Saturday, April 18, 2009

Patrick, Dave, and Tammi

Patrick was annoyed. He really didn't want to go to dinner at Dave and
Tammi's house. Everyone at work felt they had to personally go out of their
way to be nice since Patrick's wife left two weeks earlier. No one could
understand why his wife would just walk out on him -- he was such a nice guy.
Always very positive and in a good mood. How could anyone hate Patrick?
Of course, no one knew what his wife knew. I guess it's not easy for some
women to accept the fact that their husband can suck cock better than they

So as Patrick stepped out of the shower, admiring himself in the mirror, he
wished he were going to meet some young stud rather than feeling obligated
to have dinner with Dave. His 7 inches started to swell as he thought of
the first time he saw Dave in the locker room at work. Nice chest, just the
right amount of hair snaking down to his heavy cock. He forced himself not
to stare -- or rather drool -- at his co-worker. Patrick loved the locker
room, the smell of sweat, the smell of man crotch, and the occasional sneak
peak of one of the hot guys who worked at the high tech firm. He especially
liked the younger guys who always had lots of energy and semi-hard cocks as
they paraded around teasing his 40 year old sex drive.

Patrick finished drying off and smiled at his now hard cock as he planned to
make an excuse to leave dinner early and cruise for a quickie later
on. There was always someone in need and he was eager to find a cock to

Tammi answered the door wearing a revealing halter top and shorts. He was
surprised at how cute she was -- and couldn't help but notice her full
breasts. While he preferred men, he still noticed a beautiful woman. His
cock started to make its presence known again and he clumsily offered her
the beer he brought and muttered an awkward greeting. "Geez" he thought to
himself, "I feel like I'm in high school again!" Tammi showed him inside
and took him to the back where Dave was clad only in a pair of shorts and
working the grill. The sweat was beaded on his back with a line running
down moistening the top of his shorts.

"How about a beer to start" Tammi offered, and Patrick eagerly accepted to
take his mind off these two beauties.

Dinner was simple, but tasty. Burgers, fries and a couple more beers.

The dinner conversation was superficial and Patrick found himself enjoying
the company. He felt guilty about not wanting to come over. He was
actually having a good time -- for the first time in weeks. Months really.

While they ate, Tammi kept flipping her hair and Dave had an evil glean in
his eye. Once they were done and the dishes cleared, Dave suggested they
move to the gazebo in the back yard for awhile. The first thing Patrick
noticed was the hot tub. He hadn't seen it before; it was well secluded in
the high walls of the gazebo.

"Nice hot tub", Patrick offered.

Tammi smiled and said "Thanks, we really enjoy it, especially when we have
guests over."

"Wish I had known, I would have brought my suit."

Dave offered to let Patrick borrow one of his and Tammi immediately got up
to get changed into hers.

Dave led Patrick into the master bedroom and rummaged through his dresser
pulling out a couple bathing suits. He said "let's change here" and started
to strip. Patrick slowly kicked off his shoes not wanting to seem too eager
but watching Dave as he removed his shorts, then his boxers revealing the
familiar sight from the locker room at work. Only it was different here --
kind of intimate to see Dave openly wander naked around his own room with
Patrick following suit shedding his own clothes and laying them neatly
across the bed. Dave, still naked held a suit out to Patrick and said
"here, use these. They're Tammi's favorite."

They both emerged from the bedroom and met Tammi as she exited the bathroom
in a bikini which accented the perfect breasts that caught Patrick's
attention earlier.

"Wow, look at the two of you! Very sexy! Let's hit the tub." Tammi was a
flirt and Patrick was already hooked.

When they got back to the tub, Patrick noticed that Tammi had brought fresh
beers for each of them. They all got in and before long, were laughing and
chatting about everything from geeky co-workers to American Idol finalists.

"So, who do you think is the sexiest?" Tammi asked

"Uh, I don't know" Patrick lied, "I really don't pay much attention to

"Well I thought Clay was to die for last year, but I'd do the red head kid
in a New York minute" Tammi was starting to slur her words and Patrick just
wrote off her comment as the beer talking.

Dave decided they all needed another beer and stood up to get everyone
another round. Patrick couldn't help but notice the outline of his cock
which was now bigger than he remembered as the wet suit clung to his skin.
Patrick smiled letting the beer get the better of him and Tammi took
advantage of the moment and said "Nice package babe, what do you think Pat?"

"Yeah, nice." Patrick admitted.

Tammi leaned closer to Patrick while Dave was still fetching the beer and
whispered, "I bet your package is just as nice." She then flicked her
tongue in his ear. It all happened so quickly that Patrick didn't have time
to say a word before Dave was back with full bottles of beer.

"Hey I saw that!" Dave smirked.

"Just tasting the company dear" Tammi flashed back.

Patrick was beginning to think this might work out OK. He shifted his
position slightly to allow his growing cock more room to expand. Before he
was settled again, Tammi moved closer and placed her hand on his leg.

"So Patrick," Dave started, "since you haven't run off yet, I'm going to be
a little forward here and let you in on a secret. Tammi wants you to fuck

The directness of Dave's statement caught Patrick off guard and all he could
say was "Really?"

Tammi moved her hand up Patrick's thigh and put her tongue back in his ear.
Patrick had to put his beer down before he dropped it. Dave moved to the
other side of Tammi and removed her top revealing breasts more perfect than
Patrick had ever seen before. Tammi moved her hand further up and brushed
up against his fully hard cock moaning as she felt its thickness. She
straddled his lap and started to grind into his cock while offering her tits
to his face.

Patrick gave in to the softness of her womanhood and gently licked her
nipples and kneaded them with his firm hands. The dampness of her tits and
the taste of chlorine drove him insane. Dave came in closer, placing his
hand on Tammi's back and nudged Patrick with his face in a signal to "move
over." Patrick worked the right tit while Dave sucked on the left. Dave's
other hand settled on Patrick's lap inches from his straining cock. Patrick
pretended not to notice not wanting to scare him off. Finally, Dave stood
and removed his swim shorts revealing a thick, 8 inch cut cock bouncing in
rhythm to his heart. Dave resumed his previous position, only now his cock
was jabbing into Patrick's ribs oozing man juice on his torso. After a few
more minutes of boob worship by the two horny men, Tammi stood and removed
her bikini bottom. Her pubic hairs were neatly trimmed and Patrick noticed
a small tattoo just above her hair line. He had to get a closer look. She
moved to the other side of the tub and sat on the edge which was all the go
ahead Patrick needed. He swam over and took her thighs between his hands
and spread her legs further apart. Her moist, pink clit was swollen and
begged to be appreciated. Patrick obliged by inching closer with his mouth.
Again the smell of chlorine enticed him in further. He started with long
bottom to top laps with his tongue as Tammi moaned in appreciation.

Patrick was lost in the moment and didn't notice that Dave had positioned
himself behind him until he started rubbing his back. Patrick said "yes" in
a low guttural way indicating his encouragement. Soon he felt Dave's cock
pressing against his swim suit and Patrick pressed back to let him know it
was ok. Patrick felt Dave's hands start to undo the string to his suit and
started to work it down, stopping only to gently free his cock without
damage. They were all three completely naked now with Dave resuming his
gentle massage on Patrick's back and shoulders. Tammi was moaning harder as
Pat's tongue explored deeper into her hole paying special attention to her
clit. It had been a long time since Patrick was able to enjoy the taste of
a woman and his mind was focused on one thing only, "I have to fuck her."

While Patrick was awash in his single-minded task, Dave had started to rub
his cock up and down Patrick's warm hole. The warmth of the tub and the
continuous flow of pre-cum helped Dave find Patrick's entrance and he was
easily able to press his head in. The initial pain snapped Patrick out of
his trance momentarily, but only enough to push back to help Dave's cock
plunge deeper into his body. Soon it was lodged completely inside of
Patrick and Dave's pubic hairs teased his ass. Patrick knew he couldn't
take any more without spewing, so he dived back into the task at hand and
aggressively devoured Tammi's cunt. Dave's movements became frantic as
Tammi moaned and breathed hard. All three were swaying in motion and lost
in the lust. Dave's cock felt huge as it violated Patrick's man hole and
Tammi started to tighten every muscle. They came at the same time, Tammi
grabbing Patrick's hair and Dave grabbing his hips. The power of their
simultaneous orgasm pushed Patrick over the top as his own cock started to
dump his creamy load into the hot tub.

They stayed in that position panting for what seemed like 15 minutes.
Finally, their bodies parted, leaving everyone with a smile.

The rest of the evening they drank, chatted and fucked. Patrick went home
tired but glad he had gone to dinner. They made plans for their next dinner
date the following week, each with evil thoughts of the other and scheming
to make them come true.

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