Friday, April 17, 2009

The Four of us

It's funny now, but that spring when I went with Debbie Lanza to buy a
bathing suit, all I could concentrate on was the freckles on my shoulders,
and a zit on my chin. It certainly wasn't funny then.

I should tell you that Debbie was by far my best friend. We had known each
other since her family had moved to my street five years before. By the
way, my name is Libby Berkowitz.

That Saturday we were going to go to a house that my folks and Debbie's
parents had rented on the Eastern Shore. It was going to be for just a
week. My brother was working at a summer camp and Debbie's older sister no
longer lived at home, so it was just going be the two of us.

Picking a suit was a real pain. I was going to be sixteen that summer, but
in many ways I think I was still pretty immature physically. Even though I
had my first period when I was twelve, that seemed to be it for my physical
maturing, until I was almost fifteen, when I started to seriously develop
breasts. They were small, rather like pears, with very distinct cone shaped
aureole and large nipples. After I began to menstruate, my nipples would be
extremely sensitive the week or so before my period. I was extremely
embarrassed that they could be seen. To say that I was obsessed with my
body that year would be no exaggeration. There's no question that anything
to do with sex interested me, but acting it out remained just a fantasy.
God knows I certainly read enough about it. Sex education classes gave me
the basics, but if it had anything to do with real feeling, you were off on
your own. Of course what your friends shared with you meant a lot, but
frankly, I really didn't have many friends who I was comfortable taking
with about my favorite topic. Even with all my reading, much of it still
went right over my head.

Even with Debbie, (with who I was closest to by far), any discussion of my
favorite topic had been extremely limited.

I finally found the right suit and we left the store. We both went directly
home. The buying of the bathing suit was the last thing I did before we
were to leave for the rental cottage. We had been at the store at ten when
it opened. As soon as I walked in the house my Mom and Dad rushed me into
the car, and we were off. I was still carrying my bathing suit in its

After a quick stop for lunch we arrived at the cottage, just as the Lanza's
were pulling up. It was a typical beach house. It was on the bay, not the
ocean. It had it's own small boardwalk, across some sand dunes and wet
lands, to a secluded sandy beach on a little cove of the bay.

Debbie and I would share the third bedroom, which actually was really a
fixed up attic with two big dormer windows, bringing in loads of light. It
had a narrow staircase up to a door. We had complete privacy. The room had
two double beds, with cheerful throws, and a small bathroom of our own with
a stall shower. One wall was filled with what looked like a home made
bookcase, filled with old books. We were delighted by our room.

The rest of the day was spent unpacking, grocery shopping, and in general
making the house our own.

In the afternoon, Debbie and I walked down to our own little beach for a
swim. Our beach was very private, even though it was a rather short walk
from the house. On both sides were wetlands, separated by small stands of
stunted oaks. You could not see the house from there, or for that matter,
any civilization at all. In some ways it was quite magical.

When we got to the sandy beach we laid out our blanket and towels. I know
this is hard to believe but this was the first time I ever saw Debbie in a
bathing suit, or for that matter in any kind of undress. Maybe I should
describe her a little more completely so you can sort of see her as I did
that summer. She was darker complexioned than I, with a lovely full smiling
mouth and full lips. She had dark brown eyes with long lashes. Her nose was
slightly aquiline. Debbie was definitely heavier than I, not at all fat
though. She was considerably more mature looking than I was, with well
developed breasts and a distinct shape. I loved her womanly body, and felt
a tinge of jealousy. I remember asking her if the freckles on my shoulders
were ugly. She laughed at my question, but stopped when she realized my
seriousness. She assured me that they looked just fine and went well with
the little ones on my nose. That made me feel better.

Debbie offered to rub some sun tan lotion on my back. Other than my mother,
no one had ever rubbed or in fact, really touched my body. Looking back
now, that simple fact still amazes me. I lay down on the old cotton
blanket, face down with a rolled up towel as a pillow. I could hear the cap
being removed from the bottle. The sun was deliciously warm on my body.
Debbie touched my shoulder, and I jumped. It was a combination of the
sensation of being touched and the coolness of the lotion. Debbie asked if
it was too cold. I told her it was. I was a little embarrassed that I had
jumped at her touch. I could hear her rubbing her hands together, warming
the lotion. The lotion gave off a lovely aroma, and I told her so. She
gently touched me again and I barely reacted. She then began to lightly rub
my shoulders. It was sublime. She worked on my neck a little, and then
asked me if I had ever had a massage. I told her I never had, that this was
my very first experience. She wanted to know if I wanted her to give me a
massage. She told me she had learned how to do it from Sissy, her older
sister, and she would teach me. And furthermore it felt wonderful. I
readily agreed. "Ok" she said, " you have to relax and put yourself in my
hands, this is going to be a real treat, you'll see."

With those words so began my first real sexual experience. She asked if she
could loosen my suit top. I agreed. She unsnapped me, and lay the straps to
the side. She worked each arm, up to my shoulders, both strongly and
softly. She then moved to my neck and did the same. I adored it, and kept
murmuring encouraging words. I can't say that I felt anything that directly
sexual at this point, until she got to my lower back, just above my butt. I
remember that definitely gave be a distinct buzz of excitement. She moved
down to my feet. This was of course all brand new to me. She did each toe
as though they were there own little universes, then to the pads on my
feet. It all felt marvelous. She slowly worked her way up my leg,
alternating firm and gentle pressure. When she got to my thighs I felt
myself opening my legs to give her easier access.

As she touched my inner thighs. The tips of her fingers would on occasion
slip a bit under the bottom of my suit and just about touch between my
legs. At first I thought she may have simply slipped, but as she did it
more and more and it was obvious she intended to do it. My reaction was
simple. I opened my legs wider and made encouraging sounds. I even found
myself shifting my body to make it easier for her. Just as I was getting
really into these wonderful feelings, much to my disappointment, she moved
away. Then to my surprise, she asked if it was ok to massage my butt. Of
course I agreed. She massaged me there very strongly and then with sublime
gentleness. She wanted to know if it was ok to go under my suit, she didn't
want to stain the fabric, and furthermore it would feel better. I simply
told her yes.

I heard her take more lotion in her hands, then rub them together. She
reached up from the bottom of the suit and took both cheeks in her hand and
deeply rubbed them. I could feel that her wrists were tightly under each of
the bottom legs. I told her to wait. I told her I was worried she would
stretch the fabric or tear it, and told her I would slip my bottom
down. Which I did. She helped me, and soon my suit bottom was at my
ankles. She continued unhindered. I was in heaven. She was moving from
between my thighs to along the crack in my ass, up and down with both
hands. Sometimes with a great deal of pressure then with the lightest of
touches. When I could hardly stand the sexual tension, she asked me in the
most casual voice to turn over. I turned over holding my suit top to my
breasts. Of course my genitals were completely exposed. For some reason, I
was not the least bit embarrassed about that, yet oddly, exposing my
breasts was more difficult.

Debbie placed the corner of the other towel over my eyes. She remarked very
casually about the color of the hair on my pussy, how red it was. I merely
said, "yes it is". She continued up my leg in the same way that she had
done the other side, again when she got to my inner thigh, I found myself
opening my legs. With both hands now, she rubbed and stroked up and down
right to the crack before my pussy. She continued to alternate the pressure
from strong to very light. I was dying! She asked me if that was good. I
tried to control my voice, and answered that it was, "simply terrific."
Much to my terrible disappointment, she stopped. She asked me if I liked
what she was doing. I assured her that I did, and asked her why she had
stopped. She told me that when her sister did that for her, sometimes it
made her all gushy and turned on. I asked her what she meant. I was not
being totally honest at this point. I knew exactly what she meant. I just
wanted to hear it from her. "You kno w", she said." When you kind of play
with yourself. Come on don't make me say everything. Don't you ever do
that?" I admitted I did sometimes. "Well then you know what I mean. I don't
want to get you all turned on and then leave you high and dry." I didn't
know exactly what she meant by "high and dry", but I certainly knew what
she was getting at. I assured her that I wouldn't blame her, and almost
pleaded with her to continue. By then I was sitting up, with my bathing
suit top in my lap and my bottoms around my ankles. Debbie, I could see,
was looking at my breasts. At this point embarrassment overcame my
excitement. Debbie looked up and told me that I had the most beautifully
shaped breasts, that they were perfect. I must admit I was pleased by her
praise. She was the first person other than my Mom, who had seen my
developed breasts. I told her I admired hers, that they were so womanly
compared to mine. "Well anyway Libby, let's save it for later tonight. I'll
do you some more, and teach you how to do me. Ok?" I agreed with
enthusiasm. I put my suit back on, and we went for a swim. I knew somehow
that some kind of turning point had been reached. I could hardly wait for

Supper went quickly. Mrs. Lanza had brought a large baked lasagna from
home. We cleaned up, then watched the sunset from our screened in porch. I
must admit, I was by now almost completely focused on Debbie's promising to
finish the massage. I must admit that I was pretty nervous anticipating
those wonderful feelings that Debbie had started earlier. By ten we were
upstairs in our room. A lovely breeze was blowing through the open dormer
windows. You could still see the after-glow of the sunset. Debbie went to
the bathroom, and came out in a pink short nightgown. I think it's called a
baby doll. I was stunned. The pink set off her dark complexion wonderfully,
no doubt about that. What really stunned me though, was that her nightgown
barely covered her ass. It made her long beautifully shaped legs look even
longer and her full butt even shapelier. She asked me if I liked her
nightgown. I told her with complete sincerity, that I adored it. She seemed
very pleased. I told her by comparison, that all I had to wear was my
brother's old Forty Niners T-shirt. It covered about as much as her
nightgown but was certainly not as sexy. We both laughed at that idea. I
went to change. The smell of the lotion still clung to my body, even after
my shower. I found the odor almost intoxicating. I know it sounds
ridiculous now, but at that moment in time I was experiencing the first
strongly sexual pull for an experience that wasn't even formed in my
mind. Between the odor of the lotion and seeing Debbie in her pink baby
dolls, I was very excited. Even I knew that. My heart was pounding and my
mouth was dry.

I felt a little silly in my T-shirt, but Debbie was very sweet and lavished
compliments on how cute I looked. I felt both embarrassed and pleased by
her comments. She asked if I was ready to continue. I readily admitted that
I had hardly thought of anything else since she had stopped that afternoon.
She said she would take that as the best recommendation she had ever
received for her massaging skills. She asked me if I had really become very
"gushy" and "turned on" before. I told her I had. She wanted to know if I
sometime "played with myself, you know, to get yourself off." Right then
and there I decided that it was a good idea to simply tell Debbie the
truth. Why make up anything.

I told her that I had tried "doing it" with very little satisfaction for at
least two years. I knew one was supposed to have an orgasm or a release. I
would on occasions have a sort of spasm, but for the most part, I would
mostly irritate myself, yet I would remain very aroused. My fantasies while
I was rubbing myself raw were very indistinct. I know they were sexual
thoughts about boys who interested me, but sometimes they focused on
girlfriends too. I didn't tell her they were most often about Debbie. Then
she really surprised me. She was very direct. She wanted to know if I
thought of her. I admitted I did. She in turn said she sometimes thought of
me, and asked if that bothered me. I assured her that it didn't, and I
admitted I felt pleased. We talked a bit about whether we were lesbians,
but we reassured each other that boys were of great interest too. That
maybe we were simply interested in sex.

She wanted to know if I wanted to continue from the afternoon. I told her
that I wanted to very much. She told me to lie down on my stomach like
before, which I did. She gave me a faster massage than before on my
shoulders and legs. This time she used baby oil, which was even smoother
than the lotion. She had me remove my T-shirt when she was working on my
shoulders and back. This time she was more direct in stroking my inner
thighs and butt. I was doing everything with my body movements and sounds
to encourage her hands and fingers to my sensitive parts. Debbie finally
told me to simply relax that I didn't have to concern myself that she
wouldn't get to, or linger longer over certain places. All I had to do was
let myself go, and put myself in her hands. Her simple directness was a big
help. I could feel myself letting go. The sexual tension was still there of
course, but somehow knowing it was going to be ok, was a great comfort.

Debbie kept saying the nicest things about my body, that my skin was so
smooth, that my ass had such a nice shape. I loved hearing it. She began to
work her fingers along the crack in my ass, then down to the bottom next to
my pussy, then back along the soft place where my inner thigh met my outer
lips. By now I was beside myself with desire. Debbie asked me directly if I
was feeling gushy. I simply murmured, "very". She told me to just enjoy it,
that she would make it last and last. As she said that I felt her fingers
brush along my asshole as she held my cheeks slightly apart. I was helping
her by holding my thighs open. I wanted her to do more there. I wasn't
certain what it was, when she told me to turn over. This time I had nothing
to hide my breasts with, and a small wave of shyness rippled through
me. Debbie, I think anticipated that, and remarked about how much she loved
the way my breasts were shaped. She especially adored the way my aureole
and nipples formed such a beautiful dark cone. I was pleased to hear that,
and became more relaxed. She told me she could tell a lot about my
"tension", (that was her word) from the way my nipples were so erect and
the little tiny bumps on my aureole. She told me that happened to all
girls, at least it happened to her and her sister, who told her it was one
way to know when a woman was excited, that it was something like a boys
hard on. I was getting a direct education. I knew some of this, but thought
it best to kind of pretend that she was teaching me. Anyway I liked hearing
it from Debbie. I think it made things more intimate and even sexier. She
wanted to know if there was anything that she shouldn't touch. I assured
her that I completely trusted her to do anything. She seemed very pleased
to hear this, and assured me that if I wanted her to do something else or
even stop, that all I had to do was say it. She asked me to just relax and
close my eyes. She walked away and turned off all the lights except one,
and over that one she threw a pillowcase. The light was now a dim glow. I
guess you could call it kind of romantic. I closed my eyes as she sat back
down on the edge of the bed. She placed her hands on both sides of my neck
with her fingers in my hair and started to massage me there. I could feel
myself let out a stream of breath. I guess had no idea, how much tension
this was all causing. She continued to knead the back of my neck and my
hairline, then my ears, then earlobes, which she would occasionally pull. I
never felt anything like that before. It actually made my toes tingle. I
was amazed. She stroked and worked my forehead and eyebrows, then my
lips. She played with the very corner of my mouth. I loved the way that
felt. I wanted to bite or suck her finger, but she moved on to my
shoulders. Her fingers worked their way into each shoulder. Again strong
pressure then releasing the pressure with light stroking motions. She did
the same thing with my hands and fingers, then up my arms to the shoulders
again. She kept renewing the oil, warming it each time in her palms. She
asked me if I was enjoying it. I found myself, simply saying, "I love it. I
love it." She assured me that I was her best and most appreciative subject
so far. I was wondering who her other subjects were, when she told me that
I was her second one, and she practiced on her sister only. Somehow I was
pleased to be her only friend who she had given this extraordinary gift
too. She then began to work on my feet again from the front. Somehow this
felt different. She inserted her fingers between my toes, and worked the
flesh their. It was very erotic. That was a word I can use now, but then
all I knew was that certain places that I never thought of as sexy before,
were turning out to be extremely exciting. Like between my toes, or the
little piece of flesh that partially covers your ear canal, or the corner
of my mouth. When she touched me in some of those places, I actually felt
it in my vagina. I was astounded. She worked her way up my leg. Again I
found myself opening my thighs to her. She used both hands to stroke right
up to my pussy. First one thigh, then the other. I could never guess the
pressure she would use on each stroke. All I knew was that she had gotten
me into what she had called a very gushy state. My heart was beating a mile
a minute, while my body felt both extremely relaxed and immensely
sensitized. It was a strange state to be in. She broke the spell slightly
by asking me how I was doing. "Very gushy", I told her. She told me she
could tell. I asked her how. "Well I can tell because of your breathing,
and your skin is flushed, and you may not be able to tell, but your nipples
are very erect, and the lips of your pussy have also become bigger. I can
see right into your little vagina and see the moisture. That's being really
gushy." "Wow, Debbie, you can tell all that? It's true, you can't believe
how excited you've made me." She looked concerned. "Is that ok?" She wanted
to know. I quickly answered. "Ok? It's great! I love it. I never felt this
way before. Please don't stop, please go on. You can touch me anywhere. I
want you too. Please." God it sounded like I was begging, and I guess I was
in some way. She wanted me to take her hand and put it where I wanted her
to touch me. I held both of her hands to my breasts. When she touched my
nipples, I heard myself actually groan. With both hands she ran her palms
lightly in circles around my nipples. I realized that I was straining to
thrust myself onto her hands. While circling with one hand she touched my
other nipple, then began to pull it gently and squeeze it slightly between
her thumb and index finger. I occasionally did that to myself when I tried
to masturbate, but this was beyond belief. I could hardly catch my
breath. I had never been so aroused before. A little shy part of me was
preventing me from touching myself with Debbie watching. I was in sweet
agony. Finally I simply couldn't stand it any longer, and blurted out for
Debbie to help me. She softly asked me to show her what I wanted her to
do. I immediately reached down and began to touch myself on my clit. I was
rubbing myself to really no effect, when Debbie reached down and held my
hand still. "Shhhhhhh, wait, I'll help." She whispered. She told me she
would show me how she liked to do it, and with that said she began my
transformation. With one hand on my distended nipple, with her head leaning
along my breast, Debbie slowly moved two fingers just inside my now
throbbing vagina. I could feel how wet I was from the ease that her fingers
went in. She did not go far at all. Just enough, I now realize to wet her
fingers in my flow. She then began to stroke along my inner lips, first
one side then the other, going down almost as far as my ass hole. It was
beyond belief. She was pulling and pinching my nipple at the same speed as
she was playing with my pussy. She would go inside me to pick up more
moisture every once in a while. She then moved up to the kind of hood that
surrounds my clit, and began to almost tickle me there. By now my hips were
moving uncontrollably. I was thrusting myself up to her remarkably nimble
fingers. I was telling her "not to stop, not to stop," Over and over
again. She was tireless, she seemed to somehow know where I was, how close
to the edge she was taking me. One last move inside me, then to my clit,
and a pull on my nipple, and I started to have this wave of exquisite
convulsions. First a huge wave. Without realizing it I had grabbed Debbie's
hand, and was pushing it into me. When I felt her inside me, wave after
wave hit me. I was completely out of control as I felt my muscles tighten
and release it this sensationally delicious way. All I kept thinking was
"this it", this is it ". I knew I was yelling out something much to loud,
but I still had just enough self -control to bite the edge of the pillow.

Debbie was now very gently stroking my face and lightly the surface of the
little public hair on my pussy. For some crazy reason it reminded me of
calming a horse down by gently stroking its nose. I didn't care. I had
never been happier in my life. So this was it! It was even more incredible
that I had ever imagined. My upper thighs were having little convulsive
spasms that I couldn't control. I could actually feel little flutters deep
in my vagina, maybe as far as my uterus. I was just catching my breath,
when I heard Debbie say. "Wasn't that good?" I started to tell her how good
it was, when I found myself crying. It came right out of the blue. Debbie
was immediately concerned, and I was embarrassed. " Are you ok?" She wanted
to know. I quickly assured her that I was more than ok, I was wonderful,
and I think I was just crying simply from the release and because that was
the most incredible gift anyone had ever given me, and I was so
happy. Spontaneously I hugged her close to me. I told her that now I
understood what it was all about. I was filled with questions. I wanted to
know how she had learned all of this.

She was very enthusiastic about telling me, but first she wanted to know
everything that I could tell her about my own sexual experience. She said
she would then tell me hers. Mine, I told her, to put it mildly, were
nonexistent. Other than my poor attempts at masturbation, there was nothing
to tell. It turned out, of course, that she was much more experienced than
I was. She had started with being "French kissed" by Marty Brenner, and had
let him touch her breast inside her bra. She said she liked that but was
too nervous to go any further. Then she told me she was no longer a
virgin. She told me she had sex with Bobby Davidson. I was flabbergasted.
Bobby was her sister's boyfriend! She could see my surprise. "Don't worry,
it was Sissy's idea." What she did tell me was that she had learned to get
herself off from her older sister. "It had started when I was about
thirteen. I had started to play with myself for at least the past year." I
knew that her sister was three years older than she was. Debbie continued
her story. "I was lying in her bed one night, thinking that everyone had
gone to sleep. I still had my light on, with the covers off and was trying
to masturbate, when my sister walked right in. There certainly was nothing
I could do. It was very clear what I'd been doing. As a matter of fact, my
sister may have been observing me for some time. I actually never heard her
come in the door, and was only aware, when Sissy closed the door behind
her. I must say, I had a few moments of terrible embarrassment, and quick
covering up. Sissy apologized for having interrupted me. I had always been
pretty open with my sister, but sex had never been a topic that we had
shared. Sissy, could not have been sweeter. She wanted me to know that it
was perfectly ok to get yourself off, and as a matter of fact, she told me,
she did it a lot herself." Debbie said that made her feel a lot better. "My
sister sat down on the side of my bed and asked me if there was anything
that I wanted to know about doing it, and she would be happy to teach
me. She told me that's what big sisters should do. I agreed and my sister
asked me to continue while she watched and gave me tips on how to do it. In
the beginning I was very shy about doing it while Sissy watched and talked
to me, but after a while as my sexual feelings began to take over more and
more, I found it becoming increasingly exciting and pretty soon I was
having a very strong orgasm. Much more powerful than I usually had. I
thought it was a combination of simply getting good advice on the best way
to do it and also I kind of think that I found my sister watching me, kind
of thrilling in itself. This was just the beginning of what I learned from

I want you to know that I would be happy to teach you everything that I
learned from her and Bobby."

I nodded my agreement. What I didn't say directly, was that I was in heaven
at the very thought of the idea. I even felt bold enough to ask her if she
would tell me what it was like being with Bobby Davidson. She said she
would, if I would promise to keep it confidential. Of course I agreed.

I had come down quite a bit from my "high", yet I still felt pretty turned
on I guess. It occurred to me that Debbie had not had anything, that she
had only been giving me pleasure. I told her what I had been thinking. In
return she gave me a big hug, "for being so sensitive and loving." She
moved up on my bed, then reached over and took another pillow from her
bed. She was now leaning back on the bed, propped up by three pillows. In a
moment she had pulled her nightgown up and off. I admit I was stunned to
see her naked body. As I said, she had full breasts. Very different than
mine. Hers were large, but very shapely, with really small nipples that
were like little pink wrinkled gumdrops. She had a small waist but with a
sweet little belly. She had dark public hair. A little arrow of it climbed
up towards her navel. She was such a contrast to me in so many ways. Her
body was wonderfully full and soft. Mine was lithe and somewhat muscular. I
had hardly any pubic hair, and what little I had was red. Hers were a
lustrous black. Her whole body seemed luxuriant. Mine I thought of as
spare. At least that's what I was thinking then.

She looked directly at me through half closed eyes. " Well Libby, maybe you
should have your first lesson. Would you like that? You know what I mean,
to kind of help me out? " Sure " I told her, really thrilled that she
wanted me to help her. " I would love to. You just tell me how to do it and
what you like best, and I'll try my best. I promise you." She patted the
mattress next to her hip, and moved a little to make room for me there. She
opened her legs a little. " Can you see my pussy ok Libby? Bend over a
little. Don't be shy." I did as she said. I could clearly see her lips.
They were very different than mine. Her public hair came right up to the
edge. Her lips were thick, while mine were kind of like ruffles on a
flower. Her skin was very pink on the inside of her lips, and I could see
somewhat into her opening which was even pinker, and seemed quite moist.
"You see how puffy my pussy is Libby, and how wet I am? That's because I'm
feeling very turned on, you know sexy and gushy. That's because getting you
off and watching you come like that got me very excited. Do you see what I
mean?" I simply said. "Yes Debbie, I can see." "You can touch me Libby.
I'll show you how. Watch me, ok?" She took two fingers and wet them in her
mouth, then began to stroke along her lips up to her clit , which was
hidden by the top of her lips, like a little hood. She did that a few times
on both sides. Then she would dip her fingertips inside her opening, up to
her first knuckles. Her fingers would come out covered in a kind of thick
fluid. I had the same thing, but not as thick. "Libby, give me your hand
I'll show you something. It will give you an idea how to do it yourself." I
gave her my hand. She placed my fingers in her opening. I could feel the
warm wetness. She moved my fingers into herself. "Go ahead, move them in,
get them wet. That feels so good Libby, Yes that's it, like that. Go in
further. Move them in and out. Yes like that." Her inside felt so wet and
smooth. I could actually feel her almost squeeze herself on my fingers. I
liked the way it felt, and the idea that I was giving her a delicious
feeling like she had given me, made me feel turned on and gushy again. "Oh
God Libby, that's terrific. Wait. Wait a minute. I want to show you what's
the best spot." She held my hand still inside herself. I could feel little
contractions on my fingers. Then she slowly withdrew me from herself. I
knew she was going to show me her clitoris. For some reason I pretended
that I knew less than I actually did. She held her lips apart with one hand
and then gently pulled back her hood. I bent over to see more closely. Her
clit was clearly defined. It was actually smaller than mine. It was like a
little moist pearl. Not white but clearly lighter than the surrounding pink
flesh. "Here it is. You have to touch it very lightly, cause it's so
sensitive." She was still holding my hand with its moist fingertips. "Here,
just touch it with the tip of your finger." She moved the pad of my wet
index finger on her little clit. It was definitely firmer than the soft
surrounding wet labial hood. She moved my finger around. I could hear her
breathing change and her ass move in time to my moving finger. It gave me a
strange feeling of power. I knew right away, that this was one of the
reasons, Debbie enjoyed giving massages. By now Debbie was breathing
heavily. Her eyes were shut and her mouth was slightly opened. She had her
other hand at her breast and was pulling her nipple, which had become much
larger. " Wait, wait!" She stopped my hand and held it tight. " I don't
want to come yet. Hold still." I remained frozen. My fingers at her
labia. I looked up at her half opened eyes. " God Libby, that is sooo
goood." She whispered in a slurred voice. "How are you doing? Are you
feeling excited again? I'm so turned on I could have come right then and
there, but it was so good I wanted it to last. You know what I mean?" I
don't think she meant for me to answer, but I did anyway. "Yes, I know
exactly what you mean. I wanted it to go on and on yet I also wanted it to
happen at the same time."

Debbie beckoned me to come closer to her, and I moved up next to her, and
put my cheek down on her bare shoulder, and stretched out beside her. I
adored the feeling of my skin on hers. I kissed her shoulder. "Boy Debbie,
this feels so great. I adore it and also lying next to you." The words came
out in a flush of warm excited feelings. I didn't care. It was exactly how
I felt at that moment. She bent down and with both hands turned my head
up. I realized as she moved her head to me that we would kiss. As our lips
met, I felt her warm and firm mouth envelops my lips. I felt her tongue
move into my mouth. So this was a "French Kiss". Her tongue was exploring
my mouth and tongue. It felt very exciting. I began to return her thrusts
and probing tongue with my own. By now she had turned on her side and had
placed her leg over mine and I felt her wet pussy on my upper thigh and her
hand holding my ass and my own pussy to her hip. She broke the kiss by
moving my head to between her chin and shoulder. She was kissing my
forehead. "Wait, wait a second. I want to show you something." She moved me
away slightly. She reached down to my breasts. I realized that my nipples
were completely erect. She bent down and gently kissed one then the
other. In but a moment she had taken my breast in her mouth and began to
lick and suck it. I heard myself exclaim. "Oh my God" It was as if there
was a direct line from my nipple to my clit. She was sucking me, but I
could feel the tip of her tongue on the end of my nipple moving in little
tiny circles. I was beside myself with excitement. She slowly pulled away
and with a little plop, let go. I was astounded and disappointed. "Debbie,
that was beyond belief. How did you learn how to do that?" She looked very
pleased with herself. "From Sissy and Bobby. Doesn't it feel great?" I
nodded in amazed agreement. "Would you mind doing me a little Libby"? "Of
course I would. I'd love to. I want to." I told her. She had leaned back on
the pillow. I just had to move slightly. I cupped her breast in my hand and
reached down to taste her. Her skin was slightly salty. I could actually
feel her nipple grow in my mouth as I sucked and licked her nipple and
aureole all over. She had little goose bumps there. I tried to copy what
she had done to me that had felt so delicious. I bit down slightly and
pulled with my teeth. I must have been doing it all right because she kept
saying. "Oh Libby. Oh Libby. That's so good, so good. Keep on doing it."
She had taken my hand and had put it back on her pussy in her favorite
places. I started to move faster and faster and continued to suckle her
breast. She kept urging me on. I was pretty certain that she wanted to come
now, so I really concentrated on doing her as best, as I could. I could
tell from her sounds and the way she moved her hips when I was doing it
right and she was moving faster and faster to a climax. I loved the feeling
it gave me too. That I could give someone so much pleasure made me feel
extremely turned on myself, but also very happy and powerful. I loved it!
Then she started to come. She had grabbed my hand and was throwing her
whole pussy onto it. When I touched her clit then moved my fingers inside
her this time, she started to actually buck and thrust herself at me. I
could feel the convulsions happen. She pulled my mouth from her wet
nipple. Her face was contorted with her eyes screwed shut. She was gulping
for air, and making all sorts of noises to herself. Not loud, but over and
over again. "Ooooooooooh, ooooooooh." Then she slowly began to quiet
down. She had my hand in a vise like grip, which I began to realize,
actually hurt. She now released it, much to my relief.

She just lay there. Her face was now completely relaxed, with a slight
smile playing on her beautiful lips. She now holding my hand in relaxed
way. She moved her other hand to mine, and began to gently pat me. She
opened her eyes. Her nipples were wet and reddened from my mouth. The black
hair on pussy was glistening from the wetness produced from her orgasm. I
was transfixed watching her flushed, erotically satiated body. She then
looked right at me with such a loving look that my heart became filled with
such tender feelings for her that I bent down and kissed her. She returned
my kiss in a less urgent way than before, but it was deep and heartfelt.
She looked at me directly and mouthed a "thank you". I told her that I was
the one who should be thanking her. " My God, Debbie, to think I've been
missing all this while I've been so ignorant in what I've been doing, or
not doing. " We both laughed at this idea. "Boy, I even think I should
thank Sissy for having taught you and f

or you passing it on." We now were in a fit of giggles. I flung myself at
Debbie, in a spontaneous burst of intensely warm feelings. Our giggles
stopped. She reciprocated, and we held on to each other. I must admit I was
still pretty turned on from before. Debbie was so sensitive to my mood. She
whispered in my ear. "Do you want me to get you off again? I think you need
it." "Yes, please." Was all I had to say. While she still held me, her hand
reached from behind to find my pussy. I moved my knee up to give her better
access. She began to push into me. I was very ready. As she went from my
vagina to my clit in ever-faster movements, I felt it coming. Not as
strongly as before, but with the same urgency. Just as I was reaching my
peak, Debbie bent down and pulled my nipple with her pursed lips. That did
it. I was there. I felt a mixture of pure melting pleasure, as she
continued to frig my wet pussy. Then it began to fall away, and I needed no
more, and held her hand still, with the tips of her fingers still inside
me. It did feel good to be slightly filled by her fingers.

After a few minutes, I felt myself beginning to drift off to sleep. I
roused myself and slowly became untangled from Debbie's embrace. I realized
that Debbie was fast asleep. I slipped into the bathroom, peed, brushed my
teeth and washed. As I got back in my bed, an overpowering feeling of bliss
overcame me. I could hardly wait to hear about Sissy and Bobby.

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