Friday, April 17, 2009

Holly, Bobby, and Me

It was a long dry spell for me. For several years I never had a date
with a guy or a girl. I just jacked off to Playboy, Penthouse, Sears
catalogs, and homosexual porn flics. I was twenty or so before I had my
first straight date. For the next decade I had the occasional heterosexual
dates, but nothing ever got to the fucking state, so I just continued to
beat off and swallow my juices.

When I met my future wife, we fell in love almost immediately and we
were totally devoted and faithful to each other. She was a real woman:
feminine, but not prissy. She was the first girl with whom I could talk
really 'dirty.' We went to bed on our third date and we fucked and sucked
the hell out of each other. We gradually found that normal intercourse
left us lacking, but we were really turned on by oral-genital sex and
mutual masturbation. We even got aroused watching each other engaged in

I would eat her snatch and lick and suck on her clit until it was in
total arousal, and then I would rub her furry bush just brushing her girl
dick. She'd start bucking like a wild mustang while experiencing multiple
orgasms. It was all I could do to hold onto her writhing body. After the
spasm subsided, I would straddle her and sit on her pussy while facing her.
Holly would then take my already hard and oozing dick in her hand and
proceed to jack me off. I'd shoot my wad all over her belly and ample
boobs and she'd have another orgasm! I would then gently lie on top of
her, the creamy with cum between our sweaty bodies. After resting this way
for several minutes, we would lick each other clean. It was exquisite!

She was rather well endowed in the chest area, a size 36D, so I used
to like to fuck her between her boobs. I would straddle her belly, and she
would wrap her tits around my cock, and I would hump them until I emptied
my load all over her chest. At the same time, I would reach back with one
hand and massage her furry bush and clitty until she went into multiple
orgasms and damned near bucked me off. I would then rub my cum all over
her boobs before licking her clean.

Holly turned out to be a superb cocksucker; I would pull my pants and
shorts down to my knees while I was driving the car and she would suck on
my knob until I would explode in her mouth. It's a wonder that I didn't
loose control of the vehicle!

She told me that she was intimate with only two or three guys before
she met me, but she learned how to fuck and suck very well. She said that
when she was about twelve, she had a neighbor and friend, Bailey, whose
tits she would massage regularly when they hurt her, so she was also
familiar with what turned other females on.

Not too long after we were married, my friend, Bobby, confided in me
that he definitely would like to fuck Holly. Since Bobby was my best
friend and a witness at our wedding, this would be fine with me. With
Holly, this was another story, because although she liked Bobby, she once
told me that he wasn't the type with whom she would have sex. This was
going to take some serious thought.

The three of us liked to play poker together, so one day I suggested
that we get together for an evening of strip poker. Holly readily agreed
to this, as she was by far the better player, and probably thought it would
be hilarious to see two good friends naked together. She undoubtedly
thought that she would win without losing hardly a stitch of clothing.

Holly and I decided to have the game at our house, and as usually we
started out with a couple of drinks to help us relax. Bobby nursed a
couple of V.O. and waters while Holly and I started off with a couple of
Manhattans. While making the drinks, I made sure that I watered mine down
sufficiently, so as not to get drunk. Holly's was another matter. I had
prepared and secretly purchased a pint of 190 Proof grain alcohol that I
generously added to her drinks.

After not too long she was noticeably tipsy, giggling, slurring her
words, and unable to concentrate on her card playing. Soon, she had lost
over half of her clothes, while Bobby and I still had almost all of ours.
In a short time, after a few more of my knockout drinks, she was obviously
inebriated, had lost all of her clothes, and was having quite a problem
trying to walk straight. Bobby and I were still clothe from the waist
down, and were feeling practically no effects from the relatively small
amount of alcohol we had consumed. In not very long, Holly was just about
'legless,' but was having a good old time: laughing and as happy as a clam.

It was now time. I told Holly that Bobby was going to fuck her.

"Like hell, he is!" she said, trying to find her clothes and make an
exit. "You fuckers planned this!"

"Sure, we did," I said, as Bobby and I each grabbed one of her arms
and propelled her backward. "Tonight's going to be an enactment of the
'Rape of the Sabine Women' starring you."

"Lemme go, you mother fuckers!" Holly cried out. She normally was
quite a strong broad and she tried to get away, but to no avail. She could
hardly stand, much less run. The super drinks had taken their toll. Plus,
Bobby was a big man - 260 pounds and 6'4".

"Go ahead and yell," said Bobby. "Nobody's going to hear you. Scream
all you want."

We dragged her back to an organ bench and sat her ass down near one
end. Then, while I pinned her arms behind her, Bobby tied each of her legs
to each of the two bench legs at that end with some clothesline. She tried
to kick him, but was too uncoordinated due to the booze. I pulled her back
on the bench and tied each of her arms to each of the two remaining bench
legs. That had the effect of spreading her legs apart and pushing her cunt
up and out similar to a gynecological exam table. We then elevated the
'cunt end' of the bench to the height of Bobby's crotch.

Holly kept swearing at us, a constant stream of filth spewing from her
mouth. "Cocksuckers, I'll get you for this!"

"You're the one that's going to be the cocksucker tonight, among other
things," I said. "You're the one that's gonna get got. Watch it, or I'll
go get Lloyd and Bruce and we'll have a gangbang."

"Go to hell!" she spat.

Bobby had now stripped completely and was approaching Holly's snatch
end with his thick 8-inch cock in his hand.

"Get that fucking monster away from me!" she yelled. "You'll split me
wide open with that huge prick. How could you, of all people, Ed, plan
this and then let him do this to me?"

"You can take it all, Holly," said Bobby. "I've got confidence in
you. Then you'll get to liking it, and you'll beg for more."

"Bastards!" she said.

I knew that 8-inch Godzilla wouldn't in any way tear Holly apart,
though. I had fucked her loose. I'd sometimes fall out of her after
screwing her for awhile. She'd contract her twat muscles so neither of us
would loose any pleasure while fucking.

Bobby ignored her, and though she tried to squirm away and avoid him,
it was all in vain as his dick found her hole and he rammed his humungus
pole all the way into sex cavity with one giant thrust.

She screamed, swore, and then screamed some more.

Bobby just kept slowly pulling his rod almost completely out of her
cunt and then slowly shoving it all the way in again. He kept this up for
close to ten minutes, while Holly kept cursing at us. He picked up the
pace a bit, ramming it in, then pulling it almost out, and slowly Holly's
hips started involuntarily rotating and moving to meet his lunges. She
tried to stop it from happening, but her body was reacting to the mating

"Fucking useless pussy of mine," she said. "Got a mind of its fucking

I had completely stripped myself of all my clothes, and was jacking my
cock, watching the extraordinary scene of my best friend fucking my wife.

I had to admire Bobby's stamina and self control as his pace had been
steadily increased. He was really putting it to her, now, and her swearing
changed to moaning as her body moved in synch with increased speed.

"Oh yes! Give it to me! Ahhhh! Goddam it! I want it all! Yes,
Bobby, fuck me, fuck me! More! More!" she now cried out as her head
tossed from side to side on the inclined bench. The sweat was just running
off her glistening body.

I let go of my prick long enough to grab Holly's long hair and tie it
under the bench, thus immobilizing her tossing head. I then straddled her
and the bench, forced open her mouth and shoved the entire length of my
dick into her mouth. She looked up at me with glazed-over sex-hazy eyes
and immediately began to suck, as Bobby kept feverishly fucking her now
willing cunt. I started fucking her in the mouth, trying to match the pace
of the lunging pole at the other end of the bench.

Holly started bucking as furiously as being tied down would allow, as
she began to experience the first of her usual multiple orgasms. I reached
down to untie her hair in order to free her constrained head, grabbed her
by the hair on both sides of her head, and simultaneously both Bobby and I
spurt our cum into each of her canals with her taking our entire loads in
both ends.

Bobby and I then lowered the 'cunt end' of the bench to its level
horizontal position, and released Holly's arms and legs. She didn't even
move; she just lay spread-eagled on the bench. While she recovered from
her double rape, Bobby and I licked and sucked one another's dicks clean
while she watched. That must have been a perverse thrill for her on top of
being raped by her husband and his best friend, to watch them do a 69 job.

Now paying attention to Holly, I bent over between her legs and buried
my mouth in her sopping wet cunt, and licked and sucked all of her and
Bobby's juices from her hot hole. I was so engrossed in this tasty treat
that I completely forgot about my best friend until I felt his hands on my
ass spreading my cheeks. He then put the head of his lubed-up prick at the
opening of my guy-cunt and shoved his monster love muscle completely up my
bowels with a single thrust. My god, but it hurt, and I screamed in pain
into Holly's bushy twat.

The pain eventually turned into intense pleasure as Bobby slowly moved
his entire eight inches in and out of my rectum.

"Oh, yes, Bobby!" I cried out. "I've waited so long to feel your cock
up my ass. Oh, yes, fuck me! Fuck me hard! I want to be your bitch and
slut again. Oh, god, yes, yes, yes!"

"I've dreamed about this for years, too, sweet Eddie," said Bobby.
"I'm going to fuck you so hard and good, that you might even swear off

"Oh, yeah, anything you say, lover, just keep on fucking me!"

I had forgotten completely about Holly, as Bobby massaged my love
canal with that tremendous appendage of his. My hips and ass were moving
almost involuntarily back and forth on his swollen dick and I was now
consciously using all the muscles in my asshole to get all the pleasure
that I could get from this marvelous assault.

Holly, meanwhile, somehow extricated herself from between the organ
bench and me and got down under me on the floor, between the bench and my
legs. She wrapped one hand around my throbbing, dripping shaft, and with
the other, started playing with my nuts. I almost lost my mind when she
started jacking my prick while simultaneously sucking my balls.

Bobby continued humping my ass, his pace increasing, and Holly took my
straining member into her mouth and started giving me one of the blow-jobs
that she was so good at performing. The sensation of having my asshole and
dick serviced at the same time was so exhilarating that I almost fainted.
Bobby's cock was now furiously reaming out my bowels. I felt him tense,
make several more really vicious lunges, and then felt his dick flare
inside me and unload gallons of his soothing balm in my guts. At the same
time, my prick exploded with such force inside Holly's throat that she
almost choked on my load of cum.

We all collapsed on each other in an obscene and naked sweaty heap on
the floor. When we finally recovered and Bobby pulled out of me, his cum
oozed out of my strained hole like water out of a spring. Holly went right
to work and lapped up every bit of the salty treat from around my ass
cheeks and crack. She sucked all that I could eject out of my hole, her
tongue darting in and around my tortured sphincter.

Holly then crawled over to Bobby, got between his spread legs and
sucked his monster member clean. It sprang to life again while she
administered to it, so she took the entire thing into her mouth and
proceeded to suck up and down while she kneaded his scrotum. Her ass was
pointed up into the air, so I crawled up behind as started to lick her ass
crack and hole. She spread her legs slightly, so I put my hand between
them and began to alternately massage and squeeze her clit and finger-fuck
her piss-hole. She started bucking and sucking furiously while
experiencing multiple orgasms, and at the same Bobby grabbed her hair and
brought her head down completely on his big dick, shoving it all the way
down her throat, and unloading another huge load of cum down her gullet.
She couldn't take both the size of his cock plus the large amount of cum he
pumped into her, and she started gagging and choking, the white cream
oozing past her lips and up out of her nose.

She tore her mouth away from Bobby's dick and started to
hyperventilate. Bobby and I both rushed to her aid and I cleared her nasal
passages by sucking them clear of Bobby's cum. I then licked it up from in
and around her mouth as Bobby licked her vagina clean. We all collapsed
again; this time we were truly spent.

When we finally came around, Holly said, "Being raped isn't all that
bad, especially if someone you know does it. It was really great!
Everyone ought to be raped at least once in their lives. And you got it,
too, Ed! Weren't expecting that, were you? You liked it, though. I could
tell! I was watching you work your ass on Bobby's cock. You're a real
pro! I think I'd like to be gang raped. I could take on at least twenty
guys at a time. Let's do that sometime."

We all took showers to freshen up and then crawled into bed together,
naked. My wife, Holly, was on one side of me, and my best friend, Bobby,
on the other. There we were all three lovers, drifting off to sleep,
cradled in each other's arms. I don't know how long we slept after that
sexual bout, but when we awoke, we all passionately hugged and kissed.
Bobby dressed and left and Holly and I went back to the bed to fuck some
more. We continued with these liaisons on and off for several years.

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