Saturday, April 18, 2009

Jennifer's Trail Ride: Horsing Around #1

My senior year in high school, I started dating a girl named Jennifer.
With her thin frame, fair skin and dark hair, I didn't realize this 5"3'
girl would take me on adventures I wouldn't soon forget. You see,
Jennifer was into horses. Over the course of my senior year, she taught
me how to groom, clean and ride horses. I'd often accompany her to the
stables where she kept her own horse, Buddy.

Over spring break, we were invited by Jennifer's riding instructor, who
also happened to be my 5th grade teacher, Jackie (or as I called her
"Ms. Watson") on a trail ride out to Jacbo's Falls. We'd ride in early
Monday morning with our horses and their packs and make camp by
nightfall at a small cabin Jackie's family owned by the bend of the

It was a slow ride in and the trail was less than hospitable. At several
times going down some of the stepper trails along the cliffs, Jennifer
was afraid her horse would toss her over the edge. We had to ford a
shallow creek, which wasn't a challenge at all four our four legged
friends, and we finally saw the cabin through the clearing just as the
sun was setting over the horizon.

Jennifer was grooming her horse as I entered the stable and wrapped my
arms around her waste, kissing her softly on the neck and nibbling at
her ear. She tried at first to continue brushing Buddy as if not to
notice me, but her brush strokes slowed down as she turned and feel into
my arms. "You know Buddy will get jealous."

"As he should. You're a beautiful girl," I said as I began to kiss her
deeply, wrapping my arms around her back. My hands found themselves
tugging on Jennifer's tucked in shirt, gently pulling it and and moving
up her body to her small pert breasts. I started to rub and fondle them
though her bra as she reached back and pulled off her shirt. She moaned
as I gently bit her nipples through the thin bra, sending shivers
through her thin little body.

"Oh Sam," she moaned as my hands slid down into her jeans, squeezing her
petite, soft ass, "I love you Sam."

"I love you too baby," I whispered into her ear as I began nibbling at
it and whispering her earlobe with my tough.

"Oh Sam. No, no!" she gasped, knowing full well what was coming as I
played more and more with her ear.

"Oh god," she cried as she gripped and clung to me as I gently probed
her ear with my tongue, pushing it deeper into her canal.

There was only so much ear play Jennifer could take as she pushed me
away and then began to kiss me wildly, throwing both of us to the floor.
Her hands started tugging my shirt out, pulling it over my head while
still kissing me passionately. She started to gently rub my chest,
rubbing her soft hands over the massive amounts of hair. Her hand slid
down my chest, circled around my belly-button and eventually found its
way down to my hard cock, all the while she kissed me deeper as I
fondled her ass.

Before we knew it we were undressing each other, our hands gently
massaging and tugging all over each others bodies. We ended up in a
sixty-nine position with nothing between us except Jennifer's pink lace
panties. I gently tugged them out of the way as I began to lick and bite
at my girl's dripping wet cunt. Although Jennifer didn't shave, she
still had a nice fine line of public hair that I loved to play with as
she ran up and down the length of my hard and brown cock. We began
exchanging pleasure, licking and sucking each other and gently grinding
out hips into each others faces.

Jennifer loved to be sloppy with my cock, making wonderful noises as she
spit and slurped all over it. I loved to arch my back and just watch
though her tiny tits as she made mad beast like love to my dick with
slobber flinging everywhere as I cunneled her with slightly less
intensity. My cock felt ready to burst as I pull up from her and began
to kiss her once again and lay her on the floor, my cock positioned
right above her freshly sucked twat.

I gently slapped my cock on her moist, wet pussy. I rubbed it up and
down and slapped it a few times, teasing her with my it. "God Sam,
please just stick it in!" she exclaimed.

"Aww. But it's so fun to watch you squirm," I said mockingly back to

"Please Sam," she cooed softly to me as she gently rubbed on hand over
my hard gland and the other over her ready and dripping pussy.

"You know. I don't think I'm horny anymore. Maybe I should just put this

"God damn it Sam! You stupid bastard. Shut up and fuck me!"

"Well if you're going to be mean about it," I said as I gave her an evil
grin and plunged my cock straight up into her.

"Oh god yes," she screamed as I held my cock in her, slowly pulled it
out and thrust it back in her again. "You're such a tease Sam."

"I know baby. I'm sorry," I said as I leaned over and began kissing her,
fucking her gently and fondling her breasts. "I love you," I whispered
into her ear.

"I love you too. Oh," she gasped as my cock slowly increased in speed,
pushing deeper into her moist cunt.

I began to steadily fuck my girl on the dirt floor of the barn, holding
her petite frame in my arms and listening to her soft, sweet moans. Her
tiny breasts jiggled slightly as I reached over and tickled them with my
tongue and gently began biting them. Jen continued to offer up small
moans and delightfully cute gasps as my body entered a slow and steady
rhythm as I made wonderful love to my girlfriend, just inched away from
her now jealous horse.

Buddy gave out a few groans now and again at his disapproval.

"Oh hush Buddy. You're fixed and couldn't get any even if you wanted
to," Jennifer barked at her horse.

"Your horse getting a little jealous baby?"

"He'll be all right. Oh Sam! Baby, could you do me like you did the
other night?"

Jennifer was quite new to the entire sex thing. I had been her first
only a few months ago, and it was quite fun, if not just a little
painful for her, when I first made my way inside of her. She was so
wonderfully tight; tighter than any other girl I had fucked before and
she was still a little new to all the proper sexual terms and positions.

"You mean doggy-style?"

"Yea, that's it. Please Sam. It felt so wonderful."

"All right baby," I said as I started to turn her over. She got on all
fours and stuck her cute ass into the air as I reached around her waist,
placed my hands on her tits and started to ride her, thrusting down into
her. She immediately began to let out small whelps and sighs, gradually
increasing as I increased speed into beautiful love moans as my balls
slapped harder and harder against her cunt.

"Oh! Oh fuck me Sam.F-F-F-uc-uc-uc-ck-ck-ck M-m-m-e!"

"Yea moan for me baby. Moan," I whispered into her ear as I continued
thrusting in an out, shaking her small body, gently pulling back her
hair as I continued to rub and pinch her tits. She was a little bottle
of love whose pussy kept dripping, keeping my hardon well lubed as I
kept thrusting and she kept bucking against my hips. Before long I had
to pull out again to keep from exploding.

"Oh Sam, no don't stop please," she said as she turned and grabbed my
dick, stroking and sucking it.

"No," I yelled as I pulled it away from her, "I don't want to cum. Hold
on. Calm down baby."

"Oh god Sam I want you to cum. I've all ready cum twice baby."

"Really? Wow. You're amazing Jennifer."

"Come on Sam. Cum for me," she said as she reached for my cock and
started to gently stroke the base, her other hand reaching for my balls.

"Where do you want it Jennifer?"

"...I want to swallow it," she hesitated as she said it.

"Are you sure dear?" I asked. I had been asking her to swallow for a
while now. She tried a drop or two once and wasn't sure if she could do
it and I didn't want to force her.

"I want to try. I know you like it Sam," she said looking into my eyes
as I now lay on my back with her stroking my member with both of her

"All right, but I want to try some with you. Will you let me taste some
of it; spit some of it back into my mouth?"

"Of course Sam," she said softly as her mouth gripped around the tip of
my head and made its way all the way down my shaft.

For a small girl, Jennifer could deep throat quite well. She continued
to suck and blow my cock, using her tongue to lick around my shaft as
she made her way up and down, occasionally pulling off to bite and suck
at my hairy balls. She was absolutely incredible, moving faster and
faster until I yelling, "Baby I'm going cum."

She pulled back and opened her mouth wide as I proceeded to shoot my
entire wad into her waiting mouth. All of it shot into her mouth and
although she almost gagged as it hit the back of her throat, she kept it
all in. I looked down to see her open mouth filled with all my creamy
white jizz and I reached down and gently touched her faced, rubbing my
fingers around her ears and down to her neck. I bent over and kissed her
with my huge steamy hot load in her mouth and we both then swallowed as
we kissed.

I was so glad I had brought orange juice in one of my canteens and had
been drinking it on the trail as my cum seemed to taste much better than
usual and was very sweet. I was so glad since it was Jennifer's first
time swallowing.

"That didn't taste that bad. In kinda tasted all right; much
better than last time."

"Well last time you only had two drops."

"Yes, but still, it was so salty and icky."

"I think the orange juice helps the taste."

"Really? Well whatever. It was good, and you were good baby."

"Thanks Jen. So were you," I said as I continued to kiss her and fondle
her ass. "Let's go get cleaned up," I said pointing to the creek just
outside the barn.

We got and and walked out without even bothering to put on our clothes,
since the stable was so close to the creek as to totally hide it. The
water was horribly cold however, and Jennifer about killed me for asking
her to jump in. We held each other in the creek and gently washed each
other, taking out time and enjoying the warmth of our two bodies against
each other in the freezing water.

Through the corner of my eye I could see Jackie Watson, our trail guide,
looking our way with an odd smile and waving in our direction. "Think
she knows?" Jennifer asked me.

"Probably. You did make a lot of noise."

"Hey, I wasn't the only one."

After we dried off and put our clothes back on, we finished up our work
in the stable, grooming and feeding the horses. Before long Jackie was
calling us in for dinner. It had been a great ride in and a wonderful
day, and we were both starving and ready for a well earned meal.

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