Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Matt, Kelly and Becca (Part 3)

The next morning, Matt awoke alone in the bed. He heard sounds in the
kitchen, and stumbled, naked, out of the area room and found a bathroom to
pee. He then went down a hall and found himself in the kitchen. There, also
naked, were Kelly and Becca. Well, almost naked. Becca had an apron tied
around her neck, draped over her breasts, and falling almost to her bush of
pubic hair.

"Never fry bacon when your naked," she said, winking as she spied Matt's
naked body.

"Sit down, Matt," said Kelly, as she placed a large plate of bacon, eggs and
toast in front of him. "Eat up. I think you're going to need your strength."
He ate, and admired the view. Despite the fact that both girls were what
looking somewhat disheveled, they both had fantastic looks that turned his
head. Kelly looked at his lap as she poured him a cup of coffee. "I see that
little Matt is up and looking around." He looked down. Sure enough, his
penis had stiffened, and was now standing at about half-mast.

"I have a question," Matt said, "if you two are going to parade around nude
in the daylight, why did you insist on getting it on in the dark?" Becca
smiled and removed her apron.

"Sex between three people doesn't need the sense of sight; just sound, touch
and smell."

"And taste!" Kelly added.

"But we're not having sex right now," Becca continued, "we are exploring
each other, and what better way than to show our bodies off? Last night you
became a part of me, and of Kelly. And we are a part of you." Kelly smiled
and passed him the cream.

"Of course, if you want to, you're free to see other women, as long we're
free to see other men. Sex is a new part of our friendship. I hope we can
continue to enjoy each other's company for a long time. Now eat. Then go
take a shower," she grinned at Becca, "we have plans." Matt dug into the
food in front of him.

When he finished his breakfast, he headed for the bathroom. Matt was rushing
through a shower, when he heard the bathroom door open. The edge of the
shower curtain opened and Kelly peered in.

"Want some company?" Kelly stepped into the tub and into his arms. She
kissed him, then said, "You were great with us last night." Matt wasn't sure
what to say.

"It was my pleasure!" he retorted. Kelly giggled. They started stroking each
other's bodies under the shower spray. He twisted Kelly's nipples as she
played with his cock. They were so engrossed in each other that they didn't
notice the bathroom door opening again, and were startled to hear Becca's
voice outside the shower curtain.

"Room for one more?" The shower was a rather large bathtub, with a huge blue
flowing curtain and a double showerhead, one on each end of the tub. If Matt
ever owned a house, the shower will be just as big he thought. They rubbed
each other's bodies, and giggled, and laughed, and got thoroughly wet. After
a little bit of playing around they toweled each other off, and tumbled,
laughing into a nearby bedroom. Kelly and Becca, while Matt had been in the
shower by himself, had taken spare sheets from the closet, and spread them
on the floor.

The girls laid him down the floor, and started kissing him all over. Kelly
worked her way down to his penis, while Becca worked her way up to his head.
Becca kissed his lips then put her tongue deep into his mouth. Kelly started
kissing his balls, and slipped her hand around his hips and put her fingers
between his ass cheeks. Becca broke their kiss, and leaned forward, dropping
one of her large, soft breasts on his face. Her nipple stuck into his mouth,
and he locked on to it, sucking hungrily. Becca moaned. Kelly started
licking the underside of his penis, from the base to the tip. She crawled
over his leg, and knelt between his thighs. She lifted his knees, to allow
her better access to his cock. Becca switched breasts to give equal time,
and he did not complain.

Matt reached up and took Becca by the waist, and guided her to straddle his
body. Her knees were now under his arms, and she was leaning forward so that
he could suck on her nipples. Kelly looked up from his cock into Becca's
open asshole and pussy. She giggled, then reached up and tenderly stroked
Becca's slit.

"She's very wet, Matt." He pulled his arms in to his body, between Becca's
thighs, and Becca inched forward, bringing her pussy right over his head.
When she had moved far enough, she sat back, bringing her pussy directly
onto his mouth. He quickly found her clit with his tongue, and started
tickling it with the tip of his tongue.

"Ah, yes," whispered Becca. Kelly was right. Becca was wet, and her juices
ran down his chin though onto his neck. Kelly pushed his heels toward his
ass, bringing his hips forward, and allowing her to reach his anus. She ran
her tongue along the ridge between his ball sac and asshole, then swirled
her tongue around his anus. Then he felt her finger start to enter his
asshole, slowly and deliberately. Kelly kept moving her tongue around
between his balls and asshole, and her finger kept moving in. Becca started
grinding her hips against his face, bringing her pussy forward, so that he
was able to push his tongue deep into her vagina. He tasted her sweet, salty
juices, and drank deeply at her well.
Tilting his head back, he found her clit again and fastened his lips around
it. He started a rhythmic sucking. Matt felt Becca shudder after a few
moments, and a gush of liquid flowed from her vagina down his chin.

"Oh, yes," she whispered, "lick me Matty!" Then there was a major
convulsion, and she fell forward onto her hands and knees, lifting her pussy
from his face, but clamping his head between her knees. Becca panted there
for a moment, then rolled away. She immediately turned, and while kissing
him, rubbed her juices off his neck and chest. Kelly, kissing his balls,
still had her finger in his asshole. She pushed upward, finding his prostate
gland, and pressed gently against it. He could feel his cock swell as the
pressure increased. Becca broke their kiss, and watched interestedly as his
cock bobbed up and down with Kelly's ministrations. Finally, she could bear
it no longer, and she crawled over his body to reach his cock, dragging her
nipples across his well-developed chest and tight stomach.

Becca caught his penis between her lips and sucked gently on the end of it.
Kelly sat back, one finger still massaging his prostate. Becca moved off of
his body to one side, her mouth remaining on the end of his cock. Kelly
slowly withdrew her finger, and moved to his other side, while he dropped
his legs to the floor. Becca kept moving around and ended up between his
legs. Kelly wanted to watch Becca give him a blowjob, so she was facing his
cock as she straddled his face and dropped her sweet pussy onto his mouth.
Matt started licking her clitoris, then she lowered her body a bit, and he
was able to put his tongue deep into her vagina.

Becca's tongue swirled around the head of his penis, as she slowly took more
of its length into her mouth. She started a bobbing motion, and with each
bob she took a longer stroke, until she reached the point she could take no
more of its length. Kelly's juices were running freely down his nose and
cheeks, and he was starting to have a little trouble breathing. Matt
motioned to Kelly to scoot over, and she slid off to one side. She lifted
her leg, putting the foot on her upper leg behind the knee of the lower,
opening up her crotch area. Matt put his head on her lower thigh, and went
back to tonguing her clit. He could now also reach her breasts with his
hands, and he played with her nipples. He could hear her moans as she came
closer to climax.

Becca's work on his penis didn't going unnoticed either. Matt was getting
close to climax, and his back started to arch involuntarily. Kelly noticed
this, and pulled Becca away from him and pinched the end of his penis. The
maneuver worked, and his orgasm was delayed. Kelly's breathing became very
heavy, and he fastened his lips to her clit and started sucking, tickling
the tip of her clit with the tip of his tongue. He heard Kelly give a sharp
intake of breath, and he felt the contractions start within her.

"Oh God, oh Matt, yes," she breathed, "yes...yes... oh!" She fell away from
him, arching her back and stretching her arms over her head. Becca watched,
then her attention was drawn back to his penis, still erect, and
unsatisfied. Becca started back to suck on it again, when Kelly sat up and
stopped her. Kelly straddled his hips, raised herself a bit until her pussy
lips caught the end of his penis, then lowered herself onto his shaft.
Matt's body went mad. He arched his back, trying to get his penis even
farther into her. Then he exploded. His balls pumped load after load of cum
into Kelly's accommodating pussy. Becca watched since it was evident to her
was that he was coming.

She didn't see the small motion in Kelly's abdomen, and, of course, could
not feel the sensations of his penis being inside Kelly's wondrous
swallowing vagina. Kelly lifted off of his diminishing shaft, and lay on one
side of him, while Becca took her place on the other side. They lay there in
the afterglow of sex for a time, catching their breaths, recovering. Matt
glanced from face to face, still trying to tell them apart. He couldn't. But
Matt kept catching glimpses of Kelly looking down the lengths of their
bodies. He suddenly realized that his penis was beginning to become erect
again. Matt followed Kelly's eyes, and she was watching his penis start to
rise, as it stuck straight up again.

"Time for the second round!" Kelly got up and left the room. Becca reached
down and took his cock in her hand.

"Is it his imagination," she asked, "or does this thing keep getting
bigger?" She sat up, leaned forward, and drew the tip of his penis into her
mouth. She withdrew it briefly and said, "Not my imagination," and put her
mouth back on his dick, swirling her tongue across the top of his glans.
Kelly returned, with one hand behind her back.

"This is going to be fun... Becca", Kelly said as she brought her hand
around front, revealing a tube of KY jelly spread in her hand, "roll over on
your belly." Becca rolled over, and Kelly motioned her to pull her knees
under her and to lift her ass. The position pulled her ass cheeks apart,
revealing her pink little asshole. Kelly opened the KY, and got some all
over two fingers. She rubbed it over Becca's asshole and started working her
fingers into Becca's anus. Kelly got more KY, and pressed it into Becca's
ass. Kelly pressed her finger deep into Becca's tight asshole, pushing the
KY in deeper. As she pulled her finger out, she joined a second finger to
the first, and pushed the two fingers into her hole. Then a third finger.
While she fingered Becca's ass, she got more KY in her other hand, and
reached over to Matt's cock.

It was cold but it warmed quickly in her hand and on his cock, as she rubbed
it over the full length of his penis. Kelly winked at Matt, and he moved
into position behind Becca's ass. He placed the tip of his penis at the
opening of her asshole, and pressed forward. His penis slipped easily into
the hot, lubed up hole. As he entered her, Becca raised her head and
shoulders from the floor, until she was in an all-fours position. Matt
started stroking, easily moving in and out with the greasy lubrication of
the KY. Becca's asshole was even tighter than her pussy was.

"Yea," Matt panted, "I'm going to fuck your nice tight ass long and hard
baby, long and hard!"

"Matt! Yes! Matt!" Becca screamed out, "Please! Ram it in me deep! Keep
pushing it baby! I need all of you deep inside me!"

It didn't take long for him to get close to orgasm. He looked at Kelly, to
see if she thought it was ok. Kelly was smearing KY on her asshole, and she
grinned at him. Matt pulled out of Becca and slid his cock easily into
Kelly's asshole. The girls were in ecstasy. He pumped in and out of Kelly's
tight sphincter, until he was ready to come. He moaned a little, and Kelly
pulled forward, jerking him out of her ass.

"Go back to Becca," she gasped. Becca rolled over on her back, and lifted
her legs up. Matt lifted her legs up over his shoulders, pulling her hips
from the floor. He slid his slick cock into her asshole, and started a
rhythmic pumping. It wasn't long before he was back to near orgasm. He
grabbed Becca's hips and thrust forward, and emptied himself deep into her
"You turn all red in the face when you come," laughed Becca. He rolled over,
exhausted, between the two girls. They rolled over to his sides, and again,
they fell slept. An hour later they awoke.

"Race you to the shower!" Kelly shouted. They scrambled off the floor to the
bathroom. They soaped off the remains of the KY and sex juices. After
toweling off, they slipped into the bed, one girl on each side of Matt, and
they played pinch and tickle. They joked, they giggled, and they teased and
laughed, and lay quietly together, caressing and tickling, and becoming
familiar with every square inch of each other's bodies.

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