itself kept me from being totally focused on worrying about what might
happen. Sissy of course had lent me the book I wanted to see first, and
some of those images kept sliding into my reveries. So you might say I was
in two places at once. Sissy broke my train of thoughts by asking me if I
would like to climb up on the bed and relax. She moved over to the side to
make room. I must admit I was feeling a little shy again. Sissy somehow
realized that. She told me, "lay down on your stomach Debbie, I'll give you
a little back rub to relax you." I climbed on the bed, while Sissy moved
over. Sissy arranged some pillows for me, and I lay face down. As I relaxed
in position, I realized how tense I had been. Just lying there, felt
good. Sissy started immediately to massage my back and neck. It was very
different this time. We had crossed a boundary of some kind, and now
Sissy's hands from the very beginning had a sexual feel. It was clear to me
right away, and I wanted it very much. I told her so directly. "Sissy, I
want to learn from you. I know some of it's the grass. But your hands feel
like fire on my skin. I'm very turned on. I love the feeling." Sissy
responded by gently lifting my nightgown. I helped her by raising my body
to allow her to pull it up to where it was above my waist. She then lightly
kissed me behind each knee. I couldn't believe how great that felt. She
then began to do my legs and thighs. This time she was much more direct
with her fingers, and I indicated with my movements that I was more than
ready for her. By now I was on my knees, as wide open as I could make
myself. "Let's take that off completely." Sissy said as she lifted my gown
off I raised my arms up to allow her to remove it. The fabric running up
over my nipples was a wonderfully shocking surprise. Sissy began to touch
my nipples. She was lightly pinching and pulling them, while she kissed my
back. It was incredible. I felt her fingers in the crack of my ass. Then
just barely touching my little ass hole. "Oh my God Sissy, that's so good.
Don't stop." Then I felt her fingers strumming my pussy lips, up and down
up and down. I could feel myself almost involuntarily trying to capture her
fingers in me. She rewarded me by going inside me a little each time,
pulling my wetness all over my swollen lips. "Turn over my sweet Debbie.
I'm going to give you a real treat. But first let me get this off. " She
took her robe off, and put it on the floor next to the bed. The shadows of
the candles, and the light on Sissy's body were beautiful. As I lay back
down, I found myself looking at her body. I was stunned to see that she had
shaved her public hair. It looked very sweet, almost like a baby. I could
see that she had very distinct dark inner lips and her little clit was
peaking out. It certainly was bigger than mine. Sissy reached over and
pulled a pillow from the other side of the bed. I loved the way her breasts
moved, as she reached for the pillow. I was absolutely focused on how the
colors of her nipples were the same as the inner lips on her pussy. I had
to stop myself from reaching over to caress them. She turned around and
gave me another of her warm melting smiles. I would have trusted her with
anything at that moment. "Here put your butt on that. Make yourself real
comfy. " She positioned me on the pillow, so my pelvis was tilted up. She
gently moved my legs apart. I certainly needed no coaxing. She moved my
knees up slightly. I was now as wide open as I could be, and in a
completely relaxed position. Sissy sat on her haunches between my legs, and
began to stroke my inner thighs. It felt marvelous. She didn't use any oil
or anything, just a very delicate touch. I was dying for her to touch my
pussy, but she didn't. She told me to close my eyes, and just let myself
go. I did. The delicate touching continued, except she was now going as far
as between my legs, but not my pussy. Just when I could hardly stand it, I
felt her breath right on my pussy lips. She was blowing on me in the very
controlled, delicate way. It felt great. I told her so. "Gee Sissy, that's
unbelievable." She just continued, up and down up and down. Then I felt her
tongue flick out. It was like a sexual electric shock, it was that
powerful, even though it was the slightest touch. I heard myself actually
groan. "Ohhh God Sissy please do more, please" She began to run her tongue
between the lips. Just as I was reaching down with an urge to hold Sissy's
head more closely to my pussy, Sissy reached up to hold my wrist from doing
it. She was now lapping at me, and I was getting very close to coming when
Sissy stopped. She let go of my wrists. My hips were still moving a little.
She was now sitting up where she had started. "Boy, Sissy that was beyond
belief. I almost came. I adore that. I want to try it on you. Can I? I'd
love to." Sissy had a kind of half smile. Again I was drawn to look at her
breasts. Her skin was quite fair yet her nipples and the area around them
were so dark they almost had a purple tinge. The same color as the
prominent lips of her pussy. Sissy saw me looking. She turned around and
bent over, exposing her ass hole and pussy. "You see Debbie, the area
around my ass hole, my pussy lips and nipples are the same color. It kind
of tells you that those are really sensitive places. Yours are more pinkish
tan." She turned back. "You'll see in a second. She reached over and picked
up another joint that was lying on the night table next to the bed. She lit
it and passed it over. We only passed it back and forth a few times. I
motioned to her that I wanted no more. She nodded in agreement. Removed the
burning end, and blew out the little bit of smoke left. "Maybe for
later". She told me. The thought of more was the last thing I was
interested in. By now all I wanted was to continue. As though she read my
mind, Sissy asked me to move my butt off the pillow, I did. She then
crawled on top of me and straddled me, and bent down and without a word
began to lick my pussy. It was clear what was happening. Sissy's pussy was
directly on my face. I moved my head back a little to breathe. My nostrils
were filled with Sissy's wonderful aroma. It was so different than mine. My
focus somehow shifted to this intense subtle perfume. I could smell the
seashore and watermelon, with something of the forest floor in the
background. I was amazed and terribly excited. I certainly could feel
Sissy's tongue teasing along the lips of my pussy, but at that moment, I
was simply overwhelmed by the heady aroma. Sissy by now was producing a
great deal of moisture, which I was literally lapping up. I found myself
pulling her lips apart to get at her vagina in order to suck at her
nectar. It had a taste similar to its smell, only with a somewhat sharp
metallic undertone. I was so caught up in Sissy's vaginal aroma that her
incessant tongue on my own pussy only gradually began to enter my
consciousness. Wow, did it come into my senses. First I heard Sissy begin
to hum, as she was licking and nibbling me. That sound seemed to connect by
vibration to the very core of my sexual being. I was absolutely astounded
how sound and feelings became so sexually intertwined. I of course knew a
lot of this was the grass, but I was so caught up in the moment, I really
understood for the first time what a "being really high" was. As I was
thinking and enjoying all of this, I felt Sissy's finger circling around my
ass hole. It was exquisite! Just then her tongue began to make the same
circles around my clit. I simply couldn't help myself and began to repeat
over and over again, "don't stop, don't stop, don't stop. Please don't
stop. I'm begging you." I wasn't saying this loudly, but believe me I meant
it, and even in my shape I could hear an incredible insistence in my voice.

I knew I had been neglecting Sissy for a little while. I had an urge to
somehow grasp her breasts. I reached over her sweat-filmed shoulders and
reached down with both hands to find her breasts. She knew what I was
trying to do, and arched her back slightly to give me access. I found her
nipples and began to rub and pull at them. Sissy was encouraging me by
saying things like, "that's the way girl. Oh yes, like that. Harder
harder. Yes, keep doing that." Things like that. She began to press her
finger just at the entrance of my asshole. She would go from pressing to
almost tickling me there. It was simply incredible. I loved the way her
nipples felt in my fingers. They were so alive. Her aureole was covered in
little goose bumps, which I also gave some attention to. She seemed to love
it all. She began to direct me to, "play with my ass, play with my ass." I
began to do to her, what she had been doing to me. I also realized that she
had moved her clit right on to my tongue. I could feel it's firm wet little
shape sticking out from its little hood. I took it in my pursed lips and
with the very tip of my tongues I both massaged it and sucked on it. Sissy
started to grind her pussy on my mouth and was actually screaming
something. I could hardly breath. Then she began to do the same to me, and
at the same time I felt her finger slide into my rectum. Without even
knowing it, I started to come, in what I can only describe as an immense
convulsion that seemed to start in my clit and ass hole and throw my whole
body into a series of intense waves. I kept pulling on Sissy's nipples, and
at the same time I was also trying to breathe. Sissy was by now thrashing
around and screaming. She came away from my pussy and fell on my own
breasts and began to suckle on one of my nipples. As she did that I had
another wave of orgasms. It was beyond anything I could have imagined. She
was now turned around and we were in each other's arm's kissing and hugging
and rubbing our wet bodies on each other. The odor was so intense, a
complete mixture of our own internal juices, perspiration and grass. It was

I think we both fell asleep at pretty much the same time. I do remember
waking up at some point. I was worried about the candles. They of course
were long since out. I had to pee like crazy, and stumbled into my folk's
bathroom. I crawled back in bed, and snuggled close to Sissy's back. She
moved her ass into me. I loved the close as spoons feeling. It was the last
thing I thought of until morning. I woke feeling slightly groggy. Sissy
wasn't there. I lay there thinking of the night with her, and believe it or
not, I started to get horny. I tried to divert my thoughts to something
else, but it seemed impossible. My thoughts simply went to the future. Now
I was having fantasies about the coming evening with Sissy and Bobby. I was
thinking maybe I should simply give in and bring myself off. I decided
instead to simply get up pee, and shower. Just peeing helped, and the act
of showering certainly felt sensual, I was able to get through it without
touching myself. I certainly was in a heightened sexual state. I had mixed
feelings about it. I rather liked the buzz it gave me, but it was something
of a drag, because it simply would not completely go away.

I found Sissy stripping the sheets off the bed when I walked back into the
bedroom. She looked at me with her kind of lopsided grin. "Well, how are
you doing? I'm feeling just great Debbie. Why did we wait so long?" She
asked in her kidding way. That broke the ice though, and I told her how I
was feeling, and how much last night had meant to me. She gave me a big
hug. We both got dressed and went and had breakfast.

While we were gobbling down some cereal and fruit, Sissy told me she had
been thinking some more about my so-called education. She wanted to know
what I thought about her introducing me to Arlene Sternich. She was very
convincing in telling me what a terrific person Arlene was. She told me
that she had been speaking to Arlene just a few days ago, and she was
looking for a baby sitter for Nadine. Did I want to give it a try? I told
her I'd like to meet her and see if we hit it off. I'd leave the
arrangements to her. "Well, Sissy what about Bobby? How is that going to

The plan with Bobby was very simple. Since he essentially knew what was
happening, and we were not putting something over on him. We just had to
work out the mechanics and timing. After breakfast we looked at the
Japanese screen that partially separated the living and dining area. It was
made of a combination of three paper panels and wooden strips. The funny
thing is it had been around so much of my life, that I hardly noticed it
anymore. It was quite open in some places and rather opaque in others. We
discovered that by being in a particular spot, and not being in the light,
you would not really be seen behind it. We carried it up to the master
bedroom, and experimented with different positions. We finally settled on a
spot that would be pretty close but would be in deep shadow at night, even
with the bedside light on. We dragged a comfortable chair behind the
screen, and with Sissy on the bed; I peered out from between the slats and
paper panels. I had a very clear view, and when Sissy moved over, I could
easily move just an inch or so to follow her anywhere on the big king size
bed. Sissy claimed that even looking for me she could not really see me at
all. We were quite pleased with ourselves.

The day was uneventful. Sissy had to go to work after lunch. I did some
laundry, and straightening up. I did my homework assignments. I felt very
virtuous having done all my homework on Saturday. I made some phone calls
and got some. The day went pretty quickly considering that I spent much of
it absolutely thinking of nothing except what might happen tonight. It was
though I was two people. I was as relaxed on the phone with my friends as I
always am. They would never have guessed what was really on my mind.

Sissy came home from work at about six or so. She seemed a little on edge
as she raced upstairs to shower.

When she came down she seemed much more relaxed. I had put out a cold
supper of things Mom had left for us. She sat down across from me. "Look
Debbie, are you still up for this? If you want we can forget about it." I
immediately replied. "Sissy, I was going to ask you the same question.
You're the one who can back out you know. Or for that matter so can
Bobby. I would really be disappointed, but I sure could understand if you
wanted to drop the whole thing. It's up to you, but I'm really looking
forward to this. I've hardly thought about anything else." "Ok Debbie, lets
do it." We gave each other a high five. I was very relieved. She continued.
" Maybe we should work out a few things, you know, like signals. I have an
idea. Bobby is coming at seven. I'll give him a chance to back out, I
promise you, but I think he's very interested if we go about it the way we
agreed too. You be in your room. I'll set up the kitchen phone so I can
ring you a few minutes before we go upstairs. That way you can get to the
bedroom, get yourself comfortable in plenty of time, and you don't just
have to sit there waiting. Another thing, all you have to do is watch. If
anything else is going to happen, it will be everybody's choice. How's that
sound?" I t seemed like a great idea, and I agreed that one ring and in I
would go. Before I knew it, it was almost seven. Believe me when I tell you
my heart was pounding and my throat was very dry. On the way to my room, I
peed, and had a cold glass of water. In no time at all, I heard a car drive
up to our garage. Sissy must have opened the garage door from the house.
The car door slammed shut, followed by the garage door. It was Bobby, right
on time. I heard dim voices of greetings then quiet, as I supposed they
moved into the living room. I lay on my bed with a magazine basically
reading the same paragraph over and over. I had changed into something
comfortable. A light yellow cotton jersey knit pullover. I decided not to
wear a bra. I had put on my cleanest and most comfortable shorts. My feet
were bare. I was trying very hard not to use my imagination. I was simply
too excited as I was, let alone if I let my fantasies run wild.

The phone ring startled me. It wasn't that loud, but I jumped anyway. I got
off the bed and made my way to my folk's room. There was still some light
coming in the window, as I made my way to the chair. Other than that, the
room was dark. It wasn't clear exactly how long I would have to wait so I
tried different ways of sitting and looking, trying to find the best
combination. After a few minutes of distracting myself doing that, I seemed
to settle on a pretty comfortable way to sit and look. The door to the
bedroom was open, so could hear their voices as they reached the stairs. I
settled into my spot and remained very still. I was extremely nervous. The
whole notion that Bobby actually knew I was there, but that I had to be
hidden, I kind of understood. Yet I knew it was sort of odd. When they
reached the head of the stairs, I could clearly hear what they were
saying. Bobby was asking Sissy if she thought I was there. Sissy assured
him that she was certain I was. All this was said with some good humor. I
could tell from Sissy's voice how nervous she was. Bobby also seemed
nervous, and why wouldn't he be. I sure was.

Sissy walked over to the night table and turned the lamp on low. I knew
from having checked it out with her, that I was still in the shadows. Bobby
was a very sweet looking guy. He actually looked younger than his eighteen
years. He was a kind of tall and slim, with curly dark hair and big dark
brown eyes. He had a sweet smile and a rather wide, full mouth. As he sat
down on the edge of the bed, and pulled his feet up, I could see that he
had removed his shoes downstairs. Sissy had gone into my folk's bathroom,
while Bobby sort of lounged about on the bed. I was astounded to see Sissy
come out in our Mom's silk robe. Luckily it was something Mom never wore,
or I think that would have made things even stranger than they were. Sissy
really looked stunning wearing it. I could see she was naked underneath.

Bobby looked up as Sissy came out. "Wow Sissy, you look great. There's a
real advantage to having a bedroom to go to. This is like a dream. I can
hardly believe this is happening to us." Sissy had a big smile, as she
walked over to the bed. She had the light from the alcove of the bathroom
behind her. It was extremely clear that she had nothing on under the sheer
robe. "Well, Bobby, you can thank Debbie for this. I would never have done
this without her being ok with the idea. She's a great sister believe me."
I felt my heart take a few extra beats. My face burned with embarrassment.
I was certain Sissy had glanced at me as she said those words. Bobby's head
was turned away from me as he spoke. "Well you know how I feel about
Debbie. I agree completely." As he was saying this, he was slowly looking
around. Not to catch me hiding, I thought, but somehow to let me know he
knew, and it was all right. He got up from the bed and put his arms around
her. Sissy held him tight and they sort of swayed there for a little while,
then they kissed. They were holding each other, as they slowly sat down on
the bed together. Then they lay back. I was surprised that I could hear
every breath and sound of their kissing. I felt like I was only inches
away. In fact, they had settled on the side of the bed next to the screen,
and I was only a few feet from where they were lying. The light from the
alcove supplied a fair amount of light. Some was direct, and some bounced
off the wall at the head of the bed. That, and with the dim light from the
night table, It looked very romantic. After a great deal of heavy kissing,
I heard Sissy whisper, "wait." She raised herself and began to pull at
Bobby's polo shirt. He lifted his arms and Sissy pulled it off over his
head. She very carefully folded it and put it on the chair next to the
bed. As she turned back, Bobby reached over and pulled her robe down. She
pulled her arms out of the sleeves, and undid the sash. Bobby just sat
there looking at her with a rapt loving expression. I was completely
involved in the whole scene. Sissy's breasts looked so lovely in the back
light, with her dark hair over her shoulders, I knew exactly what Bobby was
feeling, and I felt a swell of loving feelings for both of them. Sissy
turned to drape the robe on the side chair. Bobby folded his arms around
her from behind and kissed her neck. She bent her head down. Bobby began to
stroke her breasts upward very gently, brushing her nipples at the end of
each stroke. I heard Sissy take in a breath each time he did it. She
remained completely still enjoying his gentle touch and kisses. She finally
turned back to him and they kissed deeply again, only this time with more
urgency. Bobby was now holding Sissy's breasts and seemed to be fingering
her nipples. Sissy shifted to bring her self more closely in touch with
Bobby by lifting her bare feet from the floor to the bed. Bobby let go of
her, and got on his knees. He was working at the buckle of his belt. I
realized that he had a hard on. I could clearly see the thrust of his cock
on the light chino fabric. I had seen this happen to some of the boys in
school before, but never in such a complete way. He undid his belt. By now
Sissy was helping. It wasn't completely smooth. She was having trouble
unhooking something on his pants, while Bobby was pulling the zipper
down. Finally after a few nervous laughs, and small kisses to reassure each
other, Bobby quickly stepped off the bed and dropped his pants. He was
wearing briefs, and his erect penis was now completely obvious. He was
standing directly in front of Sissy. She moved her head, bent, and kissed
his penis behind the tight fabric of his briefs. She then in a moment
reached over and pulled them down. His beautiful penis was released. I was
astounded. He quickly stepped out of his shorts. The tip had a dull shine,
and its color, reminded me of Sissy's pussy lips and to a certain extent
mine. Boy, Sissy was sure right about that color showing the really
sensitive places. He just stood there a few feet away from me, in complete
profile, with his hands on his slender hips. I was so close I could
actually see his upturned penis move slightly to his heartbeat. At that
moment I could feel my own heart beat in my vagina, almost in sync with
Bobby's heart. I don't mind telling you, that by now, I was so exceedingly
aroused, I could hardly sit still. Sissy bent her head and with just her
pursed lips planted a little kiss on the very tip of his cock. Then I saw
her tongue dart out to lick the same spot. Bobby never moved an inch. She
then turned away, and moved over to make room for him. She stretched out on
her side as he climbed in next to her. They were now lying side by side.

They both started to kiss very heavily. Bobby's leg was inside Sissy's, and
she had one leg over his hip. I saw Bobby's hand reach down and caress her
butt, and pull her even closer. Then I saw his finger's running along
Sissy's swollen pussy lips, from behind. It was surprising from this angle
how puffy they looked because of their bareness. It was very clear that
Sissy was excited too. I could clearly see the opening of her vagina, and
its wetness and much pinker color. Bobby's finger was playing all around
her lips and between her thighs. It occurred to me that Bobby's cock was
against Sissy's stomach, and I wondered what it would feel like.

They kind of broke apart, and I could hear them whispering. I somehow knew
it was about me, at least I thought so at that point. I found myself in a
funny mood. Certainly, I was terribly turned on. One part of me certainly
would have loved to be on that bed. Another loved the feeling of being the
watcher without having to do anything at all. It felt very odd, especially
knowing that they knew that I was observing everything.

Sissy had moved on her back with her legs apart, and Bobby had positioned
himself on his knees between her legs. His penis was still very stiff. For
whatever reason, I had thought that in this situation it would go up and
down. That shows you how much I knew at this point in time. His hands where
on her knees, and her eyes were closed. I thought, this is it; he's going
to put it inside her. But he did nothing accept stroke her inner thighs.
She opened her legs even wider. With her shaved pussy it was so clear to me
that she wanted something. She looked so wide open, with her wet pinkness
so apparent to me. I was somewhat to her side, and Bobby was directly over
her. Sissy moved her head slightly, and opened her eyes. She was looking
for me. She was now looking directly at me. She smiled slightly and blew me
a little kiss. I was so thrilled to somehow have the spell of my
invisibility broken. My heart swelled in my love for her, and it even
included sweet Bobby.

Then Sissy spoke quietly to Bobby. "Don't go inside me yet. I'd love you to
wait. How about going down on me a little? That would be so good. I'd love
you to do that. Let's go slow, ok?" Bobby just nodded his head. All the
while he had been playing around her thighs and where her legs met her
outer pussy. He deliberately bent over and began to play with her inner
lips. He was also going inside her vagina every once and awhile to moisten
his fingers. Her unshaven pussy was now clearly wet from her own juices.
She was now moving her hips in time with Bobby's fingers, as though she was
trying to catch them inside herself. Her clit was now clearly sticking out
of its swollen hood. It was a somewhat elongated white bead in the pink and
purplish tan flesh. As I was noting Sissy's increasing excitement, Bobby
bent down and began to lick along Sissy's slit. Sissy kept on repeating
"that's good, that's good," over and over, as though urging Bobby on. Sissy
was now holding and pulling her own nipples. I was certain she was very
close to coming. Now she was moaning and saying, "just a little bit, just a
little bit, please, please." Sissy now reached down and held Bobby's head
at her pussy. Bobby entered her with two fingers, just as he began to suck
on her clit. Sissy had an orgasm. Not as powerful as the other night with
me, but definitely a real shudder. She released Bobby's head, as her body
began to relax. For good measure Bobby gave her a little kiss on her
pussy. "Come up here." She gently ordered. She turned on her side. Bobby
slid up the bed to be by her. He still had his erection. They held each
other for awhile, while murmuring in each other's ears. I was sitting
completely still, concentrating on the scene before me. I must tell you I
was feeling completely inflamed, what's more, by now I had worked my hand
up the leg of my shorts and had begun to finger myself. I simply could not
help myself. I was certainly not on the brink, but I sure was excited. I
think I may have done myself, if I wasn't afraid of them hearing me. My
gaze had broken from their lovely bodies, when I hear Sissy say, "hey
sweetie, how you doing?" She was looking directly at me. Her words shook me
out of my reverie. It's as though the television screen had begun to
talk. Of course I know it's just Sis, but I was completely flustered. I
could barely mutter an, "ok".

Now Bobby was looking at me. He smiled and said, "hi Debbie. I almost
forgot you were there. If Marie, (Sissy's real name) thinks it's ok, as far
as I'm concerned you can come on out. I really don't feel shy at all about
you being here. I mean if it's all right with you. I don't think it's
really fair, and I'm sorry I made you do it." Sissy immediately agreed.
They were now of course looking directly at me.

"Sure" I said. "If you guys feel alright about it, I'd love to come out. I
must admit it was getting lonely and a little hard to deal with back
here. I think I learned a lot, and I want to thank both of you. Especially
you Bobby. I think I know how hard it might have been." I slipped off the
seat and tried to stand up, but my legs had fallen asleep, and I almost
fell over. I grabbed the screen to steady myself, and it began to tip
over. Bobby leaped up to grab the screen, and with the other hand grabbed
me. He placed the screen upright and held my hand while drawing me from
behind the screen. I felt a small wave of shyness hit me, but allowed Bobby
to pull me forward. I was having a little trouble looking directly at him,
yet when I looked down I saw his half-erect penis. I looked away to see
Sissy resting on her elbow watching me attentively. Sissy patted the bed,
and pulled herself up to a sitting position.

"Come, lie down here Deb. I'm really glad you're here." Bobby reached over
and took my other hand and gracefully helped me on to the bed. I sat there
in front of Sissy, with Bobby just in front of me. I was almost looking
directly at his cock. Much to my relief I heard Sissy say, " Bobby, I want
you to know that Debbie has the loveliest body I'll bet you've ever seen,
and that includes me. Deb, do you want to get out of your things? I don't
think there's a thing to be shy about at this point. Do you? You've sure
seen us. No question about that." She said with a little laugh.

Of course she was right. Yet I did feel a little shyness mixed in with my
increasing excitement. "Here, put your arms up." I did as she said, and in
a moment my top was off. The feeling of the air hitting my naked breasts
felt exquisite. I could almost feel my sensitive nipples become even more
erect. "You see Bobby, how lovely her breasts are. See how different they
are from mine. So full, and look at how big her nipples have grown." While
saying this, she reached around me with both arms, and sort of lifted my
right breast up a little, and fingered my left nipple. She did this in a
loving way, but I did feel this crazy mixture of embarrassment, pride and
arousal. I managed to look Bobby directly in the eyes, as he shifted his
eyes up from my bared breasts. I somehow felt I needed to give him a
reassuring smile. He warmly smiled back, and said, "she's right, they're
very lovely." All I could manage was "thank you."

Sissy was still fondling my breasts, which I must admit I loved, when she
slowly drew me back, to where my head was resting on her lap. Bobby moved
my feet completely on the bed. "Can I take these off?" Bobby asked. He had
moved both hands to the waistband of my shorts. I whispered, "yes, please."
I lifted my butt, and in a moment they were off. I felt the cool air on my
wet pussy. For some reason, now my desire was stronger than my shyness. I
knew something was going to happen. I wasn't certain what it would be .The
uncertainty, I somehow knew was part of the excitement.

Sissy never stopped stroking my breasts and nipples. With her other hand
she began to trace my lips with her finger. My eyes were now half shut, but
I could see Bobby turning towards me. I guess he had placed my shorts on
the chair next to the bed. He now was lying across where my feet were. I
could see his erect cock. Bobby's body was slender, but he had distinct
muscles on his legs and arms, and curly ringlets of light hair on his
chest. His public hair was slightly darker. I must admit I had a hard time
keeping my eyes off his erect penis. Remember this was another incredible
first for me. I heard Bobby say, "do you want to touch it? It's really ok
you know. I'd like you to, if you want to." He asked me in such a kind
voice. I answered simply, "yes I would".

At that moment I thought he was the sweetest guy in the world. With just
that simple invitation, he had removed my shyness. He moved forward a
little on his knees. I opened my legs to allow him to inch forward. Sissy
sat up just a little, so now Bobby's cock was right in front of me. I loved
the shape of the head. It looked so very smooth, like velvet. It had a
reddish tan color with a kind of purple in it. It was very much the same
color as Sissy's pussy lips. I could clearly see veins circling the
shaft. And yes, I could see it move a little to what I'm certain was his
heartbeat. There was no hair on his cock; his pubic hair began in a kind of
triangle around it, with just a little on his balls. Its color was darker
than on his head, but it also had a little glint of red. I loved his balls
too. I was dying to feel them. As you can tell, I found the whole thing
extremely exciting and interesting. Bobby broke my concentration by
stroking my hair and saying, " Debbie, look, I'd love you to touch me, but
you have to be real careful. I don't want to come yet, and I'm a little
afraid that with everything that's been going on I'm so turned on I might
just go ahead without wanting to yet. So be real gentle, Ok?" Sissy piped
in by telling me, that I should be very careful with his balls, because
their very tender and that I should just hold them very gently. She urged
me to go ahead.

I must say I was a feeling a little nervous. Between not making Bobby come
too soon and hurting him, I was almost frozen. I finally reached out for
his balls, and gently held them in my outstretched fingers. The skin was
soft, and beneath I could just feel the little balls inside. I asked Bobby
if that was ok. He assured me it was. "You're doing it just great. I love
it. Just play around a little." I had started to kind of tickle them very
gently with my short nails. "Yes like that. Oh that's great Debbie." I felt
encouraged, and put my other fingers around the shaft. It was incredible.
It felt so alive! I could feel his heartbeat in my hand. I closed my hand
more firmly around him, and I could actually see his cock head grow in
size. It actually had sheen now, with a little drop of whitish fluid at the
little slit at the end. I heard Sissy whisper in my ear, "go ahead, lick
the end just a little. That's precome, it lubricates his cock so it goes in
real easy. You'll feel how silky smooth it is." By now I was almost beside
myself with desire. Sissy was continuing to fondle my breasts, and was now
beginning to play with my pussy. She didn't have to lubricate me. I could
actually smell myself, I was so wet. I could tell she wasn't trying to make
me come yet, but was just getting me higher and higher.

I very carefully licked the end of his cock head. I could taste the little
drop. It was just the slightest bit salty, with a kind of unusual taste,
but not at all bad, as a mater of fact, it had an interesting tang. Sissy
was so right, the skin was unbelievably smooth, like nothing I had ever
experienced. "That's good, that's good." Bobby kept repeating in a low
voice. I felt encouraged to take the whole head in my mouth, while I used
my tongue to lick around the rim. "Wait, wait, that's too good." He moved
back and his cock come out of my mouth. The head was wet and shinny from my
saliva. "A few more licks like that and I would have come for sure. I think
it's your turn Debbie." I wasn't certain what, "your turn "meant. Sissy
moved me back on her lap. I could actually smell Sissy. I guess she was as
turned on as I was. The back of my head was resting right above Sissy's
pussy. I could feel her wetness on the back of my neck. Bobby had moved
back. He pulled a pillow from the other side of the bed. He moved it under
my ass. I knew what he was doing, and I raised myself and helped him, he
stuffed the pillow under my butt.

Bobby moved to where he was back on his knees between my legs. Sissy
continued to fondle my breasts and gently stroke the lips of my pussy.
Bobby moved forward a little. His cock was very erect. He moved my legs
apart even further, and I helped him by bending my knees. I was now
completely open. My heart was beating so fast, I knew my face was flushed.
I could clearly feel its beat in my vagina. I somehow was certain that
Bobby was going to enter me. I wanted to encourage him, but I didn't trust
my voice. Instead, Sissy held his hand and moved it to my open pussy. In a
moment he had inserted two fingers inside me, and began to move them in and
out. I reached for his hand and pushed him further into me. I somehow
needed to be filled desperately. Bobby added another finger. Sissy had
moved away from my pussy, and was playing with my mouth. I could smell and
taste myself on her fingers. She inserted a finger in my mouth and was
moving it at the same speed as Bobby's. I was sucking on her finger. She
then bent over me, and placed her nipple on my lips. I immediately began to
suck at it. I realized that both of us were humming softly, to Bobby's
moving fingers. Sissy whispered in my ear, "do you want him to go inside
you?" I quickly answered. "Yes yes, oh please yes. I want him too. Please."
She replied with a whisper. "You have to ask him. Go ahead and ask him. He
wants you too."

That was all I needed. Sissy was so sensitive to me. I adored her. "Bobby I
want you to go inside me. Please, I need you to be inside me. Please
hurray, please." Somehow once I asked him I needed him to do it right
away. I was desperate for him to be inside me, even though I had no idea
what it would be like. All I knew at that moment was that I needed to be
filled that I needed to have a release, and his cock was the way.

Without a word, Bobby removed his fingers, and I could feel something
between my inner lips. I knew it was his cock head. I reached down, and
grasped the shaft, and began to move it up and down along my wet swollen
lips. I was rubbing my clit with it, when I felt Bobby move away. For a
second I felt desperate. He was going away! Then I felt his cock move
forward into me. There was no resistance. In it went. It was deep within me
in a moment. He stopped for a beat. I was now moving my hips to get as much
friction as I could. Bobby responded by thrusting himself even further up
my vagina. It was like nothing I could have imagined. My pussy was filled
with this incredibly alive thing. Each thrust was heavenly. Sometimes he
would almost come out, and I thought I would loose him. Then he would move
in again. I heard myself gasping with each stroke. Now I was ready to
come. I needed to come. Bobby was moving faster and faster. By now I was
holding on to his ass. Somehow it gave me a feeling of control. The thought
that he would come out of me, before I could come, was unbearable, also it
made me feel closer to him. I could feel his muscles working, as they
flexed for each push. He began to make sounds too. His thrusts were getting
even wilder and deeper. It was extraordinary. Then I knew he was starting
to come. I felt this last massive thrust, then he let out a yell, and I
felt his semen shoot up to my womb. It was hotter than I could have
imagined. He stayed thrust into me as far as he could go, and as far as I
could hold him, then he moved back just a little, pushed again, and shot
again, then once more. Each time a little bit less. I opened my eyes to see
his contorted sweating face. I still wasn't there yet, and heard myself
yelling, "more, more, more. " He began to move to my words, and I could
actually feel it in his ass and deep within me, the spasms of his squeezing
out of the last drops of his semen. I was now desperate to climax. I let go
of his butt, and reached for my pussy to get to my clit. Just as I was
doing that, Sissy started to pinch my nipples and Bobby bent down and took
my other nipple in his mouth. Bobby's cock came out of my vagina, moved up
and rubbed along my clit before he went in again. He did this a few
times. I'm not exactly sure, because I started to come. It was beyond
belief. I was actually screaming. Each time Bobby did his thing, another
wave hit me. It was starting deep within me. It involved my whole body.
Finally, I simply couldn't take anymore, and held Bobby's ass still. I
could still feel his little squeezes, deep within me, but they no longer
had the same urgency. Bobby's head was on my breasts. Sissy had moved up
now. We were both breathing very hard, almost sucking in the air. I could
feel little after spasms in my vagina and thighs. Not a word was said.
After a minute or so, I definitely felt Bobby's cock begin to loose its
rigidity. It still felt great inside me, but it no longer filled me like
before. Sissy was stroking my face, and kissing my forehead. She leaned
down and simply whispered, "well". All I could say was "God Sissy, Bobby,
thanks What have I been missing?" I heard Bobby say, "I should thank
you. That was really something. It was great. You were great. Believe me."
He slowly withdrew from my vagina. It was as though a very important part
of me was leaving. I was sorry to have him out, yet I felt completely
satiated. I wasn't feeling spent, just immensely satisfied.

Sissy moved over, and Bobby moved up to lie next to her. They kissed each
other deeply. I removed the pillow from my ass, and moved it to the other
side of him. I moved up to lie next to him also. I looked down to see
Bobby's cock no longer erect. I still loved the way it looked. He was
completely wet from his own semen and my juices. Even his public hair was
matted. Sissy looked over to see where I was looking. "This poor boy needs
a cleaning up." She said. "You have to help." Can't I just lie here? I just
don't want to get off the bed." I told her. Sissy moved down where she was
opposite Bobby's hip. "Don't worry, you just have come down here." She
reached over and took Bobby's flaccid cock in her hand and with began to
lick around the bottom of his shaft. "Oh that's so nice." Bobby murmured.
"Come on Deb, Help me. I want to show you something." Sissy was holding his
wet penis upright. I had moved down to be in the same position on the other
side. "Look Hon, we've got to get him real clean. This is the best part." I
could see that his cock head was covered in semen, and what I was sure, was
some of my own juices. "Get closer Debbie. Watch this." Sissy was very calm
and quiet. I moved so I was only inches away from his penis. I could easily
smell the mixture of odor's of my own juice, and the light ammonia smell of
his semen. It was an interesting perfume.

Sissy held his shaft tightly, in a circle of her fingers. She slowly moved
them up his cock. I could see his head get larger, and small amount of
semen escape from his little slit. It was pearly white, and thick. The
pleasant, clean ammonia odor increased. "Go ahead Deb, lick it off. Suck it
all out. He loves that, and it tastes good too. It'll be a new experience.
Go ahead. Try it." I bent down and tentatively licked at the semen that had
welled up from his slit. It tasted just like it smelled, just a little
salty. I liked it. It had a very clean taste, certainly like nothing I
could compare it too. I took the whole head in my mouth, while Sissy held
it upright. I felt her pump again and a little more came out. I swallowed
that too. I continued to suck and lick his cock head clean. In a short
while, I released it from my mouth. Sissy gently held his cock head with
two fingers, and began to lick all around the shaft. She seemed to be doing
a very thorough job. Bobby kept saying things like, "boy that's good. Just
great. Yes that's the way." He was definitely encouraging us, even though,
I don't think we needed any.

As I was watching Sissy continue, I thought that maybe he was getting a
little harder. It happened slowly, but there was no question he was. Sissy
was now very delicately licking around the rim of his cock head. I realized
that she did not have to hold it up. It wasn't as erect as before, but I
could see that if she continued it soon would be.

While I felt pretty satisfied from my orgasm, I could tell from Sissy's
interest in Bobby and her flushed skin that she was definitely turned on. I
realized that she just had a little come a while ago, and it occurred to me
that she wanted to save herself until it had worked out for me. I was
filled with such love for her at that moment, that I shifted myself so I
might kiss her. She turned her attention from Bobby's cock, and we kissed
deeply. I could taste Bobby and myself in Sissy's delicious mouth. I knew
right away that she was very aroused by the passion of her kiss. We broke
off, and Sissy held Bobby's by now erect penis. "Go ahead Deb, suck it in
as far as it will go. I want him really hard when he goes inside me." I
bent over and took his cock in as far as I could, and began to suck on
it. Not hard, but very much like Sissy sucked my tongue. Bobby had placed
his hand on the back of my head. While he didn't push me or hold me, it was
clear from the way he groaned and patted my head; he was enjoying what I
was doing. I definitely could feel it getting even thicker in my mouth, and
I could actually feel his heart beat on my tongue. I don't mind telling you
that I also found this all pretty exciting.

Sissy got up from his side and straddled him with her ass between his legs,
and her back away from us. I had no idea what she was doing. In a moment I
saw Sissy bend on her knees and reveal her little ass hole and her shaven
pussy. It was very clear that her lips were swollen and moist. I could see
right into her vagina, which was much pinker than her dark inner lips.
Bobby could not see any of this. He had his head flat on the bed, and his
eyes closed. Sissy's breasts were hanging down, and her nipple's were also
erect. I wish I could have replaced Bobby's cock for her lovely nipples.
Instead I started to stroke along her moist lips. I could see the way she
was moving on my fingers that she wanted me to go into her. I did, and she
moaned. I removed Bobby's cock from my mouth, as I did that he looked
forward and saw Sissy's pussy right there. He pulled himself on to his
knees, got behind Sissy, and held her in his arm's. His Cock was just
outside her pussy. I reached over to hold it. I guided him into Sissy's
wide-open cunt. It was incredible seeing his cock move in. It slipped into
her with absolutely no effort. Once he was in he was still. I thought he
was going to move it in and out, but he just held himself inside her by
pulling her shoulders to him. Sissy kept murmuring, something like, "oh God
that's so good." I could see that even though Bobby was not moving, he was
doing something, because I could see the muscles in his ass and thighs
flex. When he did that Sissy gasped. Bobby then began to pump. I was inches
away watching it come almost all the way out, then plunge in. I could see
Sissy's engorged lips moving with his cock. Each time he came out he pulled
some of Sissy's juices with him, until there was a small thick froth around
her entire pussy. I loved her smell. It was similar to mine, but had it's
own distinct aroma. I could see Sissy's clit being exposed every time Bobby
moved in. It was too tempting. I wet my fingers along her lips, and as it
was exposed, I gently flicked it. Sissy actually screamed with pleasure as
I did it each time. As I looked between her legs her breasts were swinging
with each of Bobby's strokes. I reached under with my other hand and began
to finger her nipples. Bobby was now really moving faster and faster. I
knew this couldn't last. I stuck my head under her stomach, and between her
legs, and found her clit with my tongue, then I began to suck it as Bobby's
cock was sliding faster and faster on my cheek into her pussy. I heard
Bobby's rhythm change and I sucked even harder, as I tongued her little
erect clit. Bobby gave a few more deep thrusts, and then he came. Sissy
reached under herself and held the back of my head, then she started to
scream and buck her ass, and have her own come. She released my head and I
pulled away. Bobby was just finishing his last pushes, and had reached down
and was now holding her breasts in both hands. He pulled her more upright.
She turned and they kissed. I saw Bobby's cock slide out of Sissy, as they
both collapsed, with Bobby sort of on top, but really a mass of arms and
legs and kissing mouths. The smell of sex and perspiration filled the air.
It was heavenly.

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