Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Confessions of a Fag Hag - Chapter 4

I hit the bottom of the stairs, and the crush of people and noise
again surrounded me. Matt's band had just stopped, and he had seen me
coming down the steps, so was working his way towards me.

"Diana!" he shouted over the noise, "Diana, we have to talk," he
yelled as he reached me, then grabbed my arm and dragged me through the
melee towards the door. "Let's go out and get some fresh air!"

We passed Drew and he gave me a look. I pointed upstairs and gave
the thumbs up, wherein he raised his eyebrows and continued serving a drink
to one of the cute guys waiting by the bar. He looked at Matt curiously as
Matt led/dragged me toward the door. As the crowd thinned, he still pulled
hard, even though I could keep my own and not loose him in the throng. He
reached the door, jerked it open, and pulled me out into Drew's backyard.
Still tugging me along, he sped up pace, nearly causing me to need to run
behind him, so I did a half-jog, leading me back to the area in the rear
with the trees. It was darker and quieter there, and he sat down on the
bench under the trees. I joined him, looking at him questioningly. There
were a few tiki-lamps burning, and his face flickered and glowed in the
faint light. I could hear the next band beginning back in the house, their
bass booming out into the night.

"What in the hell are you doing to me?!" Matt began, raising his

Looking at him curiously, I replied, "What do you mean? I haven't
seen you all night."

"Exactly. You didn't even give me the courtesy of watching us sing
our first song before you . . .you . . ." He couldn't finish, he was
starting to shake.

"Matt, I couldn't see you back there."

"Yeah, but you sure saw Julia!" He shouted. A few folks closer to
the house looked our way.

"Keep your voice down, Matt, please. She wanted to talk, I didn't
realize she'd monopolize my time and put me where I couldn't see you. You
know how I love to watch you shake your ass when you dance." I tried to
smile up at him, but his scowl made me frown in worry. What had he seen or
heard? Damn! This wasn't going too well.

"Talk, yeah, talk I'm sure that's what you two were doing with your
lips locked together," he replied harshly. It almost looked as if he would
cry at any moment. "I thought you loved me, I thought we were something
special?" He did start to cry at that point.

I wanted to reach up and wipe the tears away, but I was afraid of
his anger. I'd never seen him angry before, and I was terrified that he'd
push me away or lash out at me. My arm ached to reach out, but my mind
forced me not to. So, I replied, "I do love you Matt, we wouldn't have
done the things we had done if I didn't. I'm not someone who just gives
herself to anyone, you know that."

"Ah, but you are, you fag-loving bitch! You're just a dyke looking
for a good lay, and I thought you were something special. No, you're just
a confused slut. Why did I ever let myself get involved with, with . . . a
cock-sucking midget!"

Suddenly, there two hands on Matt's shoulders and he was being
pulled up from the bench. I saw Drew standing over us, livid, and shrunk
back. Matt's word's had caught me off guard and I was on the verge of
tears. But, at the same time, I didn't want him to get the best of me, to
make me cry, so I was fighting them for all I was worth, and my fear and
heartbreak were turning quickly into anger and outrage.

"Stand up you motherfucker. Don't you dare talk to Diana that way.
You have no right!" Drew shouted at Matt, who was about 2 inches shorter
than he.

Matt stepped back, surprised. Then he turned on Drew. "Get your
hands off me, you cock-sucking fag! You're just as bad as she is," Matt
pointed back at me, "but you can't admit it. You're just out to get laid
and aren't man enough to find a real woman. So you have to hang out with
your little midget friend here to get what the men can't give you!" he

Suddenly, I realized what Matt was saying. No one, I mean NO ONE
is allowed to treat Drew that way. I'm not his fag hag for nothing! I
sort of saw the next events as if I were watching from outside myself, in
slow motion. But, the next thing I knew, I had Drew's large red
MagLite(tm) in my hand, and Matt was bent over on the ground, holding his
knee. I remember a dull crunch and the feel of the light's contact with
the side of Matt's knee as I'd swung it straight at him. I'd always sworn
that if anyone said anything negative about Drew that I'd take them out at
the knees, but I'd never actually believed I could do it.

The words had caught Drew off guard and he had stepped back, then
my sudden reaction brought him back again. He swung his foot forward,
catching Matt in the chest with the flat of his sole, knocking him
backwards onto his back, gasping for breath and still holding his knee. He
set his foot on Matt's upturned chest and pushed down just enough to hold
him still.

"Matt, I thought you were a good enough guy. I trusted you to take
care of Diana, and I come out here to find you treating her like shit."
Drew's voice was low and even. The fact that he wasn't raising his voice
made his words all the more sinister. He was as angry as a mad hornet, and
I knew to stay out of his way. "I want you to pick your sorry ass up off
my lawn and get the fuck out of here. I don't want to EVER see you near
Diana again, you hear me, you shit-hole?"

Matt whimpered, curling up around Drew's foot. Drew pushed him
away and Matt crawled to his knees.

"Auugh!" He moaned as he tried to put a little weight on the bad
knee. "You broke it!" he shouted back at me.

"Get the fuck out of here, NOW." Drew whispered back, and Matt
limped out the back gate. Drew watched him go, then came over to me.
"Hon, that was one amazing move you did on him. I'm proud of you. He
shouldn't have said those things about you." He kneeled down, wrapping me
in his arms.

"It wasn't because he said them about me," I whispered into his ear
as I lay my chin on his shoulder. "It was what he said about . . . about
you," and then I couldn't hold it back anymore, the tears flowed forth.

Drew pulled me tighter into his hug and I let out my sorrows onto his
large, soft shoulder. At one point I looked up, back towards his house,
and saw a silhouette in the window. Julia was looking out towards us. She
saw me look up, and quickly disappeared behind the curtain. I lay my head
back down on Drew's shoulder.

"I can't believe he found out. We didn't even, even . . ." and I couldn't
finish, but Drew knew where I was going.

"It's okay. Whatever happened, he shouldn't have reacted that way. He
should have talked it out with you, but it isn't really his concern in the
first place. I guess some ass saw you two on the couch and told him. Not
sure who though, for not many here know you two are together . . ."

"That doesn't matter, it doesn't matter who. It's just over now, isn't it.
I thought he was it, or I wouldn't have gone so far with him. But now
this. Now what do I do, Drew? I, I can't go home, what if he comes

"Come home with me," a new voice called out in the dark. It was Julia.
"Since I'm the reason this all started, if you can still stand the sight of
me, come home with me. You'll be safe there." Her warm voice was what I
needed to hear right then. Drew released me from his hug and I walked over
to her. "Come on, let's go. I'll fix you a nice cup of hot tea and we can
talk, or we can just sit, or you can just be alone right now." She smiled
down at me, grabbing me by the hand.

"I don't want to be alone, hot tea sounds nice," I sniffled, trying to stop
the few remaining tears.

"Grab your overnight bag from the downstairs closet," Drew called, and I
remembered the emergency bag I had stored at his place.

"Perfect. Thanks!" I called back, smiling at him over my shoulder. What
are best friends for?

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