Wednesday, April 8, 2009

An Indian Starlet

Hi Folks, I am an actress, a celebrity in my homeland. Recently I had gone
to US to participate in some cultural programs along with a few actors,
singers and comedians accompanied by my mother, sister and ayah. Each
actress need an ayah, preferably who does not know your local language
much. On earlier days the ayah used to be heroine's mother often nicknamed
as the comet. You may know why, 'cause she is the tail of a star, she used
to pester producers and film crew on impossible things and restricted her
daughter's mingling with others. But often starlets faced difficulties with
their mothers and as they grow up in the ladder the comets became an
obstacle often reducing their chances or survival. So Ayah comes into
picture whose duties are to gossip about other competitors, shave our
armpits on a daily basis and keep eyes wide shut when we go shooting

In Indian films life of an actress depends not on her acting capabilities
but her ability to entice the heroes, producers, directors and financial
supporters. To entice them she needs to be a good cocksucker as well as a
fucker on top. Most of the big bulls of film industry are drunkards having
potbelly and badly in need of viagra pills. It's the duty of a budding or
aspirant actress to persuade their manhood to wake up from its deep sleep
often by sucking it. If they succeed to wake their dead weapon and make it
to a substantial erection then it's again her duty to ride on it until it
emits fluid or air bubbles depending again on her sexual experiences. Once
she got the taste of stardom then its another gang war for survival.
Keeping a position is more difficult than attaining one. A top heroine need
to fuck or rather suck the mafia dons, top politicians and top heroes to
save her life, evade income tax net and keep the heroine post intact in
respective order. So a heroine's job is not that easy as you think.

You may be thinking a heroine is earning millions just for dancing around
trees showing her navels and shaved armpits. But it's the money hard
earned, which my fans never understand. Fortunately we don't have to show
anything more other than belly, navel and shaved pits in celluloid. The
reason is Indian censors doesn't permit frontal nudity or hairy armpits.
Its against our so called culture. The cultural commisars of this country
are old men waiting for their death knell. So the people have to satisfy
seeing our navels and imagine its our pussy and masturbate seeing a wide
range of navels and abdomens in big screen. The box office rings when hero
and heroine dances with unimaginable pelvic thrusts along with a group of
women whose faces camera never focus but on their bellies. Another blessing
for us is that Indian men are fond of fat women; they don't like girls
possessing the skinny vital statistics like fashion TV models. For a
successful heroine in India all she need is a big fat ass and deep navel,
the bigger the better. The deeper the spicy . Now a days the makeup men
paint feathers and tattoos on and around our navels so that in long shots
people can think they are seeing a real pussy but situated in the middle of
an abdomen. So we are free to eat chicken and spicy foods without bothering
about the vital statistics like our counterparts in Hollywood. Booze is
supplied in parties.

So climbing the steps is never easy. Forget those Jackie Collins heroines,
but only a few reach the top. Once a heroine reaches the top she has to
fight against several odds to keep the post to her. Stardom is more
difficult to keep than achieve it. I had my aunt who is younger sister of
my mother to help me , she is a smalltime actress who joined films late in
her life. It was she who introduced me to the film world. Since she was
experienced in the film field she gave me clues about whom to appease and
whom to reject and whom to ignore. She is an excellent dancer and painter
too. She is my guru of classic dances. I have won many accolades in
classical dances.

My family is very conservative, and they were opposing woman joining films
etc. But it was my aunt who helped me to join movies. First I was a model
and then entered to films, my aunt has a way to move things to her ideas
and finally win others willingness later. When I started my dancing lessons
she was behaving very rudely to me. I did not like her at that time. She
was complaining that I lacked the structure and my hips are not bending
properly and I had no appeasing look. Then one day she brought some peacock
oil from a tribal and started applying on my hips and buttocks. She made me
nude and applied that sticky oil all over me. I was ten at that time. She
applied that nasty smelling oil extracted from peacocks which is supposed
to make our body flexible. The circus people use the same to make girls
acrobats. My aunt took me to her palatial house. There was a separate room
with a room to worship the idols and there was a makeup studio attached to
it. Only my aunt and her dance students were permitted to enter the
place. Only an old tabala ( a drum like instrument used for dances) player
was sole person who entered the room, he was too old but his fingers when
applied on tabala created magic. It was very difficult to match his rhythm
when we dance. Other than him even her husband was not permitted to enter
the area. Women were also not permitted to enter the premises when they
menstruate till periods are over.

She made me nude and started applying the peacock oil. She paid special
attention on my hips and buttocks. She applied heavy amount of oil on my
buttocks and squeezed each cheeks alternately until my butt meat became
butter like soft. I felt so ticklish when her soft hands caressed my
buttocks and hips. 'Stand still, spread your legs, wider, now stand back,
try to lean backwards, let your pussy come upwards' she went on giving such
commands. I had no way but to agree. She then put the oil on my flat chest
and tried to pinch my nipples out. It was really painful. I asked her why
she is pinching my nipples like that. She told me that the assets of a good
dancer are beautiful eyes, fat breasts and a fine ass. "If you don't pinch
your nipples your nipples will harden and breasts won't grow. Once you
crush the budding nipples your breasts will start growing fast", she told
me. I was longing for my breasts to get developed, I think each girl will
feel the same way. So I was happy with my aunty caring for my breast
development and when she pulled my gooseberry type tits and crushed them I
was happy. Soon her administrations started creating waves on me. She too
might have guessed that I was enjoying her touches. She began to dance me
as heroine and she as my hero. It was a famous art form in name of our
deity who had 16008 wives for him. I often wondered how could he fuck all
those wives or concubines. Then one of my friends told me that perhaps the
ladies all lay in order with their pussies eager to accommodate his penis
and he might have rolled over them. It was nice to dance with she posing as
my lover while her fingers would be busy fondling my nipples ,pussy and my
well oiled buttocks.

After some time she told me to change roles and to learn how did she
performs. I moved behind her and took her hands and moved in wave fashion.
'Aunty your dress is spoiling with my peacock oil, don't blame me for
that', I told her. 'Oh dear I had forgot that, I will remove them', she
said. She with one pull rolled her 6 ft sary and threw it to a corner
followed by her blouse and black brassieres. She had no underwear and the
skirt she took over her head. I was stunned to see how unabashedly she was
changing her clothes and was overwhelmed with her eagerness to teach me new
things. I was long only up to her shoulders at that time. So my hands moved
on her breasts rather than her shoulders. She had an excellent pair of
boobs. She was dark but her boobs had never seen daylight and so they were
pale white. They had bit sagged but well rounded. They were trying to
escape from my hold, they were growing in my hands, I could feel she was
getting warmer. When we moved my pussy mound rubbed her fine buttocks and
spread oil on them. The friction increased her body heat, I too was boiling
I was getting an itch in my cunt. I rubbed my well oiled cunt on her soft
buttocks. I felt her buttocks they were so soft, they were softer than my
butt. I felt like I was touching a cake with a lot of icing. Then she
turned towards me and hugged me I looked at her cunt. God!, there was not a
trace of hair on her pussy mound, it looked like there never existed any
hairs. She looked like a black statue of Venus. Later she told me she waxed
her pubis and armpits. She said a dancer should never keep hairs on her
body, "we should be devoid of hair, its not feminine", it was her opinion.
"If we grow hair on our armpits it will show when we dance and our blouses
get wet there, shaving your pits will reduce the sweat", she said. Another
advice to me was that "Never throw your things around in a makeup room,
especially your undies, people used to steal them. Old men sniff at soiled
panties and jerk off behind the stages when we perform", she said. I did
not believe her but I realized she was telling truth when I grew up and
performed dances at temples.

I was performing for a dance recital at a nearby temple. The stage was
temporary constructed with folded coconut leaves and makeup room was a
small cubicle with no top. After performing a folk dance I had to change
dress for next classical item. I was in a hurry but I saw a lot of people
sitting on branches of trees nearby and it was impossible to change dress
while they could voyeur on me. My aunty cleverly put a long sary on my head
and asked her assistant to catch the other end. So I was protected from
overhead view. But when I had changed my panties and was busy dressing the
next costume I saw two hands appearing under the coconut leaves walls and
grabbing my panties. It quickly grabbed and disappeared so that we could
not do anything about it. I hurriedly dressed and jumped to the stage to
perform next item. When I came back to makeup room my panties were there
but fully stained with some sticky substance. I tried to identify what was
that but my aunty came and tossed it away saying some bastard masturbated
on it.

So we danced in rhythm and when she faced me I kissed her cleavages coated
with the sweat beads. She had a fine flat belly even though she had
delivered twice. There was a fragrance of sandal mixed with turmeric
emanating from her body. I kissed her again she lifted a nipple and
inserted into my mouth, we made love after that. She groaned and muttered
illegible words when I moved kissing from her belly to fine hairless smooth
pussy. She had a perfect triangle of Venus with a small channel and her
clit was placed at the lower end of it like a cherry on a chocolate
cake. When I kissed down there the cherry felt like throbbing, I nibbled it
with the end of my tongue she rolled her eyes and begged me to act with
more force. Soon I reamed her pussy wild with my tongue and finally I
rolled her sideways and spread her ass cheek. The small opening was
shrinking and expanding. It was so small that even my small finger could
not invade it. From that day we became lovers. We spent endless hours
simply cuddling each other or lying on other's top. We came with mind
shattering orgasms whenever we made love to each other.

It was she who introduced me to modeling. I had modeled for some jewelries
and they were not sexy ads. One day she took me to a producer to make a
camera test. The audition was over and I got the lead role in a small
movie. Then I fell in love with my hero. He had a good moustache and his
voice was very aggressive. It was his looks which captured me, when he
looked at me I felt my legs trembling and my body too revealed. It was
during a shooting at a small island resort middle of a lake he knocked at
my doors. I opened and saw him drunk pleading me that he wanted to discuss
about the changed he want to make in story line and whether I feel hurt by
it. My aunty was with me she just went out and I understood that I had to
entice my hero. The hero was chasing me and I loved him too. So I asked him
to come inside and he entered my room. The wind was cold and I was
shivering. Without asking anything he began to disrobe me, I could see
waves spreading in the lake through glass windows. He stood behind me and
began kissing from my neck to my toe again he moved me to face him and
repeated the same. Then he put me stand in profile and repeated the same
from shoulder to my ankles. I was dripping wet in my pussy by then. He
carried me and deposited in the cot and moved on me. He had much body hair,
he looked like an ape to me. His chest hairs brushed my breasts and my
nipples stood erect. Without asking anything he spread my legs and inserted
his thick penis into my wet pussy. I did not feel any pain even though I
was virgin. He started moving inside me slowly but after three minutes he
was gasping and he spent inside me. I was just heating up and he kissed me
and said he want to go out. He was spent and was disappointed. "Your beauty
made me come fast, please be my lover, I cant live without you", he
pleaded. We were a matching pair and our films were making hits.

He zipped his jeans and went out leaving me naked and shivering in my
bed. After two minutes my aunt entered the room. She came smashing at me
and took me to the bathroom she used some hot water and gel to clean my
vagina. "When is your period this month", she asked me. I said I was
expecting it any day. I had regular periods and my aunty was relieved
hearing that. She asked me to go on pills when I mate with any heroes. "He
is a good fellow, and rich too, but I think he come so fast", she
commented. She took me in her arms and again put me on the bed. I was
yearning for an orgasm. I decided to masturbate when my aunt was asleep.
But she wanted to see me naked again. She put on the lights and asked me to
stand right.

My aunty was excited to see me naked. She told me that I looked beautiful
when I wear only a black string around my waistline . I kissed her back
hungrily, forcing her tongue into my mouth and tasting her sweet saliva. On
breaking the kiss, My aunty grinned back in satisfaction of having me to
have fun with. She was jealous about my hero lover fucking me in her
presence. Now Seeing my obvious enthusiasm, my aunty decided to tease me a
little bit until I beg her fuck to the limit. That would be more
pleasurable, to be fucked by my aunty who knows every folds and contours of
my body by heart. My aunty was a sexy woman when she moans with desire. She
led me to the bed and slowly began removing her saree,blouse, petticoat and
bra, enjoying touching my pulsating breats and their long teats as I let
out gasps of pleasure. Soon both of us were naked, standing with their
bodies entwined, kissing and touching each other.

My aunty's kisses and touches were far better than my hero did to me I
clenched my aunty tightly as she wailed loudly and tried to make me cum. My
aunty had difficulty supporting my weight and somehow managed to lay me
down on the bed. My aunty then proceeded to touch my breasts after putting
some saliva on it. She spit on me for some times to coat me with saliva.
Even her spit had a delicate flavour. She too moaned at feeling my heavy
and firm breasts. She immediately started sucking them one by one and
marvelling at the thick stubby nipples.

I was moaning with desire and wanted to taste my aunty's cunt juices.
However my aunty was too busy sucking, biting and fondling my breasts to
prove that she was a better lover than my hero. I then turned her down and
roughly parted my aunty's legs and dove mouth-in into my aunty's hairless
pussy. My aunty gasped at being helpless and I taking control of the
situation. I cupped her entire cunt-lips or at least what she could in her
mouth, tasting her. My aunty started moaning as my tongue flicked her
clit-bud and her finger pushed inside her wet pussy. My aunty had always
been the dominant partner in her lesbian relationships, but the present
time I was being dominant and forceful on her and reducing her to a
blubbering piece of jelly by eating her cunt.

My aunty found she had no control of the situation as she moaned loudly at
being eaten by me . " my dear honey, uunh uunh uuuuunnnhhh, eaaaaaaat me
dear", She was writhing in the bed while a series of orgasms swept her
entire body. I then lifted the moaning aunty on her lap and started kissing
her breasts, biting, sucking and nibbling them .While sucking on her
breasts, I drove her finger into My aunty's wet pussy. She then added one
more finger and started finger- fucking this young girl. I had thrust her
fingers in, but the feeling of sitting on my lap with her legs parted and
being dominated gave her immense sexual pleasure. I then withdrew her
fingers and quickly inserted them in My aunty's mouth, making her suck off
all the pussy juices oozed out of her body. My aunty turned me again under
her and she spread my legs wide apart. She could see that my cunt was
puffed, engorged and gaping. My aunty hungrily brought her mouth to the
prominent clitoris and sucked it. My aunty then nibbled at it gently at
AUNTIEEEEEEEE", I cried feeling the pleasure and pain. My aunty then began
gently inserting her tongue into my throbbing cunt. "OOHH OOHHHHH
OOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH YYEESSSSS", I cried now lifting my buttocks to meet the
thrusts of my aunty's tongue. Seeing her excited state, My aunty hardened
her tongue, "OOOOUU ENTAYYO NJAN CHAVUM ( I will die now) ", cried I
reaching a shattering orgasm. Seeing I in the throes of orgasm, My aunty
squeezed my buttocks and pushed her two fingers in my small arsehole to
AAIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE", I cried out as I came violently.

I was gasping like being saved from a drowning. I thought mu aunty would
leave me to take rest. There was a lot of shooting planned for next
day. But she had other things in mind, I heard her moving around and
searching bags in the dark. After a few minutes she switched on the
light. What did I saw!, she was standing wearing only a dark knickers but
there was a black penis attached to her knickers. "This never tires not
like your snob hero", she came to me and put the end of it into my
vagina. I was already fully lubricated, she found so easy. "You have
already become very loose dear, never mind your snob, I will fuck you
good. Men are all same, dear, they cannot satisfy us. I will make you come
until you drain out dear", she promised me.

I was not ready to take her dildoe right into my pussy, I hid my pussy by
covering my palm on it. My aunty seeing me afriad about the possible
penetration with her monster dildoe decided to give me a break. I was still
moaning with the pleasure she had given. My aunty grew excited seeing my
stage. She undid her knickers and and quickly removed her vibratibing dildo
and threw it to the bed. She turned it on and started teasing my clit as
she knew I was still not ready to take it into my pussy since I was still
moaning softly having just had an orgasm. Sensing the vibrations on my
clit, I began whimpering louder with pleasure. My aunty used the vibrating
plastic penis next to my navel and reached my nipples and she moved it
again to the other nipple making them erect and the she shoved the dildo
into my mouth. She was behaving as if she was teaching me how to passify a
pulsating dick using my mouth. She knew it's the best thing to be
praticised by each starlet whether its Hollywood or Bollywood. After some
time she took it again to my gaping cunt and began to push its vibrating
and humming head inside. The dildo was big and I felt my cunt muscles being
stretched. I had never experienced a dildo or a penis to this size before
and found the sensation pleasurable. My aunty now started fucking My cunt
rapidly with it, my aunt saw I was getting excited again. "OOUUUIIIIIIII
AUNTIEE YOU ARE MAKING ME WET AGAIN ", I moaned as she raised my buttocks
to meet the vibrating thrusts of dildo near my asshole. My aunty then
paused, wanting to prolong my pleasure and saw me raising my buttocks
rapidly and offering more of my asshole to the dildo's penetration, I was
begging silently the dildo to move fast and enter my tight asshole hard. "
Take it into my asshole aunty, don't spare my ass", I cried wanting to come
and feeling frustrated by My aunty now moving the dildo to my rectum. My
aunty felt a sense of power as she saw a starlet of fame literally begging
her for pleasure. My aunty felt happy and excited, seeing I writhe and moan
at her touch. She wanted now to become the dominant partner in this sexual
tryst. She kept aside the vibrator after switching it off and raised my one
leg high up. Then she got in between and raised her leg too, over me . This
way their two dripping cunts came in contact. I moaned as my aunty grinded
both of our pussy's together. I needed contact, rough contact, any contact
with her cunt to get me off. My wiry pussy hairs began to twist when rubbed
with a huge cunt. However, my aunty kept frustrating this effort time and
again, sensing that I was about to explode. My aunty always got immense
pleasure making me cum. My aunty now lay on top of the writhing me and
proceeded to kiss and lick and nibble at my face, neck,my breasts coated
with her saliva, my heaving stomach as I moaned in passion. She then asked
me to lie on my stomach on the bed.

My aunty now concentrated on my buttocks, clenching them tightly and then
lightly slapping them to see them jiggle. Once in a while she would
purposely brush her finger against my clit or thrust them in my sopping
cunt, just to keep me on a brink of orgasm begging her to finish. My aunty
then started nibbling my inner thighs. They quivered at her touch as I
clenched my fists and raised my butt with passion. By this time my aunty
too needed release and ordered me to suck her cunt. I desperate in need of
release, however, meekly complied and started hungrily licking my aunty's
clit as she parted her cunt-lips exposing her red inner labia with her
hand. I then pushed her tongue into aunty's cunt and began hardening my
tongue making it like an arrowhead and fucking her just the way my aunty
liked. My aunty was moaning with pleasure and had gripped My head with her
hands as she forced it harder on her cunt. My face was smeared with aunty's
juices and she was literally breathing from her cunt as I sucked, licked
and her throbbing clit taking her to violent orgasms. My aunty cried loudly
as she came and came keeping the pressure on my head.

After a while when her orgasm had subsided, she released the grip on my
head and watched my ugly looking face smelling jack fruit juice and urine
all covered with saliva and her cunt juices. My aunty then strapped the
dildo around her waist and entered me from behind, while I was on all my
fours like a female dog in heat grabbing the handrails of the cot. Aunty
was gripping my swaying breasts for support as she rammed the dildo into my
cunt mercilessly. I soon though I had come, but my aunty kept the onslaught
going, till I started crying loudly in pain. "I CANT TAKE ANYMORE OF THESE
PLESE BREAK MY PUSSY AUNTIEEEEEEEEEE", I cried as I implored my aunty to
stop. My aunty stopped immediately, not wishing to cause pain to me. She
cradled my face in her arms and told me that she was sorry, she had not
realized she was causing pain, and kissed her face all over to show her

My aunty was pleased to see that I had accepted her dominant position. "Did
I fuck you better than your hero?" "Yes auntie", I said. She smiled, "Do
you feel pain", she asked. " I feel exhausted and muscles are aching", I
said. "Ok, I will give you a medicine", she said. "Whats that aunty?", I
asked. "Promise me to drink it fully, it may taste ugly " she said. "I
will drink anything you give", I said. "Okay, lie down and keep your eyes
close", she said. "I did"

I felt a soft cushion was sitting on my face. Before I could register what
it was hot urine entered my mouth and sprankled all over my face. The salty
piss from my aunty's pussy wet the whole bed. She was sitting on my face,
even if I resisted I had no hope. But I was thirsty too, it tasted like
strong beer. I drank the whole piss.

The next day she had gone to Madras when I woke up. My ayah arranged more
meetings with my hero. We made love on almost every nights during the
shooting of the film. The director and producer seemed to shoot the
schedule so that we were able to make love as much as possible. But they
compensated their efforts by reducing my money saying lame excuses. There
was nothing much to tell about our lovemaking. The routine was the
same. He will loose his fly open I had to suck him for hours. Then he will
make me walk naked in the room for hours. Finally he would insert his pole
into me and start fucking but he finished within a few minutes. I got
really frustrated at his behaviour. "What's wrong with you, don't you love
me anymore?" , I asked him. "No dear, but its your shaved pussy which
irritates me?", he said. "What's wrong with my pussy?", I asked. "Why do
you shave there, your stubbles irritate me!", he said. "But you never
kissed me there, don't you?" "I don't kiss any pussies" "Then I am sucking
you everyday", I was angry. "That's what you are good at", he chuckled.
"You say I am no good lay?, there are thousands who jerk off thinking me!",
I said. "Everyone does it until he see his lover's pussy!" I got
furious. What did he think of me, a slut?. But I was loving him, I liked
his piercing looks and fats growing moustache and the way he jokes at
me. The tickling when his moustache runs on my fat thighs was really
exciting. "So tell me what shall I do for you, I won't shave my pussy any
more. I will grow a forest for you there, Ok?" I asked. "Don't be angry
dear, its not your pussy that counts, I don't feel at home here, the
paparazzi are roaming everywhere. I don't want any scandals now. Scandals
can break my image among college girls", he said. "Do you think I don't
have any image?, What will my fans think if they know I am sucking your
dick and allow you to fuck in my ass everyday?", I could not control
myself. "Your fans! Hell with them, you don't show any navel and armpits
in new films to appease them. I don't like to see your posters with navel
showing", he said. " You can show your hairy chest and hairy backs to your
girls?" "Men do, you don't know how many girls finger thinking about me. I
will show you letters from girls asking for my pubic hairs", he said. "My
pubic hair is worth millions", I said. "But you shave them all", he
snapped. "Its for you I am cleaning my pussy. All those extras who are
dancing with us have herpes!?", I said. "Are you sleeping with them, do
they eat your pussy? Or do you eat their pussies?", he asked. "Stop your
ugly words, they are also human, poor girls more talented than me!", I
said. "You said it!, they are more talented, good suckers too!" "You only
make them suck, if they don't they will be kicked out by you", I said. "So
you want a break up", I asked. "No!, dear don't be angry", he was
apologetic. I knew he could not afford it. We were a pair people loved and
I was considered a lucky mascot. Any break up with me will ruin him not
me. Superstars were asking me to take heroine roles with them, but then I
have nothing to do except dress, cry and dance with them. "Darling I am
fed up here. Why don't we go abroad. Say to some outdoors in Switzerland,
Alps or at least Budapest, then I will prove my love there. I will make
love to you which you will never forget", he said. "But who will pay for
it, our movies are made in shoe string budgets. The cost of shooting a love
song in Alps can make a good film here", I said.

Then we got an invitation from USA. The sponsors were inviting us to do
seven cultural programs with some comedy, songs and perhaps a drama. We
were delighted to accept it. But my parents insisted they had to come with
me. Paparazzi started gossiping that I and my hero are eloping and planning
to get married in US. In order to avoid scandals I asked him to go two
weeks earlier.

My aunty had no dates to accompany me. So my mother, father and sister were
coming with me. We started making preparations. I asked my Ayah not to
shave me anymore. I wanted my hero to be given a surprise rather a shock. I
will make him suffocate in my pubis, I vowed. "This time I am not going to
give it free, he has to make me cum before I suck him out", I decided. "I
will show him that I am more ape than him in case of hairiness", ha, ha ha
I laughed.

"Amma, won't you take me to America?", my Ayah asked. I felt sorry but I
could not take her expenses. The sponsors are not interested either. My
mother was insisting to come. Perhaps my father might also come. My sister
had got her visa cleared. So what could I do. "I will try, I will talk with
the sponsors", I consoled her.

My father consulted with an astrologer. He said I was having some stars
moving to a bad position. He said if I flew over a sea it will reduce the
ill effects. "Scandals, humiliation, change of position, I foresee", he
said. " But nothing to worry, I will make a gadget after chanting 100000
times a mantra, you have to tie it in a locket on a black string around
your waistline. Never loose it or keep it away. It will cure all ill
effects of your bad stars", the astrologer promised. "Sir, time is not good
for you, its better you to avoid long journeys especially abroad", he said
after examining my father's horoscope. "In that case I am not coming", he
said. I was happy. So I can roam with my hero in USA.

We flew to USA next month. Our group consisted of a comedian with a big
moustache, a singer without any moustache a nice looking chap, my mother,
my sister and of course I. We flew from Bombay to Kuwait. From Kuwait we
boarded a non stop flight to New York. The journey was not much
interesting. In Kuwait a lot of fans recognised me and they gave me so many
gifts. The food was not good, the male were enjoying their drinks. Air
hostesses were all more beautiful than me. I was bit dark complexioned ,
but the Kuwait girls were looking like princesses. They had narrow eyebrows
and glazing faces.

The customs were not much friendly. We had to fill up so many forms. They
did not like the comedian at all. They interviewed him so many times. The
singer was asked if he was Muslim. When he said no, he was brushed
off. They did not ask much to us. The English they were speaking was
clearly not decipherable to me. US English is very different from the UK
English we speak in India. The flights were never crowded. After the twin
tower tragedy people in US are not flying much. I heard that the Die Hard
Hero Bruce Willis do not fly anymore on international flights fearing
terrorist attacks. In his films he never permit any other man even to kick
a goon. He does it all single handed wearing only a baniyan carrying a gun
under his shorts and a Stengun at his hips. But he is afraid even to travel
in a plane, how ridiculous. The Asians have no fear as they are used to
the terrorism. They will fly the next available plane if the one they were
going to take was blasted before their eyes. They had no choice. What US
people are very much afraid of is now powders. If a small pouch of powder
is found anywhere in public the entire place is evacuated and searched for
biological weapons. They are determined not to repeat any bruise on their
ego. Uncle Sam never expected its belly was so soft until September 11. The
elders looked at us with hostile eyes wherever we went. But the younger
generation showed no apathy. We performed at two places, the programs were
well attended and the sponsors were happy.

My hero was shooting for a film at Houston. I called him over my mobile
phone. We agreed to meet after the third program. The third program was at
New Jersey.

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