Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Revised Confessions of a Fag Hag 5

Julia is a wonderful hostess. As I know from many previous visits,
she's always providing just what you need at just the right time. This
night was no exception. We clomped in the door, she carrying my overnight
bag as I protested that I could carry it myself, and she started the hot

She looked at me questioningly. "Couch or bed?" She asked.

Quickly wondering if she would give up the bed, or she wondered if
we would share it, I replied, "Bed, if you don't mind. I'm exausted."

"Good," she smiled back. "Clean sheets just this morning," and she
carried my tote into the bedroom, plopping it at the foot of her double

I sat down on the couch, more, collapsed onto the couch, sinking
into the soft cushions with a huge sigh. Almost a whimper of a sigh.
Julia plopped down beside me, pulling me over towards her. I fell over
onto her, laying my head in her lap, then turned so I was looking straight
up at her. She brushed my hair away from my forehead and bent down,
lightly brushing my skin with her lips.

"I'm sorry," she whispered.

At that, the tears started again, slowly. As each one ran down
across my cheek, she bent over and caught it with her tongue before it ran
into my hair. After the third one, I reached up as her tongue touched my
cheek, and brushed her own cheek with my finger. She looked me in the eye
and I moved my mouth to hers, kissing the salt of my tears off her lips as
brushed her fingers through the hair on the sides of my head. I lost
myself in that kiss, allowing her to explore my mouth and face with her
tongue and was suddenly jolted back to reality when the teapot whistled.
She gently sat me up, lifting me off her lap, and stood up to ready the

"Who are we, Julia?" I whispered towards her back.

"We are two women who need each other right now, Diana. I don't
know what else we may or may not be, but that I do know to be the truth.
There's nothing wrong with that, is there?" She called back to me, putting
out two mugs and dropping in teabags. "Sweet Dreams is what I'm fixing.
You need a good nights sleep."

Julia brought back the tea and a sugar container. I poured a
little in, stirred the tea, and sat back down beside her. She reached her
arms around my waist and scooted me over in between her legs, which she
then wrapped around me, crossing them over mine. It was a tight, secure,
and very comfortable embrace. I leaned back onto her and felt her breasts
cushioning me against her.

"Am I hurting you?" I asked.

"No, you are perfect," she said as she kissed the top of my head,
and sipped more of her tea. We finished our mugs there, just sitting
silently entwined together, enjoying the warmth of each other's bodies. I
was beginning to drowse when she unwrapped her legs and nudged me off her.
"My feet are falling asleep. Are you ready to get some rest?"

Standing up I replied, yawning, "Yes, it's been a rough day."

We walked into her bedroom, setting our mugs in the kitchen and
turning out the living room lights. She shut the door behind us and turned
down the bed. I walked over to my bag and reached in for my pajamas.
Boring, dull, pajamas since it was the bag that I kept over at Drew's in
case I couldn't go home for some reason. Flannel top and flannel boxers
with kittens all over. I pulled them out, setting them on the bed and
Julia chuckled.

"I should have figured you for flannel and kittens," she smirked.
I stuck my tongue out at her.

"It's for decency. Yeah yeah, Drew wouldn't care, but still, he
doesn't want to be grossed out either." I smiled back.

She frowned at me. "You are not gross, you are beautiful."

"Yeah, whatever, maybe so, but to Drew, this isn't beauty. He
finds his beauty in other art," I smirked back.

She began to undress, slowly, and I felt self-concious watching,
though I wanted to. The fact that I wanted to frightened me. She looked
over at me, dropping her top and reavealing her ample breasts still in her
bra, then walked towards me, kneeling down. I reached up, and she pulled
my top over my head, but leaving it covering my face. I laughed, and then
jumped as she took my own breasts in her hands, undoing my bra. It fell
back and she cupped my breasts, massaging them. I couldn't help but lean
into her hands, even though I couldn't see her. She finished pulling off
my top and I reached out to her, undoing the clasp on her bra. I leaned
forward and kissed her left breast. It was warm and soft, and smelled
fresh and feminine. I kissed the warm flesh, then gently began searching
with my tongue. At the warm wetness, she jumped a little, then moaned as I
found her nipple. I took the bumpy flesh into my mouth, pressed my teeth
onto it very gently, then gave a little tug of a suck. She moaned again,
and I continued to work my mouth gently. Pulling back, I took a step
backwards, smiling softly at her, and she reached out her hands to my
stomach. Rubbing them across my abdomen, she reached around to my back and
I unconsciously jumped as her light touch tickled my sides. Her warm
fingers then reached under my jeans waistband, pulling it tight against my
stomach. I reached down and undid the zipper, and she slid her hands in,
grasping my buttocks, and squeezed lightly. I stood up on tiptoe, leaning
into her, and she kissed me, pressing me forward. She slipped down my
pants and I stood there before her, naked to the socks. I stepped out of
my jeans and she stood up, undressing herself the rest of the way also. I
walked forward to her and pressed the side of my face up against her
stomach, resting my ear so I could hear her heart beating. She reached
forward again and began running her hands over my ass, and up and down my
thighs, causing me to shiver. I reached around and massaged her lower
back, pressing her towards me. Suddenly, as much fun as I was having, I
couldn't suppress a yawn, and she laughed, her laugh jiggling her stomach,
bouncing my ear up and down. I laughed in return, tickling her stomach by
moving my face up and down in my hilarity. We rolled with laughter then,
breaking our embrace, and I yawned, causing it to spread to her, and she
let out a loud YAWWWN.

"Lets get some sleep." She smiled down at me, and we crawled into bed. She
turned on her side towards me, and I snuggled my back and buttocks into the
curves of her stomach. Wrapping her arms around me, she held me tight in a
warm, secure embrace, and I fell asleep, dreaming marvelous dreams of warm
sunny fields and safe places.

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