Saturday, April 18, 2009

Bisexual Theater

On a cold night at a theater in Minneapolis, an attractive couple are
enjoying their sensational moments. Both of them are naked on the floor
on the stage in the empty theater with the bright lights glaring down
reflecting hot vaginal intercourse taking place! Ken keeps fucking
Jolene with powerful thrusts as if he wants to go even inside her even
further. At 36, he is handsome of Norwegian descent at 6 feet and 4
inches in height. Very clean cut with a flattop, lots of people find him
handsome, quiet, modest and yes, humble. He could easily pass for a
military person but never served in the military. What makes him quite
special are his sparklingly blue eyes that people would take notice
immediately despite his quiet appearance whenever he goes! As for Jolene
who is 34, she is considered to be hot looking with a great slim body to
boast about. She has been able to keep fit for many years by attending
various gym classes that her body toning is just excellent. In addition,
her beautiful long brown hair has been streaked in the color of light
blonde, bringing the best out of her green eyes! She tends to walk with
great strides of confidence as she has a successful career that she
enjoys very much! Back to that hot scene taking place in the old empty
theater, one look would tell that Ken is still banging Jolene as if he
cannot get enough of her pussy! Sporting a golden tan all over his body
except for the string bikini tan lines by frequenting the tan booth at
the gym where he goes, he is well built with plenty of muscles in the
right places. Yet there are some soft edges on his body but he is
nevertheless dashingly handsome. He is not slim by any means but
possesses a great build that people would take immediate notice. His
hair is either dirty blonde or light brown but from what it looks, the
latter is the better term to describe his hair. One look at his naked
body at a distance, one would think that he is smooth but when one goes
closer, it would be obvious that he is lightly hairy. The hair on his
ass is so light-colored that it can be easily invisible on his white
ass. When looking around to his chest, it is lightly hairy as well
as down to his pubic hair. His legs are a little less hairy. Continuing
to fuck Jolene while they are on the floor while their clothes are
littered all around them, they are so engrossed in their world of sexual
pleasures! They would kiss each another from time to time while they
enjoy the amazing sensations coming from their bodies!

It is easy to assume that Ken and Jolene are longtime lovers or a
couple. But it is a completely different picture than people would
think. Ken is actually gay who is having his first heterosexual
experience with Jolene in the theater at this moment! Even if Ken may
appear masculine looking, he has some effeminate
characteristics....taking extra care with his skin care, wearing cologne
nearly all the time and soft-spoken. But working out at the gym & a
strong preference of dressing casually all the time in tight denim jeans
and boots have somewhat masked his gay identity! But why is he now
fucking Jolene with such a passion? Why isn't he fucking a hot stud
there right now?

It all started earlier in the evening when Ken and Jolene agreed to meet
at the theater to conduct some business. Tom along with several partners
had purchased this lovely old mid-sized theater recently to bring more
culture to the city by planning to have many different exciting plays
take place once the theater is in usable condition again. Jolene was
hired to be a consultant to help bring new exciting ideas where the
theater can prosper since the theater's storeroom and basement are both
stocked with all kinds of antiques, costumes and many other items that
would be too long to list. Ken wanted to know how to fit these items in
various plays that these would be put to good use. So they talked in the
midst of the stage after completing the tour over the storeroom and
basement, discussing about many exciting opportunities what to do with
furniture, settings, etc. Both of them first met last month after she
was hired to consult for the theater. They already have met together to
discuss various details concerning the theater but at this time, it is
now the biggest project. Jolene has always been taken back at how
attractive Ken is but was quite disappointed that he never had shown any
interest in her except at the professional level! Somehow for some
reasons, Jolene never paused to consider Ken's sexuality whether if he
was straight or not! Then she decided to take bold actions tonight when
she went over to the theater to meet Ken.

Once Ken and Jolene found themselves standing on the stage talking
wrapping up the last minute details before going their separate ways,
Jolene asked if they could go out for some coffee. Ken politely denied
with the knowledge that she most likely is after him for something else
rather than for business purposes. He has had been approached by women
in the past due to his good looks but always turned them down politely &
went about his way. Have been playing around with guys since the age of
14, he is very comfortable with his homosexuality as he had several
relationships but none lasted long. Never have been with women in bed at
all, he has no interest to consider experimenting with a woman at all as
he worships dicks and male asses which are more than great enough for
him! But Jolene refused to take no for an answer when Ken mumbled his
usual polite remark about needing to go home as quickly as possible.
That prompted her to take drastic actions in her hands, she is hopelessly
attracted to him.....she always has been able to get what she wanted with
other men so Ken is not gonna be a new statistic in her book. She walked
up to him & kissed him right on the lips as if she expected him to warm
up & kiss back but he automatically jumped backward out of fright! No
woman has done such a thing to him ever before! He knows that she must
be desperate and horny so he is going to take it easy. That way, Jolene
would not end up walking away feeling utterly defeated or with hard
feelings since Ken has a nature of being sincere with everyone even if
some may not treat him well! Yet Jolene started to take hold of his
right arm and would not let go while she struggled to kiss his face. But
Ken looked away and couldn't get Jolene's arm off from his arm....he
would not even think about pushing her away in case she may get hurt. To
his alarm, he knows that he is dealing with a very persistent lady.

Ken decided that he had no choice but to play some kind of games with
Jolene so everything can end peacefully. He told her that he is totally
gay with no desire of making out with a woman with no offense meant
toward her. She was taken back quite a little but resolved to go full
speed knowing that her beauty & motivation can cure whatever comes along
her way. Therefore, she grabbed Ken's crotch while clinging onto him
even more tighter but he succeeded at waving her arm away from his
crotch. Jolene now realized that she would not go anywhere if she tried
to touch him in various places. So the only thing left to do for her was
to unhook herself from Ken's arm then dropped her purse down on the floor
where she processed to remove her clothes much to Ken's dismay! Then she
ran briefly & jumped on him that he somehow got hold of her while she
crossed her legs around him! She started teasing him by saying that he
has an inner self somewhere hidden that is begging to get out so he
should cooperate with her. He sneered out of disgust stating that he is
not turned on by her naked body even if she is very attractive & could
easily come from the pages of Victoria's Secrets catalogue. He is
already getting embarrassed facing Jolene's nudity then commented that
she should go out somewhere & get herself a man instead. But Jolene
would not take no for an answer. Then Ken decided to proceed with his
games. He said, "You know what, I am going to get naked so you can see
that I would not have a hard-on. I am no use to you. When you see that,
please leave immediately." Removing his bomber leather jacket and boots,
he was clad in a nice T-shirt and tight jeans now. His shirt came off
exposing his expansive chest and broad shoulders which took Jolene's
breath away. Then he was getting very hesitant about dropping his jeans
as he was never naked or in undies in front of a woman before except for
his mother when he was a little boy! Jolene rushed over to caress Ken's
chest before quickly sucking on one of his nipples. He is already
disgusted with her display of behavior & figured that she is a slut
lacking badly in priorities! She would not let go as she continued to
suck hard on his nipple so she was attached to Ken's body. Ken sighed by
saying that he would get naked in a minute so Jolene retreated backward a
little. Unbuttoning his jeans then tossing them a few feet away, Ken is
now only wearing full-rise white Calvin Klein briefs.

Determined to put an end to this ridiculous scene, Ken was hoping that
Jolene would be disappointed when seeing that he was not having a hard-on
inside his briefs. But Jolene obviously had something up her sleeve!
She frankly pointed out that he needed to keep his promise to get naked.
So Ken had no choice but to obligate by pulling his white briefs down to
his ankles where they remained there! Now nude in front of equally naked
Jolene, she liked what she saw. A strapping guy with a large body frame
who is really meaty by many standards...his soft dick surrounded by light
brown pubic hair along with big balls, Jolene couldn't help but notice
the tiny tan lines showing that a string bikini was evidently used in
place for tanning! Therefore, Ken crossed his arms & looked at Jolene as
if to air his disappointment with her that this has already gone far by
having to strip naked! He only kept eye contact on Jolene's eyes, not
interested in checking her body even if she has nice breasts with quite
large tits....very womanly! She was only too well aware that he wasn't
aroused as his dick was still soft. Figuring if she does a strip tease,
it may somehow arouse him one way or another. But that method failed
miserably while Ken stood motionless with his arms still crossed with a
solemn expression on his face.

Jolene was even more determined not to fail in her attempt seducing Ken
since it always worked like a charm with other men she encountered in the
past. So she is going to regard this one as a new challenge to overcome
and be able to walk away a winner! It doesn't matter if Ken happens to
be her first gay man! She wants him no matter what! Approaching the
next step in her new scheme, she walked slowly toward Ken then kissed him
passionately while pulling his head toward her face. She was even
aggressive by forcing her tongue inside Ken's mouth before he can do
anything. She knows that Ken is the not the kind of guy who would push
her away roughly as he is too nice of a guy! That way, she is taking
advantage of Ken's vulnerability by continuing to twirl her tongue inside
his mouth while he remains unresponsive as if to discourage from going
any further! Dropping her hands down to his backside, she now is hugging
him tight while he becomes more tense! At this moment, Ken is getting
more pissed off every second by this forceful lady but resolved to remain
quiet to show that all her efforts would prove to be fruitless! He was
very disappointed in Jolene as she used her good looks for ill-fated
purposes...why, she was very cordial in their business meetings until
this. Jolene's hands suddenly moved even further to the point where she
squeezed his buns very hard! That caught Ken completely by total
surprise because he never expected such a woman to take such drastic
measures like that as he was assuming that many women would not go for
that kind of behavior with men! Something very strange is now happening
beyond Ken's control.....his dick slowly rose getting hard while Jolene
continued to fondle his gorgeous ass! Feeling so good, Ken couldn't
resist but to suck on Jolene's tongue for a second.

Jolene smiled wickedly after feeling Ken's dick rising, therefore,
brushing her lower stomach. Now the next phase of the scheme is due to
begin. She could hardly contain herself enough before she dropped to her
knees & grabbed Ken's dick where she started to suck in order to prevent
Ken from fleeing! Ken was only speechless that he was at a loss of what
to do the next but to let Jolene suck him. He was aware that women don't
give great head like the guys usually do so most likely, it would do
nothing for him. Yet to his surprise, Jolene happens to have acquired
great skills of cocksucking that Ken is starting to moan with pleasure.
Then Ken started to fuck her mouth in order to keep her very occupied
trying to suck at a faster pace but Jolene showed such an amazing
performance at keeping up with him! Figuring that Jolene would be just
satisfied after sucking him, he was starting to be willing to have Jolene
have her way. He hated to admit it but Jolene's sucking skills do fare
well with many guys who gave him blowjobs in the past! Yet Jolene has
other things going up her sleeve as usual!

Before Ken knew what was happening the next, Jolene removed his cock from
her mouth. She took hold of his dick & pulled him down to his knees
before laying down on the floor exposing her body to him! Ken was
completely expressionless, therefore, giving no hints what he felt at
this moment! So Jolene decided to finger herself while playing with her
boobs with another hand at the same time, licking her lips in a very
seductive manner! To Ken, that woman was so pathetic but he was going to
play games out of spite of her to see where it would lead. Ken had to
admit to himself that there was no faintest idea how this would end up
but vowed that it would be on his terms one way or another no matter
what! However, he considered going down on her pussy as he never had
done it before. If it caused him to puke & throw up all over Jolene,
then let it be! Let her learn her lesson bitterly!

Jolene was astonished & pleased at the same time when Ken lowered his
face toward her pussy. Her pubic hair was very neatly trimmed that it
looked like a perfect triangle with perfect linings making her pussy very
appealing to men who had the fortune to lay their eyes on! In the
meantime, Ken paused a little, not sure if he was doing the right thing
or not. Why, he can just take off & run out of the building leaving
Jolene all alone sprawling naked on the stage! He is still hard from
being sucked a minute ago. Then proceeded toward Jolene's pussy,
observing how it is outlined. And sniffed an inch away from the cunt &
was surprised that it had a pleasant odor. Now Ken is sticking out his
tongue to make contact with this female anatomy and eventually starting
to eat what he would do the same when it comes to rimming men! Jolene
was nearly blown out of her mind with the sheer joy that she managed to
mold Ken in doing something that he would not even dream of doing! She
was now moaning & moaning while Ken sucked on her pussy more & more
intensely with the passing minutes!

Ken was too absorbed with eating pussy to think about how his games
already backfired with Jolene being the winner! He could feel himself
getting very hard and yes, very horny! Very evidently, he is now
enjoying himself very much by licking, sucking and kissing Jolene's
pussy! When his mouth remained on Jolene's cunt, Ken felt so natural to
respond by twirling his tongue instead & exploring to see what that pussy
is really like! After a while, he finally looked up to get some air &
made eye contact with his "rapist." This time, he felt a little sheepish
what his next words should contain so smiled warmly with expressed
gratitude at Jolene instead. Jolene can tell by his face that he truly
had a ball performing oral sex on her considering it has been his first
time being with a woman! Ken crawled over her body before kissing her
madly as if he wanted to lock tongues with her forever! Of course,
Jolene was more than happy to obligate! Easy to notice, they embraced
each another tightly while Ken just cannot get enough of her lips and

Ken was on cloud nine being naked & making love to Jolene! Never in his
wildest dreams would he ever be attracted to someone of the opposite
sex! But he felt as if he was on the top of the world holding such a
beautiful creature like Jolene in his arms! He knew he would love to
slide his dick inside her as it would be the most natural thing to do.
But the problem is that he practices safe sex for many years. Sex with
his boyfriends always meant protected sex. As if Jolene was reading
Ken's mind, she reached out for her purse to fetch a condom much to Ken's
amazement that she laughed by telling him that she always carried some
condoms in her purse in case she ran into a hot guy one place or another
where a fuck would be in order! Ken hurried excitedly over to Jolene's
side like a little boy being given candy so Jolene can open the packet &
fit the condom over his erect prick! Before fucking a woman for the
first time in his life, he decided to seize one more opportunity to eat
pussy for a minute. He still felt very lustful eating her! Finally, he
placed his strong hands on the floor near Jolene's shoulders and slowly
aimed inside the pussy with his erect 6 inches, fairly thick dick to make
sure it would enter smoothly. Luckily, Ken hit the home run as he was
able to fuck all the way inside her gorgeous pussy!

Very mindbogging for Ken while he fucked his first pussy as the feeling
proved to be so wonderful...almost beyond how to describe the feeling of
being inside a dripping pussy! Jolene already abandoning her wicked
schemes as means of seducing Ken, has transformed dramatically to a very
submissive and sweet lady! She was so thrilled of being poked by
Ken...he was so good looking...definitely her type! To her, Ken is doing
a very remarkable job of fucking her considering that it is his first
heterosexual encounter! Very considerate and sensuous of Ken, she would
say! As for Ken, he absolutely loved how Jolene's breasts would move
each time he plunged inside her! Understandable when Ken can't resist
but to bend his head to suck on her nipples which was almost too exciting
for him to handle! Sex with her just felt so right while Ken continued
to pound her where his pubic hair would be touching her pubic hair
repeatedly! He can feel a big explosion inching inside his dick ready to
cum big time in which he started thrusting even harder & harder before
letting it all go!

After being totally spent, Ken heaved himself over Jolene's hot & firm
body while Jolene had her eyes closed, experiencing incredible orgasms
mumbling sweet little things! Both of them stayed in that position for
about 10 minutes while they gathered their energy. For Ken, this
experience has proved to be such a fantastic & yes, eye-opening one for
him that he hated to see it end now. He can feel getting hard again
slowly that he asked her if she was games for another fuck session. Much
to her delight, she nodded excitedly thinking that she got more than she
bargained for tonite! She anxiously reached for another packet of condom
from her purse as if to ensure that she would get fucked again tonite!
Giving the condom to Ken who pulled it over his now hard dick, he stepped
a few feet backward on his knees & fucked her again much to their

So one can see why Ken has been now fucking Jolene for a long time now
working up another cumload to come inside her. He was so happy to be
able to fuck her again after a very hot session of eating then fucking
her for the first time. Now he has shown more familiarity at sliding in
and out of her wet pussy. Jolene can feel how hard & pointed her nipples
have become that she is fondling her breasts in which only made Ken even
more horny! It would be a long matter of time before he would cum again
as he intended for this to keep going as long as possible in case he may
not have another opportunity like this again. How wrong he would be
later on!

The theater stage still shows both Ken and Jolene going at it with such
an amazing vigor. They are repeating the ritual of stealing kisses from
each another every minute or so. Yet something is due to happen. Four
guys are walking inside the theater, noticing that the stage lights are
left on before they notice Ken's naked back and ass in a fucking rhythm.
Therefore, they conclude that Ken is fucking some man who is on his back
being plowed. So when they edged closer and closer, they already climbed
the steps leading to the stage where they approached the couple. Oh boy,
everyone was in for a big surprise! These four guys happen to be all gay
and good friends of Ken. They are among Ken's partners for the purchase
of the theater! Mark, a dark-haired 35 years old with an average build
along with his former his best buddy Jeremy who is 38 with
reddish blonde hair & slim, muscular build, were ahead of the other 2
guys who had the honor of discovering that the person who Ken is fucking
with such a passion is none other than a woman! Yes, a woman....not a
drag queen or shemale! They gasped so loudly that everyone including Ken
and Jolene froze! The other 2 guys named Larry who is 37, dark haired &
quite stocky and Evan who is 39 looking fabulous with his shaved head w/
average build, didn't understand why the other 2 guys gasped so loudly so
they resumed with walking over to Ken & his sex partner. When these 4
guys grasped the reality of unfolding right in front of them, they
thought they must be dreaming.....totally impossible because Ken was so
gay if not any more gayer than them! They are not really very masculine
as they have some typical gay characteristics! Of course, Ken was very
dumbfounded being discovered by his closest gay friends with his dick
buried inside a woman! What better way to come out as a bisexual than

Of course, the gay friends had nothing but to spit out vengeance against
Ken for not being honest with them about his hidden bisexuality. Not
only that but to hurl insults at Ken for not being true to the gay
community in which he has been active in its many events for years! Ken
was totally defenseless as he was caught in the worst imaginable
position. Jolene was also astonished but nothing can escape from her
lips at this time. No question about it, she was humiliated just the
same being in such a vulnerable position where she was still nailed to
the floor with Ken's dick inside her! Ken was at a loss what step he
should take next, knowing whatever he said to defense himself would prove
to be pointless. So therefore, he decided to take a simple approach by
saying to the guys that he just got seduced by Jolene & was so pleasantly
surprised how much he truly liked it. And added that he never had slept
or fucked any women til tonite! But of course, nothing was enough to
convince his friends about this.

Ken noticed his dick was starting to get soft inside Jolene's cunt but he
now decided that he wouldn't let the guys ruin his special night when he
first discovered pussy. So he started to fuck Jolene slowly while his
dick returned to being fully erect. Secretly hoping that the guys would
find this scene somewhat funny or appealing, Ken started kissing all over
Jolene's face before sucking on her nipples for all the guys to see with
their own eyes! The guys went closer & stood around the couple in a
circle watching them fucking...they would have sworn that Ken was playing
tricks on them by fucking a woman as a part of the act right on the
stage! But after watching Ken's reaction when he is busy fucking Jolene,
there is no telling that he is very turned on with her! Mark & Jeremy
both once lovers, made some comments that were not heard by the other
guys then Mark & Jeremy walked over to whisper in their ears about
something. They all grinned so they got ready to process the next step!

All the guys shed their clothes before returning to the spot where Ken
was continuing to enjoy fucking Jolene. Ken made it a point to ignore
them completely....let them leave. He is more than prepared to deal with
them later on. But he is now distracted by glancing the naked male legs
surrounded around him! When he looked up, they were making efforts to
jack off while watching him! Totally unexpected...he couldn't believe
that they would be willing to be naked let alone in front of a woman but
they already were! It was also the first time for the guys to be naked
in front of a woman! To Ken, he found it to be richly erotic that he
felt even more encouraged to fuck more & more while Jolene was in her own
world dealing with so many pleasures occurring at once!

The four guys are now jerking themselves off in a very revealing way by
touching each other as if to convince Ken that he belongs to them as a
totally gay friend.....yes, to tempt him with their conduct which is
becoming more sleazy! Ken found it very strangely erotic to fuck a woman
while a circle of gays circled around him as if they planned to cum all
over his back and ass in which he found to be very hot! He is now
anticipating when he would cum again inside Jolene to show the wonderful
effects to the guys! But that would not take place. Instead, Mark &
Jeremy are now kneeling on both sides of Jolene's head, shoving their
dicks to Ken's mouth while he is still fucking pussy! Ken was thrilled
to taste dicks & tried his best to gulp as much as possible w/ these two
dicks! Unknown to Mark & Jeremy, Jolene started fondling their balls
which were hanging over her face, with her long fingernails. Of course,
the feeling proved to be very sensational for Mark & Jeremy. At first,
they thought it was Ken's hand cupping them but now noticed that it was
actually a woman's hand! Surprised at themselves, Mark & Jeremy didn't
freak out by her touch but enjoyed it. Suddenly, they are now in a
daring mood by exchanging words about doing it just for once in their
lifetimes! They ordered Ken to withdraw from Jolene before leaping to
taste Jolene's pussy at the same time. Ken was pleasantly surprised at
their they would understand how he felt when he was with
Jolene that he was very relieved about not having to explain himself to
them later. Ken stood up and watched Mark & Jeremy licking all over
Jolene's pussy much to her delight. Mark then moved over to her breasts
where he sucked with delight & touched them passionately! So Jeremy now
had the whole pussy to himself to munch on! He found it very
enjoyable...tasted so good that he kept going at it for about 5 minutes.
Then he called out to Jolene if she would like to be fucked. She
responded with a big hearty "YEAH" that she quickly reached for her purse
to fish out more condoms! Mark was, nonetheless, shocked at what Jeremy
said a few seconds ago. Jeremy immediately put on the condom on his 8'
inch dick surrounded with sandy pubic hair before entering his first
pussy. He has proved to be skilled at fucking with his rapid thrusts
that Jolene begged for more!

Mark was starting to get aroused seeing Jeremy's dick inside a pussy.
Just hot as when Jeremy fucked his asshole in the past, Mark found it
very revealing to see his former lover drilling a woman with precise
speed! Thus, Mark found himself panting more and more while Jolene
feasted on his dick! Before long, Jeremy screamed out of sheer joy,
cumming with his eyes shut hard as if he was about to faint! So when
Jeremy withdrew to get up on his feet, there was nothing to prevent Mark
from going forward to position his dick toward Jolene's pussy. Jolene
tossed him a condom to open & fit over his very thick 5 1/2 inches member
then Mark found himself buried inside his very first pussy. Jolene
squealed with excitement being plugged by the thickest dick she ever had
in her life even if it was not exactly very long in size! The feeling
Mark was having, was difficult to describe in exact terms but the feeling
was so awesome...very different from fucking men. He started fucking in
a wild frenzy while moaning with incredible pleasures, taking Jeremy by
complete surprise. Jeremy & he were lovers for a few years but parted on
good terms for various reasons....always had great sex but this is
completely foreign & mysterious in many ways as it is out of their
character! Mark continues to have an expression on his face as if he is
still too shocked to believe this is happening! So it was such a
gigantic blast when he finally cummed inside Jolene that he looked ready
to faint! Jeremy had to help him gently get back on his feet then
embraced him! In the meantime, the other guys namely Larry & Evan
mumbled about feeling as if they were in a bisexual porn movie scene
since the setting was perfect for a porn movie shoot on the theater
stage! Evan started longing to have some contact with Jolene as his
curiosity was getting the best of him! Not sure what to do, he awkwardly
went over to Jolene and kissed her in which she appreciated very much!
Finding it somewhat hot to be with a shaved head guy for the first time,
she gently pat Evan on his head & marveled how smooth it was. But for
Larry, he found the whole thing to be eye-popping but very secure with
his gay side that he would not want anything to do with Jolene sexually
since he made it clear by standing back within a safe distance from her!

Evan becoming more horny, went around to taste Jolene's pussy where he
would feast for a few minutes. Nice, nice! Such a beautiful pussy! But
what he wanted more is have Jolene suck he returned & shoved
his dick inside her willing mouth! Much to his amazement, she was a
fantastic cocksucker knowing his sensitive spots.....Evan always thought
that women according to many stories, aren't good cocksuckers but Jolene
is indeed a very exceptional woman! He started fingering her pussy only
to meet glares from other guys including Ken who all were watching
breathlessly. He had to laugh as he is now in the same spot when they
caught Ken doing it with a woman. The thought of fucking her while the
other guys watched, it would be going to be a very, very memorable
experience for Evan as it was also his very first piece of pussy! He
made it clear that he wanted all the guys to watch closely while he
prepared to enter Jolene. The eyes gluing to Evan's dick and the pussy
only had proved to be even more arousing for Evan! He quite had a
struggle putting the condom with trembling hands so when he was inside at
last, he had another struggle to overcome. Was at the brink of cumming
which would be a shame not to truly experience pussy for the first time
so he stayed in one place before restarting to fuck again very slowly.
Much to his delight, that pussy is indeed awesome! With every minute
passing, he recovered his confidence by continuing to fuck without
worries of cumming too early. Of course, he loved it!

Ken originally wanted to cum again inside Jolene but after seeing other
guys fuck her, he decided to play with Larry in order not to have him
feel left out. Ken would like to fuck Jolene again to finish his job but
doubtfully, it would happen as he wanted to cum badly. As for Larry,
Ken would not try to talk him into doing Jolene if he felt uncomfortable
about it. Thus, Larry & Ken got around to engaging in the 69 position
devouring dicks before plugging each another's assholes to the point
where they cummed out of control with cum flying all around them. Whew!

Evan was so turned on by observing Ken & Larry sucking and fingerfucking
each another! He decided to let go by pushing hard inside Jolene where
he released lots of cum inside the condom. He thanked Jolene for being
his first woman and kissed her before getting up on his feet! All the
guys still cannot believe what had taken place on the stage. Much to
Ken's relief, the guys would remain Ken's friends as they are now more
open-minded and less judgmental. Why, everyone is human & can't be
expected to do certain things or abide by the society's norms!

Now everyone was on their feet all drained but in a wonderful mood! It
is already in the early hours of the morning so everyone hurried to get
dressed before heading out. Worn condoms filled with cum were scattered
around the stage for someone else to notice later while Jolene, Ken,
Mark, Jeremy, Larry and Evan exited the theater into the icy cold
weather. They all hastily said bye to each other before going their
separate ways.

The next afternoon would see Ken working in his den. The hot sex scene
the night before was on his mind all day long. He was still marveling
how much he truly enjoyed fucking Jolene. Never thought that
heterosexual sex was that exciting let alone very fulfilling! How ironic
when Ken was browsing thru his emails on the Internet & came across a
political gay survey that he would answer questions by clicking on the
box that fit his profile correctly. So when it came to the sexual
orientation, he automatically clicked on the box for "Gay" before
realizing that he may not be fully gay now so he wasn't sure if he should
leave the answer alone. Then decided out of the blues to change the
answer from "Gay" to "Bisexual." Yet he felt rather strange about
identifying himself as a bisexual since he had always labeled himself gay
with a great deal of pride but now he is still unsure if the answer is
right. To him, it may be too early to decide where he stands on the
sexual orientation issue until he is absolutely comfortable with his
feelings. Why, he is already practicing muttering "I am bisexual"
repeatedly that it sounds foreign & unlike him. He is still unsure if he
is a bisexual or not. Then when he clicked on the computer keyboard to
email the survey response, he said to himself, "Probably gay with a
strong yearning for pussy!", with a big laugh.

A little while later, the phone rang that Ken answered & was overjoyed
that it was Jolene who was calling. All she wanted to say that she had
such a fantastic time with him as well as other guys last nite that she
is interested in pursuing further with Ken if he is up to it. Ken
responded, "Yeah, I would like that." A sudden idea came to his mind.
He had gone to some gay resorts in the past with his previous boyfriends
for hot sex away from the interruptions of typical home life. He is
going to ask Jolene if she would be interested in going with him for
several days to a resort hotel so they can enjoy experimenting with each
another & see where it would lead them. Of course, Jolene was excited at
the proposal that Ken told her he would take care of the details! So
when Jolene hung up, Ken was not sure if he did the right thing to
suggest they go away for a while. What if he discovers it doesn't work &
that he may not want to have heterosexual sex again? Too late to do
anything now as Ken would prefer to find out the results whether if it is
positive or not.

A week later, Ken and Jolene are seen driving up north from Minneapolis
to a resort town by the lake which is now frozen as it is now in the
middle of the winter. Ken knows the town would be nearly deserted
including the gay resort that he frequented for years. The resort he &
Jolene are going to stay, is bigger & more luxurious where many people
favor going during the winter for cross-country skiing. Before arriving
at the resort, Ken was thinking about stopping at the convenience store
to buy more condoms in case he may run out. Jolene said there is no need
as she has a surprise for him. Ken was baffled with her remark but she
reassured that she has everything under control. During the drive, they
would lay their hands on each another's thighs and legs like couples
would normally do. So when the resort came in view, Ken nearly drove
past it as he was so accustomed to driving to the gay resort a few miles
up north but managed to make a turn into the long driveway of the
resort. He chuckled to himself about his habit of going over to the gay
resort for years but glad he didn't drive past the resort by
mistake where they had reservations.

Once Ken & Jolene went up to their room at the resort, it was decorated
very nicely & cheerfully in French country style with large French
windows facing the lake. So they would have privacy & be able to leave
the drapes open anytime they like! After dropping their bags down on the
carpet, they embraced & kissed very passionately if they never wanted to
let go! They were both very tired after a long day from work and the
drive to the resort that sleep was now on their minds. Naturally, they
tore their clothes away leaving them littered before jumping into bed
naked where they would sleep together in an embrace. Ken was greatly
excited at the thought of sleeping with a woman for the first time in his
life that he eagerly was looking forward to it. Why, that thought was
plaguing him all week after he made reservations at this resort. Now Ken
is feeling so good cuddling with Jolene with his arms around her hips &

In the next two days, Ken and Jolene would be completely cooped up in
their room savoring each another. They would make love with excessive
amounts of fucking, sucking, eating pussy, touching all over each another
to explore every inch of their bodies and simply talking. They would
order room service for their meals. During the two days, they would not
be seen wearing any stitch of clothing while they enjoyed so much being
totally naked with each another. Much to Ken's relief & delight,
Jolene's surprise contained female condoms which was much more
comfortable for Ken that he sometimes felt as if he was fucking w/o a
condom! So it is no question that they felt so comfortable being in
their nude form all the time. Between having sex and making out, they
would listen to music or watch some TV but their bodies were always
attached to each other in various forms such as Jolene sitting on his
lap, lying together in a loving embrace. During that time, the issue of
homosexuality or cute men was millions of miles away from Ken's mind
while he was completely occupied with Jolene, enjoying and appreciating
what her body was able to do for him! Also, during that two-day period,
both Jolene & Ken would enjoy their time taking baths together in the
extra large bathtub where they would wash each other. Ken loved washing
Jolene's fine hair that she would let him dry it before brushing it.
Whenever they stepped out of the bathtub, they would lovingly dry each
another with towels before pressing against each another very tightly
that Ken would, of course, get a boner!

During two days of making love with Jolene, Ken has taken a strong liking
to watching Jolene cumming, therefore, making her pussy even wetter. He
would have loved to taste & drink a bit of the glorious pussy juices but
he is still committed to safe sex practices. So instead, he would run
his fingers over Jolene's pussy that his hands would be soaked with her
juices. He loved to place his hands on his nose to inhale the feminine
scent! He was pleased when he woke up the next morning with the scent
still evident on his hands, therefore, making him horny for some piece of
pussy! Not only that but he also has taken a liking to fingering Jolene
while she begged for more so he would insert another finger deeply inside
her to play. He is still awestruck watching Jolene's expression when she
achieves more orgasms. She is a fortunate lady who has the capability of
reaching orgasms often! Being with a woman has definitely opened Ken's
mind in many aspects that he has gained a much better understanding of
how love works!

Jolene was growing more attracted to Ken's new look since he hadn't
bothered to shave his face when they first showed up at the resort. With
his unshaved face, Jolene found it to be very sexy and even more just went so well with his face. She would feel a great
sense of thrill when she felt his whiskers when he brushed his face on
her face or around on her body. She was growing accustomed to running
her hands on his rough face sending soothing shivers down her spine!

The third morning, Ken woke up & somewhat felt something different about
himself. He wasn't sure why he felt that way especially when the last
couple of days were so dreamy. While figuring at it while Jolene was
still asleep at his side, he realized that he was now missing having some
action with his ass. He has always loved being fucked by men as well as
being fingerfucked. In his younger days, he would use several dildos on
himself but now preferred real dicks! Jolene was just waking up so he
leaned over to kiss her good morning then gave her a bear hug much to her
delight. What better way to start the day!

Ken decided to be straightforward with Jolene about how he felt earlier.
He knew it would not be worth putting pressure on himself trying to be
straight for a while even if he worshipped having sex with Jolene. He
still has his gay identity solidly set in his body and mindset! Why,
before he fell asleep last nite, he was having thoughts about asking
Jolene to be his girlfriend or even live together as a couple. But this
most likely wouldn't happen as Ken's life already is revolved around with
the gay community along with gay friends. He would most definitely not
give up all of that for Jolene as it is a very large part of who he is!
To Ken's relief, Jolene proved to be very understanding and cool about it
as she knows about Ken's being gay & doesn't expect him to become
completely straight in order to be with her! Therefore, Jolene suggested
that they try some different kinds of sex later in the day that would
somewhat link to gay sex one way or another. The reason Jolene suggested
this is that she would like to go further that she never did with other
men so Ken is the perfect candidate!

It is agreed that the couple would go out today to do a little browsing
as well as going out for a late lunch in town. So after they finished
making love, they decided to take a shower together for a change in which
they had great thrills of rubbing each another while soaping each
another. Of course, the amount of time showering was longer than usual
not to mention Jolene's dismay when Ken shaved! After they got dried,
Ken went over to his bag to fetch some items. He hardly touched the bag
since his arrival at this resort. Stooping over the bag with his knees
bent, he was a hot sight with his asshole being exposed to the air while
he bent to take some items from the bag. Jolene walked out of the
bathroom & was amused to see Ken in this position. She could see his
asshole which was a lovely shade of pink! He looked so good with his
tanned quite bulky backside with his big ass lined with string bikini tan
lines. When Jolene walked closer, she could see that his ass was quite
lightly hairy...most of it would be around his cute pinkish asshole. She
couldn't help but smiling widely that she couldn't take her eyes off his
beautiful, masculine ass while it was only about a foot from the carpet!
Ken felt eyes staring on his back with the impression that Jolene may
need something so looked around only to catch her look at his ass with a
great glaze on her expression! He immediately felt a little embarrassed
having his asshole exposed to a woman & flashed a very shy smile to
Jolene who only adored him even more for his boyish smile! He got hard &
decided to stand up to wiggle his ass in front of her as if he is trying
to arouse Jolene. She was thrilled to death seeing him dancing with his
ass in a very seductive manner! Why, she was still in awe of his
beautiful body! Then Ken bent over & parted his ass all the way showing
his asshole in full sight, saying in a silly voice, "Please rim me.
Please fuck me...I really need it so bad. Please fuck me real good with
your dick", that Jolene couldn't resist but to burst into fits of
laughter. Jolene decided to dare step forward to kiss Ken's asshole.
Ken also started laughing and turned around to grab her to kiss her
passionately! Assuring him that his ass would get some much deserved
attention later in the afternoon, Ken's heart beat rapidly in excited

Ken picked up his full-rise briefs to put on. Jolene finding this to be
so beautiful & sexy watching him pull his briefs over his dick and ass
then adjusted himself! He looked in her direction & flashed another wide
smile. He does indeed feel very sexy in front of Jolene while he put on
his underwear. Not only that but he has noticed himself making extra
efforts to show his body to her as if he is proud of his manhood....not
something that he would normally do with other guys but Jolene is
from the opposite sex that Ken felt it worthwhile to show off his body!
Seeing Jolene getting dressed, Ken asked if he could help dressing her in
which she was more than happy to. So therefore, he slid the panties over
her after kissing her pussy as if to tell it that he would see it again
soon and yes, helped securing the bra over her breasts before helping her
put on clothes! Jolene just loved Ken's attire of wearing tight jeans as
his brief lines were quite visible....she remarked that he has good taste
in clothes to make his body more appealing. When she followed him in the
hallway leading to the lobby, she playfully pinched him on the ass
several times!

Later, Ken & Jolene went into a restaurant for a very late lunch. Once
they were seated at a table, Ken suddenly became flustered when he
glimpsed at a guy across the room from him. He had seen him often over
the years where this guy is the owner of the gay resort nearby. This guy
was dining with a couple of other guys. Ken felt like climbing in a hole
to hide as he didn't want that guy know about him being with Jolene since
they held hands when entering the restaurant like a married couple.
Luckily for Ken, the guy hardly noticed him or may not acknowledge him.
Ken realized how difficult it must be for bisexuals and even married gay
men who often have to lead two different lives that he started to fully
understand the struggles the bisexuals have been facing over the years.
So he vowed to show more respect toward other bisexuals as well as
championing for more bisexual rights in the gay community when he gets
home as he is growing more and more confident that after being with
Jolene, he is indeed a true bisexual at heart! So Ken & Jolene proceeded
to enjoy the meal together chatting away the afternoon. The gay resort
owner was still at his table chatting with his male friends but never
noticed Ken at all! Since Ken was completely concentrated with Jolene
for two days, he found it to be refreshing when he saw some attractive
men around, checking their asses or whatever. So his gay tendencies are
still intact to his relief, showing that the religious fanatics are wrong
by stating that gays can become straight! Become bisexual, maybe but
straight? Impossible! Once again, when Ken & Jolene went browsing in
nearby shops, he would feel a strong attraction whenever he saw
good-looking men. He didn't bother hiding his reaction from Jolene as he
was resolved to have Jolene see him in his true form...not thru some
rose-colored sunglasses!

Once back in their room and watching a movie on TV, Ken and Jolene agreed
that it was time for some more action. Jolene reminded him that it would
be different this time since he expressed earlier to her about his
desired of having his ass touched & played with! So Jolene decided to
let Ken do whatever he wanted with her first before she would fool around
with his ass. Ken automatically reached for her breasts to suck on her
nipples for a while before going below to bury his face in her hot pussy
which took about half an hour then he came up leaning to kiss Jolene.
Now with her plans starting to unfold, she asked him to lay on his back
where she gulped his dick real good that Ken kept feeling he would be on
the verge of cummng but with Jolene being an experienced cocksucker, she
was able to handle it so Ken would not cum. Then her mouth moved down to
his balls where she greedily licked and sucked while Ken moaned very
loudly as if to beg for more! Still at it, Jolene started to touch Ken's
asshole lightly. Shocked that Jolene would dare go all the way with his
asshole, Ken was still somewhat reluctant since he assumed that men's
assholes are kinda the forbidden boundaries for women. Still a little
embarrassed since he is so modest with women, he slowly lifted his legs
before holding them with his hands. Now Jolene started fingering Ken's
asshole a bit before placing her tongue inside it. Realizing how much
she truly is enjoying it, she never has done it with any other men but
vowed to do that with any future men! In the meantime, Ken felt a little
strange being rimmed by a woman where his asshole is being exposed wide
open but somewhat found this to be mindbogging. So he started focusing
on the fantastic pleasures of being rimmed! Jolene couldn't tear her
away from that gorgeous pinkish asshole as she was having the time of her
life....very erotic! At this point, Ken's thighs began to feel so tired
and stiff from being up in the air for so long so he said to Jolene, "I
am going on my fours so you can continue eating my ass". Then Jolene
resumed rimming after Ken changed positions.

After rimming for so long, Jolene decided to give Ken a wonderful
surprise by fingerfucking him that he would squeal out of pleasure,
begging for more and more. She now knows why he loves being fucked by
men as she can see how he truly enjoys it to no ends!

Ken felt kinda restored to his old self after his ass was fondled, poked
and rimmed by Jolene. Sure wishing that Jolene has a dick to fuck him,
Ken now wants to fuck Jolene but in a different position this
would be the doggy style. Once entering into her, he went so wild
fucking Jolene who was panting and panting that would easily draw
attention from other rooms! He took a kick of seeing Jolene's ass right
in front of him with her asshole exposed while his dick was under inside
her delicious cunt! Even if Jolene's asshole looked to be hot, Ken had
no desire to touch, lick or fuck it as he prefers to fuck pussy only but
with men, it is no problem to fuck their assholes! What was so great
about it that he would reach over to fondle Jolene's breasts while he
rode her real good. He was already getting very sweaty but he couldn't
care less! To Jolene, this scene has proven to the best one with Ken so
far! He had a powerful grasp on her shoulders that he held her very
firmly while the cum went overflowing inside covered with the female
condom! When Ken removed the female condom from Jolene's pussy, he
placed the condom filled with his juices over his mouth to swallow his
own cum which was still hot to the touch! He looked like he couldn't get
enough of his cum that he would lick the inside of the female condom
completely clean!

The couple took some time gathering themselves. Both of them talked how
wonderful it was. Deciding to go over to the hot tub in the resort
atrium to enjoy the night skies speckled with stars, they put on their
swimwear. Jolene thought that Ken was playing a joke on her when pulling
up his string bikini containing the design of tie-dye with rainbow
colors. It was quite loud & flashy but Ken looked so superb & yes, very
sexy in the tiny bikini. Ken shrugged saying that he always wore bikinis
or briefs as he wasn't into shorts or even baggy shorts. He immediately
opened the door & trotted in the hallway whistling to himself walking to
the stairwell leading to the atrium. Jolene, of course, was surprised
thinking it was so funny. When Ken walked away, she could see that he
walked quite a little effeminately...why, his ass looked girlish with the
cut design of the bikini. Ken very obviously had the gay appearance by
wearing that colorful bikini. To her, Ken looked different & more
masculine when in the nude with her! She couldn't believe that Ken would
dare walk all the way to the hot tub only wearing his swimsuit. What if
guests see him? So she hurriedly gathered a bathrobe....she was already
wearing one herself & caught up to Ken to put the bathrobe on him as he
was starting to climb downstairs directly to the atrium!

Now two of them are resting in the soothing hot tub enjoying the
wonderful hot water! They marveled how beautiful the night skies were.
Three middle-aged married couples were on the other end of the tub making
some small talks. They were quite caught by surprised when they saw Ken
in his revealing & bold swimsuit when he stepped in the tub. They all
agreed that he must be gay, no question about it. But they couldn't
figure why he was giving Jolene his loving attention by holding her as
well as kissing her from time to time! They had to agree that Ken really
must not have a sexual relationship with that attractive gal but for her
to be his "fag hag"! The three women secretly found Ken to be very
attractive with his quiet style but his body appeared to scream for

The next day when Ken & Jolene are scheduled to leave for home, they put
the last remaining hours to good use. They would continue to make love
all morning and early afternoon. Their favorite sexual activity for this
particular day was engaging in the 69 position where Ken would eat, suck,
lick or munch on pussy while Jolene's face would be found on his gorgeous
ass licking his asshole which is a little on the hairy side and touching
his ass lightly. After a long, leisurely bath together, Ken repeated his
route of wiggling his ass and exposing his asshole to Jolene before
pulling up his white briefs very slowly to make Jolene savor every second
when he was at it! Jolene told him that she brought a very revealing
teddy in red but with so much sexual activity going on, she never had a
chance of wearing it so she was going to wear it on the way home. Ken
helped her slide inside her revealing teddy which was purchased at
Victoria's Secrets!

After four days of nonstop sex as well as spending quality time together,
both Jolene & Ken knew that they would not be able to get together again
for quite a while as they had lots of work to catch up back home. When
both of them arrived at their respective homes, they felt so alone
without each another but feeling very refreshed mentally and physically
for the chance of having a very memorable time together!

A week later, Ken is found talking with a guy in his bed. Both guys are
now naked. Ken's friend is Roy who is 28 at 5'11 tall. Roy sporting a
nice dark crewcut, has a well-defined body from doing yoga exercises
extensively, he carries the air of wisdom by achieving a strong sense of
maturity that would not be commonly found among his peers. He and Ken
have been occasional sex buddies as they have found each another very
appealing to their tastes. Roy being smooth with fading tan but still
showing a slight touch of tan lines on his body, he is smooth all over
with little body hair mostly concentrated on his pubic hair. At this
moment, Roy is doubtful when hearing Ken's story about meeting Jolene and
how much he enjoyed it with her. Roy would just think that Ken is trying
to pull his leg or something like that but Ken is deadly serious leaving
Roy dumbfounded that his buddy is actually a bisexual after all. Of
course, Roy cautioned Ken from going too fast or jumping to conclusions
about his sexuality as he would hate to see Ken get hurt later.

Ken had to reassure & repeat the details with Roy about his amazing
encounters with Jolene. Roy took so long to take it all in as he was the
type to take it very slow in order to analyze everything very
thoroughly! Now he and Ken are ready to put this behind so they can
enjoy sex. Then the doorbell rang so Ken threw on a bathrobe to check
who was at the door. It was none other than Jolene herself. So Ken let
her know about Roy being in the bedroom that she wanted to meet him.
Bringing her into his bedroom, Roy was aghast with embarrassment of being
naked in front of a woman that he immediately grabbed the bed covers to
cover his crotch. Jolene warmly greeted him and introduced herself. Roy
watched her & Ken who were now kissing each another that Ken threw off
his bathrobe to the floor exposing his nakedness and yes, his roaring
hard-on pressing onto Jolene's body! It was more than enough to convince
Roy that Ken was telling the truth! As for Ken, that moment only
displayed his true bisexual self when his prick reacted to seeing Jolene
again! Now it is confirmed....Ken is now a big-time bisexual. In his
mind, he would declare himself a true bisexual with strong gay

After the trio had a long conversation on Ken's bed, Ken had to leave the
room to answer the phone leaving Roy alone with Jolene. After being on
the phone for a lengthy period of time due to business, he returned to
his bedroom & was pleased to see Jolene now naked, sucking Roy's meat.
Roy showed signs of being awkward as he would not be seen touching her at
all but enjoyed the way she sucked him! Ken was figuring what he should
do the next with them. A great idea sprung out of nowhere that he
excitedly exclaimed to them that all of them ought to go to the theater
where Ken & Jolene were involved in a bisexual orgy a few weeks ago. No
need to convince them any further as everyone rushed to get dressed.

Once Ken, Jolene and Roy arrived at the theater where they quickly walked
over to the stage now showing no effects of condoms, they all stripped
naked. Roy was still somewhat hesitant to be accommodating toward Jolene
that he would focus his attention on Ken's dick. Jolene wasted no time
lowering herself on Ken's face so his tongue can meet her pussy after a
week of absence! Before he knew it, Jolene removed herself from his face
& walked over to Roy to lower herself slowly on his face while he was
still sucking Ken's meat. At this time, Roy was in a willing mood so he
let Jolene go all the way on his face. A very interesting experience for
Roy to eat pussy for the first time...totally different! Then his arms
reached over to her breasts where he lightly fondled for a while. Ken
wasted no time leaping at sucking Roy's dick where he would suck, suck
and suck as if it would be his last dick! Jolene looked at him, enjoying
the sight of Ken sucking. He did indeed look so natural sucking cock.
Most likely, he must be a much better cocksucker than her!

While Roy's face was covered with dripping cunt juice, Ken lifted Roy's
legs up in the air where he can rim his pretty, hairless asshole. So
good indeed that Ken continued to rim harder out of impulse that would
make Roy eat Jolene even more intensely! Then Ken covered his dick with
a condom and slid it inside Roy's ass which felt such a strong
familiarity since he has fucked plenty of hot assholes once discovering
his homosexuality many years ago. Jolene loved the feeling of being
eaten when Roy was getting fucked...she could tell the big difference
with his eating pattern when he got fucked at first....OOOOOHHHHH! Very
hot! Ken would have liked to continue fucking Roy and cum inside his
asshole but he wanted to save his cumload for Jolene.

Lastly, Ken said he really needed to fuck Jolene as his dick can't stand
it anymore. He was already on his back stroking his meat watching Roy
eating & eating Jolene's neat pussy! Jolene excitedly jumped over him &
positioned herself down on his thick 6-inch tool which was, of course,
covered with a condom. Ken continued to pant, pant and pant while Jolene
rode on his pole like a wild cowgirl! Roy was getting very turned on
that Jolene motioned him to come over to ask him if he would like to fuck
her. He had to turn her down as he wasn't into fucking pussy so Ken had
the perfect alternative....Jolene would continue to ride on his pole but
Roy can fuck Jolene's asshole. That way, Roy was more than happy to
compromise before getting behind Jolene's ass & fucked her asshole with
some awkwardness as it is a woman this time. Then both guys fucked
Jolene out of her mind as if she was about to lose her mind but she
completely loved it to no ends....wouldn't have it any other way! Both
guys loved the sensations of feeling each another's dick ramming inside
Jolene with their balls pressed together! Before long, they cummed all
together at once until all juices were drained from their bodies! Roy
was the first one to stand up and commented how much he enjoyed it with
them but it would not be for him as his feelings are strongly gay
oriented! Since all of three expected to be busy the next day, they
quickly got dressed and left to go their separate ways.

A few days later, Ken was waiting for Jolene to show up at his place so
he can share some wonderful news with her. Earlier, he got a surprising
phone call from the four guys namely Mark, Jeremy, Larry and Evan who all
can't put the bisexual orgy in the theater out of their minds so they
would like to repeat the scene if it is possible for Jolene to return.
Yet Larry still made it crystal clear that he would have nothing to do
with Jolene sexually but was hoping for more gay sex with the other guys
since the guys' desire to explore pussy would have somewhat diminished a
little by then. Once Jolene arrived, Ken spilled the whole news that she
needed a moment to recover but yes, she would love to repeat the scene
because she found it so hot being fucked by gay guys the last time. So
Ken immediately called Mark back to pass the news to pass along to the
others. Before Ken & Jolene left for the theater, Ken suddenly
remembered that he had a shopping bag in the foyer. It would contain
several boxes of strap-on dildos of various sizes and colors. It is now
Ken's secret dream of having Jolene use one of these to fuck him! But
since there would be other guys at the theater tonite, it would be even
fitting to bring the shopping bag so Jolene may want to use different
strap-on dildos with different guys if they are games for that kind of
action tonite. When Ken snatched the bag before rushing outside to join
Jolene, she asked what it was. But Ken told her it would be a big
surprise not only for her but the others as well. She smiled back,
flushed with thoughts how great the night would end up.

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