Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Matt, Kelly and Becca (Part 4)

Matt groaned lightly and slowly opened his groggy eyelids. He rolled over
and stared at the black alarm clock sitting on his desk. The alarm wouldn't
go off for another fourteen minutes. Sleep had escaped him though, so he sat
up and looked around. He had to be at work in a little over an hour. He sat
down at this desk and went through his email, logged off and got ready for
the day as usual.

As he showered his mind drifted back to last weekend. The time he had spent
with Kelly and Becca had been the best time of his life. He had always liked
Kelly from afar. Now a few days after thinking he had had no chance with
her, he had fucked her. And her sister Becca. At the same time. The memories
were effecting his cock and he was instantly hard. While he recalled sliding
his in and out of their hairless pussies he brought himself to orgasm,
splattering the wall of the shower with his teenage cum.

He cleaned himself up, got out and dried off. He put his uniform on and made
his way downstairs. Grabbing an apple to snack on the way to work he stepped
into his sneakers and left the house. A block from his house he tossed the
half-finished apple into a garbage container and broke into a light jog. The
morning air was cool and his short sleeve shirt wasn't keeping him warm
enough. A few minutes later he was at McDonald's and was slaving over the
deep fryers trying hard to keep up with the demand of the incoming orders.

As they day drug on he had constant thoughts of seeing Kelly again. Hoping
she was working sometime soon. He hadn't seen her since he had left her
place. He wondered if she was deliberately avoiding him or if it was a
coincidence that their shifts were opposite of each other. He thought Kelly
had some pull making the schedule, but maybe she didn't. Every time he
looked back towards the manager's office he thought about her, and became
stimulated at the thought. Needless to say being aroused wearing his uniform
was uncomfortable. Since his attention was half on his work and half on,
well, not his work, he was easily distracted. As he went to unload one
basket out of the deep fryer he got his right arm on a hot surface. He
pulled back and stared at the damage on his arm.

He cursed his own carelessness and dropped the basket in the deep fryer and
headed to the back for some first aid. We walked in the back office and
there was Kelly. She looked up from the desk and smiled at him.

"Well, hello good looking, shouldn't you be manning a fryer right now?"

"I would, " he held up his arm, "but, the customers want fries, not me."

"Ouch! That looks like it smarts. Come here."

Matt walked over to the other side of the desk where Kelly was seated. She
grabbed his hand and placed his palm against her breasts and inspected the
damage. She lightly blew on his arm, sending a shiver up his spine and
brought goose pimples up on his arm. Matt groped at her left breast with his
hand while she looked him over. She looked down and then looked back up at
his eyes.

"Well, it doesn't seem to be too bad, but maybe you could use the rest of
the day off. We could go back to my place and see about treating that
serious wound."

"Sounds like fun to me."

Kelly told the manager she was taking Matt home, little did he realize she
meant her home, not his home. It was a quick ride with Kelly behind the
wheel. As they pulled into the garage. Kelly leaned over and groped Matt
through his uniform pants and he leaned over and started to push his tongue
in between her sweet red lips.

It didn't take long before the two of them were making out at full tilt.
They finally broke their contact and got out of the car and walked into the
house. Becca was lying on a couch reading a book when she saw them walk in.
She tossed her book aside and bounced up and threw her arms around Matt and
hugged him tight.

"Hi lover, how have you been?"

Matt cringed as she neatly caught the spot where he had been burned earlier.

"Ah! Fine, but watch it." He held up his arm so she could see it.

"Ooh, sorry. That looks like it hurts."

"It's not bad. I just don't need horny girls clawing into me."

"Come here Matt, " Kelly called out.

Matt followed her voice and found her in a bathroom rummaging through a
first aid kit. She pulled out some cream and applied to his burn and covered
with gauze and taped it on to his arm.

"There, how's that?"

"Fells pretty good. So, what should we do now?"

Kelly smiled at him and grabbed his hand and led him out of the bathroom and
back into the room where Becca was waiting.

"Come on Becca, we're going to have a little fun before we go back to work."

Becca smiled at that suggestion and followed the two of them into a bedroom
just up a stairway. Matt was soon filled the sense that he was lost in the
house again, but it didn't really matter to him, being as he was with two
beautiful women. Kelly pushed Matt back onto the bed and peeled off her
uniform, revealing a navy blue lace bra and matching panties. When Becca
stripped down she had on the same type, except hers was a deep sleek looking

Becca lay back on the bed with Matt and Kelly walked around to the side
where Becca was and sat next to her. She leaned forward and ran her hands
down Becca's chest and slid off Becca's bra, exposing her firm round tits.
She messaged them gently for a moment and then started sucking on one of

"Oh yea sis, work my titties for me," Becca moaned.

Becca ran her hands all over Kelly's back and through her long hair. She
then sat up and removed her own top to allow Kelly better access.

"I don't suppose I could get in on this?" Matt asked.

"Well sure you can," Kelly answered, "but you don't need an invitation, just
dive in!"

With that said Matt groped at Becca's firm ass and then got down on the
floor at the foot of the bed. Becca sat up so he could reach her and he felt
into her cunt and then started sucking on one of her tits as Kelly worked on
the other. Soon Kelly and Matt were kissing while Matt was fingering Becca.

"I need to get out of this damn uniform."

Matt stood up and yanked his shirt over his head. His hard cock smacked
against his stomach as he took his pants and underwear off in one motion.
Kelly took her panties off and then went back to sucking on Becca's right
nipple. Becca licked her lips as she watched them both take more of their
clothes off. Matt again leaned forward and began to eat out Becca's pussy.
Kelly worked both of Becca's breasts while Matt tongued her.

Kelly climbed on top o f Becca and rubbed their tits together, which allowed
Matt to lick at both of their crotches at the same time. He slicked both
girls with his saliva, working their pussies and clits over. He then got up
a little and slid his erect cock into Becca's pussy and started to fuck her
while he finger fucked Kelly. Kelly moved up and let Becca start lapping up
the juices that were coming from her pussy. Becca licked and slurped all
around the hairless groin of her sister.

Matt held onto Becca's firm breasts while he gently fucked her. Kelly would
lean back now and then to rub Becca's clitoris and feel Matt's penis as it
slid in and out. Matt pulled out of Becca and got up behind Kelly and
started fucking her doggie style, hard and tight up the ass. Becca sat
beside them and watched, sliding her hands underneath them, feeling Matt's
tightened ball sack and massaging Kelly's breasts. Matt flipped the two of
them over in mid fuck so that Kelly was sitting on his lap with his cock
still firmly planted up her ass. She started bouncing up and down on him and
moaning like crazy.

"Oh yea Matt! That's it, shove it up inside me honey! Make it hurt so good!
Oh yea!"

He continued to pound her with all the force he could muster but she still
screamed for him to go harder.

"Yea, I'll give it to you! By the time I'm down with you your going to be
walking bow-legged for a month baby!"

Becca got up on top of Matt and shoved her cunt right in his face. His
tongue darted out over and over and licked at the sweet honey that was in
front of him. Kelly kept bouncing up and down bringing herself closer and
closer to orgasm. The sisters continued riding Matt, one on his cock, one on
his face. Becca got up and started playing with Kelly's tits, licking them
and pinching her nipples. Kelly started to shake as she started to orgasm.
Becca kept sucking and biting at her sensitive nipples while she came.

As soon as she was spent she climbed off and Becca immediately took her
place on top of Matt, except that she was facing him. Kelly leaned down and
licked Matt's balls while he was fucking her sister's tight pussy. He then
got up and turned Becca around and started fucking her up the ass while she
was lying on top of Kelly. Occasionally he would pull out of Becca and
thrust into Kelly, only to return to fucking Becca a few moments later.

"Yea, which one of you want this cock more, huh?"

Matt concentrated on Becca and started worked in and out of her ass with
slow and long deliberate strokes before speeding up to an almost impossible
pace before he would slow himself down again to the point where Becca was
begging him not to slow down. Underneath the two of them, Kelly was playing
with herself again while she sucked and nibbled on Becca's nipples as they
hung down over her face. Once again Matt pulled out of Becca and started to
fuck Kelly again, as though he couldn't decide which one he wanted to fuck

Matt took a breather and watched as the two girls started to French kiss
each other, licking at each other's tongue and getting each other even
hornier. Matt was finally ready to resume after seeing this and he plunged
back into Becca's ass and started plowing her. He started fucking her doggie
style and he slowly lifted her leg and brought her over so that he was
fucking her while she was facing him. He never broke his rhythm or contact
between them.

Matt kept pumping his stiff cock into the girl's cunt, moving every which
way he could, bringing moans of pleasure from her. Kelly was doing her best
to keep occupied. She worked on Becca's tits and kissed her sister all over.
At last Matt felt he was ready to cum. He pulled out of Becca and began
shooting rope after of rope of sticky cum all over her hairless pussy lips.
It dripped down her stomach and back into her cunt. Kelly put her face into
it and started lapping up all of Matt's gooey semen.

"Oh yea Kelly, lick all of that up, really clean your sister's cunt out."

Kelly did her best to make their was no trace of Matt's ejaculation to be
found. When she got done she lifted her head and her hair brushed through
Becca's groin causing her to giggle. Becca then pulled her sister's head
down to her own so they could kiss again.

"Oh come on Kelly, share some of Matt's load with me, don't hog it all!"

"Hey, don't worry Becca, there's more where that came from."

After the girl's had finished cleaning themselves up, they all started to
get dressed. Kelly and Matt headed back to the garage after saying good-bye
to Becca. They hopped in the car and pulled out and headed back to
McDonald's. As they pulled in Kelly leaned over and grabbed Matt's shirt and
pulled him over and kissed him long and hard.

"I guess we should get back to work now. Maybe we can do some other work
later on this week."

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