Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sheldon's Surprise

My wife was working for a computer wholesale firm in Irvine, CA for several
years. She would often come home to tell me what a hot bunch of guys worked
with her. One in particular was a real good looking black guy named
Sheldon. She fantasized about him all the time when we were fucking. She
would say how much she wanted him to be fucking her and that I was a fag
with a cocksucking hungry mouth!

This turned me on BIG TIME! I loved to hear her call me a cocksucking fag
and that she was going to have Sheldon fuck her and tell him that she
needed to have his big black cock because I was a fag!

I worked late every weeknight at a mortgage firm as a manager and I was
always in charge and acted straight and business like. I am a former male
model and am used to girls giving me looks and this makes all the fag
cocksucking thing all the more impactful when having sex with a girl, I
tell them how much I love big cocks and for some reason it makes every
single girl who hears that just go fucking wild with lust! They all start
to talk during sex about how they want to see me suck a big cock.

Anyway, my wife actually asked Sheldon to come to our condo that we were
living in at the time after her and Sheldon had gone to lunch a few times
and made out in the car. She said, that she liked sucking his cock in the
car and kissing him in public that made her feel slutty. He loved her big
34dd tits and always grabbed her round ass cheeks. She is now 30 but was in
her 20's then. She's 5'3", 105lbs, blonde, hazel eyes, very hot big tits
and hot ass that begs to be fucked. She had Sheldon over one night and as
soon as he walked in the front door he told her to drop to her knees and
suck "Daddy's cock slut" She sucked that 9.5 inch black cock like a woman
possessed! He bent her over the stair entry to the upstairs bedrooms and
fucked her right there from behind. She told all this to me later of
course. But it wasn't till that night when all the seriousness of making me
a real Big Black Cock sucking fag came into reality. Well sort of...they
called me at work that night and my wife gave the phone to Sheldon who
spoke to me in a rather dominant manner about how he is going to fuck the
little slut and make her beg for him to fuck her in the ass! Then he said
that she told him that I was a fag and asked me if this was true. "Do you
like big black cock?" I told him absolutely! I couldn't speak feely but I
answered all the other questions in his favor. He asked if I could take his
9.5 incher down my throat and I said "oh yeah" and if I wanted to see him
fuck my wife? "Oh yeah" and if I wanted to get fucked in the ass?

At this point he said he would leave me a little something and "hook up
with me later".

When I came home about 9:30pm she told me to get upstairs and she was
waiting for me naked in the bed and had me on top of her in record time
kissing me and whispering in my ear as I mounted her on top about how great
Sheldon's massive big black cock is! She was totally in love with him and I
was to be a fag from now on. She made me suck her tits and really wanted me
to lick them. I found out that the thing Sheldon had left me was a huge
load of cum on her boobs! Man it tasted good! She told me that he came many
times that night. First downstairs on her face, then all over her ass and
in her pussy which she says will happen many times from now on, and she ate
some of it and told me how sweet it is. I must agree from the small taste
left for me, it did taste sweet!

Soon after Sheldon came over when I could be there and I was introduced to
him as my Master. Sheldon and my wife had me on my knees in 3 minutes from
the moment he walked in! I love this black mans cock! I can't keep my mouth
off of it! They both verbally abused me all night long when he fucked my
throat! She couldn't believe how much cock I could take down my gullet!
Sheldon called me a faggot cocksucking wimpy white boy. She called me
worthless fag and this made me want to perform with even more gusto! I love
to be called a fag while we have sex whether he is there or not. Sheldon
made love to her that night with me right there watching. She told me to
lick Sheldon's perfect ass while she gets "fucked by a real man". This
turned him on more than anything that night. He really gets off hearing
that he is her man and I am a total fag. He pulled me from behind him as I
was licking his ass by the hair to his side and he started breathing heavy
and she was yelling, (almost screaming) for him to fuck her hard "so the
fag sees that master cock of yours in my pussy"! He asked me if I wanted to
see my master's big black cock up your wife's ass? I said yes and took it
out of her pussy and she said feed it to him! Sheldon took that monster
black cock out and pulled my face up to his beautiful black cockshaft and I
started to suck it into my mouth really working my tongue all over the
black cock. I tasted her pussy and his precum and just went wild on it!

He took it out of my mouth and as he balanced on his knees and her still on
her back, he gently slipped it into her tight little asshole. Then she said
to slam that cock into her so he did and man did that look good to watch!
My wife is a real slut. He pumped it slow and deep and then faster making
that cock grow to mammoth purportions! It seemed to gain another whole inch
in length and another in circumference! It got so fucking HUGE! This man
loves to fuck. They fucked for several more minutes as I was licking his
nipples and then rose on my knees a little my wife said "kiss the fag
Sheldon, kiss him the way you do me, like he's a girl" This turned me on so
much I forced the issue and went for his big black lips and he really got
off on it! Sheldon started moaning as I put my tongue in his mouth he
actually sucked my tongue. His moaning as we kissed made him go crazier
cause he realized that my wife was pinching his nipples and he put his
tongue in my mouth this was great! I love sucking his tongue. He opened his
mouth to ask, "are you my bitch?" I answered a contented "yes master" and
my wife said "tell your master Sheldon you're his fag now", "tell him!" I
kept sucking his tongue and managed to say it. "I'm your fag master
Sheldon", "I want to be your fag".

Sheldon couldn't hold back any longer then grabbed my hair again and yelled
"then eat this you fucking faggot" and he pulled that massive big black
cock which had grown no doubt to a full ten inches and I opened my mouth as
he lowered my head to meet his great huge cock and it went right in and as
deep as possible down my cock hungry mouth and I throated it as he shot an
incredible load of cum right into my throat! It was a very large cum shot!
I couldn't possibly keep that big black cock in my throat at the size it
seemed to grow and grow as it shot! I had let some out and opened my mouth
as my wife saw it shoot and spasm even more cum right into my mouth and on
my tongue! She said "that's it Sheldon, shoot that sweet cum in the fag's
mouth, make the fag eat it!" I was lost in his cum load. I was swallowing
the cum as fast as my throat could manage, licking the cum with my tongue
and swirling it all over my lips and in my mouth and on my teeth. I knew my
wife was watching me enjoy it all. Sheldon said, "you are a fag white boy!"
he giggled a bit. "He's a total fag!" declared my wife. I cleaned him up
with my mouth and he left the bed to get dressed to leave. Since then we
bought a nice home with a pool and Sheldon has had many of his black
friends over for parties where they all fuck my mouth and use me like the
real wimp white cocksucker that I am. My wife gets fucked in her mouth,
pussy and ass at the same time and I am usually also getting fucked in the
mouth by at least two black studs at the same time. Sheldon is in the Army
reserves and this has allowed us to meet some rather studly enlisted men in
both Army and Marines. I have sucked big black cocks as large as 13.5
inches! Really! I mean some huge fucking black cocks! On summer evenings we
have had as many as seven big black cocked studs over. They walk naked in
the house and by the pool making us service their cocks. Sheldon proudly
entertains as if it is his house and he carries on as the dominator of both
my wife and myself. But my wife takes the role as if Sheldon is her husband
and she tells the many black men to fuck the fag in the mouth and ass. So I
now take it up the ass like a real fag.

This particular night comes to mind when a black guy named Richard came
over with Sheldon and five other black guys. They had all been on the phone
with my wife before and she told them how much of a fag that I am and that
she needs to get fucked by real men. Well they came and immediately started
calling me a worthless cocksucker and to get them drinks and made me walk
around the pool naked as I served them and one moment this Richard grabbed
my cock as I slowly poured his cocktail and he had a gentle touch. Our eyes
met and he told me to get on my knees, which is what I was planning
anyway. Then he reached around my neck and gently asked me if I could take
a "big cock?" I said as big as you can give it, I can take it. My wife had
just happened to be walking by hand in hand with a couple of black guys she
had just fucked on the other side of the pool on some mats. They got up and
she held their cocks in each of her hands as they walked on each side with
her and stopped as they approached Richard and I as my mouth was all over
his nipples. My wife said to the two men she was escorting around by the
cocks, "this is my fag, watch him go crazy over all of your cocks."

Just then I turned as I was on my knees and Richard was seated in his
lounge getting his nipples sucked, to see her offer me these two cocks at
mouth level. I was on them in a flash and sucked them both at the same
time! These were both about 10 inches of pure beautiful black cock meat! I
sucked them real hard and made noise with my sucking and slurping until
this turned my wife on so much she had to have a cock too. Richard pulled
her on top of him and started kissing her soulfully as she rubbed his bulge
in his short swim trunks. As I sucked the two big black cocks sitting on my
knees and my studs standing on each side feeding me their cocks, I could
see my wife kissing Richard hard and moaning loudly as she rubbed his
bulge. Richard asked my wife if she wanted to see her faggot take a real
man's cock? "He does that all the time sweetie" Richard laughed and said in
a low masculine manner..."not like this he hasn't" as he slowly raised from
his lounge chair and stood up. I watched as he peeled his skin tight swim
suit down over his big and growing bulge and I caught the first glimpse of
his cock as he kept pulling the suit down the shaft came into view and more
and more cock was exposed to all of us and he bent down to get that swim
suit off and as he stood back straight even the two studs in my mouth made
a remark about his cock. "Whoa" one of them said. "Oh my god" was all my
wife could manage to say as her eyes were wide and her mouth hanging
open. Richard had now turned towards the studs and me and was rubbing his
muscular arms with the others as he closed a circle in front of me. I could
not believe the gargantuan sized cock was before me and never took my eyes
off this new big cock being presented to me right along the two
others. Richards's cock is absolutely massive! I popped the two black cocks
out of my mouth for a moment to ask Richard how big is that thing anyway?
"13.5 inches" he said in a real deep low voice. "Do you want it fag?" I
said "oh yeah" as he slipped it in my mouth I felt a strange hunger come
from within and I knew that this was my quest in life. To take all of this
giant black cockshaft into my faggot mouth. I licked it and sucked it as
the two studs slapped me in the face with their loving cocks, I made
sucking and slurping sounds so loud it turned my wife on as she stood to
get a closer look, Sheldon had come up from behind and was followed by the
other black studs that were at other parts of the house talking and
drinking. I was aware that I now had become the show for the night. Richard
remarked that I was a great fucking cocksucker. My wife told Richard to
make the fag choke on his cock. Sheldon was only capable of fucking my
throat and the others were also used to fucking my mouth and a couple have
fucked my hot tight ass, but Richard was going to OWN my throat! After a
few more swipes of the previous two black studs cocks, I was now solely
concentrating on Richard's massive black cock. He told me to "take it fag",
"take my massive big black cock, you worthless fucking wimp, white boy
faggot, suck it, suck it faggot!" Oh man this made me crazy! I was forced
to perform for the small group and man did I ever! I sucked that massive
black cock right down to his pubic hairs and he shoved it even harder and
further when my nose was rubbing in his patch! My wife proclaimed, "you're
such a fucking fag! Eat that cock!" No one could believe that I could
actually be swallowing his long hard cockshaft. It started to swell inside
my throat after 10 minutes of me giving it my expert work over. Richard was
breathing heavily, his lungs were filling with the fresh night air,
everyone standing around me started to say that I was going to swallow a
huge cum load any minute!

Richard kept his hands on the back of my head, shoving his cock in deeper
and made me rub my nose into his pubic hair again and again! My wife was
stroking the others cocks in each hand and Sheldon was reaching around her
from behind and squeezing her big tits, until she said "I need to get
fucked now!" She dropped to her knees and the studs on each side of her got
on their knees right along side my cock swallowing show and Sheldon got
behind her and impaled her with his big cock! She yelled loudly as two
cocks were put at her lips to shut her up! She was performing right in
front of Richard and me. There were still two other big black cocks to be
handled or serviced. So they came up to me and slid their cocks over my
face for a few minutes of expert cock licking and Richard slipped his
mammoth cock out of my mouth for just a quick minute as I serviced these
welcomed black cocks and got them all wet and then one moved behind me as I
positioned my ass in the air still on my knees, and took Richard's massive
cockshaft back into my mouth and throat where it belonged!

One of the new black cock studs rubbed some baby oil on his cock and
immediately put it to my hungry ass opening. He kept pushing it until my
hungry asshole opened and relaxed for the entire cock to stretch me wide
open and just started fucking my fag ass in a completely comfortable rhythm
which delighted me so as to ask for more. "Oh yeah baby, fuck my ass" I
said. Richards cock was ready to fuck my head again and he was so excited
that I was taking a black cock in my ass at the same time he was throat
fucking me, I heard him say, "what a hot fucking fag you are're
my bitch now aren't ya?" "m-hmm" was all I could answer. "I'm going to fuck
this ass," the black stud behind me said as he started a fast and hard cock
ramming up my perfectly shaped man ass. "Look at that fucking faggot take
that cock over there", Sheldon said as he fucked my hot wife from behind
just as I was getting fucked. My mouth went to work, hard! I wanted Richard
to cum and fill my throat with his cumload. He kept up his heavy pace
breathing and started working his hands on my head and owning my mouth like
the true fag that I am!

"Fuck his mouth Richard", one of the other studs yelled. "Yes, make the fag
eat your beautiful cock", my wife said as she let a cock out of her
mouth. I was loving the cock in my ass which by now was really pounding my
tight bubble but with an exceptional speed and talented execution. The guy
fucking my ass was certainly not a stranger to fucking a hot fag like me. I
kept up the intense work on Richards cock and felt him swell in my throat,
he moaned loudly and his cock stretched to insane dimensions as he bent at
the knees a little I knew he was going to cum! The cock in my ass was also
swelling and heated up and the friction in my ass was so exciting! I loved
that black cock fucking me, as I was about to swallow my new Master
Richards cumload! Richard gasped for air and then the first shot of his cum
absolutely BLASTED into my throat just after taking his cock into my throat
after a breath of air on an exit stoke, I took it back down in my cock
starved throat and timed it perfect for the cum shot spectacular that was
now happening in front of my wife and all our black stud lovers. I kept my
masters massive cock in my throat for the next blast of cum! And it felt so
good as it hit the back of my throat and I swear I could feel it going
down, slipping right down into my stomach! He shot another very heavy blast
and again I kept his mammoth black cock buried in my throat! I now had to
get another breath of air so I let his big cock slip back up the length of
my throat and it slid across my tongue and Richard held the remaining 8 or
9 inches in my mouth as I held my mouth wide open and took a few quick
breaths he shot another couple of blasts which everyone looking on got to
see, as it contrasted the dark color of my tongue.

His cum was pooling on my cum hungry tongue and I swallowed it and heard a
few gasped from the group. This was happening in what seemed like slow
motion but was no doubt a fleeted two minutes or so of pure cum blasting in
a fag hungry mouth. The guy behind me grabbed my ass as he held onto to
build up a second cum shot for me to take and he indeed shot cum up into my
hot tight ass as my cheeks squeezed him to hold up in there as long as he
kept coming! It was awesome! He shot a big load and I cold feel it warm my
insides and it excited me so. Richard was in no way finished cumming! I
held his massive cock in mouth for the next few seconds and could still
feel cum shooting out of that mammoth black cock! I was eating his cum! I
totally fed on Richard's cumload! I Love that CUM!

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