Saturday, April 18, 2009

Party Night

I had been attracted to Fiona for at least a year and working closely with
each other in the office had brought a mutual attraction - the fact that
she was married removed any chance of anything happening between us though
but we spent many hours at work, flirting, chatting and giggling. Fiona
was pretty - not an absolute stunner but very 'girl next door'. She had
darkish-blonde, shoulder-length hair, quite a fit physique and longish,
toned legs that were normally covered by a knee-length skirt. Me? I am
5'10'', well built with short dark hair and a toned body - from quite a few
hours in the Gym and pounding the streets.

The night of the office Christmas party was always famous for the scandals
and affairs that it caused - I had witnessed a few things going on in
previous years but had always managed to steer clear of becoming involved
with anyone 'embarrassing'. I had no date this year, as I'd been
unceremoniously dumped by my girlfriend of 5 months about 3 weeks before,
so was ready to see what the party had to offer.

The party was in the conference room of a local hotel and a few of the
guests were staying at the hotel for the night. I unfortunately had not
booked a room in time, with the hotel being completely full when I finally
got round to enquiring, so I'd planned to take my chances with the local
taxi's once the party finally ended. I arrived about half an hour after
the party had started and headed straight for the bar. I noticed most of
my colleagues; Ade, my immediate boss - who I offered to buy a drink (you
never know when you're gonna need that pay rise) - Jeff and Andy, guys who
did a similar job to me - but worked different areas, and Fiona - looking
absolutely gorgeous in a little black dress that accentuated her lovely
figure and dropped down at the front to offer a most inviting view of her
cleavage. Standing right behind Fiona was Adam, her husband. He was
actually quite a good guy - but I always felt that he was suspicious of
Fiona and my friendship. I suppose I was quite jealous of him in some
ways, he was what I imagine most girls would think of as very good looking,
and at 6' he had a couple of inches on me. He was as muscular as me and
had very dark (for an English guy) features. He also had Fiona in a stable
relationship and could shag her whenever he wanted! I went over to them
and they said 'Hi' - Fiona gave me a hug and a big kiss, and I looked over
her shoulder, embarrassed, at Adam as she did so. Adam shook my hand and
asked how I was - the usual small talk. I could tell that they'd both been
drinking a fair bit and were quite giggly.

As the evening progressed I chatted to all of my colleagues - but to be
honest, 'work-talk' was starting to bore me and I was looking around for
any young ladies who looked available. Over near the bar I spied Fiona
chatting to a lovely dark haired beauty. With an exceptionally toned body,
standing about 5'9 and impeccably dressed was the prettiest girl I'd seen
for a long time. She was obviously very good friends with Fiona as they
were joking and laughing together. They were standing very close to one
another and quite happy to hug each other while whispering in one another's
ear. Knowing that Fiona would put in a good word for me I grabbed my
chance and wandered over waiting for an introduction. Sure enough as soon
as Fiona saw me approaching she beckoned me over and introduced me to Abby.
Apparently Abby was an old friend from boarding school that she'd kept in
touch with on and off for the past 10 years. She had come to the party as
a friend of the daughter of one of our bosses - who had apparently
disappeared with some hunk about half an hour before. We all started
chatting, and true to form Fi was soon exaggerating my praises, I even
started to believe what a great guy I sounded myself.

I steered the conversation towards how the girls knew each other and the
lubrication of alcohol soon took its toll. The girls started to let on
about some adolescent dormitory 'experiments' they had tried. Little
practices at 'French Kissing' each other had developed into exploratory
gropes. They then revealed how they had gone away on a netball tour and
been given a room together.

After a couple more drinks had had their effect the stories of the nights
on tour grew more and more graphic. They told of the first night they had
slept in the same bed together - and how on each night of the tour they had
grown more and more adventurous. They had slept naked a night later,
feeling each other's bare skin caressing their own. Later in the week
Fiona had been brave enough to venture down and softly caress Abby's young
cunt - this had led to a finger being inserted and before long they were
masturbating each other with some vigour. On the last night of the tour
Fiona had finally gone down on her school friend and, after Abby returned
the favour they were hooked on each other's pussies. The rest of their
time at school seemed to have been spent in one another's beds perfecting
the lesbian arts while, at the same time, dating local boys, learning new
tricks to try out on each other before bringing these new skills back to
the dormitory.

By this stage of the evening I had developed quite a hard-on that I was
desperately trying to hide - however this proved impossible once Abby
looked down. She smiled and exclaimed "I think we have a little fan of
lady-love here Fi! Poor Tom - we're not turning you on are we?"

"Perhaps we should show him the sort of things we got up to - what do you
think Abby?"

"Mmmmmm - but I thought I might like him all to myself" replied Abby "Well
- if you think it would make things harder for me!" A huge, dirty grin grew
on her pretty face. At this stage it was all I could do to stop myself
shooting my load right there and then. Fiona moved her head towards Abby's
and inclined it to the right. She closed her eyes and opened her mouth,
slowly inching towards Abby's grin.

With perfect timing Adam appeared from the other end of the bar.

"Hi guys, what's up?" The spell was broken and everyone turned towards

"Oh we were just talking about our school days," said a slightly flustered

"Oh..poor Tom, I bet he was really interested in your time at school - what
bit really grabbed you Tom? The Religious Studies or the Needlework
classes?" Abby and Fiona suppressed broad smiles behind his back.

"Well" I tried "one or two of the examinations sounded interesting!" Fi and
Abby both started giggling behind Adam, who joined in - though I don't
think he knew exactly why.

"Right, I'm off for a dance - coming Honey?" asked Adam.

"OK, Look after Tom, Abby - but not too well! OK!"

"I'll save a piece for you Fifi!" Adam and Fiona ambled on to the dance
floor just as the slow songs started to be played. Abby took a step closer
and ended right by my side. "So Mr Stiffy - where shall I start?" I
physically gulped and looked at her gorgeous features"

"Where-ever you like!" I stuttered back

"How about down here?" With that, she grabbed my rock hard cock through my
chinos and slowly moved her hand up and down its 7 inches. "I like a man
who knows when to stand to attention!"

After 15 minutes of our outrageous flirting, groping and clutching Adam and
Fiona returned from the dance floor as the last song was being faded out.
"Hey Tom" announced Adam, "I hear you've made quite an impression on Abby"

"I'd certainly like to!" I quipped.

"So which suite are you taking her to tonight?" he questioned.

"Oh bollocks - I don't have a room here, it'll have to be back to my place
- if you fancy that Abby?"

"Your place? Adam interjected "How are you going to get home tonight? Its
2am on the last Friday before Christmas, you'll never get a taxi"

"They could always stay in our room Hon", offered Fiona, "We have two
double beds, If they're really stuck!"

"Oh right, a real night of passion" replied Adam

"Oww, come on Adam" announced Abby, "It might be fun!"

We finished off our drinks and took a couple of bottles of Bollinger up to
Fiona and Adam's room. "Look thanks guys - I won't forget this," I
exclaimed in the lift up to the bedroom.

"Hey Mate - don't worry, you just owe us one" said Adam, now happy with the

We let ourselves into the room and cracked open the Champagne. Abby, who
had been happily touching me up all the way upstairs collapsed onto her
back on the uncrumpled bed. "Take me big boy," she giggled, "I'm all

"Hey sexy" I replied, "Don't you think we should wait for these two to go
to bed first?"

"Nah - Fuck them" She laughed back "Now that does sound like a lovely
idea," mentioned Fiona. We all giggled, and lay back, drinking the bubbly
and discussing the party. As we did so I couldn't help but notice Adam and
Fiona, their hands were all over each other. Adam was caressing Fi's
thighs and, in doing so, had pushed up her slinky dress to reveal the top
of her sheer, black stockings. Fiona gasped and parted her legs slightly
further. This rode her dress even higher and I caught a delicious view of
her dark, lacy panties contrasting with her soft white flesh. She was
reaching behind herself to the area of Adams groin and I could make out
that her hand was slowly stroking what I was sure was Adam's hard cock.

This was all getting too much for me and I started focusing my attention on
Abby. I placed my hand on her outer thigh before slowly working my way up
her slender stockinged leg. As my hand continued upwards I felt the top of
her hold-ups and the cool flesh of her upper thigh. "Yes Tom" she sighed,
"touch me... go on". My hand traced its course round her leg to the front
where it felt the delicate material of her soft underwear. Abby let out a
low moan as I let my fingers brush against the front of her covered
pussy. I looked down and saw the gorgeous sight of her dress concertinaed
up over her stomach, the lacy tops of her sexy hold-ups and her exquisite,
almost transparent black panties stretched over her pubic area, with just a
wisp of trimmed dark hair, visible underneath. She grabbed hold of my hand
and thrust the fingers underneath the waistband of her knickers. I felt
the trimmed bush with soft, smooth skin around the outside. "Yessss" She
hissed. I looked over to Adam and Fiona and was treated to the beautiful
sight of Fiona's panties being pushed to one side and Adam inserting 2
fingers into her waiting snatch. I looked longingly at the perfect pussy
that I had only ever imagined for the past year.

"Look at our hosts" I murmured, "getting quite into things!" Abby tilted
her head off the bed.

"Ohh god, look at that delicious cunt" she whispered back, "I could just
devour it!" As we watched we saw Fiona unzip Adam's sizey cock from his
trousers and slowly grasp it in her hand. She matched the pace of his
fingers sliding in and out of her by tugging on it at the same rate. "Ohh
yess!" whispered Abby, "Rub my clit, please - just like that!"

In full view of our hosts I started to ease her panties down with my hands.
Abby lifted her waist off the bed to assist and I soon exposed her cunt to
the warm air. Slowly I worked my agile fingers towards the top of her slit
and found the hardened button. Very gently and gradually at first I began
caressing her clit in time with the other couple. Adam and Fiona were
staring straight at us - without moving her eyes, Fi moved down to Adam's
cock and started licking the erect shaft. Without saying a word Abby took
hold of my hand, moved it away from her groin and then mimicked what she
had just seen - when she reached my erection, tenting through my trousers,
she undid the button, pulled down the zip and allowed my cock to spring
free. She then stared straight at Fi as she licked my shaft in time with
her school friend. I'm fairly sure that this was the first time I'd seen
another guy's erect cock and certain that it was the first time any other
man had seen mine - I remember thinking that it was a little weird - but
this was soon lost in the excitement of the occasion.

Within a few minutes Abby and Fi were soon sucking our respective cocks in
perfect time with one another. Looking at it from the point of view of an
outsider it would have looked quite erotic. As one of the members taking
part it was unbelievable, the only thing stopping me blowing my load at
this point was the rather large amount of alcohol that had led up to this
scene. Suddenly Fi stood up and led Adam next to me on our bed - sitting
him down with a polite pat on the bed - he did as asked and then Fi and
Abby stood next to each other slowly stripped the party dresses from each
other's bodies. They stood there - Fi in a black lacy bra, lacy knickers,
a delicate suspender belt and sheer black stockings and Abby in a cute
black 'push-up' bra panties still pushed down a little, revealing her
trimmed bush and the very top of her wet cunt, with black hold-up
stockings. Both had heeled black shoes with taut slender legs - they were
almost in a similar uniform. They smiled at each other and then pecked a
kiss on their lips. I looked at Adam and he glanced back at me - trying to
hide a smirk on his face. The girls both smile then slowly dropped to
their knees and got back to their earlier task of pleasuring us with their
mouths, this time kneeling side-by-side as we sat on the same bed. After a
couple of moments they both paused and, while holding our cocks in their
hands they moved their mouths together for one of the most erotic kisses I
have ever seen. This was about as much as I could take - I murmured but
before I could say anything Abby's lips were back on my cock and I unloaded
my hot seed into her mouth. As I finished I looked at the other couple and
Adam's eyes rolled to the back of their sockets and Fiona's sucking of her
cheeks told me that Adam had reached the point of no return as well.

As we both subsided our orgasms the two girls pulled away from our cocks
and turned to each other. Moving their faces together they kissed each
other and each let the load ffom their man, mix in their joined mouths. I
watched closely as I saw spurts of cum leak from the two lips locked
together. They kissed for a full minute before returning to the two of
us. I watched Abby as she crawled up my body, moved her face up to mine and
then, with lips closed, started to kiss my mouth. As I responded she
forced her tongue into my mouth and slipped the mouthful of sperm deep
inside it. The shock of tasting spunk for the first time - along with the
fact that it may not have been all mine sent an alarm bell ringing
somewhere in my mind - but didn't stop me savouring the strange taste for a
second. Abby pulled away from my face and smiled - she put her head next
to my ear and whispered, "Swallow it!" Almost without hesitation I did
exactly as she asked - such was the trance she had me under. "You liked
that didn't you?" She asked, I wasn't sure what to do or say - I looked at
Adam, just catching him swallowing his mouthful.

"Yes, it was really horny" I nodded

"Lie down - I want you to do me now!" she whispered enticingly. I lay on
my back and Abby stood on the bed before squatting down onto my mouth,
pulling her panties to one side of her beautiful lips and pushing her pussy
onto my mouth and tongue. I tried to dart my tongue around the outside of
her labia before lapping away at the hard button I found in the upper
reaches of her cunt. She started moaning and thrusting herself at my
mouth. I tasted her amazingly sweet wetness and lapped it like puppy. I
suddenly felt my hard cock engulfed by cool lips. I couldn't see but
judging by Abby's position over me it could only have been Fiona. I was in
total ecstasy, being sucked off by the girl I had fancied for years while
licking out her bisexual girlfriend. The thought of this bought me closer
to coming for a second time.

I could hear Abby above me as she was thrusting herself down onto my
face. "Ohh yes, suck him, go on take him deep inside your mouth - go on,
that really turns me on" I felt Fiona move her hand behind my ass and
slowly creep a finger into the crack. I lifted up my bottom to help her
and soon enough felt a finger creep inside my asshole as her mouth
continued to suck at my cock. God this was sexy, I opened my legs slightly
and felt the well-lubricated finger slide in and out of my ass. (I had
once had a girlfriend who liked me putting vibrators up there and had
experienced how much that could turn me on.)

Abby now started rubbing herself faster and faster on my face as the volume
and ferocity of her cries increased. Just when I thought she could take no
more she grabbed my hair and pulled my face tighter into her snatch as she
suddenly went very quiet and I felt the skin around my mouth quickly
moisten as she came. She eased herself down onto my chest and then looked
down at me, smiling - then Fiona came into view and they kissed deeply on
their mouths. It was a beautiful sight, I nearly came right into the mouth
of.. I almost froze as I realised. If I could see both Abby and Fiona's
mouths, there was only one other person in the room who could have been
sucking my cock at that moment. Obviously my feelings of shock were being
played out in my expressions as both Fi and Abby giggled at me. "What's up
hunk?" smiled Fiona "Two girls at it is fine - but 'shock horror' two

I noticed I had kept my erection and that the oral service I was getting
was actually very good, better than good, it felt amazing. Abby climbed
off my chest and I looked down at my groin to see, sure enough, Adam, eyes
closed really going for it on my cock. I had never felt such emotional or
sexual feelings before - it was like all my past sneaks at other guys,
'accidental' views of gay porn and reading of male only sex stories were
rushing to the surface. The feelings on my erect member were also hard to
describe - this guy knew exactly what he was doing and it was turning me
on. The wetness on my cock and the full index finger up my ass was
beginning to work its magic.

Abby and Fiona started kissing again and slowly tugged each other's
knickers off their stockinged legs. They intertwined their legs so that
their cunts rubbed against each other's and licked each other's
mouths. Abby looked at us two guys "Go on Tom - fuck his face! You are
really turning us on." I glanced down at Adam again who this time caught
my eye and winked at me. I was too far-gone to resist by this stage and
smiled back. He obviously took this as a good sign and, while continuing
to suck on me, positioned his naked body so that his erect 7" cock
approached my face. I was really unsure about this and was about to voice
my objection. However, as I opened my mouth to hesitantly do so, he thrust
his hips forward and I felt his meat enter my open lips. I was very
confused by this stage but having found myself in this position thought
what-the-hell and tried a tentative suck. I had always wondered what it
would feel like to suck on a cock and now I was finding out first hand. It
actually began to feel very satisfying and by this stage I was past caring.
Sod it, if he was going to give me such a great blow job it was the least I
could do to return the complement. I sucked, licked and tongued his cock
in the ways that I knew I liked to be treated, his moans of approval which
vibrated on my own dick told me I was doing OK. As I serviced Adam I
glanced over at Abby and Fiona who by this time had positioned into a 69
themselves and were lying next to us on our double bed - it must have
looked so erotic at the time - two couples 69ing side by side in this weird
but wonderful way. Seeing the girl's stockinged legs either side of their
friend's head was such a turn-on. I was getting very close to coming - but
wasn't sure that Adam's mouth was the right place to unload my wad. Just
as I was about to fill his throat he stopped. I looked down and saw him
kissing Abby; Fiona was making her way up to me and strongly started
kissing my lips. I could taste the female scent of Abby's pussy on her
mouth and licked her face as she delved her tongue into mine. "I know
you've always wanted to Tom - fuck me, now" She whispered.

"Are you sure?" I questioned through the drunken haze. She moved onto her
back and shuffled her lovely body down to the edge of the bed. I
disentangled myself from the seemingly busy Adam and stood on the floor -
positioning my cock - still glistening from another man's mouth, towards
the entrance to her cunt. Looking down at the sheer coverings on her legs,
the suspender belt and her lovingly sculptured pubic hair, I realised that
this was about 12 months of dreams and fantasies about Fi, all about to
come true. I pushed the head of my manhood towards the wet lips and slowly
entered her. She moaned as I went in and pushed her hips down to meet my
thrusts. Abby then untied herself from Adam and squatted over her buddy's
mouth while Adam watched from the sidelines playing with his hot cock. I
gestured over to him and he took a couple of steps towards my outstretched
hand. Soon I had his prick in my hand and I pumped it in time with my own
cock sliding into his wife. The girls wriggled around and changed
position; before long Abby was lying on her back, legs high in the air and
Fiona had screwed round so that I was fucking her doggy-style while she ate
out her old friend. Adam moved away and then I felt his hand touch my bare
ass. As it moved in and out I again felt a tentative finger touching my
hole. Two hands then grabbed my shoulders from behind and pulled them
back, that was no finger in my ass, it was Adam's cock. I eased my legs
apart as I fucked Fi and allowed him access. He slowly pushed the
lubricated cock inside me, it felt like I was being ripped open. The hot
flesh inched its way inside me and I was determined to take the full length
- as it completed its final distance, the feelings on my prostate were
immense. My cock grew harder and harder and I was fucking on the beautiful
cunt in front of me with renewed vigour. Every time I moved to thrust in
and out I felt the hardness move inside my butt. With these feelings going
on inside me and the view of the two absolutely gorgeous babes both
squealing in front of me I felt my sperm about to shoot up my rod. I
yelled that I was about to come and Fiona quickly dislocated herself from
me, grabbed the base of my prick with one hand and eased Abby down the bed
with the other. I felt the hot jism shoot out from me and move under the
guidance of Fiona's hand on my dick. The first bolt hit the bed-cover under
her side but after that her aim was perfect and I covered Abby's juicy cunt
with thick ropes of spunk. As my bursts were depleted I noticed Adam's
hand venture round my flank and grab my still hard cock in unison with his
wife. They both tugged on my member as Adam continued his thrusts into my
ass. I felt his penis bulge slightly and then felt wave after wave of hot
liquid enter my bowels - wow, the feeling was amazing I never thought I'd
have enjoyed receiving that as much as I did. I looked forward to see
Fiona eating my cum from Abby's cunt before crawling up her body to deposit
the cream into her mouth.

After a few minutes we had all fallen into in a drunken, sex fuelled sleep.
I know I was woken a couple of times in the night to find a pair of both
male and female lips on my cock and when I woke in the morning I definitely
had sperm on my face. The next day started with a few embarrassed
greetings, but when Adam walked out of the shower naked, sporting a huge
erection and asked who would like a lick, we realised we'd have to keep the
hotel room for one more night...but that's another story!!!

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