Friday, April 17, 2009

"The Four of Us" Begginings Chapter 2

My real name is Marie, but everyone calls me Sissy. As you probably know,
Debbie is my younger sister by over two years. Until recently I really
thought of her as a much younger sister, but in the last year or so I was
very aware of her physical maturing. It's hard to believe, but I think that
in the last few months, her breasts have become more developed than mine.
Anyway my relationship changed with her on a night that I had come home
from a date with Bobby. Usually, Bobby and I were able to find a private
place to make out after we had gone out to a movie or some other kind of
thing we did with our friends. Bobby and I had been having sex for the last
six months or so. Bobby was my first experience, and I was his first. So
you might say we were learning together. I had started the pill when I was
sixteen, and I was very ready then, but either the opportunity never came
along, or the guy was wrong. I don't want to get into a whole story of my
history with Bobby. As far as I'm concerned the really interesting part of
our sex lives really began that night.

We had been fooling around at my friend Nancy's house. You know, kind of
listening to music in the fixed up basement and dancing a little. Nancy was
with a guy she was not exactly thrilled to be with, so for Bobby and I to
makeout by ourselves was definitely kind have awkward. We had been fooling
around on a daybed in a little alcove near the oil burner and hot water
heater. We were both very hot and bothered from doing a lot of kissing and
touching. We had also smoked a joint just before we had gotten to Nancy's,
and that's always a big turn on for me. Well it was clear that it was just
going to be a bummer at Nancy's. She wanted us to be with them, since she
absolutely didn't want to be alone with this guy. We decided to call it a
night, and to put Nancy out of her misery, we offered to drive this guy
home, since he lived close to Bobby. Bobby dropped me off. We were going to
see each other the next day so it was hardly a tragedy. The three of us
smoked another joint just down the block from my house. I had a very nice
buzz as I kissed Bobby good night and said goodbye to the other kid. I was
definitely feeling no pain as I walked into the house, and I was still
pretty worked up from our little sexual groping at Nancy's. I could hear
the TV sound coming from my folk's bedroom. I walked down the hall to their
bedroom suite, poked my head in to say good night. I liked to do that to
let them know I was home. They had fallen asleep watching the television. I
found the remote, and turned the TV off. I climbed the carpeted stairs to
get to my bedroom. Debbie's bedroom and mine were at the very end of the
hall. Her room was on the left and my room on the right, with a shared
bathroom in between. I could see a little light coming out from under
Debbie's door. I was glad that she might be up. I was very awake and I was
looking forward to some company. Certainly I usually knocked before I
entered her room, but for whatever reason, I didn't that night, and was
very glad I hadn't. As I opened the door, I was greeted by an amazing
sight. I was looking at my sister naked legs wide apart as she was
obviously masturbating. Her eyes were shut tight as she concentrated her
right hand on her pussy and her left hand was inside her partially open
pajama top, where she was obviously pulling at her left nipple. Her night
table light was on low, but I could clearly see what she was doing. I was
absolutely frozen. She had no idea I was there, and I suppose I could have
slowly backed out of the room, but I didn't. For what seemed like forever,
I watched her rather desperately try to get herself off. I must say at this
point, I had not recently seen my sister undressed. I was struck by her
obvious physical maturity. Her public hair was clearly thicker than mine
was. Her breasts were also more developed, and I was two years older. I
have to admit that in my somewhat stoned state; this sight both shocked and
excited me. There was no question about it. I also now was becoming fearful
of Debbie coming while I was watching. Somehow I felt that would make a
difficult situation worse. Backing out seemed impossible now, so I simple
knocked lightly on the slightly ajar door. Debbie's hands stopped moving
and her eyes fluttered open. Even before she could say a word I said, "I'm
sorry I disturbed you." There was a terrible pause, as Debbie simply
looked frozen in place. I needed to take charge I quickly realized. "Look
Debbie. I want you to know that I should have knocked, but I don't want you
to be embarrassed. Believe me I do that all the time, and I'll probably do
it myself tonight." I felt I needed to keep talking to try to take the
sting of her embarrassment away. "Please don't feel bad, honestly I do it
all the time, and I hope you do to." She hadn't moved when she simply and
quietly asked me. "How long were you watching?" I thought being completely
straight, would not really help, so I answered. "Well just enough to see
what you were doing." She slowly removed her hands and brought her legs
together. I continued. "You know Debbie, I know it's a kind of private
thing but I have to tell you that I do it all the time, and especially
after a night like this when I might fool around with Bobby and not have a
chance to get off. Then I almost always do it as soon as I'm in bed or in
the bath. So I really understand honey, I do." I was almost pleading with
her. She finally said, with some irritation. "Alright Sissy, alright Sissy
it's not the biggest deal in the world. I know that. I don't even think I'm
doing it right. I'm not even sure I know what I'm doing. I hardly ever feel
any big thing at the end, hardly ever." With those words she started to cry
a little. I felt awful. But I also saw a way I might help. "Look Debbie
nobody is born knowing how to do it. A lot of people learn from their
friends. Sometimes badly. Believe me I know. Nancy showed me some years
ago, and frankly she had no idea what she was doing, and I had to unlearn
what she had taught me. Maybe I can show you. Would that make you
uncomfortable? If it does we can skip the whole thing, but I think I can
really help. What do you think?" She was looking more relaxed much to my
relief. She pulled her legs back and gestured for me to sit down, which I
gratefully did. "Oh Sissy, I would love that. In a million years I could
never have asked. Sometimes I get really kind of excited. I don't even know
what starts it. A few times it's been a scene in a movie or in a book, but
a lot of the time it just happens especially when I'm lying in bed. That's
when I try to do it. I know I can get myself very worked up. You know what
I mean? But I rarely can get any real relief. Like just before, I just
couldn't finish it off at all. So if you think you can help I would love
that. It would be so great if you could." With that she reached over and
gave me a hug. I can't tell you how pleased and relieved I was. Also, the
grass I think was heightening a lot of my feelings. I hugged her in
return. I didn't want to break the spell but I had to pee like crazy, so I
told her that, and that I wanted to get comfortable. I almost leapt from
the bed, went to our bathroom, and as I peed, began to undress. By the time
I wiped myself, I was undressed. I slipped on my bathrobe, which was
hanging behind the door and quickly slipped back in Debbie's room. This
time I shut the door behind me and turned the lock. She seemed to be
exactly where I had left her. "Wow, Sissy that was fast. Here sit down
beside me. Ok Sissy, I admit I'm feeling a little shy, so you just do what
you think will help. I promise I'll be your best student." At that idea, we
both laughed a little but it sort of broke the ice too. I was thinking fast
about how to go about this. I decided that I thought that maybe I would
show her what I did. That way all she had to do in the beginning was
watch. I told her my idea. She seemed both relieved and pleased at the same
time. She got right into it. "Sissy, change places with me. I'll sit at the
end of the bed so I can see you, ok?" We did, and I stretched out on her
bed with her pillows behind my head, with Debbie at my feet. "Ok Debbie. I
kind of have to get into it. I usually close my eyes and think sexy
thoughts, like making out with Bobby or something like that. I try to make
it as real as I can. You can use anything that turns you on. Whatever you
like. I like to think of the head of Bobby's cock after I've sucked it a
little and it's become very stiff. I love the way it looks then. It's very
smooth and shiny. I can even see his heart beat in the vein that runs up
his cock. One of my favorites is to imagine that Bobby is licking my pussy,
That my finger is his tongue." I could see that Debbie was hanging on every
word. I moved my robe aside and slightly lifted my legs and opened myself
for Debbie to see clearly. "You see just from having those thoughts, and
seeing you trying to get off, and even fooling around with Bobby just
before I came home has made me wet. Can you see that? " I didn't expect her
to answer, but she leaned over to look more closely. I took one hand and
pulled my lips apart a little so she could see a little better. I placed my
right index finger slowly into my vagina. "I'm going to get myself all wet
and lubricated so I can get myself off without irritating myself." I added
another finger, and began to moisten my labia, then up to my clitoral
hood. I was definitely getting myself all worked up. I think having Debbie
peering at my wet pussy was having its effect. I started to stroke myself a
little faster. "Try not to be to rough, be very gentle. That way you can go
on and on without irritating yourself. Keep your fingers nice and wet. You
see?" I was really getting in the mood now, but I didn't want to come
first. I kind of thought that would be unfair to Debbie. "I love to do also
what you were doing. It really helps me to play with my nipples. I'll show
you something else later, that's also good. I'm going to stop for a
while. I don't want to get ahead of you. Let's switch places again. I want
you to try it, and I'll help, alright?" As I sat up and moved, Debbie
wordlessly took my place. She lay back, with her legs opened and her knee's
slightly raised. She closed her eyes. "Ok, Sissy, I'm going to just think
about things." I could clearly see than Debbie was even wetter than before,
even if she was unaware of it. Even before she touched herself, I could see
that she was quite aroused. Her labia were puffy and open. I could even see
that her clitoris was now exposed. I must admit that seeing her so ready
was having a very strong effect on me. I could even smell her arousal. I
needed to say something. "Oh Debbie, I think you're very ready. You're nice
and wet. That's a good sign. Can you feel it? " She just nodded her
agreement. "This time I'll help you a little, ok?" Again she nodded. I
softly touched her inner thigh. I heard her draw in her breath. I used both
hands stroking her thighs, very slowly working my way closer to her
wide-open pussy. She reacted by opening her legs even wider. The pink
opening to her vagina was like a target. "Debbie give me your hand." As I
reached up to hold her right hand, I continued to play around where her
public hair ended in the crack of her thigh and outer lips. She slipped her
hand in mine. I took it down to her pussy. I held her two fingers and wet
them on the very entrance to her vagina. She let out some more air and
moaned a little. I could see the entrance to her vagina actually contract a
little as I pressed her fingers in to pick up as much fluid as I could.
That was made easy by the considerable flow she was producing now. I moved
her wet fingers along her inner lips from side to side. I was avoided her
clitoris which by now was clearly peaking out from her distended, thickened
lips. I had her moisten her hood, and we made circles around and around. By
now Debbie hips were moving her in a rhythmic state, as though she was
trying to capture her fingers inside herself. She kept moaning. "Oh Sissy,
oh Sissy, oh please, oh please, oh God, oh God." I didn't think it was fair
to prolong her orgasm any longer. I moved her fingers inside her vagina and
moving at the same speed she was, took my own moist fingers to her clit and
softly but urgently began to move the tips of my fingers very rapidly all
over her. She started to climax immediately. She thrust her hips up,
lifting her self completely off the mattress. She started to yell rather
loudly. I placed my other hand at her mouth to muffle her sound a little.
"Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh." Again and again. Her own fingers had
fallen from her pussy, but I could clearly see she was not finished, so I
placed my fingers deeply inside her and in fact began to finger fuck her. I
could clearly feel her vagina contract around my three fingers deep within
her. I reached over and grabbed her other hand and brought it to her wet
clit and held it there while she touched and did herself. She was having
wave after wave of comes. She had quieted down somewhat, and was no longer
yelling. She was just moaning and humming with each spasm. It finally began
to slow down. I waited for a while to remove my fingers from inside her.
Because each time I moved to take them out she would hold me there and have
another little orgasm. She finally drew my fingers from her vagina. The
smell of sex was in the air. The whole episode had made me extremely turned
on and I could smell my own flow, mixing with Debbie's distinct odor. She
was now still. I was also exhausted, and lay my head down on Debbie's
thigh. I could strongly smell her. It was a wonderfully rich odor. I heard
Debbie murmuring. "Sissy thank you, thank you. Oh God Sissy that was
unbelievable." Over and over, a flood of thanks and compliments. "Hon, my
darling, it was my pleasure. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed giving you
a gift like this. Remember that you'll always have it." I had by now worked
myself into quite a state of arousal. With the grass, and the whole scene
that was taking place, I was by now as sexually high as I could ever
remember. I needed to give myself a little something or would die.

Debbie had now curled up on her bed in a sort of fetal position. She was
still awake, watching me through half-closed eyes, and a sweet satisfied
smile. She asked me something in such a low voice that I had to lean over
to her. "Sissy" She asked. "Can't I do something for you? You know what I
mean." I was moved by her offer, and told her so. "It's ok my darling. You
go to sleep. I'll do myself in my room. You don't have to help me this
time. Maybe at another time. I promise I'll let you do it. I actually would
love you too." She seemed satisfied, and drifted off to sleep. I pulled her
blanket up, kissed her forehead and quietly left the room, as I switched
her light off. When I got to the bathroom, I immediately went to a place on
the rear wall. There was a loose piece of wainscoting. I could easily slip
it away from the wall. It was piece about eighteen inches long. I had
discovered this loose piece of wood a few years before. It was a perfect
hiding place. When I removed the board, you could see that another piece of
wood formed a six-inch shelf. When the board went back, you would never
know anything was hidden there.

In the wall were my stash of grass, a little chunk of hash wrapped in foil,
a little brass hash pipe, and a packet of Bamboo papers. Also hidden were
two old books that I had found in a Dumpster, the year before. They where,
"The Joy of Sex" and "The Joy of Lesbian Sex". I had read those books so
many times; I had to keep them together with masking and Scotch tape. I had
been absolutely thrilled when I found these books; it was as if my prayers
had been answered. They answered just about every question that I had about
sex, and plenty more that had never occurred to me. The books pencil
illustrations were kind of disappointing in the beginning, but after a
while, they became amazingly real to me. I remember thinking; Debbie will
love these books.

I also thought that maybe it might be a good time to introduce Debbie to
Arlene Strenich. I was certain they would really hit it off. I had learnt
so much from her, I was certain Arlene would love another pupil and baby

I lay down in bed, and simply recollected what had just gone on with
Debbie. I gave myself a few strokes, and I was there.

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