Saturday, April 18, 2009

Neighbour kamalam and my husband

Kamalam lived in next house. Not only that we are friends, my husband and
her husband are friends. Kamalam is known to my husband for a long time,
even from her schooldays. We always took every chance to meet and had a
good time of doing different things like watching movie , playing table
tennis, celebrating festivals and so on.

Last summer, kamalam's husband had a field trip of 2 months. Since he was
visitng a factory in a village in north India, kamalam was not interested
in going along with him. So her husband let her stay back and told her to
take the help of my family.

I was offering kamlam to stay with us if she wants. But she wanted to try
staying alone and if she could not continue, she thought of coming and
staying with us. 2-3 days went like that. Then on the 3rd day evening
kamalam told me that she would stay with me, because she is terribly bored
@ her house.

Since kamalam and my husband are known to each other for a long time, they
always teased each other and made fun of each other. Though we have got
together on many occasions, we never stayed together in a house like this.
In 2-3 days of stay @ my house, kamalam got more closer to my husband. I
started seeing my husband patting her back or kamalam resting her hand on
my husband's lap while watching a movie. Though it looked very casual when
they did it, my inner mind said that their mutual attraction is increasing
beyond the social definition of marriage. And the most surprising thing is
that It did not make me worry, but made me dream about their possible
sexual discovery of each other. My instinct was telling me that they may
very well get into the discovery of exploring each other if given a chance
of my absence. Which thrilled me. My wild mind was floating and was
planning for those possibilities. In fact, my mind said I should
discreetly record everything in a video camera and enjoy it by playing it
later on. If my husband and kamalam get into the act, I will also witness
and get to know how kamalam acts with her husband. But how to go about all

Suddenly I remembered that I occasionally get depressed during my lady
days. My husband and kamalam knows that I face this depression sometime.
During those time I will try to stay alone in the single room guest house
at the back of my house. And I used to come inside the house only for food.
Though it is not yet time for my next cycle of lady days, I have planned to
fake one. I have borrowed 2 more video cameras from my other friends. I
have planted one in my bedroom with a empty cassette on it. I have planted
one in Kamalam's bed room. And one just inside the TV cabinet facing the
couch. All three had a remote and can record for 4-6 hours.

It was a Friday evening, my husband came home and there I was sitting on
the couch with a serious face. My husband noticed it and asked me , Is
everything alright? I told him that I feel this depression and I want to
stay in the guest house for 2-3 days. He really felt very sad. He was
talking to me for a long time. Kamalam prepared the dinner . Around 10:00
PM I said I will go to guest house. I took all the necessary things and
rememberingly started the recording of all the cameras with a remote
without their knowledge.

When I started out they were sitting in the couch in front of the TV. Next
day morning I picked up all the three cassettes from the Camera and took it
to my guest house and watched. First played the Living room cassette. They
were sitting on each corner of the couch. But their both legs were on the
couch too, just touching each other's legs. They were watching Late night
news and were arguing about political issues. Occasionally they shifted
their legs and placed it on other's leg and was doing the little caressing.
Carressing, which looked casual at the beginning started happening more
often and they both looked lit bit intentional. I don't know what kamalam
thought suddenly (may be her husband flashed in her mind), she said she is
feeling tired and wished "good night" to my husband and went to her room.
My husband was still sitting on the couch. After sometime he opened up the
pajama knots and put her right hand inside. From the pajama movement I
could understand what he is doing. He initially rubbed the head of his
tool. Then the hand came out and he smelled it once. Then took some saliva
from the mouth and again went inside the pajamas. He was placing the saliva
on the tip of the tool. Then He looked at the direction of kamalam's bed
room. He looked like he has confirmed something. Then brought the tool out
of his pajamas and started sliding the full length by catching it between
the thumb and index finger of his hand. Though I have seen it's length
before many times, now only my mind tried to measure it. It must be
approximately 8-9 inches long. As the pace increased, he closed his eyes. I
don't know whether he was trying to visualize me or kamalam in his mind.
The scene was very erotic to me. I have checked all the doors and windows
of my room and then disrobed myself. I slowly caressed my pussy hairs and
then with one finger I generated a vibration on my clit. My whole body
turned very hot. I inserted two finger inside my pussy and started doing in
and out, in and out. My husband looked like he is going to cum. His hands
slowed down and he was doing one full length rub to his whole tool. And
there it shot out and some spilled on the coffee table. Watching this I had
a enormous orgasm. He put back his tool into the pajamas and cleaned up
the coffee table and went away from his living room.

Then I played the cassette of Kamalam's bedroom and fast forwarded till she
enters the room. She closed the door and started changing her dress to
nighty. At one point I could catch the glimpse of her boobs. They were
with brown nipples and was very big. Bigger than mine. Since the camera
was planted on the right side of the bed , I could only see the side view
of her . Since she put off the regular light and put on the night lamp, I
could only see her in the dim light in the video. She lay on the bed on
her back., then after some time she lay on her breast. Both hands went
under her breast on was pressing the sides of them. Again she laid on her
back and bent her kneels. The night dress fell on her tummy exposing the
nudity from hip down. She was not wearing panties. She dipped one finger in
her pussy and brought it to her nose. Then smelled in few times. Then
started licking it. She removed the night dress and pressed both breasts
together. Then she could reach one of them with her tongue. She rolled her
tongue over the nipple base. The other hand went between her legs. Since I
could only see her side, I could not see her pussy. She must of inserted 2
or 3 fingers inside. She was stroking few minutes then again brought the
fingers to nose and smelled. Then she licked off the fingers. Then both
hands went down and with 1 or 2 fingers she fucked herself while the other
hand was vibrating the clit. Then I could here her moaning and boobs
raised heavily. Then the paee increased and then she relaxed . She must
have come heavily. She cleaned up her fingers with the tongue and went to
sleep. The third cassette had nothing because my husband had finished his
masturbation in the living room itself.

I went for lunch and we ate together. My husband asked me, Am I alreight?
I said no, and also said It would take 1 or 2 days. Kamalam was in a
beautiful yellow saree. She served some of the items to my husband and
myself. When she came near me to serve I could smell jasmine, which is my
husbands favourite and it brings great mood for him. I used to try this on
him and I also remembered that I had mentioned this to kamalam once.
Whenever kamalam went near him to serve I could see changes in my husband's
face, though he was trying to hide it. My instinct said that there is going
to be a rain of lust that day night. I could feel the tension in their
mind and if one of them initiates the other would take on. But who is going
to initiate? is the question thrilled me much. Again that night I loaded 3
new cassettes and started the recording and left to my guest house little
early around 9:30 PM.

While reaching the guest house, I felt somebody is watching from the top
floor. When I turned to that direction, my husband was standing there. When
I saw him, after going thru the initial confusion for 2-3 seconds, he said
"just making sure that you are safe". I waved to him and entered the guest
room and locked behind. And put off the light, to give him a signal the I
have gone to sleep. The whole night I could not sleep. My mind could not
stand still about what could be going on. Imagining different things. I
masturbated twice or thrice that night. Moning after breakfast I returned
to my guest room with 3 VHS cassettes.

I Played the Living room cassette First. They were sitting on the couch,
but unlike yesterday they were not talking much. They scanned each other
when the other was not noticing. My husband got up and said "good night"
and went. After few minutes kamalam also left the living room. I removed
the first VHS and played the kamalam's bedroom VHS. She changed her dress
to nighty. I could again get the glimpses of her boobs. She had a nice
shape and the night dress suited her the best. I could see that her boobs
are hanging loose without bra. She went and put off the light. I was
disappointed. I switched the cassette with the third cassette.

There my husband was sitting with just a pajamas and was reading a book. I
fast forwarded a little bit. When I played there was a knock on the door
and my husband responded "come in". Kamalam came in. My husbands eyes
widened for a second and he tried to be normal. She came and asked "shall
we have a coffee?". My husband said "no" to her and also told he had
already brushed his tooth for the night. Kamalam said "okay" and started to
go back and my husband started reading the book. But kamalam stopped and
came and sit near the bed. My husband was lying on the corner of the bed to
reach the night lamp. This made easy for kamalam to softly touch his tool
over the pajamas. My husband looked schoked for seconds but did not seem to
say "no" to it. The moment she touched the tool raised and that made me
realize that he is not wearing panties inside. He slowly bent down and
kissed on her fore head. She brought both hands and grabbed the tool softly
over the pajamas. Then she brought her face near it and smelled it. She
opened her lips and covered the head of the tool over the dress. Doing so,
her eyes were closed. He brought and searched for one of the nipples over
the dress and started pinching and turning and pulling . Again kamalam put
her nose on the head and inhaled once. Then she removed the knots of the
pajamas and removed them till her knees exposing the giant ladder kind of
tool with bulging balls. She put her nose at the base of the rod and
smelled again. Then her tongue came out and licked the junction of the rod
and the balls. She raised her head licking the whole rod from the base to
the tip and put the naked head into her lips. She started tickling the tip
with her tongue. My husband was in ecstasy. She slowly started swallowing
the whole rod and in a few minutes the whole 9 inch was inside her mouth.
She bobbled her head up and down , up and down. Revealing the hiding the
rod alternatively. My husband put his hand over her head and massaging
her. He raised is butt to give the maximum into her mouth. When the pace
increased he came out with his shot inside her mouth. She swallowed and
waved him to lie straight. She climbed up the bed and removed her night
dress. With the hanging boobs exposed, my husband took both of his hands to
each one of them and started squeezing it. She was sitting on his belly.
Now, she moved towards his face and placed the pussy right over the mouth
for him to eat. She must have sprayed the jasmine over her pussy, I could
understand that from my husband's expression. He kissed and then put his
nose in that and inhaled. I was enjoying kamalam's body more than him. He
opened the pussy lips with his nose and brought out his tongue to beat
around the lobes. She held his head and scratched the pussy on the tongue
tightly in a forward/backward motion. She was moaning bit loudly. Her
boods were raising and jumping. He put the tongue to the maximum extent
inside her and was trying to drink whatever is coming. His one finger went
and searched for her asshole. He inserted one of his finger in her asshole
and lapping up the juice from her pussy. After 5-10 minutes of jumping she
came on his face. He licked them and also cleaned the pussy with his
tongue. His pole was standing straight. She moved down and took the pole
inside her pussy. She rided on that for few minutes. Then he put her down
and spread her legs. He pressed each thigh by each one of his hand and
that made the hole more open. Then he plunged the full length in one
stroke, and started stroking her heavily. My be he thought that he might
not get one more chance to ride her. She seemed enjoying it. In spite of
his pressing the thighs she raised her butt to enjoy each stroke. After
some time they both fell with tiredness. Both of them held each other and
kissed on lips and nipples and navels. They must have been very tired,
they slept without even putting off the light.

They never spoke about this. I really don't know whether they meet each
other even now in my absence. But I keep these cassettes as a treasure and
enjoy it whenever I get a chance.

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