Saturday, April 18, 2009

Absolute Bisexual Bliss

When Elliot walked into the restaurant and saw his girlfriend Sophie
talking to Carl he felt very jealous. Not jealous that she was with another
guy, but jealous of her, that she could command the attention of such a hot

Lately Elliot had found himself more and more attracted to men and it was
driving him crazy. He didn't know what to do about it; didn't have the
first clue about how to seduce a guy, or what to do with him really. But he
knew that Carl pressed all his buttons. He was everything Elliot was not,
slim, blonde, toned, exciting and interesting. Not that Elliot was some
kind of dog; far from it; but he thought he was just an ordinary guy
perhaps carrying a few too many pounds and with a dick on the small side.

Carl smiled and greeted Elliot.

'Hey Buddy, how are ya?' he said.

'Not too bad.' replied Elliot as he planted a quick kiss on Sophie's lips.

'Your beautiful girlfriend was just telling me about what a good lover you
are.' Carl said.

Elliot's eyes widened in shock and surprise and he was speechless. He
couldn't believe that Sophie would do a thing like that, but then again she
seemed like such a different person when she was with Carl.

'Just teasing.' Carl said.

He grinned, flashing those pearly white teeth and Elliot was once more
struck by his beauty. How he wished he could make love to this man, perhaps
make love to him while Sophie watched. Or at the very least watch Carl
making love to Sophie. He could see Carl's taut buttocks pumping away as
his fat cock drove deeper and deeper into her warm wet pussy. Would his ass
would be satin smooth, or would he have a little blonde fuzz foresting the
man mounds of delight. In Elliot's mind eye he was in the room with them,
watching them fuck, drinking in the sounds and smells of their lovemaking.

'Hey, what are you thinking about?' Carl asked, snapping Elliot out of his

'I was just imagining you making love to Sophie.' Elliot replied.

'Really!' Carl spluttered.

'What ... what was it like?' Sophie asked.

Elliot had always been so shy and conservative and she was not about to let
this chance pass. He hardly ever talked about sex; she had no idea what
turned him on or what he fantasized about. How many nights hadn't she lain
awake after sex with Elliot and thought about having Carl fill her up. Ever
since Elliot had mentioned, apropos of nothing, that he thought Carl had a
big cock Sophie had fantasized about it.

'It was really hot. You were moaning like a wanton slut,' Elliot said 'and
I was about to join in.'

'What were you going to do to me?' Sophie asked.

'It wasn't you I was going to do anything to.' Elliot replied slyly.

Carl gulped and Elliot blushed beet red.

'Go on...' Sophie croaked, her voice rasping with desire.

'I can't. I'm embarrassed now.' Elliot said sadly.

Carl stood up.

'Come on, we're leaving.' he said.

'Where are we going to?' Sophie asked.

'My place.' Carl said, his voice low and husky. 'I'm going to give you two
the fucking you both deserve.'

Elliot's knees felt weak as the trio headed for Carl's apartment which was
close by. As soon as they got through the door Carl pulled Elliot into his
arms and kissed him full on the lips. A shocked Elliot opened his mouth and
let Carl's snake like tongue in. Sophie watched as Carl grabbed a handful
of her boyfriend's ass. The sight of her two favourite men getting it on
was more than she could bear. She ripped open her blouse and undid her
bra. A few quick flicks of her nails soon had her nipples standing to
attention. She pressed herself flat against Elliot's back and reached for
his fly.

Sophie unbuttoned Elliot's jeans and released his hard dick. She felt
Carl's hand brush over hers briefly and then she felt his hard cock press
into her hand. She let go of Elliot's familiar cock and reached for this
new, exciting cock. And what a cock it was. The shaft was steel hard and
seemed to go on forever. Sophie judged it to be a good ten inches long and
she couldn't wait to impale herself of that massive man rod.

Elliot started tugging at his jeans and she helped him get them off. She
cupped her hands around his plump cheeks and massed them. It turned her on
to think that soon perhaps Carl's hard dick would be slicing through those
soft cheeks as it sought out the warmth of Elliot's virgin asshole. Up
until today she had no idea that he fancied men; she had never even touched
his asshole before but she probed it now and Elliot loved it.

Carl broke their kiss and dropped to his knees. He took Elliot's nuts into
his mouth and Elliot just about passed out with delight. This guy knew how
to please a man, that was for sure. Carl's hands roamed up and down
Elliot's thighs and then pressed Sophie's hand deeper into Elliot's
crack. Carl was so turned on he wasn't sure which one he wanted to fuck
first, but Elliot helped him make the decision.

'I want to see you fuck Sophie.' he panted.

Carl led them into the bedroom where they all got naked. Elliot's eyes
feasted on the delicious naked beauty of Carl. His ten inch cock jutted out
like a dangerous weapon while his two big, smooth, low hangers jigged about
as he walked. Car's ass was smooth and rock hard, slightly paler than the
rest of him. His chest too was smooth and his nipples were tiny little
brown nubs that cried out for some attention.

Sophie lay down on the bed and Carl's face was instantly between her
thighs, eating her out like she was the last pussy he was ever going to
have. Elliot's eyes were out on stalks as he watched Carl's tongue delving
into Sophie's pussy; the sight of the sex munch made him even more horny
than he had been up to now. He wanted to do the same, but could he... His
lust took over and he knew no boundaries. He got down on the floor and
pulled Carl's ass onto his face. His nose disappeared up Carl's musky crack
and his tongue darted out to make contact with his first rosebud.

Elliot was like a pig feeding at the trough, or a hungry baby animal on the
teat. He couldn't get enough of that sweet pucker. Carl started rubbing his
ass all over Elliot's face, freeing Elliot's hands to wank on his very
hungry and hard dick. Sensing what Elliot was up to Carl reached back and
felt for Elliot's rod. It was small, but a very respectable girth and it
was as hard as could be. It was a cock built for a ride and so Carl started
pushing back down Elliot's torso.

Elliot gasped when he realized Carl's intentions. With one easy movement
Carl sat down on Elliot's straining cock and started pleasuring himself on
it. Sophie got up off the bed and came and sat down on Elliot's face. He
greedily lapped at her pussy as Carl rode his cock, giving him the most
amazing sensations. It was as if electricity was being zapped through him,
connecting his cock directly to his mouth. If he had known fucking ass was
this good he would have tried it ages ago. Sophie and Carl shared aa kiss
as they both rode Elliot, who reached around Sophie to grab hold of Carl's
mammoth dick.

How could poor Elliot hold out against such pleasure? It was his first time
going bi and it was everything he ever dreamed it might be. He could feel
the soles of his feet start to tingle as his orgasm started to build. He
increased the speed with which he whacked Carl's dick and in return Carl
rode his cock like he was riding in a rodeo. Carl's expert finger had
tickled Sophie to her first orgasm. She was in the throes of her second
when Elliot bucked underneath her and pumped off into Carl's tight ass.As
he did so Carl's cock exploded shooting thick, hot jizz all over him and

Elliot was very embarrassed by the whole thing when it was over but Carl
and Sophie were not in the least ashamed. They had another amazing round of
hot sex while Elliot watched and learned. He knew the next time he and
Sophie came round to Carl's apartment he would be getting his cherry busted
and he looked forward to it.

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