Friday, April 17, 2009

A Story of Will Part 1

I had just broken up with a girl I had been with for 3 years, her name was
Heather and she was a "dancer" (Yes, tittie bar dancer) I had moved back to
my home town of Cleveland Ohio From a city about a hundred miles west of
Cleveland. I decided that I wanted a job with no "real" hassles and that is
why I chose Burger King. Anyway I digress.

While working at Burger King, I had been meeting and hanging with a bunch
of younger people,(I was 22 at the time) mostly 17-21 yrs olds who I worked
with.. One day Frank (a cute little 17 yr. old) comes in and says "Hey
Eric, my friend Will is having some problems getting his brake calipers on
his car, could you come over and help?"

"Sure thing" I said. "I'll go over there after I get off work, you gonna
show me where he lives?"

"Sure, I'm pretty sure he'll appreciate the help." Says Frank.

All the people knew that I had worked as a mechanic for quite some time and
they figured I could help.

After getting off work, 'lil Frankie takes me over to his apt. so that I
can meet his friend. Well, lemmie tell you this guy was HOT. (At this point
in my life I knew I enjoyed looking at guys, and yes sucking them off, but
it had never gone any further than that.) His name was Will. He stood about
6 ft tall, weighed about 145 lbs. and was just RIPPED. I like my guys kinda
skinny anyway. He had no shirt on and was all sweaty from working on his
brakes. Short blondish brown hair, cut into almost a "crewcut" style, nice
chest, a ripped stomach, and from what I could see judging by the bulge in
his cutoff shorts, a really nice sized cock. I was in heaven.

"' Will, this is my boss Eric, he knows a lot about cars. He used to work
on them regularly." Frank says eagerly.

"Good to meet you Eric." Says Will.

After introducing ourselves, I showed him how to get the brake calipers
onto his car ...

"Thanks for helping me with the car, now I can drive around and not worry
about killing anyone. What are you doing tonight?" He asks.

"Well, as of right now I don't have any plans, did you have something in

"Well, a couple of my older friends are having a party near where you live
in Lakewood. Would you like to go, kinda as a repayment?" Will asks.

"I'd love to go, I aint been to a good party in ages"

Will says "Great, lemmie run inside and shower and get ready"

"But, Will, if we were gonna go we'd need to leave soon. Why don't you just
run into your place, grab some clothes and shower over at my place?"

"That seems like a good idea, In fact I'll tell my Mom I'm just gonna stay
over at your place if you don't mind."

"I don't mind at all"

Hell, mind?!?!?! I'd have given nearly anything to get this guy over at my
place. Knowing that we were both gonna be drunk and prolly horny by the end
of the night, I figured I have a decent shot at getting into this guys
pants. Even if all I did was blow him while he was sleeping. I'd be just
fine with that.

Bah blah blah........ we get to my house and start getting ready for this

Once Will is done showering, he comes out wrapped in nothing but a towel
and a smile, "Hey what do you think of these black jeans with this burgundy

"I'm not too sure, Will, I'd have to see them on you I guess."

With only the slightest hesitation he drops the towel and looks up at me as
it falls to the floor. Our eyes lock momentarily and he slides his jeans up
those lean and lovely thighs.

"Well, what do you think?" he says.

"Um, I think you look fine. I would DEFINITELY wear those tonight"

"Who knows you might get your chance," says Will as he walks back into the
bathroom and shuts the door.

By this time my mind is beginning to spin, "Is this for real?? Did he just
hit on me??"

Not quite sure, I continued to get ready, time was running short and we
were due to be at the party around 9. Nothing more was said about Will's
little "show."

Once we get to the party he tells me "You need to tell everyone here that
you're my cousin."

"People here don't take to total strangers too well."

"No, problem cuz." I said.

In we went, it was definitely a party, beer and liquors of all kinds were
flowing. The air was thick with cigarette and pot smoke. The music, Rap I
think, was blaring loudly from all over the house. I was excited at the
thoughts of all the possibilities tonight.

After some introductions, we go into the kitchen where the keg was, and
grab ourselves a beer. There was a few guys sitting a the kitchen table
playing Spades.

"Damn man, I love playing Spades!!! Do you play Spades, Will??"

"You have no idea the games I can play," said Will.

"Well, you up for a few hands?"

"' Sure, lets see if we can get dealt in"

About two hours of playing Spades we were both pretty well buzzed and
beginning to get bored. Suddenly this girl walks in. Carrie was a short
little blonde haired girl, Big tits, nice curvy ass, tiny waist, and full
pouting lips.

"Goddam!!!!" I exclaimed, "Will, did you see what just walked in?????" She
was just my type.

"Hi guys, what's going on?" asks Carrie

"Not too much, sitting here throwing some Spades, getting high and a little
drunk. You wanna beer?" I asked.

"Sure, a beer and a joint would hook me up just right. I smoked a little
pot on the way over here but it wasn't all that good. I'm starting to lose
my buzz"

"Well, hell, let's get that taken care of right now" said Will.

I pour her a beer, Will rolls up another joint and we settle into another
game of Spades. Apparently the two guys we were playing with had gotten
tired of getting their asses kicked and were ready to move on anyway.

After about an hour of Spades, we decide we've had enough. Carrie is pretty
high by now, she's all giggly and has kind of a glazed look in her eyes.

"Hey, I heard there's a couch and some quieter music upstairs, you guys
wanna go up and smoke another one?" Carries asks.

Nearly in unison Will and I both say "Sure!"

I pour us all another round as Will and Carrie are heading upstairs. I get
upstairs and there's Will and Carrie, on the couch Making out.

I'm thinking, "Shit, looks like he's already gotten her."

I walk over to the couch, set our beers on the table and sit down on the
floor next to the table.

"What you doing sitting down there Eric?" Will asks.

"Looks like you guys were busy and I didn't want to just horn in on you

"I wasn't worried about you horning in on me and Will, in fact I was kinda
hoping I'd be able to get a kiss from you too!!" says Carrie.

"Well, far be it from me to keep a girl from what she wants."

And with that I lean over and get my first taste of those full pouty lips
of hers. She slides her tongue in and out of my mouth. I'm instantly
hard. Will's working his hands up her back to her bra clasp. I've got my
hand in between her legs and am massaging her warm wet snatch within her
jeans. Wills busy working on freeing her tits and suddenly she stops us.

"The weeds getting to me, I need some air" says Carrie

I'm thinking, "SHIT! we blew it"

"OK Carrie, we'll take you outside so you can get some air"

(We weren't total assholes, we were all pretty high and horny, so at that
point we'd have done just about whatever she asked us.)

Outside on the back patio it had gotten kinda cool, it was still just
spring in Cleveland, And after a few minutes of being outside Carrie began
to complain that she was cold.

"Don't worry, we'll keep you warm" Said Will.

"Yeah Carrie, we'll keep you warm" Says I.

"Sounds good, I've never been kept warm by two guys at the same time"

Will's leaning against the side of the house and Carries backs up to him.

I move in front of her and ask, "Do you want to finish what we began in the
house, It'll help warm you up?"

Without saying a word she gets me in a lip-lock. We began to make out like
a couple of teen-agers and Will starts feeling her up from behind. He's
working her titties in each hand, She and I are sucking face like there is
no tomorrow and suddenly I feel his hand sliding her zipper down. (we are
all standing pretty damn close together at this point)

Suddenly she moans, "ooh yeah slide your finger in and out of my hott wet

Will slides one finger inside her, and starts rubbing her clit slowly. The
pressure of his hand in her jeans is putting pressure on my cock.

I whisper to him, "Pull her shirt up a bit so I can lick her nipples,"

PERFECT! Sliver dollar sized aureoles nipples about a half inch long and
hard enough to cut glass. I'm sucking on her titties, he's fingerfucking
the hell out of her and she stops me.

"Pull your cock out for me, I've been dying to see it all night"

Not having to ask me twice. I pull my 9 inch rod out and she pushes my
jeans down past my hips. She licks the bit of pre-cum off the tip and says
"Yummy, my favorite flavor"

Carrie is bent over at the waist and Will's now slowly working her jeans
down around her ankles.

"Please fuck me, Will" Carrie says.

"I've never been had a cock in my pussy and one in my mouth at the same

"No, problem Carrie, anything for you."

As she's taking my cock deep down her throat, I'm staring over her back at
Will, He's working on getting his cock out of those tight black jeans and I
finally see it. He pulls out the nicest looking cock I've ever seen, Long
and thick like mine but perfectly smooth, you cant see a single vein!

"Damn man, you are about as hung as I am." I say slowly.

"Yeah I noticed you aint exactly no small-fry either" He grins as he slowly
slides into her.

She's sucking my dick and Wills sliding in and out of her. I'm leaning over
towards him to get a good look at his cock sliding in and out of her pussy
and he looks down at me. Slowly he leans over our eyes lock and kisses
me. His tongue slides in my mouth and at first I'm not sure what to do. I
pull back slightly and say "Dude, your a guy and so am I."

He's like "it's cool, no one's gonna find out and even if they did we are
all so stoned I really don't think it matters, do you? If it offends you
I'll stop"

I say "Well no, It's OK, I've just never kissed a guy before"

"Well neither had I until tonight"

Carrie looks up from my dripping dick and says" go ahead, kiss Him, I've
always wanted to see to guys kiss, It gets me sooooo wet!"

Well, hell at this point I was too excited to think so I kissed him
back. And DAMN it was good. Our tongues wrapped around each other and for a
minute I forget that Carries even there. Will's tongue is exploring the
insides of my mouth, mines sliding all over his teeth and I'm hornier than
I've ever been before.

By now Carries getting tired of sucking my dick, says her jaw is getting
sore (Don't you just hate that about women, They make us eat them out till
we got rug-burn on our chins but wont suck us off for more than a few

I say "Carrie how about letting me get into some of that snatch?"

She says "Fine but I want Will up my ass at the same time"

I about fell over !!! I couldn't believe it, I've never been with a girl
who wanted to have both holes filled at once!!!!

"Do you think we can handles it Will?"

"I don't see why we cant give it a try."

WE lift her up a bit so that we can both work our cocks into her hot hungry
little holes and accidentally I slip my hand around Wills cock, "oops, I'm

"No problem here" he says.

So I wrap my hand around his cock and guide him to her asshole. His cock is
already slick from her juices, so he slides in with little difficulty.

Her legs are up at my sides and Wills leaning against the siding his cock
buried deep within her. I sliding in and out (popping out occasionally
which is no problem cuz Will is more than willing to give me a hand getting
back in)

Now by this time my mind's working overtime, we've got this hott little
chick fucking and sucking the hell outta us and Wills giving me all the go
ahead I could ever ask for, Thank God he's staying at my place tonight ;o)

Well, the long and the short of it is we end up finishing up, me blowing my
load in her snatch, Will blowing his load up her ass. She gets herself
together and tells us she's gotta leave, but gives BOTH of us her number,
telling us that we need to do this again, maybe in a little more
comfortable place, like her waterbed.

"Sure thing" we say.

I'm still in disbelief of what just happened.

"Bye guys, Don't do anything tonight that I wouldn't do"

That sure didn't leave a whole lot. (little did I know how much her
statement would have an effect on the rest of the night) She Left.

Well, what do you wanna do now?" Will asks.

"Well, considering an hour ago I was too tore up to drive, and I'm feeling
better now, Let stop at a store, pick up some beer and head back to my
place, we can chill and party there"I say.

"Sure thing, I've still got some weed left, and I'm still kinda horny, If
we don't get out of here soon I'm gonna end up fucking some other chick and
that aint quite what I wanna do tonight" He says.

"Hmmmmm. What's he got in mind!?!?!?!"I know what I've got in mind, but no,
he's straight, Isn't he??????

"Well, I've got some really good porn at the house, worse case scenario, we
could pop that in and jack-off. It's a lot safer than banging some of the
chicks that are here" Says I.

"Sounds good, let's get the hell outta here before they send out a search

We say our good byes, Getting more than a few odd looks as we leave, the
front of both of our jeans are wet and no one can miss the bulges in our

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