Friday, April 17, 2009

Chapter Two: Strictly Gay No More

Should I say anything? Alicia turns to me and whispers.

I don't know, comes my reply.

Then, gently a key slides into the lock. Time, once again, loses meaning as
collectively we hold our breath, cigarette smoke beginning to burn
furiously within our lungs.

Oh shit! It's my boyfriend, but who is he talking to, Alicia whispers.

The door opens slightly, and a male voice whispers, I don't know if she's
here but I'll bet she'll be surprised to see you when she walks in.

The door opens wider and they step in.

All I can say is DAMN!

In walks a fine example of a man, mid-twenties, 6 foot tall, crew-cut sandy
blonde hair, broad shoulders, a seemingly broader chest, and a set of
bright blue eyes that made me nearly fall into them.

Alicia, what in the fuck is going on here? Did you forget that we had
plans? Who are these two?

(And who is this sneaking slowly in behind Alicia's man?)

Robbie, I can explain.

Really now, you can explain why you are lying naked, on the living room
floor with one guys come drizzling from your cunt, while your come is
drying on his cock and I'm quite sure I can imagine this other guys come
slowly seeping from his ass. You can explain all this?

Yes, Robbie I can.

Well then, go ahead, I'm sure Will and I will really enjoy this story.

Slowly she began to recount how we had all come to this position in the
day, and I could noticed Robbie's cock swelling, attempt to push its way
free of his tight fitting, semi-faded jeans.

(Will, did he say Will? I knew a Will once, but hell that was nearly 10
years ago.)

Quickly, I glance over at Robbie's friend, giving him a quick once-over.
Tall, thin, very blonde, slightly latino in appearance. Hmm, could be him.

Up to this point Will was completely silent, though apparently he had
noticed me checking him out.

What you looking at faggot? Will asks.

Well, to be quite honest, you. I'm trying to figure out why you look so
dammed familiar, you aren't from here are you?

No, actually I used to live back east until about 4 years ago.

Oh really? Where back east?

A little town outside of Cleveland, you wouldn't know it.

Really, try me.

While this whole conversation between Will and I is going on I've noticed
out of the corner of my eye that Robbie has taken Alicia into the bedroom
and the door has been closed nearly completely behind them. You can barely
hear muffled sounds of conversation and Alicia attempts to justify her
actions, I assume.

Well, I'm from a little town called Lakewood; it's a few miles outside of
Cleveland. I lived there until my girlfriend Carrie and I broke up. She was
a little slut and finally I couldn't take her fucking around behind my back
anymore, so I moved here. But why the fuck should I answer all your
dumb-assed questions anyways, you some kind of private investigator or

No, I just like to get to know a little bit about the person I'm about to
fuck, that's all comes my reply.

You are going to fuck me, huh. You think?

Yeah I do; in fact, I figured that you and Robbie had just come home to
fuck the hell out of Alicia. Funny, she thought Robbie was fucking around
on her, I bet she never figured it was with a guy though.

Fuck you man, I aint no fag.

Oh really, then why is your dick so hard right now? I've noticed you
checking out my man as you were talking. Those flimsy little workout pants
you are wearing right now sure don't hide much, and it looks to me like you
are sporting one hell of a boner.

I get to my feet and step directly in front of him (damn he smells good,
Clinque Happy I think) and look directly into his eyes.

You aren't so big and bad now, are you? You have got some fag standing here
butt-assed naked, in your face, and suddenly, you get quiet.

Just then Robbie and Alicia come out from the bedroom.

Well, Robbie says with a smirk, I see you two are getting along just fine.

Will shoots Robbie a look as if to say, what in the hell?

Alicia's decided that all of this is getting to be a bit too much so she
goes into the kitchen and grabs a fresh round of beers.

Now, why can't we all sit down and talk this out rationally.

I've got to use the bathroom, I say, glancing over at Rich, who is sitting
(still naked) on the floor with an astonished look on his face.

Huh, yeah, I could use to pee too, Rich says.

As we step out of the room, I feel the back of my neck getting hot, I know
they are looking at the two of us going to the bathroom like a couple of
girls on a night out at the clubs.

I turn my head, and am greeted by a soft smile from Robbie.

(In the bathroom)

Oh shit, I think we should get going Eric, this is getting even more weird
than I thought could be possible.

Rich, do you really think they are actually as pissed as they appear? If
they were, we'd have had our asses kick as soon as they walked in the
door. I'm thinking that we were invited here, and we should make the best
of it. I think they are both at least bi and if not, don't you love the
idea of fucking a straight guy?

Well, yeah, in fact I was a bit disappointed that I didn't get the chance
to fuck Alicia.

Well, if we leave now, you'll never get that chance will you?

No, I suppose you are right. Just tell me again that you wont let anything
happen to me.

Just then, I reach for him and pull him closer to me. Rich, I'd never let
anything happen to you, you are my friend, my love, my light. We are moving
onto a new level of our relationship and The Gods willing; it will not be
the end of us. I promised that I'd never leave you for a woman, and that
goes for guys too. I know you are more than a little apprehensive, but
trust me; I've got "our" back.

Rich looks at me with those big brown eyes and says I love you
Eric. Honestly I do.

And I love you too. Now lets get back out there and show those guys what
getting fucked is really all about.

Let's do it!

As we walk out of the bathroom we are greeted by one of the most surprising
sights I have ever seen, Robbie is kissing Alicia furiously while Will is
on his knees sucking the largest cock I've seen in my 31 years. You know
the old joke amongst straight girls where they go "is it bigger than a
baby's arm?" Well, I've now seen it in real life, and believe me guys and
girls, cocks those size do exist. It was huge, at least 10 inches sticking
out over the nearly completely unzipped jeans. Thick, oh I mean thick. In
fact I don't think Will could get his hand completely around the damn

Well folks, looks like we were a bit late getting back to the party eh?

Will jumps a bit, but then goes right back to his worship of that monster.

Robbie glances over Alicia's should and tells Rich to come over and help
Will out and I step up behind Alicia, quickly sliding my fingers of my left
hand inside her dripping snatch.

Rich begins to remove Robbie's shoes and pull his jeans off as I move my
hand from Alicia's snatch to Will lips. All he can do is moan as he sucks
her sweet juices from my fingers. I bend down and begin to kiss him, moving
my hands inside his elastic waistband, attempting to free his cock from his
(tightey-whitey's?!!?) underwear. All the while Alicia is writhing at the
scene unfolding around her.

Oh Robbie, I couldn't be more turned on right now!

Yeah you could, and you will. In fact Will and I had some surprises in
store for you, but now, with the addition of these two, you can't even
begin to comprehend how incredible this night is going to be.

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