Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Confessions of a Fag Hag - Chapter 7

I pulled up to Panera(tm) and saw Julia's car there. As I jumped
out of my own car, I could see her sitting over by the fireplace at a table
for two. She waved as I came in and I walked over and set my stuff down at
our table.

"Be right back, I've got to go order," I smiled at her, both the
warmth of my affection for her filling me, but also the dread of how she'd
respond to what I had decided about Matt. Maybe I shouldn't tell her, I
thought to myself . . .

I ordered, picked up my food and sat down across from her. "So,"
she began, "What did the asshole have to say for himself?"

I grimaced internally, damn she was mad at him. Yes, an asshole he
is, but such a cute one . . . "Um, we, um, had a good chat. He apologized
and begged for forgiveness," I began.

"And, I hope you didn't let him off that easy," she frowned back at

"Well, I chewed him out for the things he'd said. Said they were
unforgivable. You should have seen his knee. I knocked it out of joint and
he spent most of the night in the emergency room. I think the painkillers
had him a little off today."

"Good for you, on both accounts. Was he still angry?"

"No, he wanted more than anything to take back the things he'd

"Humph, too late for that. Hey, by the way, right after you left,
Drew called to check up on you. I told him where you'd gone and he wasn't
too happy. Wanted to go to the park and help you out, but I convinced him
that wasn't the best idea."

I groaned at the thought of Drew showing up and giving Matt more of
his opinion of him at the moment. "Very sweet of him, I think," I smiled.

"Yeah, no problem. So, what are you up to the rest of the day?"

"Jess and I are playing pool after this. She called me on the way
over here. She wants to know how things have been going, ya know. I'd
forgotten I hadn't talked to her since Friday."

"Are you going to tell all? It'll be quite a story."

"Yep. Pool is always where we have these types of 'boy' talks.
It'll be interesting to see her reaction."

We ate the rest of our lunch like that with chit-chat about this
and that. Thankfully, Julia avoided both the topic of Matt, and the topic
of us, for the rest of lunch. I am so confused. See, Matt has the part of
me that wants something physical, and he knows how to fulfill that. Yeah,
yeah, it probably was an utter mistake to give in to him, but I couldn't
take the thought of not being with him physically. And then there's Drew,
no confusion there. He's the person I can tell everything to, and who will
tell me everything, including giving me hell when I make stupid mistakes.
That's why, even though I love spending time with him, I'm not looking
forward to seeing him at the moment. He'll hate what I've done about Matt.
And finally, there's Julia. She's the person who will spend time with me,
who will hold me close and love me for me, giving me the physical but also
that mental attachment of more than friendship. So, getting all those
needs met by the three people confuses the hell out of me, but makes me
feel so good at the same time. I think that's why I can't choose Julia
over Matt. Damn this is going to cause trouble sooner than later, I can
feel it now.


"Time to smack some balls around," I smile at Jess as I rack them
on the pool table. "You break." I'm notoriously bad at breaking, I
scratch at least 50% of the time.

She breaks, sinking the 5 and the 7. "You're stripes."

Lining up, I pick my shot. As I aim the cue, I tell her, "Um,
Jess, can I ask you a question?"

"You know we made the rule, no talking about Drew." She groans
back. We always used this time to talk about boys. For me, it was always
Drew, until we both new it was time for me to let him go. For her, it was
always Mark. Mark or Rob. One she was pursuing, the other was a
friendship turned relationship gone bad, and desperately wanted the
friendship back. Rob was one of Drew's best friends, so we were always
hanging out with him.

"No, silly, not Drew. Matt! Don't you want to hear about Matt?" I

"Of course, do tell! What happened this weekend, I haven't talked
to you since Friday."

With that I relived the experiences of the weekend, leaving out
details since we were in the student center, and then told her about the
party. When I got to the part where Matt cursed me out, Jess interrupted.

"What the hell?! Matt doesn't seem like that kind of guy. Did he
hurt you physically?"

"No, no, Drew came out and then Matt cursed him out too," I
continued, then told her what I could remember about taking out his knee.

"Good for you!" she interjected again.

I finished what had happened that night, and then told her we had
met this morning because he wanted to apologize. I then realized that
"that night" was just "last night!" Wow, it seemed like forever ago. As I
was telling her about our conversation, Drew came in. He saw us talking
and walked over to us, and we waved. I finished, Drew and Jess listening

"And you told him he was forgiven?!" Jess nearly yelled at me.
"Personally, Diana, I think that is one of the stupidest things you have
ever done. Do you realize what he said to you, and to Drew? Do you
understand how dangerous he could be?" Drew nodded along, obviously in

"But, but, he seems so penitent for his actions, and he didn't
physically harm me," I said to them both, trying to bolster my defenses.
Maybe it was stupid, maybe I should just drop him. But I still didn't want

"I know you're not going to listen," Jess continued, "You're going
to do what you want, you always do. But remember what I've said if it
comes back to hurt you. I don't want you to get hurt, that's why I'm
warning you, but I know it's your life to do what you want to do with it.
I'll be here if it all breaks down, I truly hope it doesn't."

Suddenly, Drew's phone interrupted and he answered it. "Hello? Oh,
hi Matt," he said gruffly, raising his eyebrows at Jess and I. "Dinner?
Yes, you were an ass last night, and that's saying it nicely. Okay, sounds
good. Meet you there at 6." He hung up. "We're meeting for dinner. He
better have a damn good explanation, or he'll be more sore than he already
is. Diana, please be careful." It was about 4:30 then, so Drew left to go
home and get ready.

Jess and continued our game, and then about 10 minutes later, the
phone rang again. Mine this time, and it was Matt's ring. "Matt? Hey,
what's up?" I couldn't help but speak with the physical affection I had for
him, even though I was confused about what to do about him. It made my
voice a little husky and I tried to hide it from Jess.

"I just scheduled dinner with Drew," he said, "Need to apologize to
him, and explain myself."

I nodded and mmm-hmm'ed, acting like it was a surprise to me. "Good for
you," I responded, "I hope he doesn't pound you for your idiocy last
night." Jess smiled at my boldness. Well, he was an idiot last night.

"So, anyway, I was wondering," he began hesitantly, "Um, would you come
over tonight? You know," he continued, "For a little romantic evening, a
little fun, to make up and all that," he tried to be bold but sounded so
shy about it still. "Maybe around 9? To give Drew and I time to chat.
We're meeting at 6."

"Yeah, sounds good." I said quickly, not wanting to give away to Jess that
I'd just acquiesced to him. My body already looked forward to the "fun."
"Talk to you later. Good luck with Drew." And we said our goodbyes. I
turned back to Jess, "He had to tell me about his dinner plans. I don't
know if he's brave or stupid."

"Both, more stupid though right now I think," Jess opined. We finished our
game and I returned home to take care of things there. Soon it would be
time to face up to Matt. Should I really go over there?

While I was waiting, Julia called and I told her I was going to stay home
tonight. She mmm-hmm'ed sort of knowingly, then sounded a little hurt. Of
course she knew I wasn't staying home tonight. I was afraid to tell her
that I yearned to fuck Matt again, afraid she'd be so hurt, but instead I
think I hurt her worse by not telling her the truth, by hiding it. I
promised to call her if I changed my mind, but it didn't make her feel any
better, I know. Why do I do these things to the ones I love? I shouted at
my inner monologue as we hung up. I'll have to make it up to her later
. . . somehow.


I arrived at Matt's a few minutes after 9, my usual "just a few
minutes late" self, and a note on the door instructed me to come on in.
Just inside was a note on his table.

"Let's play a game!" It read, "Scavenger hunt time," it continued.
"Follow the clues to each location. When you figure out the clue, follow
the instructions on each new clue until you find your reward -- and a good
one it will be. One rule: this is strip scavenger hunt, so remove the
instructed clothing at each destination before you continue on to the next
one." I laughed and followed the first directive, "Remove your shoes, make
yourself at home. There's beer in the fridge and chocolate by the phone."

I walked over to the fridge, pulled out a Mike's (Matt knew I
didn't like beer so much, but there was beer there) popped it open and
grabbed a chocolate. Under the plate was the next note, "Now that you've
enjoyed your chocolate treat it's time we began to turn up the heat." I
removed my socks and walked to the thermostat.

"Ooh, you're getting hotter and hotter! Now to the place where you
find mother with daughter." I thought hard on this one, then figured maybe
he meant his pictures with his family. They were in the living room, and I
thought I remembered one with his sister and mother. I slid off my top,
getting a little chilly, and went to check it out.

Right on! I congratulated myself. Under the frame is the next
note. "Soon I hope to add a picture of you. Next go find something crafty
to do." I pulled off my pants, now I was down to my underwear, and moved
on. Matt loved drawing comics, so I walked to his guest bedroom where his
art table was set up. I looked around, checking his various works in
progress but it took me a second to find the note. It was tucked under his
drawing pencils.

"Oh my oh my, if you don't hurry I'm going to snooze. I'll be in
my bed, quickly, no time to lose." Dropping off my bra, I only had one
piece of clothing left. I walked to his bedroom, expecting that to be the
end of the game, but he wasn't there. On his pillow was a mint and the
last note.

"I see you've finished the race. Now head quickly to the
'cleaning-up place.'" Cleaning-up place? Well, maybe he means the
bathroom, you'd take a bath there. I pulled off my panties and headed for
the closed door.

"Matt, are you in there?" I reached up to knock, and saw the "Come
in" sign. I opened the door and a wave of humid heat hit me. There he
was, sitting naked on the edge of the bathtub, and he was running a hot
bubble bath. So that's what caused the steam, I thought to myself, feeling
my excitement rising.

"Close the door behind you, it's chilly out there," he smiled up at
me, swishing his hand through the water.

"Why all this?" I motioned around. There was soft music playing,
lit candles on all the shelves, and a fabulous smell of something flowery.

"I wanted to show you how serious I am, how utterly stupid I was,"
he flashed me that sheepish grin and I wanted to throw myself at him, "so,
I figured I'd go all out. Ready for a bath? You're dressed for it."

Chuckling I walked over to him, nodding. He reached towards me,
drawing me to his naked body, hot and sweaty from the wait for me, and
pulled me to him, kissing me. His kiss thrilled through my senses and I
leaned into him, nearly pushing him backwards into the water. He broke off
to catch himself, laughing. "Not so fast, hot stuff. Gee you're excited

"Sorry!" I blushed. He slid down into the water and I stepped over
the edge, gasping at the heat, then slowly settled myself between his
knees, facing him. He wrapped his legs around me, pulling me towards him
and I leaned in to kiss him again, putting my legs on either side of him.
As he drew me in, he began pouring the hot water over me with his hands and
I let out a satisfied moan of pleasure. As we scooted together, I could
feel that he was becoming as eager as I about the whole process because his
swelling shaft bumped up against me. He smiled and continued to pour
water, rubbing my back, my sides, my chest, and I returned the favor. He
moaned as my hands stroked his wet body and pushed into me, running his
tongue around my mouth. I explored his, then gasped as his hands moved
down lower, exploring between us, feeling, probing, and massaging between
my legs. The hot water made the sensation all the more pleasurable and I
cried out, spreading myself, opening myself to him, begging for more. And
more he gave. As I reached down to take his now erect penis into my hands,
he pushed forward, lifting me slightly, sliding his cock through my hands
and probing for further entrance. I guided him to me and his hot shaft
slid in, filling me with heat like I had never known, surging through my
senses. I pushed myself down onto him, sliding down his shaft until it
would go no further. He leaned me back then, resting his hands behind my
head, his cock pulling in me, and groaned at the sensation. I squeezed my
muscles within me, caressing him, massaging his most sensitive of organs,
and moaned my pleasure at the feelings he was causing me. He leaned down
over me, thrusting himself in, and pulling out, pushing against me, sliding
my ass along the bottom of the tub. Then, he leaned back again, still
holding me in his arms, and let out another loud moan. I could feel him
swelling within me as he pulled me towards him, throbbing like a heartbeat,
ready to explode given the chance. I felt the same, ready to explode into
a million blissful pieces. He pulled me towards him, and he leaned back
into the water. I lay on top of him, half in, half out, and felt the water
swish and slide between us, lapping at my ass, tickling it as we moved
around. His eyes rolled back in his head and he pulled me down on him, I
slid back up, pulling him out of me partway, then pushed him back into me.
Then I rocked back and forth, helping him try to fill and reach all the
innermost parts of me. Suddenly I felt it rising, his tension, his
culmination, and he released in me, letting out a joyful yell. Triggering
my own orgasm, I too yelled, in chorus with him, and slowly drew both of
our intense moments out to completion.

We finished rinsing each other off, then came out of the bath and
dried one another with his towels. Remaining naked, we walked back to his
bedroom and crawled under the soft sheets. He pulled me to him, then

"Painkillers wearing off," he mumbled, and I laughed. So that's
why he'd wanted a bath. The heat kept him from feeling the pain I probably
would have caused him otherwise. "Can't take another just yet, but I want
you again. Damn. It'll hurt to much."

"I think I know how to fix your problem," I smiled at him. Then I
slid down under the covers, along his soft, newly washed body, and took his
growing penis into my mouth.

"Oooh, careful, but damn that'll do it. Oooh," he cried out as I
worked my mouth on him, licking and sucking, nibbling and sliding as I felt
led. Soon he was ready to come again, and I quickly ducked up to him,
grabbing a towel off the nightstand. I didn't want a sticky night as much
as he didn't either. Finishing him off with my hand I smiled with pleasure
as he groaned in both ecstasy and slight pain as he came, then I slid up
next to him, turned my back to his chest, and snuggled in tight against his
fuzziness. Soon we both drifted off to sleep, but I tossed and turned, my
dreams full of conflicting arguments and passionate love. Finally, late in
the night my dreams left me and I was able to rest.

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