Friday, April 17, 2009

A Story of Will Part 2

So here we are, still horny after our little tete-a-tete with Carrie,
Will's still kinda high and wants to go back to my place. After stopping
for a 12 pack of Bud-light, we head back to my place.

I park my Grand-Am in the parking spot next to the garage so that I don't
have to be awakened early to move it. (My roomies, Nevik and Jessica both
work early in the morning) And we head into the house.

I was living with Nevik and Jessica in this big house in Lakewood, We all
wanted a house and had been friends since high school. I moved back from
Toledo after the miserable ending of my relationship with Heather and Nevik
(who WAS my best friend in high-school) found out I was back in town and
invited me to live with him and his wife Jessica. We ended up getting a 3
bedroom house and settling in comfortably. What Nevik didnt know was I had
been sleeping with Jessica since a few months after I moved in with them.
(My life would forever be changed by her, but I'll save those stories for
later, this ones about Will. )

"Hey, make sure you take your shoes off by the door, Jessica hates muddy
floors." I whisper

"No problem, I'm dying to get out of these clothes, you mind if I just go
on upstairs??" askes Will

"Sure, go ahead, I'll put the beer in the fridge and meet you in my
room. You gonna need a beer?"

"Yeah bring me up one."

I go ahead and put the beer in the fridge and stop for a moment. "Is this
guy for real??"

I guess I wont stop and think about it too long, the front of my jeans are
already beginning to get tight, and hell, Wills upstairs right now wearing
God only knows what?!?!?

Slowly I walk up the stairs, being careful to avoid that 7th step, the one
that squeaks. As I get ot my room at the top of the stairs I hear the sound
of soft moaning.

" I see you found the pornos" I say as I pass Will his beer.

"Yeah, and isnt this the one where that chick on the video gets it by two

"Yeah, shouldnt be anything new to us after tonight" I say.

"Hopefully there will be ALOT of things that arent new to us after tonight"
says Will as he takes a gulp of his beer.

( quick side-bar.... I'm standing in MY bedroom, with this hot 18 yr old
guy, wearing nothing but his boxers, and he's telling ME that he hopes
there are alot of things that aint new to either of us after tonight?!?!?
Pardon me while I do the "Dance of Joy" or something )

"Well, ya gonna just stand there holding your beer or ya gonna ditch those
wet jeans and come over here?" askes Will.

" I'm working on it" I say.

"Gimmie your beer"

"You know the one thing I hate about wearing these jeans is that they are
so dammed tight." As I peel the still slightly damp jeans down my torso.

"Hey man, you know, If the way I'm talking to you makes you uncomfortable,
just let me know. I dont really know whats come over me tonight but for
some odd reason I feel very comfortable talking to you like this. I'm not
saying I'm a fag or nothing but I've always wondered what it would be like
to get it on with a guy and you are just the type of guy I'd like to get it
on with. I dont know if It's the beer, or the weed, or the fact that we
just fucked the stuffing out of that Carrie chick at the party, but Dude, I
think I might want to mess around with you."says WIll.

"Well Will, its funny I've been thinking the same thing about you all
night, I have had my share of experience sucking cock over the past few
years and the way I've always figured it is that if the guys in the
military can suck each other off when they are away from chicks for 6
months at a time, then whats wrong with Me giving a little head every now
and then?"

"Dude, I cant tell you how happy I am to hear you say that, I was worried
at the party that you might have kicked my ass after I kissed you."

"Will, you have nothing to worry about. We are both grown adults, and if we
decide to fuck around a little bit and not tell anyone, then thats our

"Eric, are you sure you wont tell Frankie or Kellie or anybody??"

"Will, dude, I give you my word"

"Hey, you want another beer?" I ask.

"Nah, I'm just gonna chill and watch this video, It looks like its a really
good one. The chick in here looks like your roomie Jessica.... In fact the
dude looks kinda like you too, but your better looking." Says Will as he
begins to roll another joint.

"I'll be right back up, I'm going to get another beer"

Down the steps, watch out for #6 (it's 7 on the way up 6 on the way down)
haul ass into the kitchen, drop the empty in the trash, grab 2 more (just
on case) and haul ass back upstairs.

Will is lying on my bed, head on my pillows, eyes closed, stroking that
wonderful piece of meat I'd been drooling over all day. The "Jessica" looking
chick on the video is getting tittie-fucked by the "Eric" looking guy and
I'm hard as a rock. I dont know which get me hotter at that point, the
video or Will..... Ok bullshit It's Will, but the video get my mind going

As I close the door and slide the latch, Will opens his eyes briefly and
says "Eric I really want to feel your mouth on my cock, would you help?"

Would I ??!?!?!?! Hell yeah I would. Off came my boxers, t-shirt and socks,
and into the bed I went. At first I just layed next to him, stroking his
cock. (GODDAMM it IS as big as mine)

But that didnt last long at all. Slowly I leaned over and kissed him, not
like we kissed outside the party, longer, deeper, wetter. We didnt have to
hurry, we had all night now. Slithering my tounge in between his teeth I
found his tounge. The passion I felt in that kiss was one to rival any kiss
I'd ever had up to that point. My hands roamed his chest, pausing at his
nipples, which were rock hard and standing straight up. His handss running
up my back, squeezing my shoulders, kneading my flesh.

As I lick and nibble my way down the front of his body I notice his
treasure trail running down that magnificent 6pack of chiseled, rock hard
abs. As I slip my tounge inside his belly button his cock pokes me in the
nose, I slide back for a minute and his pre-cum leaves a string from my
nose to his cock.

As I'm nibbeling my way down the front of his body, he's also working his
way down the front of mine, but he doesn't stop when he gets to my cock. He
tries to drive the whole thing down his throat, and I nearly scream. It
feels so good. He slows down a little and begins to concentrate on the
head, sliding his tounge around the crown of my cock, sliding the tip of
his tounge inside my cock-slit.

I need his cock in my mouth now, seeing him taking mine in his mouth just
drives me over the edge. I lick the pre-cum off the tip and savor it for a
second before grasping that mighty cock by its base and taking a little
taste. I slide my tounge down the back side of his shaft to his nuts and
back up again.

" Eric, please take it, I need to feel your mouth on my cock" Will says
through a slurp.

His cock is rock hard and so warm against the insides of my mouth, with a
little effort, I begin to deep-throat it. Taking all 9 inches of his
manhood is no easy feat lemmie tell you. I get about 8 inches in and just
kind of hold it there working my throat muscles, sliding my tounge around
the shaft.

We are 69ing like there is no tomorrow, (as far as I'm concerned there IS
no tomorrow because once he wakes up in the morning and remembers all this
he'll prolly never talk to me again) and slowly I begin to play with his
ass with my index finger.

"Mmmmm thats so good, I knew that you would give better head than any girl"
Moans Will.

I pull my head off his cock for a moment and say to him " Well of course a
guy would give better head, a guy knows what he enjoys, how's a girl
supposed to know unless you take 5 years teaching her."

( Hey, I thought it was a good point at the time)

I digress, Wills getting better at getting my full length down his throat,
and I'm sensing that he's ready to cum, so I pull my head off his cock and
begin to stroke his hard and throbbing member.

"Oh Eric I'm so close dude, swallow it for me. I'm cumming I'm cumming I

Now, as he's asking me to swallow for him, I slide his cock back into my
mouth and begin bobbing my head up and down. Two strokes was all it took,
and he's sending gobs of hot man-cream down my throat.

I felt like he would shoot forever, loads and loads of his hot creamy jizz
was filling my mouth and that got me to the point where I was cumming. I
swallowed the first few shots quickly and told him I was about to come
too. His head shot to my cock and he began to literally suck the cum out of
my cock, the feeling was amazing, He's still spewing a few more shots and
I'm cumming down his throat at the same time. Oh my god it was heaven.

After our heaving and thobbing bodies calmed down a bit, we noticed that
the video was over and re-winding.

"Should I pop another video in?"

"Sure, why not I haven't seen this one yet." Says Will coyly

"You didnt see much of the last one either. " Said I

"Yeah well, if this wasnt so dammed hot I think I might have paid more
attention to the video" As he reached over and grabbed my slowly flagging

"Well, you take your pick, I need another beer, you want one?"' I ask as
I'm slipping on a pair of boxers.

"Sure, just so long as you promise to bring me some more of that "shot" I
just had to go with it"

" I think I can do that" I grin.

Back to the kitchen.

Now, as I'm going downstairs to get another beer for both of us, Will needs
to take a piss. He gets up and goes to the bathroom wich is basiccly rigth
across the hall from my bedroom. After he's done taking a piss he's bumps
into Jessica coming out of her room. Now Jessica thinks It's me at this point
and reachs out and grabs Wills cock.

"You having fun with that hott guy Eric?" Mumbles the half-asleep Jessica.

"uh huh" Says Will....

"Well try to keep down the noise, you guys nearly woke Nevik up"

" Uh, ok" Says Will as he hurries back into my room.

Jessica knows I'm Bi and has never really given me any shit about it. But
that morning I think it began to hit home. She and I have talked about that
morning once or twice, and we both have different opinions about what
happened that morning in the hallway.

"Got your beer Will. "

" Hey man, you know who I just ran into coming out of the bathroom??" Says
Will in a VERY excited manner.

He proceeds to regale me with the story of running into Jessica and tells me
that he thinks she is really hot. (She is, she's got 38DD's, a great set of
lips and loves to experiment sexually.)

"Let's rewind that video again, I wanna see that part with the chick giving
that guy head in the car goes again." Says Will.

"Why, you looking for pointers?" I laugh.

"Yeah, in fact as soon as you pop that video in I think I'll try to mimic
her everymove" Will grins slyly.

"Cool, if you can give me head like that agian I think I might just have to
keep you here for a while."

"And I'm gonna complain?"

We start the vidoe over again, its that one with Peter North where he gets
married and their car brakes down and the little blonde gives him a blowjob
in the front seat of the car... I'm sure you know the one. Well, Will
thinks I look like Peter North or at least have a cock just like his and
hwe loves watching that scene, in fact he loves acting it out!

Wills got me hard as a rock again and this time I aint gonna blow my wad in
his mouth, I want more. I dont want to leave one bit of this mans body
untouched by me. So, he's lying on his side blwing me for all he's worth
and I roll him over to face the TV.

"Will, I want to fuck you."

"I've never had that done to me before, you sure its ok?"

"Yeah, it'll only hurt for a second besides, I'll use lots of lotion"

"Mmmm, ok give it a go but if I say stop you gotta stop dude" he moans.

Well, the next 10 minutes or so were very hot, he's lying on his side,
right knee pulled up against his chest, rock hard cock throbbin away, And I
'm busy slicking his asshole up with lotion. Slowly i slide one finger in
and start to move. Sliding, rubbing, slowly ohhhh so slowly. Then a second
finger joins the first, stretching, sliding, rubbing. I'm nibbeling on his
earlobe, breathing hot and heavy into his ear, licking the sweat that
trickeling down his back all the while still sliding my fingers in and out
of his ass.

" Are you ready? " I ask.

"Ohhh Yessss I am. "

I slide my fingers out of his ass, he still got his right knee bent up to
his chest, stroking his rock hard member.

"Please take it slow"

" Oh I will" I say.

I dont want to miss any of this. This is the first time I'll have ever
fucked a guy in his ass and I dont want to forget anything. It's like a
dream come true, so many girls wont let you fuck them in the ass and the
ones who do usually have had their asses reamed out for ages so they aint
too tight to begin with, but this boys ass, oh my god it was like trying to
stick my cock in a coke bottle, So tight and so firm. Slowly I slipped the
head in and......

"Are you ok?"

"Yes, give me more"

I slip another inch or two in.

"You still ok dude?"

"Yeah I'm ok... gimmie more man" he says impatiently.

"Alright, dude you aksed for it" And I ram it in, all the way to my
balls. The lotion I had used to lube him up with I had also used to lube my
cock up with, so getting in was easier than i thought it was gonna be. he
ground his ass back against my pubic patch and I reached around and grabbed
his cock. Wet and slick with lube his cock felt like heaven. This felt like
heaven. I was sliding my cock in and out of the tightest place I'd ever
been in AND holding his big cock in my hand as I was doing it. As I would
thrust my cock into his ass I'd pull on his cock, as I'd pull back I'd pull
back on his cock. It was amazing!!!! I'd never felt anything so HOT in my
life. My head was beginning to spin, partly ffrom the beer, partly from the
weed, but I think mostly from the hot ass below me. I couldnt take it

"WIll, I think I';m gonna come!!!!!"

"Me too, shoot it in my ass, I wanna feel it filling me up, God I'm gonna
cum too!!!"

As we both came, me in Wills tight fine ass, and him all over my sheets TV
stand and VCR, We both looked at each other and no words were said. We both
knew that what had just happened would change the obth of us. We looked at
each other with such love such pleasure. We knew that his was not going to
be the only time that this would happen. As I leaned over and turned the TV
off I was gonna pull out and Will said

"No Eric, stay in me. I want to feel this as we go to sleep"

" OK Will, whatever makes you happy"

And with that I shut the TV off and we layed down to go to sleep Just as
the birds began chirping their good morning song.............

This was just the first night. Will and I had many more times together, and
as for Carrie, this wouldnt be the last time we'd see her either.....

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