Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Confessions of a Fag Hag -- Chapter 6

Yet again, I was dreaming. Dreaming of receiving the most
wonderful massage from the handsomest man. I'd never seen the fellow
before, but boy did he know how to use his hands. I was laying prone on
his massage table, stripped bare and at his mercy as he first rubbed oil on
me then worked his dexterous fingers over my back, popping all the tight
places in my spine back into place. With each one, I'd let out a small
groan and I'd see his tight body chuckle with pleasure. He, too, was
stripped naked, and his large dick bobbed in front of my face with each
move he made. I wanted so badly to reach out and take it into my mouth,
but my hands were pinned at my sides, relaxed to the max so that they
didn't want to respond to my requests. He moved back up my back and bent
over me, reaching to my left shoulder. His cock brushed my face and I
reached out with my tongue, barely touching it. He chuckled again, causing
it to jiggle, and I finally was able to get my right hand to respond. I
reached up, grasped the swelling member, and sucked it into my mouth. At
that he laughed heartily, bouncing himself in and out of my lips, and I
worked my tongue along his shaft, licking the end and pulling him in as far
as I could without gagging. He continued to massage me, as best he could
in the position he was, but his arms reached far, and he slapped me gently
on the ass. His cock swelled in my mouth, and he massaged me on the
buttocks, giving me a gentle slap now and then when my mouth would perform
a particularly favorite trick. He soon was pressing into me, moving with
the rhythm of my mouth, in and out, in and out, his hair brushing against
my skin as he slid up against me. I reached out with my good arm and
gently began massaging his tightening balls. Tasting the musty saltyness
of precum, I let him loose and turned over onto my back invitingly. He
climbed up onto the table with me, straddling me on his knees. He bent
over, kissing me and pushing his tongue into my mouth. As he worked his
tongue around my own tongue, upper mouth, and teeth, he pressed his pelvis
down onto me, and I could feel his dick hot against my stomach. I reached
down and grabbed it, and he wrapped his hands around mine. I pushed him
down and together we guided his dick toward my awaiting body. As he
entered me, he pressed his tongue to the top of my mouth and I gasped. He
filled me with his warm swollen cock, and I rose up to meet him, pressing
myself into him, pressing him into me. We rolled together, up and down,
pulling and pushing. He stopped kissing me and placed his hands on either
side of my head, his face straining with the pleasure. Whispering in my
ear, "Oh baby, oh damn good baby, oh," he let out one last gasp and I felt
his fullness, his wet release filling me, flowing over me and taking me
down with him. He relaxed on top of me and I felt his weight pressing me
into the padded table. I couldn't move, he was hot and sweaty and oh so
perfect, but heavy and I couldn't move. I heard his phone ringing in the
distance. Something told me Matt was calling him. What if Matt came by to
get a massage too and caught me under this man, smothered to death. What
would he think then? Would he be sorry for the things he'd said, or still
so angry at me? Damn I wish that phone would stop ringing. Suddenly, the
masseuse started shaking me.

"Diana, Diana," he was saying, "Wake up, you have a phone call
Diana," he was shaking me.

I opened my eyes groggily. "Huh?" It wasn't an exceedingly
handsome masseuse, but a Julia standing over me, holding my cell phone in
her hand.

"You have a phone call. I answered it because you weren't waking
up." She smiled at me somewhat knowingly. I wonder if I made noises in my
sleep, so I blushed and took the phone from her.

"Hello?" I spoke into the phone.

"Diana?" It was Matt. At first my heart fluttered with excitement,
but then I remembered last night. Damn.

"What do you want?" I asked a little harshly. Julia turned and
looked at me questioningly. I grimaced at her and she shrugged.

"I made a huge mistake last night Diana. Wait, let me talk," he
interjected, "Don't hang up, please," as I was about to do just that. "I
want to talk it out with you. I'd had a lot on my mind, and too much to
drink and I let my emotions get the best of me. I know that's no excuse,
but please, can we just talk?"

"When and where," I griped into the phone, "You were a total
shithole, just like Drew said, and I should hang up on you right now. But,
I'm willing to hear you out." I couldn't resist but to say yes to him. As
mad as I was, I still found myself wanting to be near him. Damn my

"At the park, in about an hour. I know you won't come over here, I
can understand why, so I figure that's as good a place as any. Meet me on
the bench where we always sit."

"Damn this better be good," I breathed into the phone, "See you
then," and hung up.

I got up and had breakfast with Julia, explaining what Matt wanted
and she was worried about our rendezvous but felt I should at least hear
him out. I hugged her goodbye, promising to meet her for lunch around
noon. She threatened to send Drew after me if I didn't show up on time, or
at least by 12:30 knowing my penchant for being late, and I winked at her,
blowing her a kiss as I left.


I reached the park and saw Matt sitting over on our bench. We'd
met many times before here, the first few times with Drew protectively
keeping watch on a bench nearby as he pretended to read a book or the
paper. Thankfully, even after Matt had met Drew, he never seemed to
remember seeing him at those times. He must have been too engrossed in me,
if only! I thought to myself. The last time we had met here, we had even
made out, sans Drew as he trusted Matt by then (how could we have ever
trusted him, I thought to myself!) and left us alone, and that is when I
had decided to invite him to Lila's. I flushed a little at the quick
remembrance of the events that occurred there. Then I walked towards him.
As I got closer, I could see a crutch next to him, and his knee wrapped in
a large bandage.

"Hello Matt," I started, stopping a few feet away from him. At the
same time that I desired to be there in his lap, I didn't want him anywhere
near me, before I let him touch me again. My mind wanted to kill him, but
my body wanted to hold him.

"Diana, I made an ass of myself last night. I owe you and Drew a
huge apology." He smiled that "please can you ever forgive me" innocent
smile, and I frowned at him, but inside, my heart of stone melted just a
little. Damn, I've got to be strong! I shouted at myself inside my head.

"That you do, you said some rather unforgivable things." I tried to
reply sternly. Damn, his technique was working too well. I nodded my
head, begging him to go on, but trying to keep a stern face. Gotta be
strong, be strong!

"I, I was scared Diana." He began again. I sat down next to him on
the bench. "I, I think Drew's awesome, but I'm scared you love him more
than you love me."

I looked at him, confused as hell. "He's my best friend, I love him
differently, Matt. You ought to know how that works."

"No, I mean, I can see that you adore him. You'd do anything for
him," he chuckled, pointing at his knee. "I want to have you the way he
has you. There. I said it. And that's why I said those awful things. It
was jealousy, and a little fear. Fear of losing you to him, or to this
girl you've been playing around with. And fear that I'd lose who I am. I
know I'm not gay, but I've explored my sexuality that way a little, and it
scares me to think it could come out that way."

My heart continued to melt, I'm sorry! I can't help it! "Matt,
you, you and I have just met. You've got my love, my eros full-steam-ahead
trust-you-with-my-body hot-steamy-sex love. Drew won't have that. He has
my heart as my best friend, but there's room, lots of room to share it with
others. It'll take time, but you could be there too. You could have me
that way too. But you've got to not be such an ass in order to get that
part of me. Insulting both me and my best friend, in the same night, in
public, isn't a good way to start." I let a smile escape my lips.

"My behavior was unacceptable. I will regret saying those things
forever," there was that sheepish, 'I'm so sorry please forgive me' humble
grin again. Damn, more ice melting, damn. "I plan to get together with
Drew and apologize to him. I just hope he doesn't beat me into a pulp for
trying. I also know what it's like to question, and yeah, your shenanigans
with this 'Julia' are hurting me, I feel like I should be good enough for
you, my cock should be good enough to meet your needs, cause I know she
can't fuck you like I can, I'm sorry to say it that way, but it's what's
true and it's what I'm feeling, but I know you need to explore. Just, just
if you decide that's the way you want to go, tell me and I'll leave you
alone. I don't want to 'share' you, but I'm willing to because I need you
that much. Yeah, I need you, Diana. I really and truly need you. I love
you but without you, I'm lost." He sagged back into the bench, the cutest
frown on his face, wrinkling up his forehead and the skin on the bridge of
his nose.

I leaned over to him, and the anger must have still been on my
face, for he pulled back a little. I reached up a hand and he winced,
expecting me to slap him, I guess. Instead, I slid my hand behind his back,
lay myself up against him, and kissed him full on the mouth. At first he
didn't respond, shocked I imagine at my response, but then he reached
around me and pulled me into him. I pulled back a second.

"I can't hate you, you evil asshole. I can't!" I laughed "But if
you do that again, there's no coming back. You got one free chance, and
you don't deserve that. No nine-lives here."

He breathed a sweet sigh into my neck and I fell into his lap. He
wrapped his arms around me, nuzzling the top of my head and held me close.
How I could feel just as "at home" in his lap, and then know how it felt so
similar, yet so different, in Julia's boggled my mind. But, I didn't let
myself think on it, I just relaxed into his "me" shaped lap, and snuggled
my chin up under his. We sat that way for what seemed like hours, and it
was like heaven on earth.

My phone buzzed in my pocket and we both jumped. I pulled it out
and the alarm reminded me about lunch. I kissed him a long lingering
goodbye and promised to call after. I don't think I'm staying at Julia's
tonight. She's gonna hate it, but damn I can't resist this man!

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