Friday, April 17, 2009

Strictly Gay No More

My name is Eric; I'm a 26 year old bisexual male who is very much
involved with an attractive 25 year old man named Rich who has always
claimed to be 'strictly' gay. Rich has never had a problem with my being
bisexual but he has made it very clear to me that women are just not his
cup of tea but if I feel the need to go out and get myself some pussy I
am more than welcome to.

Rich and I went over our friend Jessica's place one warm, sunny Friday
afternoon to move a bed for her, and when we came out of her apartment we
saw the most attractive girl on two legs walking her little brown Pug
through the courtyard. She had long blonde hair that ran over her perky
breasts most of the way down her past her tiny waist to her round firm
ass. The blonde hair was further accentuated by her deep tan, little
white tennis outfit and china-doll like face.

Rich commented on her attractiveness as we were walking to his titanium
2004 VW Jetta, stating that even he would consider fucking her given the
chance and I (after a short pause) agreed.

We got in the car and headed up to the gas station so that I could pick
up a pack of Marlboros and a case of Bud-Light. As I'm getting out of the
car we both notice that the blonde girl from Jessica's courtyard was
getting out of her car too. Rich and I share a quick look and I get out
of the car. Heading towards the door is that blonde. I hold the door open
for her and she flashes me a quick smile and says thank you in a deep
sultry voice laced with a more than slightly southern accent.

I grab the beer, and head towards the counter and who do I bump into
again but the blonde. She smiles sweetly and says that we need to stop
running into each other like this or people might begin to talk. I grin
back and say that they can talk all they want; I wouldn't be upset by it.
She then notices the case of beer and asks what our plans are for the
night. I tell her that Rich and I are going to head back to his place and
just chill out. She tells me that she had plans with her boyfriend but he
cancelled out on her again and she's decided to stay home and just drink
her vodka and try to figure out what she's going to do about him. I just
nod and say that I'm sorry to hear about her man, pay for the beer and
begin to walk out of the gas station. I pause for a moment and hold the
door open for her and as she comes out she smiles, says her name is
Alicia and asks if Rich and I would like to hang out with her. I tell her
that I'll have to ask Rich and she points out her little black and yellow
'98 Eclipse GT and tells me to come over to her car and let her know.

I rush to the car, toss the case of beer in the back and tell Rich what
has just happened. He looks at me and can tell I'm excited by the thought
of this girl asking us back to her place. Then he states that we can hang
with her for a while.

I get out, and lean into her driver's side window. Rich says he wouldn't
mind us hanging out with you. Alicia says great and tells me to follow
her. We follow her back to the apartment complex and she leads us
upstairs to her apartment, which is right across the hall from Jessica's.

As we enter she takes the beer and tells us to go ahead and make
ourselves comfortable. I see that she has a whole wall filled with
pictures of her in various dance poses. I ask her about this and she
states that she had been a ballet dancer until the age of 17 when she
broke her ankle. Now she just dances at P.T's in East St. Louis. I ask
her how long she's been doing that and she says it's only been a little
over a year but the money's good and she has learned a lot working there.
Rich shoots me a look like uh-huh, I bet.

Alicia then asks what kind of music we like and we are open to pretty
much anything. She shoots us a smile and says that's what I was hoping.
She puts in some Melissa Etheridge tells us to get comfortable and says
she'll be right back, she wants to change her clothes. I look at Rich and
ask him if he's ok with this and he just shrugs.

Alicia came back out from the bedroom and we both stare at her in shock.
She's wearing a white lace teddy, thong and heels. I thought you guys
might be curious as to how well I dance and I love showing off my
talents, do you mind' Hell no I didn't mind, in fact I was sporting the
beginnings of a hard-on the minute I saw her. I glance over at Rich and
he's trying to cover his lap with his beer bottle. I internally pause for
a moment and think, what's this, Rich's sporting wood from this girl?

As the next song comes on she begins a long slow, dance, 'you used to
love to dance' was on and this girl could definitely move to it. As the
song neared the end I could see a tear rolling down her cheek. I asked
her what was wrong and she said that her boyfriend had been cheating on
her with some girl she worked with and she'd been feeling rather
neglected lately. She sat down between us on the couch and I pulled her
close. She looked up into my eyes and for a brief moment we just stared.

I wiped the tear from Alicia's eye and she gave a half-hearted smile.
You've got beautiful eyes she said, and slowly brought her lips closer to
mine. When our lips touched it was like a shot of electricity went
through my head. Our tongues began to slowly explore each others mouths.
She slowly arched her back upwards, pushing her scantily clad ass towards
Rich. I opened my eyes for a moment, never breaking the lip-lock that was
rapidly turning heated, glancing over her shoulder at Rich who had a look
of complete astonishment on his face. His look of astonishment slowly
became a look of desire as he slid his hand up her inner thigh and slid a
finger in between her warm wet folds eliciting a slight moan from Alicia.

She began to pull away from my lips and moved her lips across my jaw
line. She began sucking gently on my neck in that spot between my jaw and
earlobe, getting me harder and harder by the minute.

Now by this time Rich was working her thong down over the curve of her
ass cheeks to her long and lovely thighs. Sticking his nose in between
her now upturned ass cheeks and tonguing her tight brown puckered hole.

She moans into my ear that she wants my cock and I am more than happy to
unbuckle my belt, unbutton my pants and slide them down to my ankles. My
cock was straining against my boxer-briefs, the wet spot from my pre-cum
was about the size of a silver half-dollar and both were growing larger
by the second. She began to unbutton my shirt and suck on my nipples. I
reach up with my right hand and slide it inside her teddy, grasping her
left tit tugging on her already hardened nipple. She sighs softly and
moves further down my chest, tracing the trail of light brown hair toward
the waist band of my underwear. She slides her hand inside and grasps my
rock hard staff, pulling gently as she slides her tongue into my piss
slit savoring the taste of the pre-cum that is now dripping off the end
of my 10' dick.

Rich is working his tongue into her ass and by now has his thick 9'
member out of his jeans and is tugging furiously.

Momentarily Alicia pulls her head off my throbbing member and asks if
we'd like to move onto the floor, for the couch is getting smaller and
smaller by the minute. Rich and I both agree that that would be a good
idea and as we move off the couch she finishes pulling Rich out of his
jeans as I shod the rest of my clothing. She steps back from Rich and
pulls her teddy over her head, allowing the most beautiful set of 36c
tits swing free from their confines. Rich's cock jumps at the sight of
this and says to me, honey I never thought he'd be so turned on.

Alicia pauses in shock and says are you guys gay? No, I say Rich is, but
I'm bisexual.

Alicia turns back to Rich and reaches for the back of his head and pulls
his head to her face and kisses him deeply. Rich is a little surprised
for a second but soon begins to return the kiss with a fervor I'd not
seen from him since the night we met. As they are kissing I slip up
behind Alicia, reach around her waist and place one hand near her neatly
trimmed bush while my other hand goes straight for Rich's cock. My cock
slides neatly between her round ass cheeks and I start to finger her
while stroking Rich's cock.

Then, suddenly, Rich pulls away from Alicia and says that he needs to use
the bathroom. As he darts out of the room, Alicia turns and asks me if I
think he's gonna freak out. I'm not sure I say. I think I'll go try and
find out what is going on with him, I know this is his first time doing
this with me, it could quite possibly be the first time he's had a
situation come up like this with a guy he's dating. Alicia agrees that
it's a good idea for me to go and talk to him.

I go to the bathroom door (which he has locked behind him) and knock.

Yes? Rich says.

Honey, it's me.


Open the door.

The door slowly opens and there stands Rich, hard-on raging, fingers
soaked with this girls juices and a look of shame on his face.

Are you ok? I ask

I'm confused.


Cause I'm really enjoying this, but I'm not bisexual, I'm gay.

Well, I used to think the same thing except for me; it was that I was
straight. I'm thinking that we should slow down for a minute and have
another drink. It will help loosen you up and allow both of us to think a
bit more about whether or not we want this to happen.

Oh, but I do want this, I want to watch you with a woman and It's really
turning me on.

I could tell

I reach out and pull Rich close to me and kiss him deeply, his cock
presses against mine and I feel him relax a little.

He steps back and says, ok I'm ready to go back out there now, but
promise you will take it easy and slow with this whole situation. I
really want to be a part of this but I'm not quite sure how to do it.

Don't worry honey; I've got this funny feeling that this evening will be
one both of us will remember for a long time. And remember I'm right
here; I'm not going to let anything happen that you will regret.

With that, we both step out of the bathroom and Alicia has a beer in hand
for both of us. She asks if everything is ok and Rich replies by taking
the beer from her hand, downs half of it, places a hand around her waist
and says everything is fine. She responds by pulling him closer and
kissing him deeply, I can see their tongues working feverishly in and out
of each others mouths, Alicia's nipples hardening and Rich's cock
climbing towards her belly button. (Which, up until now, I hadn't
noticed, is pierced.) They move towards the blanket she had spread out on
the floor and I stand there for a moment, just taking in the whole scene.

She lays on her back and motions for me to move towards her. I willingly
oblige as Rich moves his face from first one round globe to the other
sucking furiously on the rock hard nipples that jut from her tits. I
kneel down and kiss first her lips then Rich's and she reaches for my
fuck-stick. She pulls my cock to her mouth and gently begins to lick the
drying pre-come off the head. As she's doing that I see that Rich has now
worked his head down to her snatch and is furiously sucking on her clit
while sliding one finger in and out of her soaking wet box. She's moaning
around my cock as Rich works her clit like a man gone mad.

I slide onto the floor beside him, reaching for his cock, as he slowly
twists his lean torso so that I can better access his throbbing cock. I
take his mushroom shaped head into my mouth and I can hear him beginning
to moan now. We are all moaning and thrashing, I'm holding Rich's balls
in my hand as he fucks his whole member down my throat all the while
sucking Alicia's juices from her like a man trapped on a desert who has
just found an oasis. Alicia has no complaints about this as she is
beginning to orgasm, her soft moans now becoming louder and louder with
every stroke of Rich's tongue. I pull my head from Rich's cock because I
can sense him getting close to the edge and I want to prolong this as
long as possible.

I move from Rich's crotch and slide up next to him so that I can get a
better view, and I am rewarded by the sight of my lover, my GAY lover
sliding his long tongue in and out of this girl's tight little twat. She
is thrashing about, his face is covered in her juices and suddenly she
lets out a scream that I thought would shake the foundations of her whole
apartment building.





Oh my


And her screams fade off into soft slow whimpers.......

As her orgasm subsides, Rich rolls over onto his side, and moves to wipe
her juices off his face.
I stop him, telling him I want to lick it off him. He agrees. As I lick
Alicia's juice from his face, I see from the corner of my eye that Alicia
is beginning to come out of her orgasm induced trance and is looking at
us with obvious interest. I've never seen two men kiss like that before
she says. We've never quite kissed like this before, it is definitely a
first, licking a woman's juices off my boyfriends face and tongue.

Don't stop she says, I'm getting even more turned on by this and promptly
proceeds to shove two fingers deep inside her twat.
I'm sucking on Rich's lower lip, and gently stroking his cock with my
left hand, reaching around behind him to squeeze his ass cheek with my
right and trying to keep my balance the whole time. He breaks our kiss
and goes down on my cock, engulfing the entire thing to my balls. Working
his throat around my shaft, gently pulling on my balls with his other
hand I am in seventh heaven. Just then Alicia comes up behind me and
gently begins to pull us towards the floor. I lean back and Rich's mouth
never leaves my cock as I gently lie on my back. Alicia positions her
sopping twat above my face and slowly lowers her sodden lips to mine. I
breathe deeply, inhaling her sweet scent. I flick my tongue across her
swollen labia and slowly work it in between her softest part. She is
pulling her nipples and moaning sweetly as she rides my face, Rich is
working my cock in and out of his mouth with the skill of a professional
fluffer and my mind is gone. The sensations from Rich's expert cock
sucking must be transferring from my cock to my mouth because Alicia
begins to shriek in ecstasy once again. Bucking wildly, she comes all
over my face. The taste of her and Rich's work on my swollen cock is
getting to me and my hips begin to tense. Sensing this, Rich pulls off my
cock and gets Alicia in a tight lip lock just as she comes for a third

As her orgasm subsides, Alicia looks from Rich to I and says, Eric I want
to feel your cock inside me.

I look at Rich; he looks at me and motions for me to go for it.

Alicia climbs off my face and lies on her back; legs spread wide, with
one finger moving from her mouth to her twat, tasting her own juices.

I gave Rich a quick kiss and began to move towards Alicia.

I slide on top of Alicia, stopping briefly to savor her juices again, and
slowly trail my mouth up her firm tummy. Pausing to nibble a bit on her
right nipple I move to her waiting mouth. Furiously we kiss, each touch
of our lips bringing us to a higher and higher point until she is begging
me to fill her. I gently slide my cock between her engorged pussy lips
and rub the head of my cock up and down her slit, pressing just a bit
harder each time I pass her clit. Finally she grabs my swollen dick
herself and slides me home. Her pussy is so wet from her recent orgasm
and Rich's ministrations I slide balls deep into her without a pause. She
groans as my cock bangs into her cervix and her lips tighten even further
around the base of my swollen shaft. I pause for a moment allowing her to
get used to the girth. She stares into my eyes and it's like she's
staring into my soul, her gaze burns right through me.

Gently she says, I'm not used to such a big cock.

You'll get used to it, I promise.

And with that, I begin to fuck her as gently as any man could in a
situation like this. We begin to get a pretty good pace going after a few
dozen strokes and Rich moves up close to our faces. He puts his cock in
front of my face and I take his cock into my mouth. Alicia licks his
balls and we are sharing one of the biggest fantasies of my life. But
there is one thing missing.


Yes, Eric?

Will you fuck me while I'm in Alicia?

Alicia just moans.

Yes, Eric.

Now, Rich moves to get behind me and my movements inside Alicia slow to a
crawl. In fact, time itself slows to a crawl. If it was possible,
Alicia's pussy seems to get even wetter now. I feel her muscles tense
against my throbbing cock which is buried so deeply within her. And
without warning Rich shoves his tongue into my ass crack causing my cock
to involuntarily throb and expand inside of Alicia.

You like that, don't you Eric? Alicia asks.

All I can manage is a groan, for my brain has been taken over so
completely with pleasure, I am reduced to the barest components of

Rich begins to tongue fuck me, slowly at first, increasing his pace with
every moan that escapes my lips. Alicia begins to move her hips beneath
me and then the unexpected happens, Rich slides his entire cock inside my

My head explodes with pleasure and now it's my turn to scream. Rich's
cock has filled and expanded my insides to a place where only now can I
begin to understand those women who say take it slow. Slowly he begins to
fuck me, pulling his cock head right to the ridge of my sphincter, then
sliding it all the way in until I swear his balls were touching mine.
Again and again he does this. Each time, nailing my prostate and causing
pulsating sparks of light to shoot through my mind, waves of ecstasy
through my body and his balls slapping my already swollen nuts. All the
while Rich is pinching Alicia's nipples and whispering in my ear how good
it feels to be inside me like this. Asking how I am enjoying the feeling
of his thick cock inside my ass while I'm inside such a tight, wet place
such as Alicia's pussy.

I can't speak, the whole room is beginning to shake, Rich is pounding my
ass harder and harder, Alicia's moans have now become wails and once
again she is coming, and I feel Rich begin to tense. This is it, this is
the moment I've waited for. And as if on cue, Rich bites my shoulder and
begins to come. I felt him swell as the first thick rope of come shoots
from his distended cock into my pulsing asshole. Just as he begins to
squirt his second wave of seed deep inside my bowels I begin to flood
Alicia's insides with my own brand of spunk, and as if to cap it all off
she screams as her fourth orgasm hits her. We are screaming, thrusting
and moaning so loudly but we don't care. We can't care now; we have
reached the apex, the pinnacle, the Alpha.

Slowly the pleasure subsides, and we begin to relax. Rich crumples upon
my back and I slowly lower myself down to rest upon Alicia's chest. She
whispers into my ear, 'That was fucking amazing.'

We slowly separate and roll off each other onto the floor, side by side.
Alicia lights a cigarette, and passes me one.

Just then,

a knock at the door.

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